50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 21 - Widgett And Tuffley Of The Coffee

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you don't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a right to be supporting small.

[0:33] Music.

[0:45] The days of dragging come on the podcast get sleepy half way through and lee is still on vacation probably sipping some might is by the,
up my eyes.
Anyway so join me tonight or two of the folks at the fine loonies over there at need coffee.com first we have tuffley tuffley how you doing,
I'm I'm fine I think I'm used to like not getting dinner ductions or shows that don't have beginning,
so I'm shocked we got there so hello and the chief bottle washer in and cook,
met cooker so it is no which yes i in responsible for the walking dead apocalypse.

[1:40] So before we get into this thank you guys didn't think you're jumping for joy Williams here William how you doing,
i want to go over couple of the the most recent guests that we haven't talked about of course last time we really do guest update the stranger things kids,
been announced and i think during that time i forgot to mention benda quang from dr strange until the war well dr strange really these,
take everybody wants Blu-ray,
unfortunately i was i think if i remember correctly i was in one of the cars they got run into you at the at the very end spoilers by the way and there's some cars the good running do,
and at the end credit scene and supply you were there but then you're gone snap right i was at,
precept it had the sea of ignorance and christine caine and john cam from the librarians last time.

[2:48] I see i haven't seen any of this so these are all niggas to make while then we also me may have mention river did of a palm clementines and if i don't i pronounce maid displayed mantis i think it's actually pronounced smith,
and put me on that Karen Gillian most of the,
most of the remaining living folks no actually was Karen Gillian Karen Gillian.

[3:27] Cuz she didn't get snap,
john heater header or heater he's a heater header from the point on my i think that's awesome grass and if.

[3:46] To wong sorry michael rosenbaum from smallville and justice league the tv series.
Tom willing who i didn't think was ever going to do that they said you'd every concert out that's what he said or maybe was he would never where the super and.
Form the of course was on smallville you played bill clark and somebody else please it been and the.
He's awesome Lucifer apparently and I'm going to turn about that.
I'm wondering if he'll be back next season was for actually says there is a next season on netflix right yeah.
I don't want to shows show any good.

[4:30] I saw the first couple of episodes I think which did if I had more time which I don't.
Totally making a guilty pleasure watching the reason is and is not a spoiler cuz he does this all the time.
But basically when you have a crime procedural show where one of the people is like a psychic or telepathic can like fire is with their mind whatever it is they have to hide.
How their ability help them solve the crime rate that's the whole,
the whole thing of the series is tried to keep that hidden he didn't give a damn at all he'll just walk up and say yes I am I am Lucifer and I I'm going to,
originally ruler as hell how are you he doesn't care who knows most people don't believe him obviously but the fact that he doesn't care that you know or not I find relentlessly hilarious.
SLA most people say that that's very true.

[5:36] Last time I was there I had three people introduce themselves that way and then asked me for $5 for taking picture with him,
was it just $5 man they gave you a discount also had a couple of start Star Trek universe guests Ethan Phillips Robert Duncan McNeill,
and John de Lancie Q himself I did not realize that he is also a voice on My Little Pony.
Will you hills in addition also voicemail thousand three games really which one,
old ceo of that really yeah he's a dustin's dad i did not know that.
Okay I Jason Isaacs from Star Trek Discovery in probably most people known from Harry Potter,
and the or which does anybody know if it's coming back for a second season.

[6:32] Did anybody watch it besides me.
I thought it was a very interesting he's up he's acting up for a second season but it was a very interesting show was very,
year and explain but anyway i enjoyed it but yeah he's there a guy that that i only know from long meyer blue diamond phillips i don't know i'm from anything else.
Oh yeah that's right he was also in a couple of things but wouldn't fills gonna be there was using stargate universe.
Yeah he was sitting SGS Peoria.

[7:16] We also we also who wait what who the hell what.
Well that one Lou Ferrigno is back in if his pictures to believe he's still about 42 years old.

