50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 19 - Rox And Madman Of The Food

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
all the trigger but there wasn't even difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.
Play careers.

[0:35] Music.

[0:43] Podcast that has the munchies on vacation so is the lovely the suspicious looking rocks rocks are you doing.

[0:58] I'm suspicious yes no speeding up behind her what is the underlying bad man how you doing.

[1:09] I don't know if we should use your real if we use your real name or you can continue to use on identified Madman,
if so yeah smart boxes the suspicious looking when i yeah i played it.

[1:29] You're like a guest magnet sir so don't even know yes he is that's how I blend in,
I blend in with the guests you haven't you have a story of of bumping into Samuel L Jackson Jackson with a bucket of popcorn.
over here at need coffee obviously me and widge went to the RoboCop Advance screening here in Atlanta and it was actually right near our house it wasn't very well attended
until these things they give out a there's always typically a guest that makes show up and introduce things or say things you just never know.
Rank and so.
Are doing the whole ninety six rock radio station giveaway trivia and i'm like okay granted a bath room in it for the starts run back it.
So i'm running out in our movie theater has been animals living passed the bar in like.

[2:30] Samuel L Jackson he's like that's me.
Oh wow really love your work pleasure to meet you when I went to shake his hand and hold on.
Can we curse or do we have to bleep this part out about Samuel Jackson,
it's like you say it's nothing mother popcorn I can finish up I'm running to bathroom,
before the movie starts so i'm running back and almost knocked him over again but.
Oh man you gotta slot two that's been jackson you know before roba why html which no one of the.
The special guest is it who or fixing or tax in all she does not come over so they can light and he's like.

[3:41] Tonight and you don't seem too enthusiastic.

[3:48] Like I said then realizes who it is.
Oh in and somewhat settled yeah so here's the crazy thing i never met him before and i have
i like really really love them sent pulp fiction rate and a i recognize them from
jungle fever is cater and other things and i kinda in coming to america wings robin mcdowell zt right sewing i mean we was before that,
but I really really love this character in Pulp Fiction and so he hears the other side of that is he comes across as this,
imitating man on screen will die thing honestly the testament to his acting because when i saw him in person it this is my other thing with me running in the guess i'm i looking,
I can take this guy.
Great big lake
hollywood he seems fairly tall yeah actually be he's like really really link he's not a big man by any means so i think hit his acting ability really really connor for reinforces you know.

[5:07] And we and we always mistaken him for Laurence Fishburne anyway,
as well.

[5:20] Cuz I left you a Styles as well it and in here's the deal with that Lawrence is actually a little bit little larger than it then Sam physically.
If i went i woke up on the street on the two even when they were younger on putting my money alerts fish for now.

[5:38] Alright I saw the Matrix.
So so the both of you have been attending Dragon Con for ever yeah when was your first drink,
look at me rocks no answer that question to answer that one question.
Oh for me nineteen ninety seven was my first.
No it's just water no my first DragonCon actually was very very early on when it was still at.
Just the Hyatt that was one of my first ones like you could still like I,
check out what's in the lobby and no one's gonna bother you and.
Much much smaller back then i think it was on like when one hotel those got,
I mean obviously I'm a little older so I don't remember the exact year but I started coming on and off since that I know I was still in my team.

[7:03] Yeah i am so i remember the hot it was what the hyatt and then there was the.
No where was it is me previously night no no there is there was like some wake.

[7:20] I don't know like Auditorium type thing cuz the gaming was at the Hyatt I do know that and then a lot of the stuff is like if the apparel more or the americasmart and stuff.
Before they eat before they moved into I think the Hilton.
Am moves on to what the sheraton or the at the marriott so it's been all my god it's been growing crazy grow.

[7:48] It's been yet with just of course is written.
Steering wheel taking over every hotel all i want is a good if you look a drag cons website for where to stay the con hotels are not even listed,
right now I don't even bother if you're not here or what days ahead of the convention signing up for next year.
Yes thank you thank you for my leg of remember you a.

[8:21] Um sybil will really wanna talk about tonight the topic of discussion is food.
What to eat and where to eat at DragonCon now of course exactly which I can never find which is the truth I have only found twice.
Okay field trip was the year that JJ,
but can you and i did the note say that would be lapsed you to john john please calm sweet units
yeah so we won't talk about what type of food first offense looks like little bit a little bit about what's going on with the infamous food court.
Anyone wanna,
start is often a conversation on Facebook page of the Peachtree Center food court which is the,
s nexus of marty and everything is being revamped and from the pictures a couple weeks ago it would go no.
Leave restaurant and you know the the fast food places will be open but i don't know if they'll make.

