50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 30 - Leigh Of The Vacation

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:34] Music.

[0:43] The days of DragonCon the podcast we all feel like special princesses and joining me tonight is still fresh still happy from her,
vacation give her some time for about twenty one days ago and still be a complete mess again lead how you doing.
Its twenty first all the thing is getting twenty one days for me to be a little nervous but thanks thanks for them pics that of the great and you know what i decided i don't really feel like a princess.
I told somebody today actually in a conversation that I really wanted to be a queen regent.
Because I want to be the one who is no longer the actual Queens what I have to make the decision but still everybody has to bow down to me everybody has to do what I want to do,
I only work when somebody begs me to go do something and I still get to wear like brooches that have,
falsetto messages to people on and a thing like that and happening like that set does not understand there are the queen regent better in pain but is there are grown adults that.

[1:49] Yeah I have no idea if there are any Queen regions of fact I'm not even a hundred percent sure what that means,
yeah I mean that's actually I'll ask you a question in a bit yeah I know it's been good I was actually just going on the DragonCon site to see if anybody.
Could tell me if there was anybody new or anything like that I don't know that I saw the order.

[2:14] Oh i live in after telling who he appeared as a virgin tried were back there.
And we also have a new person from Star Trek Discovery Jayne Brook.
Is coming and Stanley Autry who has been in several major films including Dark Knight Rises and was in there so yeah.
It's coming up it's just kind of amazing how we keep.
Like oh my God 20 days 14 hours 52 minutes to go,
it's it's in great and i am so what we we listen to our call yesterday john has started and we stop one,
when is rated as it is and i was not wanting to listen to the latest on iraq is what we listen to that one.
And this comes up about why we is so confusing this person was really trying to be lovely and you were a lovely person.
Saying that it is in the progress report that Eddie is going to be the,
pride parade for the parade Grand Marshal because.

[3:25] She heard that and we was going to write a progress report and Lee feels really stupid.
also had somebody I'm not going to say if it was the same color another who also says they will be cosplaying as Mariah Stokes this year.
And I just want to say that is the most amazing idea ever.

[3:55] Please please please come and try to find me because Mariah is one of my favorite anti-heroes and I think the love between her and shades is one of the most.
Here and yet,
slightly terrifying loves i've ever seen on screen as i heal actually cage season okay so i officially at that i freaking love my inner in all the ways you're not supposed to love some alum rabbit,
I was thinking about this because of all the way you're not supposed to love people and good.
So you know I said I want to be a plain region if you were going to be like a Disney character for the one to give you this one if you're going to be a Disney character and you can cosplay as one.

[4:36] If I could cause play I don't even know what my.
My type would be I don't know.
What does Sidekicks name.
What does the belly flop around the belly i am at the was at the belief in the god i'm don't know how i'm using you beast because you know,
makeup on me to look look.
Okay and so John if you could be any Disney princess.
Not sure there's never happened yesterday like princess leia any disney princess it would wahab levy.
I'm just thinking about with my hair too cuz I don't wings are itchy.

[5:33] I can do anybody,
where i can do for well and i would be fine doing very well i be absolutely off for a while and minute and i'll be awesome out,
I'm not tall and skinny enough,
control always look like really don't but I could pull off the attitude of Cruella I can play a heck of a Disney princess

[6:12] Moana that would be a pretty good one I don't know that you could cosplay that but you know who can tell us if he could cost like that job.
And many others and many of y'all will know face because she is who,
has for the past I think now 2 years 3 years 303 years has put together the character meet up that goes on in the Kaleidoscope track,
first year you had like six disney princesses and last year you had over me.

[6:49] Oh God so the first year so it's called the character encounters for the kids thank you
another favorite princess superhero etcetera account like they do at the parks they kind of get that one-on-one you know hugs hello pictures Etc,
the first year we did it was kind of like that test run Your Dragon Con was testing us they gave us an overflow room in there they gave us an hour there like we'll see if the succeeds or not.
Well i'm a hold if exceeded beyond their wildest dreams,
we had I think the first year we had made me 20 characters I have to go back and look at my my notes,
we are after that's that first one succeeded jam hein west us with a larger track room which is to be the room that the family dance was in
yes we got much larger room which is awesome they still only gave us our but other games bigger room so you can ask for too much.

