50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 2 - Kevin Of The Newbies

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:11] First thing to do like when i'm angry
switch on all the trigger but there wasn't even on the,
just bought a supporting small business that need to.
Welcome to the no.

[0:40] The day is dragging come on the podcast that was two days in to fifty days before for two thousand eighty joining me as always is a lovely
via phone in the high-tech world of that we live in leak.
Hey can you use your using a fantastic as always lee,
how your so sweet hello darling hello with amazing deal love leaping happy.
So yeah i'm free this is kinda awesome i can't believe how it's only day two and a thirty like when you and,
officially you are down to forty eight days directors and cause players your down to.
Well probably fifty days could probably really making one for sunday right about now.

[1:32] Probably his probably sunday there and also searching the nerve or even after that horrific color of hate,
i hate when and i would just say one two words to words mail cos players hoagies out.
Nice build looking,
dance belt look it anew through the the drying condom facebook group a few times but there's a nice little out there will this nice thing with the deadpool explaining the need for,
the dance belt hand thank you dear god please please dance oh yes you are if you are cuz playing deadpool please.
This will up a dead spider man deadpool a million height for form fitting.

[2:19] Okay so the i don't need you i don't need to know your religion and directly to us want it know any thing about people,
directly or indirectly so done with it not i with work and i haven't left where i left work but i threw food my mouth and now i'm here with you but,
so was there any big announcements landed on homepage are going to google not that nice lol money
i did i i also was busy working fact i only got a normally get home around four thirty five and you get home til about six thirty today so
what's been a day it's been you know it is not how it always works so you got like drying con coming up you've got your podcast right to do and,
yeah you get slammed at work and that's that's basically handing any plans for dragon con to me plan what you're gonna do,
you know if your new movie or something like that you no idea he has.
Well you know lead twenty you should mention that because there's someone here that's where does definitely talk about a group that he's highly involved in for newbies.
Did you know that oh his name is kevin how you doing.

[3:36] I'm doing great kevin kevin of the the man of pod he's a man of how many pa guess you do now.
On the regular in regular basis i just think to re three axes lots of them yes exactly is it you that many of them got this.

[3:56] Yeah yeah,
yes kevin is giving has become a standard standard regular expose on for today's drunk on we always
give him and a few others at the very beginning of our fifty days because there is it's extremely helpful the information that he has in the group that he's mainly involved in which the newbie group tell us a little bit about that
first of all for those of us that for those of you that don't know and then we'll go and some other fun stuff.
Sure cure for those who are not aware my cell and free my friends can't get any sue his mother and michael font are.
Oh man it's the dragon con newbies group on facebook we are a fan run.
Group that officially are the car running there but i sir that facebook group.
Back in two thousand eleven just for a couple of friends who said they were coming back on and ask questions about refinance on the time on my group and everybody can learn from each other and then over the years it's just slowly grown and as a lot of things on do.
Wake me how to add in mustang look on doing cleaning on the right is keeps going doesn't it's already in there it's spreading into other days at this point now,
oh yes so we went from now or five people that for summer to over thirty five hundred.

[5:17] Cool in there oh wow so it's yep its a great community lots of folks who brand new come join to learn what folks we're you know we're newbies stand group to help so.
Other folks related to come on as well at some nice community were any question related on this is fair game we got the same ones over and over and the problem with this was gonna.
He forward and help other folks to come in easy way to learn to not feel like they.
Can someone look at the phrase goes look stupid by asking the wrong questions right in the end that branched out a few years ago.
Into an official dragon con thing right or what i did is back in twenty twelve can given user long time volunteer,
shooting volunteered con and give up the idea as we all know with on beings because it is so late places will g one and i do like a walking tour and have spoken i deer today for on started.
To get to the bearings on things so she star that she was in the group we help us help the route to do that and is just a fan you not bring up a facebook event page to do it.

[6:25] And after couple years of doing that on reached out and said it would use on books like to have,
your items listed on schedule fish we have rooms to do this so you know we're not officially particle on we are listed in the official schedule so guess starting twenty fourteen.
Are walking tours as well as support q and a panel says we do one late on thursday and friday morning are now listed on schedule so we went from.
In a small handful people to hundreds coming yet.

[6:53] That's cool very well what would you say is probably the most common question asked on the new group.

