50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 33 - Shannon Of The Apocalypse

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Something that you like when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] 50 days of DragonCon the podcast that is,
first walking little slow then little fast and then a little slow and then we just killed over and joining me as always is the zombie princess.
Hi how are you what's going on I do feel like a zombie princess because I am still at work as we do this.
I'm ugly cuz pile yeah i believe but yeah i'm still on the printer i'm i just you know i think with amazing as we think about being on the front of the.
All I know is that between now and when concerts are not going to tell you what they were.

[1:31] It's it's a little over will what reverently.
I think i'm gonna becoming more and more zombie as we get closer and closer to august thirtieth he now thursday.
Official day of time so you know I'm just not sure John,
John how to deal with being a zombie,
I like sleep I don't like walking around moaning and
is the world ending and i how it's an advice on that front will i think maybe are guess because heaven knows that at the end of drying con it does look like apocalypse has occurred in joining us,
chocolates rising is shannon channel you doing.
I'm doing fantastic great so apocalypse Rising is your track why is it Rising by the way.

[2:25] They're coming after us here we go,
yeah i knew you actually or i guess probably unique in the directors
yeah because you actually are over on the west coast where you know people can reach you with nuclear arms.
Yes yes or I could fall into the ocean yes lots of things that can happen over there,
which is why I feel so strongly about being prepared as it is about for those that don't know an indie know in like what you cover what it what are the different areas.

[3:11] So we cover off saying apocalyptic post apocalyptic and survival.
So we do literature TV movies of the apocalyptic and you don't post apocalyptic dystopian genre.
So that's kind of our fun fictional side and then we also have a survival aspect where we do teach you,
disaster preparedness and we go through life first aid and all that kind of stuff so that you know if the quote-unquote apocalypse does occur you know what you need to do and where to go and how to be prepared for it.

[3:46] Cool so so you know you have the usb that you basically have zombies rating mean,
in general is that your i mean i have all you and i have the all the stuff you owe them the world is gonna end yeah the homies that,
your people that has to gotcha gotcha so so we you cover,
enough to cover hunger games still do i mean but was on the track on point delhi palace yourself yeah,
Kaleidoscope track as well,
what what are some other media properties at that you guys actually do have,
so cool yes cover the recently cancelled colony from USA and also TNT's Falling Skies to like alien invasion costell.

[4:55] Yes of those have we main tv media property that we cover you can i did yeah imagine walking walking dead not you keep forgetting that at a trickle,
a lot of people do,
sometimes I struggle not going to lie about it so you've been a track tractor for how long.

[5:21] Oh you want me to try and remember that far back huh it's been.
Probably about 10 years now I would say in for those that don't know how did you get suckered in.
I volunteer as tribute,
I did I started out as the best John please I need that I volunteer as tribute that's I love it that's all.
Old director was going out and they were like hey you there you can take it over or we can have,
it's a lot of work don't get me wrong but I absolutely love it and I love the the topic that we cover I love my track area so.
A little bit of arm-twisting but more probably willingly walking into it.
No pun intended so you mentioned survival survival techniques and survival panels what kind of Tomorrow panels are going to have this year.

[6:37] We have our first a trauma and panel is gonna be coming back which is always a huge hit and super informative so,
how did you attorney care how to stop a bleeding wound that fantastically interesting stuff.
We're also gonna have panel on a buddy now so what you should you have in your to go bag if a disaster happens and i only got but where should you go.

[7:06] And then furthering on that how to hide that from your neighbors so that you're not the person in the neighborhood that everybody shows up on your doorstep if there's like,
oh no what everybody trying to show up on my doorstep so i can laugh at them.
You are great until gets for pitchforks come out and then it it different story now i got a little for love,
like a stud and this year we're having something new and we try to stay relevant i'm actually having an active shooter.
Lol you're maddy trains is paramedics former military,
current police force come in and actually you know do a training as to if you are in an active shooter situation what should you do what shouldn't you do you know and talk about kind of the realistic side of it.
What's the.

