50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 12 - Jarvis Of The Diversity

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Welcome to another Edition.
D-Day so DragonCon the podcast that I don't know we're doing lots of things and joining me and it's always Isley how you doing.

[0:22] Hearing nelly's on gives you the link.

[0:29] I cannot say to her she is.

[0:34] Music.

[0:50] Now drinking my bed bugs were present in the.
System and make the.

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[1:19] The dailies podcast podcast knows no menu button.
And joining me as though it's the lovely never in surprisingly never quiet but yet,
been moved previous recording holy place values that i let you know,
you know it is sometimes hard to do this thing that we do with the podcasting in the buttons and there's lots of buttons and it's fine I must say you're sounding a lot better,
I'm like I am finally oh my God,
yes I think I've gotten the early concreted whatever it was on the way please God don't let me get it again,
yeah I have a lovely lovely coffee summer cold going around Atlanta and it's just miserable.

[2:06] Today is the day were actually recording this was the deadline for directors,
I got my stuff in I'm very proud of myself so Eddie McClintock still is not the Grand Marshal of a parade,
any you gonna be doing operates oh is fifty percent,
well i mean it's out of my hood kids did early heck knows what might happen we got like three days many days till we're probably it were thirty eight days a,
as this one gets posted yes it will be this will be this will be day 12 recording so yeah so what 38 days out from Dragon time,
and i'm pretty sure that nobody wants to hear me set talk about anymore dates or times this points and after yesterday's broadcast.

[3:05] We could totally figure out you know we could do a totally different time because you know everybody gets a job all these working actors,
and everything changes but it's not going to I mean don't don't get too worried about that but you know it can happen but,
you know what i think is really amazing is just the gray gas we have the great tropics we be there is something for everyone there's there's a there's a lot of,
verse of the well enough or whatever its sandals with a lot of people than welcome to stop telling other women did you stop i'll get there.
There are a lot of different things.
A lot of different people who love those random there are a lot of people who love many different things in those fandoms so you know that kind of.
Difference of opinion that kind of.

[4:00] Jena se qua of phantom is always great
but I think what's really amazing is how diverse we at DragonCon a really really working to be I am trying John Hush little funny,
but I want interview has a new track.
Jarvis hi this is John and we told you it was going to be able to get there we're sorry what's the name and what is your,
your plan and what are you doing what your mission what your missing forgot okay the diverse the track is titled the verse the inspector fiction and literature.
That's a long title did that the little,
little code for you in the project the pocket program in the Apple be like div what do you think,
csfl or net worth.
Tsfl is what you are.

[5:16] You know big gover suggest names different and make sure,
that in this track want to make sure that all the different factions and individuals,
and represented well in Dragon.
So so the the the mission here is.

[5:41] Exploring exploring the various various
what the fuck
yeah we're looking at race ethnicity and gender social economic status nationality citizenship religion sexual orientation
ability and even hate wow.
So and so how about i mean is the new trend this year so what was the impetus for.
Okay i've been a friend of when pear season right.
And i met him through black size fixes it which is a nonprofit organization that i found it like ten years ago,
5000 black people from around the world that like science fiction,
and so he no new mr. Patrick Henry.

[6:52] I mean having conversations with them and myself,
we decided to where they decided to move forward with with this track and I was lucky enough to,
i brought on to run it as the tractor,
yeah okay.
Come through the parade.

[7:30] I mean I mean I mean I mean the computer go beep.
Well I mean so so you actually volunteered to do this right is that with it that you weren't one of those you weren't one of the folks that they've said that you have a sale you know this would be good idea and they said okay great so now you're the director.
But you actually you actually saw this out.
Oh yeah I left it at the opportunity because DragonCon is like this huge humongous immense cultural.
You know thing and I'm like if I can be part of that that would be great,
well it is really I think one of the things I started noticing.
I think I always nervous but really kind of work to notice a couple of years ago was we've had more people of color coming.

[8:30] DragonCon which makes me very happy I love.

