50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 25 - Rox, Madman, And Rob Of The Pros

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] So all my future again but there is not difficult to,
this is heat.

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[0:42] 50 days of DragonCon the podcast is now you're halfway through 50 days.
And lead continues to be stuck in a mexican prison even though she's not even in mexico so joining me tonight is the identify bad men.

[1:03] How you doing buddy and Rob Rob for the first time this season.
Hello hey and of course William is here as well
hey will be once again to two-door game at the end real quick before we get started couple of things hey man I don't know if you heard but apparently there's going to be sitting at the,
Peachtree Center to set reminder buddy.
ESO going to drink on we definitely are going to have seating and all the restaurant should be opening functioning so there should be plenty of spaces for people to eat and congregate and whatnot what's crazy is I keep getting
does the drying compost and an intervention for me and i keep going like like like this this is like now week and a half after the fact the call really over so,
it's a it's cool so in today they say that they'll have more seen they had last year which.
Of course is bonus information we'll talk a little bit and just checking about the guest but xan has called in,
with some updates on hotels are going on tonight play that of course,
all this information her call came in yesterday so by the time you get this information could be old but it's important anyway Haley play it for you real quick.

[2:25] Hi this is eternal dance from way back in the day 3 episodes just wanted to let you know that deposits and started coming out for the Westin Host Hotel,
Whenever there is a deposit deadline for any of the hotel some expired credit cards get tonight and then use your cancelled and then you roomed open up.
Available rooms may or may not be available at the discounted DragonCon race.
You rooms have also recently opened up at the Hilton and the Marriott Hotel,
to get more information please call your hotel and check the DragonCon official website to get help from the fan community,
read the recent post in the Facebook group called DragonCon rooms this is an unofficial resource that helps people get hotel rooms and roommate.

[3:11] Have a great dragon tonge
cool thank you very much again for calling that information in and as always if any of you have any comments or questions as you want us to either address on on air or just some comments going to put on,
try to track down some a bit of information you can leave,
us a voicemail at 813,
321-0884 that's 813-3210 tug.
So tugg the Vu Nikki days at the unique.com s50.
Days at the unique geek.com if you want to send an email of course also through our Facebook page has the unique e that's that,
going on to guests that we have had it out since the last time we talked which by the way was a few days ago but as this comes out it will be exactly 25 days until DragonCon so this is.
Does a dead center here in rocks rocks rocks made it home from how long it take you 4 and 1/2 hours
fuck fuck fuck.

[4:38] Traffic's awful all the time,
oh from jacksonville to,
St Petersburg to watch a Rays game and then turn around and drive back those of you that don't know a Florida Florida is very narrow state but it's extremely long to get from Jacksonville to.
Tampa to st. Petersburg at least four hours in good weather and good traffic.

[5:14] Out of the stadium that the bridge is right at the time when everyone else was trying to get across the bridge
so we are talking about getting around Atlanta aren't we so we will we will talk about it
guess i have been announced last time we talked catherine tate.
From Doctor Who the office the Catherine Tate Show a bunch of other stuff she's been around for a long time but Catherine Tate.

[5:47] Doctor Who's been out to Brandon Ralph is at Howard Johnson madman Superman Returns,
probably the last best Superman film that's debatable but I like Brandon Routh so
given the recent rap just going to leave that alone we're going to buy password that that look I like Henry Cavill,
i think he's hoping you spend testing i think it might be nice of superman was actually nice guide.
Anyway to bypass straight Aaron Ashmore from killjoy Warehouse 13 Lost Girl Smallville a bazillion other things,
samson is tends to make mcdonough with dunno ebay killed is.

[6:46] Nobody nobody knows how to pronounce Elizabeth Hendrix.
I'm going to need you to not pronounce anyone's names anymore and nickel first nickel nickel.
Nick Frost,
into the bad man that's the adult version of the show into the Badlands Shaun of the Dead
it is freaking phenomenal of the dead and Hot Fuzz and space
basically anytime pretty much anything that that was a Simon Pegg.

[7:50] When he's that um yeah solicit does the latest trends and of,
with that said I know she's been brought up to date we're going to talk to some pros hear some seasoned Pros we got like I said we have mad man,
Rob and rocks and they've been attending DragonCon for some time and they know their way around DragonCon they know their way,
I know the things to pack into things not to pack and how best to get around so let's let's start with you Rob.
What the fuck.
Well first of all before you come to DragonCon access with your comfort level is with thousands and thousands of people,
yeah I know it sounds weird but I've I've seen it where people get there they spent all that money to get there and then oh my gosh there's so many people I can't go out in this
you can watch panels and stuff in your hotel but that kind of defeats the purpose so understand.

