50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 30 - Leigh Of The Vacation

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Something that you didn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is the complete.

[0:33] Music.

[0:46] D-Day so DragonCon the Lee returns episode and joining me tonight after her long absence chasing Pool Boys Around.
We we how you doing.
Great journey in your suppose required at the pool boy thing and you know i know when my run for office it's will not leave is on the internet that i chase boys are it doesn't seem to matter um so so.

[1:14] What are the.
Yes you should now we're out of curiosity did you go to an island while you were,
on vacation was an island invisible and were you,
not promoting the dragon con to that island i did what i should go on vacation more often because first of all,
how many deaths got announced well I was gone last week,
husband would be like looking on facebook and i got the person and the person coming in hahn and help this person and for the whole eight new in the show gas for my all
which is awesome because ye people are coming which is more guests and that's always awesome and maybe you're going to see one of your favorite
which is always great which is good but no I didn't go to an island it is funny Joe John,
to be flying over the pacific am not pm pacific airline thurman what will the pacific pacific air one who she and.
Oceana I'm not going to be on Oceana thank you not going to be on Asiana Airlines but I'm going over to the Pacific Ocean.
After driving hot in september so that does make me a bit nervous about some of the gas we do have now coming which is really funny that now we do have these gas coming.

[2:38] Oh yeah so well and i don't remember when we last left off with with you but,
will will will mention that Elizabeth Hendrix and Henstridge,
10 strange Elizabeth Henstridge who is Gemma from Agents of Shield who is wonderful she was there last year and if there is a real life Disney princess,
it's probably her she is honest to God that sweet and that nice and that funny and that Charming,
every agents of shield guess without the bar by the way but she really in not just let me know when is the disney princess elizabeth good actually light,
seriously you could see like little birds helping her get dressed in the morning she was that adorably nice of a person,
but yeah she's coming and then we also have another agent.
Oshio guest Weaver Miss Weaver coming who was agent Weaver I can't remember the real actors name though John you have it in front of you though.
Who then is christine weaver helped create new r and.

[3:50] Just christine adams wasn't no that's that's play outlining well done by the way before using the is in the information it's oceanic
Airlines Oceanic Airlines thank you yeah John John,
about going over the pacific ocean hundred for the girl that i'll be in a plane in a.

[4:11] What was it occasions agents of shield but what was the the the.
I got was agent weaver for aged person in somebody i don't now and never unit we are you and all the same person all,
yeah it's the same person from Christine Adams from from Black Lightning,
okay yes from Black Lightning as well thank you Christine Adams who plays Agent Weaver it's you I'm getting the Christina in the Weaver and I'm sorry guys,
we are also and we're making all these jokes about Oceanic Airlines.

[4:59] Because i said last year that for extract we were doing our last lost man and handle and we don't look.

[5:09] And we had a myself in in in in rocks,
moderated awake we have moderate awake for it was very it was very cool very emotional very,
a very cathartic and weep you no,
when i turn,
and it was very is very cathartic that we all just sort of said okay well where were resigned to this that will never have any loss guess to dragon con and,
does this panel has to ask to go cuz it's been running for you whatever to twelve years this point someone and danny that the show's been off almost what eight years now
been having it since the show was on and then in a sentence so trying to be mean it just had new shows like i said no more phantom handle bone loss.
Will ever do another loss handled yeah,
luckiest we ever get lost guest which it was like oh that's never going to happen well then all the sudden this year we got Evangeline Lilly,
who is only going to get older and hot he doing one really much more back in and watch and one about her writing she write young adult story.

[6:34] Are you.
It's so so you got you got a mirror for land.

[6:50] Meryl on who it was there and was in many of say it in very excited about that we got henry you and you thick,
hope i'm not connect directly,
with all the coming he's also on the 100 my really guilty pleasure show so I'm really kind of excited about that too and then who's the last,
the last thing you have is the man in Black Titus-Will welder Caldwell.
Yeah you know what I'm going to ask him in person exactly but we currently the plan is there is going to be one panel just went to three of them talk and lost and talk in their characters,
when right now that's probably gonna be on friday.
Jeff of course to change pending everything and anything but am not leaving not yet the only whirly what brianna half weeks out but that's still a long time and dry behind especially when using how many people they just added an.
Kind of amazing of the past week and a half then all of the people who finally said yep,
to be shit knocking hundred in pa so it's all can agree and i know of a new mirror for one is coming because this is like the twenty first ball which i might well be yeah increase number.

