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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
all the trigger but there is not difficult to.
This is heat.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] 50 days of dragoncon the podcast that has ink all overies fingers.
Joining me is our resident Inky fingers.

[0:56] Example company has been dissolve picture no actually i really really to after kamal another is literally the name of the company that working,
how you doing rocks it's still early i saturday i'm good yeah well on your you dried your and will longer.
First coffee that is good it is saturday and we are what how many weeks three weeks three weeks about three weeks early eighties whom so.
Yay exactly.
Nj day you know you go through the registry,
your program and somehow that thing is just magically printed
the larger book you got oh yeah that's a pretty picture throw it in the bag and you brat you grab hold of that little we have some bad news for you.

[1:54] Very bad news and so it was sorry to read.
But we will talk to the person responsible for your complaints to Olivia Olivia director of publication is that your official title.

[2:11] Yeah that's my official time and now a target for everyone's
real quick though just explain in general what your responsibilities as director of publications means.
We'll talk about help is he who must be right at this moment.
I'm the director of admissions that did me bad any of the beauty manship okay again and the and the registration
will white pocket program of the program book and the gaming guy which is available in the gaming Halls that is all designed by me the text is given to me by other people but I very happily laid out I'm pretty pictures,
I can come there and then we send it out the door that is my official title but unofficially I also work with marketing and advertising,
with the dragon Awards which we'll talk about a little bit later and a bunch of other
but like the being that go down house a lot on block wire that me,
and also the progress of his progress report you as well,
everybody by publication because it up and everybody's bog.

[3:25] Cloud pen and I will say as somebody who flies into Hartsfield Atlanta Airport you design the welcome,
so that is somebody a CBD they just don't know but they take images from our banners that we we could have ever you those big pole banners that you see downtown,
that's fine because I just love it when I'm going up the escalator and I like yes Atlanta is welcoming you
God has to be the best feeling just seeing that right in front of you and you just don't get it.

[4:03] I feel like I'm just going to have to go through Hartsfield just to experience I had to do that so I can just go by.
Exactly being only 3 weeks out and nothing is as far as for show proper.
Has gone to press yet how busy are you and what is your next couple of what what are what are the things you're doing in the next couple of weeks.
No i just oh so very quickly are initiate the program but right now in the that will be vented to the end of next week,
the quick start guide to be goes through an editing procedure where we just like to cross our T's and Dot our I's and make sure everything looks really nice before it goes to print so that is the current process of the program book
and then I'm going to start on our brand new publication the quick start guide tomorrow actually.

[5:03] Oh really will you explain the quick start guide and what I what bad news I brought a pocket guide.

[5:18] Singapore everybody sit down with her project program they take out a highlighter and they highlight the things on their schedule gets what they want to see because of the ever-decreasing fonts
the point fun and one of the date inky fingered me.
Talked about earlier i need upgrade.
Not necessarily get rid of it but rebranded put some lipstick on it and sent it out
so what that is now it's called the quick start guide so kind of like you get with any piece of new technology you get this little booklet
how to turn on the basic function or it just have a quick start guide wanted to do the same thing for going on when you get drunk on once you open the box and find out all the information you need where hope hall have what.
Where you can find food or I mean downtown
were you can find the schedule grab those will still remain everybody's beloved scheduled at the still there I'm just now every track got a color code.
Randomly randomly so you can find say for example of history is brown if you find Brown another scheduled history panel.

[6:37] So hopefully we made it a little bit easier for people to read it's in this beautiful magazine style format glossy paper,
ten point five now so hopefully it'll help everybody out a lot easier than than the bonaparte programmed and.
Now actually actually in in defense of the pocket guide I I think I still have a couple of them,
laying around so that they don't fall apart that quick.
Good behavior using them it's the paper but here's a question from me to you in regards to that have you noticed.
Because you moved away other than the the point size getting so small is there.
Do you notice more people using the the DragonCon app over the pocket guide it is that another impetus for.

[7:33] Aging that.
I mean we always see more more people go to the app everything to your that's also something that I help out with from year to year we see us so much more people going for the app,
people port because it will have the most up-to-date information that did the panel move panel changes to get push back up her twenty it it
it their pod is leaking not we for the people who won unfortunately my not be able to get the door or you may not have a smartphone or
free left it in the other pants still at least have this little bit of information in front of them to help them out so I feel like,
can never have too much information i can.
I don't mind so much information being put to me in many different areas so if I need to find something it'll be in multiple places so that is why we always love to cook.
Your dad we want you to give another piece of information on to everyone.