[7:46] We're grateful for the bigger room until last year we filled it to the brim,
I think we had weird aptos 40-something characters last year wow,
add up to forty thousand on the bottom wanna and i know of a few able to find not only not only the one about him out,
yes I love my Maui performer he was I saw pictures of him he was
and he is committed to the character which she I was super thrilled with cuz if that's definitely would have what I was looking for it before the panel actually never met,
i really really well off each other which i was thrilled with and they both fantastic job i'm proud.
She is just ending this this is awesome I mean I just I love that and so yeah as you said it was over 40 they had all the princesses,
and the other thing you do the I think is really great for this character encounter for families that are interested there is going to be another one this year.

[8:51] Oh man you're gonna get more information on how to set up but there's only one princess c,
very careful too yeah being very truthful to the,
are so going into that too because you know it's not like you got 12 Bells
no I'm so I actually little teaser I have the entire Disney princess line-up,
last year i was missing and.

[9:22] I think oh can i also performed an emergency the morning soon assembly happens in but yes i have been highlight this year and i only have one of each character and i make sure you know they're all.
They're all very good that I'll look through today character you know
everyone is you know the correct ethnicity and looks perfect they look exactly like the characters and they act exactly as they know their character inside and out they have the accent they have the attitude they have.
The personality they become the character for me so it's they're doing you know everything all this for the kids because we want them the kids to think that I'm eating actual character,
no they can come to the character cat me the real one the real one there's only one of each when hot there's no duplicate ss i am,
and I didn't do my best to find the best performers possible for this cuz you know it is all about the kids for this one.

[10:23] Which is just amazing to because I love how you do that and how you've always been so great about that and it's not just princesses that no he's not just pretty princesses guy who else.
I got your whole lineup that's pretty cool but who else are you got to because this is going to need to go on the Disney side actually have 26 total Disney characters on the Disney category on my list so I have all the princesses,
some of their sidekick so yeah let maui i,
Aurora has Prince Philip coming but also Maleficent this year she is new I'm so thrilled to have some more villains this year,
we got in a Gaston again and this year we adding beast in person last year actually I did not I was able to have them for the panel,
he's amazing I think everyone to meet super thrilled and super in all.
We've got to place a order twenty six total disney peoples we got all the princesses we got for villains and and several other like little psychic people.

[11:31] But we also have 16 superheroes coming,
this could i could be in my and more if i can find more before the end as of right now on,
Thursday August 9th.
16 superheroes I'm looking to add a couple more but I'm super sore with the lineup so far we got DC and Marvel so.

[12:01] So Doctor Strange I'm looking for a good doctor strange we have a Facebook event I'll post casting stuff in there.
He's probably the most notable one I had a green arrow last year and he's not able to come to DragonCon this year so I might be posting for him.
If not i'm not sure yet so bad all the major ones that people or super excited to ny in am your superman batman spiderman those things.
Of course what would it be without Superman and Spider-Man you know I assume you have a Thor Avengers right.

[12:41] I actually didn't have store last year but I have a Thor this year so far,
and I have Iron Man Tony Stark this Tony Stark versus he's bringing part of a suit with him you have a long haired version of Thor or the short-haired version.
He's the short haired version i remember him telling me was the rag on rock,
movie at valley rd gonna be awesome i need to go look and see it's been awhile as talk to him and they also remember as feta saying all of this this is the plan,
but the people do not realize things can happen things may change said oh you now this happens but this is what he is hoping for like this is a perfect world happened this is what happened and yeah so.
Don't mind losing sleep they know it's early i tell them ahead of time right look i need you here at this time i know it's early can you come in it's it's that they understand the commitment and they.

[13:45] But I do understand your things come up at all I didn't all I told him was like you know if you can't make it just tell me that's all I want to know.
Rather be playing a Disney character life where and when is the character encounter currently scheduled for,
I'm so it's we moved this year we are no longer in the Marriott thank goodness it was so busy over there you know little kids in strollers and Marriott's not fun for that were in the Hyatt this year.
I'm so the character counter is going to be in Hanover a c d and e that we have that big giant room down in the hanovers levels down,
I need to look at a map of the Hyatt I think it's too late two levels down of the Hyatt.