[9:43] Room for people to sit because that's a big hub for people sitting and stuff so,
Damian you you live there have you gone down there over to Euros
the metal st and live on that same here in atlanta melting in the sweltering heat but no i haven't had an opportunity to go down there yet i did verify one of our favorite restaurants
perfect beef but um yeah that's a really billy you heard any in best restaurant that it's excellent reviews and look.

[10:22] Functioning,
i think the chick fillet and everything there still openings will it seating seating like what was e-mails going to be the issue and i think a lot of it is going to be blocked off i don't think you're gonna be able to navigate the have a trails
quite is Easley don't if this is not.
Means moses sitting on top of the mount carrying down the stone tablets written but on the way as it stands currently.
Which we are 30 30 something days away so things may change.
I do not think they are going to improve because they've got some Anchor Restaurant there that aren't even slated to open and begin to have
business that's our major construction is going on until I think the first wave is only supposed to open in November what you know when I first
when I first heard of this I thought well you know at least I can go upstairs on the patio that's near the CVS the skylights and everything
yeah nope that is part of the Hub that is being transformed.

[11:33] And I want it's not paying capital but it's something like Banyan capital or something out of Florida that's overseeing the project
that's a developing the space now they're actually putting a giant mirror pool in that area where the actual where you could actually the glass where you used to look down into the food court
gonna be a reflecting pool whatever that's gonna get putting man is gonna be more retail space at it on the cds is still there so that the question remains really it's like how is this really going to go over well.
Because and what were the numbers from last year they about seventy five seventy some when you
the floor icu has thousand people a lot of people count on that food court and now he's budgetary item route because every like didn't it's expensive rain you've got multiple he eats that kind of will facility dining for.
Ones very is diet during the day because most of those places clues.

[12:37] During the week and not dragon con the close at like six pm everyday they're not open a new not really open on the weekend that much.
Now during for of course during drying con they pretty much stay open the whole time but,
to the three best no so the the curious part about that of course on friday,
if you're there Thursday and Friday there is actually a second food court over in the SunTrust part of the building right.
And that you can get to it has a five five or six and yeah lease is there but they those clothes on those clothes on saturday and sunday in the clothes right at you know.
At 5:05 or 5:30 on Friday even so.

[13:24] I would hope that maybe they think this year that they could open that area up a little bit but probably not.
What would think with the the shear numbers that they would choose to open but i think its like do i wanna pay the extra time and do because a lot of those places a comes down to,
i know our building with gods of restaurants in the bottom of the building at work and not working at development over in the bucket area of atlanta and it's three buildings ones brand new
that have multiple restaurants at the bottom and everything at the top is china office buildings going up about thirty stories on ain't from that,
those businesses with the exception of the new high-end restaurant that's been put in,
those businesses are closed on the weekend right and most of the air conditioning for the building and everything else all of that bill until cuz it's it's a significant cost
to have that on during that time would you say so-so further up the way so just
let's let's broaden the scope a little bit night and I the other so you go up past Midtown and there's.
The that one Plaza that has a food court there's a Starbucks it's near the Midtown.
W what one i'm talking about is to speak french speaking of which the starbucks that's across the street from peachtree is close.

[14:52] Oh it is yeah there was should be still
our box in the westin below that owns prairie pro that is still that is still there and it'll probably kittens more all all the business now
or a and don't get a loan also they are there other there's enough there to corridor further up across from the witch of park center.
Yes that's the one i'm talking about is is that to closes what you were saying earlier correct.

[15:30] Close is like you know for five o'clock
it does it's typically throughout the year on the weekends downtown just does not generate that it is truly a
this district but they're trying to transform into hey me come back and visit downtown have you actually i've friend of mine who owns a coffee shop called cat in the cat on several of them now
Atlanta and that was his first location,
is down is in that quarter down up yeah so he's he's opening the location he's opened one over here near me and which
he's opening another one in Midtown fairly soon I'm not certain if it'll be open
i'm for drunk on the over in that area he has their multiple other places pizza shops there's couple of chinese restaurants on there is a.
Leave that old that is really really good they have really good pastrami.

[16:32] Go head and how would it ease the transplant from up north from york like by soon so he is the good restaurant i'll be handing in their graves a pastrami right is layout really strong is it like you just don't know any better
hey where's headers rights.

