50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 35 - Robby And Amber Of The Filk

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] So all my future again but it was not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is the complete.

[0:33] Damn.
Days of dragon con the podcasters news doing something musical in joining me has always,
is the voice I don't know with you I'm not sure how to do this introduction your laylee how you doing,
there is no one who has ever heard me sing who was that I Am GT voice and I'm going to give you a story.
But I was in elementary middle school now this was all know this would have been Middle School would we call Junior High for some reason.
There was a volunteer student for.
What a.
I know you have a lot of enthusiasm and coil boy you're a sweet kid,
they do come back after about two months i please don't on that so that he'll yearly ever called me as we ways person but i got high on it yeah i don't think he knew your head at.
Oven on three days later and that i sound just that.

[1:53] But yeah I can't believe I just can't believe you always hear people who said oh I'm only at DragonCon for one thing.
I'm always like how can you do that driving is everything so we've already talked to here right I mean we've talked to.
Kaleidoscope which is younger kids,
we've talked to her we have talked to extract of course.
Oh yeah whatever we will it still remembered your own itching to go on,
I thought I did it yeah I was like I did to it did you.
But there was no but then we do it and then you know and we can talk about being a Disney princess and cosplay.
Understandable I call but I only want one. I want to go for one thing and I like one thing you miss stuff you missed the drum circles at 2 a.m.
You miss oh I don't know the tracks that maybe people don't know what they really are
you know kind of like to explain In fairness lot of people do know
just not us because we don't sing as you know singing track am I correct.

[3:14] Is it called music track milk music track is a amber Andrade how you guys doing.
Doing great thanks for having us I have a vague idea what.
Tilt The Kilt music track is but one of you explain to me as a.
Where you wanna go ahead and share we like to look at film music as music fandom i can be anything from harry's to original so,
yeah like Weird Al Yankovic doing his Star Wars songs all the way to original songs about Star Trek or anything in fandom Harry Potter with wizard Rock.
It runs the gamut we got everything from celtic performers much more on the traditional side all the way out to like nerd core three peaceful kit dan's.

[4:17] Wow okay so it's so it is a lot of stuff that also any music that did you know fans come across that's in their fandom so like if there's music you know like a Big Bang Theory and.
Go to sleep song with kittens or some like that you know,
so we need any kind of music I like that the music of the dwarves that were singing in you know that Jackson's Hobbit movie.
Okay so so in so now that I have an understanding is like apparently I've I really like milk I was not aware.
Yeah I mean it's interesting cuz we talk about field but a lot of it you just said Weird Al Yankovic I think of Jonathan Coulton.
In any kind of filled is kinda got to know what people who make a living learn to make a living on his or at least.
You know doing decently on that have become kind of name Jonathan Coulton.
You know I got nominated for a Tony this year so hey go Jonathan hope you win.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Broadway musical the full soundtrack of which Jonathan Coulton has a no one song that I also.

[5:43] Was like some of the overall music is nominated for a Tony so he is up for a Tony.

[5:51] Wow and apparently we're coming to get you lie that started to come up right in front
car guys so then I am so sorry,
why would that be any different than anybody else is on the Atlanta Interstate right now.

[6:30] What are who are some of those guests.

[6:34] Alright well and I am I had that list right in front of me,
this year we've got the Contraptions they've been a drink, or but I don't think.
And then returning we have the brobdingnagian bards and then they'll they'll performance to do oh and also Mark and Andrew are doing individual shows,
now we got Mikey Mason's coming back he is an outstanding a stand-up comic as well as Entertainer we got some new groups we've got that PDF.

[7:19] And we've got a soloist,
show name is rian inns lark looking very forward to those on i think i missed him and mains are there brand new for security number
yes they are brand new and they are very adult just to give a heads up,
so is there adult if you look in the app.
It also the weather it's a general audience or mature in yeah looking at all of the.
Up how she and to be quite honest most of our shows that are in late in the evening,
can easily slip into you no more adult oriented content we live,
luke what actually gates are gonna be appearing story on that my son loved unethical because of for three rate.