[7:03] I want to schedule come up it is not the man role,
a matter official group brother who is always in getting a drink with paul,
he is the drain gone bring them if it if i did that throughout this entire fifty days i would make it a probably my little word about,
you stupid you can't use did you you are clever cuz we're all old people are like five day people were asking when the schedules gonna do
from ny it's probably one the most but when the low when also comes out what to it is usually,
hey i'm brand new to call on what are the can't miss events you know what do i have to be sure to see which lead to some great discussions because as we know for all of us to court on.
There are just two or three or ten or twenty or hundred it and so what you like so it makes for a nice discussion some post on a smaller on the right things.
Think there's only two three things going on at same time is only one big event on friday or saturday so that's a little bit of a learning curve realize now this thousands.

[8:09] Yeah it's it is it can be overwhelming for new be right so it's it's a good thing we have that side available what's the actual your rollers or just the just go on facebook and google drink on newbie.

[8:24] Yeah if you just search for dragon con new bf likes facebook dot com slash groups doesn't ring on new please do not go on facebook and google you did it on,
faggot now good thing is it such a good movie for google is turned into the phrase you google it.
Either that or i'm old to be also acting as we all are required to the world and where are you like the world totally date you was doing is podcast but every,
no because you know it's funny i remember,
i remember when i was a navy i just didn't understand how and no then out this is twenty plus years ago,
how much stuff was going on how you explain not just like the panels and,
the big gas and things like that but all the other little things that can make drunk on drying on can make it are the family reunions or.

[9:24] What won the biggest approaches that we certainly tell focuses to think of it you know we try to explain the concept of the difference sam tracks in thirty five or whatever it is every year on an that did it's like each of those is it sewn back,
it's like thirty-five conventions all taking place same time so you can be razor focused and do nothing but star wars or i've been right,
or you can sample different tracks and it comes down to personality think so sometimes we start from the track focus out to get a better understanding.
All is this just something on here and parties are here handles their guests.

[9:59] So sometimes that'll help to get a handle but that's also the more common question one biggest.
Tell folks over and over is you can't stress about it there's no way you're gonna be able to do everything on.
It's just not physically possible so you do have to learn a kind of prioritize and be areas looks as we all know between nature of the schedule changing but also that might stumble across any given day that you just apt realize.
The more you kick back and just let it come to you the more fun.

[10:31] That's a good one i like that that's okay because it is just you it is impossible to do it all day and it doesn't matter whether in you if your only like a one or two phantom person are only there to do next thing,
even with explain its thirty you would be amazed how many people are still using it and its telling what is going on,
them and they tattooing in all the nature is because the some great things i wanna,
beer in the app on the printed form of the schedule still know what those of us as something will turn him airport were older member printing off the schedule i like a different color,
cuz i like toilet paper later see near prarie exactly but that same concept still applies yes try to pick your couple live in today and we can't miss ones and they're going else combos around that because you might have something that's important.
But let's all face it if it's sunday afternoon,
and that event you want to go to is three hotels away screw it was in the room next door is in the state side is that it is a big work yeah so you know because the flexibility sub to put you run into people
that you never knew you stumble into a track you haven't even looked at the schedule cool stuff going on so.

[11:46] And that's why we that's what brings people coming back here to you too because you let okay i could do it all last year can we collects your focus on this or that so it's a great week three.
The community aspect of it but it sounds like you come one c at all and i could use a house.

[12:02] I know that shit up but it is also about that you know you stumble and i mean i can't tell you how many people have said well you know the room beside me was full or something else is full so i stumble in here and,
oh my god and they started talking about this and i need to know how cool it was interesting or,
i didn't have a board game room or you for john i know there was a con suite somewhere,
yeah yeah that's another great question where is this mysterious on sweet the white rice it doesn't exist it's another port it with the.
It's a myth john wink wink we can't tell him if you are one of the was no phone.

[12:43] Hey someone from either ones in either been able to find it again it in taking their the one honey went
i had to like hold his hand with you you know you first of all you know what you know when we went there it was to record it was to do a video recording of a donut bake offs between do donuts and,
local land donuts in and the place is such a vortex that video never made out of your life it is gone it never appeared.
Anyway it's a good resource but yes we do sir with all,
what of it to be in the big the biggest things for a lot of newbies especially those that are new new looking for those recommendations every is gotta do of and almost every says them but,
it's so important number one hydration get the set its atlanta it's august.
I woke up staying in the army or its gonna be hot and also going to be on your feet and walking scan stop on convention center on hotel.