[9:05] Be able to move around the marriott like you would normally more marry a just say i'm the other day is so there is a sense usually.
When you're a convention there ever go on vacations graham's let it let whatever is isn't just go for.
DragonCon like building professional sports Stadium or perhaps you know founding of a republic or you know.
Building a house requires a certain degree of organization and planning more than he would probably do it another convention.
Side of it is that you know there's a lot of people have fun and the staff and volunteers are all incredibly must.

[9:51] So you know know what you want to go see but then have two or three backup plans for stuff you want to see in case you can't get in,
comfortable love people think about comfortable shoes.

[10:03] No I think I kick rocks you said it before escalated like a friend but also plan on comfortable shoes and we can talk about this later but you know prepare for conch road ahead of time be proactive.

[10:17] What about you rocks what is it what it would you tell someone that was coming to DragonCon specifically,
first time i know cut it comes very from you know when the penny from where you're at the drying tons its own special piece what would you as a mom i first say a
convention light this that grows from you know four days to unofficial six days.
It's a marathon and is Rob says comfortable shoes yes hands down yes I.
You know if if you could manage to try to get your walking in.

[10:58] Is to build up stamina I am not kidding it is a marathon there's going to be a long time you know a long amount of time that you're standing waiting.

[11:10] You know it wouldn't help it wouldn't hurt you to you know start now I don't know when this is going on so any little bit helps hydrate.
You know like Rob said.
There's lots of other stuff you can go see.
So always have a back-up plan always always have a back-up plan and actually organize down time to.

[12:00] Pom dance important so if you're going back to back to back to back i know people there like beating the eat for two days because you or gonna the hence how much stuff told there is zero down time.

[12:15] So that's like I think that's the initial thing is.

[12:20] A rob xray about comfort level because i did what temp i would i would say isn't it like almost ten thousand new people show up at dragon con each year now it seems it seems to me that has,
I mean it's just like growing inside yeah.
And it's not in the con hotel i don't know everybody if if the streaming thing is is going really well but that's something to look into.
Yeah you're right.

[12:56] Oh but yeah it's america people go figure your health think about your comfort level,
and then we can talk about other stuff but on a whole it is it is a marathon what about you mad men if if if I was confused so you know what.
Show me the show up on Thursday night and I,
I've never been to a con before and I'm just go buy my tickets right now and I'm just I've just decided to show up what would you say to me.
I would say that you're pretty foolish.
Is that your just gonna show up thursday night by taking everything's going to be okay your probably going to die on with that being said.
Toronto more upbeat news honestly if that was the case you're going to end up having a fabulous time right it it's one of the reasons why I even though
yes it's it's Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and Monday for a lot of us on Wednesday,
we just got everyone except thursday is that the r and it seems we've managed to be successful with that for a couple years now let's let that manny parsec.

[14:13] Definitely not what we get our down time clock in the two hundred and the other women drinking for
to the crew drank on to the woods and treated like burning man,
we could do that Burning Man this is what the air condition version of
but I know we may not have it either if you show up on Thursday,
castle ball due to some cancellations and if you heard the message at the beginning of this podcast internal zahn there are some dragon con rooming
Facebook groups where people are still actively looking for rooms or people are willing to give up rooms due to some form of financial hardship where they can't make Dragon Con this year so there are always little last-minute things you can do to
possibly swing a room maybe not at the host hotel but a wedding nearby hotels because typically.

[15:26] DragonCon every year is the Chick-fil-A kickoff at the at the new dumb
now now which means to its easy cause football team will be going to add that we can as well along with all of their fans that have been driven or flown in to town
so keep in mind DragonCon you're looking at about 70 something thousand people that weekend,
in addition to that you guys another good 30,000 people that are cute to watch football on the we all tend to get along very very well.

[16:00] With that being said you know if you knew i drink
hydrate hydrate I said this on the other podcast the things that rocks and both Rob were saying about being prepared and comfortable shoes and walking it is the Hyatt the Hilton the Marriott and Sheraton and the apparel Mart,
while there are have a drills where you can walk through and get everywhere it is you hiking through those hotels,
Andrew downtown's the entire time the planning ahead know you know there's a wonderful app that should be out before the end of the month.
That will allow you to actually keep track of everything and it has built-in Maps along with your panel that tells you how to get back and forth but let's face it if you are at the Hyatt Regency which is on Peachtree.

