50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 15 - Stephen Of The Science

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
i just bought a used bushnell,
this is the complete.

[0:33] Music.

[0:38] In addition old at fifty days of dragon con the podcast that's you know splitting adam.
I think things funny things and joining me is always in her lovely lab coat is.
My lovely lab coat my stiletto heels and yuto.
If Denise Richards Denise Richards could play if nuclear,
and my name is not Christmas but you know hey no that's really hysterical cuz that's what I'm sitting here like then I'm in my six inch wheels,
still at sorry the last two movies no not salutes either not slithering no not smoother ins,
how do you can,
and it's not like you are in an alternate universe you know i am that extract in a normal person with then,
killer drive home one has i saw all those people listed.
I am in the in the previous podcast yes mars apparently someone from another universe that came over and interviewed you.
Interesting that they were able to do that because you know that's about.

[2:01] We don't know before you go down that they do wanted something will.
Go first thing of listening to podcasts I do want to apologize for the diversity track recording do this.
Recording in wonderful this.

[2:24] Summer a lot of background noise was picked up on one side is mostly because neither one of us.
I swear to God but we do want to we do want to apologize for those that that it mention that we do know that.
Was a many I can remember,
yeah and it's a third rail email back and it will this no way they can really expresses love.
Sounding like I'm going like oh well thank you for telling me that because that's certainly not what I'm.
Mix up and I you know we apologize so hopefully you didn't miss anything with that recording,
Expo service cleaning certain parts,
we just all kind of had my problems and we're not trying to make it,
well we are out of thin air,
his composer oxygen which is where i was born yesterday because you know you this person is weird reality right yes.

[3:46] Can't talk about alternate universes which is kind of your normal idea what it is all so science friday and the great dragon con,
To a panel in my paranormal track talking about finding Bigfoot and then go.
Just down the street I think the Hilton,
and talk about some real science with the guy we got on so let's talk to Steven who is the science writer hello thank you for having me on,
probably the least awkward but still not good segway we get it,
also I don't know what I'm Stein's Theory.
Einstein Stein Stein Rosenstein Bridge right now I remember my sliders correctly.
Each decision we make could have a gajillion other universes.

[5:05] Really gives me a headache and about to know do you know do you cover that topic
Steven and if so do you cover it like right like midnight when everyone just wants to chat,
I will point out that we have a
panel scheduled at one pm friday on pay will time travel
yay now if if the signs were to be to work with,
los to go back in time or only fourteen time both tell me that also gets into why a lot of folks are are pretty sure you know even,
and relativity are no and you can't go faster than light because that traveling faster than light is also effectively traveling in time.
Or wait reasons i get kind of weird and strange that if you got faster than light travel you essentially have time.
Which also means that I could like do something that would make my grandfather not follow my grandfather grandmother and then I'm not here.
Right it's one of those maybe the universe is set up so that you can't have those paradoxes because maybe if there was Universal we could have those paradoxes and eventually you're going to have that and the universe will destroy itself.

[6:23] There's a reason i majored in sociology how you did me dudes those nausea
was it supposed to be,
no that's because i love about drunk on is good there so maybe was me different.
Different things i will look at different things i wanna talk about you is do inside you do and you are still over at the helm is holding yes they do.

[6:53] Only like a block-and-a-half from the Sheraton so as I said you can.
Talk about Bigfoot and paranormal things and walk down the street and hear how science says yes or no that that cannot happen,
or it's a block-and-a-half in Atlanta summertime's which aisle has about 30 or 40 miles and regular,
I don't know how cosplayers do it going outside,
more power to you that old goodness gracious but then I talk to One cosplay who's like you do understand I have like four fans in here,
oh man can you like yeah but you have to have one big fan out here,
all good here we have right to say it's track what's going on over there supposed to does not work what science i do have house players that somebody dressing is,
you know Marie Curie would be absolutely kind of Awesome,
well we have people who cosplay as scientists we also have people who cosplay just plain old cosplay one of the people a couple of years ago who was talking on arginex panel came to dressed as cosima.
While sitting at not river that should.