[16:50] Are the pastrami come from public's so you from florida pen she penis it again.
Yeah there is another food corder yeah so that is is like i think everyone's gonna have to be a little bit more creative which
so we have the whole Lyft and Uber thing so guess there are restaurants along Peachtree that you can get to theirs is the Brazilian.

[17:21] Believe that still there that's still there the Brazilian Meat restaurant the fish what is it the.

[17:32] The seafood place.
We have fire Brazil nuts down there fire Brazil Corner Bakery.
To the clothes i get two o'clock or something so you can get your early morning coffee and they're not they're not open saturdays they don't even stay there not even open on for dragon con.

[17:56] The only day you can go to the corner bakery i think this thursday friday that's and still like to clock on.

[18:08] Yes that's really good and then there's the Irish Pub one there's two Irish Pub places.
There's me hands up the street and then i.
She the one around the though the one around the back yes there's that one and its next to the fried chicken place.
Steve is that can be open.

[18:34] In call of duty places should be open right now you so so basically all the restaurants behind that run parallel.
One street below off the hill.
From Peachtree what is that street correct you've got so you got Dantanna's and then you've got.
Localize down yet you got nickel why on the roof you got fan dangles over on piedmont avenue.
The fifth group of restaurants near raynes the hard rock cafe.
Amalfi Pizza Alma Cucina Mexican.
Let's see rays in the city which is the high and seafood that you were thinking of really cad i like we go there year skin on theirs the indian wrestler strong is a halt what is it,
delhi yeah ghirardelli about every go to this on the other side.

[19:37] We have lived there to the rising roll which is down there said there's another there is no the starbucks off of lucky street.

[19:48] Love entertaining international people can hear auburn every which is it which isn't too long of a hike.

[19:56] Right let's see also Waffle House,
waffle house is always open and it's on the street right behind the Westin and it's always open right across from Centennial Park,
open twenty four hours a day and i get in and out of there quick they do they do and they're in they're gonna relatively inexpensive,
mom is correct it's a it's a nice it's nice stuff there's also by the way there's another hidden sort of waffle house if your willing to buckle befor there.
On the other side of centennial park and,
I don't know think of the road is butts on the other side of Centennial Park Hotel that we stayed at
anymore that's actually Marietta Boulevard and with the new stadium being built the the aquarium being open and the park being revitalized,
there are tons of food places for you to eat there's also another Starbucks over there.

[21:03] There's a waffle house there is a e it's called legal sea foods which is span have legal seafood gas in early we have seafood across from an aquarium but,
it's fantastic that you got your beer garden which is an authentic German beer garden we went there last year but two years ago.

[21:27] It tastes wonderful they have really good schnitzel
the beer garden is on the other side of sitting on my butt park without with the hotel is that you thinking yeah and right neck near the army if you're if you're at the omni hotel or any of the hotels on that side of the street.
Right here and right below it there's a nice barbecue restaurant as well.
So there's options it's just the way is is is the the cheaper.

[21:57] Budgetary food so of which if you're doing that and if you if you're on a budget.
They say you know spends money to go to like the public ss or for you now something on.

[22:15] The Ponce I won't say Ponce de Leon because everyone makes fun of me but that's how we pronounce it here and you can load up on food we took a
we took an Uber or a Lyft to Decatur to go out for dinner one night and I think it cost us like.

[22:37] Twenty dollars yeah or something and get over losing a bunch of people it it was down around twenty but everytime we went.
It was great so.
Cool thing about hoover and list now is is that you really don't have you known gas use marred because you can get use marta to go to the vortex up near midtown.

[23:02] That's always a good one to go to or if you're rambunctious you go to the vortex in little five in there some restaurants in little five.
I think I think everyone's going to have to be a little bit more creative so wait pumps that has so there's a Whole Foods or is it a Trader Joe.
So and now i was gonna actually said we right into that so bad how wonderful thing about pots which is,
only a $5 Uber right away cuz typically drink on Uber and Lyft both compete for your business.
So like literally it it's Dirt Cheap to get anywhere I don't know how they make money during Khan because they like so it's $2 all the way over here,
remind me to drive them remotely anymore during can i leave my car at home.
Cuz it's cheaper for me to go everywhere hit the entire week and using lived in hoover,
it is to park my car yellow but to get off of that.
To say when we're speaking about driving getting some getting out and getting through Thursday Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon but that in and of itself which is really only a good 6 Minute car ride from most of the convention spaces.

