50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 14 - Leigh Of The Unexplained

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Isn't it one button it's probably 12.

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[0:29] Call Katrina
i just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

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[1:01] Days are dragging come on the podcast that is completely unexplained and no one can really really doesn't bother you know seen it or anything and joining me,
as always cuz she's always here no matter what you think rocks rocks how you doing.
Dear fans of DragonCon I'm sorry you'll have to hear that are for 50 more days
well technically at this point this would be day 14 so that would be 36 more days
36 more days till DragonCon as we,
report actually gets 37 is record this 36 as it comes out so have you been what you been up to you been doing any a Dragon Con relieve researcher,
i am i am i am justin's cleaned up for another late night early morning one em panel on the decadence of the weimar republic in germany
for all history is a panel for the insomniac.

[2:13] No gas so all his street has been doing the one em thing we did one last year and i think.
What the fuck up.
With that name but we're pushing that forward to the nineteen twenties right before the rise of nazi all power wells oh yeah last year so that would be an adult themed.
Very very adult when you were doing it last year when you're walking home did you see any any strange sightings you spot Bigfoot or maybe a UFO in the air.

[3:07] There were strange apparition all around the.
So as me and one of the mom
my co host co panelist we're making our way through the parking lot into the tunnel so he asked me some many
many a strange apparition that we just could not explain will eat you know who might be able to explain our guests tonight are our guests to do that is.

[3:34] Could that be could be could be the little woman with a big megaphone.

[3:40] Yes in fact it is it is leave from the extract and turn normaly how you doing,
great job its been so long sandwich in rockford that when you.

[3:52] I'm hunky roxanne roxanne i have been doing this a podcast in a parallel universe four years now,
yeah yeah it will alter it alter universe maybe was you and he but no years
in the alternate universe we have one like at least five pulitzer prizes for a long lasting prowess your ass are you know in depth research it's amazing so jungle the
the universe where would be you and I may be doing this podcast we ain't got nothing,
no not not even close in that unit in that in a alternate universe yes
no its not yes extract and how much are we are gonna have oh my goodness the most awesome guy or hers will be okay sales first mobile your track is about,
and your tracks or about yeah yeah it's tues racks and one is the mr with extract that's one's been around the longest,
actually been almost 25 years now graduations.

[5:12] And 96 +.

[5:26] Okay but is really about conspiracy shows.
Austin that have a little bit of a government change to them or,
was there about the government and we're just not sure why the government is doing what they're doing and aren't agency that things like that so from of course extract would be the x files.
Be things like X-Files friend lost the lone gunmen but also Warehouse 13 which was a great show and we just really miss it all the time,
and currently agents of shield,
interesting shows coming about the new project blue book show what's going on history channel soon.
And there's some other shows were looking at on Hulu and things like that but so that's what extract is and then paranormal track kind of came out of extract because we were doing a lot of different things or about the ghosts in about the.
Go bump in the night or thing that we have questioned about so don't talk about her normal topics of course as we say ghost hunting,
big foot and ufos ufo part that,
side i have a tv show maybe a ufo show there's one there was one on history channel it take all that hangar fifty one said they got run the blue book stuff would probably be on the new.

[6:54] Alicia would probably be on next track but.
The actual work that was done in Project Blue Book would be in possibly.

[7:06] But that's so the xtrac basically covers things that aren't necessarily.

[7:15] Covering other covered in other areas but there but they they have the.
The genre touch to them in in typically with a with a government agency involved in in some sort of
highlighted maine and main manner that or or big corporation last year we had a really great panel on a pickle hacking dealing with school,
Scorpion and mr. robot and you know we are actually talking about like who are the good guys and the bad guys because,
yeah mr. robot I love the show mr. robot I am a big fan of it,
if you watch it very very intently began my second run through it again and does not like chilling twin peaks or just like what your your summer,
but sorry about that again this year is because you know can we trust the machine can we trust the machine that was in Person of Interest.
Can we trust people who bring down Financial systems are those good guys bad guys.
We can see both and so there's some question on that you know who are they and i think that's really interesting thing because it is a question of what.