[14:37] However in the hyatt home and is sound right that sounds like at least one level above.
As I recall dies in the maps will be in the app which is probably done was going to say I think that's the level before you go down to the basement.

[14:55] Yeah I have to double-check but I know it's it's in the Hanover I usually plan out my day is like morning up
we are going to win the thing about being a director i'll have to one place only when tell me when where is sam and he said it was gonna be sunday and.
How long it's very so it's sunday starting at ten am and we have,
2 hours this year for 2 hours and a bigger an even bigger room,
I was like oh God I have to fill a bigger room.
Yeah the commons they have a have my performers a lot of them are the same as last year does it give you to changes but most of the same ones so you know they they have.

[15:53] Meow and they're going to be awesome this year no new area.
We should we should point out though you know I am sure doesn't get turned away this is really for the the kids right.
That was that's the intention like a lot of my performers they do a lot of volunteer events like hospitals and stuff for jerry at and or some of them do like in a birthday parties and stuff so yeah they're all
very familiar with how to act with the kids Neo stay in character whatnot and adults.

[16:26] They don't like me either weirdly obsessed with disney while in their mid twenties but now it in this is intended to be for the kids yet on the kids track on kaleidoscope,
on what we won't turn anyone away i'm just gonna politely please asking,
show up dressed like cinderella or elsa read me if your gonna come come take pictures of the pens as i would love that but you know just all try to,
Upstate it away cuz I don't want the kids to get confused and also we say that for adults the kids who also come in to meet Elsa and are dressed as Elsa yeah right,
that is so dang adorable. Like Elsa and little mini Elsa its own I saw so many pictures I was not able to get there,
I thought so too many pictures and pictures and anytime I just need a little pick-me-up during the day like I'm just having a bad day I'll go back and watch some of the little videos I took and I remember one in particular it was a little girl she was dressed as like a little baby Aurora,
and she didn't in my video I happened to get the perfect moment she was hugging my Aurora performer and then she immediately went to Prince Philip and Prince Philip gave her the biggest hug so it's like a little baby Aurora Prince Philip and it was adorable.

[17:38] When turning on,
why you want me to it's it's it's so amazing to watch,
I love singing together like and I never know if it's going to I'm going to pull it off until the morning but when it does come together it's a thing of beauty,
now that is all the care turn counter is not the only thing your doing this year you're also your your also being suckered into several other things.
How do you say that John the lady who also always suffers you.

[18:24] Yeah so PJ finally convinced me to do a little bit more with kaleidoscope which I don't mind it's so we can do the family-friendly Dance Again probably get some performers to come out to that,
that's unit that goes on every year every sunday evening at five thirty that also be in hanover at believe,
he's means i since i got to create a trivia game that i have always wanted to play myself grandfather's question of the.
But I definitely got to create like my dream my dream trivia game and so that's going to be Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. in Piedmont of Hyatt okay.
And so that's stephanie family friendly of course but you know in a adults can come if they want but it is on class trips it can be family friendly your g rated yeah keep it clean etc.

[19:27] I think it's gonna be a blast that's cool oh another one of the things he doing.
We're doing another panel on Saturday afternoon so at 2:30 p.m. in Roswell of the Hyatt we're going to be doing.
New panel we're calling it princess story time so good time cuz I'll be a nice quiet piano,
then the craziness of her hand and that's about time we're gonna kidnapped or just need a break no just to d stress from everything cuz you know saturday is the craziest day mom,
we're doing a panel or it's gonna kind of quiet unit internet panel for the kids where the kids can come and get to read stories with belle and rapunzel.

[20:15] What time is it at.
Is it two thirty pm on saturday of chronicle so i can come over there and i have been free that the time so i can let my anger out in a distress rate they can do that result is pretty,
probably just creepy
here is john's i think you wear your who won the will be a.
How likely very creepy now don't it is a legit.
He and i think it's a good time to consider to be after the parade come settling down in the madhouse of the marriott will be,
morning than usual on so you know be good to get the kids away somewhere quiet and just not have the stress a little bit unum.