[16:52] And you have to go all the way to the Sheraton for your panel that is a hike downhill that you're going to have to come back up,
and then possibly go back there and then come back up again from a program and there's a lot of back-and-forth there is a lot of.
Physical wear-and-tear when you factor in the humidity again what we said on the other podcast the other night,
hydrating most of the rooms do have some form of water in there the hotels it's actually that really really good job of doing those panels you know having water in the back of the room where you can go fill up their water fountains everywhere.

[17:32] Are several places work up in stores in each of the hotel where you can go buy bottle water hydrate hydrate hydrate is the cds on peachtree,
hydrate you're doing a lot of walking away and tear on your body you're sweating a lot which leads me to the other thing as hey hydrate,
in deodorant right there a lot of people trying to sleep in cars and what have you and not necessarily sharing Ford a shower,
if you have a hotel room shower you don't have a hotel room by all means get some form of deodorant,
pop into one of the bathroom somewhere do a bird bath whatever you need to do,
to make this a pleasant experience for everyone right and no one likes walking in on Friday morning.

[18:22] And it's like okay it's only Friday morning and Monday,
happens hey please limit on the games but the truth is that it's other people that are out walking around so so i should be at hobble joke rain with you don't go in the game room but the truth is hey,
a lot of them have better hygiene than a lot of people that are like walking or before for the right cuz they're just sitting here playing games on to there to get that he can't even though i'm even giving the move to payroll mar their christening still seems to be the the best,
no and i do wanna do wanna point out something since men and brought up,
and remind everyone that sleeping in panel rooms and no no sleeping in the hallways of hotels is a no no,
sleeping in your car is you're taking it at your own risk as to what I'm pretty sure Atlanta loudest sound.

[19:29] So you know if you don't have a illegal if you get caught,
beat of the views of madman not necessarily the views of DragonCon or the unique certainly not DragonCon because you know this is.
Possibly so I'm not going to mention the 24-hour parking deck.
Listen Find Out The Rock's speaking of speaking of getting around do you have a special path you like to take when you have to get from one hotel to another.
And it's very day today yes the one I believe for assistance
it is called getting on a little bike going downhill okay Rob for those of us who don't have a bike lock the bike.
So there are more intrepid people out there now and they are you okay.

[20:36] Big thing is Atlanta now has the bike trails the bike,
bike path areas and i g in and so when they use your installed a lot of the people we use,
that area because you don't cars can't go onto it so it extends the the sidewalk pretty much and it's near the Hyatt.
And it goes up the apparel mar area from the of her march two peachtree then near the hyatt,
use that so that's a good one honestly I try to stay away from the habitrails as much as possible so I do go outside if I have to walk and I have walked I will say because.

[21:25] There's always a bottleneck thing going on through the Habitrail things it's a petri dish,
It is Well to like if you're on the DragonCon bridge that goes from the Hyatt to the Marriott,
please no you there's no stopping you cannot stop you cannot do photographs gold yell at you do not do that so I kind of I'll do like a couple runs through just to see what's going on but usually I do go outside,
is it is faster the police are out and they usually.
Monitor the traffic on what's the street between the Hyatt and the Marriott what is that.
Set the.

[22:26] It really is a lot of times it's faster to do that during the day at night.
Especially if there are other big events going on,
it's easier to get out the I go around except for the caveat with that is directly after the parade
she be outside anywhere at the parade if you want breakfast that morning get to where you need to,
the parade starts now because once the parade starts you will not be able to get to anywhere t hat except for maybe waffle house i know.

[23:01] I'm one year I had to walk a literally the entire circumference of DragonCon,
to get from all the way around from home before like the Westin all the way to the
the Hilton all the way in the back
that year however last year when I ended up doing was a,
getting up just early enough that I could cut right across the road and will everyone was at the parade I actually went into Peachtree Center and had a nice quiet breakfast and everything was love,
what you got up the parade was over and that please get some up so yeah he's do that
or or you sign up for the parade like I've done in the past and you ride the parade
you know they filter you through that so that it's a too late to to to do that at this point.

[24:16] You guys have a different classes of Bradenton that I do but I punched the parade completely because though repeated on later and I use that time,
go to the walk of fame yeah yet the two three autographs i do walk like one your that in the getting to talk to carol sweeney forty five minutes cuz nobody else's.

[24:40] Very cool so you can have something else,
so I would you know but the parade time don't want to mess that that scares you use that time and something.
You're a loser fan helen windows program doing the great.
If you if you miss a fan fan or you want to go see like Firefly panel but it's,
you know going to see an Avengers pack then there's a different type of use some of that time for.