[8:21] Orphan Black Orphan Black thank you so dresses can see both the geneticist from that or the Genesis clone,
about the science track and the folks that we sort of gathered around,
is that we've got people who are who enjoy science and no science and who are also fans and enjoy the media that we enjoy,
you know we mix some,
more traditional science topics with the the pop science topics where we're combining it or something like I've got a psychologist who's going to be talking about Marvel's Legion.

[9:04] Oh that's awesome I love it is schizophrenia the stigma that is attached to it,
Pocono biologically and answer of tying it to how it is depicted in the media General and the Allegiant in particular.
And is it really enjoy that we get to do that kind of thing i know i love that because i think there is water in region that that it is set up that way the commack and the tv show,
are said to be like so is David a savior or just.
Really really in the dsm-4 so I think that's great that's awesome.
I'm excited about that one too man you taking that one cuz you know why I can't get over there.

[9:52] Do you actually that's it that's another question do you actually ever,
keep your panels and then put them out earlier.
Think that reported to do i've just not been able in the the five years i've been doing this to get the logistics to work out where we can get the camera do all of that the necessary management of the.
Oh being recorded and edited after words made sure.

[10:22] Making it something that you might actually want to to watch Anna Joy since sometimes.
And I thought.
Maybe not so much what did you really want us to do this is a lot of work to take it for me the easy part is the recording it's the pulling it together afterwards it that's a pain in the butt.
Absolutely so I it's something that I have been interested in doing just never been able to get the logistics to to come together
well that's very cool but real quick,
with this kind of leads me into your until the other thing for this year is that you've taken on a you've also taking on a new role or.

[11:07] Position or whatever it's still being worked out but.
I am going to send you my tsp in my TPS report but you know what I'm really going to need that Saturday off so I'm going to try to sneak out at like 5 to 5,
but you don't know that reference you are too young to be listening to this.
You you have to give a bunch of the practical sciences that your helping coordinate and whatever the titles will investing in but one of them is podcasting get just get those nerds over to your.
And they're not doing anything doing anything else with that they got the equipment is really not bad at it from what i can tell from john as long as he hits the big red but we've sometimes doesn't happen it's not that big of a deal.

[12:02] Get that guy out the recording is not the hard part its the when you do that afterwards and making it if it wasn't me is that getting it out there.
I just basically of lazy i think as a because,
so all kidding aside and who will get back to signs rec that's really where your your your still your main focus solitaire the,
you your,
new position with with DragonCon isn't to say middle management and what does it actually entail and I know your kind of still working those things out cuz it's relatively new but tell us a little bit about that.
Well it's part of it as an outgrowth of us having now what is it 40 Fantrax.
Well we had one this year and we added we that one about every other year of the past couple years.

[12:52] That's great.

[13:00] What are the things that happened is now.
We've got a senior director who's over those those 35-40 tracks that's a lot of people working with and helping out with and so.
Going to be stepping into role so they started doing the somewhat with some of the litter church tracks a couple of years ago with that like.

[13:21] And they're looking to sort of expand that so i'm going to be working with not just the science track but space and he of elf and the pod casting robotics makers.
And really what i'm going to be is is kind of an advocate and the cheerleader for,
those tracks in Tennessee Where can I,
about what is the information that they need that they're not eating during the show,
everyone's always short-handed are there things that I can be doing either within the management of DragonCon or coordinating with hotels or with other departments like Tech Ops can I help,
smooth the way for some of that you know kids can i help keep our eyes on what's going on so that i can help with problems that show up with the.
As they find guests and Pros that they would like to advocate for them,
cause i've sort of been in that corner of the world and while i'm not an expert like to the track directors are i having a passing familiarity to to speak to,
top of their needs and what they're after and so it's just a way of.
Providing more support to the the track directors because there are so many of us and we if we wanna spread something.

[14:38] And I think one of the things to you that this has really seen for us as is needing more is also there are groups that really kind of fit together well when them started this you know she was doing young adult living,
star wars kaleidoscope which are a lot of that yeah fan and their couple more but,
channels that have a really good overlap and you know hey there maybe gas that you don't even know about whether they're panelist Pros or or gas gas.
Maybe there's that and helping but the other issue it is really difficult.