[8:10] That is a later night programming or is that like midair.
Be towards the evening jack it's not for mature audience's cuz everybody deserves its information everybody needs that it actually is towards the evening hire a friend to tension the do you have any bleeding i programming.

[8:30] We do we have on Friday night our zombie prom which is going to be epic this year were actually being sponsored by CBS films movie how fast.
It's like a damn what a family friendly movie done it does i just can't winnie,
grab all the kids and head out to the show it's basically about a bunch of kids that go to like a themed amusement park where,
universal studios hollywood horror nights for they've if we walk around houston trying scare you my head,
and Shannon Shenanigans ensue and things go horribly horribly wrong
probably the scariest passion possible for there they're gonna be there is the handing out some slag will probably do a preview of their trailer
stop so we're really looking forward to that it's just going to add another fun aspect to our prom along with our DJ DJ DaVinci.

[9:35] And our photos were going to be doing prom photos and all kinds of stuff it's going to be a really good time.
Transcribing ten pm to you i am happy hoping grand salon.
Sure of course as always be sure to check your check your.
App to make sure that the time and place is still correct typically typically though where the dance is there usually once they're set they're pretty well set because you know it's night time program not a lot of competition but still double-check.

[10:12] Go to work to me but like I say nothing is final until 5 minutes after it started I see that and I realize that that leaves room for her.
I have one moved I don't know,
is your mind yeah for extract most of are there but i needed because we needed more so sorry about your your middle school,
Dance Center on Thursday
we're right right.
We meet there still off i can j do i know people are getting an ounce dailies.
Are we still meet every day there is an announcement of people so bugs.
It ain't done today The Rock was in,
John will you stop John John John.

[11:18] What I know what you're doing right now I know why you're doing this now with the rock thing because you said
for two years that drink on started on Thursday and then I will send its like miraculously DragonCon starts on Thursday so you think it's last year and this year you keep trying to say hey The Rock's going to be,
send more accurately you think that you like figure this out so now i'm rachael sleeping in the shop next well if anything move the we've learned from las customer invited is that we shall i should stop talking i should stop talking about the rock and then he will show up,
i don't know actually to say they were never gonna talk about anything about the ride unless you help people from the charlotte office in the star,
enough about our issues general youre couple me from the lock yeah buying hurrying pics on the one hundred one,
and the 100 is I mean that is one of my guilty pleasures I love that show have you seen the finale
I have not seen any of this season yet because I watch it all on whether it's Netflix or who I know.

[12:30] Yeah it was super good season we've got super great guests coming for the 100 that,
me played rules and he then fell deeper really fighting for america ask you and it's that we're gonna meet yeah right.

[12:49] And then like last minute they announce Nick Frost and I died a little bit Shaun of the Dead.
No i'm in the hands panel no yeah that's too,
I swear I love Nick but I like it I mean I like I like of course I'm in time to but I think Nick Frost is hysterical and everything I've ever seen him in most of us that you know yeah you remember for the stuff he's done with Simon but look at some of the stuff he's done otherwise.
He played a what movie was at something it might have been judged rat or something else they played he was like a pot grower in an apartment,
the new dread that came out with Karl Urban.

[13:41] Thriller but yeah defrost something that i use it using using the balance panel ten to the schedule for saturday.
Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in the Hyatt Regency 6 7.

[13:59] Flag.
Right now as in this very moment that is the of the information they have given me.
And I am so excited for that one because I think he is phenomenal on that show I mean he is doing all kinds of martial arts on there he's funny he's ready like I can't wait to talk to him about
is an experience of on know you you said you mention the hundred give a hundred palate you doing as well.
I love them well yeah we're gonna have a cat your name everyday so friday a.
Sunday monday and then also on friday at two thirty we have our and discussion handle.
Where you get a chance can come in like decompress after watching this evening talk about what happened and what they think is gonna happen to the has been renewed for season six mon
yeah and it's kind of like chat and bounce ideas off each other and have a good group therapy session how I like to think about it.

