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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] I think that you like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
just bought a to point nine,
this is heat.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Days of drag the podcast that reads,
read like a book and joining me tonight as always well most the time.
Isley and often as humanely possible is very studiously.
Hi guys it is wonderful to talk everybody yeah but you don't read too that's true,
you said that like very very true I mean I mean yes I read all the time and reading is important and you should do as much as humanly possible,
I am glad your son is there so I would like to ask William who just started High School congratulations I'm so sorry.
It gets better you got to college,
and you can bring 21 isn't even gets even better than I don't do drugs stay in school.
Hey look here's the deal if he gets out of high school to graduate high school and he knows what he wants to do.
And he doesn't have a record and he hasn't gotten anyone pregnant out of wedlock.

[1:54] Because he's been careful hun usually have electricity on but when the doorbell is that's the rule if you can get in to all that,
if anyone has a pen dancers you do not think of you and your pals but will,
well I know that those are things too
don't know but William would you probably I hope it hope you have an English grammar or literature course,
I do need to get at some of the classes that doubt shout have to take.

[2:37] Ain't like you was one of me with what books are you going to have to read for this class.
They didn't like there's no syllabus there's no like we're all going to be reading this crap.

[2:59] Which is correct sometimes it's crap always mean you know it's really sometimes hard for me to tell what is a good read,
in science fiction fantasy literature,
and how do you decide on I usually ask our guest tonight is Sue from the science fiction literature track how you doing.
Very good thanks John highly,
but it was closed
so let me let me ask real quick what should I what should a ninth grade student be reading and science fiction lecture.

[3:48] Ray Bradbury.
Yep Robert Heinlein and Arthur C Clarke all the classics in there.
Putting a new perspective things in perspective things.
Dunham's Charleston and it's only got like five books out but you're goodbye books,
well he also writes in the 1632 alternate history Universe oh wow okay.

[4:35] There are orange sorry I didn't mean to put you on the spot like this is really good.
Okay who's that.
Number of different things right now she's doing a series about the weird West it's I like that.

[4:59] Western books with fantasy Supernatural band.
Enough about my sons reading list of the stuff we just signed and his is homework is this your sue,
so explain to us exactly what your track is and you know what you would you cover,
acid stain says science fiction but I try to spread it out and get a little.
Two bits in all ostrich literature and fiction fantasy urban fantasy etc.
Right now no i'm ca i have a lot of military sf dot my track you okay and.

[5:53] So we like to read i have a little free library in the back room of,
you can bring books if you want books you don't want or you can take a look if you find one you might like,
i really don't we haven't talked about the charity this year but i would assume through the journey to be close to your heart is reading this year so our charity this year if people don't know this is weird being literacy.
See if I cannot remember the exact name and I don't have not near computer but I will look it up,
but i wanna say that that is gonna be going on and the great thing about that is that it's gonna,
a lot of different ways to help that of course cash love cash or its yet we as the cash maybe but also if you wanted to send us,
you weren't you have books in your house that you're not using there going to be a lot of book donation places around the con because this is literacy levels at all levels and you know adults like to read lots of different things,
why do people that take a long time for people to get to.

[7:13] Seven hundred but we do and so there's gonna be alot requesters up so if you have some books you just don't need anymore you or get rid of whatever please please please bring him because,
that's really cool and i think it's a it's a wonderful gertie it's atlanta it's very small,
but they are trying to help adults and others read and that's a you know.

[7:36] I can't imagine what my life would be like if I didn't rain I really I really it's really hard for me to imagine
they actually had some people at work you said I can't come to DragonCon but you told me about this charity here you go and I was like thank you I'll take it.