[8:16] But no that's okay so then we got them and then you said Black Lightning we have a lot of we have some new stuff coming from Black Lightning which is going to be awesome.
Will be there.

[8:33] What a,
light mean it is a shield tron legacy misses on her list of china mcclain black lightning descendants man for man from is where i remember her for her from her from,
first because relit yes well cuz my summer outing informant time now let's see the pizza,
perhaps not right williams by the way of while you're gone mad mental me i'm not allowed to pronounce names anymore diffuse it but now you're doing l am doing in that sun man it's my fault you in the face of williams for black lady twin peaks
and One Life to Live so,
what awesome and then we also just today at least officially got in and out we got like for gas five guests coming from the expansion which was on five fine and now and am yeah it's.

[9:42] Oh wait did really did Amazon pick it up,
got picked up a little over a month I mean,
really quickly after I got cancelled by Syfy Amazon picked it up yeah.
What's you lose for pickup this pic the by netflix immediately.
Yeah you're lose were done pick up i already got picked up and not lose for some oh static that was burgers again lose read my other guilty but have no manuel you do lucifer when they don't have to worry about.

[10:15] Yesterday i got broken up over got the one d fandom one god amazon houses pants netflix has.
Who lose got everything marble that netflix are abc doesn't have so there we go so reform,
Chaz I've only gotten to the first season of the expanse which is bad on me because it is a really really really great show but a cat
his credits include the extent in Assassin's Creed Revelations,
Frankie Adams which is the expanse mortal engines in shortland street I'm not sure about those last two.

[10:58] There's a movie that's coming out.
I think that is a movie.

[11:11] And actually some of that you'll recognize but I can't pronounce your name show horror.
Ecg data slow what help message oh or eh and
i'm sorry hold on man we are waiting on the voicemail pronouncing all of the names correctly because john is really doing a crappy job at the races she's from the at,
grim b24
Legrand Rose Garden,
you know Grim ended on I like how Grimm ended I have to be on you know we're going to talk about shows that ended well,
recommended well I was pretty happy with how grooming.

[12:07] I'm I've I'm behind on on on Grandma's well and I just learned that I'm apparently on it.
Panel for using up my schedule panel for you for a stranger things is that what happened okay.
So you your helping moderate okay good cuz i took them like a month ago and every watch what other on the plus side and the plus side is not as bad as me due to re watch for law office,
lost is a hundred and change
was actually I should know this because it's actually very important number in the series
yeah it's it's raining I ain't got to tell you I think it's amazing I am so excited about getting lost gas but I'm also like of course you just got has waited until I had said,
unless we get gas as again it is anymore and them.

[13:00] Alright you know what should I what should we talk about now that we're not going to talk about anymore unless we get gas,
use a specific white shirt say we're not gonna talk about expelled the morning you think your mixed up the names sake of your track shirt willison talk about that ever,
where's not ever talking to extract again unless Duchovny comes see I can't do that because this year I got Nick Lee,
I've got Mitch Pileggi and William B Davis and Annabeth Gish coming which is pretty damned awesome so I'm really excited about that are free I can't say that cuz I'm really excited about those guests,
it's your first i don't come i'm saying cool couple of books.
The fuck up,
bunch of bunch of stuff being announced over on the Dragon Con events page if you head over to Facebook and look up Dragon Con events you'll,
see if your single there is a geek single mixer on thursday night at eight thirty over the web.

[14:14] Set
dates and times and places are subject to change but check your your app when it gets updated it's not updated yet so don't ask,
but yet we can't singles mixer on aug in the augusta augusta augusta gagnon it at at that the city in georgia john trying them.
Again not the not the person should be reading these names let's see.
There's a Disney trivia Disney Dream trivia being held this was actually looks like it's being hosted by the Kaleidoscope track,
no wait does that mean your son is now going to come to con so he can like wipe the board with everybody on this Disney trivia stuff.
There is a course the 2018 geek sing-along which we talked about with Joe a little bit,
I believe it's hosted by both both American sci-fi,
that's a long is a lot of fun and I've heard it is fun even if you're sober I've actually heard that is just as much fun sober is not.

