Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 50 - Regal Regina

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
Now featuring your muppet.
You're funny.
Hey, Days of dragon con the podcast that, Is

[1:02] But i am perfectly fine I got my meds, I believe in the power of science. I hope everybody is driving Honda too.
I do want to say a couple of things. Just really quick. I the app is great. I hope everybody has it.
I didn't want to talk about one thing. There is a way to, By the time you hear it. Well, no. It was live before that but it's it's extra live. It's alive a lot. It's a lot.
And it's probably been updated about the time you're hearing this. At least once if not more.
So, but I want to talk about one thing. There's a little button on here which is really, really cool. That says friends and if you click on that button, There comes up something where there is your little name because you've signed up.
And then, you get to wait, what did I just do? I made it loose. Sorry.

[2:09] Can you tell me about your friends, You are completely and utterly.
And John do you have your phone with you right now?
I do, Okay alright so I'm going to send this to who are going to have on is Regina the queen of programming in just a minute, Hi how are you? He cut me off guard like well I actually haven't put it on the phone yet. Oh there you go. You haven't updated yours yet. It's okay. It's the same one. Actually yeah you have that still have one but it doesn't look like yes.
Well, it'll update. There's a 2019.
Circle of the eras if you.

[3:24] And she's like I don't want to talk to her after this.

[3:36] Well, what happens next is when Regina accepts me as a friend. She does but hopefully, it's a friend you want to accept it. She'll accept me as a friend and then I need to go back in my little friends thing and click on her name.
Under that there's a little button that's there's a thing that says scare share.
A R E, So you don't have to do like two friends codes back and forth. All you gotta do is make sure you share your schedule but you have to do that after they made you a friend.
So ta the there you go that's the little thing also there's a much better tutorial about how to do this on the actual app I was just trying to be helpful and I wasn't hi how are you I'm late, Okay. Yeah. I'm still stuck. My mind is still stuck in the 2022 mode here. I can't. Oh, open. I can't get it to go.
Anyway I believe I had, You are a yad.

[5:00] You know where I'm going to be right here. Right.
Hello, I would. I would encourage people to, you know, like have a first, second, third choice.
So, you can always look around and see if there's something that's close by that you want to see. It's awesome. Which Which is what I love because the what's on now like you can while you're at dragon you're like I just cannot walk down that hill from the western to the sheriff or I'm sorry, The horizon, Hey, Hey Facebook, You can actually click that and it you can like put the hotels you want to.
And like it'll say what's on in the charity right now or what's on in the Hilton.

[6:18] Okay. I might be a year late but I've got a lot of stuff there. Time work, time work.
But so yeah the app is wonderful and I do want to thank everybody who did make that the black background because even though of us who we're having loving the very colorful one the black background we heard you We heard you did We had we had a lot of people that's one thing that's wonderful is we have a very active discord. Yeah. That came out of the 2020 show. Frankly When we had a virtual dragon and no one tell me that wasn't a dragon that year because there was. We worked hard on it.
But the discord was a wonderful thing that came out of it and it is still going on. We have a lot of community there.
We have a lot of people, lot of fans talking to each other about different things. We will sometimes have panelish show up when they're Virtual panel is supposed to be on and they're like, well, I've got some time. Let me go to the Discord and And if someone had a question about something, they will answer it. Oh, answer it. There's no idea what's going on over there. It's fantastic. So, fantastic.
Edited something that is still there and it just keeps growing which is which is a great thing. So, And hey Facebook.

[7:47] Which is going to involve our discord. So, There's still a strike going on.
Yes. So, therefore, We're talking Ethan Pack I'm talking anybody from Eureka calling Ferguson You know, I'm talking a lot to lots of people like that. Those media, yes, what can or can't we ask them?
Well basically you can ask them about their.

[8:50] Do they collect something?
Do they love to fish? Do they, you know, any of those kind of things that actually are a bit more personal? What do they like to eat?
How many we all eat and that is something that is can, Really in, Hey Facebook I want some interesting place you traveled or what.

[9:27] Yeah no you could ask him about you know things that they do in their off time as long as they're not, Referencing the show that is struck, They will be a bit more moderated this year because I've had to come up with, I didn't, And we we are moderator team who has been being capably led by Tony Gal has been working, We've had a, Bear a man of training with our our moderator team which is so you might see some new faithness but their faces that we have been, We have been working with and we you know so they know how to handle it, We can't we can't do the audience Q&A, Hey Facebook we don't want to waste everybody's time and they can all they start asking questions that They can't say or we don't want to just say, Something absolutely inappropriate that you cannot.

