50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 17 - Derek Of The Horror

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you don't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a to point nine just need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] 50 days of DragonCon the podcast that scares the bejesus out of every director because I know they only have 50 days left to go or less,
and joining me as always is the mistress of the dark the.
The mysteries of the gray,
oh my God yeah
kinda funny to think that we are less than i think like thirty four days regarding car off what is the record this yeah where it
like 34 days 35 days I can't imagine,
since the last rime hon i'm sure there sometime wormhole or something else that suck them all up.

[1:33] Do you like oh my god i missed you so.
Yeah that's good did you happen to see if there's anybody announce announce today.
Today's lunch monday so i didn't see anybody really know who is a huge under the.
And the really big one with the was all goes brothers and a stranger things that everything apps said yeah.
Those are all announced the other day.
What were you doing today they were they would like hearing gilliam was just announced two hours ago,
well that's a big one and I had to check the site oh my goodness,
top three were my top three companions i know william is on one,
yum worse you and your companion lowes.

[2:45] I don't care if it's like between.
Rose and.

[3:05] Billy and.
Amy for me and it's like 1.11.1 a 1.1 B and they go in and out of things cuz I love.
Ola benny said but i can in with me so and you came with rose right is,
yeah see I think it's not about as much about your first doctor as your first companion I really do but we'll talk about that later so yes,
you know when we're recording people cuz should the day and what kind of amazing i think.
It's kind of horrific to think that we are going to be adding guess they also added Pom-Pom Clint clematis, clematis the Mantis.

[4:04] No no mantis the girl who played mantis they earnings mean on the christening from
and then and then yesterday was Christian Kane from the library librarian Library
and John Kim and John Kim from The Librarians as well,
yeah we can do this is very scary,
it's fine because the issue isn't always changing someone who is a track director,
when all of the sudden these changes come for good or for old thank God they got a job but dammit now I've got to change everything excuse my language.
It is terrifying and horrifying your like there's is door cloud that hangs over you but you know what.

[5:00] We have a tractor actor who helps all of us understand that this is not really hard.

[5:07] Much more horrific things happen to us.

[5:12] And we have him on the podcast tonight and that would be Derek who is the tractor actor for the hard drive,
on okay are the best do i didn't house together hey its good to see,
I am lucky I'm actually remember planning last year more than this year,
I have but I've only been to one and a half so I understand that because real life is difficult it wasn't planned,
but when i sit down and thought about it i was like hmm i haven't been to any of these volunteer beating your lips so,
what place we got in you know so does the air and you bose and we're but i am knocking on wood on my head and on the side of my,
door jamb here which is width or Crestwood or something because you and I have really great staff who've been there year after year I love them dearly and,
that's always good so yeah but no so what are you looking at what is hard track at DragonCon talk about.

[6:38] We do all media forms film TV literary this year we actually have a couple of.
Classic comic panel with the some.
Yeah that's at sort of the new area that has expanded into.

[7:02] Yo in or well what,
we're planning on a panel about the seventies marvel for he rooms kinda or some more bs inside of steak and some of the great characters.
To help you marble can you name a character with his son is saying i.
He's literally what would have happened if Rosemary's Baby had been raised in a positive environment he became a superhero when he got older,
multiple matter-eater lad but you know.

[7:40] What is its no matter your led but you know what's crazy is that they could i have you not i set so i will say see you do not and i am.
You said you do both what are germany and tv right um so.
Let's you and I talked one of my favorite things which is The Dark Tower,
and no no i'm not actually books no not is your summer actually asked me if i was doing any stephen king programming this year actually i'm not we just don't have,
but yeah that happens happens alot ac is very prolific i'll gonna be at.