[7:55] Yeah it's great so yes very very don't usually i also have some books that,
need to take over to see you but all the sudden people start picking through them and what read that and they take,
if you're around extract to take them over to Sue and then it's also like a damn it everybody's already got them all but that's not a bad thing either because then we know people are still reading them and that's a good thing,
dad to get who was it that said that i can't access,
Martha Stewart,
so the Charities actually literacy action,
the as it says on the grind kind of website Dragon Con will again match dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000 any money raised for this charity at the 2018 convention,
they've been running for 50 years and let's see did it
they've staff of twenty eight and twenty one locations around the metro atlanta area weather see action build better futures for under educated old by teaching literacy life and work skills that empower them to reach their highest potential,
there are thousands of low literate adults the metro area desire the billion hamster basic education skills.

[9:17] Area of literacy action makes as possible offer answers village kaisha class is free of charge with full schedules and at multiple convenient location so so it's interesting is cuz it seems i think the only.

[9:32] We all say major charity that i've out your guns and recently was,
was I'm Special Olympics but even then it was the Atlanta Special Olympics so so Atlanta is really really focused on me,
mall or where were i mean if if we can match everything of two hundred thousand dollars of the beast tube be what two hundred thousand dollars right,
that is that's a probably for a staff that size two huge huge boost to them,
adult books I just wanted to make sure we brought it up because,
it is 8 and again we say this all the time and so I think you'd agree the issue here is you notes for the small Charities Ryan confuses even the Special Olympics.
A lot of this money goes directly to programs but that means that they're all so you know able to move money around so every time we give them they're like oh wait.
Then we get to move this and help more people with that so it's always great and it feels good to give so hey if you can't remember your Avenue Q,
I feel like I do it you know so so so who do you have for authors this year.

[10:56] I have a very never using again my first the weekend is a conversation between him and steven barnes.
Library wilseyville.
But yeah i know names stephen barnes how do i know that name steven barnes well i'm not sure he i believe is your knee literary and,
say it is he an editor or writer is a writer he's clarion books with,
nivin Pernell and number of other people and also written on his own.
That's probably I just have probably read something with him or he's been in a collection so yay.

[11:39] I'm and he is writer of colorist well.
Kind of ties into our new diversity track I also have David Weber.

[11:53] And temperature.
And Larry Korea number of up-and-coming military sfo Riders Chris Kennedy excellent.
Goes on trust and as for you be there and is a lot of things happen what i love about the great order that the great authors list one of the things that.
Does happen guises guess what you know that movie TV show whatever you want.

[12:27] You know if it's sci-fi fantasy story or something like that you know I'm now watching The Stranger Castle Rock.
On Netflix and while it is not directly related to be novels all of them because.
Yes yes you should read the book just damn it you should,
not taken from a book or story there has to be a writer involved somewhere yes,
so then what else what are you doing for your panels how are you setting.
I eat and i usually again and are you gonna share with the panel on definitions.
Okay what we're talking about when we use certain terms in the Field and Stream.
Oh well.
Focusing on hard science fiction definitions right now this year I'm at.

[13:49] Encompasses a lot of science terms and also like speedwork Drive,
oh okay very cool very cool like that that's a big help to people has gone down there.

[14:04] Yeah I'm also aware we're doing I think I mentioned before.
Editors about tour brain and some.
Excellent Temptations on their upcoming works,
also titan books the sample is everything works and he's gonna be there and talk about whether to,
oh excellent that's awesome so again you could hear some of the new stuff,
how to be really get i get those are great publishing house love me when i'm no image smaller,
but there are good ones that's awesome.
Thank you I'm doing a 200 years of women in science fiction panel which I'm really excited about,
200 anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein that's exactly what I was,
sci-fi horror whatever you want to call it is that one I mean it really is guys don't ya don't pretend it's not it is so that's awesome,
and if you read Frankenstein I'm just going to give you a hard time the answer is typically going to be no.

[15:28] I've seen it actually like it i actually think it would be one you'd like i really i've seen i mean sir williams here yes of course i've read it it was great it was better than cats.
I will read it again and again did you really just say it was okay,
okay so sorry keep going please ignore him we don't realize.
You know that's those books I kind of started all of this and it's so awesome for the graphic novel I'm not talking to you.
And the book is better it's always better from the bone in Young Frankenstein.
Yeah well you can't say it right Sean.