[13:47] There's so many hotels there hills lots of moving the folks that have the fit bits tell us many of them but they're walking twenty five thirty thirty five miles,
so let's face it many of us myself included and not greatest shit so you're gonna need to pace yourself and hydration become very important,
yeah that is true and around all around on it and i'm glad your telling everybody that one of the other things that there are water stations throughout on.
Add moses beach and they are at any if they're not in a track room depending on the track room where is there right outside the group drug rooms we have one in extract were in the shared in.

[14:30] It is caddy corner like and a little it's right there across from our room so they're all over bring your bottle or buy a bottle in the bedroom holding noise when every fan and just fill it up old every c fill it up yeah,
use the ring tone when asking think it was or charge or am i allowed to do that now you're or we it please you that is to say sorry.
Yeah i the city and the what now is when i tell people to is.

[15:02] If you are someone who has a chronic condition or severe condition gets a little white.
Yellow labels you can use the novel it's god forbid we snail mail anymore but,
tune it used to doing gets a little label me people one hundred bad because if something happens to you your somebody like that and.
Maybe you should use diabetic or whatever,
if you have a problem and something happens and you we need to contact somebody if you put that on there is a my am a diabetic her,
if i'm having problems please call you know here's my ice contact ice is in case of emergency that's how you do it and you put down your contact is like get that will him to be.
Mostly just because of had it in a couple of times a try director or somebody has had a problem and it was we just weren't sure who to contact until,
i felt a little better but yo is worry about that same ever was a great idea guys.

[16:03] Yes i'm so i mean is this getting the most and rank on is it is that a marathon and jews all you wanna do it.
But the command me weather it's official folks or volunteers are just gonna as a whole and we're all here.

[16:19] Because we love this and they're great people involved and we keep coming back every year so many so don't hesitate to ask questions when it's from people get a little paranoid think that a what's your,
the be the only one who doesn't know something so it's just can't tell you know portland is i have people ask me and john.
You may or may not do this to you cuz we been comes on the right so where the pool parties and why did,
i have no idea that they could you that i am i'm working and i got to sleep,
so you know you don't know but somebody will somebody take you to a party be safe be careful don't be dope you do this at,
as a ounces but you know you can find a party or you can make your own worry and just you know sit in one of the lounges or anything else and you don't that doesn't party doesn't always mean days use turn start talking and people will come up and,
i was me last year's like.
You they have a sign it was like we'll talk about almost anything and um it was great it made every recover data like grid,
i always do anything and hate you convinced me that avatar the last air bender not the movie the tv show up,
is the best heat you no parking ever done at.

[17:41] You have your ten minutes that you know when the lever and the thing they also lose sight of the most books have been icons are admitted it been only two.
The smaller one in their local area of their afraid to talk to other folks they're not sure people will have the same interests and like we try to remind him,
with the laser focus nature direct with the thirty five plus tracks,
if you go into a certain panel you can be pretty sure that everyone in there is passion about that same thing it's for conversations and even if you're not outgoing person,
because they wouldn't be there if they were is is like the others will it be on the same your honor on what people at camp of eight hours to get stopped and want,
they are there in that panel is there interested in most likely was really tired need to see.

[18:25] The point is that's where the community aspect as it comes lol to concerned in know anyone like.
You will trust me when you start it does you'll make friends and they're like most of us these are gonna be like for.
What is best leave your like i really wanted it you'd like some phantom handles may not be needy email your doc that you know that we all wanna see this act or whatever but especially a fan of handles on the track for something talking about a game you love or whatever.
I'm on the board room you're like does anybody you know if you're playing sellers of the time is the little things on their table that say no looking for players or or set you find something and if you're going like i really wanna talk about sherlock.
You're looking at the british media.
Stuff on the annual you get water to the sherlock panel your see some of the same faces you can start making acquaintances and then contacts unfriended it's kind of amazing,
as i always say that was is the family reunion cuz i see people i only see once you're a god knows i miss him and i'm so glad c idea.

