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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
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[0:42] No of fifty days of dragon con on the podcast the news,
doing pain meds and going to parties and stuff and joining me tonight is is well william william i don't
hi lee and i have been dealing with some work issues and of course if you listen to the previous one which was day nine and all this will be day eleven you'll notably was also
feeling ill or trying to get over a cold that she's gotten from her son because kids are plate carriers.

[1:24] Accurate and so tonight we're just gonna go through couple quick things just that we don't miss any any too many of these recordings and one of his much string confirmation to you,
so I'm just going to go through some of the events,
that we may or may not get to in this punk ass but or in this podcast series this year and just road name some of the photo shoots of that,
are are going on to the parties that are going on that we may or may not talk about the season and just kind of
do that real quick cuz be pretty quick episode and of course of the and will have the game i will be challenging william and he will be giving me easy questions
I'll further ado let's just rip your missing basically you note facebook is your friend if you pull up facebook and oh well,
because your friend most of the time we will some of that he,
but if you pull up on facebook you do so do a search on there for i just start with just a were dragon con events in your likely gonna hit the drank on official,
events page which is managed by mm ball to pull.

[2:47] Directors from from drank on and the all review it says here in the in the list um.

[2:57] Actually that doesn't show,
parties this place is was we get information for altering con activities photo shoots and yes parties this group will be limited to announcements only,
also it is moderated and they do keep it out so there's a couple of criteria for at least the DragonCon events page which is it has been drink on property can't be charging money and.
It's think it was a thing as a main to insult spam essentially but the the directors also put their put their parties up and,
if a on this page so
just going back to wear to the one of the first events for this year listed on the page is on sunday september second at one pm will be a dragon con cosplay and,
drink on cosplay kids photoshoot and meet up so this is a photoshoot just for kids and let me see if I can get to a real quick,
it's gonna be over at hardy ivy park which.
And I could be wrong about this is the little park that's next to next to the.

[4:16] If you go out the Hyatt if you're coming out of the hide and go to the right,
there's a little park over there next like that big architecture that were there really cool architecture during takes photos at there's a little park there,
and I would include that too,
so that's where the photo shoot is but if you want more information on that look up a Dragon Con,
which for some reason doesn't have a space between DragonCon but drink on cosplay kids photoshoot and meet up as you know that there's supposed to be a space there now.
Yeah I didn't check it out September 2nd at 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. that Sunday
as we we had a PJ on Kaleidoscope a few days ago.
NSU point out Sunday is a really good day for the kids so you've got the you've got the meet-and-greet you've got the kids dance party you got the Yule Ball which we'll talk about a little bit and
got something like this the photo shoot i am going back to the events page now have some other things are to some events page.

[5:33] Where to go there is no we also have the sixth annual geek girls run dragon con fun run so,
this is an annual run welton six and will run for,
ninety m on friday which basically kinda kicks off well you stouts thursday that's interesting cuz if your party on thursday and getting run well if you're runner
used to it but this is a public event they basically just run around the marquis solute see where they say please join us for the sixth annual the marquis the.
Condotel is what I meant to say please join us for the 6th annual DragonCon Fun Run or traditional Loop of Olympic Park in of Olympic Park in Back to the Marriott will have multiple Pace groups,
so rabbits and Walkers alike will all be comfortable,
all genders invited costumes welcomed all ages and fitness levels welcome to come ready to cheer your fellow Runners and walkers on when you finish.
Oh you get more interest on up id again searching for d girls run dragon con fun run and that's friday morning at nine o'clock seeing do that illness and sweaty and and and to the con.

[6:58] Get all nice and sweaty.
Yeah measure take showers at your simply sixers actually best part cause you run right back to your hotel in the shower.
Alright so Dragon cons brick track.
Is hosting the doctor who ball the doctor who ball which has new gh new dj apparently new day dj is dj black sunshine.
You can the Doctor Who ball is on September 2nd.
And at ten pm to three am so that sunday,
i am to ten pm to three am all about ma am to three and would be in same but you know what does time matter doctor who in that is apparently in the hilton,
is that correct does not have the location could be important consult Your Dragon Con.
Sis hilton atlanta many babies and helping doesn't say what room it's in.
Hope there discounted Hilton Grand salon to Hilton Grand salon starting at 10 p.m. on Sunday it's the doctor who brought trackball orbitrek Doctor Who Bowl 2018,
come out in theaters near me.