[8:18] I got the light mean you knit where good for working parents work we make sure you get all the good the real stuff you need.
And Jonathan Coulton was doing a show here and he wanted to go and this was when he was younger so this was years ago actually have a picture of it I want to say he was 8.
Maybe 10 and Jonathan Coulton was here and he was here with Paul and Storm who open for him a lot of times and Paul and Storm have The Pirate Song.
And if you don't know what they look it up you can go on YouTube I'm sure it's on there somewhere and they have to be to Paul and Storm Pirate Song.
Which talks a lot about the men who sailed the sea but they use the term you know they use that you know the shortened term of semen.

[9:04] And i'm just gonna say that i try to keep my that i said i hate be going with a friend.
And you know tell me when you know in about 30-45 minutes I'll come in cuz.
Paul and strong will be done I walked in just as they were starting that song the good news was.
At whatever is that was 8 to 10 he didn't get it he just thought it was funny that they kept you know talk about Cena,
however he listened to it again right when he hit Middle School ish so not much more than 2 or 3 years later he goes.
Now i get why you didn't want me to hear that song i'm like yes thank you,
specially with the signs that people take that show.

[9:50] Other types of you know.
And she doesn't think like that mean by a happy signs and it's just people for you now.
Yeah so I'm just saying it might get blue hope even if you're trying to keep your wet get away from the blue.
Just think about it after that witching hour and what is yall's witching hour where it could get a little blue.
Ten here is usually boring lol yep that what about the great dragon pond waking hours does the black.
No so that you guys do you have anybody that you had in there and there's like oh in your that mad right now i'm we had these before where we were like we're certainly get really close to that watching our yup.
You might want to let you know just be aware.
Are your kids I'm not making you leave cuz you wasn't turned on but I'm just.
I'm not saying I'm just saying right there all such wonderful.
They really do a great job of you know while it is family time.

[11:03] .9% of the time they stay within the lines as much as he.
On blinders off.
Is there are more and more songs are cropping up that are that are dealing with very current socio-political.

[11:41] Yeah so that's how you know.
It's the kind of bluntness that deserves a purpose it's got a you know it's educating it's got a message.
And I think and John you have to say this is you being a parent I mean I've been in situations where now my son now is 19 so.
I gave up on this years ago but I've been in situations where am I.
How a your hope you don't get better boy oh boy this is gonna be a great discussion on the way home,
and I will be very honest about 8 out of 10 times it was a great discussion on the way home,
explaining why you're late in the evening was singing a song that was talking about,
you know all of the correct names for different body parts there was nothing wrong or dirty about those were.

[12:42] I am and it's one of those things that okay yes this person is obviously in a ten the technically correct and i,
had that taken place earlier in the day you might say you know what let's let the parent have that car,
well I mean when when my kids were eight and four respectfully and we are watching Game of Thrones.
I wait what
you're the better parent I'm not the good parent cuz like I said the first the first year that my kids went to DragonCon was last year and they were fun,
i don't know that you know but but of course at this point my kids or my mom dot is now eighteen and my.
My son is.
Pretty call it up performances I actually have any like a regular panels or.

[14:02] Yes we actually open up all of our tracks start with what is Phil Coke we figure it's a good pinot starting point for a lot of fun.
What what time is that so John and I can try to be there cuz we really want to do better on this.
It's yeah it's right at 10 a.m. what we're also doing with our Wethersfield panel is that we not only go over yo just.
The hit some of the historical Urban this of how silk started and all that and where is now but we also are combining our meet greet and Phil which has some performers,
show up and do you know a song or two and we also invite,
the fans to come in and perform you heard us talk about opens ilk and with that is where anyone and everyone has a song to share or even.
Spoken word piece about Phantom can come and sit in a circle and we will either do what we refer to as a chaos Circle,
which is basically whoever's got a song Ready go for it and then we've also got pick Pastor play,
where when we have larger groups as we're sitting around in the circle you go through and somebody can either pick a song for someone else to do has or play a song.

