50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 3 - Zan Of The Eternals

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] To cover the things you like when i'm angry
this is the complete.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] Welcome to another edition old.

[0:44] Is a podcast a podcast and feels like it's been going on for in eternity Prince Adam would be proud and joining me as always is the lovely and apparently very busy
Lee Lee how you doing how are y'all John that was only 3 seconds for holding that first note so you can have to do that.
I'm drinking out of my Dragon Con coffee mug.
Yay my voicemail with them.

[1:19] What am.

[1:30] And for people to know is that joe hodgson whose creator mysteries and your three thousand,
add a lot of other people there hurt is and a writer katherine hurt.

[1:42] And it's Caillou and I kind of know call widget wall.
I got heard about him but we got some people that are doing that and.
Yeah so those are new gas is always already going on this year.
Yeah of course probably the biggest guessing are in the general fandom if you will is is Peter Capaldi.
Yeah there you go so the grouchy old.

[2:28] The Grouchy old man above and beyond,
yeah I mean it's.
Already called Doctor Who you know he has the ability of trying to get to try to get our guest doctor has the ability to travel through time like he can travel through all of eternity.

[2:49] Pretty and then you know what can always go back and find something new to do at the beginning.

[2:59] Well we have to talk to Jan.
Will get better than that waving but i'll think that have any something,
but xan hi Gracie use an isn't a turtle member and she also is someone who every year kind of measures a couple of people if they want you,
to talk to her about new stuff and she's also been volunteering the past couple years show hi there
yeah hi this is the turtles and I am so happy to be back very B150 day starts like that's when I know stuff just got real tradition dictates that we have to have you on towards the beginning of 50 days.
I believe that's how you know this podcast gets blessed is that,
have you on some things you know sort of always keep going in and you are one of them you are Eternal on 50 days of DragonCon,
so who don't know when in eternal memory is can you do a quickie now elevator speech on being an intro.
Usher well and eternal membership.
Is a lifetime pass to drink and hot and was don't even offer this as an option so it's just an amazing thing and what the internal membership comes with is you.

[4:26] A special internal so only thursday night party which may have some celebrity guess we it's not ever guaranteed and they don't tell you who they are ahead of time so it's always a wonderful surprise when you go and see who's at the party.
It's not a VIP membership that's kind of a common misunderstanding you don't think there's no line cutting or reserved seating DragonCon doesn't have a VIP ticket option like some other conventions so.
But it's not too late if you're thinking about buying one then you can ask about the prorated option before you buy it online from the DragonCon store just ask my message before you buy it and they can take off whatever you paid for this year's batch.

[5:09] That's cool I did not know that you could do that and how long have you been in Eternal for.

[5:16] I started coming to dragon con in two thousand three which is the first year i,
I even heard about it because I'm not local to Atlanta
and then I became an eternal in 2005 so I'm actually one of the rare eternals that has paid off the cost of their Eternal membership because it is a little bit more expensive than
the regular membership and it's also different than the regular membership and that.
Regular membership they publish when the cost increases are gonna happen ahead of time
and they don't do that for the internal membership so it's completely random whenever the price goes up for that it it doesn't even increase every year sometimes it's like two three four years in between price increases,
do you happen to know how many internal zt there are a ballpark of how many times are.
No i actually don't i have asked about that but it's like fight club,
we don't publish that information is super secret so I don't know,
I have no idea I never thought less than 2000.

[6:25] Yeah yeah I'll give you that one just because I haven't seen that many of their rainbow badges.
It's not the way it's not a rainbow anymore few years ago I stopped doing the ribbons turned into a peach ribbon and now it's a peach stripe.
Ha hello teacher yet right when we're feeling like was really pretty invisible i unit but they eat like drake anything drying on they could change it again.

[6:54] Why is your name is and i know one couple who i will not name them out themselves baking and but.
I know one couple that as soon as their child was born bought the child and eternal membership that was like the birth present to the child so.
I think that's kinda darned adorable so yeah yeah yeah is.

[7:20] Yeah it's me it's me to do it and it's as you say you've already paid yours off if you know you're going to come forever it's a great idea.
Cheaper snuggle it it we are for figures for this but.
Can you pick up every annual holiday and you don't want to have to volunteer to come forever,
why'd you turn a badge does include thursday now that's the fuse and yes that's drain concerts.

[7:49] By the way I do what I do also thanks to Suzanne because,
she's also the one that always remind us when it's it's it's coming up so.
I get to email 15 days out from 15 days out from 50 days.
Saying he guys you know.
Oh what you're kidding no and then and then one day before Regina hey it's one day before you ready.
Yea in march up this year is a wreck user told us but you know we ignored that warning.
Cuz that was too early John God forbid.
Oh oh don't you I do threw me under the bus and you right you right I choose another term for trying to be friendly friendly.
I want to ask you I know you have a list we're going to get to I want to just one more question so you became an eternal member pretty quick 2 years.
Really heard about it cuz it's it wasn't her website back then I just heard about it I got one in line so as soon as you.

