50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 22 - Carol Of The Urban Fantasy

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Nothing but you like when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to.
This is the complete.

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[0:41] The days of DragonCon the podcast that is in the alley with a vampire and a devil in a zombie,
and joining me tonight as Lee is still somewhere probably harassing the pool boy somewhere,
Damian man man how you doing buddy hey guys.
What's going on here I'm okay nothing's going on been pretty pretty quiet Damien we got to get to this,
I know she probably saw it on Twitter but DragonCon and the peach tree have notified us at the food court will be operational.

[1:21] Yes officially you don't have to worry about your cheap eats in your steady diet of whatever you need the food court definitely is open,
i actually saw that earlier today and quite happy and like all thank god somebody,
given as an official form one your gonna have food in and blue i think we always do to food court wasn't be open it was a matter of the seating and somehow they according again corn the drying point during cons
Twitter and Peachtree Sanders Twitter,
not only will they have the same number of seats we're going to have a hundred fifty more seat I don't know how you do that with all the construction I see going on over there but you know I guess they can figure it out,
8 look and we're just going to go on a pebble system you're going to have to walk in Peachtree Center region the bucket and if you pick up White pebble out of the Sea of black Pebbles than you take the long walk,
now I do know that it still is true that the upstairs is going to be.

[2:21] Closed off so yes but my hot dog guy will be out there I promise you it it's really really there's a wonderful hot dog vendor that I forget that every time I'm down there for DragonCon that I at least get one hot dog
wonderful beef hot dogs when I die right outside of the CVS with the hot dog cart,
there you go and also hey you know also I don't know if we should encourage us or whatever but usually people up there some water for a dollar to ice cold water.
So if you are in need of water and you find yourself without any of you know i wasn't bucking and your pocket you'll.
Be able to grab on those cuz it will be hot in atlanta most likely.

[3:06] Does it always is but you know sometimes at night the vampires so i don't know how to transition we normally does this part of the show eight gonna give danny.
No you good no yelling no the vampires come out and zone visa shambling in but someone who might know a lot about these kind of things are getting
is Carol Carol from the urban fantasy trackhoe before I get to the house to do still go to point out that Eddie McClintock is still not,
the Grand Marshal for the parade Carol earlier in the,
this year that was incorrect so we've been wrong about the food court or the wrong about Eddie McClintock be in the Grand Marsh,
so Regina's keeping us on our toes
directions to Carol you are the director of the urban fantasy track and as per usual I got to ask you this question what does it mean.

[4:10] Well are the best way to do probably define urban fantasy is that
urban fantasy is it's not always contemporary but people think of it as taking place in Moore
yeah current contemporary times but what the difference between urban fantasy and say you're more traditional fantasy or high fantasy is that,
it's in a recognizable world it's typically the real world.

[4:40] That we all know and adding and the supernatural in the forms of.

[4:46] Sometimes there are some friendly monsters hey there are no monsters using the lube the term loosely living amongst us and it that is probably the best distinction,
to make that it's.
That it's it doesn't has a basis in the Supernatural ended magic but it's in a recognizable world that's something that we see every once in awhile you might have something,
there has maybe in an alternate dimension involved as well but typically the primary action takes place and
but we would recognize as being the real world even if it is a somewhat different view of it.

[5:28] So for example the kind of shows that you would that you have on your tracker or Supernatural.

[5:35] We
do we have we have Supernatural and that's which were very fortunate considering how long the show has been on the air is 13 years a long time and you know.
It's going to be back again and we feel very fortunate to be,
you are able to cover that and are at the fans are very faithful so we appreciate that and that's actually how I met Damian got in touch with me after
what the fuck
unfortunately in its last season so we have you know a large.

[6:25] A large grouping of someone,
different styles of urban fantasy and.
We also were fortunate to get the new show siren this year which is very interesting if you haven't seen it and i am hoping that that's than four hundred,
yes and as you've never seen them trust me will probably not anyway in so we you know we do have we have those in.
We do have American Gods and we actually have cash members coming from American Gods this year as as well as a number of other.
Another number of other shows and I think we it's the number is 14 of.
We have fourteen shows that we cover that are either currently airing or are buffy and angel when the.
We can track was disbanded beaver fortunate enough to inherit buffy and angel and so those are the those the two that we cover that are not.

[7:42] You know the.
The currently airing and when I say that I mean that those are the ones that we run panels on in terms of discussion panels are the ones that are you know for currently airing shows as opposed to,
you know I have been off for example we have lost girl cast coming this year which were very excited about because that show has been,
part of the track that we won't have a discussion panel on will have the gas that the media gases gas on the panel but are on the track but not.