[15:28] Okay now wait so if I pick and say I want you right so we're in the circle Amber you and I and I picking I say alright I want Amber to do this song.
Like I can say I want you to do it yeah if I know it I'll do it and you just have to say it,
if you're there or can you just be an observer
yeah year after year and they're just their fans they are to hear just to listen.
So what room are you primarily is your tract primarily in then.

[16:22] Our main room is in the Hyatt Hanover c d and e were on the same floor as the art show we're actually very close to The Concourse stage in the Hyatt.
That is actually a different group from us but a lot of us share the same performance correction our track room is actually Hanover FG,
I apologize I don't know where I am.

[16:59] That's actually awesome and head over as you said is where.
Our show is so that is one level above going down to be in the base.
And the good news about that might be that you could get cell signal as you could,
it's probably going to go in and out you never know until 2 years ago we were in the basement so in a much smaller room so I'm we love the new location apparently,
DragonCon actually likes this location for us because it's a large enough we can get about a hundred people in there,
we can set up for shows it's just easier for scheduling it's easier for Tech Ops it's easier all the way around I think it's easier for the fans because they have a easier for them to get to it.
We do have cell reception most of the time.
Now when you do imagine they're bigger performances that are on your tractor not in those rooms out right.

[18:08] Not always this year in fact we will have merch inspired by drinking songs in international cell still in high and just on the other side is
I'm at 5:30 on Friday he's also going to have special guest of Mikey Mason helping him out with his fireplace on.
Browncoats to come out in force for that so we do usually need a bigger room for that way to say this about International.
Every floor basic you can either get to the other side of the Hyatt from the basement of the Hyatt.
You walk away from where you would try to get to the Marriott or so you go the opposite way and then you go up escalators and you'll get there or,
just go out to the lobby level and say hey I'm looking for international Tower and they'll point you in the direction it's basically.
What's the near like there.
At their hotel registration area you pass the concierge does he keep going you're like oh this is a quick and now they got.

[19:20] For people like John who have absolutely yeah well is is that also where the concrete is.

[19:28] The high is where the concert is on second floor when I go there,
my totally dear god and you go in berkeley my husband actually volunteers at the con suite so i got really familiar with its location if you go to get coffee,
corner of the highest go up one flight of stairs,
what year one tells me it's not there I don't care what anybody says and by the way the best times if you're going to take those stairs and you don't want your shoes like.

[20:07] Thursday Friday Saturday after Saturday about 2 I don't know parade time it's going to be a little sticky just FYI.

[20:17] Here's your really sticky you also have a 2-hour sing-along Group sing along,
Charlie still getting away from that I was afraid you can say after Saturday night it's not nevermind.
What we're doing with the sing-along isn't that just inching along and there's Amber said earlier we put a pole out to our fans to let them sort of Select
what the theme topic would be and this year they chose the Wonderful World of Harry Potter so,
we've invited any and all of our performers who are interested in participating if they've got a song that has anything to do with Harry Potter or the World of Harry Potter,
they'll be invited to sing it so we'll have a lineup of you know what doesn't performers each probably doing one or two songs and then,
really neat fun thing that happens during this is you will see a lot of these individual artists and groups get together sort of you know just on the
search for the moment and apply yeah right yeah and it's just hilarious it really good it was a great turnout last year fans absolute love it,
well I think that's why I always love Phil King and things like that because all of the sudden is these kind of things you like it kind of just spontaneously happen.

[21:41] Yeah not bad really feel great about feel good it really is to me a collaboration sometimes especially with the pants.
I would ask you one question with harry potter what i mean since they said they won't do her potter.

[21:58] I think i'm the weird sister love the ball doing a song so what songs are they talking about.
So there's a whole world of music that is just harry potter there are in tire weekend long conventions where it's all groups that.
Perform Harry Potter themed music and So What YouTube in the music that in that Phantom we call it rock or wizard Rock correct Amber,
so if you Google that you'll find a lot of stuff w r o c k.