[9:03] Figured as soon as you did this,
what was it that time when you said oh what is this and and did it what was it about DragonCon I mean you'd only gone two times not even two and a half of that point,
old town was at my first convention not by a long shot i buy but been there many other conventions before that ans i still go to other conventions throughout the year so
for example for the first time this year I'm going to San Diego Comic-Con cuz I was finally able to get a ticket so I'm super excited about that
and I'm going to be wearing my Marriott carpet outfit,
already have my outfit because you know gotta represent so,
going to troll San Diego with Dragon Con carpet cuz I know there's people that go to DragonCon and San Diego every year,
so really was just that you're from atlanta or bust san.
This is for you it was just that was special about it and it was just.

[10:05] By the second day of my first year I knew I was a lifer I mean I just felt it the energy the excitement that DragonCon zolf and Ron it's not corporate and and I think a lot of people when they haven't ever been to any convention before kind of thing.
All the same and there not there's definite differences between different events and i appreciate different events for what they are all
no that when i go to something that's not dragon con it's gonna be during contract phones just special.

[10:35] I love it so yeah i'd,
want to mention real quick there if anybody has more questions about the Eternal membership I made a fan website it's not official.
So it's not associated with DragonCon but it's DragonCon Eternal members.com and we have a Facebook group DragonCon Eternal members and we have meet up so this year we're doing are welcome back Wednesday dinner again we're marching in the parade again
this year we're having a shwarma lunch together on Tuesday after the convention working on my new outfit for the eternals party on Thursday night,
and i found this perfect dress it's purple and peach and purple feet like the color dragon con and peach is the color of the internal straight like we just talked about so i kinda have like a cat over your your.
Jordan jordan you know he got risen and he just.
I'd like a carol burnett mom like in our famous comedy sketch about gone with the wind and when i saw that purple and peach dress in the window i just had to have it.
So I'm going to modify it.

[11:40] Yes I actually do have a parade group right and you guys March every year.

[11:51] Yeah we do now and there's also the cult of Marriott carpet parade group and this will be our third year for that,
and of course there's a Facebook group for that the Marriott carpet lover so you can just search on Facebook for Marriott carpet in Facebook and you'll get directed to that group and
they they have stuff too so we're going to be next to the Marriott carpet people and the Marriott carpet
gonna be the third year we have the third annual overturn of trashy in the marriott car,
photo op which is going to be on Wednesday night and then
Wednesday night from probably about 11 to midnight in the Marquee level the Marriott and that's you know across from where the information booth has been set up in the past
and I'll be bringing a replica of the old carpet for people to stand on and of course trashy the trash can and he's our long-time DragonCon tradition so if you have any Marriott carpet outfits or
actual pieces of the old carpet you can bring them back and,
that's your moment to shine cuz Wednesday is the new Thursday I don't know if.

[12:56] I have never seen a carpet that ugly in a hotel have so many people love it.
I'm not gonna be is so ugly and if i were a guy i know what you're about to do that i would actually pull out the people we got it.
John has who did that for you what I'm showing two tattoos Ann and Lee is,
the framed piece of the Marriott official frame piece of the Marriott carpet,
it actually actually I mean the video podcast I do do.

[13:33] It usually sits behind the right with a nose unring front of it,
but yeah sure who used to go to DragonCon with us.
We still have a whole group of five or so used to go.
Um sort of its or dropped off but as he was announcing his last.
DragonCon visit he sent all of the all of the guys a frame piece of the Marriott carpet as.
As of an in-and-out as a a memory.
Um of our time there together so yes i do have a official couple so sweet home,
hello i love that frame the back my favorite using a picture one of the cause players that you know the the army when cause players he attach a picture of that little
I took something that was awesome.

[14:31] Anyway so yeah so that the carpet is is interesting it.
Interesting piece of of DragonCon,
Nope nothing that's confirmed yet i mean this early in,
i'm on this podcast so early in the year i don't know honestly i don't wanna jinx anything i did have a great time at the hand maid's tale santana last year and i
dated in a photo shoot and got a red dress from the show in the white ba nan and that was amazing and i'm hoping to be accepted back on that this year.
It was also on a fan panel for women in technology cuz I'm a technology professional in my day job so that was amazing and then I was on fan panels for some other shows so.
Yeah it's just help but now they don't always list every panelist name in the app.
No you may or may not be able to search for my name and see what panels i'm on but it's it's always super exciting in its kind of waiting for your schedule as a panelist is
very similar to making out your schedule as a fan because things can change right up until the last minute.