[8:33] And especially more people of color that I've seen especially in Cosplay and that's always been kind of neat to see,
have a friend who does Ally the cosplay in the cosplay photography so that's been really good and yeah you might know.
Mom and other people so I think that it's really DragonCon.
Wants to encourage this it's not just you know it's not just for those,
destroys Super Bowl but it's not a middle-aged black guy.
DragonCon is you know the first rule is don't be a jerk and accept all and if you can't do that we're going to have problems so yay.

[9:16] Just FYI work that great yeah it's wonderful that has been,
one of the things that has differentiated DragonCon from other cons,
awesome awesome so what are some of the programming you're doing this year so I do not want you to list your whole schedule cuz,
There you go so what what are you looking at for some of the tracks you're doing and cuz I think you're doing a lot of fandom discussions this year right girl gamers we have.

[10:03] Test.
Programming for the disabled older folks like myself.
Even with we're even delving into some game development team that makes writing in terms of comic books in addition to books.
We can come to this site and we're also gonna have a party to kinda bored um thursday oh cool that's awesome um so yes,
well should be yessir yessir from the zombies programming.

[10:47] And the program going to have some cars cosplayers and float in the parade,
review to but pappas is that stop humbug saying oh yeah year is,
so when do some fun stuff about how like oh or forty will earworm.
Group of any when have like joint for you all have a game night with your games speak for games in your,
okay now wait what do you mean yard games Checkers the stuff like that big,
for you know the oversized games are you doing this
Alan f is going to be in at Rack Room in the engine room which is going to counter reconfigure the room.

[11:54] That's okay though so again where were actually is your tracks as we have actually talked with our electra in all in the hyatt in the inman room on the first floor.
That's on the very very bottom level the basement.
So you be near the new room where the hell is that track is are you talked about them the in group i really am in room is nice and clean my space yet.

[12:25] Those are right around the hundred is a full time so i'm excited that will.
Zoo awesome and then I'm sorry I just I really want to go as I can I'm going to try to find that and put it on my app so I can try to come and see the giant chess game because that would be so yeah.
I just I love I'm so glad that black panther,
there are two movies that I swore I was not only going to see on opening weekend but I was going to make sure my money went down.
Is that wasn't working me when i'm with the one woman black pants like no we're done with is the the this group can't open movies meet group can't do this like he get your money when you're wrong,
it won't move.
Oh they were they were so both of them were so good so much fun and Siri is an actual Disney princess everybody I love that.
My eyes she's so awesome and it doesn't the baby sister you everybody once exert but doesn't always get her have a lease.

[13:37] And I can say that cuz my sister doesn't listen to this podcast I love her but.
So tell us a little bit about you know in the years you've been going to DragonCon what were some of the things that you were were doing what was it what was it that brought you to drink on over then.
Awesome and then you know when you threw the years what is what is what is actually been your your area of geekdom if you will.

[14:11] Let's see I think primarily I actually kind of stumbled upon it by accident I was in,
Atlanta visiting family that's the Auburn Avenue library downtown and someone came in and it was talk about this kind of thing and I've heard the name but.
It really didn't click and so they were it was like they were just talking about it I was just going to check it out and so I ended up going to the parade.
Was so amazing.
Um i think everything is cool sixteen that is really cool and ima.

[15:00] Just on the atmosphere heat only have people will house playing as all repairs to your me you were coming to movies from video games,
that's been one of the highlights for me does Costco.
Ten of of you are the panels and then those are great to think of my favorite is the ice candid,
it's amazing with the cosplay to I mean III saw the last year,
from like the early pictures of Black Panther and people doing both the Old School,
doghouse plays amazing how detailed it is how much time and effort people put into it,
every time I'm just like wow I'm just absolutely son one person I was talking to the previous weekend she's been working on her.
Costume for about 4 months.