[8:32] There's a lot of interesting things going on both in speculative fiction and hand real life just watch something again on more stuff about artificial intelligence.
And it's all very interesting to hear and you can hear a lot about the artificial intelligence seven signs track.
The electronic Frontiers BFF track and some other is like. So you know all of this stuff goes around a lot of people.
Made love to hear about Bigfoot and then also go talk about what's really going on in Ai and that would be great and Dragons going to have both of them and we're really happy we do.

[9:09] Cool so you actually have some big guess this year we have really usually have the guest in an amazing gas but that this year you bad of you that haven't been coming drink on the past and
it's kind of amazing to because I think I've heard this on a podcast you know that.
They are in and nothing is nothing is settled until like but currency for pals going on but yeah we,
some really great people coming and I'd like to say time is relative so really wait until the end of time and that's when time is actually occurred
bright rocks that's how we play,
we have some amazing. We have John Noble is coming back this year he came to maybe 3 years ago now sorry time,
does get bendy folks especially as you get older but he was an absolutely wonderful guess whose age is larry is,
he's funny he is amazingly Charming he does have that twinkle in his eye that,
you are think Walter would have Walter Bishop from friends so he's going to be there I think we're doing two panels with him.
We also have Agents of Shield coming back so but we have Brett Dalton coming back and I'm going to say it I know it.

[10:36] Kitchen is the first name and I will never say your last name right but we also have other agents coming with them and,
one of the main yo-yo who is coming and so excited about that and.
Now that adrian has are is coming and i'm so excited because,
one of the first shows that every kind of got me into this.

[10:57] More of this kind of genre of kind of weirdest shows was a show he did years and years and years ago called profits.
And if anybody remembers it it was it was a show that would do really well now it was ahead of its time when it came on probably what was that maybe 20 years ago or so we've got,
coming this is a brand new announcement we have Caleb McLaughlin and gaten,
nights are Matarazzo who are play Justin and Dustin at Justin and yeah Justin and Dustin.

[11:37] Cuz it Doesn't,
so strong I guess I've been typing on and not saying them out loud,
is the government and what it ever bread darkness coming back brett dalton is,
agent Ward from Agents of Shield and he is honestly one of the nicest people ever,
he is also very very i'll in but he's really really nice really excited that he's coming back,
Brett is just a great one and so excited to have him back has some great stories in it I'm sure with this group that we're going to have it's just going to be a lot of fun.
But then but yeah so Caleb and Gayton are coming they are from stranger things and this is how DragonCon kind of his always changing we were hoping that we're going to be able to be there all four days.

[12:35] And we just heard that unfortunately because they are actually filming right now it doesn't come out until two.
Thought it came out in August last two times it's kind of come out right before.
Going to come out 2019 and they are filming Atlanta but so they should be there at least two days but again of course it's subject to change user job in actors even though there,
younger actor so that's great and these days it's usually faster to say it is usually best to say when they aren't.
Filming in Atlanta,
it's a lot of fun and i'm really excited about it but yeah would you date but then on the paranormal side,
i have some returning guests so we have the georgia per in on the group is coming back but we have to really big,
yes we have cliffs and bow from finding bigfoot which.
I'm a huge Bigfoot person I have no idea of Bigfoot is real.

[13:49] What was that huge big foot person and I said if not in stature.

[14:02] Northwest going through as far as ghosts and you fall for it three or four times it's released,
yeah there's an,
wouldn't that be awful John be almost as awful as having an awkward sound coming out of the back of the
yeah or driving by the museum and not stopping but hey i'm using the word lose on the way back they were,
open numbers neighbor open yet know it's long forgotten but,
but when it that's really cool and the other one is we have egos press brothers dad had a tv show called does brothers which are,
three i'm gonna marry ben do you go sign holder brand new geforce so excited that they're coming,
fans ask for him the first year of the show without I've been saying oh this would be such a fan favorite,
and now they're going to be there so that's for paranormal practice would be awesome so the ghost Brothers isn't like Property Brothers right they don't renovated houses for ghosts
no no no they are not the Property Brothers thank you ever so much.
You should watch this show find it I don't think it's on it's not on the channel That a lot of the other ones are on but it's on there you can go find it I want to say it.