[15:58] Everything is right and con is I don't think we've actually really said that much so far in the first three episodes but everything is tentative until it happens just to reiterate.
Until after it happens really until really the Monday after dragcon well probably Tuesday then it really happened
well I say I always say butt in the seat and panel going on that's pretty much the only time we probably won't move you but I also like the fan panels one of the things John and you know it and it comes up every year is when you're putting your panels,
as we said those older old people get off our lawn you youngsters used to have to print these out and use different colored highlighters like okay that was the important one and all of that,
do that on the app so when the app comes out and it has a schedule which will be to approximately two weeks.
Before gone you can actually put more than one panel on a time and you and I'm pretty sure at least last year you can color code,
so that you know oh wait this cold is fall under this fan handle for the bennett miller from.
Are you going to post it so you're posting it then.

[17:17] The epithelia drink drink now.
Is an that we always like talk to you about because you you have copious amounts of notes and.
And you've been doing this for some time is your hotel advice.
And you know that sharing rooms in and things to consider that maybe.
Especially new folks even folks that have been becoming only for few years.
Don't necessarily know so can you share some of that information with us.

[17:51] Sure do you mind if I save that to a little bit towards the end cuz I did have,
one other thing I was hoping to talk about first and breaking news breaking news breaking news.

[18:06] I do so get so before i get to the breaking news because i know you had kevin on yesterday and use fantastic so not gonna do
okay anything he talked about but i've been mentoring for signers to drying on for many years now and this is an unofficial thing i do is actually think the,
first time I was ever on your podcast so just to get the disclaimer out of the way
my Dragon Con Mentor saying it's not on the schedule it's not connect to the Trident anyway just a fan thing I do so this is if you're looking for someone to be your phone a friend during the convention cuz you'll find that.

[18:41] During drink on many of the online resources go silent during the convention cuz everyone's at the convention so this is just something I do for people if you want to have someone guide you through the entire weekend or you want to dress
on one connection to someone that can help you no matter where you are and dragon con is huge,
and you don't have to be a first-timer it's common for people to feel a bit overwhelmed for the first few times so like a planner I'm like to give that Nicole Brown's DragonCon like you mentioned I love him tons of notes
might like to have alternate plans for everything likely said about the app and I like to try to do as much as I can so fun thing filled up I'm tired of walking I can just move on to plan B and everything I'm going to mention during this podcast is going to be on my
fan website DragonCon Eternal members.com including a contact form you can use to reach me so I just wanted to encourage people to binge past episodes of the 50 days
podcast from past years cuz a lot of basic stay the same I do this every year I cherry-pick a few episode the cover topics I like.

[19:43] And then I feel ahead of the game
being a Dragon Con Mentor so I didn't just want to say the same stuff every year so they're least the past episode,
on my best episode on dragon con internal numbers as well as of course the lake to,
is that I was able to get a sneak preview of something from the DragonCon store that will be in the progress report,
this is what it is and the progress report breaking news brand new,
here is our redesigned i'm quoting now redesign baby dragon plushy the twenty eighteen addition is our first year
what's a new look inside I knew you'd be excited about this lie so if you were a fan of The Originals you will get a kick out of this larger cousin sporting Wings horns and spikes he is due too cute to pass up
and the Dragon Con store will have a new 2018 holiday or no.
And heavier than the 2017 ornament and I make my ornaments in the necklaces so I can enjoy them all year.
So for those that are new DragonCon the progress report I just referred to is a booklet that usually start,
be mailed out sometime in July and I do know one person that's already gotten one.

[21:09] And you know that's montrose of this podcast is you know don't will me that things could change so you don't,
if you haven't gotten your progress report yet don't panic I'm sure they're you know going to go out soon it dated varies that got a lot to mail out so it can take some time for yours to arrive in the mail I never get mine first cuz I live,
a little bit farther away from Atlanta and gun store.
They do have a couple of openings for volunteers so if you're interested email Megan Miller head of the Dragon Con store at.
Ec store at dragon con dot org now the drink on store set up usually starts on wednesday
so they can get the store in the Sheraton ready by first thing on Thursday,
people pick up their Badges and they need people tilt are down on Monday,
and the Dragon Con store does have additional locations in them,
the marriott in the americas mart so i think thats gonna be the same this year.