[15:14] Whether you are a tractor actor or a second for a track director or whatever to know exactly what is going on all the time,
it is very difficult for our senior director if he have to do this for thirty five plus track he,
ruben has government really i think it's been a good thing it's really gonna help us and move or we're gonna miss bad she gonna be gone for a bit she,
you know she's a young adult,
are saying and so she has taken tenure track position at hogwarts,
where did you get it to get,
not think the dark lord hey against the yeah it's not be a says its mobile studies what she's gonna be doing for the next three or four years and we have direct family,
and are driving home family me if you bring your hogwarts family hey i'm good with that but yeah so we're gonna miss her a great deal of sugar should a great like it is now stuck up as for i think the first set
well good for that but i love that you're doing that thing it's really help all the,
your tracks and you is all those tracks your see director you guys are all in or,

[16:40] But you know when you got big robot slamming around they want more room they do want a little more in it there is something about that,
back to the back to science crack another to do some special events pretty much
every night of con you wanna go in to some of those i do i would love to room so what are the things that we try to,
do is end that sort of our broadcast day with a more entertainment,
i don't do dances because they scare me like a la village is six again but are very lazy me that can wait wait wait hold that because they scare you,
you still have that middle school and.

[17:24] I am raising my hand to say I am right with you in middle school and high school I never heard of Dayton High School,
and my senior prom I didn't go stag cuz my friends made me take a friend of theirs,
who ditched me as soon as I got the prom is perfectly fine I have handled this I've been married 25 years or so,
so is it,
where did the name crimson so i'll just is or is it i don't wanna do it has been at holder got whiskeys that psycho therapy please do so it has it all back to back and i
um i need to talk to this people i talk about later i would've of the people who actually really do enjoy it dances and enjoy these kinds of parties.
I know that if I was going to throw it I wouldn't get to enjoy it which is fine decision that there are so many dances and parties going on that we wanted to offer something a little different and stay within our our science thing.

[18:33] Friday night I'm doing a quick show that we we debuted last year at work pretty well where I take a science person and someone from the audience and I tame them up,
nobody gets another team of a science person of audience member and then i ask them science trivia questions but it's.
Rob disciplines that are outside the science persons area.
Talking about the biology questions I'll get cuz you are just that mean to people that's cuz you are just.

[19:07] It's a chance to torbett by my side smokes.
10 p.m. 10 p.m.
Stop and get ready for the next day by going to other people's parties at their house,
which is you just make me the people ride so what's looking at last year,
who did you make the most uncomfortable so like you had a physicist you had to talk about.

[19:44] So will i so i have to tell you the the thing that made me the happiest is it right that is a high school biology teacher.
And she ended up and completely randomly like we picked Franklin High School science teacher,
and they mops the floor with all covers the whole thing and I was so please.
Kid about high school teacher I'm like yeah dude dude science teachers rock you know there is just yeah.
Yes that's a good but it was fun because i had a couple mins medical questions watching the mathematician,
and the audience who was participating on another team just Rising almost in its stomach
what you're looking for is right there and there's the fundamental theorem 7.
Math background that was three ft jackson looking real real pain but people didn't get the hall all,
so I mean are these just like your panelist or is it somebody you bring in like oh God why my blank on his name the guy who did that.

[21:03] He's got the red hair ernie had rats yes that or just,
notice it is people like that who participate in the the track a couple of a couple of different backgrounds and in fact Kevin Granger so that he was besides
Battlestar Galactica IMDb page you can see all the fast,
so Saturday at 10 he'll be talkin about some books that he has written called hollyweird science.

[21:35] Hollywood incorporate science in tv shows and movies how they're working to get it right how they adjusted to support the needs of the story telling.
Well still trying to get as much as possible bring real science in or things that are sort of the next door neighbor to real science.

[21:54] I find it funny that he said that they're trying to get right but hey open out but i will let them there are groups like the sides of entertainment exchange the train specifically team up,
action folks with scientists and and one example of that,
what they were starting to make the big bang theory,
science graduate student lab coats and everyone and then they went to some Physics Labs at UCLA at Berkeley to go places like that and
it's too actual graduate students and and the professors are like oh wait a second it's all t-shirts jeans that fit will be a kind of trophy more,
yeah seriously yeah there is no dress code,
or you know if you talk to him make him a kendama who was the science advisor on Stargate Atlantis in a couple of others talking about trying to even it something that has that sort of Fantastical elements.
In actual science and she mentioned one episode where she got to write out all these questions at all these different boards whom walls from pick a side has to been trapped for a while and have been working something out.