[25:27] Praise awesome but just turned into such a nightmare and everything around I use it for a lot of other stuff now that time and it's a lot more relaxing for the car,
what is the thing but when you able you guys were talking about make a tree you factor restaurant.
Not taking away from the parade but for those of you that are having a little bit later in the evening you may not wanna be up as early it's the perfect time to actually,
get some downtime get some rest get them food and water in your system while everyone's downstairs no,
standing on the street walk through that the parade will last even though the production starts at 10 it will last from like 8 a.m. until.

[26:14] Noon noon or 1
so that's a really funny pretty far out there getting Choice spot yeah
what's really cool about the parade is there people that have no intention to come to DragonCon to have no interest in anything at all because,
is the call going from sitting to long your suggs guy don't tell you said that man of down time,
the other thing I would recommend someone doing it all possible with regards to like sleep and hydration and stuff is you know it's like going to a party where you know you're going to drink have a buddy,
you know it's just going to say okay you need some sleep or you know you're done right because that's really really important I mean.

[27:07] For 10-15 years I would run myself into the ground with this damn thing.
And now you know what going to bed early one or two nights is not the end of the world.
Also if you have an hour or two hour gap between your program,
Napster fi,
set your phone take a nap just not near the escalator or in any of the lobbies please,
if you're lucky and you have a hold and still numbers are for swimming pool or a jacuzzi all my god that's actually a great time to hang out with other people and you're talking about the convention so,
One of the cool things i like to do is share it's like hey i will ask somebody if i'm in line for something doesn't matter if it's like the badge for next year or you're in line for a need coffee event.

[28:11] And somebody hey what did you see.
So you can buy and then you're swapping stories and so that just adds that ABS your convention cuz then you're like oh okay I'll check that out or whatever and I think.
My am i correct night into a last year the streaming app,
don't you get access to whatever they recorded like couple months later after you are able to.
You get it once and then I think it's good for a full year and I think you're able to watch the.
I'm a big fat it's like the janitors and so I love watching this.
The fuck fuck,
and there's there's things about you know and Away with some of the laws.
Streaming later and that's okay that's also nice to because I think if you will have someone at home and they want to see.

[29:37] Yeah panel you did or something they can watch it which is kind of cool.
There is no keep so young whenever social media on facebook to keep an eye on that for pal changes and panels repeat the stuff but yeah i mean i.

[29:55] Augment whatever Services there are available so that you don't have to walk as far and stand in line as much as possible they really making an effort to get.
As money million people to come there to see as much stuff as you can and.
You know it's not about being the coolest to be in the room first whatever it is just you know.
It's a marathon so what you need to do is sort of figure out okay how can I maximize,
all the stuff I want to see if I don't see it now I can see it later that's cool you know the wait 5 months to see Nathan Fillion.
It's okay so we we got the we got the video membership and I was just looking up on last year looking at it up on drug gun store if you're a member.
Give badge at a drink on you go to the store and purchase it for advance for $10 if you aren't a member you can still.
Get the Dragon Con streaming membership for $30 so it's still even a bargain of that in William we we bought it in in it was good we got to see several panels and we didn't want to see but we couldn't see it right.

[31:14] So even for that the price of admission yelled at you cuz we're watching it we watching on the the the TV at home,
yo off for this one is watching for the ten dollars
no fear if you if your family and you just do me and bring it home we can watch it together you'll have to take her own except for one but also I do need to point out something cuz it goes brought up the parade was brought up I need to point out that Eddie McClintock is not,
the Grand Marshal,
okay I'm going I'm going things lately insisted he was but he's not.
I don't know if it was brought up with with directors or anything who do moderate the larger pant you know the actor panels.

[32:01] Don't they ask Phil if you know when you stand in line,
while the panels going on and you're gonna ask a question i think some of the,
actors are moderators will ask what is your question.
Because they're trying to streamline some of the questions you know of like oh I love chai have a hug can I have this you know aren't they.
Some of them are doing the problem don't get the same.
Let me throw it let me throw that question over to Rob because you know Rob does moderate forming programming fairly often
what it what are some of the what are some of the pro tips as far as asking questions and just a regular Connecticut as far as in those big.

[32:57] Don't give don't ask your guest for a hug don't give them don't give him a present give him a present their table you know.

[33:05] Tell alan made their personal space it anyway she perform physically but also goes.