[8:16] You know we won't be at we won't be hosting a discussion of the show we also cover things like iZombie and another favorite is,
we have been very fortunate to to be able to have a wide variety and,
then love you now lucifer shadow hunters little bit of everything use atlantic.

[8:41] Was going to say an even the,
somewhat trippy new show happy yes so so we do have you know,
why do why friday feel very very fortunate to have some so many good things out there that are.

[9:04] Shit into our category.
Do you have to do the shows half of you obviously we you mention of Buffy and Angel are our shows that are currently not airing although of course Buffy is now
at least it's rumored and looks like it's going forward there getting it there getting another,
series started a continuation if you will but do the shows have to be running for you too,
most part for to be on your track or is it is it like the silicon in a case buffy
Buffy and Angel they really if you if you look at the Grand scope of of
the different tracks that are DragonCon they really don't fit anywhere else I mean you can say you can make the argument that can go in classic site American classic Sci-fi but it's,
that really that mean to look at the list of shows that they have their which is
a lot because of covering mostly had older older older shows that doesn't really fit in there either because of the the vampire on that's not really a psi phi show as much as it is,
i'm good.

[10:12] Show right right right as it deals with supernatural forces and what typically what happens is that.
When there's a show that is currently airing those are the ones that people,
mostly want to talk about when they come to con and there are there are shows that after they go off the air.
If there if the cast members come such as in the case of Lost Girl this year that shows been off for a few years now but then,
yeah they're coming back which is which is great fans have been asking for that and they are a lot of fun to work with so I'm thrilled that they're coming back so we will have we will have those get we will still have guests from that,
show if they come if it's one that we used to cover but we don't.

[11:05] We don't do no panels on them every year in the case of Buffy and Angel,
what are the reason and we will have a lot of Buffy content this year we don't
have any specific people other than christian kane who was on angel he's coming as part of librarians cast but i'm sure he'll be fielding some angel questions as well
oh I've got some Wolfram and Hart questions that still need to be answered okay there you go there you go so you can do that but,
isn't that i think it's important that we can cover those is because there was a track that use to be you know,
it was based around them it was formed because of them not only because of them but that those were the basis of you know that the Wheaton track or the foundation of the Wheaton track and I and I also feel as though,
two shows buffy in particular.
Because angel was a spin off but that that those two shows had a huge affect on john or programming and you know that any other.
Any other or when fantasy show but a you know definitely knows something.

[12:23] To that to both of them and again probably buffy even more so but no angel was on for five years and it had a huge impact on the kinds of things we see now and i think that.

[12:37] You know you have to kind of recognize the roots of.

[12:43] You know where your where your jonra had at the beginning and actually last year was the first year we.
Buffy and angel on urban fantasy track and the the.
Discussion panel that I did for Buffy was titled you are all here because of me.
And that was pretty much my that's how I feel about it anyway that that you know that that that show has had the impact on everything that came after it and,
I believe that most any writers.
Set the fuck up.
That that was the puffy was an influence on her you know for the kind of thing she wanted to do so.

[13:40] That's why they get there you know the facial get programming whereas the others get the discussion panels are all ones that are currently airing we do it we do one for ones that.
You know it's their last season and things like that we have a few of those this year like the originals librarian so.
And i say zombies going into his,
last season next year yes yes so.

[14:09] So that will you know you know you hate to see something go when you really enjoy it but at the same time,
if it's going to go right lisa get,
a chance to finish the standard way they want yeah sure what it shows that that when we talk about this i think on the panel a lot of times where.
They've gone far far too long.
Write me like that like i'm still watching out of obligation than that the same time we end up heavily critiquing
bad the season was where the things that we really didn't like about the season vs cuz what i guess let me throw in the car yet once again a lot of the panels on
that Carol has on a programming track.

[14:55] Currently it its a pain on panel obviously to their several people there but there's there's also fellow writers.
There are typically that she keeps on most of her panels of metal lot of great people have written some wonderful books over the past couple years of being on pet care of programming track come.
And we all say the same thing is like maybe this should have wrapped up way earlier and so with now you know with with Buffy,
peanut that's coming back but then was iZombie okay we know we have one season we can now kind of make sure we're wrapping this up and give it kind of fitting finale.