[23:13] So at that does happen they sent back,
so then what about other nights what are your other things that you're going to harass people with so Saturday night will also have our Celebrex variety show where we tend to have sort of Kiki,
science themed bands we have people do PowerPoint karaoke what they have to say when do you do that one cuz that is amazing.
Think of delight to behold we've had people have to act out of their thesis,
had to live in using gibberish were twice about else tries to figure out what their their thesis was we have story telling we had a,
someone who works with.

[24:04] Every search animal behaviorist talking about the time that a monkey climb up on the top of her head so it's it's a lot of fun.
And then Sunday is when we're going to do our sites versus movies which is,
something we've done for a while where we take clips from.
Recent movie,
now that sounds that sounds absolutely awesome that you did last year correct and what would Clips use from last year,
hot last year we were doing tv episodes limit you got,
is it hacking seen that is always different oh you type faster is the lady working track while the magazines yes we did and we got some scorpion,
we didn't one i.
Extended set of clips from one episode of the 1970 Super Friends cartoon where they go into the Earth and fight dinosaurs,
at matt now so again the premises,
in the eclipse so how did we find dinosaurs under the basic mantle of the earth how do we find the lost world under.

[25:24] I don't remember that I do remember one of the best explanations are one of my favorite ones a number of years ago we had the bit with the the rocket boots from Jupiter Ascending,
and he explains how they work something about differential equations and the,
the science person's explanation started with what you have to understand that he's talking to a human with no science and math backgrounds whose simplifying it Channing Tatum is simplifying.
But yes I believe so dr. Channing Tatum is simplifying the math of gravitational tensors I guess that is what is happening.

[26:16] Set up a,
turn gravitational can official to answers yeah i want that somehow john and you are one of my best friends that your okay
so it is it's it's been a bumper crop year for science and movies that
I mean right I don't wants to give away any any of your
Klipsch but none of the people I'm going to be baking doing this or necessarily going to hear this entire movie about trying to steal money in the middle of a hurricane.

[27:05] There is a heist yes oh my God that sounds like.
Does but then again probably not.
Well I think it took itself more seriously then there's a point where it goes just full,
Bonkers not forget it South Alabama,
right on the coast by the gold really
so i'm familiar with the area you know i've got relatives who have that that sell that la bamba twine and news to someone from the uk and someone from australia to south alabama accents is a thing of beauty for,

[28:08] So is Sharktopus number 7 or whatever so yeah,
i'm gonna go look for that that's sounds really absolutely hideous and wonderful could i recommend can i recommend the the the rocks earthquake movie.
Yes you can wasn't that last year.
Mr the rock has a number of yes in ny and ran a excuse for what has liam been
skyscraper is my dumb movie this weekend I can't wait.
Wait so i still have something about this baby rene.
It's based on a video game,
all the video games in the mornings
so I do not condone any illegal drug use or anything like that but.
You need to find a biologist they can answer that to be able to write rent.
Okay thank.

[29:38] Of skyscrapers going to help the kind of sides of the head and say oh do you bring to the welfare when he dies there is one thing where he throws his family.
I like off the building holding onto a elevator because he knows.
Because how it all the the road how long rope is that they can only get x far well.
I do love that when is the trailer came out of a have the poster my lovely nerds online figured out for his trajectory would look like based on an analysis of how fast he was running be like yeah that,
he's splatting several floors down against the side of the sky.

[30:23] We're good with that one so do you have any.
Big feature guess no I mean we talked a little bit about some of the folks from.
Legal technical advisors on various various,
filmes Ranchos are there any other guesses.