[16:09] In john you know it's not too late to start your coffee at the,
just so you know I'm working on it as we speak and I'm very proud of you I can kind of hear that I can hear it in the background.
If you're not sewing machine and your ball earnings hundred exec guess i am saying don't a lot yes.
Licensed journeyman,
okay so is the and that of your husband yet so yummy i love it just kind of amazing thing.
Yeah it's but as you said it's not just what DragonCon is as you said you had the panels have been fun.
There's been a lot of push to find channels that people you know nude Esther coming,
you know we are trying to always continue and say hey let's add some people I mean I've got.
First time gas for dragoncon for both rain oil and extract this year
you know in a couple of years will start like looking one not even a couple years,
what does darrell what do the so that the great dude do you have any actual media guests at this point or is it pretty sure and gets with anyone or.

[17:33] A primary guest is the author and writer Stephen Barnes.

[17:41] What is you did what is that one might think he's written form from.
Outer Limits Baywatch,
are you hit he hit the hole it begins day what is the late henry.
The people that's wrong with that man,
unload that no longer get we while driving people just the job your doing wrong with that i think that's great kobe they did tell you by the way this isn't pay rate of us are you expecting a paycheck worry.

[18:24] No but just being like a sieve being so or this being is
if you just close my micheal all be in a way some of her yo lol merging your first year and
no your house did i can see everyone to start,
Charlie says the old lady who's been doing this 20 plus years no I I know I,
you look I love it too if I didn't love it we wouldn't do it I mean,
but no I love it and I I'm just really glad cuz I think this is something we need,
really glad that we got from a he's really dedicated to do epsom not skin so you ass is there a guest okay so as you know the track director don't know this though you you will grow to learn about learn sorry,
so sorry to break your heart really you know you might not be able to go and see those gas that maybe you like there's one really big gas or somebody you want to see.
You can go and see who every wanna see who is there somebody argus was now that you're like yeah that one that one right there with this so many of but at the.
The one that I would pick.

[19:44] Oh yeah with gage he's with luke cage so,
the starring actor in one of the Halo film,
oh really well and so I definitely would like to see you.
What what is why couple of here dirt with pages but i just watch girl trip for me so i got a lot of the landlord have lights are group home.

[20:11] I spend my money on Syfy movies I only watch the other movies when they come out Netflix inside,
yeah yeah i didn't realize the within the girl in my,
okay nice this movie but i don't like lucan is me so yeah it's he was really guy and he's so that is great charming smile.
He's so adorable,
and you're just like you're not a good person in this movie but you're still just so cute look at you smiling you're just so adorable.
You can get me with Adam like it but no that's good he has been a lot of stuff and you're like oh wow so he is deserving he's been working,
I've been working like it's all looked at is IMDb the other day.
I think he's been working in Hollywood like 10-15 years that he's gotten the starring role and Luke ages,
really well deserved jersey well-deserved he's been amazing thing when his first was was your are around all thousand how will they cancel and.
Yeah he's been before i am quite every year five years yeah you like fifteenth yeah.
10 15 20 years that's really amazing and it's it's really great to see that and.
Chad bosnian black nigga from atlanta.

[21:39] Wednesday's drop into Atlanta Nino,
Hometown just Open Labor Day weekend,
right as we speak I am sure,
Regina and and Rachel and everybody else would figure out a way either if you wanted to show up
just amazing. But yeah so sorry we're at our guest,
sorry we're no,
yeah I don't think I would have but no that would be yeah so just fine.
Visiting somebody just so yeah.
You are together what does that mean.
You talk about the art party activity at night,
set off some steam and in everyone's going to do a group painting of speculative fiction pieces,

[22:57] Wait wait wait speculative fiction sexy term for sci-fi and all kind of fantasy stuff that I just learned,
but I was going to say is speculative fiction mean fan fiction or nonfiction means sci-fi fiction,
lead is an umbrella for all of us okay okay.
Wow that oh boy you're brave brave brave man.
Awesome I would love to see if I could get there,
John Shelby and his little bed dreaming of know John will be still awake probably playing werewolf in his friends but maybe maybe not,
as I start to as I start to to meander my way towards 50 yeah that the werewolf starts to,
be that moon that moon that moon rises a lot sooner that i got i got all my question that we need to ask where all his places to find out about.