[10:54] We we understand that's part of Dragon Con, We have a wonderful PSA if you go to to the, Yup.

[11:23] Dull use flash photography which is a comment which is every year because I, That if you want to add ask a question, You will there will be a QR code, Hey Facebook use the ballroom you're in, Excellent.
Hey C questions that are appropriate and we're not, If the moderator says it's a really good question that hasn't been asked, Alright John, It's animated so if you could see that.

[12:37] He was another one of our great main moderators. And, They they were say, And John, if he was there, could stand up and wave. So, everybody knows that John was the one who did it. He's the one in the room.
And we can then say will you gone too far there because that's at the end, We And then the people can answer so, So

[13:29] Really going to be different from what we are used to doing but we think it's still going to be awesome.
Reply to Jones, 2020 really brought that home. We turned that we turned on that in 6 weeks and all, It was hard.
Hey Facebook, So y'all pray for me. I'll pray for me. Okay. Okay. So, I would like 1 year, Just be regular crazy.

[14:33] Reality television is not scripted so usually, It tends to be possibly falling in the sad category So, okay. So, that's that kind of is a is a guideline, not always, but it is, it is kind of a guideline. But yes, Talent has let us know.
That they are not comfortable, then, obviously, we want everybody to be comfortable. So, While the show they might have been coming to represent, They're doing, you know, solidarity with their union. Of course, we respect that.
Bigger works or you know, something like that or change it out. They change it out. So.

[15:39] We really try to be very respectful all the time so of everyone, Well, Regina, one of the things I had said early on is that if I got to ask a question of, How much of an, When you're trying to, What?

[16:21] A little secret about me little little insight into me. My mother, my mother, was a hairdresser for 45 years. Oh my.
A little bit interested.
How much product do you put in there? Is it bad for your hair?

[16:55] That wouldn't be better.

[17:05] And we were talking beforehand. This actually is kind of an interesting thing to do.
You guys we're talking about you know what's your favorite pizza topping.

[17:21] And I'm firmly in the pineapple. I like the sweet and salty but I also like meat lovers and those kind of things. I'm a bit adventurous. I'm a little bit of a booty. So, I will try, Things as long as they smell okay.
I know that I've only Lee's husband as a chef. Yes. Cuz we're friends and and hey, Does it smell alright if it doesn't?
It's like something turns me off from the smell that I'm not going to like those taste probably. Right. Well, that's the first, the first thing you get is the site and the smell and sometimes the sight, you're like, Cuz shepherd's pitami when you put it on a, It does not look advertising when I eat shepherd's pie but it smells great and then I eat it and I'm like, okay, now I get it. Yeah, but I have had but I will say people, I have tried haggis.
It's smells bad. It looks bad and it taste bad. I have never, ever, ever.
I I will never forget, Hey.

[18:39] Hey I swear I swear Lee at the end of that you're going to say that in Haggis is the best thing you've ever tasted No. Oh no. No. No.

[18:59] Cancellations but due to this have you seen less cancellations this year than than usual?

[19:46] No I'm not going to do it, You know, things can happen when you know, we are in a, Tricky, The next 10 the set things back a little bit and it'll be like oh yeah we had five people on this panel and now there were two of them on one plane and they were coming from this and and now there's three and now there's two and 1 year for stargate in Atlanta he got down to Paul McGillion which he was fine with You know he made jokes about about Joe being held up by his hair gel, Speaking a pair of gel. Yeah.
Just an illegal but.

[20:55] And you think everything's going to happen and sometimes things happen and that's I learned, We're friends and we've known each other a very very she's known us me since my child was like little and cute, Hey Facebook, Hey Facebook, I was, I learned don't schedule them like before maybe like four or 530 on a Friday because they might be on Friday Unless you know like, Who are reality their reality based their local to Atlanta Yeah.

[22:13] Yes. There is, A reason.
Cuz you never know, Hey Facebook wait. Probably will. Yeah man. And also Atlanta drivers seem to not be able to drive.