[33:13] To a certain extent I think personally to double ask questions that you would not ask an ordinary human being in public.
First of all second of all going to question is the most important question the world will be respectful of other people in line.
Be nice to people that are running those lines to my school all the times those guys been at room three four hours longer than you so be nice to those folks that's really nice for me being nice the staff that worked those cow rooms,
is really really important just like a please and thank you and you'll find your seat and opiates jerk that suffice you,
again into the quarter thing don't ask questions appropriate,
try to ask one question the time because generally you will up for pound 45 minutes you'll have maybe 30.
But maybe 30 minutes of that time devoted to fan questions and they got to get 10,000 people want to ask a question so do the math,
so have a question that short concise you think about what your question is going to be how you want to word it also don't be afraid
if you're not a public speaking person with your question because
I'll make you feel comfortable if you really want to ask a question but you don't necessarily like public speaking it's okay to work with you on that so don't let that hold you back,
it's for everybody and.

[34:41] You know the big thing that was just have your question ready don't make it long and really think about what you're asking and try to make sure,
your question has already been asked during the panel that's probably prepare a couple of questions especially if you're not the first person in line,
and to Roxas point I know that when I've run the the microphone for Lee or for other,
moderators Davis that I make sure that they have a question,
already cured and ready to go and the person wearing the Mike may very well ask you what is your question before you ever on Mike or whatever just so they can hear it.
Hear that you know what you're going to ask,
and make sure that it is appropriate right in and be respectful for the all those people when they say well you know that's probably not appropriate they can you rephrase I had one time where the,
person literally want to do the Geico we just talk about we just I want it I'm going to ask her to marry me.
And I'm like let's not we're not going to do that can you have do you have another question,
no one asked to marry well we're not can do that how about you try this question so it's it's you know it's in of course it the.

[35:58] It's just a little socially inappropriate to.
Asking those questions,
it goes down of physical comedy you get experience rewriting.

[36:21] But they're all coming from the guess not from the host it's more appropriate for the inappropriate for the guest from The the audience.
So since we're on the topic of of panels is there something that that you.
I'll throw it over to you mad man that is there something that you a question you've heard before that really made you kind of growing and you know make the rest of the audience very uncomfortable.

[36:50] Not necessarily outside of Anna Barrowman,
not even Barrowman you know with the you know cuz that comes with the butt grab and everything else
CNN people don't think I'm yelling about Barrowman sexually harassing people that is not the case everything has been that he's been to actually a consummate gentleman to everyone,
that we've ever had the privilege of working with here this convention sell Adidas really just jokes but in all seriousness I really really have it.
I think long time ago.

[37:29] Things I have seen or when people approach guest when they're not on a panel and kind of,
respectful of the guest specs raid i know i run you alot of people and then make a judgement call on that moment hey need to let me know if you're gonna do that.
Say hi say in jewel you work if there willing gauge you cool it they're not in your busy next eb yard.

[37:55] Let them lead singer AR they're performing a job they have things that they need to do their on schedules they have Handler,
you know not all of them are ism.
How do I put this delicately.
Not all of them did a lot of them may have the same social anxieties that a lot of the members of DragonCon have right so they may not be as comfortable.
Talking to total strangers in the middle of a crowd write them alone,
here's a good point is if I remember when like Warehouse 13 actors came around and Grimm.
Okay they've done Comic-Con okay now but the thing is is when they do, come there all and college okay.
So then it's it's just you're sitting there constantly and they just bring the next group out so.
They don't know how to gauge from Comic-Con their fan base until they get to DragonCon,
and they go to they go to a panel discussion and it's 3ball rooms full of people.

[39:20] They're like Weidman these are our fans are like absolutely and it freaks them out at you know they're thrilled but.

[39:30] Come on i think is one of those places where the actors really find ow.
You know cuz you don't think they get the numbers from you know NBC CBS however but to actually interact with at this might be the first time.
They've actually seen all my god these are our fans holy you know they it could be daunting for the.

[39:57] Keep getting money this year that's the that's that's that's very true there people they there people to.
Yes yes um okay so rob is there is there any other like a,
tip that you can think of for just in general that that you do for DragonCon to prepare yourself for DragonCon or when you're at DragonCon.
That you might want to come beta I try to I I know it sounds like you got to be kidding.
I tried to you know outside of the walking to and from hotels oxygen is your friend so get out of the get out of the room hotels a little bit.
And breathe.

[40:48] I'm building some social time I try to build in at least a half-day to see something in the city so I feel like you know
I'm a human being and I like each record stores or go to,
like last year so.