[15:37] What,
when will also geek sing along to does the team is in the hilton grand east on thursday at eight thirty so if you're already got a significant other,
you can skip the single mixer and head on over to this geek sing along,
hold on a second is it that you won't go over there unless you're not sober or is it you won't sing unless you're not sober.

[16:12] What no neither,
at some point at 10 to 2 a.m.
Till? Hilton Grand salon again this Saturday at the Hilton Grand salon I'm have you been to the last party on Alderaan.

[16:41] What are you store it after getting to work thank you very much hey yeah lets what you parties i work the next morning very early to that the saturday night party right.
Saturday party does great right and i know that i have ten i am handle on sunday cuz you're the only one that will do them that.
Pretty much like we need to sleep at some point also being hosted by the Kaleidoscope track a meet and greet with a middle school authors.
Hi it regency that's on sunday at eleven thirty again.
Your mileage may vary the Doctor Who Doctor Who ball the 4th annual track will be on Sunday at 10 p.m.
Um so yeah it over there ever say that the same room that does not say works at.
And it may not be gonna and you think something going through is building brands on,
translate because i think also some of the things are moving around cuz.

[17:54] Now they were looking at the awkward middle school.
Are things pretty bad track you doing on thursday and that room might be moving because the room that sounds really really big and like yeah not really get upper middle school bathroom but i might well but if it's all we got is all we got,
and and i understand that but i did tell it like,
post to be like akward middle school bands like in the back room of you know the the health club but will see what happened he is,
so we'll be there will be there Thursday night and we have a DJ who is going to play 80s music,
how is your mother,
well here's the deal nevermind let's not go into it who is the goddess of programming,
and we are getting a bj to says they can do that and we also backup plan that if something happened we also to our staff to many of us come from the eighties have put together
a playlist have it on an ipod that is ready to pop in and you are akward eighties dancing no matter what.
No no so you don't have a room official room yet.
I do not matter cuz it probably change I think it might be moving around so I'm not going to say anything zombie prom is occurring on Friday night at 10 over in the Hilton.

[19:21] Okay here's the thing I think about zombie prom,
would that not be a whole lot of blood to ruin your dress and your tux and everything else.
It's where carrie would fit him.
So that's the problem she should go to and let's see Britt track is also hosting a DragonCon vogon poetry slam.
The second annual such thing.
On Saturday at 8:30 at the Hilton Galleria I guess that's 5.
Okay wait hold on a second I got a question you know what vogon poetry is right.
Tamil poetry is from movies in theaters like to gallon think i'm trying to think of.
I mean like it's a poetry slam so somebody has to get up there and and read it.
Other people have to listen to it yeah well releases news arrived so wow that sounds painful you both way.

[20:26] Just make sure you have your towel as my husband just said as he's walking out the room also he has a cold now too and is taking his DayQuil and NyQuil.
Lucy right in pic next.

[20:47] Misbehavin maidens,
vent as much as,
get together on August 31st and three more says so.

[21:03] There there been sexual until traum.
So there is other music the fill track actually is gonna be hosting concerts public music from the world of harry potter.
On the field track hopefully we're going to have someone fill track the next
probably within the next five episodes here by the way,
looking forward to having Field track very soon apocalypse,
track and some other track setting them up
coming soon just a quick update so why you've missed some there's been a few days here,
life things going on so we try to get as many of them done and as we start to get towards the end it will triple up on double and triple up on nights so we can have some of the bank that we can post ahead of time,
release at it and have them ready to be posted on that
because we approached DragonCon becomes tougher and tougher for everyone to kind of get together so I think I'm on track for the B30 so,
anyway that's where that's where we're at.

[22:30] You driving to college week from today really.
As good as it gets posted it's literally her first day of high school career this Friday so in 3 days.

[22:47] He has started early the unit actually the thing and let you guys were returned and.
Are you don't know cuz I don't have a kid anymore I mean you have a kid it still.
Wow yeah so that's where we're at,
so any will do some some the happenings are going on at all and i think you may have missed this to only while you were gone there's a bit of controversy arrow me can't talk is still not the,
marshall for when i hate you stop light i heard that,
I can't you into going to make me pay for this somehow,
in our controversial and or controversial food episode,
alright we alluded to the fact that there was gonna be a limited seating at.
The peach tree center cuz it's under construction so woman naturally assume given the pictures they keep showing that there's no way there's more seating there was before however peachtree center did reply back via twitter.
To tell us that in fact there is going to be a hundred and fifty more seats in there were last year even though it in spite of the construction.
Well I mean here's the thing about Peachtree Center it's if you're from the Georgia area.