[15:12] Cool and what other like a fan run panels are you doing this year.
Which do you one for much every tv show that we have her so will be doing one for into the badlands will we be doing one for the walking dead fear the walking dead,
what did he do it for calling me.
Noon and one hundred like i just at twelve monkeys which just had its final season is lol this and what have finances and i can't i have to watch it and is is there's only the chosen card to.
It's fantastic but a dance like you really yeah there and okay.
Oh yeah the other one for that that I tried to like do other things while I was watching was Legion oh no.

[15:59] Yeah nana ddr right now media on this robot mr about this and warm in my bed now i'm like new to the down,
yep but yeah and then the other one is the big one is the handmaid's tale
dedicate time and mine Space 2.
Can a bottle of wine me and my dentist yeah that just ss me unit.
Very timely and it's very difficult to watch it,
in to a wanna be depressed the rest this evening or can i push this off another day would why do not write if i want to watch it but i don't want to watch it the same time in,
right now so we're having an all-ages panel for that one on Saturday so it'll be kind of more pg-rated,
and then Sunday at 10 p.m. we're having a mature themes panel no-holds-barred like talk about.

[17:07] Whatever anybody wants to talk about like we'll just go there where we can't if there's like hits of the audience.
The dealer can't when general hospital panel we try to stay away from spoilers,
like me got a couple handle this year like netflix is doing a ton of apocalyptic and post apocalyptic programming all of a sudden it's like they're all over it
search for something like that will probably stay away from the spoilers but if it's like.
No specific handle and the season has finished airing then we going with the assumption and we make an announcement beforehand in the new spoilers
you don't want to be spoiled now is probably the time to go find something else to do,
all aspects of the show and that's hard to do a few people spoiler-free,
is there is another guest this year this coming at you want to see that's not on the track.

[18:14] I am so excited about the sesame street people to not only help many played big bird but also like the original cast members that i grew up with like leafs and gordon,
i'm sure he's so excited irrationally so i am biased and only gonna sneak away at some point in the one of their pals,
oh cool I want to go back to the zombie prom real quick what is it what is the suggested attire there's it just zombie attire or is it.
Me attire prom attire most of my staff logo is on the.
I tend to go as a problem anthony.
Just had the deer run around without think when falling off of you and the any open to anything but we do definitely encourage you to dress as a zombie a zombie hunter or someone in room
okay we probably get like 90% people participating so it's a really fun fun area.

[19:17] Oh in in the password in my i am i incorrect in believing there's gonna zombie walk as well.
You are absolutely correct and there will be one again yeah it's going to start at 8:30 from the Westin.
Will wind its way through the streets of atlanta as best as we possibly can and and at ps does on these clothes in the after that,
usually start off around nine o'clock after i do all my,
safety features and we get going and then usually just before 10 which is when the prom starts real show up at the Hilton ready to go,
how difficult is when people to get in in the past we usually do reach capacity probably,
I say 30 minutes to an hour there is a line in the very beginning but if you give it like,
tell me like you know fifteen twenty minutes after the start you can probably walking ninja if you wait too long you're definitely gonna end up waiting in line hoping at somebody house to go to the bathroom to the fuck no zero is there a bar there to.

[20:33] Yeah we were ours
jefferson and all-ages partis
there is a cash dark as bars and they do chalk ideas,
old lady here with the gray hair a check my id now lady mean you got a bunch of little under dressed as zombies so it's makes even but even more than a hundred of em actually this and how old are they right you got,
make me offer am before the on the walking zombie prom complementary mommy makeover is we have professional ethics artists that will for suggested tet
are you a makeover so we got people that have really excellent balmy makeup coming through there are bartenders most definitely,
everybody swear where is the aware those set up at where's the,
makeup set up and they are going to be in the Westin in Chastain h,
or did you which allowed me to double my programming which I thought was a wonderful idea back in January.