[16:29] So get your thirty seconds of your,
are we got our usual jeopardy.
Hey what.

[16:53] Win Lose or Draw or Jeopardy.
I don't mean that in a bad way but I'm like okay so wait what I understand but what is Win Lose or Draw draw is it's based on this really,
i really like the ease i think you shall not gonna girl she has passed since one person up to draw something and and they're giving the given that person is giving a and,
name a title.
Pictionary you played that right brightly.
That's when you use to us she's our niece and again i was worried at all i.
I remember Pictionary at trying to think I remember that cheesy game show,
so that was pretty good but yeah it's kind of amazing that that's where we are right now so those are two separate panels correct it's not Jeopardy and Win Lose or Draw,
no there's jeopardy one day members draw the next hey.

[18:09] Spreading it out,
okay now wait what's the Showcase help me to have a Twilight call a showcased one particular author where that author can talk about whatever they want.

[18:35] And about their work and answer questions center.
And just so people will know who they are and what they done this case i missed his wife to interview him.

[18:50] That's probably good idea,
dad is probably will or if it were it's a really bad idea,
okay sure we got it and put it up on YouTube or something because,
goodness gracious that would be freaking awesome well I know both of them will be awesome.
And I'm doing a collaboration panel in the sentence below.
A collaboration panel with David Weber and Tim song.
What's the weather looking in and some other people working with david in the arbor's it it's in this case be clever reading.
In the creators you know when you're working with the creator of that universe.

[19:55] I cannot wait yeah yeah so like what is that so like what time is he's on he is all of those great,
great great Star Wars novels that are now no longer can and even though they keep taking characters from,
you don't know David Weber please think I do but I'm sitting here going down her hair,
Tiana Harrington books oh yes I do cuz people keep giving me those and I keep reading them and saying she's the most awesome character ever in a long time,
and why the heck having somebody made a movie or TV show out of her there was there was talk of it but it fell through it'll happen at some point if it's supposed to happen we'll all just,
Timmy's collaborating with David.
Oh okay that's universe so that's where that comes in.
Where we really cool that's awesome I'm trying to think what else I've got I'm doing a safe and science fiction panel.

[21:07] I'm cleaning polish fall in their yellow small and you know he's one of your favorites he is one of her favorites this is father other brianna's you go by,
in a Catholic priest who.

[21:25] Years ago I stood up into DragonCon meeting and said hey guys I know this is going to sound really crazy but extract needs a priest,
an old one and a young one yeah like i well that's a heck of leslie you but not for any,
and the great thing about guns on people like oh what a great priest manual here's use my great three some like,
but hungry priest and he is really realy great and he's wonderful and,
love and he's really funny he's a huge all please gotta ask the question because he is a huge huge truck friday this so funny how much with the plan of.

[22:07] Yeah I had to run apparel last year so it's really fun and he's very I don't I mean that's not.
I'm going to say it and I really hope it comes out of.
I did not know Father Brian before I met him I had no idea who it was or anything else so for years when he said father,
I have friends were both Episcopalian and Catholic so I'm like well I guess he's just because he was much more.

[22:37] Relax younger,
Amazon no picture of Greece and I was like I am and he's like now people do that all the time I don't know why because you're younger,
funny you you when your offering on you know you like i just started laughing you i promise you there lot of catholics are like sapphires that yes sir yes sir light let me not.
Let me not go down that road but he's wonderful and if you have not heard him talk.
You should do that he's going to be we're talking about the OA which is that Syfy show about a woman who comes back from death and he loves that show.

[23:22] There's a season 2 that's what I was wondering why I asked a question the other day to somebody if there was a season 2 and I never bothered to remember to look it up,
I can't remember what happened to I don't want to spoil it but I can't read what happened to.

