50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 39 - James And Karen Of The Military

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] All the trigger but there is not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] No spark fifty days of dragon con on the podcast goes,
and joining me today is rocks rocks how you doing saps at zap only had eczema
we had some family stuff you to take care of today so rocks has graciously just just decided was forced into the,
oh hell that laser,
it's early on a Saturday well
i don't know depends i guess it was that shout was tens are and d the starter dragging if you yell starting programming in the mornings all thank you for cutting your and.

[1:30] You're you're in show that's that's very nice
it's too early to keep going really to be honest with you,
you have people asleep in your house don't you will that is true that is true as well yes I have two teenage kids who are still asleep at this point.
William may join us at some point if he does he'll be running game at the end of the episode if it's not then i'm running game and be upset.
So hey do we have guests today moving and trying to get fancy joining us today and.
From the military side of a track i'm pretty sure i got the correct is james in karen how you guys doing.

[2:21] Hello we're doing great how do I get to check name correct,
more on the television and film side of things rather than the books cuz we're not trying to steal from six,
i got you sue we just spoke to last night actually yeah.
Of DragonCon it's not the newest one but it is relatively new with sort of well.
It was born out of another track but tell us a little about what the military sci-fi track does sci-fi media tractors.
Where are your now we did come out of the stargate track previously and it is or is it we cover.
We also have versions of Battlestar Galactica Caprica.
Spin-offs Andromeda.
Got far scape and firefly serenity start rogers starship troopers space of the ones.
New this year and orville and personal space which was the last project the richard hatch work on.

[3:44] Personal space I haven't heard of a heard of that one.
Model on amazon actually is if you have amazon prime you should be able to see the time it seems and.
Create a short little thing it's only about three episodes and many or is six minutes long and she wants the whole thing and now we're here.
Oh wow that's cool now so you guys just cover she said,
me and and movies,
and do you have any guests from those said TVs or movies this year.

[4:28] Armoire
headline grabbing guess you the next time i did just recently and yeah torres is gonna be joining us and working is there pain is a joy on our flight
as well as many other things that she's done sensitive course that's what we want.
I want to see her in suits but I want to talk to her.

[4:57] We also have you heard of course was buck rogers in writers.
Yeah we have several different people actually from the cast of Stargate Universe it's nice to see some of them back on Jennifer Spence Patrick Gilmore Peter Glamis but also we have Lou Diamond Phillips as well,
cool can you have him for a long my right.
Yes when we when he was on mac yet but we also have the stackhouse for long meyers well right that's these are the reason why you get those people.
I know you don't have to do this year anything that you're on that raises your profile helps us get you for driving cost.

[5:47] We also have some other folks who are associated with different series and I'm sure you'll mention it like William B Davis of course is most famously associated with,
Stargate SG-1 isn't where I prior.

[6:03] Oh yes or the cigarette smoking man and he is the most other shao they actually with news on he was on a other show you use one of them and.
I just heard of it.
And I said Mitch played as well who was on Stargate but of course they others.
Additionally even though it's kind of a separate situation jungle and see if there was a course translate how citizens in start.
Miss you and nothing else nothing else but not a.
But I we also ended up with two really really awesome people from Babylon 5 I'm going to leave with Mira Furlan and.
Hey she's your mostly for life probably but still she hours we have.
And i'm also water and of course he only did that one five faster.

[7:11] And since it's an anniversary year for Babylon 5 we are very happy to have both of them
the 25th anniversary 25th it's 25 why I disagree with you that's not possible because it wasn't that was on,
television when I was a teenager while 18 so it's not possible it's been 25 years.
Oh my God cuz I'm well I'm I'm 50 wow.
And you know we just ignore that whole time they just celebrate the anniversary not yours that,
i think you're actors with your gas from like that yes you on this it might work if i and g as we will be joining us of course,
Farscape but she's also good talk about some of her other really cool project she's got going right now and we have a lot of really neat industry type Oaks to so we just have a really good mix of people who are,
answer questions and interact with fans and we're really excited about it.