[24:07] Are a couple of highways are usually somehow under always under construction either i twenty or i seventy five or i to eighty five or all three maybe under construction.
Peachtree Center downtown it's kind of a lot like Five Points MARTA station and the area around that area,
those areas are kind of always in a construction area at construction. And yet it doesn't seem like anything really changes so don't worry about it it'll be alright.
I did want to say cuz you didn't say it yet but Mr Ashmore,
I also is now coming from Warehouse 13 so if you want to make fun of me about.
You know that I've.
Screwed up some stuff that's fine you can keep making fun of me but now Aaron Ashmore is coming too so ha ha ha ha.
Eddie might not be the Grand Marshal of the parade but he is still doing the masquerade,
posted and jinx is coming back cuz he only been i think one other time and this will be now another time for think so hush.

[25:36] I'm not that bad look I'm so happy and he's coming back just like everybody else that I.
In my head that he was doing everything.
That was that i just got him in for the that awesome i'm super so we are back to your regularly scheduled work that you do with your you would do the schedule because,
the irregular schedule yes,
I should go on vacation more so we get a lot more people than out if anybody would like to finance that I would absolutely love to go back to Seattle or Portland I haven't been there in a long time cuz I need to go look for Sasquatch,
i did on me with the exposed to much else could you want nothing could you write off as a drunken expense.

[26:25] I wonder if I research for your tracker
and where do i owe have taken up a woman in the ass my genie can say the file you can save the w the quarter the dime whatever yeah we are you know the that the answers now.
Alright so,
so as tradition we have to do we have to do a game william is tired from during his.
Cool stuff today as we call em pri thing was the the walk through the three red the red there and what are your hours on hours,
orientation orientation was edward's so what i've decided to use it pulled out some random family feud.
Questions and I'm covered up the answer so I can't see the answer and I'll just
we'll just you and I will take turns I do five of them and then see who gets the score high scorpion this is generic Family Feud
just you and me so what is the winner get other than just driving right underbrush to spraying rounds,
am i not a first name a professional sports team named after a bird.

[27:41] Are the Orioles and I will say.

[27:46] The Falcons Atlanta Falcons my number my number two would have been the Gamecocks but Okay Go Okay so on there but the Orioles were not so we got the Eagles number one.

[28:02] And cardinals number to blue jays three ravens for falcons were number five with fight for five points.
Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on a Canadian baseball team was on there in the Orioles weren't.
Kinda funny but okay keep the worst family feud ever but it is that's when name a weapon that could be used that would sees me then weapon that you would use to scare off a burglar.
First thing first help shotgun.

[28:41] Oh hey we got number one number two except for the gun the gun is 73 points.
12 followed by knife a shoe pepper spray or mace and a dog wood beetle.
What wait where wait you set where was number one was begun yeah.
72 was baseball bat for 12.
Seven hundred twelve if there's a big difference in a differ from seventy three to,
17 right now decision the whole family should participate in making.
This is a copy for me right now as you know about getting a new pet a new pet,
pulling the plug on their vacation moving and dinner those are the those are the three that are on there.

[29:50] Number two was moving vacation no.
Name name something you see on the outside of a church.

[30:03] What's the.

[30:10] Yeah i wasn't i was literally gonna say steeple which is the number to answer okay but but you know what happens is that you open the door and then you see all the people in a.
So yeah John you said that and you know what I did right as you were saying it and I started doing it with my hands,
so crosses number one for forty seven points people number two for seventeen but in say that so stain glass is number three for twelve points.
And then a sign or church name.

[30:46] Oyster box.
Name something that one of the five little piggies Piggies did name something at one of the five little piggies did.

[31:04] Oh wait I like I'm looking at my supposed one little piggy went to Market.
Wee wee wee all the way home is when you say assets when to mark isn't one for the points we we we are home was.