[22:14] And if you want to order something do it in the next few weeks because the store shuts down before the convention so they can move the merchandise to DragonCon
and the current information on their website is that the online store will be closed from Thursday August 16th to Monday September 17th but like everything a Dragon Con those dates are subject to change so you know don't wait
too long I'm going to go and see that new plushie right now cuz I likes plushies.
Get the pushy image as of this recording is not up on the store and I don't know if it's going to be up on the store or if they're just going to debut at the convention but they are super popular so you know stop by.
Oh yeah I have all the money and they're all wearing Marriott carpet outfits that I made for them so like hearts.

[23:06] Yeah and also the stores where you can buy them assuming it's this is true again this year is where you can pick up the video the video membership,
little card thing to send you a link via,
um so even if you're not going to dragon con you can still watch it you can buy a video well women last year you had have a membership right.

[23:39] Remember that was true you have black series whatever yeah do you know when your ship section i'm looking at the member shop ship section of the dragon on store right now and i don't see it yet but i'm sure they'll add it later
I know that when we talked to them last year there was talk that,
and again it all comes on the contracts that they were gonna try and get it to a point where you if you are even if you're not buying a full membership.
You could write with the do good discounted price from when for membership would be i guess you can just get the video peas but would be more expensive than if you bought the bop both of them together as.
I'm gonna leave on your going to drink i was get the streaming membership there well me add more stuff,
after the conventions over.
We got to see some folks that we didn't actually get to go to their panels but we got to watch them when we got home.
From dragon con so that was that was really really cool and those are really really nice offering that they've that there were there starting to put together in and again it was sort of sort of us a,
I mean I'm sure that they're planning it for a while but it was a little bit of a surprise so that the we didn't get to get everything that you like to see all the big the big ass but that's you know that's again comes on the contracts and things like that so.

[25:04] Well if that's true and I think the other thing was that what it really I thought was great though is that those panels that maybe you didn't get to go in and that we're still on there and most of them were I want to say what a good ninety 95% were on there.
But those that you didn't get to see because there's always going to be two competing big panels very likely that you want to go see and you know,
you didn't get too so you got to see that and also if you had a panel that you love you got to see it again and again and again which to me sometimes is funny as anything so.
I think I like it.

[25:40] And for those of us who don't really get to see fam panels unless we're.

[25:48] There's there's actually an unofficial fan group now for volunteers you know past present and future volunteers it's again it's an unofficial fan thing but there's a facebook group
call DragonCon volunteers not to be confused with there's a page called DragonCon volunteers and that's an official page but you can tell the DragonCon volunteers group is unofficial cuz it's
clearly labeled and,
so it's Fantastic Four it's just another resource for fans helping fans cuz like I mentioned you know internal members.
Volunteers to and this is a little bit like me and there's a little-known trick about how to volunteer if you're an eternal,
regular members get a free badge for working a certain number of hours but that
doesn't apply to turn on memberships cuz you're have a lifetime pass so since the terminals on eligible for bad reimbursement,
they might be able to request a smaller number of hours it just depends on what the needs of the convention are,
so if you are an eternal and you want to volunteer just contact me or you want to work in.
Let them know you're an eternal member and see what their needs are.

[26:56] Yeah i love a of you have answer it you have a fan that you that you have of me like grow a track you like,
your love you can add an on call person to because sometimes we get sick especially,
you know we all start getting really run-down you some people on Sunday and Monday of many people that come to DragonCon might have a chronic disease or,
suppressed am unit mean system so me the yellow run again it,
if you're willing to like take you know an hour or two on a day if somebody calls out you might just want to let you know your favorite track director know that.

[27:32] Yeah that's a great idea and you know it's interesting me,
we talked a little talk to the word the word official unofficial a band around here or fan run.
That's a lot of wood DragonCon is we talked about San Diego Comic-Con I'm sure you can have a great time and it's,
okay thank,
it is really fan run yes there are people that that are sort of in,
The Arc in charge but the reality is is that it's sort of itself,
sustaining in in dry comes it is is what you make of it what you was a fan,
what the fuck.
It's it's unofficial as well but it's just because you know we love,
DragonCon and so we do it every year and you know it's just it's just it's just a lot of passion all condensed into 5 days.

[28:39] Yes i definitely agree with that
so I think we've already asked me about a bunch of stuff that was honestly already in my notes we talked about me being a Dragon Con mentor and we talked about the cool new stuff at the DragonCon store and Wednesday being the new Thursday and
fan meet up there we talked about the trade,
talk about the Eternal membership,
i'm happy to move on to the hotel stuff i have lost their selling who's there on one of those other topics okay,
so let me just give me so excited about the dragon I can't wait to see it.
You'd be excited about that i'm happy about it too because i i also have all the dragons and they're just they're adorable i love them so.