[41:18] It's really cool to like your take a breather from the car will try to i don't know you but doesn't know throw your schedule off because i think.
What lessons you're running around and to it just mentally.
Just saw to freeze your mind up a little the other thing is you know with all those people there.
So get you no future z-pack if your elderberry,
what's your emergency you know take all those you know preventive get sick.
Yes you know and just know.

[42:07] Your brother is going to get torn up,
read the daily dragon,
sometimes it gets canceled or sometimes they can't and that.
I'll be able to go to because the person wanna see the moon to different than thought and so she can i am at.
And you know as much as we're telling you to plan plan plan also have a certain amount of flexibility built into.

[42:44] Stop same question to you rocks.

[42:49] Oh my god do something something totally unique so couple years ago I didn't plan anything,
a couple of i i did you a couple of panels with the coffee but when i did i made up a sign and i said take me to your pamper her and it was totally random.

[43:10] And I saw stuff I went to panels I had absolutely no interested but they turned out great.
You know couple people don't like you know,
they don't like to go to a panel by themselves and that I hate you want to go to the app solutely I'll go with you you know and I mean it was like how to build a lab in your house and stuff so yeah,
yeah one of them was a science panel go go,
broaden your horizons I mean I know that there are a lot of people who do cosplay I mean I do it man Amanda is it,
its like its not all you know i i'm i have a friend my hair dresser help to me three years of storage but last year he was holding his bag for his wife he loves going but
he didn't really get to see the convention cuz he was helping his wife who is doing cosplay,
so I know he doesn't listen to this but you know I love my hair,
if you're going with a group.

[44:21] You know we're like a couple people split off use your phone use texting don't don't you don't have to be found at the hip,
get out cuz there's so much going on I mean John John you went with your your family and how did that go.
William how that go incredibly well.
So okay so what I was going to be down at the hip by then to them because I also have other responsibilities besides just hanging out with him so.
Fuck fuck.

[45:11] Large.
Text me i don't know why it have been salami answer the question how it that annika bro getting any from
any other Pro tips for for folks.
Where Dana Snyder started rating all of the bathrooms in the hotel,
you want to try the Marriott or the Hilton they each have like the kind of the private.
Call rabbit dorf goes to sleep in people know you can keep them until you so.
I'm back to the whole cosplay thing like i started that on here to couple years ago on in last year and need a whole different costume,
that is very very very cumbersome on and not easy to take off in a lot of parts and I swear you the bathrooms at the Marriott in at the Sheraton also,
like save my life right because literally in order for me to do anything.

[46:29] I had to actually take a bunch of things off and it a date made it so much easier and again thank you to all of the hotel staff because they
clean and insanitary
consider how many people are there that it's incredible that but they've been in all honesty,
I take a lot more photos especially now that we're in the day in age of everyone's got a cell phone you know that takes wonderful pictures pretty much right.
I try to take as many photos as possible and kind of just kind of,
after whatever moment i'm in i actually now take more breaks of you know i don't have to try to go see everything
I try to go do at least one panel that I just haven't done before I think
I sent through one panel and a couple years ago with my wife I go into containers with her cuz we look at totally different things
cruxshadows evening on.

[47:44] A nightmare before christmas is fantastic,
right I've gotten to pop into other costly panels that I would have not necessarily gone to in years past and I'll listen to those those or were great.
You know.

[48:00] Don't stick with you right you don't have to stick with your group you know plan plan dinners within reason and what-have-you entire time to like see each other and do things right but you know.
Trying to make a list and realize pay this isn't life-or-death right there's there's always more things,
give yourself some give yourself a timeout you know I'm really big on make sure you eat I'm sure you hydrate make sure you sit down for a little bit and a lot of times you get some of that sit down time,
while your sitting in the paper i guess what it's like i'm off my feet for where i can just sit here and relax and listen and laugh and enjoy the moment.
And not have to be doing anything just going to enjoy the moment it's a lot to take in
it can throw some people with anxiety in the fit I know that happened to my daughter I want to hear when she went to drink on to like this is just too much,
and that was her age at the time with us and she do what the rain to fight me she's like no i'm expert and work all going to do them.
You know going on paying rent go at your own comfort level but also don't be afraid to take a step back.
Am I only shower and deodorant I can't stress that enough.

[49:27] Alright so before we get to our game do you have your did you get your schedule yet or do you have tennis schedule.
Where people can find you a drank on a rough idea of some of the things but it is again a work-in-progress and all of the.
Celeste called what five someone that would be good.
Of course that need coffee FunFest which I think all of us will be at that will be Sunday night at 10 in the attendant by the way everything is tentative.
Let's see consult your guide and your Sherpa Regency.
It's the reason I was looking for is like the rain 20 and we have candy I love for going to get you.
Received the fun.