[8:24] The starring to instruct us that didn't bicker dragon con is the id or the drinking an adult litter track is.
Doing there are you a Death Eater.
Game again this year that's going to be in the Hilton International South room from 8:30 to 11:30.

[8:56] Variation on werewolf
it could be very strong werewolf I don't know but are you deaf theater if you know what it is then there you go DragonCon adult literature track and it's going to be in the Hilton International South room from
oven thirty or eight thirty to eleven thirty on september first that would be saturday let's see.
And of course we're the the on Wednesday the the new Thursday the 29th at 11 there is the photo opportunity with trashy and the return of the Marriott carpet.
So for those of you that have been going to come on for a while you know trash is trash is is this.
Trash can that was always at the foot of the stairs in the.

[9:50] The marriott and then they took it away not sure exactly why but the and and of course the marriott carpet,
is the famous carpet that,
I have boxed up there on my shelf but also that was a part of a staple of DragonCon before they replace it with.

[10:13] Old corporate corporate it's the main and i am.
And yeah so you can check that out at on August 29th that's Wednesday at 11 they're having that,
photoshoot with dragon Khan's most famous trash can I found the rules to know if your event is not in the convention space charges cover it won't be posted here,
I do allow photo shoots in Beaumont
last thing listed here was from our buddy Kevin over there at the video gaming track which is the heroes and villains ball which is Saturday September 1st at 10 p.m.
Music by DJ spider in its western western Weston.
Peachtree ballroom at 10 p.m. you can check that out over there at Saturday and I believe on
Sunday is the 8-Bit I don't know nevermind scratch that don't
that work for the announcement over on dragon con events going through some other things real quick some photo shoots the mc you tv photo shoot now to.

[11:29] Looking for warning about this because i believe most of these were shared by the official dragon con page so the
should be schedule but i do know that this year and with the vp of after last year there some a little bit of controversy around the stairs and being able to use the stairs of photo shoots
as has been tradition Something's Gotta change for traffic and whatnot but DragonCon has worked with a couple of
folks and there is an actual scheduling now.

[12:04] To use the stairs so there's there's a way to do that
I'm sure if you search around on Dragon I can do right now but search around on DragonCon you can probably find how it is how you can get on their schedule management this point it's all filled up but if you want to do photoshoots
on the stairs I believe you have
to schedule a time and it's pretty tight as far as how quickly you got to get in and get out for these massive groups so be aware that that is the new thing so as I say these in fairy they've already been,
put on the schedule but if they haven't then you know your mileage may vary so the mc you tv photo shoot,
is skirt Lisa
says scheduled for friday august thirty first at seven pm to eight pm.
And let's see where the same here so.

[13:10] This is Marvel and Netflix DragonCon photoshoot season 2,
to do an emerson marvel cinematic universe so it's all,
the tv
Branch so this is all for the TV side runaways Cloak and Dagger Agent Carter.

[13:30] So there's that school things to know for this up coming shoot
we're currently out there are we currently on the schedule to shoot on the Hilton back steps the steps to be more specific
where they do to help this new panel exit routes the shoot might be suddenly interrupted by if the panel was let out in between the shoot so very,
fight a very tight time line so be on time and be prepared to,
move around fifty,
lesson 1 / watch the OverWatch 2018 DragonCon parade group and post parade shoot this is its
probably too late to get into the prey group as we discussed with Jan earlier but,
at the North Avenue Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Wait no that's the that's the parade hold on Lucy post-parade shoot,
and steps he once again eleven thirty am to twelve thirty pm so that's on.
It's on saturday right after the ball after the parade will be.
Agents or watch photo shoot so you can see.

[14:49] Crippling close all slots to sign up for the March back says the link is closed so he can't get into the parade,
but you I'm sure you can show up for the photoshoot on the steps of the Hilton,
alright DragonCon 2008 form Voltron gathering this is the third annual,
voltron gathering and drink on the event is a gathering to celebrate all things both run from nineteen eighty four to the current,
version the primary activities will be organized group of photos and and plus giveaway,
The Gather at 4 p.m. and the Hilton back steps,
in that's four pm on.
Saturday four to five thirty pm according this again numbers ensure that they are all registered but.
I'll be fine if I'm not and everyone's trying to use the same steps Saturday of September 1st at 4.