[29:25] Like you mentioned John I one of the things I help out with is the DragonCon rooms Facebook group which again is another unofficial fan group.
The first thing I wanted to mention is the hotels have been cracking down on scalpers for a while so people need to be aware of that
all reselling rooms for profit is probably why the hotel started requiring r a three or four night stay to qualify for the discounted dragon con right.
Away to to those of you that do that blue,
hello there's no reason you're bringing in some bad Carmen and I'll ask people I'm just letting you know
yeah there's no reason for people to get sand cuz all the information you need about what you should be paying for a hotel room is publicly available,
on the dragon con dot org website they got a huge list of hotels both host hotels and host hotels are,
where the events are actually held and overflow hotels which are going to be a little bit further away and quieter and then there's the entire city of Atlanta there's lots of hotels that don't have any connection to DragonCon so they're not going to have the Dragon Con right but so perfectly,
find places to stay so.

[30:32] Stop DragonCon hell yeah the drink on host hotel reservation still out nearly a year in advance and then some rooms will open up.
But because they open and sell out nearly a year in advance,
my check for budgeting is that now is the time to ask your roommates for money.

[30:54] That as a reservation holder you're going to have to pay to book a hotel to host hotel room.

[31:00] Lot of other hotel rooms but especially the hose cuz they're the most in demand to book a hotel room for twenty nineteen and deposits keep getting more expensive every year and
lolz can and do change every year the amount you're gonna pay for the deposit is gonna vary from one night stay here tonight stay to the entire stay so that's like three to six hundred dollars.
2 / $1,000 when you include taxes fees parking all of that so if you're looking for hell,
hotel room or find a roommate the best resource like i mentioned is the dragon con rooms facebook group and that's an unofficial fan group.
Can just search search for dragon con rooms group and facebook and it'll pop up,
there's tons of info in there in an FAQ in the pinned post a pinned post in Facebook group thing in there always a first post at the top of the group,
bribing or scalping is permitted in this group most importantly if you can't go to Dragon Con and you,
can i use your hotel room anymore he wanna get in on from the bowl deposit back please go to the pinned post in the dragon con rooms facebook group and scroll to the bottom because that's where you're gonna find a list of the.
Who's been waiting all year for room and they will happily pay you back the non-refundable deposit,
that you can't get the deposit back from the hotel room but a fellow fan will happily pay you out and take the room off your hands and,
if you're not sure at this point in the year if your roommates are coming.

[32:25] Definitely ask them to confirm so that as a reservation holder you have time to replace any roommates if needed,
DragonCon rooms are expensive so this is a tip for returning attendees who haven't been to DragonCon in few years
the night before your first day if you can because traffic is murder inflates can get delayed and especially if you go through a time change so especially since wednesday is the new thursday now.
You talk to your roommates.

[32:55] About the nighttime rules for your hotel room because that may be the only time you see your roommates you're all going to be sleeping in the room together so you want to make sure that if you need silence to sleep somebody is it going to leave the TV on all night.
And if you are not sure about your hotel room like what amenities it's gonna have if you want to know where your hotel room includes then go directly to your hotels website.

[33:21] And look up the room types they'll be photos and a list of optional amenities you can get
of course sometimes websites are a little bit out of date so you might need to call the hotel directly using the
Local Atlanta 404 area code and talk to somebody who actually works in the hotel because yes you can ask your fellow fans for advice
somebody wasn't stay there since last year might have out-of-date information and sometimes hotels undergo Renovations and things change
so especially if you have specific Health needs or as a costumer there's some very specific questions you want to ask about the size of the room and what you're going to be able to fit in the room and employees going to have,
the most current information did you have any questions about hotel rooms or things I didn't cover cover thoroughly enough.

[34:11] No that's all they test only thing I would add is somebody who,
they're gonna be looking for the drum circle at three am and you are willing to either martin up.
Uber or even if you have your own car drive downtown,
although I would go against that one just because of how expensive parking is around the host hotels but if you're willing to do that I think look at some of those hotels that are the overflows,
other hotels in Atlanta,
yeah a lot of people like oh I must be in a hotel for some people that's not as big a deal because the issue there is,
you know I like to get my sleep somewhere that it's very quiet you know and then that's important so think about it that way to this isn't always a negative that you're not staying right down in the middle of all the app.

[35:08] Any help or great you're a lot of help but still have room error with in.
Or a short uber a to trip marta ride on a direct line or just you know a couple blocks sam,
what i do is pass the host hotels use to be the only ones that got the dragon con streaming membership or start the got dc tv.
That's dragon con tv on the tv in the host hotels but then they added the streaming membership.
And there's been some years you could get DragonCon TV at a couple of other overflows I want to say the Ritz in the Omni but I'm not a hundred percent if I'm remembering that right
so when she said you're so they are trying to expand that a little bit but yeah,
so yeah but i use to be that the only way to get dc tv which shows the panel that you can get into cuz they're full like the really popular panels and the only show the parade in the mass grave and dc tv is up you alot of
people personal Traditions at DragonCon and me too so.
That makes choosing an overflow i think a little bit easier of a choice for some people has eight they're not gonna miss out on dc tv anymore.