[22:38] Oh so it's not even spelled Zionsville Brock Lesnar Ock wroc there great band.
With the usually 4-Piece set and they will be participating along with other performers for the Harry Potter they are there Persona is that they're all house Slytherin,
so a lot of the music is performed more from that perspective.
Almost your axe mostly acoustic or is it or are they as our mix or how that work mix.
Fuck fuck fuck.
A blog right.

[23:36] Now let me ask you this cuz we like to have some specially if we haven't had on before how did you to get involved with,
with dragon con and how did you get so how does it feel being so hard he how did you get suckered into becoming directors.

[23:52] John John I want to use what apocalypse Rising said.
You have to have how have you ever to view the thread how how are you trapped in a
Amber tell her it's cuz it's it's kind of a long time member who is no longer on staff
I was just at 2 that she played an important,
role in the early six seven years are trackback so i guess ten years ago just a few weeks before dragon con.
Someone contacted me because my name had been suggested and said hey would you be interested in running h a filter programming track at DragonCon,
the interesting thing is I have never been Dragon who had no idea
he was talking about the old sure it is my favorite part of the story and though it was interesting in the very for the first year
they had some performers lined up but that was basically.
It there was really hard there was no programming there was no one really showing up for much time when the other person that they were talking to.

[25:16] And her name was patch divine governess and it turns out
that she had been work professionally as a liaison between you know hotels and the groups that are doing activities and hotels she have years and years of experience in
you doing this kind of programming and working with the organizing but they chose me instead,
she agreed to be my second.
You know it so once I found out that she was FEMA had all these qualifications I was like you know what in the heck you know why you know did they
and from DragonCon perspective perspective the reason was cuz I was closer and I could get to the meeting.

[26:03] The Pat was living in Texas I believe at the time that happens to also be my aunt,
with that okay huh that is actually my aunt.
From a very very small age I was raised in Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions and she and my mother actually started up a filled Zine back in the 80s
for East Coast filters in fandom and I was actually volunteering for the apocalypse Rising track
at the time that Pat went oh my goodness it's just me and Robbie,
i don't know what i'm gonna do you and am i will help are you volunteering during the day apocalypse rising i can come and help out in the evenings and thought that was a horrible mistake i did not sleep.
As a regular volunteer you don't sleep much that year I really didn't sleep,
so the next year i actually stepped away from auckland trading and i'm in track ever since then,
when Pat. Decided due to some personal stuff that she just couldn't make DragonCon work anymore her husband travels a lot for work I stepped in a second and it's been that way for a while.

[27:32] Now oh cool so you so you so robbie you were literally trapped into it
and every every year you were born into it,
yeah well you know Stockholm syndrome is a real thing so
this is this is Tim this coming up so honey you don't get like me yeah you're good got another 5 maybe 7.

[28:04] I'm joking I love being a volunteer and everything I've done, but it is kind of fun,
yeah we only do so much for that wonderful blue badge hello blue flag will not anymore,
yep so at the same time and then it took several years quite a few years,
to build up the the fan following that we now have when we started out we had really no one attending the track
now we're in a very small room in the basement now it is very common for us to have a full room even in the large room where we are now
and so we love that we have just the most amazing fans and then I think last year maybe the first year that we actually hit,
we full-on staff,
oh hell yeah you we literally had to turn people away so we've got an amazing new group of a new staff volunteers who are talented they love what they going to be involved with,
you know when it's just fantastic that is that is that is fantastic and so you.
You literally don't have any need for any more volunteers at this point,
for this year.

[29:27] That we can get you on that track,
you know John they like you they wanted to be on this podcast I bet we can figure something out with a couple of tracks like you do
5 hours with no shirt no I don't have anything else to do dragons like 5 hours of Kaleidoscope oh wait you're already doing that because I put you on panels
thanks for the,
but hard time as many times as we are there any guests that are coming this year that are outside of your track that that you're really excited that you possibly might try to sneak away and see.