[22:55] I guess that, Yeah there's going to think they're just going to just go 90 mi an hour down to 85 with it snowing And and and then wonder why they're in a ditch.
I'm pretty sure there's no chance of snow though.
There might be an Elsa or two, Yeah always you always say you're often at the first 5 to 10 minutes of a panel or the last 5 to 10 minutes, Is there a panel this year you're really trying to maybe even stay for a whole 15 early on or trying to get to the last half, Yeah I think you know.

[24:10] You know. I got a big space in my heart for firefly.
Yeah yeah. That's right. Exactly. Awesome. Yeah. So, So yeah there's there's a few. Hi. You know.
No there's always a, And everybody should take advantage of this. Yes. Three meme membership.
And you can you can so I end up seeing a lot of pounds after dragon con that were recorded. That are in the stream. So, so I can I can pay attention to those if I've had to go, Like I said, get the panel started and then go on. So, well, that's the great I have a nephew who used to come for years, And love spokanes Yeah, but I know, right?

[25:30] Hey Facebook.

[25:43] It's always great. John. No, but yeah, about the stream membership. I know that they're we're they're certain panels that we they weren't able to be shared. The record is at a little loosened up this year because there's it's not around specific, Weather so few that that you know that it it depends on what they what they tell us usually BBC is is not going to particularly if they're, Kids are still under contract most of them. Yeah yeah. So unfortunately that's that's the case. We do have Both are Mandi Gill and Billy Piper here this year. Oh. So, they will do one panel to Mandy is here, Friday through Sunday. Billy is here just Saturday and Sunday. So, Mandy will have a panel on her own. Then, they will be together on Saturday, And then there will be separate on Sunday so.

[26:46] What's up? Yes. So, now, well, the question still come in the same way though. Will they still be or are you still? No, still read the same way because like Billy.
Oh yes it's done hey, She is a very robust theater career.

[27:17] Yeah, it was in London. So, you know what?
So just a just across the board, It's a it's going to be going it's going to be going through the same process which is generally speaking like I said in less than a row well you know you will see if you see the PSA, Then you know, Do also remember that driving on does have some workshops you'll see them in the app and you can purchase attendance at those workshops so it's one of the very few and not all the workshops.
Some of them are sold out.

[28:15] Which you can kind of customize because you can go through he's got 18 different Hey, Dialogue, Your social media presence because these they've even discussed that. You know, who do you talk to? Who do you send your letter to? You know, When you when you're through with the story and you want to market it, If you'd like and at one price or the at the door price for a single one is $10 as well so, Hey, Buy a cup nearby the one you know you're going to want to go to, This was really interesting. It's amazing. Yeah.
Which is where university used to be. They they flip flopped.
Oh that's cool. So there you go. It's actually all and it's all in the highest.

[29:45] And his son Connor, Oh really, Hey Facebook, Hey.

[30:24] Better 2 days so you either do the AM class for, Thursday and Friday or the PM class for Thursday and Friday because that kind of gives you a little chance to practice a little bit of the things they're teaching you. Mm hmm. Overnight? And then you come back. Now, those classes are full.
But if you just want to go, To the class and you may be not going to use the microphone and stuff like that but you want to audit the class?
No look at that.

[31:03] So okay and my auditing the class you mean I can go to, And all that kind of stuff. Nope, you'd be in the class. You just wouldn't be like using the microphone and them instructing you as to, okay, we'll try this.
Try pulling back a little bit or getting a little closer or doing you know. Oh, okay.
So which they do with the with the 30 people that are that have already signed up. Still has a cost associated with that. There's a cost. Yeah.
It'll be $50 rather than 90, Gotcha. Oh, okay. Good to know. Yeah. And just one other thing too with some of the workshops I had a friend who last year was it last year?

[31:56] But they went to the Tai Chi with, And she is doing three of those classes one on Friday one Saturday one Sunday, Yup.

[32:20] Right there also the teacher prayer workshop with, And then that the sword that that like stored stage combats.
Is back and i given it a bigger room it's going to be in registry five in the on there's two classes one on Saturday and one on Sunday I think that's right or maybe it's Friday and Saturday check the app, Yeah.
Check the app or check the purchase at Grotix because those aren't listed right there and some of them do you say limited quantities so if you do interested in something Hey just swing fake swords and stuff so they have to have some room, Regina the other thing because I'm an idiot and I don't mind showing sometimes that I don't know something because that's the only way I learn. Okay.
Yeah, streaming membership because I went to the Dragon Consight and then I clicked on, grab your membership.