[15:29] Ibex but don't hold me to that I'm so sorry because I just,
doesn't know what TV show is on I have a program to my DVR and it just shows up.
So what you don't guess right now.

[15:49] And you never know things could get people to do around we can have somebody maybe for four days or three days or two days things can change
and you know building and things like that which is owen and we you have people to show up because,
no as a gas cuz we had Derek from who was the writer from Warehouse 13
a panelist on the fan panel so that's the cool thing about your door panels,
is even last year at the ethical hacking
you know we had oulanka done in and ask that plays they brought up to experts from the audience
and that's the cool thing about your panels we like that we like bring in people and use drugs wanna say that we did this last year,
more stranger things the first year we did a strange thing panel it was not big enough right track.
And we talked about this it went down the hall and hall it down.

[17:00] So and this was again a show on Netflix that have not gotten,
publicity actually i re look at that in season one little bluesy on that like like you know just one of the line and me watched it more about it,
need i think mr robot didn't in some ways on on next because i think,
that wasn't a show that was getting a whole lot of press other than Christian Slater coming back to TV.
But it's now it caught on there were mouth and,
show but the seven year we did it we had no room and we actually picked from the audience to be on the panel,
are we going to do that again this year because I think we got two people they're going to be on the piano with us but then we're also going to pick some people from the audience,
so that it can just kind of be that kind of a there's no way to get everybody's opinion we're going to have a big big room we're going to actually take over the Paranormal room for that and that room hold it at 200%.
And we're going to take over that room and.

[18:04] So that would be great however works however that works but we do want everybody's opinion and I forgot to mention somebody who is coming back to Dragon Con and I can't believe I did that because he's one of our fan favorites everybody loves them,
Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13 Mile little bit of last year but he's coming back this year and he's going to be there along with Allison scagliotti.
Body from the show.
And I'm really excited I don't think Claudia's going to I know that I don't have a Sunday panel with Eddie because he is going to be hosting the masquerade
whiplash is gonna should be home i got a new number holter universities use the grand marshal of the parade easy and izzy yours is a mark of
for he is not this year he was the Grand Marshal about 2 years ago when he came but not this year so.
Yeah there's a little bit of a confusion I think maybe out there was a little bit of us a stream Crossing there I think Walter was playing with some things in the friends universe and so.
Yeah yeah and I do have to ask John Noble because he said at some point he really needed to get Joshua.
To come to DragonCon which would be.
And I don't remember his last name you know I'm blanking on it but the guy who played his son in France.

[19:28] Got you don't listen to this had a huge crush on Casey of Dawson's Creek when it was on so yeah,
tell your was really hard to get josh jackson joshua jackson at the name is another teacher right now so but yes he he said universe has need to come up next time i need to bring him,
so sick snow last year when we cross over to this universe and gas and i rocks and i retired.
The Lost.
From extract and Evangeline Lilly note now I know she's not your guess cuz she is not doing any lost panels she is doing two panels I do want to make sure all the Lost,
I bet I said if I don't beg they will find me.
And it would be like a scene from Lord of the Flies,
on the island hahaha,
so I did bag know she's only different Shoe Palace and have me doing a panel about harassing of course mostly about Ant-Man and wasp but I've been told that hey go and ask questions about lost there should be,
re not it and then you got to the writer as well write some young adult books and anytime matter running low.