[21:00] That's the idea great idea where did you do.

[21:05] Yeah I don't know I just love that idea just sitting down and just listening to a story.
I'll be in the parade yeah right now I'm signed up for it if I don't go crazy before they trying to finish all the cosplay stuff we have going on yeah I'll be I'm dressing up as Elsa for the parade,
it's a lot of fun at this will be my reward your marching in the parade Third Ward.

[21:35] Early on you would you today at least twice cuz you always come of it they yeah i'm did i did elsa last year.
I did Aurora the year before you are a set your Aurora was amazing.

[21:52] I don't I think that the first year I've definitely improved since I thank you
in general terms pretty new to cosplay right then.
Yeah so this will actually be my 5th DragonCon which.
No guys it's at least five the lease number five when i forgot when my for some was two so i think it's because i started my very first time we have had and we happen to wander in,
just like I thought of when we just happen to water inlet on a Sunday afternoon,
I don't know how we got in cuz they wouldn't have Dad is there any was kind of walked around this is awesome,
yeah so then we were like we had to ask his dad just so you know,
it's you buying full passes to go i'm bringing two cars place to oh i'm involved in these panels.
Now i'm attending professional and have a cause place where one.

[23:08] Where the hell did all these costumes come from all that's right.

[23:20] Yeah yeah died the the sound like a using like a tractor after i mean i could probably put you on the roof apps from my fax seven dollars under armor when you know but who.
Yeah i think that's kinda awesome and how you do it now that i think,
the other thing is in a lot of people may not know this if they know it if they listened last year and got to hear you as well,
are also really you're an it person and you are some anything like she does this is her real job she got and you have real life job as it were what you re,
what is he have a systems analyst at a paper mill love my job it's amazing.
She now she knows what guys she has been the crab occasions when or fridge with attack will attack that's how it happened like actually wanderings contracting bona sunday afternoon.

[24:16] I know i click the three i think what's really funny to you is as you said you just gonna like all the sun kinda got in the cosco and you love all the sudden instead of just being cuz your first when you play.
i want a sunday like that casual such that whatever we what wondered and and then you know we see what we want to find by that bad for that one day pass we also bought
Pool passes for this following here and then anyway she knew she was like I'm doing it let's go,
I was hooked but you know I saw the awesome cosplay felt like I want to do this you know so I start out with bell,
and then kind of improved from the area I learned about wigs in,
other costumes and then added Ariel I think my second your head so you're cosplaying through you're going ahead Belle and Ariel.
And after that know the area and aurora.

[25:10] Forgot about Aurora and then from there it kind of just domino effect I just it just kind of spiraled out of control.
Oh like it is at our house and it's just all of my costly things in the sewing machine and my makeup desk and it's just it's my house play room at the main thing.
How long does it take you to make actually the costing.
I'm so defensive so I only made a couple of mine a lot of mine I do Commission on just cuz I'm not that talented with a sewing machine
i honestly just don't have time trimming grad school as well so and then i'm getting on his six when yeah.
But i ate it doesn't cost him so my else,
or sit actually i did all rhinestones on my course it and
i think that was when i was i just was watching that seventies show on netflix i just have a feeling kind of binge watching as old applying will rhinestones all over the course it mean you like three seasons that before i finish the course it's book.

[26:22] Shrine Circus do you show a man or they glued or I'm assuming side E6000 is amazing,
it's my favorite glue a new Terminator I don't know what that is,
I love how this goes oh but I mean your costumes every time I've ever seen you in them a lot you did a really gorgeous princess,
portrait the first year of the princesses that did the character encounter,
and it was a gorgeous I mean I was like I want to print it out and frame it and say here the Disney,
hoping we can talk about this year.
I think the kids will be excited to meet all the characters in it it does help that a lot my performers are the same ones and if they are i have a pair that.