[8:35] Now the being that the new quick start guide is on glossy paper the the traditional high lighter method isn't gonna work right,
are you open to that we are done with the new different type of paperwork with the high lighter only.
Pick up.

[9:12] Enamel paper over high gloss
oh actually i love it but i mean we went with me and we really got a lot of harm and a lot of people in the and making sure everything that everybody loved
much about the pocket program still remain the publication and tell the number one thing we wanted to do we wanted to make it highlight of all we wanted the,
probably information that we could be wanted some apps you wanted to put full vendor listings bill, can pop artist alley lifting art show everything that people really look forward to in the pocket program will remain.
Cool grey so so when does the actual main program the big the big program go to press.

[9:59] It's actually not quite a something okay so yeah as record this it would be roughly e two weeks sounds some like that oh week yeah.
So really you're the printing company you use they block out they know it's like
bernie is fridge but that imprinting will know that the amount of books that you guys do you prune juice,
it's on a phenomenal scale it really is 35000 program book.
Forty five thousand of our new quick start guide and a fifteen hundred of the game god but most of those dumb company app and regard but you're talking about seventy eighty thousand.
That they're they're printing for us and they've been really great about.
Who is making sure that our vision is is put onto paper and they've been a really great ass that it gets delivered to the show and we're very excited to see those boxes arrive at least it's like Christmas for me because then I can send through it.
Empty how to work right are so.

[11:19] How soon do I mean when when do they deliver them to you what's what's the absolute,
deadline like when do when does when do they arrive at DragonCon.
Wednesday of the show really well that's obviously you get a proof before that though.
Your mom on a pro at the hard copy the first time i ran up to the right on that one day while,
in the program book we highlight all of our cats like our future got the spot like ass and you guys have been really great about doing updates of the podcast
you got that are coming along the show but imagine when you guys get those updates as when I put them on mine and so
i have to put up a problem that can forgot then we went away and totally unable to make sure the information of a crime when
what is the
phenomenal teams on on every side.

[12:30] You mentioned So you you're the you're the one that also pushes the publication of the announcement out to the websites or.
I'm the one that's for ease of Thor's process I'm the one that edits the bio and put them on the website so once you get a confirmation and everything I added the Bayou to make sure it's print ready and then put that on the website,
oh you're basically busy just from data from the day after driving on our way to if you are there so many of them and i can't remember a time where i have a,
me working on the.

[13:08] Crazy year-long thing that a lot of people throw a lot of passion into and it amazes me every single day no one's crying in the office is right.
I need to put the bumper everybody is no message this that's good when you're actually in offices today right here in the drinking offices right now i am not under do not they actually.
Currently sitting outside of a lunch meeting
cool um so let's talk a little bit about the
DragonCon the dragon Awards I always wanted so DragonCon Awards the dragon Awards what what are those again they're relatively new when do they start and why do they start.

[13:56] The dragon with the monster with the 30th anniversary of driving Honda was a big,
things to do that we had a couple years ago if you guys can remember those banners everywhere with our fancy 30th Anniversary logo we really wanted to launch an award that was.
We leave from the voice of the fair and the truly fam nominated and fan voted award so anyone can register to nominate to vote there's no membership or any fee require it really a bad choice now and
third-year is really proven to be like it must read or watch or playlist
because there's 15 different categories and subcategories is best
mobile game for game clock card and movie ka mag it really this month what play you read it let.
But is voted for by that there is like in if you booking yours so excited about the book and want to share with everybody will now there's an official at home.

[15:01] Cool how does it right so how does walk me through that process how does the the list get generated and then how does it get voted on in that kind of thing and is is there still time to vote,
haven't really
I'm so the nomination open in November I'm too kind of a very very shortly after the show November to July people can nominate their work then the send again the 15 different categories,
oh honey nominated works if you have mocha nomination but account for what the ballot because i know the ball is really to what really beginning aug
i'm with i believe is about ninety or so nomination on on that list for everyone to vote on the register to vote
and then you wrote on your favorite you don't have to necessarily voting every single category is to say you're not a big horn Auto fan but you really want to vote on movie you're still able to do that
and so it's a really really great process that
that gives everybody the ability to vote on what they want to vote for excited about what they're excited about that.

[16:09] I don't know that much about history novels but I'm going to go vote in one because I have to I don't really want you to really be excited about,
are you wanting to promote what wanna book for who morning is yellow ben and will be open until september part,
the award ceremonies actually i'm but can't we cold you boating wait before,
doesn't want to give everyone the most amount of time to be able to.
That's that's that's awesome now we should be clarify that there is a different award ceremony but that's not the same thing right
right at the banquet award on saturday night mode are already got anna i'm a what a way to go to julie ward by car and the huge impact memorial award and that is on saturday night.

