50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 26 - Joe And Gary Of The Classics

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] So all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:46] The days of dragging come on the podcast that turns into a car in into an animal and then back into occur,
and joining me tonight cuz aleady is still off i don't know,
probably chasing dogs down the beach i guess i don't know is rob rob how you doing.
Are you there i am excellent sue twenty four days till dragon con you ready.

[1:16] No I'm barely ready but that's okay it's kind of how it always ends up.
No I mean I'm sure that as attractive as you get it everything's going to hits last minute,
yeah that you are like you that you work or oh wait where the people who are you happens like that.

[1:38] Well that's that's how it is in so you know.

[1:44] I don't know how to stumble into this next into transition into introducing our guests so we'll just go right into it and joining us tonight,
that guy knows is it's it's it's exciting and then you can it okay for the new use of the.
So we are,
i'm the american type fiction classics track how are you sir i'm great in bed.
So joining us is gary is his second or co director or how would it was your fishing title now gary.
Or life me okay or conway's it yes for in the auto,
yes well no no dead birds on my head.
That is true no with listed birds um so you guys have what is the official track title.

[2:40] The DragonCon American sci-fi Classics track and what does that actually cover.

[2:50] Ten years ago and then backwards into the beginning of recorded inner to,
so you going to let a buzzard fly another track you got a lot of Buster Keaton got a lot of.
What is busting out the Buster.

[3:13] So you cover things like that for for example Buck Rogers is one of the good ones you guys would cover,
and we did until they are Pals at the military SF media track which was formerly the Stargate track,
baby wake up book orders from ups oh really,
just put in a guide for statement babylon five and i believe i'm pretty sure there it's them that got bottles for black.
Is correct and firefly in august starts with the war in the us the.

[3:53] I'm so so then you cover me animal then that's it that's and that's pretty much what what else do you need to cover all exits contained within memorable,
we cover stuff like that.
He lives three much anything is that a thing not owned by any other track yeah yeah yeah and when i put in on the big lebowski this year with the so guys,
yeah really so where do we go.
RR track description is sort of sci-fi adjacent sometimes because.
We've had we last year we have wrestlers this year we're gonna have more progress there's no i think tentatively as always,
yes and we've had sitcom people years ago so really just anything that was on television we're we're okay with,
movies and yes.

[5:04] Are there really cool programming pretty ever should raise law starkey justin's upper back to share gas with it.
Yeah and something I love about their track is that they do real honest-to-god cartoons.
Cartoons what are those oh no.
What are you guys doing it when you guys do the curtains you'd like to Saturday morning cartoon stuff and,
a school house rock panel.
Alright like at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning which we thought was pretty appropriate for that time.

[5:52] What other what kind of panels you have going along along those lines.
See what TV was we're doing the Incredible Hulk.
The believe this year is the fortieth anniversary of that show and v which will give
meant to do a panel for like a zillion years and we're finally doing it I think this is the the 30th anniversary of the miniseries the first mini-series.
Yeah we're working a world where he may hit the lot of tv and a lot of movies from the eighties and not.

[6:35] That's cool actually rob you actually sent me a question that that you you're you're curious about about how,
out that them and all their anniversary z you can freezer like,
yeah so john i will not allow you to john and i were preparing for the podcast to let you know what's new julie yesterday by by that he means they send text message to each other.
Do actual happen that's talk about one of the things that is really cool look forward to when your program track every year.

[7:09] What's the anniversary what's Fillmore films have I forgotten this is the 20th 30th 40th anniversary whatever,
i'm amazed that you guys remember somebody cut the weather yeah magic clock that like ring is okay with the fiftieth anniversary of crawl or whatever orient,
Time Rider is 30 this year or you know how you can track of all those,
and we went well one of us believe this year was Michael Faulkner one of our attending professionals he,
emily just went through wikipedia and picked up anniversaries force,
usually pretty early in the process we have a long long long list of the stuff that's like ten twenty thirty years you know that but the even numbers,
one of the things that way cuz we when we start our program pulmonary programming which is usually about february because we need that long to recover from the previous year that,
first thing i'll hit is the google and go top movies of twenty five years ago whatever your that was thirty years ago ten years ago and yeah and i qualify with horse i five fantasy i think it's a pretty good rundown.

[8:23] Okay cool well actually,
speaking of that speaking of inner secrets we we know that Joe got suckered into being a director by not running fast enough what is your story how did you get how did you get suckered in.

