50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 4 - Leigh Of The Rules

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
play your song comes to supporting,
this is heat.

[0:33] Music.

[0:50] 50 days a Dragon Con the podcast that breaks all the rules,
except for the ones that are you know,
ethically wrong which i guess would be most rules in joining me is always is the mistress of rule keeping.
I guess Lee Lee Hayden.
Really we don't need it.
I'm doing okay we have a special guest in studio today.
Kind of by proxy.
That is of course is my son William William hey how you doing.

[1:46] Simone Williams,
so weird Williamson to be here a4a especially for the end but you feel feel feel free to chime in anytime do the game but you are also going to quiz him a few things on his experiences at DragonCon
he had his first DragonCon last,
last year so we'll Leah let you ask me some questions since I've already heard everything,
actually you probably really don't want to know your dad's not in the room when you answered it,
but the main focus of tonight is actually talk about the rules of con,
we going to make me like look that up I mean,
yes there's so there's there's there's the standard rules that we talked about every year which is just basically basically just basically it's a new word,
the what do you what numbers do you use you know.

[2:51] What the fuck.
We just one shower a day for hours.
And to real meals in 4 hours of sleep 1 2 3.
Really honestly think that extra hours sleep really really really will help you if you do that.
Brian Setzer some people yeah some people call it the three two one rule or three people are people who are.
Yeah even know I would say they are probably season people.
Kind of like a butt people that they.

[3:49] Now awake very late fee like but yeah they have like damn and are not as old as we are.
So so that the basics of this is it yeah i mean it's the sleep part will with the mask liam how many hours of sleep do you think you need it if you were did you drying come without your your,
parents being there how many hours of sleep do you think you would get,
outside of con time,
William number 1 is how many how many hours of sleep do you need if you do not chug a lot of Red Bulls and caffeine drink.
And how many hours of sleep if you do,
try to not be a bad person who chose a lot of caffeine or those kind of stimulants,
don't listen to your dad don't don't do it.

[4:48] We have a question are you asking me what I would need or how much I would personally get because I am a weak person who needs a lot of sleep.
No I would say I'm a weak person who needs a lot of sleep so I would say for you,
you do dragon con twenty four seven for as many days as you pan across god help me the five day the on.
What would what you think you did.
I mean for me personally I would probably want like 8 hours of sleep but I'm not.

[5:27] Okay but I don't like last year this was your first year last year.
Was there stuff you wish you could have stayed up until wait William you are 14 yes I am 14.
Working as of now.
What do you wish you could stay up for and do at 14 that you couldn't do when both your parents were there and also you didn't have any 5-hour Energy.

[6:00] I I feel like this is a loaded question.

[6:10] I don't feel like anything that we need to stay up for particularly with entrance.
If my problem is I don't know don't know rage Newton.
I sure will i'm tuesday nine toaster rafe is all i know is that there's a lot of lights there head good boy here i trim,
if your home i wanna very heavy date music,
my inglis what i understand,
and my phone but many at the dollar for the fine showed up then my what i'm.
So when do you think is the time if you were going to tell people like I'm not joking people get 4 hours of sleep I don't care what your schedule is.
Four basic functioning.
Cuz otherwise I cannot talk coherently which is already problem like in a regular life.
What would you like what the highway and.
For somebody who has a normal sleep pattern is a regular day as we wake up around 6 a.m. we go to bed around 11 or 12 p.m.
What would you say for driving part of the prime time that need to be awake and why.

[7:40] Who blames me all confuse like i've been once visit my parents had barely a dios go i got,
yeah that's true you had Parents part of the first set of rules is well Lee's r421.
when does Fortune one for everybody but late,
and that one shower by the way that one shower is very important at least that one shower and at least those two full meals Define what a full meal is,
sejuani reading right now besides the one you're eating right now.
I'm sorry I'm so sorry guys I just got off work and I'm trying not I'm like trying to hit you when I chew.
You just knew I was eating right so what I mean by there has to be one meal a day that you sit down and eat it.

[8:52] You have to sit at the food court which is open everyday for DragonCon Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday,
yeah i'm sorry chick fillet is not open on sunday do that you have your he tries some worlds.
be there Wednesday Thursday and Friday so there's one at Peachtree Center but if you're walking between the Marriott in the Hyatt there is also one.
Towards your left as you go which is another office building that has a different shade courtship literally just found out last year.