[24:14] Entire strip of hearts is literally lined with restaurants if you go the further to the hub of pots you're sitting across a mexican restaurant you have eats which insists eat whole printable.
Serving good quality healthy food for a very very affordable price it's been there forever i've been eating any meat for over twenty years now,
And the quality has not changed you can get fish you can get rice and beans you can get multiple things of pasta you can get possibly turkey or you can get it vegan they have vegan options you get cornbread in the mail is still you get like an entire meal.

[24:56] Under like we like for around $5 right and it's a solid quality me like you've got lucky.
Meal of oh i've got a sweet potato and have a jerk chicken and in a thing of collard greens and a hunk of cornbread the size of my fist
on light next to it at a mexican restaurant then you have a starbucks right there you have a giant whole foods which i needed to wonderful foo bar all the time
can you have one other thing that's over there and next thing revitalized.
And I don't know if you visited since this is happened in my daughter works in the complex and she has for about a year now that's Ponce City Market.
The market is the old sears building that was try and ford factory losses bring next door which has been destroyed and turn to take up but.

[25:45] The old sears building whatever and turned it has been city hall for.
Atlanta for forever the getaway with City Hall and all of that space.
And they turned it into a giant retail and dining hall it's got its got a cute little Museum up at the top that's free for you to go in if you like to go look at Art that's there but they've got wonderful food okay so my.
My new favorite don't that's that literally destroy my life,
is a bakery out of Florida call Five Daughters Bakery started in Tennessee
i found out about them so the location in florida um and they have like the thousand layer don't which is a better version of the crow not,
what a wonderful wife he reads require whipped whipped filling filled donuts that.

[26:38] Dere about 2 in thick,
but they're not they're not dance at all and I brought them for people in and I brought them over to actually to one of the game nights at which is never where did these come like five daughters,
Ponce City Market City Market do they have a hotspot chicken which is wonderful,
date opened i think there's a new heady bees nashville hot chicken that has taken atlanta by store that opened up a few weeks ago on and hops is a e pressure cook chicken it's very very similar to.

[27:15] Yep she's all original recipe like but like it used to be years ago was good and non paddy like it it's like really good on that always has a line.
They have a wonderful Fish Camp that that that's their that's got very very good seafood there's a Indian Street Food.
Restaurant that I cannot think of the name of they have wonderful food is a Korean bun place,
there is a brewery in there you can just go buy beers and their little drugs and what-have-you this is the market this is in Ponce City Market.
Right you can you can go there then we can go there and it it's got wonderful food everywhere and they also have dancing goats coffee on site.
Right above google's offices are in the top of the building you got pets and you know cuz i know a lot of people have to bring your service animal there's a dog park there there are multiple pet stores in the air,
to give you sex what have you cuz that's what my daughter does that she works for one of the temp places go ace and jack o cool yet so it's very very pet friendly people friendly kid friendly for the most part.

[28:27] And tons of coffee in two choices like you wouldn't believe one floor korean by one place that's in there you get king of pops,
which is a local chain of popsicles that you see something yeah ass
yeah okay.
Sorry people no one's going to the convention,
we left the convention that we did over at Georgia Tech with a bunch of friends or half of them were still in costume like one was still dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin one with Bill static from DC the other one was Green Lantern from
seen for a whole sitting is restaurant totally non current time.
Eight little kids like on jasmine and of course used in like getting cuz i'm like yeah of course i am hearing your prince is too hot you that but.

[29:31] Haley I was actually kind of cool,
that is cool well okay so if you're if you don't want to venture out we've always have luck with eating its ear
which is in the marriott their food is really good they hammons do what i used in a couple other people do i will do like load up on breakfast so we can skip where lunch ginger.
And then I know I don't know who they are either they're they're insane people now I know some I'm want so see your has a really good like I said.

[30:11] So does the actually sodas the Hyatt
the ones sway yeah he is really shit yeah that has been sway like what couple years now but yeah it's been it's been there for a while but it also has the other secret that for the life of me,
to be the only one in our group didn't know about this rain,
so one day has an all you can eat pie bar with rotating life we what's know what's.
It has a pot bar in with basically all you can eat pie that's right jones exeter yes.
It's classic apple pies chocolate cream pie with the phrase for a cookout crumble drop off all in and they're still restaurant is it it will hold some some good size
you know parties so that's.
You know I always have breakfast with Peter one of the days or meet up with Lee in the morning and their their Buffet is good.