[50:29] Fun Festival I just realized what they just did to me so my schedule.
Yeah Hyatt Hyatt Regency 5 at 10 on Sunday is the Fun Fest,
solve this the thing it's me Roxie Madmen is Saturday at 7 at the Hyatt Regency same place actually as the.
Okay just let start out the top would you kick everything off with need coffee.com with make the badmen Stop and that is one at Valdosta the Sheridan.

[51:08] Austin TX Retro 11 on Friday.
One it at one time it's it's i think someone's been at one thousand.
Start till 11 or 11:30,
mom really thursday starts at eleven no friday friday eleven i don't think you know this is are you know leaves the we've always have this one at one okay i remember to.

[51:43] Let's see those of a big does a big events.
I know what's the weather doing hotel for delhi on robots,
yeah we're doing so let me run my schedule I'm not science of Sherlock,
and I'll beat that outside for Friday 2:30 Galleria Hilton so that's.
Track women of Doctor Who that's Friday at 8:30 p.m. Galleria Hilton.
And i are gonna be on machines as heroes or villains description persons of interest to terminator ch mr robot.

[52:32] Newcastle,
yeah so that's saturday at two thirty valdosta on i'm on the post apocalyptic pseudoscience,
that's at the Hilton.
Who's on the Netflix presents the end of the world except Saturday 5:30,
at Chastain Western so that must be apocalypse Rising we're all on,
wedged under tell myself I don't I don't know who's the for solve this that's 7 Saturday and Rob and I are doing oh my God okay so please show up at this one,
I did this last year it's insane so all history they like to do the
my adult adult themes and this is the decadence of liberation of of i'm are germany oz since.

[53:37] And i do not handle for man in the high castle and we actually do get a decent crowd at one a am on saturday sunday morning,
so yeah swing by yes and then of course the fence so I don't have anything else on Sunday so I'm going to be sleep.
Yeah I've got the machine some Heroes panel I'm doing a panel on Krypton Krypton the TV series.

[54:09] And again that's what i'm doing a doctor to ask the experts panel to hate the name but it was people sitting around talking about all stuff doctor who.
And then I don't have a complete schedule I know that I'm doing,
vinegar polypro Mackey panel I believe on monterey,
Catherine Tate panels and I have a barrelman panel.
And then panels for Smallville I think you and once I think the moderating for those I think that's kind of what's going on I'm probably more stuff I don't really know I know,
the market's i file my,
but i don't really know you alarm for depend what happens to me programming his then i know where i have to be i place myself around that,
so I pretty much have the main coffee in the main event of filling everything mainly lien wage go no no no rest rest.
Alright so tonight what are we playing tonight William really playing.

[55:38] The few the mohicans was in we go again.

[55:47] Thank you
alright so we'll go we'll go in this order will start with rocks then robbed then mad men than me so what's the first question is surveys is the classic survey says,
type thing so we'll each give an answer and then we'll figure out if they were on the list and not if you were Incredible Hulk what color besides green would you like to be.
Okay rocks know this gray Rob.

[56:23] Madman red numb all go to purple.
Alright were they on the list so sweet how many points did rocks get for Sangre.
I would argue that they're two different colors but okay of what about what about a ride don't ask for.
Well blue and purple that answer is purple therapist 16 red II with 19 and
put grant wig no that's how much how much was red.

[57:11] Would he have had to quit how much how much was it was what would would you say to rob.
How many points for blue 33 points for 4,
Hulk as a Smurf this time we'll start with that will start with Rob then go to Mad Men than rocks in the,
what's next question questions already quote I have no idea why.
Give me anyway.
Name the Spider-Man villain most likely to enter politics.
Spider-Man villain okay Rob you get to go first.

[58:08] Well I would say Doctor Octopus but we live in an age where.
So I will say Green Goblin Green Goblin okay Mad Men.
Well he he stole my answer out from under me so I'm going to.
Along with everything else in our current political landscaping go with our russian operative craving the honor okay what is a good rocks.

[58:39] I'm going with Aunt May.
Wait which aunt thinks he wants you to think that I grew up with all the married the moment.

[59:00] New at may isn't even mine she's mine.
Don't sleep yet whatever or it is a family meets our,
was going to marry the mole man and I will go with.

