50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 42 - Regina Of The Programming

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Don't think that you didn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to,
this is heat.

[0:33] Music.

[0:47] Days of dragon con the podcast said gets in line only when they're supposed to and joining me as always issues well most of time if this legally i don't.
Oh yeah 65 70% I'm good I'm good you know we.
We're moving forward just gets released will be on what day 42 so it'll be a week in a day.

[1:20] So i will say yeah how we gonna dates new i will let everybody know that the schedule is coming out very soon i don't know it got there but as of late again for another hr my gas to be abominably and the only thing,
so we had the last directors meeting and that went great and we heard all about everything but the only thing I can think of is that I wanted to go see the movie The Mack,
cuz I love I love silly movies like that I love I love that kind of a Sci-Fi thing you know
I really do so I've heard you were into sharks and shark shark tornado combinations.

[2:05] We accept incoming probably saying that last name wrong,
you do i am i'm talking about the guy they killed a shirt because he came out of his body with chainsaw
well as you do we have a lot of professionals
that have been a cheese tastic movies and cheese tastic shows which makes me so happy and you know who the person is responsible for putting all of that cheese,
Enter the Dragon Con sandwiches
crack. Sandwiches
that's right you would get paid well and be blue four what is the white
the woman who moves everyone around and goes.

[3:18] Well well yeah unfortunately well fortunately or unfortunately however you look at it I will look at it as a blessing,
the deadline hundred tractor actors had turning their schedules hot after that deadline we have king from the proximate lee twenty four guess stupid,
which were you don't like big red gas from you know looking at things trying to figure out things that I was going to move maybe up into some bigger spaces to going.
Oh please don't please don't confirm anyone else please please,
having was with them i did say yesterday gandhi in this and what year is available why i told you have like a three that will early for all that i'm,
the one i did say yesterday during mean john was that tracking and and parallel track we are good to go calm but.

[4:19] But if all the sudden Duchovny came I would find a space warm now I didn't say that that space would be the main Ballroom but your hotel room
not that would be one of the company would not be mine that is Harrison Ford,
what are you going to ballroom and I don't and whatever time he wants to go,
when would you like to go inside and I will make that happen
absolutely whatever you say happy to do it yeah actually Steven Spielberg,
is nominated for a dragon work my said basically the same thing like mr silver would like to be the only to receive his,
we would be happy to accommodate him,
haven't gotten back to you on that yet,
urgently so from what listen to this before or haven't heard you can honey bees and,
an oldies I don't know what the other term is but,
but what exactly is the director of programming what is it you do.

[5:48] This lovely party and you see rigor printing burgundy we have lots of great content ridge meters in the tractor actors and there's,
forty them so i'm there i need a lot of the programming i need a size what things go into bigger spaces,
so then the track rooms which may be anywhere from hundred person enough to we have some problems that are,
but I am the one that when I look down that track program anyone that can either make a request for a bigger room knowing who the person is,
for instance John Barrowman will never be in a hundred person room because.

[6:41] Yes.
I'm the one who kind of looks at them except their social media and impact those kind of thing and decide what room they should be in I also tried it I try to keep them close to the tracks Homebase within an hour or two,
show the fans oregon that ins and it would and make it easy and is he.
Sometimes when we get really close yeah this way you know but when it,
and somebody will have to walk a little further sometimes things change but no and we do thank you for not making us walk.
Someone else maybe to be a little close you know.
Maybe they have to walk a little further for this one but this one works out to be so it's it's a balance it's all it's all about so.
Also right now what we're getting is a lot of their gravel.

[7:47] So you know I'm a people of sickly on working shows get their call sheets for what when they're.
When the recording and they're filming so sometimes things change because of that part of my rules don't try to make sure that,
fancy to see them as much as possible so sometimes i might have originally scheduled them for ten thirty or eleven ten eleven thirty panel ans.
They find that they have to live for anything by.
And they're not going to be here in time so I have to try to ship them to later in the day.
Make sure and train once and make sure that everybody travelers from,
yes for working actors we love this,
we love them for the work they do at my but.
You know I have to do the work.
And we let we would enjoy seeing them but we enjoy their work as well so you coming back just one of those.
Hello hello then just date him so.
What I have to do different people will look for different days like there baby just Friday Saturday Sunday because.

[9:14] They're in Vancouver filming and it just what it's not a holiday on Monday for them,
and so we get them Saturday and Sunday or Friday and Saturday.
Or Sunday Monday like is happening with Karen Gillan this year so.
You know it's what they say patiently we work it works out.
Because I don't mean actually works out because Atlanta has become such a good a big so mean Town that's how we got Black Lightning.
Which posted not very long ago they were supposed to be going to another convention.
And had to cancel because they're filming changed but they film in Atlanta.