[8:29] Regret that the cut off date was right before this castle rock for years
no until at her etsy and yes we will this is called stranger things really enjoy that
say what gives with the one getting a at least you got you you have two seasons,
i do now thank god i know how big a room it thank.
What what is this what is a series or talking about.
Stranger things the other thing though Castle Rock what is that from what I can tell it looks like.
Date date blended several,
peace out from stephen king stories that are set his fictional town of castle rock so which room with wood services on is a cousin by marriage is on channel solo really man who know what,
i'm gonna have get who will not only castle rock to be on that but.
The dam part in ross's vampire chronicles pt series is gonna be on all is well at some point so and the other thing i'm hoping on vacation me finally able to lot which is ten twenty two sixty three,
which is also on Hulu which is about the Kennedy assassination and time travel and all of that so I'm really excited about that one.

[9:59] All right now you go for a you know is it several years ago i actually pitch the idea of the stephen king track on cause of all the stuff and i still think that the best ideas are.
Four track but i can also see what they're trying to back away from single on your thing is single author tracks but it yeah.

[10:24] That that would have worked I could see that working especially because.

[10:35] Fingers yeah it it what it was i'm re reading the gunslinger right now cuz i sell the movie.
And my first thought was how can such a great house not have a great maybe and a little sad but i keep hoping i hope i have a lot of,
because that's one of my that's my The Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings or my perm or whatever,
this is the one that for me was that entree into.
A fantasy world that has maybe dark elements or not and it and has this.

[11:18] Wanna book a lot of books and water universe and all of that.
Ly universe building and so yeah so i think its it's kind of amazing when you think about singing and high brings everything together and.
I have to re read insomnia i forgot everything insomnia cuz it grabs into that are charlotte's gonna be treating i'm what i'm waiting for set
yeah no but yeah the converse so so you know do your stephen king programming for what what kind of panels are you doing this year.
Will you read that we got a number panels home across from a cop across the spectrum i guess we got a,
you know our friend jonathan maker won't be coming this year we do have a panel dedicated to the anthology series he created the war switches accessing the direct tv series.
Yes but we have several of the authors in attendance who have contributed to that siri so we figured able to school panel on back of my printer all,
me that that way your friend darryl and your other friend a girl.

[12:36] If I made no I just I couldn't I'm sorry I apologize,
oh that's awesome yeah.
Have not read that series you should it is jonathan every he he also builds great universes and everything else so we haven't read it,
guys read it there's a local library go go.

[13:02] Okay so what it what are the advocate for libraries.
Oh well the other day he doted or film director of lucky me t was.
List i'm not about that for a little bit of time is actually somebody that chip in the office lights a lot to reasons are.
Recommended getting him is because I wanted to see kids head explode,
yeah we have a couple of American Horror Story this year is returning,
and also Alexandra Breckenridge.

[13:55] She'll be attending this year also then leave gaga lady gaga is mean and be there as well,
I doubt it if she showed up in costume.
I don't know yet you know it's to prove that she's not there while I'm not a fan of her music / say I don't mind it it's just not my thing,
lee wax alot of the same music that i do know i gotta have a pretty good conversation with her social,
what should be an amazing ass and we ever were lucky enough to get i think i'll be at,
but as always guys remember all of these guests are tentative until your butts in the seat because they're all job and people and they might get a job and in some cases imaginary,
call stop.

[14:50] Let me lady gaga is an answer yes right so the rock however the rock will be there this year gone stop at the stop there will be a search,
there's a rock in the middle of Peachtree street I'm going to throw at John but keep going you know,
one of the things i've had to pull myself back from doing was making this the year of anniversary panels nothing seven or.
Thousand eighteen marks anniversary of a lot of very important for films what the e but yeah i.
The print threatened to become the anniversary tracking I didn't want that but not of the Living Dead came out 1968.
Fifty years old i where your in that is in my home i mean hello how many drugs okay.

[15:51] But that is my opinion is the most important modern horror film I think that's kind of my.
An official who could between classic or and modern war service now tell degree.
Where are.

[16:10] Carpenter telling came out nineteen seventy eight when the as forty years old so.
John really 40 I don't think 4018,
you didn't help me a lot for our friend john help me with how old i am but i gotta.