[20:49] Cool now just as we predicted though as soon as we use is retired and a nice will be more lost and the real you is still early i know i can see it i can go through that
you know you lizzi thing again i'm sorry john but we are in one until he goes there's is on destination america,
remind me of your cable provider.
Netflix to do whatever in it i do that way i still we're still somebody this month you people suck now a very shitty have a little dish.

[21:26] You don't have to be a big old 1980s.

[21:38] So what other panel what other types of the fam panels what have and it in for both your tracks.
Well for we are doing and I actually I will be doing it with someone who has a personal friend both of us are big.
Band of Twin Peaks or going to be talking about the Twin Peaks return it was on Showtime whether we liked it whether we didn't of course you can have the same panel about The X-Files.

[22:04] But,
i mean they did hold up hold them over through.
You know what i have to do it i we're also doing on we doing something that will never really well on his to well last year and trying to do better this year than normal track.
At least three hasan khan.

[22:33] We are gonna be doing territory hoser fantastic well thank you and what i'm trying to do is actually know exactly how many payroll readers will be available for this bed three times already doing it.
Get them to sign up having a little more organized and I don't want to sit and we will have I don't know if it's going to be 10 digits or what he watching our Facebook page,
which is the it's basically it's it says it's extract but it's really extract internally put everything on their Facebook /
Abstract DragonCon underscore extra.
And that to Yahoo search on Facebook whatever AOL AOL search,
our universe aol is still huge,
they're Google never occurred in the universe.

[23:34] So yeah sorry try not left of the cough comes back up the.
But yeah I know so we're doing that and you know I don't know if it'll be tickets or you know just kind of that but something like that will have we have more people who are going to sign up to be tarot readers I'll actually,
met a couple of groups here in Atlanta and trying to get some of them who already come to DragonCon to count because,
you know is I think a lot of people know those all of our panel is for the most part are especially fan panels or things like that or they're on their own time and they're gone we don't.
Support them maybe if this keeps going well we can look at that maybe they'll be Pros or something like that they do this professionally.
So that's what we're looking and i'm really excited about that he has been really enjoyed it and it was the slope of a growing pain last year but will boiler muna will always have a few growing pains but,
people said they liked it but it was a little need a little more Innovation and we agree we thought it was we thought we'd have more readers to and some things happen for a reader some of that sits other things.
This way we'll have a little better.

[24:44] And then you know there's always just the regular Phantom panels Father Brian small will be back he is a great friend of ours rocks will be on some of our panels,
I've heard there's this thing in my universe.
It's called some kind of a podcast that id with somebody and we're gonna do a live that sounds good right now.
I take it at questions will you don't nj twelve again some of the new evidence with john planets don't know what majestic twelve as you look at all about the of it,
at some point I'm going to get some more stuff and do something on MKUltra cuz that
the other thing i absolutely interested in i'm very interesting and kale trimmed that and not lose what good is there for those of us that have no idea what john ate so in twelve is first of all a group.

[25:40] Supposedly was created by president truman and it was twelve well that went well white man,
who basically investigated all UFOs and,
are the government conspiracy to keep people from knowing about your has and there's a whole book about others assholes scanner operating procedure and it went to someone and,
got published in things like that in your questions on authenticity is it true isn't it isn't.
And so there's things like that and John Flynn is got some new information that I'm going to share it that's what mk12 is Majestic 12 mj12 mj12.
And there's still things that people believe that mj-12 is still going on and it's one of those times when Clinton and Joe's Clinton and Obama and even George W bush that,
I know you know they haven't told me about anything about any aliens is going to play Billy Carter and are they all approached.
And supposedly told nothing nothing and got a letter that said.

[26:49] You really actually don't have the clearance to see that.
But trust us there's nothing there and supposedly the way mj-12 was set up was so that,
until there's an alien invasion or something everyone must know and date was not going to tell anybody so it just whether or not you believe it or not that's that's the theory MK Ultra,
if you've ever read the book Firestarter by Stephen King it gives you an idea of MK Ultra Man MK Ultra was supposedly,
research done in the 60s especially with a lot of Psych psycho.