[7:37] You of course was the incredible hulk and just announce tonight grammy tab dish.
Um the hobbit preacher at lander and red dwarf.
You was just announced wouldn't know about chris for two hours ago
there's your update on on gas and speaking of guests you guys have been coming to dragon con for ab or was your first condie member which,
1893 okay when was the first Dragon Con.

[8:15] Eighteen ninety three and it was held in a log cabin,
basically the same spot it is now but back then there was alot more land available at i also want to say that is some i could get a picture with john to lazy,
i wish i and richard rountree together then you have a q a q and someone was in the movie q i will give you a dollar that the that the.
Tell me ask you an 1893 was it was there where the room still sold out in 20 minutes absolutely yes,
what the fuck.

[9:09] Okay,
some of it was there and so it was in the Hyatt and that was it. That's all they had as far as,
pays for things to happen so obviously it's.
Add it six paid to the beach since then it's unloaded yeah ww under your first time,
and also when did you go to dragon con i i think it was what two thousand four.

[9:47] I was i just started i just ready for i been ready with,
stuff for a while now mister mister plumed mr kemp loan and.
Can hook me up with wedge and then I started doing stuff I need coffee I think I found my first one was 2004 I think that's alright.
So i have no longer memory malaysia also he thought he was a dragon con ed ninety three so you may not be the best judge,
sushi was is over now it's one of those weird time traveler photos apparently that i have with tom flea in the eighty ninety five one lol,
what were you in the meeting with the with the Russian officials anyway.

[10:34] Will six seven stickers eight sidetracked myself corky park nigger keeper yeah so so since m one when did you actually start guessing and or moderating panels the rumor,
no your first panel as you ever did,
no I know my first panel was it was it was the year that Neil Gaiman came to the Khan and he was supposed to do a media panel and,
was not able to make it,
and i walked in and the guy was in charge basically yelled we just get up here and i basically did the panel but no it was that was,
that was ninety eight because i had just interviewed neil at world horror con a few months previous and so i had.
Enough material about him to basically do the panel as a that was the first time,
I had meant to be on a panel or moderate a panel but I was drafted into it and.
That's how it started the first one's always free.

[11:48] And because is drying and all the rest of your freeze will be uk it know they know i mean yes they make me pay i pay every time.
Regina let me know if that was correct what about you what was your first family member,
which is which if you ever been to any of our paddles is kind of an odd christening for anyone really but but there you go I believe it was a make the bad man stop.
No you guys do you guys cuz I'm on there too but you guys do
and lease track traditionally and,
it's a very bit the beginning of the pond the pond at the beginning of the kind at the end of the con what what exactly is make the bad man stop.
Make the bad man stop is,
basically where we take questions from the audience which we.
People to ask his questions otherwise we'll just ramble of the place um about up coming film and television projects that.

[13:14] Weather it's marvel or dc pretty,
oh we talk about and some things that aren't,
famously we 4 years were there telling people that there was a Super Soakers movie in development.
And people scoffed at us,
and then the battleship movie came out and we said see see everything everything is going to be turned into a movie,
and then a television show and probably a Broadway musical and then they'll make a movie out of the Broadway musical so.
Pretty much i could tell anyone listings podcast think of the,
most cherished cartoon television show breakfast cereal from your childhood I promise you someone owns the rights and they're working on it right now and increasingly it seems more more like it's dizzy that owns the rights,
yes I am sweet actually the answer is yes wait let me see if I can get upset about that.
I can't either seeing as they seem to let their,
properties just do with that the properties that you can acquire and let them do what they're going to do and leave them alone at least right now.

[14:37] Just give them the D what he called the financial backing to,
and the,
that's it we had the discussion of weather that would make,
Scully a princess or not.
I know this now cuz billion points out no because he's not royalty correct that of your feeling or animated well.
That is true i can having seen the reminder what's that film about her but she's not animated and she's still to no right from the start since princes lab has been animated.
That make or does the princess sb by primarily in an animated disney movie.