[15:36] Right exactly and actually my husband and I were discussing at the other night and this is not in the urban fantasy genre but it it does play into what you were talking about we were.
We've recently the news came down that colony was not being renewed and we both enjoy that show and,
I told him I said well you remember we had this discussion back when Falling Skies was on that that sometimes,
certain genres kind of have to have an endpoint and I think that the post-apocalyptic one is kind of that way,
that's a personal feeling and again has nothing to do with my track but I but I you know I do that but I'm in the The Wider Spectrum,
yes there are things that that perhaps do go on too long and need to kind of you know have a game plan for the end and,
you know.
Um people may feel differently about different shows but that's why we talked about him a kind that's like world what do we what did we most enjoy and what did we wish they hadn't done
and it will you know babe encourage people to come out and listen and i do thank you damion for mentioning that the the,
panels are typically a mix of.

[17:00] Babe they can be anybody but I try to do a good mix of people who are on the official guests
last you know who would be either writers or,
yeah other with we had some other podcasters that are come on that who you were very involved and one particular show property are other that,
that's been very helpful when that will continue and then also people were just really big fans to get in touch with me and say hey i'd really like to,
to do this and you know if if i've got the space i'm willing to give people shots or you know get up there and do it and it
did I think it works out well to have that balance I like it at that mix I definitely have always enjoyed it over the past few years of being on your panels meant it it's really if you come to
urban fantasy fan panels.
It's literally you in a room full of people that really really like to show we very rarely have people sitting in the audience that.

[18:07] Want to troll or bored honestly want to just like to show me if we dislike something with the show its its literal fan disappointment.
In the direction that me things may be going but other than that it's almost like your sitting in a room full of people with your friends.
Guessing the show with in the lose format right right it well loose and at the same time.
We don't you know sometimes it might get a little bit off track but there is a plan and you know try to to keep things.

[18:46] Yeah organize and and polite we tried it we want to have two lights fun let's put it that way.
Speaking of shows up and running for a long time supernatural.
Yes now that I guess John tread lightly look I've never actually watched the show other than at the on the treadmill at at the gym.
Really up on the big television show big tv screens or a.

[19:14] I can't hear it can't see it so i just kinda know,
i see it as all men can see it obvious like it here is on drugs so i have no idea what's going on i know there's two guys they have a car and in some guns,
that's about the extent of what I understand.
It's true they even had an episode that was supposedly told from babies point of view so yeah well you always interesting you mention that there's something on thursday night for fans of supernatural on your track,
yes we are going to have a dead tree again,
questions over the first 11 seasons of the show and will have surprises inside,
basically it was a way because my schedule is really full and I I have in the past tried to do to Supernatural panels but.

[20:16] Just because the the Phantom is so large but because of the schedule,
I just was unable to do it during you know the regular programming so I thought hey let's do something fun on Thursday night and actually consulted with Damien he thought it was a good idea as well so we are going to just you know
hang out the track room we're going to it'll be me asking some questions I'm not as,
positive of how i'm going to do the.

[20:44] The whole setup yet but I will know by then I promise and there will be prizes for first and second place for the people who get the most questions correct so.
Happy fun.

[20:58] And the wonderful thing about Carol is your prizes 9 times out of 10 you get really really good book you enjoy reading.
Like I did for real I'm not sure why this isn't called the lit track you this Sheeran.
Good job Staffing lots of riders on like like,
Eric Asher Cherie priest who is my Twitter buddy,
we we send each other dog photos during the week okay with large dogs that multiple dogs at that so that we send each other dogs photos of Keith decandido.
Yes right there's just been a lot of people on one of the.

[21:44] Spell check.
Yes yes he will be there as well and well that's that is something have that that i'm very fortunate i feel.

[21:59] Very glad to be able to cover both books and media on there and fantasy track and i do i.
Fuck em.
To keep the programming balanced between the two so that it's about a half and half split and
you know big time why's everything so and there are lots of lots of others and actually this year i was i was putting together my list
just yesterday and I counted and I think this is the highest number we've ever had but there will be 50 different authors appearing on programming this year.
So yeah and we have no yeah fifty and then also we have but then at but at the same time we have,
cast from three different shows coming and.
We do have we have one person coming who will represent one show but it won't be a whole cast as I will have one panel with them so you know that.

[23:09] It is it is a balance and there's a little bit of something for everyone and i'm glad that we get people.
You know from both sides of the aisle so to speak that are involved and there are a lot of people who come because of both types.
A program that I can take him to see both if you show up to any of these panels.