[30:09] I know it's impossible as a director to ever sneak away but,
yeah I'd love to find time to actually go see Pearl Bailey and Peter Capaldi,
yes all God I love her I love all got to love her bear I figure I'm going to do my standard oh I really want to see this I'm going to go up to my room and I'm going to watch it on DC TV
but stander oh crap i missed it didn't i black wee of panel there is something we and work.
Come on you got the afternoon.
How you never know I was going to say how late does your programming go.
Google are you up all those hours are.
Not well so that for the great things about having a full staff is that we do have the shift balanced out so you not you don't have to just a drug up on caffeine for four days.

[31:19] Well I mean you probably still have to stay drugged up on caffeine for 4 days but it's not it's not because of lack of sleep completely.

[31:35] And speaking of speaking of that.
If people want to find out more information about your track you know prior to the prior to the start of this where can they go,
well the first stop is our website and that is silk fil K. Dragoncon.org and then we're also very active on Twitter at Decon fill,
and on Facebook Dragon consult music track and then you're going to start seeing a lot of videos start to get posted to our YouTube channel,
we asked Oliver performers especially for a new performers to submit what field means to them as a video,
and will open that you any of the fans are you can actually do that from our website burn our site bar there's a little button that you can actually record from the site,
so you can submit that as well as a scan,
and ask and then yet we're very active on Facebook and Twitter.

[32:40] Tried to publish out as much as we can we also have a high cast that one of our performers actually has graciously volunteered his time in germany he runs everything is still,
where you buy you interview at least a selection of her performers coming leading up to Khan.
Oh that's that's fantastic it's awesome and yeah if you will please send us that link we will try to link the other podcast to.
I actually think i think i might have it on there's one x light one on the filter drink on that organ yeah they go there it's are guys so that when they.
List of the typing words on Facebook go on Facebook and Google it and you'll be fine.
Now as before we eat before we go into the game I want to make sure have we covered is there anything else you want to feature you on that you want to talk about before we get to our game.

[33:46] Do you have anything actually on Saturday at what sea.

[33:58] At one pm on saturday in here or f g we will actually be doing are now standard tradition instance silk which is where we as a,
track get together and within an hour we create a folk song,
so it that it it's become a really great things for our fans and record it and the video that we take and we also have audio on it,
and then directly following insta fill cat 2:30 in the same room Hanover FG we also will be doing our lives podcast for everything is still.
People doing live podcast,
I've seen many of the Adida track websites default website
yours yours by far is the best i've seen thus far thank you i actually i freelance web design and development but will this happen and you have a new one.
If you say it is is very well done and i appreciate it is really concise and and and laid out perfectly so it's real easy get the stuff there as it need to sell it.

[35:25] Sorry Robbie we cut you I cut you off over you
this I just want to say before we moved on is Let's either we're a few more performers that are going to be with us and I just wanted to say their names so nobody gets upset that I didn't say their name also
in addition to the performers that we've already mentioned we will have foot-pound Force which is a trio of actual rocket scientist,
and are they are at the usually here as attending professionals and they will also be performing for so those guys are really great,
I mean I think we mentioned I can't remember Tom Smith
who is a giant in the world of Phil Kobe returning this year we've got a group called two can do they normally do Ren Faire and Kelsey,
kind of things in lb
doing some talk with us and then there's Nick Edelstein who is local to Atlanta we will be spending an hour in space with Nick as he has as trekking across the universe,
is just totally geeked out star trek show with great.

[36:26] We got to go gray Reinhart to is a Hugo nominated science fiction author who also a fan of the track for years and years and finally
put together a show and you know now we like to have him every year that fan performer so and I think that's everyone else,
fantastic and of course we miss somebody realize that you know things are always in flux at dragon con so it wasn't intentional,
and also any dates and times as well as we say often check your app check their schedule make sure that it's a check the daily Dragon cuz things will change on a whim at DragonCon it hasn't happened
it isn't happening it won't happen until it's done.