[16:58] Know what is the criteria me know that seems fairly open but there is there is there certain set of criteria for how something gets nominated does happy with it release within a certain period of time or.
Actually caught me on the one thing i don't know off the top of my head and very tired for that there is a theory that i work hot if you believe you
i'm order to qualify the nomination and that is all the way on the web within the one that dragged on dot org to under the proper,
have it'll explain to you how work is eligible how you can vote on what you can nominate in the 15 different categories that you can nominate then as well as
if something reaches a certain word count to be eligible all of that information is right out there for you.

[17:42] Cool now if I want to vote it at the same basically the same place to just head over to awards at dragoncon.org in in.
Love Boat from there to register to vote for a ballot in your email through Survey Monkey
and you'll be able to vote on that valid once it reaches your email this way since everyone has to register to vote we're just making sure we don't get those duplicate those were making sure that there's not multiple people voting for the same as thing we wanted.
These nominations easily just pure as possible really from the voice of the fans Not Just from the voice of one or few.

[18:22] Cool so yeah i'm looking your got it best science fiction or fantasy managers cargo collectible card.
Or role-playing game so you know you got those things.
Best science fiction fancy console game the science fiction fantasy movie yeah i'm so that yet so best in picture fans movie for example are all.
Fairly recent so looks like unless you're Incredibles 2 Thor Ragnarok.
Blade runner avengers affinity war black panther ready player one deadpool tool to are on the ballot.
Yeah I was just thinking the same thing.
I'm filling up that one doing I don't know who I pick I mean yeah for me you're right there's.
I can probably just as my opinion I can throw out a Ready Player one it was a good movie but compared to the other ones I think that.
Was it was not as good but then when you look the rectum it's like there's there's
i'd like to but all of them the good where make it home you gonna do like ready player one i just think the,
of the rested in my opinion it was it was smaller fortnite,
or next oh that's a thing cupcake in middle earth shadow war me this this this list is your right i mean just.

[19:51] If you're raising a a geek proper like I am this is basically this these are things you're supposed to be doing right now.

[19:59] This year in a row in from my id be pa to have twenty.
Bending knee while on the winner of the below the posted on the fight every twenty,
right on the front page click on if your.

[20:14] He over last year you might wall where you didn't have a publication do and you want something to read you go to that let me go look at the what a latte and recommend let me go back and try it again and blow it up.
Report that we found a lot of people really really enjoyed.
Joanne I don't know what to read right now I read through some of the books I've read through so many horror novels what do I pick up next and this is.
It is it I mean I'm lucky I don't read
I mean I do I do know how to read I just don't read books on the on a normal basis but but yeah they did the list here looks.
It's it's really good it's your right this is a must-see read a here,
think this is really cool is a really cool thing to do and how to this idea come bout i mean do you do you know the actual origin are i'm the only organ to be completely honest but i really and i know they really come from the
I'm like food for like a fire to give.

[21:20] Vote in their voice,
because sometimes you have some awards that are chosen by a Bordeaux or,
people nine may not one hundred percent better than what band one and two i know that this with
can i buy this is that there,
this is like DragonCon People's Choice Awards so how do you feel about what with the Academy Awards just did recently without a new category of.
Popular film.

[21:51] Oh I'm not I never heard of this they just announced that the I don't know last week or something at the Academy Awards now adding a couple of categories for,
call popular films so the popular films can get nominated versus the ones at that may be the.

[22:07] The rest was nominated by the standard people what know what i still think is done that way i think it's just to cover off
things like like like Infinity Ward like that again,
there's the other they're doing that now and in in,
yeah i think it's also probably the oscars is to try and get more people watch that thing but anyway i digress so so when do you start laying out next years program,
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow really based on,
the work that we receive from the artist who are guess
show honor this year is Brom and bronze designed absolutely beautiful
at the Sheraton the Marriott and the americasmart in so that
love the painting of the with the cover of the book when we use that are work the info on vacation don't really unfolding hold in our private group where we can without having heard them with the cover and she did the.

[23:29] Upside down stranger things picture that is probably one of my favorite pieces really cool,
and so it really kind of lays the groundwork for how we design other things in the show so the volunteer lanyard this year is a bright orange and has the stranger things typeface on it
come from um inspirational to get from are live and also the ball in the ballot drop em.