[9:36] Well I know it was there I have I ever gone now I have literally never gone there and I used to work downtown and I don't.
It wasn't just because it's so easy because there's so much great things there,
and you got everything what I love about the Peachtree food court for vegans well.

[9:56] Can you let me know but i know were vegetarian you have with the third degree indian mediterranean place,
are you rich barely you where asian related one is sushi but they do have vegetarian sushi,
and when is japan chinese but that doing things like that,
then of course there is the great you know Chick-fil-A and Stavros Pizza or who is it.
But there's also a Moe's which is the Mexican place and you have.
And they like into the beans and you're into,
whatever they're going to have it and if you're vegan I think I have a vegan friend who eats there too because even though they kind of lightly worn.
As it were just kind of warmed up,
the choke you and other thing meaning we gotta go i'm wrong there but,
you got you know you got all these different places,
if you want to do like.

[11:22] What are the things we try to do and don't do this with your family or not.
Usually Sunday except Saturday.

[11:41] No except Sunday no I do work since before I go to the parade,
we tried you and the family get data for breakfast and their show me with.

[11:58] Even at the airport there some places are like by out of town there whatever,
there's of course Chick-fil-A that for Sunday there other places like Sbarro Pizza,
what we try to do is just somewhere we don do this
everyday we go to one of the places we'll go to the Hyatt really good breakfast buffet,
will go to me to the Marriott or somewhere else part of the reason it was so much cheaper when they were so much younger cuz they were free,
but it's really nice we all get together we talked about what we're doing today and is there any like you know crossover,
or awake I'm going to try to go to that panel where you are do you need any,
thing is I Tom can I bring it in so we tried to do that which is good,
but we didn't we try to sit down together at least one time I was think that's nice with your friends,
fuck fuck fuck fuck.

[13:12] And it's actually a decent meal from those of us that are old it's all four food groups for those of us in the millennial generation.
You are drinking something decently healthy,
not flattering or you guys that's not good for you and you're doing that and then the second meal can be whatever you want but it needs to include veggie.
The second meal could be a burrito that you are eating as you run from panel a 2 panel Bean you're going to sit in the back of the room,
like if you agree area whatever and not other people around you will tell you from a tried director perspective pot other time directors about that we don't mind ignore it or drink malware,
what we mind is if you do not produce yourself so if you're going to take food you're going to eat it.
I would also say you know is you're not going to do three meals a day or whatever you do,
airG bar some nutri-grain bars,
oh god oh me a mars who by their by lots of people.

[14:29] On the TV all the time that are in the green package of oats and honey.
Nature Valley the crunchy you know when we were young and those were the only kind of granola bar.
Because at some point during the day are they getting divorced and you're lucky you'll be newbold oh wait sorry go on.
Your son your son is right beside you,
have your own snack mix your protein bars your granola bars whatever because I think it's really important to just have something you're going to nibble on,
my husband always like throwing protein bars with me I don't get enough protein in the day and I was going to be like,
why is my eyes are getting a little your own whatever.
If you got a back room is great my favorite fringe take a course is apple juice.
They now make oh god sorry and he's like little tiny not at home like the.

[15:58] Peanut butter really ask you I think the question I literally asked you is what do you define as a full meal.
You and thank you William he opened the door right so yeah,
julio is sitting down all the must include veggies.
All four food groups
hush up go forward of course the blend of course the one shower please that's for this I mean it's for your own sake for the rest of our sakes please please please,
and I'm not trying to Shane England I get it you know maybe only shows twice a day,
only spell who twice a day,
you know you're right.
How do they live in sells its first world problems.

[17:09] Think about the people you're going to be around and think about where you are it's Atlanta.
As I understand it is usually usually.
It is you're going to be packed in with 70,000 of your closest nearest and dearest friend whether you are in the game room of Santa room or welcome to train Hotel.
Engine is think about when we're oh,
what is gross,
it happens in in in regardless of whether you're if you rather you're at a convention or you're at even you know
other things it happened so it's not a big deal it's just it's just a matter of you know courtesy to do you do you're basically do your best to do take the old Cub Scout motto just do your best
from my college days William you got like 4 or 5 years to get here.
Patchouli gentleman gentleman women college and graduate school years patchouli.