[27:18] Come up here docking stock looking new performer agreed one other there with an all of veteran performers that way and it's kind of.
It's not just your throwing a man feeding him to the Sharks kind of thing it's it'll it should go smoothly in theory,
we could put DragonCon on tomorrow because you know it's not really that big of a deal in theory.
I am not ready for DragonCon yet oh what are you have waiting to do I mean I know in court,
I think you're building one now as we talk.
Finally getting and cuz claim he will he choose ruby on my studies.

[28:08] What is he calling it's like a an Obi Wan but it's a stitch version I'm not sure how he's freezing it but so we're making his his outfit,
i'm awesome fine and then i think he's got like a hogwarts student cosplay for another day depending on how hot it is because lord knows is london hat,
the only thing i thawed out and only had we not be hot lehigh is only human,
is it hot and humid,
rainy lock down the radio is where it has rained every single day this summer,
like how we had a brain I don't know I do know that today,
I came into the office was a beautiful blue sky this morning no it's not a cloud in the sky,
and clouds blue into my building that made me think i'm about to have a tornado warning because they were nasty and dark and scary,
30th welcome Stanley hot like I was walking around up this morning around 9:15 930 starting 90-something degrees.

[29:21] The summer and giorgio know that we know we usually eat it,
damn you damn but i am i'm longing for the days of fall like september october even cooling you look for it the needle herbal.
Yeah let's hope for that cooling down I want to go down there.
Now if someone is interested i know to god premature disney princes and princesses sort of lined up but if.
If you're missing some.
Someone has a has a superhero cosplay like to offer,
for use during the panel and you know you don't have that one already where were they go find information about that.

[30:08] I'm sorry I've been posting and there's a Facebook event for the character encounter I've been posting in there and I'll post you know casting calls and whatnot but may can find me pretty easily on there and just shoot me a message you know even if we do already have the character
I can keep you in mind for next year cuz you know not everyone can come every year,
and as you just said you do different characters which.
I think the first time I ever saw you as Aurora I was like oh that's that's it that's perfect that's her I can't imagine her being anything else and then I saw you as Bell and I.

[30:44] Okay.
You are amazing as both so it's like that's amazing so yeah some people do different characters do you know you might bail this year next year you want to be.
I can't even remember some of the other characters i don't now where they hear it yeah i'm so kindly were made and vacation and i start again next you wanna be area or,
who knows who the next thing you know,
or you know actually you've done to Ariel and the you know the princess,
did Melissa to write Big Hero 6 you want to be the big thing in the big white thing in diggers.

[31:21] Okay thanks money than you know hey what are the man from using them the listen to are coming.
I'm saying it's amazing you don't have to say it's amazing what you did Maleficent though correct,
if I finish her I'm trying to revamp her in time for DragonCon but I do have a performer so,
no I didn't I didn't perform last year either though I knew that cuz you said that this was going to be kind of weird not to be in costume,
kids but honestly i kinda loved it like it was so fun to be left on the outside of just watching like,
yeah I'm putting all the time and energy into it but it's so rewarding just to get to watch and see the kids get so happy and my performers all of it they they all tell me what's my favorite piano like I'm coming to DragonCon,
only for this panel like and it's just like this if they're amazing they're doing this for the kids and just guys they're just perfect they are and remember something,
this cosplay stuff that they're doing what what.

[32:35] This is their time and energy and their passion right maybe that's not your fan. Maybe that's not it whatever oh you don't really look like X they're doing all this on their own dimes guys and especially something like this with the character in town or they're all volunteering there in time,
it's amazing that they do it and I just thank thank thank them for,
to see the I mean even look at the pictures last year they're on I know Kaleidoscope had some Dragon Con,
photos had some I know you had some on your pages to see those kids faces that kid thought he was talking to Spider-Man,
governor boy got a rock in yeah they thought they were talking to you and you had some like agents of shield and you did see the kids try to be like really.

[33:19] Now try to be an agent of shield 2 and it was amazing to see them doing this
Iron Man's Handler he kind of helps them coming up character to,
kids agents of shield panels were like training and become a junior agent of shield now what about that handle just cuz and i'm not really helping to much with it yet,
isn't it so that's kinda thing lb,
after the action can it just live on your once the app updates yeah i august twenty seven what about the two weeks before am so somewhere around,
just look on there that's something your kid might be interested in they can come meet,
but Iron Man and made in a field and it got some other ones Captain Marvel Black Widow Black Panther a lot of them are going to be in Marvel Agents of Shield panel as well they're all the time,
pull over to the other panel that fit cools before we let you go it's a better tradition to do a.