[10:11] That's right so they're coming in on Saturday and Sunday so it's those kind of things I'm the one who has to balance all that.
So you can only often say saigon thousand is a that's why we often say is not done here buttons seem.
Panels on going because these are as we said working actors and sometimes they have to bail or even if we know their schedule guess what folks,
a free Thunder shower comes over Kansas which then delays flights which means that,
where is the Rockies we had hurricane so.
And yeah it's straight up the weather all over the place and,
everybody was running 3 hours late and get a Friday as a lot of times much office day because you just can't count on the weather and the.

[11:10] We do love playing,
pray for no rain during the parade,
unlikely cleared up at 10 a.m. and we're praying against all of you out there who like to go to the parade.
Which whichever deity are going to break to appreciate you.
Most directors that's that's that's true course that's true of course but but but you specifically because you have to move people around you have to move
rooms around it's not going even during the human during the area
you should mention trying to keep guests near there near where their main fandom is,
and I believe you also do that also because many of the directors also have to host those those guests as well
coming up on the room so that they got run around so they can also get back to the room afterwards so,
yeah they're shorter II has to be in any of those bearing panels to represent the track and so they're going to help with her.

[12:32] Volunteer yet am with a micro fans of the former asking questions the audience reset i'm so i am trying.
You know I really do try to not kill our volunteer staff we love them
then we would not be able to run this convention without them and you do a good job not killing us so we can we do our best to not tonight
have anybody dot it a there there ml of few times and had to sprint from the marriott they'll so i'm worried i made
helicopter get on the counter challenge mean krauser Johnny Reid love all of our attendees I mean you know.
But but you know sometimes doing things that are really popular course draw more people in it's a little bit more difficult to get through so I try to give them.

[13:30] Yeah it was decent chance to start on time um i'm really particular about the schedule being a schedule as nothing as disrespectful to the to everyone involved if you'll store,
someone on time and then someone on time for the next people that are coming
speaking of starting on time and in what not this is at this event this is always an ongoing question about specifically around mean programming when
rooms are open and closed and when you're allowed to be in line when you're not allowed to be in line for a particular panel what is what is,
The rule the official policy list or.
Maybe a better way to say this I mean people.
People do sometimes line up that way light up earlier before the first pendulum today I'd start a little earlier.
But basically it's supposed to be you don't line up for the next panel until this panel has loaded in.
So if you were waiting in line for an 11:30 panel the 10 a.m. panel goes from 10 to 11.
There's 15 minutes to empty that room as soon as that room is empty that the line will start being let in.

[14:58] So does that lying is all in the room or we're full there are are Marshall limits to any room.
And while we would love for everybody to be able to see everything is just not physically possible way so we have about 50 different things going on at one time.
Because some tracks run multiple things of programming at the same time some of the larger facts.

[15:25] Then we start lining up for the next spend so that's basically an hour.

[15:33] I know sometimes the last can get confusing and I know sometimes people try to start their own lives at the we discourage that,
never goes well I do this.

[15:53] Our security department is always looking for good volunteers.

[16:00] Always because last year.
And what to manage it so i.

[16:15] That's what's,
I'm in in the guitar so it's likely in the largest rooms and I heard y'all mentioning the live streaming that's a good option couple of our largest ballrooms.
Will be live streaming or or it'll be on CCTV as a live stream and so sometimes if you can't get in that room in a urinal Host Hotel.
To watch it on the DC TV at least you'll get to see it right.
Get in line you can have the live streaming and go back and watch the other one that you re right g this a little later.

[17:03] Energy i'm not hungry of the native hear a lot there a lot of questions last year about what could and couldn't be live streamed what he could be on the cd are there any other any body or any.
Panels we know that won't be either live stream and Oran DCTV at this point well or main ballrooms what there to blame all rooms that are live streams and that's.
It's something you'll and the mirror out a tree.

[17:32] And then the others other largest ballrooms in each Hotel usually are recorded and may be available later.

[17:43] There are occasionally.

[17:47] Studio agreements that prohibit us rebroadcasting.

[17:55] Might be able to watch them on dc tv at the time the.
Transmitted right that's a live thing but they can't be live streamed I can't go out to the internet.

[18:10] CTV live closer bit closer but not out to dinner
like or somebody like you know that's got an ongoing show that,
is afraid there might be spoilers revealed,
take back,
if you're going to ruin that's one thing but.
Write down on the internet you know as they say the internet is forever washes and we don't want the actors to get in trouble because they slip.

[18:46] So you know so they were like certain networks species one of them you do sometimes,
how do i get there the current protected and on the show they their plots reveal to her if they wanted control that so.
Oh yeah so that's all part of having to do agreements and again working actors so but love to know every little detail.
Well you also we have like huge I mean we have Peter Capaldi this year,
3 of my favorites we've got Donna Noble we got bill and we got Amy so I'm just now like amazed,
I can't believe it's so how about those panels and John Barrowman
sorry is what I mean.
He's he's on still on things and are scared don't has gone on to the gym on she which believe it or not is it the one billion dollar mark.