[33:42] Then I'm sure it's on the website where it says streaming and it tells you that but I, Hey, We got it. No, thank you. Awesome. So, yeah and that's how I find out things is I say, you know what? I just don't know. So, please help me.
I work for a private school for 30 years so I'm all about learning. So, that's it. Yeah, yeah. Right. So, dragon con. TV and that's where you can get sign up over there.
Do not, And it will last for about 9 months we do usually had of turn it off around the beginning of June so we can get prepared for the next year Hey Facebook, You got about 9 months worth of you know time to go back and and look at past stuff it's not going to be everything we do have, Space limitations but we have like the virtual panels. We've asked the tractors to pick their top two, Because since we started virtual, you know, there's a lot.

[35:10] And organically Right? Yeah. So, born out of COVID, Hey, And they enjoy engaging their fan base. Right. You know, it's like, I can just keep my my people coming back and talking to us about things and then they get more information about what they want to see at the show. By having that concert interaction, And that's also a way a great way to make friends too, Your Dragon Conference slash family. This is a great way to keep, In 1989. And they had a, I never laughed. I they had a the first current track.
Was a Star Trek.

[36:19] Hern is not is not part of Tennessee anymore I I, When I redesignated it because it had been the director who had been with the in the world and we let her keep it but then when we changed directors I realigned it as his proper To the five five literature track because that's what Anne McCaffrey has set self said was that her Was science based because it was all about shenetic engineering.
Okay. So, I believe the author.
Exactly so Which is why I still believe Harry and Hermione that epilogue. We always we we always we're drawing content to go into a broader scope to include work, So that's very awesome. Very very awesome. Okay, Alright we we playing the game oh well I thought we were going to talk about I thought we're going to talk about new stuff in yelling into the microphone no what's what other new stuff is no no what I want to talk about the new merch that we have because, The.

[37:46] Yeah. This is the new shirt for this year. It's a Derek Aniger shirt last year. It had a blue background. But they decided to do it the white and I think it really pops it out. It really does. It's really more of the characters, And he's one of our our favorites over in the Comet Park Pop artist Ali.
No you cannot. It's very it's very prominent. It's very there. Yeah. And Houston Atlanta natives. Yeah. So it's it's crazy.
We have a great partnership with him. So, that's fantastic. So, I couldn't find a photo of the Mediterranean but I know I'm sure we're somewhere out there.
I'm actually shared on the town hall that the baby dragon was named.

[38:44] Blast JP it's it's named after Jan Price who was our, Yeah and I'm sure this every time. Why do you want to make us? Yeah. Where's it go? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Jan, Jan was our parade director. And she.
Unfortunately passed away, Yeah. Awesome. I can't wait to see it. Yeah. It it's white and it's got blue wings. So, oh.
Yeah. Sorry. Hey, At least.

[39:36] No. No. No. Well, I actually need to get the rock out of my office at Dragoncon and make sure he attends something. Yes. There you go.
News back there.
He's standing on top of my framed piece of the Marriott carpet, Oh.

[40:15] That has a dragon that that is very Chinese looking looks a lot like, I'm Blakey now that Disneyville, Ryah and.

[40:39] When we were talking the other day with parade we said that there needs to be a giant inflatable like the Maria like the Marriott sorry like, Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade of dragon or dragons, In the past the Chinese dragon where people are holding the poll. Right. That is basically it's basically a puppet, We've had those before but I, Annie would be able to tell you I I my view of the parade is stagnant, Are there any, And and so so I see the people in front of me the people I see in the mirror and all of the lovely fans on the side so who are not crossing the street will the parade is moving, I will tell you that it's it's seeing the kids that's so awesome and and it seen, And I'll get me see again Who put the kids up front so they can see. Thank you. Thank you.

[41:55] Yeah. That's the most awesome thing because you know, we want, we what are young fans to continue?
Hey, man. Hey, man. I need these kids. I mean, yeah. I have to say this and and it is very sappy and I don't care. Seeing these little kids.
Hey, Yeah. When they see RtwoD, they think that's really RtwoD two. And you know what? Let them have that joy folks. I will never forget the one of the things that I saw once and it little kid who is in one of those Walmart.
Spider Man outfits and of course did not have the head on because I think he was like four or 500 like yeah I'm not doing that but And then there was another Spider Man and he went up and he talked to Spider Man and Spiderman talked to him and told him how hard it was to do both college and a superhero and stuff like that and, I just listened and thought that was the most because that kid the smile was huge.
Absolutely. Hey Facebook.