[34:34] Contest trivia game some sort of fun thing,
has there been saying all all year and got a bunch of really,
a box is it really in some of my favorite ones to do with with this or the or the family feud once and,
since we have you on in and you are as you said obsessed with with a Disney William is getting ready for his first day of high school so he is not here with us tonight
so we will i will be doing
the actual asking but so i can participate i've covered up the answers or i cannot see where the answers are about as per usual our guests goes first and then lee and then me so you get the first crack at the at the
at the guess here so traditional Family Feud Styles a survey question I was asked supposedly I question the validity of the surveys but whatever.
Numbers can be made to mean anything um so so will ask question and use give us which best answers animal,
won't matter five questions area which disney villain do you think could make the most money in the stock market safeway you really think which disney villain.

[35:51] Krewella that a good one,
Scrooge McDuck would not be considered a villain.
Grill is a graduate that is saturdays for this is worth from.
From The Little Mermaid she's got her hands and everything.

[36:25] For some reason I believe that he probably would be the one to make the least amount.

[36:33] Cuz the only going I can really think of it really if you think about it I mean I know you probably think that the Daniel Larusso was also the,
your own credit kid to tension um so let me think of.
Can think of another disney villain cell to say all this i guess on this one okay so do we have in oh or salem made the list lee oh okay i hate lasagne list of for,
Cruella Deville was number one within that was a worth 9 points.

[37:15] So you got to forget the first one the second place came by was Captain Hook with 6 too far with six as well as number three in an Earthly got three.
So right now I got a big fat zero.
What name a state that Minnie Mouse would make a good governor for faith.

[37:38] Minnie Mouse,
I mean this might be a cop out of Florida that's a good one I'm going to go to the other state that busy then California with New York,
walk faster when new york made the list.
New York Mets the listing was it was it was a very last one on the list.
Five Points California was first with 1800 okay with a 410 points.
The restroom going down from Florida down to New York was Maine.

[38:23] Minnesota Alaska Alaska Hawaii I can see Hawaii and Kansas.
I can't can't speak new york just for the record i don't understand what straight means a wrong and no running streams month what a strange lake are all the way be having dorthy.
No I think of Kansas is.
Yeah regular been to kansas not shut off any of you are used to listen to this.
She's too young to know Kansas the group if you ever do that again.
Splat the flyover State and the people I met there were lovely screen itself was.
Name the name the Disney Princess character whose story you'd most like to see in a Broadway musical.
You are named one right heating when there are yeah out tuesday there's a game released yeah that's even legal box zero quick.
Two thousand sixteen.

[39:47] When cuz copier and yeah cuz ability bills obviously an option there,
Elsa Elsa,
last year yeah because the they were actually making jokes about it after it came out about six months podcast with and i have been changed though the first time i saw it blew my mind never seen it was an amazing,
oh my God it's amazing it's amazing,
Lee I don't know actually and I still would love to see it Mulan.
I'll go with the always forget what her name is but I'll go with the brave.
He miss me and wanna which is the room where the what i'm thinking awesome who wouldn't.
Milan's only one that made this list so Cinderella Cinderella was number one then Snow White than Ariel.
Which is ever there and Broadway.
So far I am well in Bell is next on the list then Blue Line.

[41:15] Didn't know what year were for model no they mustard but frozen meat well was sixteen was frozen am sixty.

[41:26] I've been out for a bit.
Trust me we've had tons of Elsa parties Frozen I know I'm just like I'm wondering if maybe like whenever they ask these questions versus when this was printed out
cousin might not have been yeah that is a big.

[41:53] Setting tangle wood tangled would be really cute medical is sleeping be it is a aurora they said sleeping beauty on this list as i like they say all kinds of names but they can't say aurora.
Today it seems like you have stayed the same to you and the kids are
you know i am that's not my name but my name is holly and the kids school get,
flow personal you know in the back of my head always gets me if named the new in the disney princess character that you first think of when you hear the word courageous.