[20:06] Well I had my own I had questions about Jumanji I would actually see it over Christmas it was a funny movie
was Mary Boone in a tunnel continuation,
and then of course she's nebula in the whole universe.
Additional amazing sometimes that makes the decision.
As to which properties they will be covering unless they've made a specific request there are some things where they make a specific request hey I'm really here to promote.
Evangeline Lilly is one of those this year.
Am so she's in my name because i solas one of the thing with the.
Sometimes people don't understand what main is making which is which is on the track tractor with me but Maine handles.

[21:25] That's not in a track that's not specific rated for track or a person has to many tracks.
That they relate to it we've never be able to cover them all but we might have.

[21:41] A solar panel for that person to cover everything any of the.

[21:50] Any of their respectable questions thank you thank you for adding that question,
please don't come ask him to marry you relationship awkward for everyone involved.
Um no we know that we got it you hit me in the family room if you didn't love most likely occasionally people get dragged along with friends at.

[22:17] By and large so if you were dragging there with a friend and you didn't you didn't like them but then you ask him to marry you,
that would be really weird sometimes people get a little too excited.
And the.
It happens say this is the.
Microphone moderator zones called is there asking you to repeat your question to them before you actually ask it they're doing it for a good reason which is not to censor you it's to a help you,
that's funny question and to make sure that
or as much as possible avoid that awkward question that is going to make it awkward for you for the Gaston for the audience in General Tso,
thanks never talked on a microphone before and now they're talking in front of a couple thousand people.

[23:33] Start going well love your show I just love you I love you I love you yeah well we know that everybody in this room probably.
Bill's warmly about about the person on the stage I love you so much bye so really how do I ask this question.
Oh no evil help us before desert is really good to be concise if you can please form your question begin size because there's a bunch of people behind you,
what so like as their question.

[24:13] Night and and that's why we don't like people come up and say i,
definitely do not allow when people say why not
in one now,
that's why we limit to one question that's why we,
you know that's the joke on the drink on TV why have a 12-car question figure out which part is the biggest one,
us that when yeah so no,
enough gas or not the only thing that are covered under main you also you also contest some gas and dances and,
the party's at your mainly dance parties and so it would be listed under them I'm the one who decides when they go in,
but nothing's like a drum circle.
The drum circle is is under main the Masquerade is under main the.

[25:27] Orchestra that the orchestra performance little bit more about that cuz I haven't heard it for this for this year.
They have been extremely popular I worked on for years I need an orchestra and luckily the.
Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra who has a lot of very geeky members.

[25:57] To purchase and own,
i have been very successful for the last couple of years in southern something yeah we have we love to play all the different it.
Is amazing.
I was a canon i will tell my age but will older than i'm older than me i'm older than thirty not help but water and i remember before cable.

[26:29] And it is amazing how much science fiction and fantasy music.
Out there to pick from penny really is so it's always a struggle every year to have.

[26:44] Get representation on different fandoms and of course I work with them to you know well this is a big anniversary so let's see if we can find something from that.
Those things but yeah they're just awesome where they were they performing this year to tentatively.
It will be tentatively as you say in the Hyatt Centennial 1 to 3 on Saturday night at 7:30,
that is awesome that is an awesome awesome place is the easiest one for us to set them up and because they are large.
Hey yo is there haha so yeah and that is one of the few spaces that have stage and or other areas begin yeah yeah had to the stages that literally have water.
34 RR Road.
Concert stage area that we have to actually had several pieces in order to get them loaded in and everything but it's always a great event.
And that people just love it and it was great to see the the great response isn't that the first year and now it's become something to make us all you need to see that.
So how long do they typically play for 90 minutes do you know how long that load in is.

[28:13] Lee baker.
Setup it started by me so but they're actually loading and all their stuff earlier.
So that it seems like as soon as that you know.
Laugh panel is finish for that day yeah seems like the turn around would be really i mean that's a really tight turn around to go get the it's and it's an all hands on the deck,
turn around for our spectacular Tech Ops crew,
M&R and our hotel Partners it's an amazing thing to see,
if they do it and I do it every year it's some.

[29:00] I just have to be very cautious that's another thing is making sure that things are people have enough set up time.
Events because rushing around sometimes as what.
Gets people hurts I'm so making sure that everybody is safe as another kind of one of my things that I am responsible for.
So adds the stress levels to which you know would you use as much as i can cuz,
if you're rushing around that is when he get hurt and you get hurt or when you're rushing around that sells when you get stressed and you'll do something,
it's also friendly as we usually are right and it's also how the schedule gets off-kilter,
because it takes longer for people to set something up then anticipated and then everything keeps getting pushed back.