[24:13] His lovely lovely new truck,
yes so if people want to find out more information about the diversity tracking to find you know the kind of keep tabs going up to DragonCon of course there's always a drink on at be sure to check that out and
keep it up to date but if people want to get more info or or get in touch with you or your or your crew.

[24:34] How do they do that okay just basic information is on the Fantrax.
A section of the Dragon Con site more detailed information is found on the diversity is speculative fiction,
Facebook group and the email that I can be contacted at is diversity track at dragoncon.org.

[25:02] Cool and if you just do a Google search on Facebook,
yeah if you do a search on Facebook for diversity and speculative fiction and literature you'll find it or he can also try DragonCon,
dragoncon plus diversity also copps.
Real life has made my Facebook time unfortunately a lot smaller so.
Believe me i understand i'm saying is i'm saying i think it's so that i will
John you should be really nice to Jarvis not making play the game but I want to make sure I get back to the condo forever cuz it came up last night when I was
I'm yesterday's podcast was reading a lot of dates and times for lots of things
what kind of forever is on thursday night nine but i can't seem to find the exact location of it.

[26:18] It's in the embassy something or other,
i get first ball is probably in one of the embassy ballroom which if i am rack and the sum of and the high at imperial ballroom oh the ballroom isn't a.
That's it then. Okay let me just say this.

[26:43] Subject to change check me out please,
go go go go go go cuz I'm going to be over I think we are going to be for our party on Thursday night we start at 8:30 ish.
I am we're going to be over at the Sheraton so you can come and check us out at the Sheraton,
and nicely walk yourself to the Marriott and check them out you can do,
you can do a lot earlier parties and then those late-night parties and then those rage that my son will be there with you with glow sticks at 3 a.m. in the morning it is important remind everyone though.
Unless I'm mistaken you still you need to have your badge by then though,
if I'm correct I think volunteer I think bad registration John I'll check and adjust your open until at least like 6 or 7 that night and possibly even later let me go check right now
no I was about ready to say I think they moved animal registration for the record,
her no is no don't get confused them vanilla oh there's i seen your call last year there was a table it was so the.

[27:56] Maybe that probably wasn't for that it's probably something else I'm thinking is
terrible games you're going to make us feel alright so as we've been doing this this season 50 days is DragonCon I've collected various trivia games throughout my career most of them some of them are
art themed like Marvel,
marvel family feud is star wars family feud the harry potter true.
Trivial Pursuit,
we played a couple of them this one is actually just going to be a generic movie quiz and as as I found them usually they're like on clearance or there,
TJ Maxx or,
or Ross or Tuesday morning or dollar stores or whatever these things are horrible their questions are terrible in fact,
let me get let me just for this example and I don't believe the proof right or anything but who or what is Rosebud in Citizen Kane.
So you saying lee what what is what was legg it's yeah yeah except for the answer on here says a sledge.

[29:16] What a sledge.
Oh my God these are either really easy or there.
They're really horrible one of the other there's no play testing involved here so we will start with.
We will start with you Jarvis hours for registration before we go into the plane.
And i will say this again but i just found it because i couldn't find it back there was a white ring the search registration in the little dragon con google thing up the got the gun got about i give a.
And it is registration hours are thursday from kenny and it's ten pm okay so you have time to go get your badge except if you're trying to do that raven all night but,
five you got none luggage bags of garbage bag and then come to terms is party and my party in any other parties are going on.
Either earlier or very late on Thursday night Friday morning.

[30:21] In mower and it the spectrum particular wasn't sure last and it was reading off post again thousand sixteen but the spectrum party actually is is still going on second at the time of as panicking confined
confined a bit is going on again this year. So it's a Saturday night that they move back Saturday night and it's from 10 till 2 a.m. in
hilton and.