[23:35] The guy,
in that in that show,
male voice.

[24:03] Who played who played Lupin who was that.

[24:14] Anyway anyway.
I mean it's hardly I do I do not know why did you need a priest back way back when.
That was told this by goes are turning out we did the skeptics vs believers panel and i had a trip don't you apologised i have had a researcher,
I had a Ghost Hunter and I was like you know.

[24:47] I'm not trying to say that we haven't we haven't been controversial enough let's go ahead and bring it to religion.
That kind of covers every part of this is a little bit different.

[25:05] So to what other what other panels do you have going this year,
I have one called the military mind examines for the you have to be f2b or have been in the military right good military science fiction,
what has been your thoughts so far on that I'm just curious.
You have to but it really helps.
Add something to it if you have an idea,
the writers I know who write that who have been in the military are currently in the military seem to have,
of how the military working they created.

[26:00] It was a jane austen who is one of the first people ever sending a you write what you know what lies like jane austen you know showing rights but this isn't this,
and win for being literary criticize and shoes like in a mining line,
i always have to do that but for some.
So yeah that's a great idea love it.
What you doing Monday morning.

[26:37] Comfort Bree,
I don't know Monday morning might not be the best time for cheese the Dragon Con.
We're just guessing the books we always go back to or books that actually demand that you read them more than once I'm just curious what is your comfort book.
My comfort book me some kinda comfort i'm looking for a guy that's.
That is my yo what other there that's kinda my energy so yeah let's say you know what it's been a crazy couple weeks at work.
You just need to lose yourself in a book and distress Stranger in a Strange Land.

[27:37] Excellent excellent idea i think i'm sitting with my it depends on the season,
yeah because if it's summer and I just need to lose myself in a book it's either going to be and Icees are Polar Opposites,
just depends on how stressed I am or what the kind of stress is so either going to be To Kill a Mockingbird or Stephen King's The Stand if it's the summer time cuz I can't read this and when it's not hot.
Winter it's winter is probably fine projects yeah.

[28:08] And John I'm sorry William William how about you what's your country
thanks for always river drinks will we see you were going soon i have something in common i too will listen to stranger in a strange land when i won the stress.

[28:33] Iron Maiden,
the fans like audio books not what we are meeting about the middle of it not metal so interesting that he is totally being a bad bad person,

[29:10] My son is on his in a guest room with the standard base light has more than me would be better for,
i'm worth in your father i mean i read always looking for the newly all the time when really he's with me he's not looking.
You know what i'm always sumo is reading a difference inc.

[29:34] Oops fully call your but out now and then again when on my son is reading don't get,
is rereading the Harry Potter stuff he just was like and he's trying to get into reading the full Gunslinger.
Only it took like three months to get through the first novel cuz you like.
Mom I want to hear any more of those damn desert through the desert to get to the good stuff,
no no suit that's a good point Elsa point that the,
what attracts are are split actually to right so there's a fantasy there's a fantasy now,
aunt in the science fiction tracking you you focus just strictly on the science fiction aspect the,
parents in prison serving basically.
Are there any charcoal Arkansas I mean.

[30:52] Fuck fuck fuck.

[31:03] Then I forgot him so who's that I remember them,
you you you remember somebody in high school that you went you know you played basketball with his name Jacqueline,
I'm sorry Sue ignored okay Jack Williamson is most famous book is probably darker than you think.

[31:27] Which is pretty much supernatural horror story not really science fiction,
is considered one of the.
Six hundred and that's really cool like that um your people and and you probably have services give it tells your bike favorite stories to maintain your panels,
and was doing everything and all the sudden went I didn't even know about this author and then they are they come back a year later and they said you turned me on to this author and now I've read everything and,
oh my God I didn't realize how much I missed her what do you like what's your favorite story about that that you set somebody up on a great road to reading.