[19:31] Then it is this it's a comfort level of those of us going to you once we get there is this just like that your your with family were just hanging out i mean as lee said you do have to be smart folks you know all,
no miss morris is f are taking our get community goes that's where you'll really start enjoying you get the most out of it and.

[19:50] Then don't hesitate like said but the questioning whether its euro attendee of all and hear all these tracks everything else.
There's no reason as to your quietly and not know what's going on just the app ask.
And remember every hotel in and i know kevin you do this when you you do the tours and stop at every hotel has information desk at least one often more and the information desk are there to ask,
question and i'll be very honest with great people it doesn't matter the day for twelve people laughing on the same question,
where is the package durham example only i'll be half yours on all of.
I am there you okay you're english urgency gotta go to the marriott here's the process for getting around showing them and the line probably is already down to here but,
what that mean by the way down to here means three deep down to their way
you know the marriott but the line might be all the way to the sheraton silver awesome you're you're asking me ten minutes before the panel starts so mom,
i might be little but i love my is good luck.
The new address on the way you can go and sit in.

[21:07] Yeah talk to last me kevin did you did you happen to buy the um the video thing master yes yeah i did you joint.

[21:17] Yes and was like leaves and i'm also someone of that any congressional speaks on many handle cement like go to some of the stuff i wanna go to because i have a commitment so that is wonderful the really great way to make sure it is cool stop,
and now it's speaking of which news you brought up the you do you do more than just the,
the towards your your also doing panels what kind of panels are doing this year in up no your highly involved in a very specific animal to bring up but what other wood panels are you doing this this year.

[21:51] Yeah the we touch a little earlier than i'm on after it,
big big fan sign section fancy tv shows that can my jam so they do real art class on have for ten years so i'm a fan of many shows so i speak on i think,
when is the share how gonna be on panels of schedules older shows like chill joys lucifer.
What is your home you know and and several others of the.

[22:20] No i've i've lost track of some of the ones i probably join yet because i do get involved in several tracks cuz i just have so much fun interacting those fans talking about the shows that love will conversations are just.
The most i have a con really are often saying.
They are loving it okay see you at your lose your van validation and attention,
i live in my id i'm is and hopefully amazon or whoever will pick it up and can he if he's agree this continue i've not season four maybe,
it is the best show in the world i'm sorry it's so much fun if you now actually for it you fizzy fun but it's so much fun.

[23:01] What do it say yes meeting at least once i gotta say get sorry no house and.
The other one had been say but in early yet you got something,
and you're you know just to drink on your also heading out to san diego comic con for a small stint correct.
Yes the last couple of years i've guns in your power on on the show the image little earlier that i got very deeply into my test scores one on earth cares on psi phi.
Um and launched a podcast for it and of.
You know i had the great pleasure of getting to know the cast photos from my w twos the show and become very much a part of that which has been wonderful so i'll be others in your home and helping us or some of there stuff there.
Which is a wonderful way to kinda city persons dragon but.
Yeah it's been a blast can bring ball they're not be doing the one owner panel here and you're convinced track it drunk on.
Had the great pleasure last year to them also one or ask for three entire cast on show running for guests,
it last year and i got one of my dragon con bucket list items like to moderate on of those cast panels to know the couple out of the room and that was last.

[24:18] The user id and it does not spin and we need error code on usually get stories that you will never.

[24:27] What were the last year how was your com last year do you do you have any stories that stick out from the from then.

[24:35] Well can with the almost the entire when are cast the other also hundreds of one owner fans are bruises all in the town in a lot of list or podcast so
you know i have so many friends and addition not only drank on friend but runs when we're near phantom cast members of the new,
i mean he was just wall-to-wall in many directions will panels and,
at pleasure also moderating the miner fan panel last year too much and stop showing i'm a lot of fun speaking on the panels and water injures last year,
what is that getting a chance to moderate a panel no sing of that front table looking out is leno's your.
In a couple thousand people and all the smiles that ask the cast members questions is is quite a throw never probably was and he might my top item last year.
Now it is a girls a lot of fun and it is also a great i live he read the audience questions as well because i think,
there's so much it really shows are and d z hasn't is fans and over shows that.
Many are huge in the new ma this isn't game of thrones or whatever or even for dinner and probably yet i know the actors really are like a new kind of amazed that the people the show touches and how many people have told me repeatedly this is yeah.
What i do this i wait on this and i love it every week so.