[43:08] Everything is I fight this little girl last year as I was actually, A couple of years ago, Can I princess outfit with butterfly wings and have like a berry wand or something, And I watched her, She is going to and she went up like at a high five at one of the zombies and the zombie high five or actually my fighter.
Reply to.

[43:54] What what is it doing how do you give you give your PSA for that because it's always good, About the parade? Well, first of all, first and foremost, the kids are there that you can see over kids, Even Lee can see over kids. So, Let them in front of you Let them get to the to the sidewalk. Obviously, the parents are whoever's with them needs to make sure that they're they're safe. Don't don't I'll come into that road. Don't let them come into the road park.
Safety is always our number one concern. Right. So, Hey guys go up and say hey guys you need to take a step back, Because we do have some floats and some vehicles and things that are little whiter sometimes, That that that's not joyful to be, And please do not attempt to cross the street until the ambulance at the end of the parade, Has passed you.

[45:19] And and be yelling the entire time do not cross the street stay to the side but what, People weren't listening of course because a lot of people don't.
But nobody nobody got hurt it's hard I know but the ambiance you need to get through when they were having a hard time to get somebody actually had not relayed being run over anything but somebody who's having having an issue And they're calling you the paramedics and because people were still crossing in front of them they couldn't get to.

[45:54] But but the point is if if there is an emergency and you people are crossing the street It's a problem.

[46:07] No we have to move to the side. Right. To let them through because obviously, We don't want anybody to be hurt or we certainly don't want any kind of medical emergency to affect, Because of something that that would be terrible.
In a previous podcast about with the parade.

[46:36] People in there already are ready in the parade. We don't need anymore people in the road. So, it's it's it's a it's a good just obviously use common sense. Don't do that. And by the way, one of the coolest things to do, Is to after that ambulance goes past, Is to turn around and look at the the crowd that's behind that.
I'd love turning around and looking at just the massive humanity that was in the road all following the parade behind them. Right.
And all the different costumes of people who work in the parade. They you know, they were like, yeah, they're all the all the variety is really awesome.
And we will be having the CW will be televising it so for those who, Maybe want to maybe maybe had a little little too much drink sample.

[47:39] Or with your streaming membership or if you're staying at a con hotel You can watch it on DC TV, And it gets repeated a couple of times on Saturday and or Sunday. So, there you go. There you go.
Hey start playing games and then they take a break while the masquerades on and then they play more games until they finally go to sleep Right?
Hi, unfortunately, I am.

[48:26] I don't know. I can't remember if it was said because I was coughing.
That shirt Regina is wearing which people can't see right now so sorry but it's white and it's really really cool and it's got all the neat neat art that's very comically art, It's going to be, this is going to be the first time it's out. It's going to be at the dragon con at the side at the right. This is the sample.
This is the sample. This color. Yes. This is the first color of color.
Turn to my most of the merchandise. But because we have cool stuff. You know, we have a lot of cool, This won't be available in the stores in the Marriott and the Courtland Grand and And that's that is. I am on your tail. Yeah, exactly. I want to do it. Do it.
Yes. Get it online. Do it fast.

[49:31] So yeah I got a both, No. Yeah, the lot. We have a couple charms this year for that. Oh, really?
We do.
I think they have pictures up. I'm not sure. But, If they do which will be ah the purple crocs are in there actually belong to me so, Take the picture for so. Actually, I think they've just taken the merchandise stuff down. Oh, did they?
So that they can get ready to.

[50:22] Hey, We try to let you know some of the magic things on hijack.
And and they make that magic happen, Just don't be a butthole.
I'm trying to use it PG 13.

[51:04] Stipulate a little bit more as to what that is but yeah, you know, the whole thing cosplay is not consent. No means no. You know, please read all those rules, Please read them because yeah yeah and and if something happens please report it, We have we have two police.

[51:33] There's very little we can do, We don't want that person there either. We don't want any kind of abuse happening. So, it is not that is not joyful and we we we want everybody to feel safe and comfortable. So, Hey, If you see something say something, I don't try it folks. Just be nice. Don't be a jerk.
And if you are feeling don't don't be that guy or girl because it doesn't happen with not just guys. No.