[32:13] That's right author because I don't really have a story like that you don't really need it unless you're.
A friend of mine who's done some and panels for me as well just came to DragonCon when he was 16 and this was years ago.

[32:31] Was really kind of wow how about all these writers and so forth so he came over here after that,
I haven't seen him for a while but I assume he's still coming,
still coming but now you branch out right now and will we live in dead series guys you of that and they all think we're not.
Where do we need when you find the stuff cuz you know what get me,
first ones free their raster got outpost yeah yeah my yeah yeah sorry here in books your in the,
use bug spray waited or do you write what's in row.
I'm just a book for sure I am too and I got to say,
first one's free small Library,
but it is kind of is wonderful to see somebody who does that I love,
my son when he was little and John Tully William did this or maybe not somebody gave my son two boxes of old old comics,
they're not like great hugs your seventies and eighties i hate you call me an herbal holding all at once right.

[33:59] And they're not great guys are hot you don't like vintage or it but he went through them.

[34:05] And he couldn't three he got a money like i and you couldn't yet get all the words right so he actually look at the pictures and make up stories.
And then he said what was great is because he done that when he read Harry Potter he saw things very much in his head as he was reading,
i think that's really kind of amazing if you can start early of course age program but getting started early is always great i love that yeah you hella funny people who always and when,
you know I was never a big reader I would really didn't like it but now all the sudden I love it because I got turned on to whatever it was.
When when you really really good book you can a senior henley study which makes.
That worries me speak sometimes makes the movies they make my ass now so good because it stop when i click.
Yeah that was a big things well the Gunslinger had other issues but I will also say that that was one that.

[35:13] Park it in first or like that's not rolling when it moves in and out at the moment eight hundred selma.

[35:22] About what he's done thing about what you wanna see enrolled to sell the is perfectly absolutely,
freaking outstanding cuz I love Idris Elba I mean you say like in ourselves in this movie and like I'm there let's go I'm waiting on him to become a damn Marvel Superhero hurry the hell up,
he was he was him though.

[35:43] Next time there's a big as big stink about.
I'm so sorry that is the all over again james bond movies with my head if that,
does I hate those damn things,
tell them i'm on it and their each and everyone opening weekend with my husband said to john jogging lol you're was good i was gonna ask sue so where can people find you and dragon con
what they can find me in the hyatt hotel in embassy eight mp you and me international tower,
okay so folks John can't tell you where this is so if you're on the lobby level of the Hyatt that is where you are checking in at the Hyatt okay,
before you go anywhere else that's like the base level right off Peachtree Street behind somewhere in the middle,
do not confuse you go by through the door doesn't close doors either the revolving door open it up when they have guises everything up gas costumes.
And you turn to your right.

[37:02] Go down the school hallway there's another set elevators there escalators to go down and up and everything else.
Go down those and keep going until you find her in there.
That is correct and do not ask him for directions if you see him because you will end up in the freaking Ritz-Carlton going I did not ask for high tea how did John get me here.

[37:31] You know.
I have a running he doesn't understand is every year of the tracker on an apple laptop so i can finally there's drama picture was bedroom with no,
I like your he lost again he's trying to find the con sweet he's in the Hyatt he's on for 12.

[37:52] Oh you know the two that are sold for two to.
For two don't help to my because we got no it's not i've been there it's not there.
There is nothing on there is nothing unfortu I don't know what you're talking about you guys you guys feel like you guys been gaslighting me all these years,
here's the issue if i do not get john cookies and hoc in my track room he might never five feet of any doesn't have to pay for,
I'm convinced now I'm convinced this is just all a big prank on me.
So what book are you reading right now and what book would you tell everybody if they like.
Hard science science fiction to read my reading right now Monster High.
And then he loves to reset my mercury is monster hunting universe and learn korean so i am john window and the people be my no,
oh John Ringo no.