[16:41] And here's one battle here's one that doesn't make things easier beetlejuice's 30 years old wow no see now I just agree with you.
It was one i wasn't really planning on doing a panel.
There was such support for it on my social media page,
okay i gotta factor that will also another talking about doing a beetle juice to now.
They've been talking about that for like a long time but I'm bored so.

[17:24] Yeah I know I know I know I think they pretty much said all that needed to be said with the first I can't imagine.
Any cab to seek wall.

[17:36] Think up to thirty years now i could be wrong of me muscle he's great so yeah trim that is at now he is he's kind of.
Very under rated actor,
every starting at some of things he's done but that's awesome i'm sorry thank you because now i have shit shit shit been all shake your body right,
because I had American Pie in my head all day and I have no idea why I didn't hear it I haven't heard it in like weeks but now I have that I have I would so much rather have that song in my head.

[18:14] Yeah but how will you know when to go down to the levy if you don't listen to shake shake shake shake your body.
I mean it is The Day the Music Died,
and there are a couple more gas right you got one really big one that you and I are kind of Sharon.
Is it yeah i have actually.
I guess we could say we've invited guests to panel yes we are hoping for these guests to show up yet
and we're hoping the pain will go off right so sometimes and play cracks and scheduling and you know they be as as we said a thousand times,
everything is tentative some things aren't even tend to get some things are just put down and then we'll see what happens,
so the guest those other guests at least you and Lee are sharing or.
One of them one of them that I specifically asked for this year was a Mitch Pileggi you know best note of course as a Skinner on X Files in the number of other John Deere credit.

[19:34] His early roles was as horse pink or from one of my favorite for films shocker,
this was Wes Craven's attempt to basically engineer another Freddy Krueger and it didn't.
Works as financially as I had hoped but it's at it's one of my favorite movies of the era,
and I will say if you never seen it is actually a good movie I'm not a big horror movie fan,
but what kind of like what are all these people been what's that it's a lot so what you wanna red shoes very soon as well.

[20:10] I'm coming up Derek so ya know so I watch soccer I really I thought he was really good in it because,
we have this kind of menacing or I'm not answering he has that kind of menacing or not and it's,
and he he seems to have had a good time making it to.
It so i was like well you know he he stops so very well it is working relationship with wes craven yeah and i thought you know that would be a good idea,
oh yeah,
Team Canada Dragon Con I can't remember if it's two or three years ago he's a lovely lovely guest and he's an excellent guest and he's very,
nice man and so yeah he love old-world rolls because as he says,
one has me doing closer to yep this is his career now it's not,
you there was a dr about said no i think it's good and yeah i am.

[21:20] What is a really fun job you guys and like our shoppers interesting watch it yeah.
You know I read somewhere where that and I don't know if this is true or not it's a but it makes sense in retrospect that that was actually designed to be a TV series.
Has a weird structure where it's like every ten minutes it feels like it's a different episode of the seventh season hurts you say something your thing and,
you know that makes a lot of sense.

[21:57] What i mean i think that's the issue and then you also have somebody else your that extract and.
Par is should i use oh well adrian pastore hopefully he'll.
Be able to do a panel about working on near dark one of his early starring roles and also know what one of the most important vampire films in history.

[22:22] He never seen it so what is your dark about.
It's about he's a Farm Boy Who falls in with a gang of nomadic vampires.
Okay whatever they never say the word vampire and film but.
Also stars lance hendrickson as the leader,
i heard the results came and the light bill paxton in favorite film ever,
really yes i nixon's gonna good film rolls rolls of saying all he does a lot of scenery say you was like really love this,
oh yeah the water yeah i'll say this for one of the things i put on are working these the paxton or i'm sorry the.
Pastor in Pileggi panels are for me,
I will admit that at least one of my mother Japan's major film debut film,
said earlier,
Kathryn Bigelow who won for the hurt locker and Oscar first woman to ever win an Oscar so hey wife of James.