[31:18] Ace George Perez Durant during that breakfast on its way is like Nicole's okay at least one morning it will be at least have to go to sway
morning and go to breakfast and it's always that come like every year,
for haters georgian is a scary all don't forget say karol say hello to carol if you see george singer.

[31:44] Nice know we should also point out though that that even though.
Seating is gonna be missing out on of made this clear the beginning the seating is gonna be scarce let's say at the food court the food court is still
when and there is still food to be had is is the seating is about to know ninety percent gone,
i don't think the caribou coffee is open is what one of the reports i was given no but noone but me between now and dragon con i will definitely you noon update django hey,
here's what I've actually figured out for real.
They're getting so tried of track down because of the story that is mentioned with the um start boxes attached to the entrance for um,
cuz mart over there it's i saw that on the unofficial facebook or maybe was on the officials trying countries will pay my i thought i saw that story there that was was either closed or is closing,
it was gonna be before drying con but i can't seem to find it anymore so either you either so yeah i'll,
say with most things on for today's drunk on your mileage may vary nothing really is happen until it actually happened and you're beautiful.

[33:02] Oh so we might as well talk about the cd ass yeah cv when in the womb yeah so let's let's go into the what do you do for food on the run zone of the words maybe not going out sue do you pack your own food or.
Do your shopping beforehand what do you do i shop beforehand so i go if i want.
You know you don't Tri-Parish drinks and stuff all actually so I I usually I'm one of those people I show up on Wednesday.
So Wednesday is prep today you know so I'll go on Thursday so you need to start arriving on Tuesday
well you know she packing to leave tomorrow
Wednesday is the new Thursday so but while do is all hit up.

[34:00] Some store along taunts maybe get no liquor that's not.
Ugly expensive there's that one liquor store on peachtree near the hotels,
on a pay the price if you buy only if i sell but in a pinch he's fine so i'll hit up.
You know like I said like the Publix are you know Trader Whole Foods whatever or something you know.
You know ice teas and stuff like that so i'll do that when a student council protein bars and stuff but i always forget i have.

[34:39] Alright so for me like typically I'll bring a few things and leave them in the cooler just so I can have them like you know with me and my.
Brewing running rampant panels and everything else i'm i'm really the person that i.

[34:55] I have that breakfast right that's been so much stuff going on during the day like I really believe in eating and what I found the past few years it's costuming,
I'm stopping photos and doing all the other things
really wears you down more so than anything else on so i'm really big on staying hydrated most of the panels that i mean on there that i go sit in,
i used a water bottle of some sort on me and i would like to book leaving right now i drink about calling it stay
you know i never realize most people don't but especially account dragon con is eight,
heavy congestion you're moving through what five hotels and multiple city blocks
even if you're walking from hotel to hotel using have trails with the exception of the westin and sheraton on.

[35:47] George's Hewitt in a wool jacket box up to your knees,
all the hotels in all the con rooms have water so get
you know the latest thing is by yourself a sippy cup your your Tumblr loaded.
Hotels in the water and stuff like that so
oh my God I'm really hesitant about saying this I really am so Cosette Nye.

[36:28] He hasn't so people who listen to the show please do not abuse us,
at all because it's it's the quietest place.
That we hang out I don't know it is though it isn't so we hang out and we chat and we can talk.
And that's it it's at the ritz carlton oh no lighting which.

[36:55] So the Ritz-Carlton is usually the in the higher-end hotel.
And we sit in the little bar and it's quiet no one's there no one no one goes there and they usually have homecoming last year they had jelly beans out for people.
And it for the team colors is great but don't go there do not there is another spot like that to,
at the Omni and I've got a piano and it's nice and cool if they've got chairs in the concerts and it's nice and quiet they'll let you come use the bathroom and no one's hardly ever there.
They don't say anything no it's it's the you know there's the westerners like that to the bar is nice in the last and I like the barn last time cuz it's quiet where's the bar in the Westin,
at the bottom by dash floor but don't go there oh yeah i know general,
if a letter saying for starbucks a ring yet yeah yeah yeah.