[25:59] I think it's okay so i'm thinking informal poll should we start the drink on next your on wednesday.
How does one and only legally really is for it not no use for early is gonna hurt you well that's okay you can appreciate this to leave because we do you are,
our big event the most popular one certainly is the walking tours we do them on thursday afternoon so as classics
standing now we stuck it those questions he walking tours wednesday okay so to constant programming at ten am on thursday so we can walk around we're sticking to our
thursday and holy i must say though thursday like thursday afternoons becoming hard walk around and and is well it's getting yes it is we're gonna be
as always every year we try to stay on top and we appreciate we got some great feedback on the references are vinson our programming.
In the app we get a lot of feedback weeks we've just things him and sue the ones who do a wonderful job of the walking tours of thirty five all in two years helping us towards last year.
And i get hundreds of because you went out on low so yeah we're getting a little concerned that you know will be as quiet as we do those on thursday this year's lamp because i but,
then we follow it up along with those walking tours we do you and a counseling late thursday afternoon one first friday morning just open q and a on ask a question.

[27:25] The one thing the wonderful thing about those panels and also the facebook group itself is while you know for us comes to my can my cell.
I've got a pretty good amount of experience as both of you know is always used on we don't always know everything the community yesterday so much better,
i've i've learned off when people ask questions of these things or answer someone else gun oh i know that this is gonna be happening over here goo app number so what's going on so,
i've loved the community ask.
What is the craziest thing to and i think part of it you is that all of us have been the the new be olives of in the virgin at dragon con,
and you you just don't know what it's gonna be and say like hey guys here yet here's the one thing i'll tell you what would you hydrate.
The water station there they are free put that water in your bottle in your glass whatever and drink it.
Trust me you need it so yeah it never is that there's anything warm wheelchair um we can't wait sugar.

[28:28] Now it is it's the excitement being able do it is wonderful to in the new group announces.
It often has on post a question and and long before any of the admins so what's the game answer yet forty people offering insight on how.
In two vans for someone who was bringing a teenage child of someone with the younger ones someone is a first time is always got a disability orders ability group you know,
the communities rose always in mission that's and it's wonderful one as the vocal like all this is my second your arms is what idea is things i found most helpful,
and it's great to have it coming from them rather than just people and their can fifteen twenty years doesn't start wonder it's,
devices as good as it used to be so against that arriving nature of the community that makes it if this makes it so exciting.

[29:18] Who put in that is true and yeah i love it i love it i think what and you're i think what also just amaze me is every other also something you did even after all these years i find out.
Johnson say well you know john everything on again but i am other people will yeah you know i didn't my son is now nineteen.
I got somebody that the bit you in three am in the morning my son loves to go to the rates.

[29:48] What was stevens nina's you and spencer pizza,
yeah well anybody there's one here and then there was another one over here and i'm like i didn't even know that there was more than once i thought it would be like my other,
i hate being a girl by you that interesting i've i've been up tool i think three or four in the morning is the latest but you know what i was talking current time
switch to slave up while playing where will play cool for playing monsoon or play,
in another that like a game but it wasn't the game are my one books on the floor you know there was a pill yes is available station gravel in it that that's what i was doing so i do i have never seen
they are a warning um i have never seen i've never seen a race that at the,
during company also there well i guess what he still won't didn't and that's what i think you could do that,
hey whatever,
i just wish to go and then be like okay i guess i'm not doing anything tomorrow but yeah good can hear the full marks screws are.

[31:06] What is a baby like who invited the narcs.

[31:09] Who who minor parent and the engineer and that's coming from the year old with a p caring and you know global clovers little of,
yes from you but there's also agree to because,
it shows the different types of activities that are con i know at last year maybe the year before the hotel was that i was atticus and help,
and the fox river next to me they were than they were like,
your son they were the like time crown of a up hill past noon at work out oh what type and i'm the old guy who's setting up in morning i'll be back in my room by eleven or twelve and,
but it didn't matter we had fun talking in the hallway the elevator and we are going in a direction i was getting up there going to bed bugs or so you know all those only books are there i was talking about him i was on there is,
and everybody just appreciated all the other aspects icon that we didn't get a chance see,
no and and i would so much fun shoes because you know that you can go,
i see my son usually with we are trying out a get together for like one meal if we can he also volunteers concave though,
up and not with me what is rice
but he won't years king on and what's really funny is you know we have two completely separate con i it and i'm like an upgrade thing about it because your mom him fun at work that well,
the good.