[39:10] Read the expanse books I mean.
Thank you see because i think the show is dynamite but i got hooked on the book yeah and they are dynamite plus they are so good or great page jewelry camper down there wonder.
Is right and the science is right in the,
so one day and i'm not pulling the books for anybody there is a this is been years and years and years and we have people who are secret meeting her on on the planet has been on times there the first one jupiter.

[39:50] Who are basically they've they've set up on a moon and the children who have been born because they're not born in like Earth's gravity.
Their bones are very different and they grow differently so they grow like really spindly and all of this okay you're talking about the asteroid,
miners miners yes thank you,
the belt is right there so they grow so it's the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter,
and what's great about it is it literally science why's that make sense.
The next generation of children gonna look like a wally guys look at those captain than wally nice and part of it in the bell jersey it's different because there are,
are actually working and so they've grown in this way that way or whatever,
who is John we just had to go there is there other any other panels you want that you want to highlight before we move on to our game tonight,
car games.

[41:16] Appropriate,
and she's going to say.
I love her but she does look like as it does everybody whisper at your panels,
no you're the Rockets panel and they were arguing about something,
throw the first punch I was really worried that we're very passionate yes.

[42:01] Well dude when you love something you're of course passionate about it I mean I got to tell you I'm real I just reread the whole Gunslinger series because I had to remember why I loved it.
I had to remember I love to and so I went through the whole thing and I loved it and I but they talk a lot about the book insomnia by Stephen King and I don't reread that and oh my God I don't.
Guess what I'm reading right now.

[42:31] Yeah there you go insomnia right insomnia yep there's also a,
redo of the pride and prejudice hurst long as i said there was something called.
Don't forget that I think it's engaged no it's not what is it hold on a second right beside my bed.
Yeah yeah watching it is called if it is engaged.
Buy her this little,
listen felled am but its a re telling of prime produce in today there and he freaking adores his book i'm sorry,
more like three chapters can i go back and forth with a lot of books but it's awesome it's so much fun sent in.
Looking for one hundred of your life.

[43:32] So sue Weaver over the the course of the years I've I've accumulated terrible trivia games
so the one of the worst ones that we have is the Star Wars Family Feud.
Paper all can I think we're all convinced that nobody actually answered this and it was filled in by autocomplete,
with that,
so what we're going to do is William is going to ask us a question and I lost Family Feud Style,
just you will start with you sue you give your best answer for the question and lee ann and i will your best answer for the question and he'll compare to the scores on the card in will do five of these and then at the end we'll tally and c,
and fyi people who are curious and worried william has not but it under the bus yet.
So I think he's being pretty honest on me so don't worry about that.
Then many years john from me under the bus whatever answer to be its all perception has only nevermind the nights willy i'll trust you were willing user first question.
Name an achievement the Han Solo could brag about.
The new consul send running listen up for six am olli.

[45:02] Having a Wookie as a friend a shot first.
Oh that's a good one you win.
Castillero in the first were on the list.
And shot first I got how many in between there,
side there's also about that is that i'm brings rebate am mentorship the store and marrying lia,
play actually wondering about like you know sleeping with the princesses light but that sounds wrong to say on his family podcast like 50 days,
i guess he's awful family few people in lee that the next person when.

[46:05] What would be a good way to hide yourself from tusken Raiders on tattooing would be good way to hide yourself from tusken Raiders Sue.
Are yourself in the sand.

[46:19] Hold up sorry hold on my hit my hit from can am i am who i am.
Oh wait that's way to hide yourself.

[46:37] In the Rocks she says in the Rocks they play dead.

[46:47] Are any of those on the list.
Iot to put is the most effective out of all those Don't You Are,
Ensign was first 427 flight and what was rocks,
okay thank.
Hiding or hiding with a Jedi okay in the city.
That happen legally what's an hour or disguise.

[47:36] Number three i help pope john yeah.
So give me just a second okay okay how did you know that I said yes.

[47:53] Do you know where i was using my dog is licking,
I'm meeting the right one.
Three more years ago when.