[8:40] Well I met Joey ages ago in Internet time back so last week,
yeah that's right run two thousand when he was working with the hecklers guys and it sell it dot com and we've met in person at dragon con and i believe it was ninety nine or two thousand
because i mentioned in article of sell it at a panel and lady after hours is two guys coming up and they're like hey that website you mentioned together with that sauce,
no really,
oh and had dinner and a friendship was born yeah that's cool while now that's a true drinking story so then he got suckered so then he suckered you in is what your saying.
Much so he was wi i i i've been attending for a while and then was like really anxious to start running my mouth on,
Traxxas well on panels as well cuz I know things and Joe was able to Joe was already doing so so he was introduced me to the right people to get me on
handles so i started like as a non official volunteer is and i'm on my badge but still showed up and then when joe and shane it hi shay sounded revolution sf
I came on as a full-time staff writer.

[9:58] And so I got a media badge for New Year's and that was cool and then started working with Joe and Rhonda guy who used to run the classics track and was been pretty much became a fixture there.

[10:11] And when the baton was it was time for the baton to be passed joe and i both can look each other in mid while i think we could run this track but i don't wanna be in charge was like why don't want to run it alone,
if not it not it yes yeah,
we both made it to another friend of ours who runs another track and said okay what's the deal we think we can do this what's your advice and her advice was run run fast don't look back then leave it up,
actually that was okay.
So when and basic joe and i drew straws to see who with or or any man to be the director and i said and i purposely dot to the short straw,
I may have pushed him.
Oh cool so yeah so the friendship was born at DragonCon and then the the relationship grew at DragonCon and now you are hating each other cuz I have that works.
I don't know who loosen it.

[11:22] Where were not quite the kinks but we're definitely leaning towards maybe john and paul in the later years yeah yeah yeah,
who will attend so do you get you guys get lots of of guests the what guess you have this year from for media.

[11:42] You as always it's absolutely tentative and will they actually have shown up on the panel and then you've have the panel and then the panel was over and then i leave.
Back on the plane on your way home and then when you get home and have your first night sleeping pills over.
Yes but tentatively right now we we may have panel with lou for a note switch that's funny i'm tracing polk right now.
And we we might have a panel with.
The guy that I am hearing from Sharknado.

[12:29] Who out the short nato now has shortened to one at least has now passed over into our realm,
and certainly not out to one o has so we can talk about that stuff is i was,
can the nineties i had a little bit of another two one obsession berra said named it it it so you're the guy that one he's gonna brought it back yeah that the.
And we know for sure one cool guy that we have is william stout there was a production designer and or director who designed the original dragon con logo think i'm i'm told,
and he also worked on Conan the Barbarian and the He-Man movie and,
turn of the Living Dead yes yes.

[13:23] Did the man heaters like some of the inflammatory storyboards for Ghostbusters Pan's Labyrinth he also designed some creatures.
This guy his got his fingers everywhere,
if you look him up an IMDb it's amazing how much stuff he's done and he's one hell of a Storyteller we worked with him in the past and he just not only does he have great stories about
being on the set of Conan the Destroyer working with Arnold Schwarzenegger,
all the shit in barest were reluctant to tell you,
is the story about how arnell talk to bunch of guys into moving a mexican my tv news feed.

[14:07] Cool so what other what other special events do you do you have going I know that you we talked a little bit just a bit ago about the the Saturday morning cartoon stuff but you have any special events any dances,
kick off thursday night with the psi phi classics and americans i if i need the signal on which is like karaoke with four hundred of your closest friends,
that's cool
yeah we got up we got a whole bunch of music videos this is going to be I think our fourth year of doing it it started as,
thing to do on thursday night doing a track rim and now we've actually got a ball room in the hilton
not only will not of completed tasks idiots but we've actually to have the words up there so you can sing along if you don't know them.

[14:55] It robs gonna be there rob rob will be right there from rory read.

[15:01] You should tell John about the advice though you guys do,
yes I'm so glad,
one of them is kind of a special topic we discovered,
where have we have what we have like a core group of is there like book ribbons as the regulars a core group of panel is that we use a lot,
and tons of them are named Michael is Bailey one of them yes he is,
and so we're having a panel called it's the Council of Michaels,
there and the whole panel is gonna be michaels enough that we have a show or two i believe yes and and we're gonna stick one of those a pair of one of those michels,
and we've got a 20-sided giant 20-sided custom-made die,
with real and fictional michaels from classic saw five,
Michael j.fox.
There's a fictional wondering where the real ones.