[23:54] It's that's that's really cool so you wait you you do wait until the artists and i assume that's that's designed by a committee somewhere that the they turn over their interpretation of what the cover should be this year and then.
Of the coming year and then you go forward with with laying everything out so.
So is there anything else you'd like people to know as far as about the end of the Dragon Awards or or the Publications or something that we may have missed,
can I bring up something real quick because this is really what hinges on what she does is if you look through the the actual guy.
You are the the big block.

[24:39] Look at the ads and see about going to because people pay for the ads that go in there so if they're at the dealer room and stuff you know stop by.
Louis i one hundred percent agree with you that the people who are.
Turn up the americans my but off you are with around atlanta and some of them money from them are promoting on the money part,
absolutely check them out they are super passionate about our show to just as we are about them and we wanted to have this beautiful partnership where they get
as much as the dragon audience if they can do the quick start guide on the odds are going to be in Atlanta local and so those are places that might be offering deals to people who attend DragonCon
the people who are,
promotion the Peachtree foodcorps there's a defensive Plaza all these people that offer something to DragonCon members.
In those who it does really benefit the Dragon Con members to be able to look at those and really find something that they really want.

[25:48] How come the goddess and we popped in my head will will you're saying that the for now i've now i forgot what was,
but yes so so that's that's really cool so is there anything other any other thing that we want to make sure that we we highlight of about two doing.

[26:06] We walk for one of them one of a bad on the coming up friday i believe the day i could be you long on that depending on the weather be will be officially hanging the banner and i'm having this will be lit
we will be ready and excited for this that is always such a joy to see those those come up and downtown Atlanta so I'm really excited for those
the app will be available soon I know everybody is waiting we're working very very hard on getting it ready I'm done my biggest thing is if you pick up a copy of the quick start guide
let us know what you think we really love the feedback from people be really love people being able to stay well what about this I'm really miss
can i have the fucking them happy this is really meant for the fan and for people with handwriting on and not is the most important thing that we make it work
well for that the other big note is vote for the dragon aboard those are available until September 1st and if you don't have anything to do with 1 p.m. on Sunday at DragonCon.

[27:10] If you don't come by the awards ceremony which is going to be in the Hyatt Centennial one Ballroom you can see our beautiful Awards you can
what's the program you can see who went first inform out of everybody i open up if your favorite was the one that won
the the awards are announced their of the winners are announced they're right so what what time and where's and that.
And 1 p.m. on Sunday in Hyatt Centennial the one floor down from the lobby but one above the art show.

[27:46] Oh cool cool alright so livia before we go we always like to play game with our guests,
today and and as i've been mentioning before i over the years has gathered lousy trivia and lousy because.
What's it called when someone purchases a license license property license property things have been attached to trivia games,
okay we're gonna play all three of us will play family feud disney edition twenty five cards.
So I'm going to ask you a question then supposedly some survey was answered the question whether that's actually true that ever happened but,
and they assign pointf do you know allah regular family feud,
hi I was really hoping we were going to get Disney.
Question to you and then brocks lance and i will answer name the disney couple you'd like you'd most like to go on a double date with.
Flynn and Rapunzel rocks what's your answer.

[29:00] Disney couple you'd most like to go on a double date with apparently I can't I have covered the answer so I can't see what the actual so I can participate since Williams not here.
School and what's his name from hunchback.

[29:17] I'll go with Donald and Daisy.
Although although now that I think about it after I say them like I don't know that I want to be around tunnel that much.

[29:31] Don't isn't intermittent hopes only darling daisy mae the to list nobody else suggested hi yeah so i got three points that was the total that from bottom to top was simba and nala.

[29:47] Why would you want to go to Lyons Donald and Daisy was next number 6 Aladdin Jasmine Snow White in the prince,
really i take all the other words they're more interesting lady and the tramp bill on the bell only okay for that you're gonna get italian
I don't like you give me pasta and dogs I'm tired like I'll spend whatever day like
I'm good and on the top of the list was Mickey and Minnie Mouse which of course the.
So it's probably only coupling like they got all right so next if you could build an ice sculpture of any Disney character which would you choose.
I'm going to be able to buy it just because I saw this at the volunteer appreciation day but they did a dragon ice sculpture at Dave and Busters and I have the first thing that popped in my head was the Dragon for Maleficent,
what a be cool and rocks what's your choice.

[30:58] That one but you what to go with the human form from.
This is like Price is Right you just been up here let's see I will go with which Disney character would I choose.
Be safe
get me points and the other ones are not on the list on the plus I've only got me four points but from the bottom to the top is Cinderella.
Pluto Goofy Dumbo Beast seems to appear a lot Ariel Mickey Mouse and Bambi was number one.