[23:35] You never know what's gonna happen on that so that is where we want together the podcast built into story time with matt me and.
So I think it was what the first or second year that we were all together.
Over in the Westin and Supernaturals osric Chau,
can the Dragon Con yes yes that was amazing and we were sitting on the supernatural fan panel the room is completely packed and you're up on the stage and a table,
and he sits in the very first row in front of us.
In in in the sky and I look he took his mask off but he's in a schoolgirl outfit in the Wigan I'm looking.
That looks like I was right chat and so we're still holding the panel and Kelly are looking back and forth on my phone and that look like,
so I had to sit there through the whole panel,
Gerald oblivious you got the microphone she's doing the thing the whole time and finally she's really about to release the entire panel it's over and we got to clear the room then I was like hold it hold it hold it hold it was going to stop and these two girls run up with their phones on Twitter.

[24:50] He said you could tell it now and I was like look we've got a guest in the room from the show Supernatural,
no one knew we was here had to be quiet the whole time Carol has no idea and I go mr. Africa and literally every,
girl in that room shriek at such a high pitch I did not hear the rest of the convention,
that a yes about that is in that is a very memorable story and i'll that was in two thousand fourteen the second year of the track app and a yes it was,
it was a lot of fun and I didn't because I was basically.
Well I look towards the audience but I'm also looking at you know looking at the panelists and you're facing right on the front and she said he was out fighting I kept wondering what is Damien looking at you know it's like
what is Pakistan so that was amazing and then filled up the following year because I zombies on the track we don't have any gas.

[25:55] So who kelly who pays ravi on eyes on the.
Just call then and doesn't video call right then and there and Skypes in in the middle of the panel so we spend the rest of the panel just holding a microphone up to a phone.
It's your.
Yes the next year we did get some gas but he was not one of them which was which was too bad but yes and that happen because one of our audience members was speaking,
she was making tweets about the fact that she was in the panel,
about iZombie and somehow he picked it up he he saw it and that's when he said hey yeah I said and this was somebody that I didn't know who it just so you know come to the panel to talk about the show and then the next thing you know her,
was it a phone or tablet I don't remember but whatever,
whatever yeah and so she brought it up but yeah there,
it was that was fun and that actually means.

[26:59] Yeah henry actually put that on seen in him react right yeah there is a civil producer bit seen in with happen to be in the room in participating and that showed up on scene and the very very next day.
So that you know that it's a it's another example of how things can happen at DragonCon that you in a good way thanks you don't plan for,
give me everything that we did plan for like she had a eaddy Mays from Teen Wolf who by far is is one of the most animated people.
That I've ever had the pleasure of doing a panel with she was not behind the table at all she was completely in the audience very very much engaged.

[27:43] Yes she had warned me she she said what that's why she had me have are down but if the and by me so this.
Just like I do tend to get up and walk around a lot like the okay that's okay very very fantastic I've ever met.

[28:06] So is she there fascinating person so what are some of the media guest you have this year,
we have a cast member well we have all of.
Is as i said before they lost girl folks but we're having not just a few of them we actually are having all nine.
Of the cast members who were the ones who had any kind of you know well known regular rugs and
now they won't all be on each of the panels everyday because a few of them will be doing other other things like apple and Medicine Kris holden-ried are also
tina did voice work assassins creed and then rachel's kirsten wasn't raining search it so other people will be doing.

[28:53] You other things but they will all be there and we even have j firestone who was the produce.
Sure so and that's exciting that he's never been before so he's the only one of them has never band this is the first time the all of them at an art this time,
we do have Christian Kane and John Kim from The Librarians coming and that was that has,
been a big deal a lot of people are very excited about that and we have.
Three of the guys from american gods we have ricky whittle and more barnes and bruce langley coming and that's.

[29:37] Inside,
big deal for us over very excited and other things that I'm also very pleased about with that is that these these three different shows are all.

[29:50] Variety they're all very different from one another.
And yet they all share some of some commonality and that's why they're part of your fantasy track so i'm i'm feeling as though you know reaching out to,
lots of different people by having that variety and then just announced.
A few days ago was Tom Welling and he's going to do a Lucifer panel.
Excellent eyewitness on Friday yes so that should be extinct.

[30:26] Be there in a Batman shirt standing between Brandon roof and Tom wallet.
Other than that that's the way and it may not go through you know i try not to make plans on people that doing it's gonna run into.