[18:22] Exempt you from needing a shower.
Same same with Axe Body Spray so,
oh God act oh dear God please man please no ass
so those are the nose of the General Health keep yourself alive,
on drink water like of course that would be there when we talk because we were talking with
Kevin but you know bring a water bottle or bring whatever,
because there's water stations Oliver Kahn every Hotel the game room all of that in the americasmart everywhere water is free.
Blaine boring.
What's the.
So those are the.

[19:33] Thank you
so those are those are the the general again Health keep yourself alive rules DragonCon then there are the actual convention rules
and I have them I have them up here the number one okay so the number one thing is and this became,
I don't know what about 4 or 5 years ago maybe where this became like the thing that has to happen,
it's probably whatever one now which is you must where your membership badge at all times to be in emily to any convention vote function and.
Unless you're 6 years or younger.
But did the Titanic lose that that includes the body called.

[20:32] Getting in just cleaned hotels anymore where have the marriage i drive is such a popular event in atlanta,
dad for many many years we are looking for people new one i hate,
to be a member but when going on everybody is this that's when they were spain this that day when the old marry couple was there and be a when there was space on a saturday night,
here's what i and so basically dragged on work with the hotel there will be many many bad check will be if your on have a trail it.
Those lovely covered bridges but as you walk between the main three Hotel.
An americasmart for the most part yeah.
And everything else so if you're walking in the front door or the,
and you say I'm here regarding pain they're going to either ask you for your Dragon Con badge.
Or your hotel room key and you better be able to show it and I will take two people who said.

[21:45] That out they did.
Every year they change them up whether you know maybe yours was white well now they're blue who knows but those Hotel 2 3 years 5:10,
and a bag that you bought a couple years ago all those badges look different,
we have Holograms we have different and also the name tag.

[22:21] Don't try to buy the bio on the membership thing be sure if your don't be trying to purchase your your badge from some sketchy guy on the,
street on your membership because anything work but but but then again in fairness anybody who's seen this podcast isn't doing that but that's very and,
name so Regina can't get mad at me cuz we know Virginia listen.

[22:50] A certain DragonCon senior director many years ago I want to say.
I bought a bad with counterfeiting bad.
If we call the baby we found out where they were selling them and went with APV and Buster.
And this certain senior director as everyone sees I'm not saying any gender or any other pronouns or anything else this turned senior director said to me I have never been so happy and.
Other than you know my children like my spouse all the time,
I was so excited when this the people that were selling the counter of inventors alike,
yeah I know it yet.
What did my dad say it's still in so to be the most conventions stupid when i mentioned it still twenty four seven and mobile real bad right now.
Up at DragonCon and a couple of days after it'll be on the website they'll tell you you justify a badge for next year's class about half life.

[24:14] Yeah.
And I know it.

[24:30] Your membership right now is membership right now is 125 for the whole week,
so yeah but just do that and do it if you bought one you can get next year,
okay i'm number two rule number two days later must go through that's try to allergen position of alcohol beverages alcoholic beverages by anyone under twenty one years of age is grounds for expulsion.

[24:56] Without a refund by the way I think in all the cases in you when you buy a membership you agree to these rules if you get expelled,
and as you said John because when you buy the badge you agree to all these rules you've also agreed your picture being on anything with DragonCon if something is being taped if whatever,
you agreed to that too but this one is a big one because a lot of people like.
Yeah no it does don't be stupid you know on some level I'm sure that it is very possible that that.
Someone at some point could try to hold DragonCon accountable for something like that right
so so it's a it's in the rules for a reason it in b yeah if you get caught they're gonna get there and kick you out so don't do that yet you hear that william don't you agree
life in general.

[26:01] I know some of you may be under age and listening to this and john i'll.

[26:08] Don't don't get that that's really dumb don't do it it's just stupid don't do it,
please keep all behavior that polite fans would find defensive in public in your hotel rooms in other words you know if.

[26:25] Only want to drive explorer that,
give what we should we should we shoot again point point out that our interpretation may be different and drink cans interpretation,
where can i buy that guys everything falls into the rules of
speed decent human being and you know yeah yes,
treat other people like their people and you be a person and we're all going to be okay I think the issue here is.
There is no public chat to DragonCon.
Set up.
I don't have it here crying okay that's or in the state,
over what can be the dinosaurs so what do you think about it don't be the person who doing something that new would be like so that make me uncomfortable be out that not about the everything,
it's important to do that now I will say and let's let's talk about rule 3 and I'm sure somewhere around here it'll come up.
Are you like but you know drying after dark is can a saying if it's due on,
Watershed and I will say this as a parent.