[38:01] That takes forever to serve another floor on a certain hotel which I won't say on the podcast it's got like Fountain drinks and everything else and then that's.
Don't go there people at late at night and that's when you see those random three and four or five Am photos of,
are you with this person out while we were all on super secret floors week off it playing against humanity yeah super secret cell people who are really interested for a mere,
thirty five dollars contact me coffee dot com and and give us your pin number that will give you the super secret is
come climate help find me and and in he'll take a picture picture with you and possibly all got to hang out with andrew i know.
What is next and add minutes and get a legal terms so so name a couple other guests of the shown up.
Near you you shut up in an elevator with her.

[39:08] What we you know and i and i realize is very very touchy subject for a lot of people but i'm gonna tell you it was i woulda been,
Chan I'm actually Ken plume everyone from Mystery Science Theater we're all up there,
frank on it and it was when james and sean gun were there that your main where james little early.
You just kept walking by its like 3 a.m. were all playing Cards Against Humanity and City say I want to play,
just walking by himself because the stairs comes back up because of your school in like the first time we can it was heel sean and the bills went after sleep.
Ensuring that he comes back up.
As a rule in coventry comes back up goes on it's gotta be him of course i'm the one person that will say anything someone by what causes what,
eighteen twenty people playing cards you know where was waiting he was waiting for you to he was but it doesn't excuse me,
change right here waiting.
What you define getting better like make this for so i can turn it in what.

[40:28] Hurry up what are you doing it's like that run back to the table I'm like nice to meet you taking selfies with change.
He comes back ten minutes later in walks to driven there was like what to say anything.
And it's like.

[40:56] He was in the photo with us.
So freud is waiting he was waving that change the wall here's what's funny idle left and it's around five am and he's sure we're sitting outside i.
The people outside.
In the motor light next day there's the line around the block and so I didn't know what I'm walking through it.
Unfortunately out drinking gardens galaxy really i said it and that's the last night where were you home that do you him.
But I think about DragonCon though like running in the most of the Stargate people.
At Starbucks like I haven't I'd like a really old Jason Momoa story where it's he and when they were all on Stargate and I'm staying at the hotel Miss back when I still smoke cigarettes,
and so I had been drinking most of the night I had taken my nap and some in my pajamas and t-shirt Barefoot and I've got a newspaper of all things on a Saturday morning at DragonCon
thank you don't this elevator.

[42:16] That's it and is the stargate atlantis crew and it's dr weird is pay there's change from our.
Oh and i'm still slightly hung over ray and is on in and i'm like in pajamas and a t shirt.
And can have seen a look white well dr we're just busted out family only god can i get a what would you like sure.
And this is before cell phone so it's like the little weird instrument Dometic camera so I've got actually got all of those photos back courtesy of my ex-wife,
a couple of months ago so they're like old Lou Ferrigno photos
breakfast or lunch,
yes yes I had that was the guy was in there that think I had to switch places with dock one year cuz that was the very first year after we got into the argument downstairs.
Was like nope not there hits to the hulk and i don't gonna sit over here is he in julie benz and charisma carpenter at one table at.
That's how that's going to work out so.

[43:32] So yeah here's all you gotta do before we leave today we have play game i'm playing i'mma all over guess play give them the show all the time,
but I already play this game well you're going to play it again every single time that you come on we have to play it all the time I play all time Williams not here tonight too,
to run the game so i'm running it between you two so what now bring up way back so you the.

[43:59] Here's what we can do to figure out who's going to go first losing it there for the first crack of at a Star Wars Family Feud and bring that one back again.
But that's a good.
Wait what that's a movie right little for little people at arms that just like to apologize on behalf of my cast mates i love you all dearly and i'm staying in room number two hp so,
rocks west ham you get the choice of one of these four categories and and then all men and you get the choice of the other three ladies first and whoever gets the most,
is our lady,
most of the answers correct will be the go first every single time on the Family Feud cards so here is your choice do you want questions from 9 to 5.

[45:03] Beverly hillbillies dynasty or nine o two one l that's beverly hills in beverly hillbillies okay have a rental in beverly hills though to know is an egg on now,
has four questions what came up from the ground one day when Jed was shooting at some food by the way these are all horrible cousins,
no oil crude oil bubbling crude old do you have a point for them or what did granny call the swimming pool.
Amen palm the correct what do the clippers play habits use ford for dinner table billy yard.
Billiard tables and Jethro dream to being what kind of spider.

[45:59] Hold it like james bond yes yeah double knot spy placing her okay so have a question of you three have points that alright men in nine to five.
902-100 or Dynasty.

[46:17] Really bet that those of the mass have interest and crap.