[37:15] Yeah until your butt is in the seat and the panel is on going in and actually probably happy Tuesday,
tuesday after it has really went actually occurred so yeah probably not lol
so I don't know if you guys have I think you might have heard that they ending of our previous recording but we like to play a game with our guests before we leave and
no clue about any of the things you were talking about earlier so.
No no.
Amber did you were you able to answer those questions I know you weren't,
i was actually raise the family were trivial pursuit is a contact sport so i didn't in the other way,
Questions on Blue for a minute
damn it really seriously the same said damn it okay well I've been able to compile theme out of the set so we will start will go ahead and start with a Amber then go to Robbie and Lee and Will play three cards each.

[38:40] God and we'll just go give you a point for each each a question you get right you your choices Amber,
categories are night at the Oprah or composers.

[38:52] Oh no i'm.
Mom let's tonight if you are doomed oprah made her acting debut in nineteen eighty five as sofia and what steven spielberg film i know that,
what is correct what is the three what is the three letter name of Oprah Oprah's TV network.
Own own Oprah's film production company shares its name with what silent Marx brother.
Harpo I know all of those,
category please last let's question on the card what film based on,
hold a bass on a pole to pole at the airport,
Pulitzer prize-winning exactly Pulitzer prize-winning novel the cold reading was my worst thing that I ever did.
What film based on the Pulitzer prize-winning novel by Toni Morrison did Oprah co-star with Danny Glover.

[40:03] Oh my goodness all of that and it probably.
Set up
that is correct that's completely correct good job good job will it still not right but hey yeah alright you.
Robbie your two choices are composers or bands.

[40:37] Bobby it doesn't matter it doesn't matter,
30 seconds 30 Seconds to Mars is fronted by which my so-called life in Requiem for a Dream star,
no clue Jerry battalion.
Which rock band we know this oh my God Amber we need to kill
Amber we need to kill brain cells that knew that oh my God this is exactly why I have a second
and can i was was a thing which rock band i am of an age where my sister,
had a Jordan Catalano saying cuz I was a little which rock band fronted by Ozzy Osbourne was named after a 1963 Boris Karloff horror film.

[41:38] The important part is which rock bands from by ozzy osborne.
Come on Robbie my brain is not working right now,
can I answer for him
name the three piece english rock,
band which is also the first word of an American Comedy movie series that began in 1984.

[42:07] Sms actually fairly tricky the three it's a three piece english rock band.
Oh i just got new which is also the first word of an american comedy movie series that began in nineteen eighty four.

[42:25] How many movie series Stadium everyone answer phone.
Police Academy policia Police Academy which punk rock.
Nothing to do with please don't go that's where their saying it's their stretching again.
Terrible trivia cards there wasn't like this oh yeah those are related they're really not other than the word police right when you paid $5 for.
Thirty or three thousand questions you get was a for alan yes you neither,
love you what punk rock bands name is also the first word in the 2010 mythology fantasy in the 2010 mythology fantasy movie.

[43:21] Important part 10 mythology fantasy movie.
It also shares a name.
Partial actually the first word of the two thousand ten with a logical fantasy movie.

[43:41] On a saturn with that is the clashes in clash of the titans.
That is so far away early rewiring when away you know why the drum are the only family a group of artist that.
If you knew i are moving of what they could be the other represents a movie that should of been me doing all,
not getting the whole 2010 Clash of the Titans.
And I was thinking I'd Punk rocking that you're okay The Clash.
What they're showing movies with the word Clash of the Titans,
FYI my head just FYI,
that was just bat a lead composers are dance.

[44:54] I'm sorry I'm sorry I thought what I'm pretty sure I heard comments.
Or you can food composers or dance you rat looking the can lose their because it was picking up so,
composers or dance I will go as composers but if John Williams is not an answer I'm going to be pissed.
You're going to probably be pissed.
But you're probably going to get most of these answers Name the popular dog movie now popular will be using the term loosely but name the popular dog movie named after a composer.

[45:37] Oh Beethoven The Immortal Beloved Gary Indy mortal beloved Gary Oldman plays what death musical master.

[45:47] Oh shoot I know this Mozart,
Beethoven many Tim Burton films and penned the theme song to which long-running cartoon.