[23:50] Ozinga skating me now Cameron hammer.

[23:59] Please please be step dad weird out thank you I wish she had done more genre films,
yeah I'm absolutely passed our the great give the great performance.
I would highly highly recommend you start what does it say that,
pick up.
As you talked about like that line between classy whore you are i think there is an issue to on a lot of that especially with fam harmonies and i-i i do cat people and some other things are that kind of.
The werewolf eight and in the what do those have a boy there and every like okay we re imagine this in some ways and i think that was really in.

[25:06] Yeah it is funny I like the original cat people and I lock the 1983 remake of cat people a lot as well so,
Russell version of the thing too because they're different takes on the exact same idea.
And there's nothing and they kind of followed the same ideas but they doing a little different I like it,
i just want everything is in my in my husbands overcome was hurt on the job um so yeah.

[25:48] So it out now again these these panels in these guess we were talking about our tentative and and
you know it all depends upon scheduling everything else but here's a tip to it if you find that you're in a different.

[26:06] The panel with misspell edgy or,
Doctor Who the first one and maybe they may be the only one that being able to one panel or something like that and it sort of generic panel bring these films bring them up to them
nice to know,
are these people here the same questions about whether be about shields or shield or agency over heroes or or x-files to hear about summoner lawrence traffic or whatever,
tell you if you bring up a question about any of these during a mitch or Mitch Pileggi or Adrian Pasdar who I'm not yet,
cuz he told me to call him it was really kind of weird and you bring me I am not going to stop asking that question they loved it we own goddamn Dallas the last time he was there and he was,
oh my God awesome so yeah,
what time Adrian Pasdar was at Dragon Con actually made a point of taking time out of my schedule to walk down to the Walk of Fame and talking to him about it,
yeah I can't remember what year was but it was a few years back.

[27:27] Cuz my thing what I remember was Adrian Pasdar is prophet,
oh yeah yeah oh my God that is a show that should be totally remade or some kind of like TV movie now cuz Netflix.
Exactly what was prophet I've never.
Bring him back let him be in charge of like your own network what was what was prophet.

[28:00] Most profitable,
you had been severely at least psychologically abused and he lived in a cardboard box and he grew up,
and he got a job at a TV network,
and was able to get a very high role in that Network he wasn't like leading the network but he was really big in it.
And he still have some issues like he had this gorgeous house because well condo or apartment or whatever,
but it is still sick room where he new box and you get only see tv of a small.
Little cut-out in his boxing it was kind of,
boy gets abused boy lives in box boy takes over TV station boilers in a box bill.

[29:05] Say it was very dark he was kinda heavens time evict came back now,
it would kind of be amazing dead serious seriously Netflix please God listen to this talk to Derek and I will talk to you,
because doing that as a a new show where Prophet has,
running at work or figured out a new one network you know Hulu Netflix whatever.
Oh I was just going to say it came on at the same time as kindred the Embraced they were both on Fox,
kindred the Embraced being the television adaptation of the white wolf vampire the Masquerade,
and I was at when they got cancelled when they both got cancelled I was like they just combine the two because,
prophet jim proffit would make the perfect vampire,
what you're phantom hell show data from your dad we're phantom.

[30:23] Depends on what you consider a fandom panel really.

[30:31] We you know we got the anniversary panels and then pass out earlier and what does don't have,
any actors or anything on them they're just up fans talking.

[30:48] That guy got my got my cd dvd studio reference so awesome and four were planning another panel about has she will richard my home.

[31:07] Player play looking at your looking for schedule to your track is actually one of the sponsor tracks isn't.
Oh yeah yeah another world is our sponsor again recently recently moved I'm curious to see their new complex.
What did they recently moved or are they going to still be in their old complex this year and then next year I can't I can't remember that.
Okay yeah yeah it new world are the group kinda towards the end of the brain.
And they have the scary bits.
That's pretty early in the parade clothes after the blood in the middle to the end.
I know.
Last year I would say middle maybe middle but last year the Bloodmobile another issue
there's a whole other issue that but yeah so Netherworld is that so the demons in the Goblins in the vampires on the Gargoyles,
so yeah another world kind of awesome that kind of freaked me out but that's okay.