[29:59] And that's what they used to call in old-time keep fandom concrete.

[30:05] Yes yeah yeah was actually scheduled for 10 p.m. and it doesn't go on until 2 a.m. in the morning not happy about that
so that's a good happens with bands laws time.
We haven't gotten real good information on their setup and then suddenly show up with something way more complicated things will start creeping back.
I said there's no such thing as con time there's to know there is time. Glad we do it that way because it does,
it really helped everyone and everyone knows where they're going to be a big operation.
So there's lots of moving parts that we want everybody to be as safe as happy you know I have the greatest hits,
fun and i may have fun too because it is in we any of us as a driver do i can i say it is you director,
if I can run a good panel everybody gets in their you have fun questions get asked really faces that's why I'm looking at you moving around everybody had a good time everybody.
Aren't we going to break now you know of course your things are glitches and they're always going to be glitches you guys don't see and that's because we make sure you don't say no.

[31:29] Because if we're running on time,
regina weather thing as of yesterday i kinda wanna bring this one up is because sometimes try girders people like when you started ten minutes late you should a got him as later,
and that's not what that's kind of a rule now and we heard yesterday.
Their schedule for an hour animals or schedule for an hour so McKay Shelley and the smaller rooms will or concert or something like that.
Might be schedule for longer like the orchestra that we were just talking about now.

[32:16] If the guests are stuck in transit don't quite a ride.
On time which happens I mean have you seen the traffic in Atlanta traffic to get from maybe the Westin to the Marriott.
92000 people in their way and and that's not the only thing going on downtown that weekend.

[32:48] There are a lot of things happening over in Centennial Park.

[32:52] Aquarium in downtown ice Museum it's a holiday weekend.
Kickoff game,
happy I've lost you track staff for all night
which year it happens but there is a home in home you not going to live there is yeah thank goodness cuz you asked to recognize me engine ourselves or is,
soccer pants
yeah so there's challenges with that we'll just say that
that's so when they're even if they're even the late leaving his transport reason we still have to end if that's panels for another there's another.
Waiting for the next panel and it's not fair to cheat those people.

[34:05] Is there gas is on time by pushing things back because we served up load the room out one thing that is a little different with us between people you might,
see things from other cons on the west coast on television occasionally.
Weekly rooms in between panels thank you yes we did we do not believe it is fair.
Do you have people come at the beginning of the day in camp out all day long.
Holding up a seat or something that they're really not even interested that they're interested in the panel it's 3 hours from now,
or even if you are interested in the next panel people have waited in line he,
to get it so you need to exit the room and get back in the line if you want to go into that panel because there's other people already been waiting an hour.

[35:08] How is that fair to them,
it's not so we're trying to be very Kate and say okay and honestly if we do have people all four days.

[35:20] There's another opportunity so that doesn't maybe only do back that.
Because there are guests that you don't have to split up because they've been on multiple shows.

[35:36] Mom and you know when you want their fandom to enjoy themselves to be there.
Is something reply if not when trying to make sure that we don't have any background noise on the side at least i am getting off my speaker so that when i put my head down his rattle.
You don't hear anymore,
you're still talking to real people with awesome so i'm writing out yeah was the fair and am so you clear in between some time to get two thousand blabbering.

[36:16] 2000 people back in that room especially since other people that are crossing crossing paths there so.
But yeah so.
What will the date be on the common at and that's the other thing is that as you know there are only so many doors to the ball friends to go out at the end and things of that nature,
also say and this is a good time just to say it you is as we're loading and unloading out in here's the disability if you have disability badge talk to us let us know,
people are coming in and out never use area does really of you write that you are dismally services team there to assist you.

[37:05] And sometimes your disability isn't,
it's not it's not mine is not if you didn't know me you can see I'm limping a little you think I just twisted my ankle it's not that I have other issues but
the other issue is yeah they may need to do that and disability is handled that disability is vetted
please don't say why don't think of hers is disabled that's not yours managed I sorry I can't stand for long,
perfectly fine for people who look like,
do you have the one that fall down because of a Mobility
isn't it just takes longer to move guides just you know please be patient with that and let us know and we'll work with you on that too I mean all the people in the room was too so yeah,
is helpful if you would go ahead if you are able to go down the sheridan and check and other disability saying and i can give,
that helps identify you quickly rather than having to question your because,
are different accommodations for different.

[38:20] Different issues different issues that he seems knows what those are.
So I mean there's some people that you know if you're blind you need to be able to see The Interpreter.
Well and we are doing and you know we are going to be having a fun time
so I please excuse me like many of the drivers but at this point I'm one of those people that is just working with very little sleep trying to get this,
is again regina it's not just this evening early got you a real job and no life no that using your was in.