[8:23] That's extremely cool so you guys famously are are are really really involved with the um with the charity auctions and in raising money for the charity which
this year is literacy an action correct,
like me some money i don't know but none that i will this the sooner that literacy interaction is the active.
Very true so what do guys we got that going on for charity this year will ask jerry.
So we do cherry activities grimaced every day of the convention that weekend.
Friday our journey hurts are currently can stop signal dance the firefly in dance.
And on saturday we have a tourney games crafts lights were to trivia.
And Sunday I'm returning again is the Adonis Davis Memorial Cherry Auction.
We've been told RMC this year will be either calamus from Stargate Universe.
Also the voice of Goku but we don't talk about other shows.

[9:49] But it's going to be really neat we always love a chance to try to give back to the con because it's sort of goes to what we do as volunteers were about service and,
this is an alternate way to have fun and also is,
give me some service at the same time last year dance we were able to raise about $2,300 we raised about another 300 or so at our trivia night,
and then we took an I think it was about 7,600 at a charity auction so all-in-all,
con and anything that the con gets they will match up to $100,000 math though we really want to help push that limit and see how much we can get driving condescend this year,
yeah because you were recording miss you last and of course this this came up because literacy is you know,
so she's in charge of the forget now it's the Syfy sci-fi literature,
track that did the lucy action cherry only has twenty eight.

[11:06] But you call employees right so giving them the if word,
top it out 200,000 which we probably should be able to beat that I would imagine that's a lot of money for them that allows them to move,
move around other phones too so it's a be in influx for a small organization like that and because it's in atlanta it's it's also helping local so that's that's great.

[11:36] It's always something that we wanna help you are in my understanding is also going to be collecting books and things like that at the con.
That's great by the way the Rocks do you have any books that you're going to bring with you to donate to.
Do the charity I put you on the spot now.
You did I don't read so I have nothing in my house
i could or can i should mom pretty sure i do travel with the bikes so now i have to be conscientious of how much space but yes i could do that
Word when we're drunk who will there be like on a boxes drop books and how does that work when i'm.
Know all of the details is it on but i do know that there is a dedicated charity area.
That place that they have actually reserved for charity to do their operations in the Marriott.
And my understanding is that would be the place where you would at least be able to you know drop things and talk to them I don't know exactly they're going to have other collection points but the good thing you find out,
okay great I will. I will make sure I bring a few few books.

[13:05] Now I know that there's an event that that rocks is really excited to go to on Thursday night that you guys going to be doing this year you want to let people know,
rocks will be there she has her she she,
okay so one of the things that
we always want to try to do in military sci-fi media is even as we deal with deadly serious things occasionally we would have a little fun with it
and this year we decided to dip our toes into the crazy world that is Thursday night programming at DragonCon out of new and so being that we don't really need it very well we've kind of plugged in,
and me are going to how are those three psi phi media me great which is a one the mixer.

[14:00] So explain a onesie,
do not know okay so.
Where can i find the best job were the kind they had heat,
and that you can run around then and maybe they have little ears on them or something you know they were comfortable as all get-out,
well those made a comeback for adults and so you can pretty much get a one c representing in each
whole fan the whatever you got and in fact we have you have it on our back pocket for this that.
We went and invested in some Star Trek onesies and we kind of decided that if we're going to do a party,
we want to have something fun but it's not a party party,
but it's just people hanging out then why don't we make it a pajama party where people can relax have a good time that with each other get to know each other.
Okay if you don't have a one so you can absolutely still come it's onesie costume whatever you got.
Could they symbol over there from the from the bunny Hutch over 2 years.
Really actually 7 to 9:30.

[15:26] It would be the one i buy after i hang up here,
can people show up in and whatever they sleeping which might be nothing no that's probably bad idea right
it don't answer you it would be really cool to see mashups of,
You know you got tactical gear on top of your onesie and stuff she's got to be prepared.

[15:58] It's not easy to and stop to it i'm just saying mom have yeah.
Are you warm the big warm,
one z air condition tractor okay that's good to know that is good sonos you'll you be a draw out of the jar okay so quick question though so since it's in me in greek what is the age,
is it and all you need a and you need to show your over
just counts as an actual event,
derby on a actual handle so you do rd have your bad light but love people who get there is a very bad is not looking for stuff to do it is not.
Anything where we we certainly aren't serving anything you know adult that's what I'm asking yeah that's.