[27:27] Lighten up now I'm getting wrong word like psychotropic drugs and Other Drugs mixed together for volunteers and he volunteers either.
Top 10 to certain powers or became kind of in a term mutants in their own way some of them had telekinesis ESP.
The ability to make people do thing so basis of friends essentially.
It's a little bit of the basis of French it's it was the kind of the those kind of experiments were what made the girl in Firestarter is her two parents went through this.
And they both in subjects and he got a little bit of something he called the push which is you can't have.
How people to do something and and they would have followed his wife little bit of help nieces and then his daughter was.

[28:26] What wrong where it's basically pyro kinetic pyrotechnic thing much some of us is born so that,
strange Legacy Family called the Barrymore's,
kind of incapable dry and it's a very interesting thing because i'll lot of people actually family i,
went insane there is supposedly a Asylum somewhere that just keeps people from who,
who went insane after MKUltra and it basically is at and some family say that that's what happened to my brother and my sister I've never seen him again after this so that it's very interesting.

[29:20] Parts of it are still going on today so you're going to have using science to.

[29:29] To change people is both terrifying and interesting at the same time
so you'll have president truman on when your pals i you know what if i could bring president truman i actually much for president in all honesty i hung
I'm answer you should have never been president is actually one of my favorites,
yeah he ever read the history of Truman and how he got to not just being a senator but then also being vice president.
Is a heck of a story this was not a man who is.

[30:02] He was not in the halls of power early on he really there if there's a self-made man here at Harry S Truman BS stands for nothing.
Sorry got my little history.
Tell me right now which is we have a vendor who volunteered to do this,
going to come up and just talk about his paranormal experiences and then just kind of do a town hall where everybody can share there's we did a little bit of this kind of last time rock,
that was yeah I was on that yes you are and we're going to do it it's going to be he's done this another cons and volunteered to do it at DragonCon and I think it sounds like a great,
you can't be on it cuz he's running it but you can come and talk about your parents I don't have,
that's awesome it's okay later on yeah thirty something days to find the get go so soon aside for your florida,
you will eventually make you think of something.

[31:18] Oh that's more in Texas not in Florida. Of time down.
A few years back where they were claiming chupacabra was in like the Miami or area.
Leah florida we can be at everglades repairing that funny have fun okay.

[31:41] We have no Bigfoot.

[31:44] They're kind of like that they haven't met,
yeah no scoping skunk ape is yeah I know are you doing any any parties or anything like that we aren't doing a party thank you for bringing we are doing one on Thursday night.
And we're calling it The Awkward Middle School dance party does not mean middle-schoolers kangkong this is not for middle schoolers as for adults.
But we are going to be doing basically an 80s just as you saw at the end of season 2.

[32:21] I'm not really giving away any spoilers but there was a middle school dance.

[32:25] And the guys went and I was very interesting so we are going to be doing that I'm trying to find braces.
That would work to go with that I think I think it says you know awkward you know you got to jail in Aquanet that hair up like Steve told Dustin to do man.
You gotta be that and then do that akward shuffle there that we used to do and do that and last year we tried to do this a little bit we tried having eighty dance party and did not have the day that,
the program so not gotten on if we do not have the day they can help us with that which is understandable,
my seven i marty come up with your own playlist we will be remembering our eighty days and having that and you know the great thing is we something like pandora and your at.
Make sure that we get from the top terrible indie songs you now and of course then the fun once the getting the twist and shout you gotta do.
Some of those other big group dance things like that too cuz I was worried as part of the dance to write so it we're going to put up if anybody has malish,
but trans portable disco ball and i could use on that thursday night would love to use it but it up i would have stars and,
thank you remember whenever you would go to one of these sometimes they've always for some unknown reason those gold and silver stars would be hanging from the ceiling.