[16:16] The and and so then we will it the audience roll the die and that's what we talk about now explain how because um i i've seen it once in in real,
basket ball in the basket sized,
what the fuck.

[16:43] It will put together unit someone construct that specially for you correct,
yeah and if I oddly enough his name is Michael also,
he is with a bottle start glad a cosplay group and he a does that that kind of thing and the yeah the date,
that's really really cool now do you have to separate ice or you just do or die scrubber review just right over the top of them,
every year you. Every year yeah and we auction them off for the DragonCon charity at the end of the weekend,
that's cool that's cool in speaking charity do you guys do anything else special for thirty.

[17:34] So last year we did the star will we watch the star wars holiday special non and was,
amazing and you charge people to get out of the room right to be the first one out the door,
is it a in every do it legally show
we didn't know we had to let people leave and I was kidnapping it is a thing but yeah if you wanted to leave if in the first 15 minutes was 20 bucks after that we not five
i booked up the price every fifteen minutes but you got a button or you got a postcard.

[18:14] Then I love it the friend Becky panovich made it for us and it said you'll time until Tapout,
as the store was holiday special it's kiss meets the phantom of the pork.
Rob that's your favorite movie of model understand.
It is what her yes coca for what to go fuck around but um pop culture you in a hugely big are we serve people you know.
We did you say balance lawler yeah i re talk to dad he's coming.
Good night.
I am but not if the piece of.
Actually it's like rock and roll music history is important because it was really quite bold for the time for being done because they.

[19:29] There's more to make a movie about hot so we took them they really took some of public talk myself on the panel there,
and yeah we'll david yet from the leak you know what is awesome it's just.
Is everything that is like wrong and wonderful about the 70s TV and movie pop culture in like 2 hours.
You book and that with the brady bunch go to kings island and you pretty much have a microcosm of what seventies were for television show.

[20:06] Exactly,
oh no do you interspersed commercials and therefore for a man and mammal in between the what do homework thousand there summer of course now what what is the big.
Yokai tribe.
Really yeah I mean it would have started out just as a punchline I did like the show I do like the show,
i just wanted to like do like i was on the panel one year and i was just doing like a deep dive.
You know jiki reference and Manimal popped out,
and then i did again later on area think you were there for us and like the second time i did it and then there was a guy in the audience who said you know you mention mama the last time now.
I said and I'm going to do it every panel from now on.

[21:14] Gary F Gary at what point in the weekend do you get tired of hearing about Manimal.
Could ever get tired of hearing about Manimal not only not tired of hearing about Manimal Jose written Manimal fanfiction
yeah there's a breeze a whole new meaning to the word colder what spin off of that only dismantle,
Doom animal things but you can also turn into if you remember show from the seventies supertrain menopause
river soul trainer eight thousand seventy of a train rolling down the tracks that we turns into a rhino.
What a great show with that day that's all i ask.
Well me netflix is put pretty much putting anything on the air these days so yeah yeah,
hunter green boots is not far away no we're going to be millionaires.
So so yeah man yeah the minimal reboot what else would you like to see reboot from your track.

[22:24] The crazy thing is a lot of that already has a lot of pull with what happens what happens when those reboot occurred to you lose that property or does it just,
it's split up what goes on there then property goes to whoever it belongs to you and there but then we will prosper own talk about the original.
I got you yeah in Gary's case though one of the things we we got,
we split custody of two will not of the living dead movies and so are the heart rate gets not living dead this year and we get don't of the day,
is he has its fortieth anniversary this year and then our anniversary run a yeah and also the remake of dawn of the dead gary game is also within our windows so we we got that too,
do you even wow it's are day a combo panel on both the original and the remake.

[23:25] Can you find it hard to book for shows to cover you know you do you always include the programming but one thing but could you think,
contracted i look for you if one of the first track cycle to go to the forgot what i wanted to be stinky if so creative and so.
Thank in terms of like it's just i need is respect with so barkers compared to the rest of the very soon,
set up.

[24:06] Get the being really hard to program.
You're kind of like almost like the cool retro wing of the car is that is that challenging is a difficult is it I mean obviously it's fun.

[24:20] The biggest challenge is fitting everything in that we want to that's a whole reason we invented roller panel
it is we put we were like we have twenty panels we want to cover that will fit
well if i have to grab follow to rob's question two how hard to keep all the hipsters out.
Well you kind of like a black hat like I like a fun do there they're in there somewhere.