[30:46] Well i certainly do not using the household names but i've got a number of folks so what are the people that we picked up this your that excited about is like in in nyc householder who has been,
doing Hands-On science builds and experiments and similar
helps out with things like you know how the The Tonight Show will occasionally do like.
Hands on science things yeah he's been involved in some of that who i'm excited to hell of.
To think through some of the folks that i've got coming back i've got directory show burkes coming to use a chemist who is very good.
Forensics and you know
how to get away with murder which sadly the real answer tends to boil down to being someplace with a jurisdiction for they don't have an empty they have a corner without any training
electric burner
for if you like the cord are here in huntsville we elected quarterback in arkadelphia arkansas i think it's a lot it's a lot of places
yeah i know we actually next time i get the sperry we need you panel with them together,
I would love that dr. Sperry Sperry is a forensic pathologist.

[32:15] Stephen knows I've been a great friend of extract for many many years his health has prevented him from coming for a couple years but,
i think we need to steven win it about mr about the my got so i'm pretty sure back in the day one of the first things on extract ever walked into was a friends ex talk and i've,
like all the pictures that Robert was like nope
well i will never forget that i'm the person that made billing machine ago god why my,
three to my only sister said accent authentic today i am also really,
he's so last year we've got to bulges from duke there in a doctor bobbing nor
coming for a couple of years and they did a star wars vs star trek biology where he to the took one of the fan dubs and argue for the supremacy of theirs that.

[33:19] And who i'm well was premature draw me it was sort of a fun but actually,
even it's never a drawing discharge exhaust death is what i'm saying them to my crib doing nothing to do so we're expanding it this year is i got astrophysicist dr mcdonald who is a big,
our trick fan and friend of alcohol that's it and so is she and i are going to take the stores resistor checked on the physics and so we're going to have essentially a tag team biology and physics on star wars and star trek.

[33:57] Sweet when do you wanna panels that and i have before i have to explain the force but you know she has to explain sport drive so i feel like that would the set has explained that i live in griswold up,
write a thank you as long as i want somebody its way nash it up do you know when when that's the schedule for.
What is that good for tentatively does it generally everyone what do i just say it's especially true the same strip where they can time travel,
and work in these wormholes it's all really scared is saturday at two thirty k.
But check your app if you want to go.

[34:38] Check out make sure at this rate ago when is the upping of.

[34:45] Have you put on your schedule yet for con hush never gets old,
this is where social media table icon to be down and the locks anyway yet well yeah especially because used to be a big part of,
what's up so yeah it's good to verify newman,
i am gonna chill you'll friends no no limits to you you also do and have done a lot of dc tv stuff the everything in the canister,
I don't this year what are the downsides to my shift big the tractor tractor and especially as I'm moving into this sort of.
You know advocating coordination role as I've just had such limited time and part of it is geography now has a really big,
group of folks that are doing on-site programming they're doing they have taken off with it and I'm really glad to see that Blossom and I'm especially glad to see.
Somebody more a different people getting involved like it's been a lot of fun doing all of the.

[35:59] On tv stuff that i've done group its good to see other people as well though and it's not see the same folks took the same things every year.
He was very very nice he met my wife actually thought it was hysterical when I have lots of hair.
Quite understand that but I was like oh man I can't believe people thought that so he met my wife Misty one year and she said I just wanted to say,
my husband has done a number of these music videos with your silence is like your husband thank you.
Yeah I think he's part of why I'm so popular here and she was like I'm not part of why he was so popular,
that is very humble and kind of you and completely incorrect,
he is very nice and I think both of them and John you up to.
So now you also I mean but you also are panelist are you doing any panels that aren't in science.
I am so we're going to be talking about.

[37:19] Medical.
And medicine and science fiction blue ridge track is that is that science fiction the track.
Play would be I wouldn't be at all surprised that sci-fi.
I think it is and.
Not you know i i've got a medical doctor about the kind of doctor does anybody any good but what sorry that was a time that you,
one of the things that i do during my day job is working on the machine learning on artificial intelligence style.
Of work and that's one of the topics they want to talk about and there's another.
Another guest of that the condition dr robert hansen who has been working on memory and prosthetic memories and memory mapping
and so we're going to be covering some of those topics on on the medical side and i'm gonna be very careful because like is that i'm not a medical person that i definitely to stay in my lane but i'll be talking about some of the the,
artificial intelligence side of things.