[27:54] Many many years and John please try again,
anybody that i am an are the window wall anything you need to go to bed now is what we between eight nine o'clock.

[28:10] Because it's probably closer to 9 9 or 10 but yeah,
turn on a fan that in a pot you need parking brake.
And so if you're starting to think about oh I don't think I want my child to see that or somebody he's only using duct tape as a as a.
Between nine and the time to get a bad beats.
That's when DragonCon allow for adult content and I will also say this for the indecent and all of that if you look on when when the app comes out when the schedule comes out.
Their schedules are General and mature and mature is kinda need to be mature to be in the span of whether it.
About language or adult situations and themes or whatever so,
mark as a as a parent you should know your kid now i will tell i will tell the city i will,
I will tell the funny story that last year again is he a Williams Williams with me and the
what the heck is that called The Bunny Hutch the.

[29:27] Oh yeah The Gabby whatever that the that the bunny the bunny party thing,
is is starting to starting to go in but you were looking for you we found you,
but of course everybody was everybody was walking to that in that area and you let you go you know what's going on here right he said yeah I know that's okay,
confirm it did not happen or did happen.

[30:19] The thing is DragonCon after dark it's different there are still of course Atlanta public indecency laws,
Dragon Ball after dark is a little different and if you're into that,
go on the Facebook pages and I'll K I'm a little curious what the laundry
I'm looking to give you info or they going to tell you which my private message you to,
set up
that's all moving on cameras cameras this actually is very a drink on Pacific
yes is drying hunt specific it's not it's not do just be a regular diesel when being something that you need to know what cameras are not permitted in the art show or print shop
and Flash photography is not allowed during the Masquerade and I would say just in general not during anything in panel,
and why do jim is a great the dial that bad ass and taking pictures of people i am i will tell you somebody who is up on ice age i am,
introducing people and trying to get off as fast.

[31:39] Is there back that flash is not going to help you so turn it off and there are people when all of these flashes keeps going off then have you know epilepsy or other,
seizure disorders and you know come on guys think about yourself,
and speaking of your valuable camera equipment a rule number 5 they offer sympathy but are not responsible for lost stolen or damaged property or even injury sustained during the course of the convention so basically,
which which which.
Lederach there is a lost-and-found though cuz people are usually fairly decent,
there's other and each hotel had it unlocked and found some a dozen thing that are going check and then if there is something that.

[32:42] The car we don't bird about the on off is he is he there office and hold it and you can't prove it your words.
They're going to work with you to get it which aren't you so just FYI just remember they're not responsible for your lost stuff so,
an injury if there are small injuries we have a whole staff we have a whole life group volunteer group,
what is the,
i fell down a flat screen hdtv i flash someone input my with my bad something like that i have no idea what,
are you a friend and i'm worried if my ankle is sprained or broken yet we have on first-aid people there,
get somebody to go to the Infidel so get somebody to you or tell you where to go and or your friends will help you whatever and it will do that kind of basic first aid this is basic first aid,
yes that's the brain have a friend over to indianapolis rack that we're still owe in broken and you need to go to properly.

[33:58] Um yes um gonna skip gonna skip ahead of the street to these real quick announced guest are supposed to change wheat say that all the time.
A reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention or refuse to ever fuse refund membership talked about that if you're being a jerk essentially,
no smoking eating drinking allowed.
Don't be that living and breathing being don't be the person that makes people uncomfortable don't be the person who.
Don't understand the world thank you but now don't be.

[34:44] Don't be a dick but just usual.

[34:49] So yes don't don't don't be dick basically believe.
This goes back to what.
In general.
No smoking eating or drinking is loud in the dealers room panel rooms art show video rooms or computer rooms will.
Make caveat to get we don't speak for DragonCon on this in your you're,
mileage may vary but in general if you're eating a hamburger in your face and in kind of a water bottle in a,
well room you probably were like a big pale red light you're the phantom handling this or write the help mobile eleven yeah you probably you probably did you probably okay
if if if in doubt just ask one of the volunteers there,
but definitely not in the deal is actually interesting to do actually sell
concessions at the dealers room but anyway
taking in the other the certainly the art show with that's 100% true the video room that's true because I don't want people camping out
at the the rooms all all day and night and in the but we are sleeping in those rooms either in the computer room because obviously computers
liquid not good here's one here's one for DragonCon.