[30:40] That's one of the ones that really do wanna try to make work because that they both played superman ride at right.
That would be now that that is actually a really cool idea that would that would be quite the
the photo opportunity and you never know with your lucky might run into them in the elevator or something urban fantasy,
and true stories of things that happened to mad man my wife is a huge
of lost door on that's the only reason i knew what sure what's rates she's the one who was a fan of the show not start watching and i knew who several of the people were because that seen them and other things
so she goes to bed one night.
Drinking she's like look on beat it friday night i'm just gonna go hundred at and she goes on goes to bed so it's about one am and once again john i'm headed up the super secret floor use the super secret passageway.
And I end up in the elevator and it's it's literally Kris holden-ried,
my iphone is my wife nor i had no so i'm like alright will you miss this sandwich oops number on the nose like a va you with a bid this is what happens and then we get up there.
For Tony Curran so it's Tony Curran and Jesse Rath and Jesse precedes explain.

[32:09] Everywhere i go
some healthy end up messing up,
drinks are there both exhausted and or just sitting there with us and super secret owns,
they try to straighten out Tony's room like oh my God this is awful cuz the man look,
loot leigh tired exhausted and beat nate nate finally got it straightened out but they were really really actually work really really nice very very personable,
we just sat around had coffee well the there is dragon con floria i mean seriously things like that.
That you don't it's possible things like that could happen in other places but I feel as though it's probably more likely.
At DragonCon that it is you know and other and other places my most tweeted photo ever actually is last year cat Barrel.
Oh yeah yeah yeah i'm after the parade john in were standing there cat barrow is one of the young ladies on our one of our shows one r.
And so her mother was dressed as her character in the sheriff's department outfit.
Hilarious finishing breakfast at walking around like oh my God,
that's my mom i'm with my god it's okay but when they are like okay you not suppose to be sure let's do it.

[33:34] Well yeah that thing has been tweeted more than anything I've ever put on the internet
fans are really really in there show there her mother in the us there are many of them yes the show got renewed for a fourth season well one other thing that the
a similar story to that is there's a an author who was saying that she and her husband are her husband anyway was a dirk gently fan
and the actor who Michael Eklund who
i'd have roll and urgently also was in wine or him and he was a con last year what with the rest of the cast and,
but sometime in a bar but if course he does look like bo bo he looks like himself
she thought he would she thought it was some random guy calls or not her her husband thought that it was some random guy cause playing the character from Dirk gently and she's like no honey that's actually him he's here
who he was out walking around in partying with people in the crowd the entire time that be with it's freaking.

[34:48] Yeah well there you go pictures I saw from other friend he popped into the reindeers a picture blah blah blah,
the nice thing about the nice thing about DragonCon is that okay for the most part the fans are really respect respectful of of the guests they don't you know they are
guess you're typically not mobbed and you know when they are notice and that they typically again ask ask politely if you know if it's okay to talk to them,
or you know whatever and in for the most part because of the atmosphere that is DragonCon the guess that that really get into it.
You know they understand this is just really a party for the fans by the fans you know Run for the most part by the fans so,
you know it's one of those that that's how that but knows how these things happen is because the vibe is there were it's not a it's not some sort of corporate
you know saying that you know you have to go to that you hate you have to be so one place or the other place I know that they have obligations be up for the most part it's it's really it's really an open-ended
you know Barney.

[36:01] Agreed yes and I I think that that's one appeal that they replace has for you know not just.
Not just authors or.

[36:15] That may be jammers or anybody you happens to come for those reasons but also i think the media guests feel at i think that for them.
You know I mean obviously there are some of them who aren't going to be out in a Wandering the crowds because they would
you know it would be too much of a crowd or going to everything would stop not just because they would be afraid of getting mobbed or anything but I do agree with you that there that I've I feel as though for the most,
yeah the fans are very respectful of that and we have.
Mention something about all of the author's have on panels this year and was very excited to have for the first time at dragon con and the
actually husband and wife reading or writing team ilona andrews but.
I'm is court so it's one and gordon andrews but they write under the name alone and wrist that's a big deal.
We will have Kim Harrison back again which.

[37:20] That's always a great turnout and you know.
Her first time was last year and i think she is very pleased to be coming back and then we have.
Regulars laurel k hamilton and sherilyn kenyon that will that will be back with us and a whole bunch of of other folks that you know some of my band,
long time supporters of the track and have always been involved and then we have some have never been before and that's always fun and you did mention,
and you mentioned acre stoker who is the great grand nephew of bram stoker,
yeah and it's very exciting that he has been so involved in doing research on.
John research on bram stoker is research and what he's learned and he's an author and is on right.
As well so I were very pleased that he'll be back again and you know just there are there are number of people that.
I have always been supportive of the track and have always returned and have have been in a basically a joy all the time to to work with and that's,
that's what you like right so we're thrilled.