[16:57] To be an adult event mature and then you have to do things after 10,
there is a night we got units happy right okay,
yes it's the big kickoff but it's also kind of our welcome to the party for the Orville really because we are just now adding that show Tour lineup and one says Orville more than a onesie party,
this is true oh my gosh you know i am a machine to say that i havent done all the way through the first season of orville yet it is on my list of things to do,
um but from what i've seen thus far of it which is a think four episodes and it sits
the good its not what fox was advertising originally but it's it's really good and really really am a if you will a nice.

[17:49] Ternative while being faithful to Star Trek type thing so.
Oh i'm glad to hear that someone is actually someone's actually covered this year so its tail of another ship.
Somehow I always get the job done ship,
so what kind of panels are you going to have for Orville or you going to have anything dedicated to it or no.

[18:22] We don't have as much dedicated to it other than the mixer which will have a definite theme oriented to the Orville and there will be a little party games and stuff like that for
people to come and get to know the show and some of the other shows that we do cuz we have 11 properties now and not everybody are so
but we do have several things that hinge around Orville ideas like
social media and the impact on Military sci-fi media panel.
Where we're actually going to do something based on the Orville episode majority rules we're pretty much they determine your fate in that particular society by an up-or-down vote
thank you for that controls your life
which is frightening and unfortunately in some cases that might we're not that far off at this point what I'm trying to say but
that we're going to bring up in our ethics panel on Monday that have to do with the issues are raised me Oroville,
so the am will be in hopping stuff around we also have a which do you shit handle,
where people come to choose their favorite spaceships talk about the different versions of them and which ones would actually even work and course the Orville,
teacher in that discussion as well.

[19:50] Frankie things in many cases general out that everybody can come and participate even if they are a passage of air that one show.

[20:00] What are the other specific up panels do you have for,
other properties you have anyone's there or specifically.
Compare to your other but eleventh did you say number is you have
the that have have a considerable and also you know like you of firefly write something it's gonna considerable following so you have to have a panel for that right,
well to be fair we now have a dance
yes i have and we also have as we used to handles this gonna be all that unit where is you can vent to an hour which will be,
and we do have it weaving throughout various other discussions that we're going to be dealing with two through this some of the dedicated panels other specifically one fandom
we have our Battlestar Galactica anniversary type panel be fracking 40th and 15th anniversary panel.
Oh god the god of the gods of fifteen because i thought for second with a minute the new vs using four years old is it that some possible okay and want to know the fact is that it's fifteen as well as also disturbing to me.

[21:22] Well anyway yes yes it is but that's going to be kind of fun cuz we'll get to talk about the Retro as bags as well as the.
When you go back 15 years and we also are going to have a dedicated panel for Babylon 5.
That's going to be a fan panel and that one is on Friday at 7.
And we're hoping to have some interesting stuff and not once you like possibly even maybe one of the old school battle on i music videos.
So we're going to see how that works out.
Don't cool we have media panels as well where we'll actually have guest panels for anniversary panel proper as well but these are some of the.

[22:14] Now you mentioned in there that you have a dance when it when is the dancing and tell us a little bit about that.
The dance is on Friday and it is going to be.
A whole bunch of firefly fun and even if you aren't necessarily into Firefly I don't understand but even if you are
I'll come on down and dance with us because we're going to be having a good time we're also going to be raising money for literacy action it's going to be at 10
in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom.
And it will run until 2 in the morning until everybody gets really really tired course it's Friday so they may not get that tired.
It's kick off kick,
absolutely so it's it's going to be a good time and one of the things that we try to do is incorporate a few other things in there so we're going to try to have some,
photobooth action or something along those lines so that we can just have a lot of fun because there's no time like a shiny Firefly Pat and you have to keep it fun.