[46:26] What are my options again Dynasty Beverly Hills 90210 or 9 to 5.
Okay mom dang it i guess i'm gonna have to go with beverly hills will not have to on all,
and and and and praying cross my fingers mean the hollywood nigga producer who cast his daughter as donna martin.
Aaron Spelling correct in season 10 after a long courtship which two characters finally tied the knot.

[46:54] No way you could pass what up in seal ten after a long courtship which two characters finally tied the knot.

[47:05] If i am.
Jason Priestley and I know Donna and Brian Austin Green.

[47:18] What's the character's name member probably wrong but it's.

[47:28] My headphone my headphones dropped out of there what was Donna and who was it Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green's characters
donna go for a long time i think it doesn't hurt
donna come into the actual care yeah how i have no idea done it you got done a right so done in day there so it has appointed a got a singing.
His name is handle jason priestly.
I have no idea who said I hate both of you when she discovered Dylan and Kelly had a Summer Fling.

[48:05] Oh that was the character's name.

[48:09] I remember the chicken charm that spelled out on everybody I know but I can't remember her name.

[48:23] I right here tuesday yeah friend yeah what's your last question which cast member was the first to direct an episode of the show and went on to do fifteen more.

[48:34] Jason priestly that is correct,
God that was so that all that was just to decide that rocks gets to answer first when we ask you questions from.
Star Wars Family Feud Ghostbuster survey type whatever pointed is that the number of people that answered whatever answer you give so what is something you could feed a bantha.

[49:07] Roxio first oh you can feed a bantha.

[49:13] Aunt beru.

[49:19] Hoodoo hoodoo what would you say.
I don't know like I will take one step Blue Mail.

[49:37] Number to animals is Jar Jar Binks,
or for as grain number five is bumper at so i'll give you that because you didn't give it to give you to twelve points for the dame,
and meat and plant of the last two answers on the list
so virtually you can feed them anything yeah something over member supposedly they ask people random people on the street these questions i can answer through the winter she's number one
okay parral rocks.
Yeah ass what do you think the sith will support the fifth give them or do you know the guy who yeah music there steps june cleaver is dark husband sith lord sit with you think is it for does set,
Ward's Sith Lord cleaver,
anything for a cleaner when we aren't talking us at lord cleavage busy i know i said cl community with family and then we beaver in this f world
sit where you sit lord does in his spare time.

[50:52] Well okay then he's dating June Cleaver's what he's doing in the spare time for you know taking over the rest of the universe that's what he does,
what about what adds up and that's leak zero it's killing people.
And knowing his spare time that's his work this is work yet.

[51:19] I had so why is taking over the right to i cracked so yeah sure go ahead and re,
shop and put up the summer sun and the reason was for straining number six was read.
5 V of most common answer was was was Arkansas arts and crafts number 4 with play games number 3 was exercise.
Two with meditate and one was plot I'm actually going to give rocks the plot that's 33 points
name something in the Star Wars Universe with the letter e in it,
walk the moon you do have been indoor.
Hey the number one and number two answers you walk was number one,
of course twenty nine in and door was,
the second best answer with a 14 points other answers are lightsaber,
Empire that doesn't start with an e and say start this is with an e in it Empire Death Star TIE fighter Jedi in Princess Leia.
Oh okay snitch.

[52:41] Alright so the fourth question here name something you would need if you wanted to dress up as yoda.

[52:50] Rag rugs.

[52:55] Make us green paint is the first answer with thirty eight.
Bags of to say robot is the fifth answer with six points,
so i can you know the first time we see in is like a little baker and was small when i or use the human the passing look like a little slut bag or it's not is pregnant and say bags manny
Hypno robot.
Swamp egger the other things you need a big years a walking stick a mascara why you mask get three people okay,
the ability to talk in reverse and be short as the last one last question what is the decision that Han Solo might regret.

[53:48] I'm gonna say it say it.

[53:53] Having a child with Princess Leia what about you.
With the Rebel Alliance to begin with
so both of those both of those are actually on the list the number one answer is confronting kylo Ren
having a kid and i just got different that has a different look i don't regret having a kid but i regret confrontation can having infant agents with all that
I joining the rebels was number 6 that's a good for seven points other answers on here we're gambling,
giving land of the Falcon doesn't working for Java.
Eating first this is an rent listed on here and going to cloud city yeah i would say that was probably a bad idea to yeah clouds the
that's it yeah alright so will i tell you appoints will both of you let me know where they can find your dragon con and where they can find you on the website,
you go first Mad Men really going to be in the same places.