[38:44] Do you have a do you have any other panels that you want to highlight this this year,
I think well I do have one that's going to be the interview that I'm going to do with dacre stoker where people can hear a little bit about his,
asus like how how and how did he even get started it is in doing this is but it's turned into becoming his,
very occupation you know tracking down all of this information about his about his great grand uncle and how he went about,
the research so at that's gonna be fun of people get a chance to ask more questions and i would during his regular presentation so i think that would
I will be fine we got one on but I'm calling working in the buffyverse and it's,
gonna be one actor and artist and three authors who wrote.
Official time novels.
Yeah the puppy books there are no a lot of them so I think those are.
That would be interesting for buffy fans we also are doing one that.

[40:06] Will see it it's just kind of an interesting topic I think there are a few other tracks are doing something somewhat similar but from a different.
You know from a different perspective i guess or a different angle and i'm doing one on religion and spirituality an urban fantasy
and then that means any kind of religion or spirituality in this is.

[40:31] Just for this is one of the book related panels for.
How different characters might exhibit there.
They're different kinds of Faith whichever they may happen to be so those those are some that I think.

[40:54] Oh my really enjoy i'm doing it one calling saving her corner of the world a lot.
And sun female protagonist urban fantasy and that is,
going to be just you know that's again a book related one although.
Aside from the panel title aside and there probably will be other references to Buffy in that and that panel is well
there are any number of them i would encourage people to also come to our me guess panels and the one with.
Tom willing is i think is going to be.
In a pretty interesting if we will be focusing at that time it says we wont let people ask a small question here and there but there will be some other panels for that so we're gonna be doing,
yeah I will be focusing a lot on that so I think that that that one you know.
Jiggly interesting and what we do i will be posting on august first the tentative schedule a wont have panel was names but it will have you know the.

[42:04] The all of the panels together days times and again tentative because as we all know that it with DragonCon,
it's not over until it's over,
it's like that's always true but it's a loss it's all tentative until it's over so you know things change at the last minute for any number of reasons but you know we do our best to keep people.

[42:29] Update about that kind of information and if they follow it especially if they far facebook page though get.
As things up to date as as quickly as i know them anyway.
It says in the we like to say it hasn't happened the the trip the panel has happen until it actually happened and even then that's questionable.
True sometimes we do have to wonder did we really see that are not yes,
speaking of your Facebook I believe that's a DC urban fantasy facebook.com.
Slash dc urban fantasies are correct yes that is correct and yes the m,
yes and they also if people just type in DragonCon urban fantasy it comes up it comes up easily that way and is that is usually,
where people are gonna get information first.
Must we do have a twitter account also but the one of the reasons i encourage people use the facebook page is it number one it's the one that.
That I update more quickly and also that it goes on all year long it's not.
Not just it's too much drag on so i'm going to start posting things i keep it active all year long and there always.

[43:55] There are always things going on on the page all year long so I do to encourage people to do that or we do have a Twitter account which is urban fantasy DC.
So it's but it's opposite of what of what the Facebook pages so that doesn't help but that's what we got so is that that is our.
Twitter handle so please do follow us there but it's as i said it just that it tends to be more active this time of year and you know,
the few months leading up to Khan more so than anything else and we do you know any kind of announcements any kind of just announcements that
that pertain to us we will do that on Twitter but in terms of interaction Facebook is the one.
Convoluted with her threading account gets really weird so.

[45:01] Sorry we are in the Westin and we are on the main floor which is,
which is what they call the sixty four bit of you if you comment daily the front door,
the westin they can you walk up the stairs on peachtree street are upstairs and go in the front we're all the way back behind the escalators but on that,
on that very first floor now the secret is that the room number is Chastain 1 and 2.
And if the if it's really crowded which as we know it usually is
one little trick that people can take is if they come in the side entrance on the the if they walk up instead of in the front
it to the west to pick up the side way in and up on the fifth floor of the lobby floor if you take the escalator up one,
just one level it's it stops right in front of her room
oh yeah it's it's a lot easier so especially when it gets to be a little bit later in the day on Friday and then probably just about anytime Saturday or Sunday it might be easier to go that way unless of course you're trying to get.

[46:12] Yeah if you're coming from one of our other cohorts if you're coming from apocalypse rising or from military.
Syfy but media dress.
Maybe it's too now that I think of it.
Candy cane syrup if you get up the if you get on the escalator and go up you find them too so and they yes they are Powell so we get a lot of people going up and down between those two as well.