[30:48] Planned planned in the Hill so if you want to remind everybody,
but it's GLD lb,
hey bud it's not just for the LG ddlg.

[31:19] It's not that it's not that exasperated about the number of letters,
it's a lot trying it out also for allies as well so everyone is welcome and we were talking about diversity again,
well this this is one of those communities that that that we talk about when we talk about diversity.
It's so jarvis we will start with you and the first question and randomly picked out here is which movie is the quote show me the money from.

[31:58] Oh my God.

[32:01] Oh wow I'm trying to ruin my name.

[32:11] I may have to pass I did that was Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire.
I cannot hear it took me a second and then I was I kept saying money balance like it's not money,
but yeah you're in the car finally came out okay so this is for you Lee who wrote Brighton Rock.

[32:35] Wrote playing rock writing rock is that song remedy do it pro the movie since it's the movie quiz i've never heard of it but it's just a hunter rob i'm gonna say it was written by a.

[32:49] George Orwell I have no idea I've never heard of Brighton Rock,
everybody knows is written by Graham Greene,
everybody oh I'm so sorry everybody knows who Grand Prix.
Didn't know that was by him so awesome so yay,
hey jarvis and i are god your mom or would this is where you jarvis those second were five questions which actor plays marty mcfly in the back to the future series of movies.

[33:27] That's from.

[33:29] I think I've went completely blind what happened
megan fox Michael j fox,
what was the name of the character of the name of Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver.

[34:00] Lee what was the name of Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver.

[34:08] But no you have to claim it as yours.
Morning dino born in victoria day hockey thing still.
Tom I'm sorry I was looking at the Dragon Con yes sir I have no idea,
yeah okay
not a fun movie to watch so it's been a really long time. So okay.

[34:46] That's right you out somewhere in that area yeah i remember i didn't see it with my parents house i get.

[34:54] Alright Jarvis what were the first names of the two Blues Brothers what were the first names of the two Blues Brothers.

[35:07] There is no way i can sneak this on team and i'm sitting here trying to figure out a way.

[35:14] It can't get near the street in atlanta we're out from plans that will help i and.

[35:23] No no it's Jake and Elwood Jake and Erica Hartley how many Oscars did The Godfather from 1972 win.

[35:34] No incorrect 3.
Last question last question FYI who directed the movie Jaws Schindler's List in Jurassic Park.

[35:54] Really who directed the movies Jaws Schindler's List and Jurassic Park.
Uber and I have another phone in my hand,
but I am not looking up any of these answers I just I am playing by the rules John just FYI do you want and ET question or grease question.
What are the two wild ET can't win so what is the name of the character played by Drew Barrymore in E.T.
Wait okay using the okay hold on cuz i have to shut up and i say welcome what is her oh wow and.

[36:45] I can see her don t.

[36:53] And a woman i can i can.

[36:57] Dirty dirty this will name yeah do one or the other question was.
Who played sandy in the film grease that's the user to know what really john white as i would not ira ago that i have never heard you so ugly at.
Jarvis well well I tally up the points as long as it takes where they can find you on the interwebs and where your room is your trap room is at DragonCon.
Oh oh oh if you just trying to find information about me you can find me on Facebook just under my name,
I'm at the track but okay,
where people are losing this job has great faith in her number,
thank you uncle a link would dragon con under the intrest,
for diversity of Fix-It fiction and there's a Facebook group.
Diversity of spectral fictional literature and the email where I can be contacted is adversity track at dragoncon.org.

[38:18] And your your tracker McGann where's that at in the Hyatt on the bottom level in the Inman room.
Now let me see I got the till I got the totals here,
point in jarvis with two points so who is going through right.
I am no prize coming your way.

[38:49] Again look at this one was it says four dollars but i doubt i paid four dollars for it are you found everyone in the pot i know.
So until next time for Jarvis and Lee.
This is John saying peace.
Bye bye this has been a production of what unique Peak.
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[39:34] Music.