[32:39] That we told that it is program your unconscious look at that list of things that is as hundreds of thousands of them air whatever me.
Is there anybody this land that you absolutely want to see the.

[32:54] We have most of the las girl cast back in and it shows on let was just saying the other animals actually it's.
And in a very at the cross over kind of way.
Two of the stars of las girls and silk was the lead and zoey power.
Are going to be guest starring on wynonna earp the season so it's very nice some crossover stuff and actually got heck of a surprise it clicks icons bring were in so does guess because,
that's when they announce that use gonna be on once girl are to be on when on earth this these as a guest star and she announce that her characters name was seven.
Good condition no later the showing announced air.
That's cool you have a phone was pretty cool guinness and i was a bit of a real mom and obviously with that with name like having.
Someone of episodes major a curious what they have in store as to why she's back,
yeah the crazy deal it now it is making me he now or does do they have to be bold twos.
Him and got totally not an answer attracted is that okay.
Me that move but hey anything are never know know how much the bbc to at the.

[34:16] Alright cool so that that's great well what before ginter game portion let everyone know where they can find more info from,
are you in in how to get your stuff out what your doing for a drink on what you doing even.

[34:34] Is star the dragon con stuff all over new be things if you go to tracking on newbies daughter or got a simple page set up there that links to things like our facebook group and many other great resources when the podcast and lots of other stuff that appear to be you,
can help on but will also leave.
And then we'll have our been sick on duty search in the app or anything else for the work movie are stuff off also beers were taxes there.
As far as my fandom activities on cast such everything is over at our armory website tuning in to sign fine tv dot com you can find one or comcast there my regular.
Weekly podcast covering all the genre shows.

[35:15] Awesome and john will be playing you don't have to write the link down every word and let doesn't write some letters and bother writing letters john will be playing all these links on the page with the same last,
that is absolutely one hundred percent
mostly gonna happen yes knows correct by the way for those of you that that are here in the podcast and one to the site it's possible that if you want on the first day which was will
as a record this was today was for safety days this is tomorrow's forcast but time cables fun um
it's it's possible that you got like a four four four some like that we move the site off of an old shared hosting and,
side over to an amazon so it would be more responsive and,
so so that's probably why probably d and s dena's has to catch up and and that do to get to the keeper basically it's that's the,
phone book that lets everybody know where to find the actual website so forget to make it work and make it worth it for yeah where do you pay yet
so we're giving all that stuff up so the game portion for this year,
oh lord really now now it promise me the only downside to being when we early gas is okay chance to listen to some of the other show well i don't think with come i don't think it's gonna matter because this error i want to be fair to lead.

[36:43] Yes i'm trying really trying to be fairly of so over the years i've collected these be windows something where that liar
liar differences to of so over the years i've collected various trivia game boxes of various d determine what not like,
one will be playing from today to most of them are horrible horrible treaties of those the fuse box you finally get tuesday morning or bras or you know something like other great,
they're questions are so it's do gently put together you can tell if somebody just slap the
you know,
what is all sander monitor or you know of mom sticker site of those nigger yeah so anyway today's we're gonna be playing something out of,
game from the star wars family feud so when i have your two cards.

[37:39] To hell over all these these are these are horrible these the usual my we we saw for like a thing was six dollars real or picked up me and my family plays with family game night every
sunday without okay this be coldplay no try to play you and we're like these answers make absolutely no sense but you know what the good for good for,
podcast water that's either good for,
so i am using a bad word of the week lol his so what we're gonna do is i'm going to i'm gonna ask giving it to go first because he's the guest,
i'm gonna ask his first questions first question is basically anisette who gets to pick in the fast money round,
house use the side windows doors everything nigga thats money oh my god so yeah it over the however many people they interviewed a survey done them pretty sure they didn't survey anybody for his half.
Kevin which star wars character would most likely get the highest grades at school.