[24:51] Yeah I think one of the things that helps us is one of our guiding principles we have a few
but one of our main guiding principles is there are no guilty pleasures there just Pleasures so we don't have people coming up on a pallet when will I know this show is
crap Rhino that shows cheesy I know you're not supposed to like this but I do anyway no weed we don't have any truck with that,
it I really like an animal for example and we're going to get people who love it and we want you to love what you love unabashedly you know don't love it ironically don't love it and be ashamed of it just just roll with it.
That since the to push people who wanna be ironic history kind of like it that they don't like that that that authenticity.

[25:41] Yeah I know I don't have I don't have no I ain't got no time for authenticity.
But the um so where is your panel actually low your panel your your.
Marriott one three to one of our.
If you're going towards the back of the Marriott like you're headed to go over to the skybridge to the Hilton were on that level the same level that the FedEx is on,
and we used to be beside the FedEx but thankfully we're no longer downwind to the men's room at 3 in the morning on a Sunday which is not a good place to be
and that were on the complete opposite side where if you're headed to to the have a trail you just turn right now is it looks like it's a dead end corner but there's actually a whole way that goes back there.
Try to put up a sign every year now that this what it what,
that's so kind of to the right if your facing have a tree which the right now do you do any late night programming.
Yes it is it.
Mature audiences or is it just just happens to be late at night.

[26:54] Call me look on the phone like what are you doing this year.

[27:00] Well Friday night we're doing a panel we have always been here lbgt lgbtq Legends and classic sci-fi and we've actually got the voice of Night Vale on the panel,
feasible in and so could periodically counts as much were because work of the topic but we don't do a lot of like,
look at the scantily clad lady type.
Night met your programming we just indigo okay here's a topic now that the kids are going to bed that we can talk rental seriously none of the ninety barber all over or will.
Red shoe Diaries I mean nothing I'm reliving my childhood right now but what about.
And and if you do cover those things do does it have to be like with a lot of static in between.
Or try to ninjas perfect am I going.
Before i say track myself yes weather weather and a temper and have.

[28:10] Will our panels run usually we are last and when i usually is about ten o'clock so.
We don't go too much later than that mainly because Joe and I have to get up in the morning.
But this year like Friday night they said we have the lgbtq panel we've got on Saturday night we're doing what's our late night.

[28:38] Dave west of needles things podcast is.

[28:52] I am in with anybody is and it's gonna be a little less naughty than that that the other should the preview show was but is still gonna be a lot of fun,
was that last year was it that it was two years ago,
and that was pretty popular was not oh yeah we can speak packed up
the first year we didn't we eat filled up the track on the second year we did it we overflow the track room actually to turn people away and got a ball room and then and we got it to go chasing ls reading the fourth your cuz with we did it into the ball rims impact those both out.
They can build a grout how long we must show them back into the call me real quick i'm.
Okay cool go ahead rub.
Why was going to ask him about the YouTube channel and just how hard is that considered maintaining run,
it's a little difficult mainly because we we we could put more on there,
can we do record some stuff like we have the audience sings the TV theme songs or some other stuff,
and we moved from our location to our new location in the red ranger shaun read,
Fitbit a video showing years we were and here's a walk through the Marriott to where we are now.
Oh it's where we don't use it as much as other tracks do we probably could do more with it.

[30:21] Uploading videos YouTube.
The parking lady a toilet that there was attracted need for introductions to the columns you guys cuz just.
So much and stuff yet,
another interesting thing about the truck that the motor stock not back we either find in common we will have to get to serve digger out,
continue to strive interesting obvious choice for that i should you looking for out takes awhile tracks from isis or something that the guys uc.
Or seven cartoons your what so that that's where you go.

[31:08] Cool sorry I'm a little distracted I'm just trying to see if I can get Joe back online.
We lost electric circuit done so Gary where were you when Joe fell off the line where were you doing.
You say you don't want to be in charge by yourself but i suspect that maybe you do.
I don't want to be in church by myself test that i like having back up and joe is actually a phone to,
of knowledge and is very good at coming up with panel titles and descriptions much better than I am at it but we have to work together,
who is like a master compound panel title week you guys you guys have a ton of programming but if you if you were to get away this year's ernie guess that you really wanna say.
Well they just announced,
yeah him I definitely have to get him to sign my copy Shaun of the Dead they also I mean literally just a few minutes ago announced the lady played Zoe on Firefly,
Gina Torres oh really.