[52:28] Hey guys girls, Hey Facebook do you know just let everybody be who they want to be at Dragon Con as long as you're not hurting anybody else, It's a safe space. So, with your best to make it a safe space. Very nice. And if you Very inclusive, There are some people around that can help you. There are always volunteers. If it's during the time when there are things going on in the main program, main ballrooms and things of that nature that if you say I, I think I need some help.

[53:19] So, but yeah, look for the one that says volunteer. You should be repromint and yeah, Ask them for help.
And I just want to say one thing that's from at least standpoint because I just found out about this last year. A couple of years, many years ago now, for charity, I dressed up as Wonder Woman.
Right? And I was walking around.
Cosplay is also is not consent for a lot of things including taking a picture of somebody who maybe is trying to, Lean down and pick something up.

[54:11] Many of them because that they're dressing up because they want to have that experience. So, let them give you their best, But yeah, no. Taking inappropriate pictures, that's that's not cool. No, I'm not, no.

[54:33] So far visitors we don't know, They respectful please don't answer an autograph and when they're in the bathroom come on guys oh yes people no swing please don't interrupt them with their with their family and they're eating. You know.
They're human too and they do have to eat and they do have to you know, What were big and there was going to be a, Don't be a jerk. That guy girl them.
Who just doesn't seem to understand where the line is, So

[55:43] But also have fun and again it's very very small percentage that is jerks very small don't let jerks don't yeah, No.
Hey Facebook you go ahead. You're probably fine. It's.

[56:13] There is a sports bar in the, That is there that has games on all the TVs and if you ask nicely they'll even find the really weird South Carolina game that you're begging, I am talking about high velocity. Couldn't remember the name. Thank you very much. Yeah.
But it's not, On Thursday.
Person, We are going to get to see the first two episodes of season two. Is that coming out that, That night at midnight it was it goes, We get a 4 hours early. Nice.
Hey wow John yeah you're going to be buying a ticket right now.

[57:31] Hey Facebook but yeah so you'll get to do that and then at 10 o'clock there'll be high fantasy will be running a panel in, Over in the Hilton great easter west. I can't remember which one.
Where yo can you come and talk about it so that you know don't don't get on the internet and do spoilers for those you know you can say it's awesome that's fine but don't, But for the people who've seen it.

[58:06] Yeah. Did you notice this part? Oh, wait.
Yeah. There you go. Awesome. That's pretty awesome thing. I think that is very awesome. We've been working on that for, Couple months.
When you go through the events, filter for main programming, and it comes out by day. I saw the wheel of time thing. I saw some other things that I didn't know.
That's the best way to do it. Yeah, there's always a lot of stuff you don't know it. So, Like you said if there's something that you could you know maybe it filled up and you couldn't get into, You can look at the app like Lewis saying about you know, Does it tell you I'm I'm here and you can say it, May you find something interesting that you never knew before.
Hey Facebook can you move on right.

[59:27] Since all of us sort of know each other but let's find let's share some information about ourselves with our audience.
We're going to actually play we're going to play vivid four enough about you, You hear that?
Yup. Alright. So, this these are going to be questions about us and I'm actually playing this time about us that I'm trying to start on the actual stream. I can't do that. Yeah, I know.
Hey you'll hear it.
So, do you guys work together or just mutual friends? It's so hard to meet people.
The audience votes on their own line to earn points and fake out the players. Okay. Here we go.
No on Instagram.

[1:00:37] You're going to see two questions about yourself on your device just answer as honestly as possible.
In a you'll get your chance to lie about your fellow players you get 500 points for everyone you fool with your lies, 1000 for finding the truth and if the questions about you you get a reputation bonus for every player who gets the answer right. Ready? Well, I am.
Yep. Answer your question now.

[1:01:07] Music.

[1:01:45] You're halfway through your time make me proud, You're talking about your dog.
Who's waiting on John? Yeah, pretty much.
I don't know. My questions weren't that great. My answers were even worse.
This is a lot.
Remember I'm a simple man with some.

[1:02:34] Music.

[1:02:43] Anybody was ever curious.

[1:02:48] Music.

[1:02:54] So the choices of what I would teach a very intelligent dog to do, That was a bring TV clicker was Lee's Y, Hey Facebook my dog, Ah A disappointing oh I got in her life.

[1:03:51] Music.

[1:03:58] And yet if you do your my dog in the background people I do apologize but daddy walked out of the house and we are now whining and freaking out.