[48:16] Which Star Wars character would look great in high heels Princess Leia which Star Wars character.
Lando oh damn he could Roxanne.
Yeah I'm writing down the timestamp other than okay.
Luke C3PO.
Pretty awesome though he is no rooms no goes on the smell of them were on the list okay was admiral akbar on the list know if there's
almost was Chewbacca Ahsoka Tano.
Rey and Padme Amidala okay so alright that question is is.

[49:26] Thank.
Yeah Don traditional traditional high heel wearing this was $5 too I think.
Dire Wolf weight,
I don't think I remember picking it up being excited thinking that for sure we could play this as a family we are all just like this is just not unplayable.

[50:12] Which Star Wars character would you hate to share an elevator with.
Sue I hate to share an elevator with.
That's a good one what was the question which which Star Wars character would you least like to be stuck in the elevator with a Dragon Con,
and what did she say Jabba the Hutt Chewbacca that's a big big person.
I'll go with those are two really good ones.

[50:59] Although I totally believe Chewbacca uses the conditioner that probably smells like wonderful wonderful fruit and.
There is an awesome oh go with darth vader assuming that.
For some reason that the auto fill put indicator because it said star wars yes going to get,
dude you got a 50-50 chance go for it John Hart and Darth Vader or on the list,
37.7 OK and dark High Point,
what else is on that list Darth Maul C-3PO ever Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks
yard yard that would go that with you alright last question with a question is
shows character but mostly love cats but stop wrist triplets what,
the animal the musical The Musical,
some other reason so.

[52:16] I'm going to say Chewbacca.
Emits your i hate birdman who loves them to death you know i'm i'm gonna go with that the things um ago java hut.
Java okay I will go with Jar Jar Binks.
And I.
Raleigh Five Points,
what about you and who else is on the list,
i do theater presumably for counterfeit as,
kylo Ren kylo Ren really feel Yoda and Princess Leia.
On my way I'm sorry I got it,
Baltimore round yeah it's one tuxedo that showed up and is like making fun of him all the time what come on people.

[53:32] John I swear you paid 5 bucks for this.
Well I will tell me the scores,
assume that everyone know where they can find you a dragon con.
Super Active yoga.
Who is super jet don't leak with the,
to let everyone know where they can find you a DragonCon once again.
I will be there most of the time.
He will welcome the grid in my photo op with catherine tate however you did you for one dance congratulations are in.

[54:25] She is one of my you know my problem is I have light 1.11.1 11.12.
Delete my favorite 3 companions I can't like put them in like they're not number one they are number one depending on what episode of watching lights and so yeah.

[54:44] That i love her at done with like the first in hand am among my freaking any with amy and donna with the clothes back and what you.
Well my first companion resurgence oh really she was all off from an because tom baker was my first doctor name but.
And I really didn't like Donna and Runaway Bride,
no I didn't either but I like her letter yet much better.
Please love me please love me so my first companion was angry because I said I've never gotten the show before but I never got it,
then it was like way.
And my son was watching the Tennant doctor which I guess is now 10-count doesn't really work anymore with the War Doctor but whatever,
and a light weight you don't like i like her i like her a lot and i just wanna tell that,
name the rate at which the ruffles the other guys profit moffat dear moffat what you did gaga you will burn in hell.
Yes you will burn.

[56:13] Yes yes I'm a couple of days later that time I'm sorry but you are.
Turn on the lights.

[56:26] How are you.
Unless they're back.
And we was in last place of five points for that thing was was john fourteen points out.
And the temple is 158 poems was sick.
Soon soon is there a report in overnight rate all got.

[57:07] Mom and i got a list of things if we enter scores together some of the front of.

[57:16] Read new mail r eight so so.
Thank you once again for joining us we appreciate it and until next time for William Lee and Sue this is John saying peace.

[57:35] I have not forgotten.

[57:36] Music.

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[58:08] Music.