[32:18] So I definitely I have a firefly set that is signed by Sheppard and Jane and I have to get her on there now,
oh you are not kidding they literally did as we were having this conversation,
add in stain also does will that zone seven years seven hours away by the c looked earlier but not right yo.

[32:44] The one about someone when you actually want to see a dragon con not sure it would how how much are you one to ten trick,
if there's a there's a joke there for seven hours and in him in him from his announcing his um shaggy other than the blue light but the shaggy scooby doo for my,
go gina torres school runs very cool um.

[33:18] I would love to get Ric Flair's autograph and he's one of our people we're hopeful.
Yeah it's like
i keep there's a part of it back in my brain that's likes the the nonstick frost i keep hoping some intake will show up even if he's not an actual gas to just be like i'm here z my by my my boy leaking you know for all we know he could chopin income,
oh you honorable time that would be cool if it's not unprecedented so.
ab it lol no some friends and i are plotting were gonna it to a group where i try to you a group picture with peter capaldi because i can't believe he's coming.

[34:11] Just what like i've said
plenty of time I'm not a doctor who fan but if there was one doctor that I liked it was cuz I see it with my son I'll be watching whatever no Pastor the room Peter Capaldi was
as of the modern doctors has been on,
my favorite thus far in maybe snapper snow what the inner x lot what is that he said it,
he's a fantastic actor period yes yes and
really kinda surprise we don't get more marvel people since they film everything in atlanta now but we do have my coulter from from the cage so it will be cool to get him to sign something
I'm just trying to see if there's anybody else that I'm really really the problem is for me that I've been coming to DragonCon since like 299,
so it's not that I'm jaded is that I've already got your autograph how many more times can I tell you I love you.

[35:17] Yeah and let me ask is cuz you just brought that up does avenger since it's been ten years does that fall into you guys are.
Since the mc using on going concern now okay now it's if the mc you were to fold up and die which will happen at like the heat death of the universe ten years after the last movie,
okay well can you get half of the universe no no half of it is died baby.
But yes that.
Well we're at the point of the show where first while we try to find out where people get more informations for your track.
Where they go on the webs in things like that twitter's to facebook's to trading on americans off i class extract its actor facebook slash groups slash.

[36:18] Trying to get the exact cuz where you do as a which is you know just google it on on facebook and i got a cyclist that's our list were just two people shy of two thousand members people,
we just need two more and you get a prize if you if your mm person.
We'll say hello by any drink on you will get a firm hinge that i might buy you a coke.

[36:48] We are also on the twitter as at classic track you can also find joe on twitter is at yo joke bro
you can find me on the Twitter is at Gary underscore Mitchell it's Mitchell with one L yes Star Trek fans it's my real name is done unto you work,
I believe we are also on the Instagram but I do not use that as much as I probably should.
Well no that's wrong with his arthritis and that's where all the kids are that it's is it's you know it's not for us.
Hello gary what will stop you covered from ninety eight.
What we're doing an entire panel on the 1988 we are also doing I believe our role of handle is going to be 1988 and 1978.
Oh actually a seventy eight ninety eight se were doing one whole hour on a eight by itself.
We're also doing a panel on 25 years of Jurassic Park the lovely retroblasting people are once again doing two panels for us they're doing a panel on 1968 and a panel on Rambo and the panel of freedom.

[38:02] We're doing the fiftieth anniversary of planets of the apes and we're also do mean this is the eightieth year of superman,
as a character I'm pretty sure that movie is I'm not that old though,
at the superman people like to do things on the anniversary apparently as well because it's the fortieth anniversary of superman movie,
no it's not yes God help us it is not you're lying.

[38:32] I wish you mean the old black and white superman movie that's a television show that wasn't a movie you got it all wrong.
What's the address you die hard no no no who these things are untrue there lie.
Yet we are doing a panel on roger rabbit how old is runs around in,
twenty eight thirty for me find it at thirty years high regular room is also twenty bad years of lois and clark.
No no no.
Of which one what should o chud chud will be brought up probably in our panel about new york in the nineteen seventies.