[33:54] Parties i went so fast i am not at all surprised by that rock the battle rocks not authorise,
i would lol bold limelight will my hair i need my you know flock of seagulls hair al you got to,
you got to remember there were different parts of the 80s then there's the Duran Duran 80s.
And you had during all of that baby you got some of that like slayer and guns and roses kinda.
Okay thank.
And with that i want people laughing with if probably i might have a non.
Drop by and make sure nobody india thing to close the joys might be there.
Just making sure that her son is all okay and checking out the party and things like that but,
gonna be a lot of fun but he is it is gonna be called the upper bills will party but it is not for middle school kids mean it's fine if they come it's gonna start like a pretty,
and ended around just started dating in at 10 on Thursday night mostly because then you can go to those really really.

[35:17] Adult parties in encounter remember that elephant god I'm no longer in middle school and high school and now I'm an adult and I can go and dance at this thing they eat that ball and a rave at 2 a.m. and all of that kind of stuff.
Now will there be any backwards skating.

[35:36] No only because we don't have a skating rink had a skating rink probably would try to the new one so will be no couple skeets either no no will still being all scary and that we not couple states but there will be couple dancing if.
If everybody can get out.
No strike get get their inner Steve and they're interested in going ask them but a girl on the other side of the room will there be bleacher setup
can lean up against in avoid contacting anybody of the opposite sex no but what we're gonna do is have wall space on either side with some chair awkwardly play.
For that weighs know which is a loser there be a punch bowl but i can do is is gonna say it was gonna play chaperone there is.
Chaperones at all,
we checked do you have to have my shop rooms there now and joyful be there until you going to gonna drop some,
to be there you know hey maybe maybe sure hopper said we're gonna have a none making sure your not answer to close.
Right but you said you have adult but yet you have your staff showing up.
Well you know somebody's got to pretend to be an adult.

[37:03] Oh wait a minute,
okay so this is going to infringe upon hahaha so you said Thursday night it is Thursday night from 8 to 10.
Yeah we tried calling out start,
but after 10 o'clock is going to be over all the lights to go really big and bright and ever you'll have to leave and be picked up and whatever but.
That way you know you'll remember that all thank god i'm not in middle school and you can go needed.
You know that 808 that party starts I think at 10:30 that'll give you time to go thank God go get all that awful,
makeup off your face and go to the 8-Bit party and then also or go to like you know maybe a bar or something of that,
yeah those are just a few of those around DragonCon even in the hotel with the bowl drinks.
Withhold with bol bol as in b o w l and bold as in b o l d,
what I love about DragonCon and is that although tells get into it too so you know,
are going on at the all new hype the sheraton the westin lesson using one very a little more home which is nice but yeah every has been ether is also the great time to start.

[38:31] It said is when time starts now i just rice and i buy if i'm of the area,
but that's all True Crime 10 people watching,
doesn't when you owe my God I haven't seen you for all year and start seeing people that young teens in our universe dragcon actually starts on Wednesday,
and you know what I think your universe is place that would be very very exhausted.
Who is at the very very exhausting and,
wow wow with those people that would be people that can get a whole lot of time off of work.
Able the icon for six dates it will we don't have the concept of working are our universe,
that's all just for like in the Star Trek world with universal yeah where where everyone disagrees that they do it they do stuff for the good of mankind.

[39:35] Okay thank.

[39:47] Yeah there is no more it's not call who cash is called its called parents as an pack three on that ass so yes.
You no longer deal with paper It's All Digital so.

[40:01] So tell everyone where they can find more information about your track and where you're actually located.
Best place to find information on the track is on her Facebook page we pretty much don't get really busy on her page until now.
And will start picking up stuff in selling the house what were stepan gonna be in everything like that and the guest will the junk on the official drug gone next announced,
we usually share that on our page usually done in like a big sporadic wow look at all these people,
set up a.
Extract drunk it's extract underscore then hunt openness.
I don't know Jon you have to look that up I'm sorry.
Yeah you're alternative.
No doing that but our rooms are still in the same place we are both bat still back in the still back in the Sheraton still in the shirt in which we love oh we love our Sheridan,
oh we love our Sheraton we are still on the same floor and was still in the same room it's either Valdosta.
Or the whole goodness.