[46:09] Danny Elfman The Simpsons name the movie in which composer salieri.
Moving i watch the composer seller salary sees the changes of mozart but foils is.
Before Elsa's efforts have been beat Amadeus Amadeus.
I told you I couldn't sing but there you go I'm there.
Muse Comics & Flow It's Hard Out There.

[47:03] Sorry hard out here to be a gangster,
it's at four pm is action rest of it hot here to be a gangster or of him or whatever other can,
Meryl Streep Meryl Streep stars in the 2008 musical based on songs by ABBA,
Mamma Mia,
right according to and well that if of according to a song from two thousand five grand there are,
5525 6600.
A year a year that's what I thought you had you had the whole lyrics your singing the whole thing you'll do is just finished,
sorry I was a bit of a musical theater geek Amber want to hear the holder it go go go go
no no no no she wants the Oscars were a fan of this actress who played,
Fantine Fantine in Les Miz.

[48:18] Alright so Robbie sorry dance or metal.
Is are you saying metal or mental metal metal isn't.

[48:34] Whatever metal I know zero about that's okay cuz it makes no difference
name the movie about one of Britain's most famous female politicians,
its metal as in metal wasn't you know the the weather be solid.

[49:04] I will add the iron lady that is correct for what film did henry fonda in counter help burn when oscars for playing ethel in norman

[49:24] Henry Fonda Katharine Hepburn Hepburn Hepburn.

[49:33] Well probably not helping anybody and maybe his daughter was in it too.

[49:41] That means call Time On Golden Pond and name the young reporter who originated.
Who named the young reporter who originated from a series of classic comic books.
The young reporter who originated from a series of classic comic books Others movie made of this recently.
Clark Kent no Tintin Tintin.
What you have to get the car can off because the those that is very accurate that it's very accurate however not in the theme of metal.
Man of Steel I'm giving you half a point for that is primarily aimed at children.

[50:42] Name the tv channel that is primarily aimed children were thing where sesame to come down mill its gonna be have metal in the.
A medal.

[50:56] It to far sometimes i let led paint are.

[51:05] Oh my i got some henny is i got some of the waters and all the cooling.

[51:14] Nickelodeon Nickelodeon,
thanks Lee dance dance a rock and a hard place if your your torture is almost over dance rock and a hard place.
Alright here we go.
Which twilight star boy very stirring up terribly which twilight sir rocked out is joan jett in the two thousand ten's the runaways all that was actually interested in joining a bad that's true.
Which former attacker that's correct
which former Calvin Klein Calvin Klein underwear this is the third one that was on the road tribute singer,
who joins the is idles but band in rock star.

[52:13] Name an actor who used to be a Calvin Klein underwear models basically Wahlberg exactly who played Band-Aids.
Who played Band-Aid Penny Lane in the coming-of-age Rock Film Almost Famous.

[52:30] Oh God.

[52:39] Play Panda Jam and I can't stand James Franco.
And this is in this is spinal tap 2 what number can Nigel tufnel tufnel.
Amplifier be cranked up to and you better know this when you get to thank you and there's only ten will then you put a little presenting and playing on eleven.
Alright last round,
orders on the day i would have to do it because you know as agree and i can i can take breather dancer musical instruments.
Amber oh dance nobody's taking it for a while and loved name the erotic Marlon Brando hit movie.

[53:26] Oh lord mom was there.
Did you know it's just gorgeous European city that are really high Marlon Brando hit movie it was probably during his younger years.
Not really it's not as I can see it I cannot remember the name of it.

[53:49] You know there's a salsa and then there's this other day.

[53:54] Last Tango in Paris that's correct which 1987 movie about a teenage romance with a dance instructor was the first to sell over a million copies on home video.
How old are you remember I'm 44 we tried to do this in highschool and we didn't do it well.
It's got the lift in it so dirty dancing documentary about the Pharaoh concert appearance of the band.

[54:35] We watch that just the other night I cannot remember.

[54:41] Just go ahead and The Last Waltz
name the most famous act of dancing couple in movie history.
John tell me that was answer right question because it is completely subjective.
Musical getting robbed musical instruments are phonic alphabet
well actually both of those musical instruments what instrument is struck by the man to sit by the man to single the beginning of a rank movie.
What instrument is struck by the man to Signal the beginning of a rank movie rank.