[55:23] Do you want a challenge go,
alright so you can find me I need copy.com for your weekend just as weekend us with
the full name is The Internet's number one audio Trainwreck you can find me on the web on medium I right
aaron i to answers on quora and if you need somebody who could you research us as house will see into the research,
they have to eat just so you know man in the alternate universe this show it won a pulitzer,
so you know it did you know it it's probably due to all of your alternate self's research I think so.

[56:15] To go against your itself works out of very vast library versus the coffee house that.
Up the street up every year period as they were able to move on to the binghamton international had it it.
Yeah we are multiple libraries all over the world there are there every few to each other and she is a whole different show that's friendship right.
So you can also find me on the coffee we can just is podcast with everyone else that's on this call right now if your brother need coffee compatriots.

[57:01] And you can also find me on Twitter on as you underscore madman and on Instagram as unidentified underscore Madman.

[57:11] And I think all of us on here have.
Multiple multiple duties at DragonCon I know I'm doing a few show panels for the urban fantasy track I do not have my schedule as my wonderful Trek director Carol state
the pretty women schedule should be out on the,
test and i'll know more about where be then be popping in doing something for them or panel i'm pretty sure that we're gonna be doing all the things together for the need coffee contest and,
is going on with the rest of us and our friends on the extra can break track.
Yes yeah and you'll find me at all history sci-fi lips skeptic track paranormal extracts oh yeah.

[57:57] Say all history is that like just the got kids,
tell me or no in hope mills so with division so so so lately so the last couple years with alternative history were actually doing history classes,
that's also last year I I moderated the panel for the history of fairy tales.
And we did it all late night
panel discussion on the Victorian vices so those were all factual based same thing with we did the history of spiritualism in America this year
a late-night pannalal Beyond is the decadent.

[58:45] Buy more republic before the rise of nazi germany,
show me soothing you guys are going to cover what man in the High Castle as well we did last year yeah,
so yeah I was on that one that was a good one I don't know if we're doing another one because man in the High Castle season 3 or whatever won't be out until after I can come so.
I may be doing that experimental panel will see.

[59:17] Yes to de been in talks with derek cartwright director and i don't know whether or not it'll stick to the schedule and not not gonna bone up on a few things that we may be doing a panel for her on the,
or influence and roots of batman cool,
so where we are gonna possibly delve into that this year so that should be a good time and or could or could be a bunch of dead air who knows foot and pretty much all of my panels are over and the westin,
so if you want to see me I'll be in the Westin,
you can find me a bike from us during the parade she still be on what is the rain in a couple years cuz you know i don't know what i've done the parade on letting somebody else,
enjoy that so I'm going on here breakfast,
that's a long by great roxette i've i've tried i've tried keeping up with rocks and long bike rides it's impala locks comes here and spend the day biking atlanta by herself yeah it's crazy alright so final scores here,
Mad Men 71 points Rock 87.

[1:00:32] You know prices on its way that means you get to take your Pebble and walk out to the end
yes i will be all three of us will be i think solve this will be have
i'll solve this year and i am with that yes we do we're gonna have to have permits i'm sure i'm gonna make sure johnny d's breathing gas.

[1:01:00] Why is my man here.
I'm going to apologize to john's wife and kids in the,
anyway so thank you guys for joining us you'll probably hear from them again once or twice more or made more than that over the course of the next.
Some odd days but as i said we're leaves out on vacation for the next week so we're gonna do some of these one off and calm one up and her,
ten shebang but but yes kinda similar not necessarily director related distantly truck related but more about getting you around cons so look forward to those for in the next couple days.
So at this moment want to connect closed one thing sure.

[1:01:54] Hydrate and make sure you at least get to good meals and per day if you're going to be there the entire time,
eat to good solid meal and wash your hands before and after you eat and goes bathroom,
I'm about to eat popcorn.

[1:02:29] I said this is a marathon so really quick healthwise if you're listening to this like next week start walking.
Yes I start up my treadmill life.

[1:02:46] The last couple weeks just can't get ready for.

[1:02:49] Need more carbs in the form feet and usage news will used her birth wouldn't do carter ladies.
I call it getting ready that's all until next time for the unidentified Madman.
And rocks this is John saying peace.

[1:03:18] What for sharing secrets now what to convert to twenty one that the quiet bars on the.

[1:03:29] Has been a production in the.
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