[39:28] Where your stuff which isn't shaft how the way we view the way new york was in nineteen seventy still filters are we think about new york today with the,
the drum on the that's actually kind of your own that just found that out are now what,
get your overcooked the fuck so we're without the part of the show where i was hoping you go back on definitely but he still a community where we play a little game with our guests,
and william isn't here today because he's whose might my son who normally runs a game for us but he
you to go to bed cuz it's late and he has to get up tomorrow to go to Tampa Bay Comic Con cuz I'm raising nerds,
so this is what we've been doing this year is over the years I've collected various crappy trivia games,
and so in there they're like you know a lot of or just like kinda thrown together some of mar find out but or try to be thawed out but the,
i'm just thrown together and even the the cards are not even cut,
exactly the same across all things so when i have my hand is fifteen random cards ge will.

[40:46] Let me clarify I have 15 cars I picked out I'm going to give you the categories randomly,
and the idea is that you have to get at least two questions on the card right and whoever gets to five cards first,
when's the game that wasn't me three cards but because Joe's gone is now going to be 5 card so you get to go first and I'll give you three categories to choose from in the other categories wind up going back into the random pile
it's funny that you mention the 1970s cuz one of them is the Warriors.

[41:18] Mark in a park marking mindy which is you know the the the other version of more comedy.
So it's working in the or the bore years or laverne and shirley which of those do you think you can get two out of four questions correct on.
Let me show with the warriors king new famous as you are calling caitlyn ray of the original director's cut it in the mail today alright so.

[41:46] City is overrun me and tell you the some of these are this like really simple questions which city is overrun but with gains in this cult classic.
Your baby of course which is not a gaming in the movie which is on again and the movie orphans breaths punks robes baseball theories were studs.

[42:09] Her friends reverse punks rogues baseball theories or studs which of those is not an actual gang of the movie.
Say pox think reduced doc finish with finish the famous timeline from luther worry is coming out.
Why no remembers please model yeah armin as play is well but this has to play but i'll give it to be,
think it's and play and we found many a time of these questions are not a prison aka i say you gotta been gonna go and give you got the carbon god give you the last,
gang leader ajax threatens to take a bat in turn arrival into what kind of summer treat.
I'ma turn you into a popsicle is correct that is correct okay so you got one card Rob here are your choices.

[43:08] Music somewhere randomly picking free Alyssa the thing The Love Boat The Ten Commandments or My Three Sons.

[43:19] You know what on the take much mr my three sons all right name the double indemnity star who handle to handle dad do he on the show.
Where there's correct name the first three sons.

[43:38] Chip Ernie and Robbie.
So mike robbie and ship you get two of them yeah there's one there's one yesterday when buying them will after the eldest son moved out this adopt t slid into the number three.

[43:56] Sorry it's the damn it just do what it is i can hear us to get the car did william and them arrest getter play what.

[44:09] Uncle Charlie absolutely correct there right so we're tied 1-1 all right back to you Gary your choices are Dynasty Melrose Place or repeat the Ten Commandments.
Ten commandments that i would lose that i lose okay that was referred are there go,
name the infant who was rescued by ramses the first by of friends of the first daughter after being sen to the bottle.
Loses moses knows this dame who this movie is about as the screw this question to connect um what's.
Holds you chief financial soldiers back as moses parts the red seas.
Calm a fire will this is a pillar of fire so tinkering with copters what if i name the power you got of course in the powerful into the junction pharaoh who was moses arch rival.
Ramses the second yes rooms which one of these which one of jethro seven daughters did moses marry.

[45:20] It's a question of.
Hattie Mae exactly correct Rob here is her choice is Doogie Howser MD Mork & Mindy or Hogan's Heroes.
Oh my God you really doing this to me okay which was longer Hogan's Heroes Primetime run or the u.s. involvement in World War II.

[45:52] Is longer holdings run prime time run were the youngest of heating,
it's exactly correct in fact that's exactly what did Hogan's Heroes lasted six years to more than the war for us so we are on the War 4 to 4 hours.
What was the foot who always says i know nothing nothing.
Normally but i have to believe she's not here so i will very sexual that is correct what number was holding he'd hogan's heroes style i like.
What is the correct what's the name of the cruise French pows.

[46:34] Alright you got it right side up here alright so the next one is home alone Dynasty or Laverne & Shirley,
Gary Laverne and Shirley Laverne and Shirley Laverne Shirley was a spinoff of what popular sitcom and set in the 50s.
Happy day let's correct at what Milwaukee brewery do Laverne and Shirley work.