[36:27] For the past five six years maybe longer I'm not saying The Host Hotel and I'm
ugly find some in the ivy i think last year with my family we stay the furthest out that that we have from.
The the hotel the walk was little.

[36:48] Long if you will actually last year's last year temperature wasn't terrible,
bless him to cuz i think it was the there was also a ton hurricanes and stuff and so that the atmosphere is all wacky the yeah you sell the other side of of the of centennial park.
And we want it was fine it was fine but yeah I've not had a problem with not staying at The Host Hotel.
Offer yours but again your mileage may vary it depends upon what you want to make a Dragon Con is asley certainly pointed out,
if I was an all-night Rave urgent that I would you know.
I would probably want to stay in a host hotel but because you know i'm gonna be going back to to bed at and.
Yeah it's not that big of a deal Uber and Lyft wonderful things especially,
you are staying at the at a distant hotel and it's at night and you don't feel like you know a your tired or b you don't feel safe.
Walking home walking back to the to the non Host Hotel.

[38:03] Only like a few bucks it's ya mean it's it's still a few bucks right if I don't want to pass it off if you haven't use the services before usually can get a coupon.
Or Target a credit for like you know $25 or something that would get you certainly get you through.
A couple of quick trips around Atlanta pricing like on those.
Bad I didn't I didn't have any I didn't run into any.

[38:31] Yeah the ball game is bad The Surge pricing would be during the Ballgame ordering if there's something else and DragonCon don't try it during the parade fence cuz you can't get around.
I actually used it a couple of times and I never I didn't really see surge pricing I really didn't I thought it was pretty reasonable I think the most I paid was like 7 Bucks to go.
Somewhere so it wasn't that bad,
well that's about what you pay for parking at Marta which I know I don't know if you've talked about,
parking at but I know that's a really common question that new people ask is where do I park and the website for that is www itsmarta. Com
pick up pick up pick.
At your hotel cuz the hotel parking sometimes is going to fill up so you can park at Marta you can drop,
what I do every year as I drive to my hotel cuz I'm there early for setup and
so it's not super crowded when I arrive and I.

[39:41] Just give your stuff to the Bellman the hold it on a cart then I go.
Marta then I take the train back.
And that saves me a ton of money tree are just parking at Marta and there's more to stations all over the place over the long-term parking I think it's less than $10 a day for the whole weekend which,
you are not going to find Downtown parking or Hotel parking for like 10 bucks a day.

[40:05] Yeah I know you are not does that is for sure and you might not even need Uber or left during the convention I mean I don't want to give people the wrong idea here DragonCon certainly huge but I think Uber and Lyft is more for like if you want to go to a restaurant or you're going to some off-site events like the aquarium
you don't need an Uber to get from one hotel I was literally,
I was further away from DragonCon last year than the.
Aquarium is another block but you know
I think the exception to that would be like maybe if you're in a wheelchair you have some other Mobility things and it's just a lot of walking in your very tired then or you have small kids or you know

[40:58] There.
And again also remember it's although as you said that Marta parking is last there also Marta stations where it's free parking depending on where you're staying,
or which station your closest to and again for those of you that don't mind that you don't look at that make sure cuz we have overflow hotels all over the place some of them are downtown.
So you know.
Yeah i was talking about long term overnight parking lot of really bad days and let you park overnight and driving i'm gonna drive in park and then not get my car until i leave on tuesday they.
Tell him for the day that would be different and if you're looking for a place to,
park for nearly a week so exactly exactly.
Yeah we are you said i think in the past year that your son work fir information services right.

[41:49] He did yes.

[41:53] Was doing it and he has that he is very proud sponsors already works as a waiter right after work right now.
And he loves it he loves answering the questions he loves being there and helping out.
And he's done it now this will be his own God at least third year and so yeah he enjoys doing it I think one of the things people don't.
He again is one of those kind of night owls which I don't know where I really don't know where I got that from but.
Is something that's just for fun it lot of money to different way of interacting with people it.
And it's just fun said you love do that he is volunteer again this year he has no doubt that'll be there.
Oh that is fantastic a couple of months ago I work the information Services desk at a
convert and that's local to me and i just felt like i was made for that jobs i been going to conventions for such a long time that if i don't
know the answer I know how to find it so I just felt like Information Services I don't want to say I was phoning it in but they're really wipe your inexperience convention go where there really isn't a whole lot of training
required for that job is a lot of people are just asking lease with me they were just asking me.
Question that i could you really easy like where's the bathroom and what times does this have on the schedule and i could just look it up on the schedule and,
yeah i think you know information services i was glad to get a close-up look at just how.