[31:20] 23 points the other ones were stay home,
hey if they've roast beef was number for,
and number five was had none now,
i'll be leaving in it that we are over the piggies and i had but the curiosity why is the pie eating roast beef.
He's not cannibal.
So stop making an roast beef does not understand that but it still seems like that's on something,
solidarity for your farm your farm friends do you remember I grew up a girl in a rural County in South Carolina,
i will tell you that you,
and this is the best of the voice I use when I go home and I need something from the grocery,
I will tell you that pigs will eat pretty much anything.
I learned that from Deadwood.

[32:38] You did not do i that's the hug alittle everybody's if you the dead bodies inside the pig pen the big at really big fully anything pigs will eat pigs are really address usually rotten food,
pigs will eat.
Neat's Piggly not me pigs will eat pretty much anything,
which is the Star Wars Family Feud one which Star Wars character would you like to be on a desert island with.
Okay sorry with ez rate i will go with princess laban of business.
Call me and does not talk only on that it's not about the alcohol would like its strength its because of the drugs dance.

[33:31] Alright so for bonus points Princess Leia was number one for 20 until it was over 10:15 doesn't matter what no matter.
Had no news because you know what don't you know it is true after all these years.
After all these years John as much as I love you and you're one of my closest and dearest friends as you well know.
This proves that if you have a a a fair fight a fair game I'm going to kick your fuzzy white push it.

[34:05] E-40 5272 okay so I had 72 points 285.

[34:17] Alright so that concludes this episode of the unique geek so if you want to get ahold of us,
that says leiby John's fishy that would be great or levy my Toshiba that John has to wear that would be great I think you John you need what,
perfect terrible happened still meeting to.
It's been a really long day i'll do that is if you wanna get ahold of us do we quoted do you do email things
50 days 5 0 days at the unique.com you can also call us at 813-3321
00884 that's 813-3210.
Tug to you g as in the unit gate nothing else right now,
yeah holding postal take order the.
When did you have it said right after this company to have we did have um while you're gone.

[35:43] Zen called in with a an excellent update on our on the hotel situations that are going on with the Westin.
Also that they were just pulling they've they're pulling.
Deposit down so I hope everybody does remember too and it's been on the DragonCon Facebook's and some other places,
is that do you remember even know the main tells my befall,
a lot of the overflows are not and those overflows are not that far away gay,
don't get upset if you got to go to another floor not back promised remember something the Westin used to be in overflow the Sheraton used to being over flush.
Will also say you email us.
Wants to go to DragonCon but you're not going to say 24/7 but your spouse is somebody who's looking to be in a hotel near a nice place where may they can do some shopping and have a nice spot experience,
email us at 50 days and we will find something for you cuz I have like two hotels on my internal list.

[37:03] There is a voice message here hold on.

[37:12] Let's see what this says.

[37:18] Everyone my name for him along with everyone on for many many years,
I just wanted to say and not in the last episode of someone mentions,
taking a z-pack preventatively Elderberry with emergency.
He is in program is not meant to be taken care tentatively it will not prevent an infection especially not a viral infection.
What would be very helpful is to get your flu shot and you're someone's if they take about two weeks to work so get them soon,
okay so you didn't hear that did you leave,
does anybody here i'm sorry in agree distance is real thing you not take the pack.

[38:10] I know who said it too I even have it in my head I know who said that.
Oh I was going to say it was rocks.
So yeah that's sushi saying yet take your own emergency or any of those things that i get the right one realize to pull this up on the wrong.
Wrong channel it was a good flu shot usually do you come out from time,
now i need the ensuite you haven't gotten one,
can i get going it'll early if you can't from your local pharmacy or your doctor if not if you haven't gotten yours do last years for crying out loud that.
Is still wandering around out front can't seem to pull every versions okay.
Alright well you'll have to trust me that she said get a flu shot as well so.

[39:16] I was going to bring message and not only get a flu shot remember it's now a good time to start eating right.
You ready your five veggies three today and stuff like that that help.

[39:31] Thank.
You have to trust lead you go you didn't hear it home okay and doesn't.
I'm leaving objects there's but he be self but my voice mail on the spot at pizza hut there.

[40:01] So you'll have to listen to that later John and then let it go.
Tell you later baby I'll talk to you later about it this is John saying until next time.

[40:29] Music.

[40:38] This has been a production of in the heat,
leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 too huge.
Email us at the jackson community dot com.
Over the some twitter at at signs the unit heat this podcasters distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[41:02] Music.