[32:20] Can't such a word child i read way too much stephen king and round early say it but now i think that's got of awesome you guys are all way you been this is what how many years you been,
um you know i wanna say it's been seventy years rally danny yeah they were they were the sponsors of the track before it became the whore track teams what,
Billy Messina is one of the.
Creators of Netherworld he does it every year Billy is a,
going to be a gas he's also a person who works with DragonCon,
looking that am one of the things that i was live about billy is i put him on a panel with a forensic pathologist,
a free doug cuz you like real picture i don't do heels by may gonna,
I love that every time I see.
You want to see some really like no no I do not want to see real stuff no.
Me and Billy have kntv similar.

[33:35] Tastes in word that we we like stuff that's fun as opposed to things that are more mean spirited i guess my name is not billy is much more fun all that and that is very true there is nothing wrong with that close.
So what will you what other panels you have going on this year well and i'm at at press time i'm going to finally do the panel but i've got court brief about.
Anything else from last year my postponed iron maiden fan panel.
Had planned on doing this last year but.
When toby hooper and george romero passed away i had a pre-empted more a memorial panel and a lot of people that really bad.

[34:26] Not know that your have memorial panel that you didn't have the iron maiden right well a little some people are saying that i should not have had a memorial panel but have should have done that are made panel instead,
i'm thinking end and what,
our main panel was just me and one of my buddy's you all right yeah about that ah that's basically what is going to be this year but we actually have more people shooting the bull so.
So yeah yeah we'll finally do the Iron Maiden fan panel that everyone demanded.
What will let no man i'm always has a new we haven't talked valuable where is your actual track at.
Main operations is the Peachtree 1 & 2 of room in.

[35:24] In the Westin and even a lot of our main room events are going to be in the Westin in the Peachtree Ballroom which about the other end of the hall.
There's going to be a few other things scattered throughout DragonCon country but,
no late night any game late night programming,
oh we have a couple of panels at start at 10 but we don't we don't have any like a really late,
weight not pills I mean really I can only stretch my volunteer so far so.

[36:13] What was the attendance for trackr.
Usually very well behaved and obviously want somebody in there.
You know as an official presence but there's a lot of self governing one must get the always nice are there.
I think the thing there is you do a little bit more late night but yeah user so much else going on a drunk night,
oh yeah there's concerts with you know very fan were nish for want of a better word bands and people wanna go sat there.
Set the.
Try to figure out late so what those are sending one and where do we stop so they can go and do the other stuff they want to do to.

[37:17] What causes when they often feel like should be doing the party or something to that effect but.
I'm also always like well there's always you're always competing with all this other stuff what do I do,
and in my staff volunteers scuse me,
they they come up with good ideas of the years but for one reason or the other so often must you agnes.
And pick it up,
and pretend you're back in middle school / high school on Thursday night cuz extract paranormal tracker doing a dance.
Can you guys give me got the bandana and the red shirt and made her.
Ozzy Osbourne whatever band T-shirts you want to wear that are standing against you no one wall light why are we here we're here after whatever yeah.
For me the answer to that is social awkwardness.
I said that last night I was totally a nerd and geek in high school so against the wall I'm all good with it.

[38:42] Alright dirk on here we go that's it's going to another,
it's game time real quick to before before we get into the game where can people find more information on your track on the world wide web.
Page set up as an offshoot of the driving on sat really in this day and age the best place to get information is on the facebook page.
Face group just look for dry and hot over track is gonna pop up you know i have a twitter account that i use.
Periodically but yeah really the facebook page is the best place to get it to come in interact with other beagle and see newsom all at four.