[15:29] Me and ma dismally according to claim that a courting to the the resources done with cheese on probably excessive amounts of research to much research yet very different people's opinions and things like that was a hookah.
So what's up what panels are you going to be on this year at least tentatively scheduled to be on this year.

[15:50] Doctor Who new series of curious because you know it's going to be warm up,
I'm like what you expect,
from siri there's a new series is even started yet room where we store yeah it's good air probably after drying con man and we know there's gonna be chris especially just adds,
white lots of lots of interesting exciting new stuff be getting good to happen again.
Which is nice so and also you know nothing major we major lee importance is happening on who anyway nothing we haven't,
we want to talk about yeah there's there's nothing international for the season so yeah not a exciting saturday and now,
one thing that we've about driving and it's not just you know it's not your genre it's it's where we everything in it in a pot,
and I got a couple of times that I do about music,
which is pretty cool and one of them to be doing is a panel about the beatles white album,
and Yellow Submarine both of which turned 50 this year.

[17:07] Ha right which has a fifty percent chance of more people liking me because we're not doing a magical mystery tour panel which better offer not doing that i disagree lol.
There's a better movie coming.

[17:27] Set you that's why we're not doing that hell.
I want to try something a little newer joint cuz i usually do a re pop panel which is about british music usually current version is,
dollar try something new this year gonna try some sort of some sort of two handed sword of panel game show beast that we're gonna try sell that sounds that sounds fun so were working on that,
so that and probably a couple more surprises that I'm not aware of yet but I will know soon.
And we'd you're on fair number of,
you might already for Andrew panels plus you also Orchestra a couple of big events correct,
yes i i don't know if working street is the right verb but will go with that because i'm too tired to think of an appropriate lesser synonym
not enough Dion nor harmonies for it to be in the Jeff Lynne sense although I do.

[18:37] But I think I would I would absolutely that's what we need we need Jeff Lynne as a guest of DragonCon cuz I mean think about it there's a UFO involved absolutely I'm just saying and,
we can do is there to do panel that's why i only finally well that's here.
So now we're doing first ball were doing.
This again our improvisational,
problem solving game john you are a long time participant in this madness,
have an excellent job of being broken into your composite Adams by Mad Men last year we have,
that he who down my privilege sufficiently yes sell that.

[19:31] So repressed memories that you'll.

[19:36] Basically that's that was Friday last year there's no telling where it'll end up cuz they have they punted around.
But generally that's over in the Westin I believe I think it wasn't you wouldn't last year last year was in,
using two to two two to height i think this is okay i the,
these fifteen connor hotels straight i just hair fall on third and one hotel in and in another that's that's a questionable they
wow that's what we should do sometime you were traveling panel just take the entire audience I just walk over to somebody else
no that is that that's where we need to second line to basically start a parade.

[20:29] From one panel to another that would be sick but also we're doing the bunny coffee Fun Fest,
again where we give out we play games with the audience and and ourselves get give them what we do that on occasion but usually backstage and we give you all these chances to win fabulous prizes.
Or at least whatever we can afford for that we have lying around at the time it's generally pretty insane and people seem to enjoy themselves especially later in the evening when.

[21:08] Guess some people have been drinking I don't know I don't think that's kind of thing goes on a Dragon Con I have no idea.
That they may be thrown.

[21:21] Katie is generally thrown yes so if you if you have a sensitive skull that would be dented by candy of some kind impacting it,
then please wear a hard hat or at least you know cover yourself with your arms can I suggest just orange peanuts this year just orange peanuts.

[21:46] Circus peanuts the yes oh my God,
in the city city run for while and no one no one wants to eat them and they lie on the floor and ground into the carpet you have not thought this through john,
not think that's exactly what i about the ripple all those appalling pass,
lord circus peanuts peanuts and candy colored and cap and the offer and sweethearts oh no,
no we do not give out that stuff. I will tell you again if anything we would we would do a game like we did years ago in which the game was don't win this Olsen twins DVD.
And whoever was the last person you know where was can in last one the olsen twins dvd.