[23:21] I know you mentioned the beginning that you got some bunch of gesek that came in last minute what and I and I heard you and you guys and rock stalking little bit what what what kind of.
It's great that you get these gases are you know occur grey problems have a what kind of impact as a that do cuz i want to point out that all these times and dates.
That we mentioned are always subject to change at the last minute but what kind of impact does director.
Does it have on your schedule and when when you know you get a bunch of gas all the sudden show up,
let's meet again it's not this is not a criticism of anybody because you know you wanna have these guests but you get your your scheduling for directors yet you turn them in
none of these couple of months ago I think was your was your deadline for your initial schedule but then you know,
two weeks 3 weeks out a new gasket and that's what is that due to your to your scheduling.

[24:17] Yeah we do come up with a full schedule for the whole weekend for our track room and our big events that we put on like the dance and the charity auction.
And as they at yes hands get it,
sometimes when the double h and r track room and with a medial and all room are you in trouble goes in some cases like where at last year places this year.
So there's a lot of juggling I'll figure out where your volunteers for the track need to be who's going to be running Mike's in different ballrooms who's going to be in the room doing fan panels,
so there is some shuffling that happens.

[24:59] It's just a bunch of schedule balancing and you have to look through and make sure that nothing that's happening in the big room is going to conflict with kind of the same fandom
so much in your own room possible so then boson jointly because you don't wanna put say
be st anniversary media pal up against the be st anniversary panel for and runs but not.
So sometimes we have to go through and requested moved to a different section and occasionally Pamela's can't make it to things and if they are crucial enough to the panel then sometimes we have to,
no ask for some adjustments there too and come up with some interesting descriptions when things change but,
how are the job you gotta get everything organized before hands you can have as much fun as possible during the actual back.

[25:51] And really I mention it's for for another reason to because it's it's about that time where,
folks of start asking when the schedule going to be at when the schedules going to be out and it's just important to note that that things are so always so influx it's why I know some directors do put out,
it's personal it's a preference of that director or personal the option of the director I'll put out an initial schedule the few about a month before and usually but the reality is is that because things are changing constantly,
and you know putting the the information you give today could be incorrect it almost you know an hour later so that's when somehow.

[26:38] So so that's why you know that's that's a lot of the reason why if folks out there looking for schedules that they don't come out right away that they don't come out you know as soon as,
is the directors have gotten their initial schedules and to,
into the senior directors because of that because things are so influx all the way up until dragon con that,
but that happens in in volunteer work volunteer,
job but no one's getting paid so
or anything but it's but you know that so just just be patient folks
keep an eye on the app the Apple update at some point and then even that information will be incorrect at some point so.

[27:32] That's as one i wanna coexist a great job all the directors to great job of of your dealing and rolling with the punches in in and out really punches are the kind of pat on the back right we given to guests but you still have to make your changes.

[27:47] Yeah there's no students happy it to make it work,
there you go that's great that's a great perspective not one that I have because I don't work that way if we mention of Charity game tonight
we did little bit in brief but to kind of touch on that a bit more that one is actually one of our,
do kid friendly Mart items because you'll find that when you look at the office there is actually going to be a note as to whether or not something is a mature audience general or kid-friendly but we have that set on
this is actually can for saturday at eight thirty in our tractor and spin ago or about to have our state,
we try to have a mix of activities we have card games board games activity station you can color you can do art projects you can be an adult child we don't care as long as you're having fun,
and we have some donation items at that point so that we can raise some money for charity,
but we also have another thing that happens at 10 and that's the military sci-fi Team Trivia contest,
people get together sometime people never make it before they just form a team and there's a suggested donation using twenty dollars but a opportunity
and that's part of what we do to raise money while we have a good time.

[29:11] Cool that's very cool up and with the charity auction we mentioned that the room is changed this year.
Is correct for pretty much the past 6 years we've been in Hanover CDE for the charity auction now it's still the usual time it's the Don S Davis Memorial Charity Auction,
and it's on Sunday at 4 in Hyatt's but now it's going to be in Regency 5 so that's where you can find us then,
and we have our celebrity in see a king in this year will be peter calamitous from stargate universe who is also with group as we,
have talked about and he is really great at keeping things moving and we're really excited about the opportunity to raise some more money for a literacy action,
how much are how much money did you raise last year that the auction do you know.