[43:22] Valuable and helpful that desk is cuz when I worked at there was a line from open to close I mean I literally I did not take a bathroom break for 9 straight hours.
Yeah just did the one thing he said that was kind of tough but the good thing is DragonCon is a new usually have two people there at a time if you're doing every nation boost the other thing he finally said is it did help him because they kept moving around to the different hotels for where he was,
tell me how to not only figure out weight think about which hotel I'm in before I answer and number to the fastest way to get from.
The Sherry Sherry Sherry Sherry at Sheraton to like the Westin or two,
you know the the apparel are things like that and you know I'm kinda like and if you need to go through the air conditioning here's a little habit Trails or the fastest way to go,
so yeah and he said that was really good cuz I gave him an idea different maps in his little mind.

[44:28] So is there anything I haven't talked about yet.
No i'm really a van thanks for talking to being great did see rita didn't gain to,
i get my diploma mention i can i give my contact information but we can do that after the guy in yeah do that yeah that sounds great.
Okay John what name are we doing as I mentioned yesterday over the years I've collected these random this one was $4 at TJ Maxx.
Random trivia cube and and games in lap they're all lame let me just be frank with you they're all lame the only thing but the questions are are either really easy or really.
The too difficult or too dumb basically no play testing of gone into any of this.
So today we have a movie quiz cube so what we're gonna do.

[45:28] Is I'm going to ask 5 random questions I'm in Li I will pull them out at random so that you see that I'm pulling them out at random,
underneath one of these things anywhere on the screen
and under the screen I'm not sure about this
you're right yeah I don't know,
Star Wars and ask her if I have questions then we'll go over to Yuli asked you five other questions and then if we're tied at the end of that then we'll go to sudden death,
I want to know let me let me just tell you let me give you an example of of how easy these questions are.
This is a literal question you're missing there what is the name of bruce wayne's butler.

[46:24] Alright see you should be able to unlock it so there with the letter was and i'm gonna pull five random look look firing and get this one and he's from there is that one
there's that one there's this one over here there's this one over here and this one over here.
One random go for it
testing what was the name of the door these canine companion in the wizard of oz that's.
Shaughnessy mean yes equals one no we can't answer is zero right I'm keeping which movie is the quote frankly my dear I don't give a damn.
Gone With the Wind course Who provided the voiceover for Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

[47:23] James Earl Jones correct who wrote Brighton Rock.

[47:33] I don't know that one in the answer is Graham Greene.
Okay what day of the year does the action take place in.
It's a Wonderful Life what day of the year does is does the wonderful life take place.

[47:54] Alright so you got four out of five alright Lee pulling yours out at random shuffling.

[48:07] My sound when down a little bit so i trust you gone pull them all them you know pull into the for okay.

[48:17] I did not look at what they were trying to be fair to lie this year.
In the film The Silence of the Lambs which actor played the part of Hannibal Lecter.

[48:33] And not correct to writing drew barrymore.
Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lawless starred together in what action film.

[48:44] How many wallets.
Seriously it's about my sound guys I apologize I don't go in on no I'm just picturing that movie with Lucy Lawless.

[49:00] Charlie Charlie.

[49:05] Well now I'm not to be able to draw her show was the show that Lucy Lawless was on.
What gene is so i get a point for the news a little less dizziness and numbness in right in,
extra information who went on to star in The A-Team.

[49:30] For part yes i have a story about him my friend used to the first parties to come to town,
time here in state the dances are my friend who's who is a bell hot or is a winner baja pa chevron all for come up if yous deliver used to have to deliver food to dippers people's rooms and he,
he order from several times he would appear at the door completely butt naked but yet fuck naked.
Buck naked in which country.
Was the nineteen twenty seven film metropolis made.

[50:11] Germany that is correct okay in what year was Terminator 2 Judgment Day released to theaters.

[50:23] It was supposed to be the year that Skynet took over.

[50:28] Taking a nineteen ninety nine.
Incorrect 1991 90 91 all right so we got to we got a we got a quiz off alright so will 44.

[50:44] I am single graham greene that was it yeah what's christmas eve but there was christmas eve we we gave are we pause for guest courtesy.

[50:55] Okay got it okay from hertz first got that one wrong at first first question it is a christmas,
and then I said Christmas Eve I believe you again and you know my my my volume was bad I believe you.
The question is and in or sudden death mode which movie is the quote i see dead people from.