[15:58] Okay sure DragonCon Trek track photoshoot is September 2nd,
at 1 p.m. that Sunday September 2nd at 1 p.m. and let's see what we got for.
A location it convenient the rear between the steps of a solution.
The photo shoot steak place it i'm not a hundred percent sure that this one is lose on the list but according to this meet up near the.
Pass the escalators between the steps or most of the photo shoot take place is what they're saying here for this 2018.
DragonCon Trek track photoshoot September 2nd 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

[16:54] Reign of the superman photo shoot tin tin tin tin tune this is on friday and one pm to two pm.
And it looks like they're on schedule to shoot at the ace steps and the hilton the hilton backs up so,
this includes this group is for Shazam Prime the century icon power girl supreme steel Superboy
the Blue Marble Apollo Miracle Man Mighty Mouse Supergirl omni-man Gladiator Hyperion.

[17:29] But,
Will skip tonight the aquarium talk about that second the 2018 Fallout DragonCon photoshoot is Sunday September 2nd at 6:30 to 8,
according to this there in the Hilton steps A&B same statuses same steps as last year Sunday,
thirty two eight o'clock all custom from the fallout universe only know generic post apocalypse costumes.
Large group and some group photos we taking photographers will present both walabot so these are only for Fallout Universe photoshoot and it's on Sunday at 6:30.

[18:38] He's interested.

[18:41] For you nothing there from,
the sum was a really actually some sort of weird torture i'm putting my son through and.
Thor at DragonCon and this one's over at Hardy Ivy Park so I guess these are the Thor's.
September first at six pm to seven pm so that so sorry excuse me saturday september first at six pm to seven pm at hardy ivy park.
Asgardian tonight all costumes comic movie versions costume and purchased.
Applicants are welcome to join the Thor verse so if you're in Thor or in the Fort Worth area.
Heading over to Hardy ID at 6 p.m. on Saturday,
how do you feel very specific some of them get very very specific August 31st from 5:30 to 6:30 finds the photoshoot for Disney at DragonCon.
Um okay feets going.

[19:51] Let me guess photoshoot for all things Disney a DragonCon the shooting on the Hilton steps e.
Shooting will begin at five thirty five pm so star gathering at five thirty and they will start shooting at five thirty five these are for disney.
Suckers with a.

[20:18] Of a disney characters i includes purchased this ink,
participant I think it's Disney proper let me look at the photo I think it's Disney,
so we can your mileage may vary a couple of other events of course night at the Georgia Aquarium I'm not sure if tickets are still available but that's Saturday at,
september first at seven pm to eleven pm at the georgia aquarium this is a ticketed event is official ticket event,
it's really cool to see some of the stuff after and at night is a really cool if we went
look awkward as you have always been asked some very cool the crime if you never been you know not all the areas are open are open for the evening but the stuff that he gets to a still think about the the the to the your through the water
that was very present in the.
So yeah so do you have a costume contest The Chosen costume contest a general admission is $30 in advance 40 at the door if there are any left.
VIP with an open bar in private dance and sitting room is $90 you can find a link to it on probably only official DragonCon site as well but that's Saturday night 7 to 11.

[21:47] Wauconda Forever This is actually hosted by,
It is not see.

[22:06] I am disabled com is opening its door its borders to the world and everyone is welcome.
Ten of us that was not welcome.
Does not actually saying the exact location tc on it's just.
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
See it okay don't see where i am where it actually is the host that i get to check that out this thurs and it's one of the reason i parties what kind of forever.
September second.
About the way you can reach us for anything really if you have an event you want to talk about as well at fifty days it's five zero d a why is at,
the unique geek.com the unique,
unique dgk.com or you can reach us by phone by 813-321-0884 thats 813-3210 tug,
SMD Nikki alright so moving on Yule Ball September 2nd at 8:30.
I am to two am so this is on sunday september second this is the harry potter.

[23:32] Lol advance it's kid friendly until ten pm and then the party becomes adult only so,
costume showcase at 9:30 so come in your best young adult themed cosplay.
In the imperial ballroom the marriott pearl ballroom featuring dj p b j p exclamation point or maybe just is it the,
raise days dp and sounds very excited but the jp that could be all-in-one yo kasha has a dollar sign there's no i don't think there's any more but whatever sue.
Yule Ball September 2nd 8:30 to 2 a.m.

[24:19] Can can can concurrency will always will have your real quick while and last i have here for this quick little round up,
trying to keep it thirty minutes um has he been listening to talk about dates for thirty minutes the spectrum party celebrating g old pi ti que geeks and allies.
The be t q kicks elyse is gonna be at the grand salon westin hilton saturday.
Ten pm to two am and,
leave that the costume track hosts this one.