[30:05] Last year it was and never heard about seven thousand six hundred and not sure the exact number is this there's taxes things here and there but it was around knots and we the amount of chicken dance.
Which was about 2,300 and about three hundred at the game tonight.
Donating roughly 2000 a little bit over that that's what we want to go
direct number somewhere kiss it was national drying honest early to one hundred thousand dollar match turned twenty thousand dollars going,
Special Olympics Georgia last year.
That is that is fantastic that's great yeah.

[31:01] Well renowned ever you in for your main track room.
Our room is actually the same one as last year so you business there where they're going to be there again it is,
the westin chess staying the n e and were actually really easy to find,
all you have to do is approaches from Peachtree Street walk up the big stuff outside through the sliding door and we're the first track room on the right so do you have to go around the table or no.
Oh that's somewhat yeah but I actually don't think they put a ribbon across don't they for in and out now.

[31:42] Sometimes do that can,
yeah you don't have to cross the road because we're on the right so so so no no,
that might be an issue so why would you leave we have all the best programming we are at Dragon Con attendees are a diverse group.
They like they also like to eat,
so so do you ask the same question so since you're horribly going to be horribly busy which you will love,
what what gas would you love to see if you have the time.

[32:31] Yeah that's a hard one.

[32:36] I honestly don't know Jason Isaacs would be nice quite a few others but mostly I kind of just.
Ima is lovely the how but i'll never it's his.

[32:54] And import I mean just saying that right so again I'd like to 2.6 I but I haven't really drove the point home this year but the directors.
You know put a lot of work in in in in honestly it's a lot of sacrifice if you're taking a photographer my DragonCon perspective,
you give up seeing a lot of the things that maybe you might wanna see that aren't are involved in your track and you love your tracks but it is it is as you said a calling a a a.
Oh Alaba passion that you're you're doing this and you doing this for the benefit of of yuno 70000 + of your closest friends.

[33:34] Appreciate it yeah james you have anybody that maybe you might want to see if you didn't,
have to be in the track room 24/7 wham 24 v for whatever,
convenient cuz I'm a big Star Trek fan and having a check out there is pretty awesome.
Be able to see mirror from Babylon 5 Gigi Edgley She's Always a blast we've been happy to have for the last several years are track from Farscape so.
The people that i want to see are actually in the track this year i'm very excited units are as and how about.

[34:24] That isn't that was a pretty good yet so alright so before we let you go.
We have to play a game it's it's a forced upon us at part of our rules it's it's by by Forest I mean much like it much like a drink on director I'm making it up as I go along.
So well I am I am aren't trying to get everything laid out what it well in advance which is always.
Not the case so over the years I've gathered crappy trivia games,
and they're only useful for the lousy questions that they ask,
and so today we're going to play some questions out of the,
best of tv and movies so i'm gonna give you two options and we're gonna go around where him go to to play three cards each and at the end will tally how many correct answers you got out of each so well sir,
we'll start with a Karen then go to James and then go to rocks and you'll you'll think basically just.
Just so you know I never win so your guys are good so it's going to be a battle royale between the two of you.

[35:52] Karen is alien or sword play WoW.

[36:02] That's hard actually.

[36:07] I'll tell you I'll tell you this the questions typically are not that difficult,
going for what you'd like to talk about what's in what film does Forest Whitaker play a samurai Mafia Hitman,
Excellence difficult if you've never seen the film.
Okay that would be when i don't know rocks you wanna answered not yoga point for but you won't go stop yeah goes to the way of the samurai tom cruise containing on tom cruise,
is nearly the last man standing in this Japanese swashbuckler.

[36:54] The Last Samurai that is correct in which 2001 Oscar winner,
2001 Oscar winner did sword fights take place in midair.

[37:08] Who OK Google.

[37:17] Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon that is correct this influential 1954 Japanese classic was remade in America as The Magnificent Seven.

[37:30] Okay that has to be Seven Samurai that is correct it's James your questions your options are either alien or iRobot.

[37:43] And I Robot meaning the film I Robot just for the record let's go for aliens.
From Alien let's see Believe It or Not Sigourney Weaver place.