[36:18] That's always heard of it gets confused about right because because of the freezing at the very beginning
one more time don't speaker drink until our interpretation mary at we're reading of rice
drink under the clear no weapons policy that will be enforced all weapons must be non-working and peace bonded no functioning projectile weapons including water pistol Silly String guns and,
ping pong pistols and I'm sure the list could go on and on lady weapons must be cased and Seton seeds
at all times no clowning around or showing off in the common areas any weapon used and offensive manner will be confiscated and Rule Number 7 and force going back to your being a jerk we might last you leave
we expect you to use good judgement with your help,
with your helping continue to allow peace bonded weapons,
cuz I know in some conventions are completely
prop guns anything at all illegal it's all take your time and have it on your on your your cosplay which you know of examples cosplay rate me cuz it's it's of in a lot of cases what is dead pool without his is
laid on his back right leg,
his and his dance pulp is pants.

[37:41] What is dan's house cuz that's where can we want city
but I do not need to see Deadpool Denfeld thank you and so the deal the deal is is.

[37:57] You need to go eat bring to security there's checkpoints you're you're in your cosplay you have Blazer whatever.

[38:07] In general
if you if you're using plastic neoplastic please or whatever and you take them out for posing for a picture or something like that that's in general okay you start whipping those things around you're going to be confiscated,
yeah and that's the thing too is that there is peace bonding driving going to help you with that go to security if you're concerned
it's all fine but yeah I know I know you want the katanas on your back it's all good,
what is what is teeth bonding just for the.
Morning in when they make sure in that your weapon will not fire and they,
and they basic what is that a tie.
Sorry feel like for example that plastic sword might remain may or may not be keep putting cold piece bonded but definitely a metal sword is typically.
Real reason you're like so you know it's not my shark,
it also hurt it'll still cause bruise.

[39:37] I responded talk to Siri if you don't have it peace wanted and you're walking around the con trust me they're going to see you.
And they are gonna
and then they're going to send you to security so look it up on the dragon and they will help you out
to follow that up with rule number 10 which is real file our Firearms regardless of whether you have a concealed carry or not if you're at DragonCon you are not allowed to have it,
I want to give you a personal example of this I had a cousin.
At at how many this sure is a person them in a cousin who was robbed again point because it work.
And he now has a license to carry concealed carry and carry.

[40:32] If you would like so I can carry my gun at a private convention.
We can set our rules are rules are different than Georgia law showed Ryan Collins rules override that because Georgia law says.
Shorthand private event at their own rules on it so yeah.

[40:57] And it again remember you are agreeing to this anyway when you buy a membership so if you're if you're found to have a dragon confines you have a real weapon they are within their rights to say sorry got to go.

[41:13] I love the next to the last sentence on this one job 10 in the rules.
Violators tells me arrested you should know that DragonCon does not post bail,
and they do know that sworn Law Enforcement Officers or excuse my phone's he's there are law enforcement officers that are there so,
a very significant Atlanta police presence at DragonCon,
I'm very significant security for the hotels and other things like that,
what was the number one constantly salt last year William.

[42:05] I ever seen a lot of really nice and detailed ones I can't recall anything specifically.
Remind you like oh my god there's another joke.
Let me see pictures of Deadpool's attempts like wander around.
I think the one I wanted to ask.
Actually seem to have left at Bulls in the previous year.

[42:49] But just kind of wandering around the movie wasn't out I want to thank.
I saw a whole lot of whoever the blonde character is on Game of Thrones.
Daenerys yeah that was,
hotels I was going between or whatever but I saw a lot of her.
Number of,
and we're gonna get customers and second exactly my mind asking perry is the door the the the the other,
which is no camping in the halls or Lobby if you're found sleeping in public areas you'll be asked to go to your hotel room if you do not have a hotel room or.
A room hotel or venue Security will be forced to ask you to leave.
Check social media for people looking for the share rooms and costs a great place as Zan from the previous podcast mentioned is the DragonCon rooms,
bachrodt podcast Facebook,
day they're great source for funny roof you don't have a room also do not abuse our hotel or convention facilities clean and this is very important includes putting signs of walls.
Don't do that public locations for notices are provided.