[1:04:09] Music.

[1:04:18] Also weird album.
Possible answers are, A disappointing if Lee wants receive was a goldfish a Sarah Paylin shirt, Homemade necklace and cycloppedia book of, Cuz you would know what you're.
Oh no I just couldn't see the last letter.
I thought it was encyclopedia of queue which was Gina's life.
Sarah Palen, Go back.
Submit your lives now.
Oh, well, I mean, obviously, the problems the same thing.

[1:05:47] Music.

[1:05:55] Something Regina will miss about the earth when we all live on Mars is blank. Is anybody watching for all mankind? Those?

[1:06:08] Music.

[1:06:14] I guess. Okay, so possible answers are honey baked hams, Hmm.
Some sort of food. Honey baked hams.

[1:06:49] Didn't see this one. Food, It's food. Different.
Text from character.
A fictional character Regina always felt sorry for is, I just said I if I ended up on Mars I would start at a franchise dragon con. I mean I would get permission before I left.
Oh yeah no I wouldn't miss trying con because I would take part of it with me, We're starting to drag on here.

[1:07:56] Okay the fictional character Regina always felt sorry for is, Ebonys are scrouge bills or mr freeze all of those are great answers all of those are absolutely and, Let's see. What would Regina? Let's, Oh Leah and I.
Okay. I can see that. That actually makes a lot of sense, Regina. Yeah, can you become eagle because he was trying to help someone he loved?
So that's.

[1:08:47] If john had to start a podcast they talk about what I mean, Whatever.
I guess if I was being forest to start one.
I mean what's the podcast about virtually anything at this point, If John had to start a podcast they talk about blank Dragoncon, I think that that things I mad about in policy are the same thing.
Austin, And Regina and I both guessed it.

[1:10:16] Way too long is blank. Okay. How does lies?
Guys still have it in my closet, It's clothing I'm not giving them a hint by saying it to my closet.

[1:10:43] Music.

[1:10:51] Okay, I got mine. There we go, Okay the item of clothing Leah had onto it for way too long you gotta pick your answers is crocs X files T shirt very old rainbow polo X files the movie t-shirt, I think I may have so full of prone something.
And I guess wrong because I already put it in before I, Was Jack and Jack bought a surprise, In a very old rainbow polo is the truth and bipolo I mean by the, So, you know what that means? First of all, Regina Lee one but that means that both Regina and I thought of the same thing. Just the variation on the same thing.
Which was.

[1:12:00] Polo since I started college, It's a large leaf polo tunic shirt. Yep and I loved it. Yeah. The brand polo before it was called Ralph Lauren. That tells me what.

[1:12:29] Now I don't know if we know each other any better but our audience knows us just a little bit better. That I would start a podcast.
It always makes sense, 50 days of dragon.
And you know, they do a lot of good and dragonhon race through their match last year was the first year that we've gotten $100 thousand match. So they raised it 125 1000.
Hey Facebook.

[1:13:26] So Hey, You can pick it up at the show not have to wait for it to come in later oh really, Yeah now but you can still have it sent to you though right because I I.

[1:14:06] Or or some at least. So, I think you can indicate but I can't remember. I signed up for it right away because you know, But it's for the it's for the babies. Yeah, it's worth it. It's worth it. It's for a great cause and by the way, it's it is a, Yeah.
And you can vote also while you're doing that as to what you want what track do you want to be featured on the next year so, So yeah. So do that. Yep, there we go. Alright, Regina, I know you're busy. We don't want to keep you any longer.
You've got 100 things to do and about time to do about 12 of them. So. Alright. So, thank you again for taking time out and again, I would like to say don't forget to thank the volunteers as you, Remember this con.

[1:15:16] The fans being involved there's for the fans by the fans and put on their walls, Yeah. So, please please as a as a reminder to say thank you to at least one volunteer a day. Say to more if you can.
That's where we're at. And as a point of personal privilege, I'd like to say Steve Rayna, I'm sorry that I'm going to be there. I'm going to miss you Canadian. My Canadian friends.
And and we can't and Lee's lost her voice. That will not necessarily lost her voice but lost the ability to talk on the podcast so she is saying bye to everyone. She had to switch to her phone for some reason.
So, Regina, thank you again. Thank you for putting on a great show and until next time for Regina and Lee, this is John, Peace. And looking for the outro. There it is. See ya.

[1:16:16] Music.

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