[37:56] Of all i'm not sure what who works but anyway i believe it or not security weaver plays the heroin with this last name oh.
Took me a min to reply yes i thought they were i thought they were i stopped reading a believer not so horny we replace the hare when that but what was why's that unbelievable but no ripley these are the blues,
sternum memorable scene in the movie where are a alien or alien babies born.

[38:28] Is ash out your chest is there a person you can so inside humans in or other living creature what kind of head is ripley's jones he.

[38:42] What kind of pet correct what's different about a company spy a spoiler alert who clashes with Rippling.

[38:54] What's different company spy Ash who clashes with Ripley.

[39:01] Android Android that's correct for points alright rocks your choices are Star Wars or I Robot.
Meaning of star wars the kisses in may and i barely hear from him cry room re ago now what he wants nobody wants this,
okay well who plays police detective Del Spooner investigating a robotic scientist Spooner anchors are robot he's questioning by comparing him to one of these appliances.
There's actually two choices toasters correct or vacuum cleaner.
He is loosely based on a short story collection from the site from what science fiction master.
Isaac asimov because i'm a reader but i know that's clutch tho bow openly hostile to robot spooner has something in common with them what is it.
He has a prost he's gotta robotic arm that is correct four points for rocks carriage back to karen,
Star Wars or The Hunt for Red October gave it to you.
That's actually hard.

[40:30] How long does it take.
And because it's on your track your resisting star wars know why there were is trying to expose all my in.
Seven hundred fifty three in it but oh i think i think you'll be okay with these questions are which shirt to was played by british actor kenny baker who stands at three feet eight inches.

[41:01] My crazy she is so unhappy someone very sure.
Carter what it was like a rolling trash can need from the er is your niece that is correct again
dollars i pay for this entire game of like three thousand questions i owe which i think you got ripped which word is dutch for father.
Also a name of the used for character in star wars while i'm whinney bader main and that's correct so bad that is it,
the sounds for what,
what were recorded by moving a microphone next to a TV set.
The sounds for what we recorded by moving a microphone next to a TV set lightsaber that's correct what is Darth Vader's original name.

[42:01] Who.

[42:03] You for got a.

[42:15] Okay that's correct so four points for points to Karen there so back to James The Hunt for Red October or Governors and mayors.
Oh my.
What is the overall traumatize him for in october okay it's in the historic turnover i'm gonna lose now in the home for late october who were what is red october.
The Red October is a submarine that is correct what is the name of the CIA CIA analyst who discovers Russian Captain Ray Ramos Ramos.

[42:56] Who's the CIA agent that appears in the series.

[43:02] Harrison Ford.

[43:16] Chicago Bears first name last name Jack Ryan is correct what does the caterpillar Drive why does a caterpillar Drive make the Red October unique and dangerous.
Because basically it's a stealth system what does Captain Grimm.
Nice rain yes thank you i have not required say sourly russian at all that is why is it only use,
bully snoddy skydivers this means what does that do to say has malfunction when he orders his crew to abandon ship.
The nuclear reactor that is correct.
Cuz it's a nuclear vessel rocks Governor's or Top Gun.

[44:17] There's a bomb i don't like mayors will governors governors and mayors or top gun.

[44:27] Man I hated Top Gun I don't I don't know anybody except that goose guy that got killed that's all sorry I'm going to go with Governors and Mayors just to get rid of it and give give these other two people a fine.
Advancement in winning your game What actors stint as a 38th governor of California terminated
in 2011 who was the 33rd governor of California in,
start alongside a monkey in bed time for bond so,
being Ronald Reagan who is the mayor of Carmel and also starting to successful movies orangutan yes which talk show host was the 56 Mayor of Cincinnati.

[45:20] Talk show hosts yes nachos seasoned snack bill boggs and hold since the.
City nobody goes to so yes show that i would never watch soaps.

[45:40] Bill Holderman I don't know Jerry Jerry Springer Jerry Springer.
Alright last round round.
Top Gun or Prometheus.
Wow am is not talking about be taken from have to get fuck up and the red.
Which cocky which Rocky character for claims I feel the need the Need for Speed.
That's a blessing that would be Maverick yes but my spot on the personation right that's what gave it away,
what was the masculine nickname for Charlotte Blackwood Mavericks female flight instructor.