[31:46] What why would you want ice sculpture Bambi okay
spoiler alert and now we're sad name the Disney or Pixar character you would most want to have sitting next to you on a plane.
How to explain it go let me go no grand.

[32:15] The wicked step mom from Cinderella laws I know I could get smashed.
And then upgrade and she is not on the list I can't see the list.
What are we up in the event and the numbers be up there with four that's that's very true i will help making your re.
Just the caretaker mostly to sit next to me on the plane in.

[32:53] That's actually pretty tough I'll go with.

[32:58] Oh I'll go with his name from Up the old guy what's his name not Walter.
Carl or is it.
That's okay that's okay just because you know
alright I hear you so I'll be yelling at you in a surprise to No One none of ours are on the list of Pluto Pluto somebody's.
Always a service service dog Goofy
Minnie Mouse Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse were on the list Buzz Lightyear Beach
name another Manimal Manimal,
hello Jo-Jo from American sci-fi Classics that's what that was for you name another man oh man I can't wow
mammal perfect being from Disney go ahead and other mammal besides elephants that you'd be amazed to see fly.

[34:14] Other mammal besides elephants that you didn't nice to see fly livia.
Hey good because then i blocked slot of that you rocks.
I like to see Beast fly an actual mammal.
Your telling me what can be the caesar answers and.

[34:38] And I'll go with giraffes just because it's funny to see.
Sometimes sometimes they're they're not really that Disney related to the fact that it's flying.
Something i see you send me your question the question is disney doing changer answer before i read of.
Yeah awatere pig.

[35:11] Let's sea otter weirdly enough is not on this list giraffe however is.
So this he got rhino dog human you miss your vinyl floor a whole week half hippo were made,
yes exactly the same with hippo or giraffe whale,
and of course picks up on no water appears to be so cute baby adorable,
they would like fly and do their little cute thing and alright whatever okay you guys will last question last question name the Disney or Disney Pixar character most likely to scale Mount Everest.

[35:58] Olivia Disney or Disney Pixar character most likely to skin Beast.

[36:08] Yes I'm going to go with Buzz Lightyear cuz he can.

[36:14] Can fly up okay that's that that's certainly possible.

[36:29] I'll go with up boo what was the name of the thing for mom.

[36:39] Olaf Olaf.

[36:43] Okay cuz I cuz ice and Ice Age.

[36:55] Beast is not.
Bus is on their yes buzz rather alright so in six place was a lot for four point for point.
Buzz Lightyear was next for Four Points of rock is on the floor before then Pluto Donald Duck Goofy and Mickey Mouse being the number one answer.

[37:19] Alright so well i tally the points let everyone know again with you where to go to find more information on the dragon lords.
Yeah so I'm you can go to a board that dragoncon.org and there you'll be able to register to vote you can see the ballot for 2018 as well as
Facebook page cuz that will also have some information and some highlights but you can register to vote and then you can vote until the Saturday night of the show which is September 1st
we want their money is going to be on Sunday and Hyde Centennial one at 1 p.m.

[37:59] That's fantastic thanks alright so the scores are rocks came in with a fork I came in second place with 21 points,
and olivia one with twenty five points on your wall so the rocks.
So you got the right one right.
Alright I love you thank you for thank you for taking time out of what is inevitably undoubtably a busy schedule right now for you.
I mean literally thousands and thousands of people are just waiting on you no pressure.
Hey chris what's real will just be you know you know you seventy plus thousand people reviewing your work don't worry about it though i'm sure that you've got it all under control it anyway.
So I love you thank you for you your time that you spend with DragonCon and getting all this information to us it's it's very much appreciated.
I'm forty before we got to much the did you guys are having me on today but above all if you wanted to thank you all the volunteers model numbers that.

[39:07] It with handwriting on on this to the end of the month is coming back to mom and i'm so what do you everybody eighty two thousand of our closest friends close all the volunteers i'm very very excited everyone's,
thank you i think the saying that place stated and she stated that my sated another one because some people skip around on listening to these.
Thank thank the staff if you're going through the lines and stuff and waiting for you know.
Going through registration stuff thank the people who are attending the doors the people who were in The Fault you know in the panel room.
Think the the volunteers they are volunteers numb the for the capital v.

[39:53] They're volunteers you know so thank them.

[39:58] My PSA so until next time for Olivia and rocks this is John saying peace.

[40:10] This has been a production of the unique geek.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at legacy.com.
No that is on twitter at.
That's fine the Unique Ink this podcast is distributed under Creative Commons share like non-commercial license.

[40:36] Music.