[38:44] I'm gonna say r two d two did not even make the list leave that factors that.
Princess leah second in the and the list she got twenty two so twenty two respondents a princess leah the number one well search and family feud sell it from the bottom number six was c three po
number five was luke skywalker number for was pad and a number three obi wan kenobi number two princess lace he said number one was yoda
you'd home yeah yeah number one that come on now we've recruited and,
no that has her is not yeah that mike had neighborly okay for i put everything we got we gotta go back to those will see this when we by the way the this is this is fairly recent cuz does go back to,
force awakens but no output and that's why i think that they didn't really ask anybody because who would have said pet day it.

[39:45] And what and by the way to more people said had made in luke skywalker.

[39:50] Nz her bf so yeah i don't know it but it is what it is so this means this is where the actual points coming and this is the,
okay then cancel lee you get to decide
you can either go first or second now that you know normally in and family feud you'd have to cover your ears or go someplace else if the other guests that's where they have the dances time they get actually here and think about their,
answers well the first person anson of course first person get the the highest,
you answer why i could get lucky and in the high school who you are you know first ergo seconds your choice cuz you on the first you one the first question.
I'm first has is kevin said he doesn't always he doesn't get to hear things before i have to be honest so again you come up with,
so kevin here you go here's your chance to both acting and friday at.

[40:44] Because that i also have a one minute timer that will play as we go through
oh you are you coming tell me what were the timer times i can play for you if a million level playing field giant giant you're making me look get bad in from it will pop,
lol alright so your ego time start when i start asking the first question and get.

[41:10] Which star wars character would would like to become an author.

[41:16] Which is like name a benefit of being a clone trooper.

[41:24] Matty you don't have to buy your own clothes what would c three po we're sorry to do what are to d two like to paint.

[41:35] I'm gonna say princess leah cuz i just can't not okay and and nun list.

[41:43] I am a with our heat you like to paint you like that name repeating the.

[41:53] I would like to paints health sure that it oh what would luke skywalker most likely use the force to open.

[42:04] A jar of pickles nieman object luke skywalker would have on him at all times like there.

[42:14] Alright so you get something and all them.
Kevin back to you okay why would i use it has one answer that was the the top answer.
I have a one to five that we have here.
Yeah okay i'll so the first ones because i'm okay we'll do that we'll gonna where it which star wars character would like to become an author.

[42:46] I'm gonna go over to be one of the one that never wanna answer by the way number one answer.
Yeah name a benefit to being a clone trooper.

[42:59] Free healthcare the other with no no list but certainly seven.
Can i get free food i told no unless now not for none list free weapons training.

[43:19] Three guns to kill people if my son was on this list exactly great what is,
where am i will give you moved will give it will give it will mark is that okay in,
i'll do the instrument what would r two d two like to paint i'm gonna say sunsets hmm okay.

[43:48] What would the duke sky walker likely use the force to open.

[43:55] The door and and name and object skywalker would have on him at all times.

[44:04] Bitch i am his rope hm nope not on the list so i am just.

[44:16] Have on him mm yes i am at a belt the clip for there's.
Hey no on him is just so we're as is where be on the light saber i don't even know does he.

[44:36] The keys to the spaceship i mean what am i gonna be.
Who say i can't wait to get the millions of the mayor's very few points anyway re to will move on so lease said for the first question which star wars character would its name was paper there's.
Which which star wars character would like to become an author she said princess leah that's a number to answer of thirteen points.
And kevin said obi wan kenobi which was the first answer for seventeen points,
new at living with a cranky yeah or other characters number eight chewbacca and the wife number seven r two d two number six your derby ks again why.
Number five again or to you tube you have with the mind number five is luke skywalker three c three po a season four c.
How you doing i thought about that is land but that's more based on the new glover version of land because he will love because he was actually writing about everything molding.

[45:50] Who.
Dana benefit to being a clone trooper lease said clothes are not assets so we count that as uniforms for seven points.