[38:31] That's cool so steven but everyone know exactly where they can find more info on the track and also where you guys are located physically,
okay the best place to go other than the app is if you go to science. Dragoncon.org in the next week or so we'll have our draft schedule up there we'll have a list.
Let's start blue are suppose you've gotten your schedule a note as i've.
Go on and some things but it will be a dr schedule is it is draft regardless of anything you'd still draft what year but is in the seat and the handle is on going back as.
But that Pages where we pull out the the the science panel so that you can see all of those we also list all of the guessing pros and and participants who are on the panel so that you can see.
Who everybody is sort of collected together we also have a Facebook page facebook.com DC Science track.

[39:41] And we'll be putting events together for some of our big end of the day.

[39:48] Things.
Entertainment products that we are sorry that sounds so it's worse when you said that way but kind of funny too.
Alright so what we like to do before we let you go is he like to play a little game with or with their.
Our guests and look on i was not very good at this last year will it will it changes every year is you still be me cuz he said i plastered there was no way i can leave this year all of us.
So William William is with us again today and.
Dantley you love me no matter what your father says about crappy game questions come from a game called The Best of TV's and movies,
it was a really get another one of those Cheapo game finds that have bunch of the trivia questions are typically not,
friend or whatever its is a lame question william is there still a price tag on the game.

[41:04] No it it was ten dollar so this was done out i was like because of the price i had like a line through we knew it was on your
I'm like so for example example gave last week was this little movie trivia box thing but a bunch of little trivia questions like the question was who
accident or what was Rosebud in Citizen Kane in the answer courses.
Sled plan except for this is a sledge so.
So william has pick up pick the various questions si ya se ask got help when it really when we do this we will he went to give were gonna tr in service to in and give them to.
Categories to choose from and then he will let him.
You have a good I could be complicit in my own money with him.
Star Trek the various cable TV channels and.
The mystery category.
What's the.

[42:33] I have no idea how difficult these are really light diarrhea what the standard is but.

[42:45] Wasn't who played john with the card in surgery next generation of.
Patrick you don't get this right I'm going to be Georgia,
that was a long time ago now. It was wasn't Star Wars,
let's use the force Harry to use the force Harry along with that snitch and towel and,
the DeLorean which category do you wish.

[43:29] Is star trek cable cable shows and we're mystery.
Who told you start drag that was the last lesson lol yeah okay seamail heck yeah we're family friendly and this is word for word with says,
ray knows that the captain's james t kirk but what does the t stand for tyga areas.
Okay so this is I will take the mystery category just because.
True Lies what actress stars as the undercover secret-agent hero.

[44:15] Door with actor okay so there's actually several but i assume are talking about arnold schwarzenegger correct.

[44:25] Steven which category would you like I'm doing mystery.

[44:35] Says he was on his horse in a year when he put that part of the fifty saying is eighty jensen understatement.

[44:43] I'm surprise i found five questions about arms was source hair that's like what exactly was also wasn't there when he played the part of a t eight hundred fifty or i is terminator yeah.
Commemorative set that they put together when he became Governor is it
I am going to go with the mystery category as well longer mystery,
just know i don't want it yeah.

[45:24] Variations what fantasy word phrase are using all the tournaments all the.

[45:33] I'll be back is correct alright Williams,
well I added two volumes geek-geek-geek training oh well we watch the Terminator in Terminator 2 and then I said and then there are no more.
Are you still to terminator salvation it's not great not the lack of you to when that's the great okay it's not that great crazy leaking that what with
lying is for of course to earth and that's what we had we did make note that in the eighties from trailer when apparently we have lots of problems with fog just always being round

[46:30] So take tv to cable tv.
I want to hear this one who is the first half of the primetime game who was the first host brother.
Princess of the prime-time game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

[46:53] When will i only when one of those like what was that woman's name because of that you can i really mean when leaving from cody what god will do the bridges filled in person in person tonight at.
Alright Steven your choice I will also take cable TV.