[47:02] Was it it what are that wasn't no,
shots shots shots who was he obnoxious little Greaser who invented who invented delicious schemes invented who invented,
yes games see it's really late and i got my glasses not working devious schemes to get rich.
Movie lenny's house when he has is a whose again knowing i next door basically what saucy next nickname is given to shirley's high school boyfriend carman reduce.

[47:38] See now the big do but i got the card anyway you got two and another.

[47:50] Hi regretfully will take the brady bunch.
That's when turning brady bunch of which caramel which character under the famous line marcia marcia marcia.
Other than Jam the correct which Brady kid later wrote a book claiming he dated mom Florence Henderson.
That would be very williams that's correct which cast member didn't appear in the shows last episode.

[48:27] They call.
Robert Reed Mike Brady which cast member did his he died,
every picture markham over the special metal open air to,
which cast member did he which cast member did he comes back and which cast member did his own surfing when the family went on vacation to Hawaii.
Barry Williams Mary Williams everything's about Barry Williams alright we're getting down to some serious repeat here so we got The Love Boat family ties or Doogie Howser MD.
I'll take family ties remittance.

[49:21] Name the names of two of the six members the keaton family just me two members of the king family mom and dad.
I'm gonna need more speed more specific is it alex p keaton and always stand sisters name.

[49:45] It's go time as this six or alex mallory is we're looking for mallory jennifer in the stephen and alot tell us lies within a person's who's alex is,
favorite president who was alex's favorite president nixon that's correct alex was born well his pair.
Sworn of us were was parents steven and elise see that's why was cut off of the lease we're serving in the peace corps for what ima continent.

[50:21] Our mothers are in the peace corps for a what continent.

[50:26] I am going to go with Africa that is correct name the famous conservative and founder of the National Review whose photo hung above Alex's bed.

[50:39] Though we will f buckley jr that is correct alright we're going down to hear you've got your choices are rob oh wait we didn't actually had some for true grit mash or the love boat.

[50:54] What ima did rob.
Sighting in do this one is what actor played Captain stubing the captain's father and the captain's brother.

[51:07] Gavin MacLeod that is correct what is the first four words in The Love Boat theme song.

[51:15] Love exciting and new that is correct which former cast member was elected to the US House of Representatives from the state of Iowa.
Fred Grandy it's correct the cast of the 70s.
I was really.

[51:43] The cast of what seventies to hit female detective series appeared on the show to recover a stolen statue.
That is correct are eight so this this is for the fifth card if we if you get five cards and we will have a.
We will have a showdown where I will pick the worst card in here in each of you will take a turn trying to answer the question so your choices are,
mash working mindy or home alone someone can't first time it more candy.
What freezes more queues as a greeting.
Dino no that's correct who played Mork who played Mork and Mindy's large newborns Sun Mirth.
That'll be easy Smurf phenomenal committee Jonathan Winters,
what's the name of working work what is the name of the or can.

[52:43] What is the name of the orkian Mork report,
the Orchid name the actress who played Susan Mindy's snooty old friend from high school.
Oh God I don't remember I tapped out on that one Morgan Fairchild.
Alright robbed so he got that card your choices are dynasty true grit or do you house are and d.

[53:23] Blower.

[53:26] Right alright here go fuck what is the name of the us marshal who sets out to get the killer of midi were or maybe ross's father.

[53:41] I'll go talk to richard called born coverings and welcome psychic the booze.
Is a not to be confused with Shia is employed by what law enforcement organization.

[53:57] Elohim.
The baseball team weirdly enough how old was the young farm girl Maddie Ross when she hired Cogburn to find her father's killer how old was she.
Teen 14 and you're not going to get this card in 2010 film version,
what was what was Maddie bitten by the caused her to lose her arm.

[54:28] Nate to rinse think that is correct are eight maybe so you won't marry you eat,
I put all this out of this misery of this horrible horrible trivia contest.
Play again where they can find your the track at DragonCon and where they can get more information.
We're in the Marriott in rooms and 103 to 105.
Information you want to follow us on or join or on the facebook american string hundred psi phi classics,
or follow christ's track on the twitter and you can follow me personally at carrie underscore mitchell mitchell when l and joe is.
Cool to rob thank you again for filling in for leave you didn't have a room you didn't nap or anything so it felt like she wasn't here.
So until next time this is john for rob gary and joe were every maybe somewhere on the universe probably talking to,
and until next time for those guys this is John saying peace.

[55:53] This has been a production in the heat,
to leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at legacy.com,
over the some twitter at at signs the unit heat this podcasters distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[56:16] Music.