[42:41] That's pretty good.
Love the meeting i adore them a house that i love it for one reason especially it when the princess is started rescuing themselves.

[42:59] That that's where it hits right there so I kind of love that.
Courageous I'll go with bell.
Go with american while i say also i would also know there.

[43:18] Alright Mulan actually came in first with 38 points.

[43:26] Big 38.7 Cinderella Snow White Bell came in with six points.

[43:32] But.

[43:42] 598.

[43:51] Yeah yes can't always great many.
Did they say okay I was just want to double-check they said Sleeping Beauty on this one too but no
no she's not crazy just honey and Rapunzel,
oh yeah.

[44:21] Bella is the queen of the villains I love her yeah but also lawn is pretty damn cool too though I mean.

[44:31] Name the Disney or Disney Pixar movie you most like to watch to cheer you up.

[44:39] Oh God there's so many.

[44:48] I like to watch up from the only like to watch the first 10 minutes of up and then the about an electrical about 2/3 I feel about 2/3 into Toy Story 3,
john i as well the thing for your love is grey london skip that first like and that ain't no if you stupid than you lose the hole.

[45:13] Wall-E Toy Story,
Toy Story I love them.

[45:26] It could be a Pixar film is going to figure out which one I want to so many good ones.
Sitting here clapping my hands is that while going why house music and i know some list delivery loss anyway i'm you see the incredibles.

[45:44] That's a good one to know that's a pretty good feel good movie too I will not disappear.

[45:54] And Wally did not toys.

[45:59] Tell me the top 8 answers going from the bottom to the top.
In last place was Toy Story.

[46:11] Then finding email the lion king hundred one dalmatian xp for some reason.
The new owner died hundred one dalmatian so maybe that's why we're happy snow white is died to make her coach.

[46:28] What is the
Snow White and then Frozen is number 3,
which I mean I got frozen frozen kind of make sense.
Actually she spends a surprisingly short amount of time.
As much as it built up in little mermaids number two and then cinderella.

[47:13] Show me a weather tally up the points of Faith go and let everyone know where they can get more info on the character encounter if if they wish to volunteer and also where the character encounter and your other panels are going to be.

[47:29] So these are all going to be so what's the app that you can look into the Kaleidoscope check but so I'll just start in order so Friday at 4 p.m.
I'm in Piedmont of the Hyatt we're going to have Disney Team Trivia it's open to All Families everyone.
It will be g rated but it should be a lot of fun around three rounds and a bonus rounds,
i think it's gonna be a blast study yeah my idea of my dream trivia game.
I'm so Saturday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. we're going to have princess story time for all the little ones I'm going to be in Roswell at the Hyatt.

[48:07] We've got the character encounter Sunday morning will be at 10 a.m. in the Hanover of the Hyatt.
I know B4 2 hours long should be a blast we currently have 47 characters signed up.
And what day again is travis and he.
Say again could a sworn i heard something and went right but that's just my head guys re sunday.
Be sunday sunday at ten am the being hanover of the hyatt.
And then that night will have so right after that will be that the Agents of Shield panel that talked about I'm not personally running that one but I do know the guys that are running it and it'll be a blast guys go be a junior agent of shield.
I'm not sure it runs can be i'm sorry i didn't write that one down but the family friendly dance will also be sunday evening at five thirty also in hanover at high it.
I'm and for all these events including ace shipping other all on facebook will have tasted events are just kinda in a look at.
Of stuff just type in you know what the penalty called on in the facebook search bar on can you should,
oh really quick.

[49:22] Information on the in there and if you do you have a care t like to be having considered for the character counter i'm just buy me a based.
Faith McCombs or post on one of my casting calls when I post them.

[49:39] Will Faith as always it's been a pleasure having you it's it's great that you're doing this for you know not only for DragonCon but for the for the.
Unconscious gonna raise those nerds rate right means it is not res take out every little thing in leather geek.
Yeah exactly so until next time for Faith Lee and me it's me John.

[50:15] This has been a production of the unique geek.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at.
Over the some twitter at at signs the unit heat this podcasters distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[50:38] Music.