[46:54] MultiCare old before we leave we have a game to play William William is here.
Family Feud Family Feud Disney Edition so William is going to ask a question Family Feud style so like for example,
you know 20 people were surveyed and the volume what is,
name a flavor of you no ice cream and you just say whatever the answer it and so will just go each of us will get a chance to answer so we'll start with you Carol you get the first,
the answer the the question first and damon go and then then i will go and then i'll have a many points were so she would be the correct those answers is humming point to get at the end of five questions we total it up and see who won.
Okay what is the first question.

[47:50] Name the Disney character you must associate with the color blue in the Disney character you most associated with the color blue,
Damien he or any blue.
Mercer at disney right.
Now those are French the nevermind I never said that I'll say Bell although I don't think she's blew it all but that's yellow.

[48:22] No name just a white cake any those on there snow and snow white were,
our was not right how many points was listen to rilla 429.
Send me a big fat zero.
Who else is on the list Fairy Godmother godmother demo Bell.
Donald Duck answer.

[48:58] I was wondering if the baby does send us unity or like a cup of tea and not like more gray.

[49:09] Twenty do you think is strict doc hasn't is fault carla puts monday things screwed that doesn't is bolt.
Hmm well since twenty nine is my lucky number when i go with twenty nine grand twenty grand her okay david.
1 billion dollars a hundred billion dollars okay.
And probably none of us were even anywhere close by.
What were the results is on the list when trillion millions billions one million one million.

[50:01] Lien one billion billions millions what is it okay i just multiples of billions
if the technically then my answer was correct right i set up hundred billion at ten ten who is still in
okay go your technicalities again alright next question.

[50:20] The seven drawers with hundred meter running race which of the seven dwarves one hundred meter,
reset for the necklace renders the history tours anything towards.
Yeah right which one would i say happy.
Cuz you know yeah you could tell there's something that makes them happy at the end that he might just go for.

[50:42] What you mean by.
Which of the seven the one that wrestles on Friday or Thursday nights.

[50:59] Yeah on the zoom angrier zombie do you have a great day i'm gonna say who say ni.

[51:09] Sandy bolte I'll go with I'll go with.
I didn't really know any of the other ones I mean. Maybe they were all on the list.
So of an invisible seven list seven long and i know there's five hundred,
ice was a tough one that was happy four twenty two points for the kill so there is no telling if.
What are the.
Guide aquage on side then was grumpy for 17 points,
what how would sleepy how are you to the list and or a boy or next question.

[52:11] Question number for if you own a ship which Disney or Disney Pixar character would you like to be captain.
Ownership which disney character would you like to be have kept open busy or pixar disney ears victoria are disney pixar okay girl.

[52:27] Maybe ten minutes i can i can i pick jack sparrow for,
what temp is loose have heard that you could say anybody really,
that's right okay,
Pixar a Disney Day mean.

[52:59] List yeah you saw yo jasper.

[53:02] Well if it if is your did me the hand that that that it's only classic characters that are on the list of answers i will pick someone else the classic disney classic picture herbal coming,
classic is Victorious.
Well let's see maybe we'll just we'll just go with prince charming instrument he you know he has some,
as of issues he needs to work outside of will go to the death of.
He said he's going to he's going to make an effort so you know dude and if I change it in Jacksboro is on there you guys are in big trouble.

[53:49] I was gonna do it captain america by its there will be no marbella when.
They're owned by Disney Walt Disney everything is Disney.
Literally almost threw yes Disney on Buffy now is that how that works on Fox okay.

[54:12] Right well intelligence of you go to disney princess.
But i am and she's now in an open and willing to go with captain hook don't care if he's the villain,
honestly he was qualify it shipped afloat for for ever.
I'm going to go with the points grab and say,
i'm on medicare merz name was leah that three was later i'm thinking he's on the list.
They were all we were all on the list.
It's a whose number on getting for twenty points oh.
Captain hook is between two points again can you kevin chris but he's not disney.

[55:11] Have you seen a ship like that it does not seem very sad day it's like it's like milk all over its,
the hens that's true captain crunch is been kept in that ship longer than you've been alive the admiral kirk gets a lot of things and i am really bad and live in,
but isn't that are just drink the milk up the ball of the foot so what's what's that on.
Next song is a buzz lightyear for sixteen points and prince rumor that is second to last on list for seven point seven l.
Santa who else is on the list down jack making else would be an caravan.
Peter Pan question.

[56:07] European capital would be a good place for goofy to live what's your pick up stuff okay for two feet.
Depending upon your opinion of goofy but who also reflect upon which capital you think he belongs.