[39:04] I am in the part of condo that I will talk more to John then I will to my husband for the next.
My husband and I probably I will,
talked I was sleep beside my husband but we're both asleep and there's no talking,
Regina the other thing is for programming from that too is that,
you're the one or I don't know you're the one that your who also does all the Rays and stuff like that,
what if somebody says I don't even know what a rave is what would you tell somebody from a programming perspective,
about what is a raver what are some of these dances that you'll see listed on the on the schedule.

[40:05] Very active dance music
John you supposed to put that that noise Jamaican there is lots of lots of,
they are sometimes theme we have some very talented DJs that are coming in that do it every year now the Rave starts late it's like 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.
There are usually a couple of bands ahead of it that are you know the cruxshadows being.
Whatever you long time popular bands.
And I will come in and play and then the Rave is the Rave is in the atrium Ballroom in the Marriott.
Because you know even our wonderful checkouts people sometimes need to sleep.

[41:15] The zombie prom which finish and about earlier podcast which is on friday evening embry for our trouble can be.
I k pop dance party so your vana k pop,
yeah which is the Japanese pop music,
where the Silk Road Track is and this is part of Silk Road which handles a lot of Japanese culture.

[41:50] And then we also have you know the can't stop the signal party which of course those two are Firefly friends and.
And then there's the blizzard Fan Fest there's even ballroom dancing.
Yeah alternate history track on there actually they're having this at the Westin even though they're track is at the Sheraton because,
just didn't have any other space to put it in but yeah over in the in the movie in the Savannah Mall room on Friday night and they are.
Deanna Troi and costumes and they actually have an 830 school for ballroom dancing if you want to learn how to do it and then they go to the party at 7.
So Tina and then of course we have some of our favorites that Star Trek,
last party in all bran yes we are still having a last party on Alderaan even though there have been rumors on Facebook that we were.
No it is still there and will be just as big as ever.
The Spectrum party for lgbtq and allies Community new this year A Game of Thrones party.

[43:10] Really it's not a wedding by any chance is it.
Major themes,
items need to be our after 10 but but but John you were saying,
how old is hugh jamison oh that's like war party game of thrones mix together that would be my bet this the oven of more like does a senior,
Game of Thrones,
so um yeah then we have some me his mother dance like cassie is having the law,
first there's a melon ball which is what most popular parties ever that be you gaming run seven lesson on saturday.
Sunday we have the Obama does we actually have the family-friendly dance over in KC and Elijah skip track.
And in the first hour of the Yule Ball is Welcome to our younger fan but at 10 p.m.
Meineke at 9:30 they give them a little you no warning that it's 10 p.m.
Is going to be more for the adults yep it on out.

[44:39] And the mechanical Masquerade with all history.
That doesn't even mention the Thursday night parties yeah,
Thursday Thursday is the new Friday starting earlier and I had our,
have because we have a demand for it we hat yet actually funny last year was a pup two years ago i think somebody came in.
I get there early early now i can't even on tuesday yeah here i am and there was somebody at the food court dresses builders.
And it was like.

[45:27] Dude it's Tuesday.
Of our volunteers that work down in that area said oh yeah they actually were starting Monday they started Monday,
I saw some people over there dressed up and I was like are you here yet,
that's not gonna be fun at all um hum but was really send some cool things happening on thursday and,
sherrilyn Kenyon is having a book launch for her new masquerade party and she's having a live band play.
And wrestling of course.
Is gonna be and that's gonna have rick flair,
Lita he's one of those popular women wrestlers around and sting.
Michael Azar color commentators.
We're doing a new thing this year that we never done before witches medicine metalsome live band karaoke.

[46:37] Be made for mr okay now what is that at home they telling lies the hands that plays back for you rather than just playing regular karaoke.
Oh really you can go up there and saying.

[46:54] That's crazy sometimes.
Depending on your talent level the bunny Hutch party which is band, favorite in last 2 years.
I'm fixing long off and said he just wanted cat using go go the the thing on.
Lee's awkward 80s dance.

[47:25] Her middle school de anza.
Lee is hoping to get the disco ball for that so think of all your awkward high school and middle school dances I actually start working on that,
bat on the podcast,
cuz I listen to all of them I'm the person I'm the Regina that they're always saying Regina will correct us,
yes she will very nicely but yes you big sings is our Wauconda welcomes the world DragonCon,
we have a renewed cuz it's always been there I renewed for lack of better for mission statement,
is that we want DragonCon to be the most welcoming Dimension around so.

[48:30] Yes honey diversity track to feel comfortable whoever they want to be.
Beverly want to represent and be that you're dressing and I'm fabulous costume that you worked on Huron or you're in jeans and a t-shirt.
That's fine whoever you want to be as long as you don't bother hurt anybody else.
Do that enjoy it have fun there's all kinds of fans and there's room at DragonCon for all kinds of fence.