[21:56] This year we're actually doing forty eight hours of programming over the course of the forty,
which is about twenty hours more than we did last year and when the we're bringing we're bringing everything we're bringing our a game well since we're since we're on the topic of where is your.

[22:16] We are in the Westin on the 6th floor rooms Chastain F through H so if you enter off the street we're pretty much those first rooms on your left.
It's not awkward table they make you walk around why is a one of the just move that.
I'm convinced it's bolted to the ground,
you know it's nice that they leave this out cuz if you need to put something down or whatever but it's of course I've no use because it's in the middle and I can't even when it's not what you say it is.

[22:55] I'm sure they per flower arrangement on and it really love.
That's okay.

[23:12] Yeah the others were like they're so busy awkward tables and you found us gonna be right there.

[23:20] And so in we set off the street you me off the street right yeah.
The main street there when you locate so what other what are things you got going this year's or any other panels definitely wants to to to to highlight here.

[23:37] I'm lightning the meme talks about the caffeine every really cool one not the psychology of the apocalypse mean what i'm so it actually guy a bunch of people that are in the.

[23:53] The health of the mental health profession psychologist psychiatrist like they're all going to come in and they're going to talk about,
basically what an apocalypse would do to someone so like PTSD depression,
like herd mentality,
like all that kind of stuff and take a look at like shows like The Walking Dead and kind of talked about like why the characters might make some of the decisions that they make when you're sitting there shouting at your TV screen why why
stay in the house carl just stay in the house and carl's doesn't stay in the house i'm only get these people want
what do you really think you can win and did you see what they know.
Hello inside you do for a full white people my make the that situation had because they were vs,
there's that and there's also clinical reason for any other clinical issues for that too but yeah,
with you i can enter the world.

[25:10] Pick up a fat one and then be do you have a couple attacks panels will have someone coming in one of our professional artist kinda show you,
a couple of the apocalypse so how did you like burns bruises,
lol wait who when yeah whales to say thank,
he said it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be awesome did you fantastic job we,
camera there in projected on to our screening so you can see exactly what they're doing and take a volunteer on the audience to do the make ups on,
so it's a lot of fun it's a really interactive informative panel.
Doing another one that shows you how to do a zombie makeover,
anybody can do you don't have to be a professional there basically there was like.
Makeup you can buy off of Amazon and cotton balls and you know showing you the different things that you can do to do a really great makeup for not a ton of money.

[26:15] Do not tell him i always my favorite some of my favorite words especially when halloween is way after driving hundred all super bro what she has to be willing life my whole,
set list and i like to dress up as a zombie camera round from now usually the last thursday in aug or the thursday before labor day holiday ruth september through october and william,
just look like zombies between thanksgiving and the end of the year as we do with family all that is in there look like a zombie or tiny freaking there
so much hibernating I like that tiny Sleeping Bear I want to Picture People,
so Shannon what we like to do before we say goodbye to our guests is really quite a little game this for this one I've actually picked out some some
again i have crappy trivia cards and they're like you know you know and five dollars for for the whole board game at at you know,
actually Tuesday morning or Ross or something like that or like terrible not even straight and things like that,
and Shannon let me explain one more thing he says he got him at Tuesday morning and everywhere else I'm telling you.

[27:45] She got these in Tuesday Morning Indie like 50 to 90% off in like we've got to take these,
these are,
but seriously these are oh my God hideous
the movies so many of your choice of yeah we're gonna we're gonna lie yes i need a break for just a minute okay.

[28:17] I'm sorry I'm looking at I'm about to get it.