[44:10] Room parties and other announcements baby dropped off at our information desk for inclusion in the DragonCon daily Dragon rather.
Please don't eat the facilities we kinda like to do this and that please don't eat the facilities
them on any name that has been paid like.
See the water station near you owe me on my part here don't do it yet did you take to the this is please don't be to facilities.
Look guys.

[45:01] Here's the deal.
I see it in other track directorship we are going to grab it.
And we're going to throw it away because that is our job there are certain places you can do it and don't,
is he okay i leaving on the people reading we can do whatever like to do this again exactly,
what if one of their two meals as the facilities that will not.
I like this game in roof billy and it's the fiber.
No that's not fiber is not a veggie no
don't know what it means that somebody had to break the rule for them to them post the rule when it's ridiculous like this that means somebody was eating balls.

[46:11] Laying hemorrhoid cream had having instruction that do not india just don't even.
Doing dry wall going to give me blue share nine hundred and i hope you
okay I'm just going to Darwin's rule customers customers customers remember that that no cost that no costume is no costume,
public nudity laws in georgia please wear appropriate or at least enough clothing in the common areas we talk about this earlier than you go through again but would definitely but definitely don't eat your costume.
Call my sister.
Marriott in the Hyatt one year and there was a man who said he had a star for a costume.

[47:18] I will never forget the Atlanta ATVs was letting us cross between them this was,
and between the Marriott in the Hyatt and he came over to the guy,
show me a contract under cal de will be watching.
Now do you may can drop to swim trunks to show that he had another pair of trunks i was okay did do it was he fell later to be eating the stairs of doom.

[47:57] No I never saw him that he shouldn't have.
What causes you like a three day it was giggling all i am if you think you can make money during dragon con it's probably not allowed unless you have written permission for about half people at.
or let the lawyer say others lots of legalese here basically basically don't be trying to Hawk your wares without having a data table or bought a table
mind you or,
Corby have permission from from DragonCon and it's more the only the Walk of Fame guests are allowed to sell photographs made at the event if you spend all your building the perfect costume please give freely
when people want to take pictures of you be proud of what you've accomplished
but not so proud that you've demand payments tips or donations it's just the way things work around here also by the way i could also is depending upon your custom demanding payment of that
i think it also the copyright violation to sell a kindle and that your back right so the building's ball.
I think one of the things at one point people like
Compton dollars have a picture with me and her still not allowed.

[49:22] Great way to get dragon con on your negative side while i was caught player or anything.

[49:30] So the next one is basically don't bring a selfie stick,
well i'm really reach in a different country and tell me that i never been this far make fun of things like this you.

[49:58] I cannot tell you at 51 how many times I almost got hit by somebody trying to like open their selfie stick cuz they were like.
Trying to open it like with a lightsaber to hit trying to hit me in the head.
Or they had to spell recipient like this angle and you don't notice it and you would hit your head on it.
You got friends they'll take pictures for you you don't need to take,
this is also the South.
If you like if somebody's walking by and you go damn.

[50:46] Say that again if you ask me and I'm walking behind you said.
Would you mind taking a picture of me and my friend 7 times out of 10 the person walking by his probably Southern,
Set up a,
common space Lobby exhibit hall meeting or function room at DragonCon probably with the exception,
one of those floating guys I love Sharknado and all the shark kind of,
reading on pirate bay and head by another damn shark we're gonna nj in the ball and my friend is in the mall i mean the person will operate at.

[51:50] Shit
is it against the rules to DragonCon all hotels to place her hand out flyers Carson Berry talked about this bunch of money you just wasted a bunch of money
it under the seem last room last rule and the rule that is yeah well on their
on their their policies page yes ballrooms will be cleared between each panel we have limited space we ask for your cooperation,
distance with the following please new over owned here's hotel staff when forming lines,
they have done this before in generally have reasons for what they're asking you to do sometimes they have no reason but that's just because I like messing with you.
Please do not start your own line or forever for any event or Reason.

[52:52] Yeah but
again don't blame the volunteers typically typically the reason why this stuff happens is because the convention-goers
there's what's 70070 thousand of them and two people at the door just listen to the volunteers if they say there's no line there where you're at,
then there's no line there where you're at in general you can't line of more than hour before the show the the um.