[46:43] Okay I don't know that's a masculine nickname but okay what was the masculine nickname for Charlotte Blackwood Mavericks female flight instructor.

[46:56] If not how far brother.

[47:01] I'm going to have to go with Charlie yes that's right I don't know how I did not know having come to terms with his friends death whose dog tags does Maverick toss into the ocean.
You know what you think about it probably happens in.
I think it was weird missing this at the end but the way well interestingly throwing the women and at the end of the film when maverick is offered any assignment he once what does he choose.

[47:36] To be an instructor that is correct for points alright you can take you can take a breather,
James whatever you don't fit goes to rocks so Prometheus or Touched by an Angel.
Song with Prometheus on this way.
Okay into in the 2012 science fiction hit hit very liberally there what is Prometheus.

[48:19] Prometheus is the s*** that is correct what oscar-winning blond.
Sent to supervise the expedition into deep space.

[48:32] Who played the person who is who is going with them into the space.
Charlize Theron that is correct according to the director Prometheus takes place in the same universe as what earlier Ridley Scott film series.
Talk about.

[48:50] That is correct who plays david the android who develops a human like ego insecurities jealousy and envy.

[49:04] Why do vascular that is correct.
Well you you ran the board there James alright the last category is Touched by an Angel this goes to your rocks what what actress what actress join the series as a new angel in season 8.
Which by the way includes his granddaughter the seasons yeah i'm like that is,
because the only ones anyone know is that Downy chick that Irish girl and tell her he's neither of them so,
oh no watching season eight of saying sorry worse or sign well but you know that all mashes together.
Belly nigga valerie bird nelly seditious come up a bigger might help to that was oh hell which cast member sings the touched by an angel things on,
what bird flies through the show's intro.
I know what bird i'd like to fly to the ph up when i get of i need to be more specific.

[50:24] No way I'll wait really what is the.
What is the game of the touched by an angel series spin off.

[50:36] This is a this is a family show.
I will have made all the queensland michael laying now from is lee and.
Alright thank you
question smackdown guess a better viewer your out of torture it's right well i tally up the scores and caring she can you can you let people know where they can find more information about your tracks on the web and where they you can be found at dragon con with what rooms are your in.
Okay on the web you can find us on the actual DragonCon page we have our own page web page off of that under military sci-fi
you can also find us on Facebook and we have a group that page as well
military academy and i'm on and that's also our room,
there's heavy engine on and we are also on twitter on whether we're in mass now track,
or military stephanie it track.
And i actually have a quick question in the future will will lost in space be yours is that under military now.

[51:54] It is in the future it hasn't been so far because it's not see some of its a judgement call,
we kind of wanted to really get her hands on stuff like dark matter and the expanse
there's not enough of a plants in the mix military now what does it is having it that's one of those one that hasn't gone okay good to now it's getting.

[52:22] And it where can people find you a drink on you can find us in the Westin in Chastain de and,
by the way if you want to come and hang out with us for a whole bunch of really cool stuff we're going to be doing an interactive sing-along episode of Jamestown.
We're going to have like people who are doing real life Mad Libs.
Hey apps to replace words randomly and have people at the mouth and that's very mature panel that's that's awesome.

[52:58] Cool cool well in again to get to you.
To get to your track basically just come off of the Peachtree and go through the big doors that the double doors there and hang a right and immediate right right.

[53:13] Alright well thank you james and karen for joining us i appreciate you taking time out of what is inevitably with only a few weeks left ago,
a very busy time for you and you know thanks for all the work that you and your volunteers,
do you always forget to volunteer staff.
Holland here's if you're listening to this podcast thank a volunteer thank that person is standing by the door think this person in the room.
And remember they are sacrificing so their time yet they did you get the most cases they get to get a badge but they do have to put in the time and effort,
and I take away time from their their DragonCon experience to make your DragonCon experience that much better so keep that in mind.
So until next time for james karen in rocks this is john saying.

[54:22] Music.

[54:28] Has been a production in the heat.
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