[22:44] And leave those rocks actually one that as and then and then we were like was she sick last letter join up now she tried to in the rain.
Oh yes he went for the old twins dvd because that's right she's very contrary and,
but that is part of our recruitment ceremonies it's like well I got a wife that way yes you did,
she did and we invited the olsen twins to your wedding but baby baby rsvp know how do they work there.
Oh God will John Oliver's to believe me believe there's only one anyway.
They could have been there just one of them would have been there so do you guys have any like
even going to drink on for a long time to have any tips where's your what's your way if you tell him i was attending would be the number one thing for the first time what would be the number one thing that you tell them to to do.

[23:41] Besides go to all your panels.
Don't walk if you don't have to.
Turn up that's a good point preserve preserve your energy i would also say give yourself plenty of time to get places.
Cuz there are too many people.
I don't want to sound like fanos here but car to another awesome thing to do that's a no show up in a panel just snapping in half people have to leave.
When will when it about to many people at the public or is there no.
Oh good lord Sir Paul McCartney shows up and it's not the fingers.
What dose it ever causing to many problems the accident if it's to be believed there's not enough love to go around.

[24:50] Well but that doesn't like what is a calm really is the land of confusion there are freaky looking puppets for having to,
what's good for you you cant remember i am deathly for you looking but not,
keep bear in mind that sometimes going outside despite the fact that.
Whatever the weather whatever the weather is leading up to the con.
It's probably going to be nice and cool and Breezy and make you think that it's going to be you know a nice,
weather weekend don't be fooled be prepared for something,
torrential rain or hot baking sun or both I mean it's due to heavy sunspot activity the generally happens every Labor Day in Atlanta.
It is gonna be crazy so be prepared to leave the hotels and go down the sidewalk and i would say specially if you gonna be on peachtree street give yourself plenty of time as i have never.
A guy i've been in york many times i've never been in sidewalk gridlock before like i have a drug so.

[26:11] Do you have any do you guys have any Traditions that you that you do it a drink on like is there is a night that you go out for for dinner and you go to a specific place for dinner,
when trying to people information when stock you at now i have a tradition where every monday night,
I go home and then sleep for about 36 hours and then wake up and usually couple times I'll wake up in the night,
screaming like oh my God where the prizes and then I realize it's over and then I just kind of roll over and go back to sleep,
that's that's a big tradition hmm yeah i think that's my number one drunk on tradition right you totally.
Are there's a chicken place that set at peachtree center is a very good yeah which we lay to to at least once,
and I I take Tuesday off so.

[27:13] This is a that's probably wise on everyone take tuesday off now do tough liam not sure if you're aware but then me maybe you are as you're talking with madmen and and rost
last episode Peachtree Center is currently under renovation and,
wasn't as i've seen a lot of is he and cd is at the to say the least the.
Um scarce.
And so you're checking please might be impact more than it usually is sensible have a lighted because its so yeah it's really close today so yeah that.
Is he that dumb idea where the things you yellow because everyone's going like forties early now that may be one of the things and doing to be doing tuesday or wednesday friday.

[28:09] Do you guys ever go off off site to for dinner or anything that sometimes from,
Yeah couple years ago crack work was actually playing on the third day and I think I think we tried to go to that or or or a film show or something I remember.
That was a couple years ago but yeah sometimes if there's something else going on you can sneak off.

[28:40] Yeah I know that the what is it the anklet that they use to track your whereabouts you can fool it for a little while.
Yeah as long as there's nothing on the other side of your badge that says you have to be somewhere you're usually okay right.
Alright so guys before well before given to our,
into our quiz hear that liam has been diligently working on finding cards out of let's see where using the stuff out of the best of tv and movies from the folks ma keep brought to the logo game they brought you this,
feel crappy little trivia game the logo game yes exactly the famous load game have purest its famous yeah.