[41:24] Around what do i get
room is cold god's love isn't the gotta love that thank you.
Can't balance the niggas that were there any out from the united
thanks a lot i were right there were near each other our staff know each other say we all work together as one big happy family so always ask questions,
i'm where are really gonna be a lot really pale so alot of times we will be in a program what name amen,
you look sleepy in the shower in a room we may be.
Usually for us were often over in the Hilton or the mirror.

[42:05] Can get the hilton and the marriott don't often get to the hyatt but will see,
might be in high or maybe the stranger things for that full largest of all the volunteers that then the marriott right and it's not sure that in the look on that and always remember.
Oliver people most of these actors are driving actors people we want to see Macon,
and we can't wait but if they get a job losses more power to understand that,
but also that some of them may be able to be there for some days and other days so all of that will be on the app that is the best place to see our stuff.
When it comes up and when it gets updated Dragon extract and paranormal do not put out our schedules early I don't know that any tracks are doing that this year but the app will be up.
Usually right at the 2-week Mark before Khan and you'll get to see it all there.

[42:59] Cool so leave before we let you go we have a tradition on our side of the other side of the universe don't know if you did on your side of the universe where we have a game with our guest play a quick little game with our guest at the,
inclusion of the show so um tonight or blame with the back to administer the the quiz in this event gonna do on,
I think whole family feud do you have it over here.

[43:28] Heard a family feud have i have heard of it and yeah it's it's an interesting show are was done by drew cary for a while actually say yeah,
oh true carrier president really,
because it is not interacting as and go actually what can i compare um so so yeah so we're actually going to we've collected various do cards from various games throughout the universe,
and that's my sister generic Family Feud game and I William will ask all of us a question,
and I we try our best to get that the highest score listed on the the the survey answer so but the premises that,
these people have gone out and Survey lots of people and they brought back the,
top five six answers that when we're provide from the surveys and have my work so i will start with you will story one question will you we you get answer first and rocks and then i will answer,
okay I will realize that all these Family Feud the same people.

[44:42] Yes yes.
Yes I am.
Could be on any ten best list but listen be like to be on the cliff is like the top ten best answer blank.
Like top ten books or top ten celebrity have you as a person need the person out not enrages people hmm okay.
Us top ten am such for shit.
It tickles sportsperson on us for all the top ten are ridges blower top ten richest athlete.
List the top 10 murder I mean I mean I mean top 10 on murdering guy.

[45:49] William did SpaghettiOs was on the list okay how many points is a 429,
what about rocks rocks athlete Athletics or anything like that.
And that's wrong surprise. What are they.
The kindest the sexiest ever on Perry Ellis.
Best parents best-looking best-dressed and the richest alright so.
Yes so Roxanne I got nothing I'm already in my universe on the top 10 sexiest so do I get points for that I mean he has to let Jeff Goldblum so minutes.

[46:41] Set your podcasters are considered sexy near what main your your university school under this year yeah.

[46:51] Pulitzer's name the person you feel guilty lying to.

[46:58] Lee oh my child,
Lee Child
okay that's a good one yeah I never feel guilty about lying to my children,
because i never do william as far as you know.

[47:28] Pussy because your never lie but you're here for a reason or is john my my wife my wife.
Not that I ever lied to you.
So which one.
How many of about lease lisa child children was in third for eleven points hmm is giving other bills got give a clicker politically correct for twenty two points and parent for the six with.
Is Rodger best friend and myself,
jet ski inches and somebody of that in the list is doing a very x distance all.
Why I don't like lying to myself.
Well when you're lying to your dentist aren't you really lying to yourself sound does the same answer.
Smart no be really dangerous play in the nude is running salary allow everyone of them oh forgive machine juggling.