[39:37] Hey Haley do you have some candy over there for us.
So i have a bush boss knowing your brother both bowl group rate.

[39:56] Yes i did got hamburgers everybody enjoys their roots a perfect guy sorry guys i'm so sorry.
So not far enough.
i'll bet that any other way to dirk what we like to do at the end of the season four is is to play a game well in this heat this year we're playing with myself lee and our guest,
and wait what did you just say myself Lee and argue well let me technically should be.
I'm just,
anyway what we've been doing what we've been doing this year but we've been doing this year Derrick is through the years of purchase various,
crappy licensed trivia games,
we have you on we would do some.

[41:13] Disney Family Feud,
oh so you remember me schooling Lee last yes I do yes.
Alright so what is going to happen is William who's here sai gon,
he's good he's got he picked up five questions he's going to work you're going to get to give your answer first Eric and then we will go and then I will go and these are survey questions all up,
I love Family Feud where we live ask some random number people and
your score according to wear your answer lance morris emily allegedly an ass and they don't have the hope of allegedly ask people that's correct alright leave the shit in stuff start,
they made this stuff up I swear Derek these are not real.
Are when we do the session's if you own a pet dragon what color would you want to be,
okay if you own a pet dragon what color would it be there,
your gonna totally white but no black and i'll go with red.

[42:43] Alright so see you have had a we do.
Hi there on the list black and red.
Oh wow so what was the top two then.
The top to wear blue and green.
Well it is busy so they have Pete's Dragon I guess.
I was surprised we make so that i can actually and robert redford is kind of awesome so you will possess did general always expression yeah that's,
you had your own talk show and could have any doesn't care to ciphers cats who would you choose a railing dirk you would you choose your first guest in your fictional talk show,
at the creeper,
now there is a classic is the baby is are very injuries a classic disney is a sleeper okay could result or the.
Mickey Mouse and I will choose Goofy.

[44:09] Make a believer that ask troopers talentless it's not function and understand how this game works it works,
many happy answer in joe day,
give us a place for nine points and mickey was first place for twenty seven points glad that twenty seven legions in the lead the other two was and other items that other than that,
is include well i'm hearing ago though it what did he say yes you did the.

[44:48] Isn't the internet.
Hello hey I'll be back to pick you up in a minute.
Yeah get that apparently.
Derek might have to live with this phone.
It means as the other things i list west to the next question okay asher.

[45:23] Which Disney character do you think would most enjoy solving puzzles.
And I would like to point out there do you does not have a space between those two.

[45:37] Oh i live on the the cars oh what's my can your guys and.
You sound like you are echoing like two or three times Dead series.

[45:50] It's worse than my summers robbers with john now opening under a blanket so you can hear.
Can you ask the question it with him she's yeah but you're still ugly yeah i know that's i had my kindle for which disney character do you think would most enjoy solving puzzles.

[46:17] Are you first basal of baker street by whom isn't good one i'm.
I'm going bell.

[46:29] And I will go with,
the coast from haunted mansion.
We don't talk about that movie but it's.

[46:51] I don't know what the mount The Great Mouse Detective had to be there.
It was not is the rodent Sherlock Holmes,
every sure the random writers who is coming of these questions and i think that there early about the answers i'm telling me they did not hot anyway,
clue bagel baker street is judge john hodgman,
one of his favorite stories and he owns many copies of the great cross Mouse Detective.
So let me get this straight basil of Baker Street is not.

[47:32] One of the choices but the creeper with actually on another one that that's very bizarre to me you in.

[47:43] Hello to go away i'm sorry this version this nigga voile we have houses winless one just.
I really got six yeah looking for turning trans always problems light go on go for.
Name a type of candy that Scrooge McDuck would give away at Halloween.

[48:08] Pause pause for a second when we try to do something real quick think about that.
Alright testing oh okay there we go yay.

[48:25] Hey jerk your answer licorice lookers deeply that's my answer is those gold coin things.
And I would say pennies.