[55:52] A rate i don't understand what are wake me up at a bad baby.
What instrument is capitalized.
Oh then I don't know sorry ignore me is correct rank is capitalized.
The are is capitalized yes again as we have found that doesn't mean anything it just means they have terrible play you know play testers.
Plays what instrument in This Is Spinal Tap.

[56:32] Play smalls yes the by here each year oh shit fine so i know there are some.
Guitar is a guitar.

[56:45] Okay well there you go wrong please please get ours is the correct out what what what instrument does lisa play on the opening sequence of the simpsons
and I,
name the 1993 movie in which a mute woman is sold into a marriage to a wealthy New Zealand land owner.

[57:13] Of africa i don't know who only hundred with that the impact when.
The instrument that is really big and really heavy was brought by sea and just showed up on the news and they had to find people to put it up.

[57:28] Alright so.
I did see that wow okay okay so we all heard it was good.
Last last be fully for everyone involved in a person is the phonics alphabet were smith's.

[57:55] The Smiths yeah sure closest Smith's,
is in the group know as in Smith's literally Smith not the Smiths
kissy I would have been okay yeah,
who played the new recruit in the first Men In Black film.
Will Smith what brand of handgun does Viggo Mortensen wheeled on the road or in the road is a remake of what Jimmy Stewart capital capital city classic.
Mr Smith Goes to Washington go to my favorite movies actually did Brad and Angelina and Brad and Angelina apparently get together.
Mr. and mrs. Smith.
Okay that's interesting question but that is actually one of my big Jimmy Stewart fan and second of all that.

[59:01] For somebody who might be an idealist that is a great great movie because I don't want to torture us anymore,
you know what I'm going to step aside and let the ladies you know,
buy your score looks away,
Google I mean I mean.
Okay so he said that's why he has a second exactly on the web and at the drink.

[59:52] Robbie I did it last time you want to do it okay so yeah let's see website we're at the Philippine. Dragon. Org
urgent DragonCon Milk Dud dragoncon.org.

[1:00:14] I don't know something else and you can email us in Gmail at become V
you know this is why you have a second right,
I won't do you know where you're physically located in a Dragon Con EFG in the Hyatt.

[1:00:43] Crying okay oh my the wrong could love so should be okay,
thank you guys for joining us we appreciate it and thank you for thank you for coming on for the 1st time hopefully you'll this has not turned you Optical in back on and then in future years,
crazy wasn't well we are crazy but hey we're not mean we're just a little we're just a little you know what special
you need to talk to DragonCon have them give you a little bit of a budget to get some better at trivia cards that's all I'm saying,
$7.42 like this should help a lot. $7 7 for Lucky 42 that's the answer to everything I hear you got a job please God Define,
trivia app would probably cover it then says he i know he always like.

[1:01:45] You're saying so how soon till next time we will the the trigger,
no because I'm not going to bed,
i have to confess that some of the questions that i was able to answer room it's because
oh actually i am the answer to all that they do every any windows on the nose cans and take them in it.
John John they just admitted that she didn't she didn't cheat well enough that he didn't need
just really felt bad for John and is really sad trivia card,
he went to the wind warning or what with yo and there's tuesday morning i feel rot.
Anywhere where they sell the 90% off and he's like.

[1:03:07] Who,
listen to some of the other ones about the family funeral like who would ever answer that question that way.
They told me to go back to what they were like oh hell did questions of anything,
oh wait here's that researcher that oh yeah no we can't answer no no Lord no not researcher 7 no no but they already printed them out so they.
I don't know if you guys realize we're almost died literally.

[1:03:49] I literally felt like I was going to die second account I stopped breathing and and and this is never happened to me.
My leg actually froze up at that moment there's like a charlie horse or something,
what's the weather like john i know you what didn't they found out what date i think i'm good now.
So another misery until next time.

[1:04:18] We're Robbie Amber Lee what is John saying.

[1:04:24] Music.

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