[49:10] Her statement even includes planet of origin,
as long as you aren't,
I'm sorry I just had a Bowie moment of touching anybody,
one baby one day i am.

[49:37] Five fish is one of the things that attracted me to sign station is being able to express a lot of different ideas.
I am in be accepting of other people because of you then dream of other worlds new should even get geelong galaxy.
Exactly so we just got a lot going on you know things during the day tend to be.
You know focused on panel types like things question and answer sessions I got to talking about different subjects we have obviously have a lot of you know fan panels and then of course we have a lot of the shows that you know the fans were talking about.
Creature Shop Challenge is a really neat thing this year that's new and Company is actually doing a live.
Ten of the creature shop challenge with they have never done before and is gonna be during the day so friday four pm.
They're going to have a live version if you are.
Read the brief online which is to come up with a character that would live.
In the far skate universe.

[50:56] And possibly that you've never seen me you get ready for that you can get out of there they gave it a couple weeks for people to work on costumes.
And come to prejudging at 2:30 and the.
Marriott 8708 and they will prejudge and if there's too many people level select down to the people that walk across the stage.
And then at 4 they're going to have a live version of it with Brian Henson.
As one of the judges and Gigi Edgley just as on the television show as RMC.

[51:33] So I think that's going to be really fun just kind of kick kick us off into doing lots of.
And that is I love that we're doing that during the day cuz I don't mean it's family-friendly it's General audiences.
The puppet slam is not,
kind of like always what I want to say with Avenue Q just there's you puppets does not mean there's a reason it's at midnight there's a reason,
yeah when your six-year-old to the puppets live but do bring them to the creature Workshop please. Yeah right that but yeah don't don't do that,
Jonathan and then mature there is a panel on the happytime murders.
How to be it will be a thirty minute will be pg thirteen oh well happy your not going to go there edge because that film.

[52:45] Even though it's their mature puppets more like the puppet slam.
Because we do have some here this year so please go to those sounds absolutely in the family friendly,
oh wait we do both both sign.
What is something for everyone and it and it different time so i had not what i wanted to bring up your again it,
from a programming perspective urgent one he's been pushing that there via,
kids General and amateur level
i did programming the first time before i took this position back did some other things in between was actually over all the tracks,
years ago and i was like you need to.
Have some kind of guideline they know when it's you know maybe not the most appropriate thing if they don't let you know.
The little ones to see an exact in so what you use your member from my job yo what's up what's your your children are.

[54:06] So there you go you know you might see.
It's manager jenny and you're gonna see a whole lot more duct tape as costa area about nine forty-five okay damn it is in that morgue yeah.
You going to sleep yeah you might see something so,
all Lord you want us to make sure that we brought the charity again to you before we move to our game or anything,
Play Store.

[54:53] Are educated bills as well as children yeah they also help with people to better translator citizenship.
Book tickets oh okay yeah and i'm twenty one locations amber it minds and they.
It's been a great partnership we and one of their main offices is in Peachtree Center which is,
but yeah we're excited you know well and we're excited too lot of reasons most everything comes from a story.
Petra from a story whether book was always better or a game there's a story.
And so we want everybody to be able to enjoy that story.

[55:43] It's kind of close to our hearts for literacy you know we just we really do feel strongly about it so.
And it is still I think a lot of people don't think that this is a problem but it is actually it is a problem for some adult and not learning English,
but also for others I mean it is a problem so I said there are absolutely people that are as we add space under-educated.
Or that you don't even have an undiagnosed learning disability right so they.

[56:19] Native quits you know and so they can go back and get that help,
important important I will tell you as a parent one of the greatest things ever is reading a story to your kid and I could not imagine being a parent who couldn't have done that.
I love the parents then they're going to be excited for the kids to be educated as well.
You not we are outside yeah it's so hard to do this where am i guessing it up but the one thing is if you have books.
Good condition that somebody could read that there's going to be dropped all around Dragon concert
the reason is because we were so successful.

[57:15] That we have filled their Library we did oh that's so awesome so actually,
they were overwhelmed with our generosity just from.
The people that know about it that is so good I mean.
During a one one match like mom is going to match up of the first hundred thousand dollars raised it mentioned.
To our charity auctions which will be the books and art will be Saturday.
The main option which is pretty much everything else will be Sunday and then of course military SF does the Don S Davis Memorial auction right after the main auction.
It always ends and then of course our tracks ordering lots of different things you know we have.

[58:20] They do different events and collect money for the money you do a lot what for sweetie um i get bath i ask for money and you people very generously
and give out I give out stickers and buttons as a thank-you so we do need to do I change buckets around and around by the tracks
so if you're getting on a plane and you don't worry about security just drop that change in the bucket,
yeah it's easier,
how do you say American money because I have been given Canadian before and then I'm going next,
myself and just FYI but yeah.