[48:53] Can't think of one that wouldn't be but I'll go with kind of tried-and-true football.
Rocks hockey.
I'm thinking,
water polo game.
And me and a hunting might be number one because not only that like a ball is called shrink it your also roland and there are billy,
Running hurdles gotta offered for do the least the farts one with courtly what were the answers.

[49:52] So that boxing baseball rugby soccer hockey and then football on top.
The light in my eyes that i.

[50:14] Alright so what's the question,
something that can be lumpy of something that i am alone on but will only thing that we would be concerned there let me if i have two answers on my head oh wow.

[50:32] Something that can be lumpy gravy.

[50:41] Mashed potatoes Smiley guess a.

[50:51] Hello I was actually also thinking mattress a lumpy mattress so I can't wait to see her,
i'm there i mash potatoes was number one for twenty nine points they got and pillow was last for six point six points,
no gravy gravy wasn't i was not will to is either at nine that's great was is on what else who was pillow soup grits,
you're such bad know that gas and go meals sure it cereal and mash potatoes,
oatmeal well I had grits on there so it was it just seems like we've been called from the seventies from the south.
Animal Civic 1 tell me something people in Florida do a lot more than people in Minnesota.
Sitting here so they're not not not no other northern states ms i like gas i just had dinner with some people from an awesome that something people in florida.
Do more people own cats.
Go swimming yeah.

[52:17] Wear summer clothes all year long.

[52:27] Would be going outside be considered a different answer than swimming.

[52:35] I wanna send them at their you would not say it's different okay i've newtons winnings and why me bothering to destroy my god where's where where i came close to
actually pretty one and run away from alligators that's what we did more in or doesn't do in yuma that's mostly let's take that was on left side left was sunscreen some customers and
say it was not okay well so what was on at night.
I bless was go golfing summer clothes bathing suits sweat go fishing.

[53:13] Fresh oranges swimming flexor and go to the beach.
So go to the beach was the number one for 58 and what was the one that that rocks.
It's closer to her claims to have,
okay this is actually a quiz that that rocks took this one the service that rocks rocks and one other person,
well you think I wear shorts.

[53:43] Around six these by days plus but i will also say the people in minnesota as soon as he gets like fifty they think gravity when i try it and them for quit bathroom is a possibly good ass,
but yes that is all right yeah that's kinda crazy.

[54:02] Alright well that will William Tally's at the score want you to tell us again where people can find you and wear your track is located Lee we are in the room,
Boyd I should really know that cuz I've been typing it for days we are on Facebook DragonCon.

[54:23] And it's Facebook group and that's for both extract in paranormal but because Facebook is weird we can't change the name anymore.
And that also links to late we do have a twitter we do more on twitter as we get closer anything but.

[54:40] We're very low-key social media mostly because we think it's just if you want to come down so we know you're going to come to us and we love the people who do and then find us.
They look for their shows and their people and then they find us and we love it and are using telepathy to reach you anyway,
and we're doing that right I mean we got all the psychics helping us tell everybody to come to us and all the people that would go to your track of your the extract they don't want to be seen on social media anyway cuz they're afraid the government out to get them,
then they are a deli they really can't are i get.
In our universe the government hands out can the everyday so on earth so we might where the final scores.

[55:23] Well in last place the one surprise is to john with twenty points in my universe i was gonna thousand one.
And second was rocks with 107 points.

[55:37] And thurs we had total of one hundred fifty one point six e at see you creature in one day.
Thank you for letting me win cuz I'm a guess cuz you know there's other shows I've gone and I just you know I never used to win so kind of cool.
Until next time from from Earth 722 this is John saying.

[56:05] Else are jumping for knife missed my soap up it's nothing ford william rocks and lee saying to or.

[56:14] Music.

[56:24] Vaya con Dios.

[56:29] It has been a production of in the heat to leave a comment or suggestion pole acetate one three three two one zero t huge it or email us at the jackson community dot com.
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