[48:41] It's can be all anti v candy orange peanuts it is,
so that is on the list and black black licorice
how you really feel about that,
plus of the uncle scrooge comics are very popular in finland and licorice is apparently very popular can't even.
Are you guys okay going to be crucial seven.
Well okay how many points orange peanuts not on the list.
It was Nautilus so good though God I love orange peanut.
Or bad i know and i am leaving,
black licorice as well so you know when i need you i mean i,
I got a bag of all the black jelly beans and then my son like it half of it and kept like putting it back in the.
It wasn't good heat when kinda like it that he be now like alec one of the swim center can we.

[49:57] Okay popcorn.
A-10s in my old neighborhood yeah.

[50:18] Okay alright last question which of the seven drawers do you think it was a hardest worker.
Which of the Seven Dwarves do you think was the hardest worker,
hi Derek who you think is the hardest workers,
grumpy that's why was mattel's we dots are really getting answer not where i was going.

[50:47] I would say it's not sleepy it's not. Not happy.
Let's go with there was Bosch Electric Dock.
Now i'd duck was never one for forty nine points wow you are joking,
Dobie was their place or 12 and gumpy's 4th 4:10,
wow stupid limping.

[51:36] Ellen available ones from that you buy more Sneezy sleepy and happy,
that's what was left I think I got dangerous to the workplace that mean when you sleep but wouldn't,
no no no no no I can see your dumb I can't cure stupid no and he's dope Edo people stupid God love him but no.
Alright so Derek will Italia paskorz letter window again where your track is physically located at Khan and how to find more info on your upcoming events.
Patriots theater Peachtree 1 and 2 in the Westin.
Is the primary base of operations and just keep an eye on the facebook page primarily.
And they're going to say you're in certain the Westin if you're coming off of Peachtree Street.

[52:38] Our into the westin from the side that is on three are you on that lord you have to go up or down,
oh you have to go to escalators as I recall but we typically have a couple of large Netherworld banners,
when you come off the escalator so you can't miss us we just keep going up going keep going up until you see the other world banners,
so if you're coming from Peachtree Street like you're leaving the Hyatt and you're on Peachtree Street and across the street and you go in the Westin.

[53:13] Go down that Hall until you hit the escalator go up one go up to you're going to see all the Netherworld banners you're there.
Yes I am so after you've gotten done drunkenly disrupting the carols programming,
that's right the other lady boy you on the escalator on the way to the order so merge them,
right now he eats yo heya sorry man and there is no i am on right now.
So I don't have it afterwards I apologize I tried to hit me and I could get to it fast enough,
you say that and it is really true i always wanna tell people when you're looking at the app and your looking at things to do and jerky me the perfect subway for this is,
always have like one or two things and on the app you can color code and do so many diff,
because that have no might be full,
or because we do have the fire marshal we can't let so many people into certain panel have a backup or two because I'm already at the Westin so if I'm already at the Western hey this sounds interesting,
randomly walk into your room and listen you might find a new fandom,
i am i will tell you i have had people coming you know i was never interested in at show until.

[54:42] I stepped into this and hey there yet.

[54:49] Don't worry we'll so the final scores for tonight's game coming in last place was john the,
yeah okay,
there we go and vote,
only because he's a really really bad questions cuz Derek would usually wipe the floor with me I'm not going to lie,
his knowledge was deep in the visit.
I know I know me last year and I was embarrassed.
Like i consider myself a disney fan light oh he was so much better than me i really i feel bad but this year that's,
the question to work around the parks and that is saying that you different that is during that is true cuz i have not done parts as much as my.

[56:03] Call your papa.
For Derek Lee and William this is John saying peace.

[56:22] Good lease forever you look lovely why do leaves.
That damn toilet movie.

[56:38] Scream until you like it as.
Dont want that banta walks say you the theme song cuz you least this has been the production you need heat,
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[57:10] Music.