[28:24] So so as i was saying before lisa rudely interrupted be by design to to go home and not be at work anymore,
these are from the best of to the best of tv and movies and i'm gonna give you two choices toys are two different topics minimal score how many,
how many points you get for question to get right on that card and then it will go to lie and she'll get a toy show get a choice of two and then we'll go back and forth for 3 cards each
and then we'll will tally up the points and see who won.
Is your share where you last year you were or the year before i got cash right yeah for your laughter john,
really ring last year and all years before that whenever you played any kind of game is we have.
John has always read it so that I am not only going to fail I am going to fail spectacularly this one is the first one where I feel like I got it.
In this case you may or may not i really don't give me something about on the they got where it so your two choices in there that's lean you'll you'll see a theme here and it will either eighty acre see or hold war z.

[29:38] Do you want tell you want questions for mediocrity or world war z.
Let's do you were old war is the will what drive again i do have is this world war z the movie of the movie,
is that a and i thought i was watching,
so so you four questions and will you a point for each in what city is jerry driving when the zombie attack begins.

[30:05] Oh wait right I'm going to say.
I think I know but I want to hear New York City,
right on I'm sunk at this point what organization does the main character Gerry Lane work.
You really work for an.

[30:39] Is it the world Nations.
According to this cuz we what we already found that sometimes these are wrong as well i haven't ceremony but.
Hello there little power the zombies in this movie different from your typical zombie movies from typical zombie movies this really should say one thing it should say,
the different from the marrow zombies,
they're fast right there terrifyingly fast thank you what kind of humans are the zombies ignore in World War Z.

[31:18] And.
In humans infected or Minority Report.

[31:34] Oh my God it's been years since I've seen mine reic I've only seen Idiocracy once.
I it is I especially right now and I've just I've been so depressed I haven't been able to do every what I would say let's go with.

[31:52] Yeah I'll actually do Minority Report I think of I'm probably going to do better on that one.

[31:59] Who is cast as John anderton the head of the Washington DC pre-crime unit.

[32:09] Tom Cruise the question should be.
Who directed Minority Report the year after he made a i artificial intelligence again too much information for the question.
Steven Spielberg when the last murder is detected by the precogs who would who will try to kill anderton Cruise.

[32:45] Who win the last one everyone else in his division,
I am everyone this is director Burgess.
Names i didn't okay name the device placed around the criminal the what,
but hey illegal guns in god i missed mean the name in the voice of placed around criminals had the ringer them fully incapacitated.

[33:16] Jesus what was that stupid thing called the.

[33:22] Is it stupid thing called being human no.
I don't remember the healing where he lives lol okay yeah alright so am back to use unity acre c or twenty eight weeks later.
At 28 Weeks Later I would have both of us are staying away from idiocracy by the way because it was.
Hi that's the john yes it is worth a new review now but i'm like no it's just my.
Hey weeks later is a sequel to what film.
28 Days Later what this made European city is being repopulated with the help of the US Army.

[34:13] Oh in.

[34:19] London correct those infected with raid with the rage virus have what color are eyes.
Read real i haven't seen the film and i knew what he answer that's what this one is in the,
got it it's called the rage virus what are your name
how are Andy and Tammy transported from England to the safety in France.
The helicopter that is correct it's a full four point three and a league eighty acre see your under the dome.

[35:06] God is gonna be the movie is even earlier tv show under them and is the show to do was move there is a future i'm try under the dome i did what part is.
Then I got really mad about how different was from the book.
Okay what cristina there in series figs icons and i over think that when i,
okay here we go in what state is small-town chester's mill trapped under.
Oh that would be named saying anything about Steven Spielberg.
In the season 1 finale who was revealed to be behind doming the city for the town.

[35:56] Actually was like the federal government on the president.
Oh no i gots he leaves no will that's hook yeah.
Two hundred million hello under the dome light blue put ice italian watch valley in the book does that that is the finale the book but i bought because they didn't season two hundred and they,
it's something different to well again I'm going by what this says cuz I didn't I didn't make it to the end of the season.
Because they realized something was going to happen and then season 2,
realize that the government did it because they knew the aliens are gonna do it or what is it five dollar crappy to be occurs,
so anybody if you know this please help me understand this when he's also played a cop on what.
Crime scene series on which coming.
Gonna say one hour noon csi new york out the fuck one in three and lon order,
CSI or NCIS I told the one that had the most different version.