[59:12] We do and so yeah,
every dollar you give us $2 and the issue is for a group like this and I know we said 31 fights all around Atlanta they're still on a shoestring budget guys they're not,
they're constantly trying to educate and things are not free and fortunately this is always good but it's just,
that's the kind of stuff is that you know every dollar we give little Isaac if we can if we can raise that hundred thousand and DragonCon will match it,
and then anything else extra will will also be given to them so please let you know.
Be generous if you can if you can't that's always good I understand sometimes things are tight but you know maybe skip that Starbucks Coffee in.

[1:00:09] Coffee from your women at eight am in our ginger well i didn't think to go out to the country to get copy,
cuz you'll be lost in life doesn't exist I know you guys keep insisting this thing as a real thing but it cannot possibly exist I have not been able to find it,
hell yeah i could promise you it does that's as any hes been there since the verb the bank on what i understand that you are direction we chat,
weird Vortex of,
it is my Bermuda Triangle that is because it starts with an m and it's in the,
it was something with somebody that pointed out here that,
He got healed it kinda goes backwards now i am yeah this is confuse me yes is confusing.
That's fine.

[1:01:35] The awkward 80s dance now,
yeah yeah Grandma can come pick it up a lot of people that you know they kind of share share duties,
passing out one night when so parents can go for now i get.
And then that might be a time to watch some classic CCTV.
You said you'd have a note written down but was in for.

[1:02:14] All previous contest you talk to Robbie Hilliard and Phillip but she I was surprised Sean that you didn't know what that was,
I was the one that,
Rob Henry weeks before the convention because I knew him from doing a lot of other conventions I'm very active in the community in the south.
And I was like the person that was there ahead of them was.

[1:02:50] Had a family issue and I was like I know we got.
So as far as feel like I always thought it had to be it always had to be.
Pokey and if you will have to be that was that was always sort of I never quite,
got it until they explained it on the bottom pocket,
misprints and a i think a walk on her and it was suppose to be focusing,
printing it is still kind of courses Geeks we just adopted that.

[1:03:40] Well before we let you go you know this was coming,
there's a there's a game playing,
since you want something right,
before we start registration sold this year
Doppler Sheriff registration people told me to let everybody know there is no reason to line up early.

[1:04:15] It's going to open on time there is no reason to make a line.
Unless you're rocks who just likes to talk to everybody in mine.
Set the the line is not.
Longer because they used to make line buddies rocks is one of those p.

[1:04:40] I would make sure I will go on record though John I will give you $10 to buy better games,
he's got some games the answers are,
question is that i'm going to the morning of tuesday morning in the please god take,
on a nineteen ninety percent hell exactly i really did he says he didn't okay well we're gonna play were gonna because you are the
you know the goddess of Maine programming and you have wear a lot of hats,
we're gonna play potluck out of that the best of tv and movies and you can see where you can see where another card and some of these guys who are another card start to get printed,
and it got cut it literally it literally is like you can see the part of the other card because the cut on here is just like not very good
that's so awful oh my goodness okay so we're going to play a potluck categories have to shovel the SIM cards and it will start with the original play three cards each,
score point for it quit correct answer now,
the tray on is very eclectic anyway so you know when bodily a can you can you confirm that the rock is definitely not coming to drink on.

[1:05:58] Oh honey he does this on purpose so it is possible that they could show up.
Action movie stars are guilty pleasure so you know if Vin Diesel,
just because they want to show up,
it might be my office,
that's what your name will the only six years old and has like and tell me i will figure out a way to do it i swear lol yeah,
alright see your first question here regina the first heard this four questions each card and in what nineteen twenties version of jersey shore does not eat thompson does like a thompson has plenty,
this literally says it does Nucky Thompson has plenty of booze and is always in hot water.
So what 1920s version of Jersey Shore Boardwalk Empire.

[1:07:17] Boardwalk Empire was the name of the show again I read it exactly as it's written what what extraterrestrial for swipes out in New York in Deep Impact.

[1:07:30] An asteroid named the 9th is a big rock.
A big rock yeah name the nineteen seventy one john waters cold comedy film that starred a drag queen named divine.

[1:07:50] I shouldn't there found in a are all over florida.

[1:07:59] What their founding yards all over florida.
Pink flamingos pink flamingos if you're watching if you're watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey what network are you watching it on.

[1:08:14] Yes Bravo the people I remember when Bravo used to do.
Operas operas on all the time and now they've reduced down to this alright Lee your your potluck question here card rather.
On what Andy Show does the Robinson family sell a product called The Duck Commander.
Dynasty yes in what jeff bridges film is the word dude used a hundred and sixty one times,
think about the yes having an anniversary this year to the big one me get legally always has an average height that it is a thirty years is your.
Five in the frigging um i never seen what it.
Hon will talk needs it is not a brilliant down but it is one that is have fun is that is in what singer performed a liberace tribute song at the at the sixty five any award ceremony.