[53:36] The next event in general of the day.
You can do two hours before but the rest of it is we want everybody in that room and we are waiting if somebody leaves if it's a full room to,
go in and out and then we'll start the next time driving trying to do their best on this guy's and,
bitch i'm yet you may have black by the time you may have you.
Ridiculous amount I will also remember most of the main room the big big bang the ones in the Hyatt,
are gonna be on drugs on tv.
Or your grandma on streaming hi cat if think he had show work without looking what you need to do one is there a new art that's for damn bird that route to the peter paul the.

[54:51] I want you to see Peter I missed your call Dee is kind of really close to my favorite dr. William who's your favorite now,
Does jen want all living in ms smith okay he's use nets with man oh you're.

[55:17] You know I think it's really funny because so many people say you never forget your first doctor I will say you never forget your first companion show like the two companions I love the most right now or,
Amy and Donna.
And then Pro Mackey's bill to me the companion also kind of makes.

[55:41] Call me in a grumpy old man working really well if.

[55:47] Yeah but what I'm saying here is if that's what you want to see guys,
you have to be ready to go and stand in line and everyone will do their best to get it many people are not room.
Or find a place to watch it.
Or it's available watch it on streaming.

[56:19] Afford for it you little bar in your the main line will be coming and you'll see that on the app.
It usually does not way i would pay one day when you go linguini is it sometimes on monday,
because I wasn't right directory here,
the past two years.
Yeah it's near yall in the big names bar yeah din din williams your point to your question,
yes the panel room i was a thick but it's a pit tracks like costuming,
probably clears are probably clear their room because because of the number of people cuz it's usually full all the time and cost me in in like lease,
ex rec room typically don't need to clear the room,
why does the people that people don't ray that guy learn necessarily camping out there cuz like least programming is,
One show or another show than others so it varies in very great so so usually people are leaving on our own but costuming is litterally costa magnets cost me all day long so if they don't clear the room those those cost now say they're all the.

[57:48] Yeah and I will say also occasionally like so I have two tracks which is extracting paranormal I may not have the clear extract,
Brit track may not have to clear one room but they have clear another depending on what's going on because we want to make sure everybody who,
wants to come in has the potential option to come in I just remember one guy in one year.
I'm going to be here for the next panel I'm like I truly believe you,
you know you on what are you don't get line like you panel but lately the warehouse thirteen on any got a dinner like the old like i am thrilled.

[58:33] But that's just it I just remember also Warehouse 13 the first year we were there I was Eddie and Saul rubinek.
Is the person that wasn't a camera hair and they would like to put forward their look up the curtain in our room is full.
And he was like oh okay sweetheart.

[59:07] Because at Comic-Con they don't clear the room.
No we clear it and I was like all of these people are here for you and who are you joking,
all of them were begging us for space we have just cleared the room,
when we just cleared the line and we got like you know 20 spaces at the back and this was one of the big.
I want to say it was like the big Marriott.
I mean it's a big deal and we want everybody to have a chance to see their favorite spot,
okay on your share we'll go we'll temperature in the old retiree slap your trying can you.
Alright so it's game time.
You make me play these people games I get that's where the question William do you want to come back to driving home.

[1:00:26] I mean I wouldn't say no William is the worried that your father.

[1:00:33] You are evil evil man and not letting you go sis said he is right not gonna put you in his room where you can pay love play where waldo praying that this now has.

[1:00:46] Okay thank.
Why so no we go will play game against work is so so that the of the other reason we broke williams has a new that we didn't have,
the guests and limp so i wanna i wonder if,
one of the one of the emails I got last year was that why don't you ever play against Lee well.
We were continuing our trip around the world of various trivia games this one actually is fairly decent trivial trivial.
Trivial Pursuit you know the Trivial Pursuit,
only world of harry potter questions so so we're in it we're gonna go whoever we're gonna go back and forth whoever gets to five,
first will not first but but you know,
why do you stack the games against Lee so William is going to roll the dice he's going to ask the question he's going to see him randomly playing cards.

[1:02:04] Reliable.
What will your mom dad three hundred and i'm on using that sounds rude leaks.
My oh my god that he is red.
So who goes first me really.

[1:02:34] But never blue is cool gatecrashes slughorn's Christmas party.

[1:02:43] Who gate-crashing.

[1:02:55] Ron Rhonda.
Incorrect it's Draco Malfoy apparently okay,
wait wait wait it is one of the very few things that I've actually read in my life yes.

[1:03:20] What does fox do the first time I don't know why it's not like you're like slightly tail British.
What does fox do the first time Harry meets meets him in Dumbledore's office.