[37:20] Alright so idiocracy can this your last last question or less cards idiocracy or Independence Day.
Eight hundred and they had a baby who stores cocky pilot hero who battles the aliens.

[37:37] Welcome To Earth Will Smith into action when he discovers the timing of the.
We just hold on let me let me do this again because it helps with the answer what actor.
Close flies into action when he discovers the timing of the impending alien attack.
Oh well yes of problem with what spaceballs actor really place it depends stays president and pilot thomas j whittemore.
Bill Pullman now course I know what you did your head.
When do we will spin but it won't pick up my other no is bill,
it's a pie yeah yeah i'm still not the name the top secret experimental investigation zone where will smith drags an alien in injured alien to.
Area 51.
All right here by the way Area 51 is on a map but it's called broom late or 7th Heaven.

[39:03] What are 7th Heaven.

[39:10] Okay cool i i have so many things i can set up something that he needs our shoes.

[39:19] Oh so many things I can say but I'm trying to get into heaven too so I won't I will go 7th Heaven,
again still human more about that than eighty,
seventh heaven was the largest book sees me the largest the longest running series ever aired on what now defunct network.
So the longest series on this defunct Network.

[39:46] Okay hold on the CW is still around this one before the CW.
Can you call the good the bad the dvd that it is correct thank you,
new jersey town shares its name with the family at the center of the hit tv series how will where the hell.
And i need yours account isn't jersey city new jersey.
The Hamptons I have not Hampton Camden your clothes played Simon's girlfriend Cecilia in season 7 & 8.
What simpson sister like ashley are very cake them and then so yeah is one of the twins.
It's gonna be the wine dad is now vision.

[40:42] That. Olson know Simpsons Simpson on Olson.
Which Simpson like The Simpsons the the crazy girl Jessica.
But the one who did so yeah okay so it just does the one who got pregnant it's your baby sister i'm running.
Alright you don't know what you don't know it except that you said it and it's it's Ashley she was the one she was the one who got pregnant and they had to cancel her show on Nick
and nickelodeon okay bowl was the name of the camden so ashley know that feeling if i have
does Britney Spears spend more time anybody has ever thought about her in the past anyway
is the the name of the camden still a full pit dog.

[41:46] Do this is not correct surprisingly what's it's happy arrow michael happy really there now and minutes happy.
I meant good thrice.
We got five points and Sharon got,
ten ten points what is said i'm just curious mm at one of one of the regulars still unified you gotten an apocalypse baby and i got four of you know kinda like oh i don't know independent state.
I still would have won so you really just wanted to humiliate me with that 7th Heaven part.
I really don't believe you will your gonna get it either way just this what the other card was.

[42:36] You know there were only 8 cards in this whole deck about.
Over first there's a ton of cars here again all probably cut and then whatever i will this one attention which got a that we forgot to give up the scores for the last game in the previous episode which was john got a that's me,
we got 36 and.
Got 57 we play a different game just so you know it wasn't like there was any car,
go to send again with this letter when know where they can find your track and where you know where on the web so they can find out more information about the bottles or is it.
I am so we are located in the last seven on the fifth floor rooms chat fifteen.
Through H and to fire this on the web you can go to apocalypse rising. Dragoncon.org or you can look us up on Twitter,
or insert sweet are h and it's been a pleasure having you again we've we enjoy you taking time out to.
To join us I'm a silly little program and and we appreciate you and your staff and all the stuff you do for drink on so it's it's quite awesome thank you.
Thanks for having me so until next time for Shannon Emily this is John saying peace.

[44:02] Music.

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