[25:01] Can't of the firm with see um include.
Alright so our party celebrate the full spectrum of diversity with a g lgbt t to her slant which includes are heterosexual allies.
All of us add color to the Spectrum and hence the new name for the Spectrum party.
Stay tuned for more updates oh yes oh wait hold on that's wrong this other a date this is old post.
No post where the new one cuz horn is full of summer this two thousand sixteen.
Okay this may or may not be happening consult your guide.

[25:50] That's that's that's embarrassing.

[25:56] Take me to the last year too so it's probably back who knows,
is the contract so check the customer track all completely forty to them and of course there is last but not least the official dragon con bunny hutch.
Come on kick off costume party and contest this is very popular it is on thursday,
at eight thirty pm at the hilton and hilton main floor ballroom so it's the big bunny hutch you can the,
check that out it's,
hurry and you have more in and you know the bunnies themed you get your e in lot of lot of.
We can't cross over.
Blending of of a of Cosplay quizon with with that it's a really really funny vent.
So there's that so so that you aren't complete was a complete waste of time we'll get to that will get the trivia contest sell for tonight's trivia i'm gonna ask william of him we're gonna go fs five questions
and then I face off we have to I'm going to ask him Harry Potter questions and he is going to ask me random trivia facts from.
Three questions from some random general knowledge box yeah probably cost a dollar.

[27:25] It says in the max for four dollars for my four dollars that doesn't of dancing like a lot investment clearance alright so you wanna go first or me the first.
Verse and oh again check with the check to verify the spectrum cancel going on a probably is but.

[27:48] Maybe I'll have more information is green which beloved pet is killed during Harry's escape from privet drive with the Order of the Phoenix.
Them from the drive off with the order of the phoenix okay in there skipping yeah hedwig yes of course of gets killed and some very with my question.
One point for you.

[28:15] No near in roman numerals leslie which number it is everything and as three exes so that xxix.
Thirty right yes okay rate one to one.

[28:37] We actually asked that we literally ask this question last time we play these cards alone.

[28:48] Okay to whom is the note that Harry finds inside the fake horcrux address.

[28:55] Once inside the fort fake horcrux had no idea of to know who is interested in knowing but.
I am tired of it is address to the dark lord it does not say voldemort just for once they made that clear okay good one one one,
my second question what bird is a harley quinn.

[29:32] I'm a parent it's a duck.
Okay okay well two questions down score still 1-1 next question for William.
Where do hair e in double door go to find a horcrux together.
Virginia it's very generic answers for the record i mean is it's legal late of some sort the it is a la next sort well.
I know it's a where where is the lake i.

[30:09] Not it's against generic answer don't overthink the answer.

[30:15] English notice of how many give it to you because you i know you tube technically know this answer it's the caves with.
Seems to the the night here and live aren't so two one three questions.

[30:36] Which year did the hey hey think what,
1912 alright alright what is the name of the pet that Lily Potter gives,
Professor Slughorn what's the name of the pet that Lily Potter gives Professor Slughorn.

[31:09] Pass Francis Francis.
Four questions down the current score is two to,
How many zeros are in the number one million.

[31:32] Ten of the answers seven million nine.
Yeah. Billion million all right so that's that's wrong and I could have actually just pause there for a second.
Alright so last question can you transmitting and hopefully meet you mrs victor.

[32:00] Viktor Krum is selected by the Golden Goblet of Fire as a Triwizard Champion for which school.

[32:07] Dumb strength yes yeah was he was the only one of his name right from school no he doesn't model people ads.
No point in putting it in the fire.
Well I thought you didn't eat but didn't they in the police in the movie make the meat a big deal out of him putting his name in there.
It seemed like he was the only one doing it why bring anyone else.
That would mean they wanted right because he's there he was their guy he was their number one guy he was playing professional Quidditch.
I'm tired of the logistics of it picture comes personal i have.
Alright give me the last question just so I can try and say something.

[33:08] Music.

[33:29] It isn't,
enter the park so very goat you have officially wasted thirty some odd minutes of your life listening to us talk to you about date and then random trivia fact,
so until next time when we will have some actual information of it someday of my vehicle for William saying.

[33:57] Music.

[34:06] This has been a production of what unique key,
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