[56:26] Yeah that's a bed to be a very loaded question but i think that.

[56:33] I think the goofy would probably do well in an english speaking country so let's go with london london okay damian.
Belgium waffles and chocolate I will go with the only other European capital I know Paris.
No i know more titles in that group texts on that's what everyone date the number one answer,
it was alright what was that,
I don't doubt they would know.

[57:18] Is Belgium a country.
But I think the capitals like Luxembourg no one's going to take that,
damn correct Madrid Berlin answer
rules and room oh amsterdam might work for a guy to
that's a whole different show right along alright well I tally up the point of Carolina Rono again where to find more information on the internet for you and where to find you at con.
Yes you can find us before everything begins and even during in our facebook page which is if you just look at dragon con urban fantasy that is probably the easiest way to get there.

[58:14] And we also do have a twitter account which is at urban fantasy dc so you can get some information from from us that way also,
come to come on please come see us at and casting wanted to but do keep in mind that we do have
how to programming that goes on in the ballroom is because the media gas all appear there and we
have sign outside that will differentiate they started doing that last year where they will have separate signs for the things that are occurring in the track room that things are part of our track that are occurring other locations,
so do make sure to watch for that in those will be outside of our.

[58:59] Room as well as in a you know in the app and the and the the yeah,
why are there what the schedule is that what they call the printed program program you listening to program a program that any programmer magic bullet tree killers everyone has a smartphone or you can we trees,
are they still her sister at the thought of summons to the one do you this year of course this is probably third member thing the the third thing in getting wrong this year
correct this on Twitter don't know the difference in as I can tell this one I do know I didn't know anything about the food court but I do know this and that.
They're doing with the printed program is able no longer have panel descriptions
i have just the titles will still have the grid it'll have the map so is smaller yet but it won't have the panel descriptions because those.

[59:56] They were getting to be so you know that you needed a microscope to look at some of them were by magnifying glasses very least so they have the app will have all of the.
You know all descriptions for everything but the burner program will not but it does still exist in,
for those who blood tunes like tune trees enjoy it r eight so the final scores coming in in third place damien.
With 52 points and in very close,
always seventy five and i won't yes first in your life is seventy nine with seventy nine point to pull the last point grab if you will with paris.

[1:00:49] Are you go with the three year scratch list i am awesome no to him thank you william we appreciate your veils of a few alright so until next time,
william bought a coyote before we can i wanna say one thing and it's something that we typically do you at the end of the.
Because he asked was mentioned right and because this is about the actual programming now the app is not out yet,
without ever knowing it is good the app is not out yet rates you but you continue to get messages with all of your friends going hey that does not have yet is that out yet hey is that how it.
Up until the time for the convention but what I will say is once you have the app,
there is a process at the end of every panel that if you go inside the app it gives you an opportunity to rate the panel,
but also to provide feedback on but gencon being examined run convention so to speak.
Puts important crank it helps.
Provide feedback and input for programming that you may want to see for the following your ways that we can improve and what-have-you until anchored everyone especially at the end of our panels always do this carol always does it.

[1:02:12] Rate your panels in the app provide some form of feedback when you get some down time even if it's just a really really like this.
I can send you know you never know because.
Can listen to it allows you to get some form of input on what you may wanna see going forward.

[1:02:32] Today you got that nervous feeling very good yes do that and they do as Isley will tell you as as Carol will tell you they do read that.
Your feedback your constructive feedback is always welcome.
I didn't like it because I because Bob look ugly is not constructive.
What is a the this the scale more three because because of something very specific it stay that was off topic or.
And as as describe some of that is always you know it's is help,
of negative feedback but old but boggs word or on day three.

[1:03:15] Harris Construction.
Thing you can do with that because eight don't know who you are the beat the cons rd over by the time we get every,
constructive information constructive feedback of you know how things can be improved or or something that you thought was could have done a little better or of course this works do more of that you know so that.

[1:03:47] Also if you care cairo that has the unlimited chocolate budget,
took care always has chocolates and her panel that ass nicely i'm pretty sure you can get some.

[1:04:01] How does gonna be interested will be able to see how many new chocolate ask for all the sick all the ssid uses chocolates i just come to the people to start by asking for truckers.
I'll know who to blame now,
so until next time before word mad man gets too many more people in trouble.
This is john for william damian and carole st.

[1:04:31] Everyone thank you everyone on that this has been a production unique heat.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at.
Over the some twitter at,
find the unique heat this podcasters distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[1:04:59] Music.