[1:09:20] Singer for at this.
Elton John that is correct that is correct Marcel was the name of Ross's pet monkey on what hugely popular TV sitcom.
It's hot as correctly in forty four.
Alright next one but you got what Mornings co-host
morning show co anchor replaces for always free ridges are
what morning show co anchor replaced charlie gibson as host of the abc nightly news on december twenty first two thousand nine.

[1:10:05] What morning show co-anchor replaced Charlie Gibson on the ABC Nightly News.

[1:10:12] Diane Diane your clothes.
I know I think of it he was Huck's friend Tom.
Here is where can i answer his pressed on her face in front of me and yeah i'm on team tees comedy drama series re romano scott back of an under brower or old what kind of man.

[1:10:43] So the name of the series is re mandating no they are men of.

[1:10:52] I don't know certain age certain age,
there you go that's exactly it was a non-white president elected after president bartlet's term was up.
That's a good point for you alright Lee your questions okay,
alright there's actually one that's in your track in the minute someone what long-running TV medical drama feature doctors nicknamed McDreamy and McSteamy.

[1:11:44] Oh Grey's Anatomy even with a shortage of food on TV this is not very nice even with a shortage of food on TV's lost what portly character never lost an ounce.
Yeah i guess losing the on why five o yeah he was on wife of mr he still is,
Build-A-Bear Lee.
On Facebook I will get Yahoo ID on Google later Elroy Jane and Judy,
have a flat screen TV a Roomba vacuum vacuum in phones with FaceTime,
that was my question but yes what 2000 2013 2013 documentary film focused on the man who wrote The Catcher in the Rye.

[1:12:57] I'm a documentary what will i do selling your is you read the catcher in the rye then it would dr g to guess.
A Catcher in the Rye.
Eighty selling your life the correct the actual the name of the documentary sounds are all of the ice and i gave you and i give you an opportunity for finally answer so.
Okay becuse does the last one regina for you.
In what successful film series did the flux capacitor make time travel possible.

[1:13:40] To the future as correct what two thousand twelve musical was unique in that the that hugh jackman and and half away were recorded singing live well acting.

[1:13:55] What 2012 musical film was unique in that Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway recorded live or cords singing live while acting.

[1:14:05] Les Miserables that is correct what process of extracting natural gas is at issue in the Matt Damon and John Krasinski film Promised Land.

[1:14:17] What is the process of extracting natural gas from the ground using explosives.

[1:14:25] Using explosives.
It's suppose fracking rocking yes and then her for long if the rehearse for a
it actually replaces every other person we actually gotten to a point where we replaced everything with one word.
Now I got what was the first name of Elizabeth Taylor's character whose horse wins the Grand National.

[1:15:03] What was the first name of Elizabeth Taylor's character whose horse wins the Grand National way back.

[1:15:13] It's also a rabbit velvet that is correct,
I've never seen that movie so I had no National Velvet Brown.
Okay alright leave here we go off season issues employed at new york's all saints hospital but he fell cuz character is hardly a saint in this site so the showtime show shooting shares that.
That is incorrect Nurse Jackie.
On what TV show will you be singing a different tune if Usher Adam Levine or Blake Shelton coach you.

[1:15:58] Or whatever other coach happens to be on there this season Adam Levine or Blake Shelton.

[1:16:07] Voice that is the voice at me so i couldn't remember which is which your blood is just the type he's looking for when playing dracula on nbc what actor plays him.
Rex plays dracula on NBC on the show that is one season maybe and somehow made it onto the bus card.

[1:16:32] He's the one that always thinks looks kind of like the guy that plays Howard Stark but it's not him.

[1:16:41] He's not a serial killer mike give goal i'm is yen in the goose goose i don't know john raise myers,
can rise mines at mars and he does he look at me look at the guy that plays hard start to life man,
I meant to correct you on actually the person who does the Sharknado films this name is iyan reminded me,
no it's okay I was saying it wrong to all right,
it's are in the classic sixties comedy laughing who did dan row and predict would be president in nineteen eighty eight.

[1:17:33] He actually predicted Ronald Reagan that is absolutely weird in the Simpsons predicted Donald Trump so.
Yeah you at all of y'all,
away from that as quickly as possible so that we,
alright so totaling everything up actually,
no with a score of 9 to 10 yes,
cuz that last last card alright Regina.
No actually of it and i had.

[1:18:24] So anything that's you know not in a minute Rackroom typically is.
We're game for a training so,
if you're in a big big room control whether it stays in the truck anyways,
so she's everywhere she's behind you right now she is a goddess,
yeah it's alright Mother of Dragons,
plus you got to sleep with.
Yeah and I mean,
he said he is pretty.
Or leave then police are regina this is done saying base.

[1:19:44] Music.

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[1:20:14] Music.