[29:23] Yes it's famous let people know where they can find you on the interwebs you know for your regular day job.

[29:34] Well maybe not really your day job day job but you is what I do all the time and I Hate My Boss,
buy he you know you always say you want no one.
Yeah the coffee that come when we get a schedule and we trust the schedule we will post the schedule,
and let you guys know what it's happening where you can find us and I am on Twitter apps widget widget,
i was named after my great grandmother my paternal side.
Basically I will post stuff they're generally have to set reminders to myself to do it because once I walk into a room with a panel I tend to forget why I'm there and that's why his handlers.

[30:31] And what about you totally really thought about my online presence I considered it quite a bit and then I threw all those ideas out and just went by tufli on Twitter.
I meant to you f f l u one that is correct and a notify me on spotify and facebook and,
there will actually be because I do a playlist show called randomizer,
and that there will be a random eyes are for specially for drying con that will be out early in around that week so watch your spotify is if you're if you're into that sort of thing music for lines.
Yeah you can download.
I guess if your Spotify Premium or something you can download tough Lee's playlist and use it as your soundtrack for the weekend because the Wi-Fi is going to suck you might want to download it,
vying for each IP address so.

[31:28] May the odds ever be in your favor oh oh,
this our last time to and weirdly enough but still thinking about doesn't come through the recording though which is the sad part of all of the nothing in the fixes,
just just for the blisters at home he is now sounds like he's like.
At the top of the if you imagine the roman coliseum where the emperor stands and there's like is,
cavernous Echo is the booms voice out.
Are you not entertained.

[32:20] Better now.

[32:25] Alright 1 days of Dragon Con it's weird I have to pause the recording on the MacBook.
Well sorry on mac will get it to me actually to get that to go away but yet it's not recording isn't recording that affect on the,
device then pausing it on it's weird weird weird alright so William William has a put together a series of,
questions the object of tonight's game is to get is to get the,
be the first to earn three cards.
Okay wings like with it works and i got the questions on your house late to go of the first to get three cards or get in order to get me in order to get ss.
Or do you have to answer all the questions on the card correctly oh god.
What's fair for this will there will start with will start with wage well what's the first category just pull one randomly other than a geography know we are talking me,
gunsmoke gunsmoke so you're questions are gunsmoke got what's a list of millie's you have to get two out of the out of the four questions are on their corrected.

[33:41] First Russian who played Marshal Matt Dillon on the long-running western who played Marshal Matt Dillon.

[33:53] Was it Arness.
Yes was other know who this one go with expression which film and those are turn down the lead role recommended hell are as who got and helen's was literally on the card i do not know what that suppose to mean but.

[34:11] But recommended Powell Arness or we just talked about and got it how they could have ended that question.
If you want to help him win sure.
Which guy i have no idea to be stored on a john wayne,
damn next question is which regular movies movies.
Play who Frankenstein Frankenstein oh.

[35:01] That's probably going to be Shady no Lon Chaney Jr.
It was Glenn Strange oh.
He was he came out to Cheney are you going to get this question right to get this but he can't have him slowly with his arms raised.
Get this question right or gets card yet i'd sparky give me whiskey.
That is exactly how it works in Red Dead Redemption.

[35:34] It's dueling after play the marshals limping psychic chester good god.

[35:42] Dueling that that's hours are do was and i quote ss i need a nook.

[35:53] It's i'm no idea shawn st with the.
Dance lever this weaver don't know why did you know that alright tough will you get the next of queso that's the dual reference okay got to an ip the blue house.
Oh no you may get these when name the lead character who let the series power way through season two.
Medicare does name that i didn't curse out but it's incur cell phone and it was a curtis okay be bigger so is acceptable corsica i should taking sunglasses up at the visual roberts and everyone got that.

[36:35] Blue was controversial for showing more this the most series.
Dennis Francis but these questions because I chose one of them one of them on the car not prepared for this turn of events.
Are you guys so that was with the correct it will the the strength but what if i like to actively on guard or a medium next.