[59:23] Osborne is technically Green Goblin so that's why I didn't use that.

[59:32] So wow this is venom.
Alright Green Goblin Green Goblin.
The only one the list.
Number one answer with 31 points so Rob got 31 points there so none of the other ones were on the list not even Aunt May,
no answers were any of the rich won any of the rich what does the quote,
from the bottom Jackal chameleon any of the Retro Ones Kingpin and DACA.
Kingpin makes sense.
That's laziness.

[1:00:27] How do they pull out chameleons in Jackal,
big in the in the Spider-Man 1
alright so mad man goes on the rocks.

[1:00:54] If captain america was present which ally would you pick for vice president.

[1:01:00] Okay it's not number one and that makes me sad rocks with your answer.
May you.
More lemon in the rob yeah okay i'm going to bed with dr z be your.
Okay Secretary of State,
I probably have a cabinet position to be more credible than Ben,
okay fair enough.
What present president who would he pick for vice president.
Thanks Amazon immediately removed from the list.

[1:02:13] God choose between 250 on my forehead stanford France.
Bucky that's a good one.
Not to be on the list but I thought.
Alright who made the list I believe just biking in Falcon.

[1:02:52] Alright so what who who who else was on the list Black Widow Hawkeye Iron Man,
this is how we get here people oh my God we had to pick from that Universe I don't want to pick them up first.
Pick up a penpal or how did for me cuz number one i don't get that i know and yeah there's that were gonna go to listen to me got r eight let's let's move on.
It was the third stripes and beer ballot and a Madman all right.

[1:03:45] Marvel villain most likely use online dating service rocks.
He's all hands though and Aunt me.
Tell Harmony to swipe left a lot,
write to get to do like four times. Weirdo haircut.
Can they claim that she's a new yorker z bozo the so is dot dot cox your answer dark choc yeah they robbed.
Well the phone is family but I don't know if it's going to find a dating after that it goes right so oh there is one call farmersonly.com,
are there is a doctor due to the hut bad man.

[1:04:43] Oh my God.
Yeah I'm at a loss here I'm going to say the Marvel villain that would use a dating service.

[1:04:56] Screen to be one ugly looking for sure some yeah the culture.
The who's on with yeah that's who I'm going to go with okay I will go with Loki.

[1:05:12] Oh he really would know we would never use for 1:00 amps,
you are so welcome with because loki was the number one answer how many points do i get fourteen points that it could yes as.
Harlequin duck I was on the list for two points.
None of the other ones were from the bottom up.

[1:05:55] Okay last question will start with Mad Band and go to rocks and Rob.

[1:06:01] Name the Marvel villain that would be most the most frightening landlord.

[1:06:17] The,
yes yes it is that's the term that we're using sure.

[1:06:32] I would I would go with.

[1:06:38] Marvel villain.

[1:06:46] Yeah I'm going to go with red skull and Aunt May,
oh my God Rob and stuff like this is gravity,
oh okay so i'll go with norman is gonna be your landlord anyways buying your building so you can tear down with.
I'll go. Osborn.
Okay so when we points working group was 10 points.
I never wanted was a nose because one considers when collecting rent.
Although he does a lot turning turnover so.

[1:07:40] Daddy can kick you out anytime really.
Oh we're going the pass you don't have this rant see.

[1:07:53] She's not your landlord right let me allow me to tally the points well we do that what we do that rocks.

[1:08:08] Rock sing a song.
Oh are you happy and you know it clap your hands.

[1:08:22] Music.

[1:08:30] And the sky is gray.
No you were right the first time you just ruined dead.

[1:08:45] It was ruined by this game,
is ruined by this game it's wicked wicked game scores heeb,
okay well it's summer school so it's going to be hard so you get what three people.

[1:09:09] Okay.
Yeah Scott Williams.

[1:09:25] And yes men suck as a ride for sorry,
don't even say thank you.

[1:09:43] I want to listen let's what is the difference between last place in first place.
Messages from seventy one points between first and last place and how many points did rob pull in,
79 Chevy no confidence that would mean that rocks pulled in 3.

[1:10:07] Does a good nine.

[1:10:10] What Match Game yeah so please come to the solve this and you'll see me like always lose.

[1:10:21] Yeah that's what i make you laugh alright folks thanks again for these and made my guests think of coming out and as always you know.

[1:10:33] Enjoy drink on I guess that's all right we're halfway there until next time for William Rob rocks and Madman.
This is John saying peace wash your hands.

[1:10:55] Yes good point this has been production of what unique key.
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[1:11:25] Music.