[1:03:38] He explodes right you burst into flames correct it's indeed literally burst into flames.
Oh okay I so I guess Jean Grey Jean Grey's is Jean Grey the Phoenix okay fair enough.
Why are there so many eggs whatever they want.
Yeah X-Men which creature does salaka injury with his privates first defense against the dark arts lesson.

[1:04:24] Wait when is the novella.
Which creature does Preston Lockhart introduced as part of his first defense against the dark arts lesson.
Little blue damn thing.
Turlock grindylow they are.
Okay hold on they are.
There are blue.
They bite too cuz they bite and they put God.

[1:05:17] Music.

[1:05:25] I know this I know it I know it is called.

[1:05:38] To me and we gonna cosign on this there's haggler remember when i.

[1:05:46] Cornish Pixies Cornish Pixies Cornish Pixies.
This is not here blue are the arm again i truly desires blue bastards that's.

[1:06:06] He said it okay,
where is the pencil of the dead where is the.
And humble doors of puppets is very degrees of difficulty,
what is the news read he he had it all i owe my died roller when i roll the colors colors in the middle of a tiger is,
them guard i.

[1:06:50] Desert small text and animals and magical creatures.

[1:07:05] Oh i live for snow album in okay and that's and hour on like this,
it's a white house so what's the score right now to my father,
and you are hearing about this I like you please have your father,

[1:07:43] What is yellow magical people okay to use.
Corrector what position does Crump play on the Bulgarian Quidditch team,
that is correct yeah I swear the deck is not stacked at all.
William I will buy you that cheap near bus ticket whatever it is.
Blankets they think is really.
Who told Voldemort the prophecy of his downfall.

[1:08:39] Don't hold yes apparently who.

[1:08:46] What these are two questions here was its name or was it Peter Pettigrew.

[1:08:57] Because I know Snape went and beg for Lily's life.

[1:09:07] Told them where the Potter's were let me know what you really told him.
What's your name what's up at most tall you william much on.

[1:09:29] Use sound six a great market st for the woman the woman told.
Who told Voldemort.

[1:09:45] It's Too Late by Emma Emma Watson.

[1:09:51] The pretty am I got married to.

[1:09:55] Music.

[1:10:02] Do you know or do you not know.

[1:10:07] Severus snape what they
no I thought what's your name told Amanda,
and the letter had a recording to the people at Trivial Pursuit,
they have tens of people working there to go over these is paid i make sure that we are on track.
What's the score game 3 to 1.5.

[1:10:47] What does the ministry of magic use for injured inter-department memos the.

[1:10:55] I want to say to use that use flying paper that paper airplanes.
Incorrect it's my paper aeroplanes because it's British.

[1:11:20] Yeah i cleaned out the full moon and eat.

[1:11:28] How many players on a Quidditch team.
Alright we got two beers to 6.
6 on the field with at least three who can do you know come in and out.
Hey i think your forgetting of about one of two people of,
yes without any leading the witness whatsoever so you got the right toy I will also point out I will also point out this whole contest,
tainted in the fact that William turn the dice after the fact.

[1:12:18] Zero game that we like members were some fun.

[1:12:25] Green it is it is.
What is it when harry's al.

[1:12:40] Oh I actually forgot what the heck it was.

[1:12:48] I can't see it but I can smell it.
H e d w i g.

[1:13:11] But.

[1:13:22] Music.

[1:13:29] Why did Salazar Slytherin fall out with the other founders of Hogwarts.

[1:13:35] Oh he was a believer in sherbet and no one.

[1:13:40] Level it will also today think these races sell but.
I'm just explaining his do blood work so I've got to get this correct although I still say error with flying airplane,
favourite laying applies to you are to goa that way in like the more than that of.

[1:14:04] Three to three and a half right.

[1:14:17] Harold cutter military I just made that up.

[1:14:26] Oh with great daring in finesse he has.

[1:14:41] What is what is orally.

[1:14:48] That's directly on the.
Already way long on time today,
just going to have to last people for a couple of days so.
So you don't like each other then I bet it.

[1:15:09] Alright so until next time the cuban about away and that up until until next time this is john for william and lead saying it tastes.

[1:15:24] Goodbye.
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[1:15:53] I don't care is lovely all i got where i am nineteen and get a straight your nineteen year old.