[37:03] NCIS Los Angeles special agent office of special projects.
Lol cool j merrill silly guy knows i'm so going,
expression which NCAA which NCIS LA cast member has been to for inclusion into that rock and roll,
what foreign language does the senior field agent sam hanna or lol cause a sweet fluently,
lol cool j ladies latinas no,
there's a there's a kelly with the spanish,
arabic there of of clothes when i think when i see a ll cool j i think they're vic has gone.
That heavy lane ge is a former intelligence agent and always peas operation manager plate wait linda who yes.

[38:19] That's what I'm right who Linda Cool J.
I was going to hunt Saturday Night Fever.
What color suit does Tony Manero wear on the famous movie poster.
White the city's white it is indeed right these were from.
Was time and arrows in cary at the beginning of the movie producers showed it the type of the shop he worked in.

[38:57] You cared beginning a movie so what type of shop you working yes.
Crap i don't remember a boom box because he made boom boxes for the bucket isn't do you campaigned.

[39:14] But it still my card what kind of telling american food it does tony order in the opening scene of the movie.

[39:23] I don't know spaghetti is visa.
That's that's debatable was gonna say pizza but are.

[39:40] Write what profession does turning tony's brother frank jr quit much the display me as family.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

[39:58] Sorta as friendly the priesthood in the catholic catholic church that's cause.
I'll give you half a point okay good but you need to definitely your next.
For 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later,
a bag of new,
20 weeks later sequel to what film,
i made the your create what does made european city is being read and re populate with the help of the us army of.
I know right of the attacker has to be moving on so we can move on from the stops and talk.

[40:54] I'd like to say yes but where do i have everybody hates chris oh okay sure let's rock.
When there is present in the answer the first question okay of the hospital rate was to answer every so tired of.
Actually I think I kind of.

[41:18] It's not the one is it no that's that's a that's a friend the one that.
I don't have no idea if chris rock if it's everybody hates all there but it's okay alright the shows tales refund what other succumb everyone loves raymond yep i got one.

[41:40] Wage that you are right,
this is a basic random questions potluck questions okay during what week of the year for a Feeding Frenzy,
that's the one shark week yes,
living room week like it's Shark Week to clarify that that was fish not you I thought the same thing.
I thought one question of the day.
What do in 13 filmed after the events of the Somali pirate takeover of the cargo vessel MV Alabama this routes several things.
Yeah captain phillips this correct it starts at noon,
for the win here this next next life.
The simple life.

[43:00] What hotel heiress in the reality series.
As of yet.

[43:14] I think I forgot that that's what that show was.
It was her nicole richie raise up the second question why am i to get the second question right musical richard nixon answer,
and that's it we can't catch up.
Ice age vegas.
Mets sixty minutes isn't taxi heater the french connection csi miami and cbs sports.
Oh okay i ask him to find stuff that he didn't recognize all doing water sports.

[44:11] You are in another it's always joy division that's for which.

[44:19] Alright so tough Elite Eppley wins that that that game and that's the end of our show so again where they can find more information about you and and where to follow you.

[44:31] Woodbridge supply after uses you want,
oh well you can find me as I mentioned on Twitter creatively entitled at topley and that's usually where I you can find,
and I can also I don't really post anything random works.com but the III frequent there as well.

[44:56] So the coffee to come from the as i mentioned twitter is w i d ge t t with the two t's and get if you go to twitter dot com,
but you tease then pretty much link to all of my stuff can be found there as well so that's where you can say.
Neat and and don't forget to check out the fun fest me and turns on his wall as of the other great stuff that both of which tends to do things until next.
Or william which intently the champions he's observed.
John st please was raped.

[45:44] Nothing it wasn't Dakota.

[45:55] This has been a production of the unique geek,
leave a comment or suggestion pole acetate one three three two one zero two digit or email us at the jackson community dot com,
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it'd under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[46:18] Music.