[46:03] And we gave kevin armor armor is okay if was a point where the stress is a point what would or turn table yet.
What would r two d two like to paint lease said houses i i thought about and said okay well you know what he.
He lives next week so x-one sounds good.
That's four points church and yeah given that sunsets which ironically is landscapes so i gave him seven points of only other benefits of being a clone trooper number cell number seven travel.
Number six was uniforms number five is they all look the same.
Number for was on the number three one size fits all to is blend in and number one was brotherhood because of course people would say brother with that something that.
I would have said brother never number one million and her things are to d two would like to paint the x wing as we discussed droids circuits landscapes portrait.
Car ship himself or c three po being the number one answer.

[47:14] The car is lower and for the record you carry it on the low fears is a slow some portrait come on at.
Okay yeah i'm still having it hasn't alright what would luke skywalker most likely use the force to open a kevin got the number one answer with door.
We got the number two answer would jar starting from the bottom with ship lock model in can.
Which what we tell.

[47:55] That was again so i need it for the number one million thirty seven point for number one twenty five for number two.
Thirty seven wow here's where me make or break the game name and what is the whole wheat on keeping up scores so right now
kevin is and i'm using excel.
It is not a minor but by kenny my fingers and having that sixty-nine and we is at forty nine three is twenty one that.
You miss you missed the point somewhere recount am is this florida that it is in hand him broadcasting reported,
so lightsaber being the number one and we gave kevin com device does everything else is worth three points and white except for one thing getting second light sabers with eighty one points,
oh okay hmm might drop game over the number for thing was a phone.

[49:01] Well i guess number three was a calm device which oh okay in number two with the painting and.
Hand her the info but he noticed lose go up.
I think i finally figured out who they ask these questions so yeah young tiller.

[49:24] Are we leaving kevin matas to jefferson will tell you to scores and find of the glee one game her first game of the gary are the seven get.
I actually did john i'm on itself doing well it's one thirty to seventy two in my name is a point somewhere but yeah.

[49:45] Hold on a canon at eight so now what you gonna be on something and you are coming as an attending professional,
will you make sure to put on your web site before con were you gonna be all the change of course,
but even if a looking for you specifically,
it's hard to find it any professional somehow in the app but just in case so we me and you nature but as of right yes i used to be a google doc office folks get,
and also be attending professional r and b app and you can loosen their names and what are,
i john is not in that they are because john is one as well but in case something happened your height your gonna have it there to that of the great prophet lots of fun only super who's your favorite character other than list for a course.
I'm gonna maze.

[50:39] Delphine and trixie is the the little girl is so damned adorable and lose her jerky when they banter its accusing in our room and some great stuff to.
They are they really got a good job with the people tom and the little girl doing that is hysterically funny no awesome is john lee usa now so the final scores or kevin seventy three league one thirty four.
It barely came around it literally came down the last lane can you not i can the now got different but okay so one thirty four and seventy they're awesome and i'm keeping up with these that your john.
I'm making myself pretty.
And and all i know is all those folks were listening to this so now we're gonna come on later is guests are not terrify the question is on the well like i said i have a piece of the very is lame
games i will be using throughout the course of this this us by our aunt and they are very star wars family guy who know.
Get me more than the moral family feud is needed to get it.
Oh harry potter family feud and this is understandable front never know where to connect because if it can also be question of his brand of general knowledge quiz box me see louis we have here.

[51:59] Which exotic spices more expensive than gold by weight that front pic is.
Well i got married us have to get in so you have stockpiles of saffron buried in your backyard.
It's very and it is very in the wall the smell lovely smelled alright alright so i'm gonna thousand.

[52:27] Nothing okay got it okay thank you owe you a thank you hug.

[52:35] Least you hundred percent water content with high school you ever hear will never hear the end of.

[52:45] I need.
Anywhere in the seven day you very much for joining us a really appreciate you taking time out of extremely busy schedule and you know again to renew check out the newbie group on drake wrote on facebook drink on the go from facebook,
check it would kevin's up to talk on the tap in and it.
How old is your park and new examples that very much but always a blast looking for to get us to the spot ideologically it.

[53:16] Yeah we'll thursday we just don't know what we'll be doing but yeah.

[53:22] So until next to chris is john were kevin and leave that same.

[53:28] Music.

[53:34] Which one of a little longer at the.
This has been a production of the unique heat to leave a comment or suggestion pole acetate one three three two one zero t huge it for email us at the jackson community dot com.
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[54:08] I actually what i wanted lol you can you how on you can do that can't you at when.