[47:17] Thumbs-up or thumbs-down are the reviews of these two famous film Critics on their PBS show.
Correct too soon William tutus
give you a little gold star there I'm sorry that was not cable,
i think we're tells the girl he is,
pbs and with on debbie g and but you want to you want to three hundred three what,
i only had four channel when i was william's age.
Understand because of his age three of us on this call other than William,
used to be the remote control when our parents was they hey turn the town is my remote control.
I assume there is anything old is considered cable to kids the kids this is a early honeywell when i am all i'll do what was the miscellany three.
Look mr give to them like mr and will they i will lose i'm gonna go in the.
Call Schwarzenegger plays which character in a predator.

[48:41] The movie well he plays the guy who kills the predator.
Okay he's the lead what is his care.

[48:57] Got another no that's not what I question I don't know what his name is I do.
You do not.
I can honestly say I am out looking at the card right now.
He is the hero he is the lead i'm sorry don't know if name doesn't matter names dutch.
That his I'm sorry,
really bad German Austrian accent is named Dutch.

[49:41] The purpose of know i thought you gonna be like what was nabors character in twelve months of working is there anything you have to believe me and you you have a look later whatever,
also what i think are gonna be on the flyers won one last question looking for singer either l think at okay i will take that.

[50:04] What planet is Arnold Schwarzenegger travel to in Total Recall Mars.
Why can't I have to do that answer we just got we got old school TV and.
And Star Trek.

[50:29] What TV network has broadcast the Academy Awards since 1976.

[50:41] Dude they're only 3 you can shoes, play the odds here ABC.

[50:48] That's correct right that's cracked Star Trek.

[50:59] Old tv or cable or whatever it is that which town do you turn to for the deadliest catch with busters and the gold rush.

[51:08] As a who live in the now tv hard mythbusters gold rush and which with the other one.
Did the schedules get free science network sci he was discovery channel.
Hello three ry two degrees in one room i'll take the clothes of tv.
Crowley Star Trek.

[51:45] Which is a bad subject for me we're going.
Dispatch officer would later become an official spokesperson for NASA.
Character name or the actor both article.

[52:10] True but on the card says.
Michelle Nicholas all right Steven.

[52:31] How many years did the original series Run 3 5 6 or 7 3 yes.

[52:42] And with that you know that i'm carrying do we all know like at three because because two wasn't enough.

[52:51] No okay there is actually a story about this sew-in after like there was talk,
during like mid-season to towards the end of season 2 that they were not going to do Star Trek season 3 and Gene Roddenberry,
work with some fans of the show and they set up a huge convention in LA,
we'll look at you bring it all back to DragonCon.
They set up a huge convention in La they had,
everybody from the show and they came out and they did that that was the first Star Trek.
Can a store coupon and they came out there and they did that and they had enough people who went and bought tickets.
That got them to say alright alright alright find you and will do season.

[53:52] That serious that was it I believe you no one was doubting you lie the only one and Gene Roddenberry knowing.
Is the way to show the use of.

[54:09] Cool alright so with yeah with that's even when the we and because of where it's even one last time whether we know where your truck is located in to where the best place to go to,
links and information for your side,
previously by the track is in the to ten to look at a hilton if your coming across the sky bridge from the marriott that empties out of the second floor.
Turn left or if it's busy enough treated like traffic circle go all the way round to the right to you can go to that left most branch mineral bluff.
It's really easy guys it's not that bad at science. Dragoncon.org or facebook.com DC Science.

[54:53] It's even thank you for joining us it's been a pleasure it always so it delete my safely leaving one of the Paranormal tracks to get to a science fact to ask questions about it you're going to go unfortunately.
Leave the Sheraton go towards the Hilton the black and half go on the side.

[55:17] And the front entrance of the share go inside go inside ma baby you know that served in your.
I'm sorry will you don't have one flight and then the red.

[55:32] Yeah used to be a lot easier to be a lot easier than I had a freaking escalator but now I don't.
Steven again thank you for joining us thank you thank your volunteers and your staff for putting together all this awesome content and you know.
Getting old getting the show going to appreciate it thank you I really enjoy doing it and so until next.

[56:01] I am pleased st vincent this is john at st. louis.

[56:07] Music.

[56:17] Thanks for all.

[56:21] Has been a production in the heat to leave a comment or suggestion call acetate one three three two one zero two huge it or email us at that looks at communicate dot com.
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