[51:19] Fence correct the which british actor played bora bora mere.

[51:26] I know I got that wrong in The Lord of the Rings trilogy which British actor played Boromir.
Again but sunbeam yes it was alright next question.
What profession does James Stewart's character have is from what profession does James Stewart character have in rear window.

[51:50] Was he a lawyer it's been forever since i've seen oh use a photographer rightly this for though this for the win.
Oh I can't I can't give you that one because I suppose I oppose it just on the merits of its question alone cell skip that one,
which movie is the quote I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
I love the smell of napalm in the morning from Apocalypse Now this correctly wins.
Oh boy well done well earned this is this is a question that I skipped because
I think this movie is way overrated which movie is the quote here's looking at you kid from.

[52:43] Everyone else also a movie that there's an inside joke with John and I are about that movie but you have to ask us that one in person cuz it's embarrassing.
Talk about.

[52:55] But I do believe that movie anyway xan how do how do people get
how did people get ahold of you find out more information and you know just basically recap all the sites and everything we just talked about.
So if you want to spot me in a crowd at DragonCon of for the last couple years I've been wearing my tiara that has my nickname on it eternals and it's bright sparkly Chiara with my name on it so that's really fun
where people sugar jars are super cool and so there's a couple things i can't talk about
yet so I may call in later if I have any more exciting breaking news to share but you can hear me during the rest of the year on the eso DragonCon,
podcast where I cover news about hotels on this monthly pad podcast and it's ESO DragonCon report and they spell conchae,
Han so it's like William Shatner and you can find that podcast and many others,
ESO network.com just click on network shows in the eso Dragon Con report,
is in the list of many great shows and of course yeah so drunk on reporters on tv.

[54:13] Anywhere else you can get Podcast so Google Play Store Apple iPod any of that stuff and it runs from January to September every
DragonCon require planning throughout the year like the parade filled up back in February this year so you can binge CSO DragonCon report now to catch up there's only about like 9 episodes a year so that's
future episodes in Firefly so
show me the bearded dragon con Mentor or have any questions about anything I talked in this,
okay thank
DragonCon related Facebook groups together my actual name is spelled Zan so it's,
the fan but it starts with z as in zebra so Zan and then my last name is Bowden
it's two syllables it's bowl like a little girls wearing their hair and Jen like where bear lives so it's Bowden so my name is Dan Bowden but my Facebook is.

[55:15] Nickname is eternal than
and there's facebook groups for the stuff we talked about in this podcast for the marriott carpet lovers is a facebook group where you can get information about how meek urinary out carpet outfit
there's a Facebook group for DragonCon volunteers you just search DragonCon volunteers Facebook group for DragonCon Eternal members links to everything or on
on a journal members dot com and if i forgot anything or have breaking news
i'll call in whist a voicemail i know yesterday you said you had some problems,
the website so is the voicemail number working
yeah the voicemail.

[55:54] Most of the information in the tag but I will but thank you for reminding me yes if you want to leave a voicemail it's 813,
I almost gave my cell phone number which is not what I want to do a earthquake 332-088-4813.
Three two one zero tug.

[56:16] As in the unique of course the unique geek pretty much pretty much anywhere on social media you'll find this,
fair warning I'm not social media Maven so you usually just get the links to the two posts that come out of the
website automatically michigan.com and its plural,
not the only internal member so it's that's the full address when the website we will eat everything we know there's more than ten eternal numbers in.
It's a mystery will never know I would go with that less than 20,000 but that's about it.

[57:07] There has to be more than 10 the most I've ever seen is when a lot of.
The Eternal members badge pickup area which is not in the Sheraton it's actually been in the Marriott the last couple years today.
The most people I've ever seen in line there is like right before it opens,
so in the last couple years it's been ten am still be a bunch of people lined up at ten am and by bunch people i mean like maybe fifty people it's not it's not a huge line more than ten that,
yeah and then once that line goes down 1500 people whatever and then after that line goes down I mean I've walked into that pickup room where the room is totally empty so.
Just not very crowded the rest of the year because there are other internal numbers but no where near the same numbers regular members i'm sure.

[57:54] Yeah I've been pretty sure that's the case Okay so cool thank you once again for coming on we appreciate it it's always a pleasure.
And you know,
so yeah so would look forward to see you at a con in and again if you have any updates.
Xander anybody really for questions comments complaints have,
can you pick up later so that's great um if it's at the table in three,
two fun zero eight eight four it again the one three three two one zero tague or also the unique deak,
on Skype will also get you the voicemail as well so until next time.
Where's Ann and Lee this is John saying.

[58:48] Music.

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