50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 43 - Cherie Of The Services

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but there is not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is the complete,

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[0:42] D-day's of Dragon Con the podcast that.
We're almost there right now where it was there almost.
Recording 8 Days 9 days whatever don't expect this year.
Hello you know it just so what before we started recording as i said to john because you hurt them up i got from today with regina are wonderful,
regent of programming that you know with anybody and outs today and john that like your screaming and crying into any alcoholic beverage the time so were dead,
yeah but even with announced today but just can you remind you guys of you sayings right,
restoration will be open on thursday friday saturday sunday and monday.
When the hours are posted that's when you should start going to registration early.
No reason to line up no reason.
Unless you really like lines or the person that like the line line help me.

[2:08] The real ones we get back there is no reason to do so number to remember bring your car and bring your id and you are fixing up.
A bad for someone else do you need a statement from them saying I am picking up this I am allowing Lee Bennett Connor to pick up John boutelle is bad,
with a copy of your,
right and we got to sign that and give him the piece of paper in a copy of your ID,
so you have to do that too and then number 3 is if you are someone who needs some support.
You have a disability or you have a temporary disability.
You disability services in at the Sheraton where registration is.

[3:02] And there is no way I can make a Segway so we're just going to start now hey Sherry of disability services,
thank you for being on the podcast to talk a lot about disability today so talk about Disability Services what it is how people sign up and everything else.
Okay well we have a crew in the Sheraton basement just outside on-site registration who can help people get through registration if you can't handle the line that lie does not want to form
probably will anyway if you go no
come to us and we'll run the registration for you we also apply stickers,
what we call our corvette line cuz if you go through the line yourself,
isn't a line in this really faster now than he used to be yo wait longer with us and you would in the main line,
assuming that it's not the first thing in the morning around the block craziness that shouldn't happen you can come
indoor Corvette line and you already have your badge will just slap a sticker on there after a brief conversation and send you on your way we provide accommodations for people who can't stand in line for a lot,
because of various disabilities can't stand in line wheelchair seating service dogs safe space for service dogs.

[4:22] Proximity seating ultimate based on what kind of ended the end of the end of the aisle CD.

[4:35] You call that you called out to what I'm sorry what you say.

[4:39] Which one who are silly or.
Personal little in joke yeah yeah,
so i uninstalled of when he see if we only knew asl would get the inside yet i shouldn't have done with it okay.

[5:05] We do provide interpreters we have quite twenty interpreters working for us this year not house was yours i on top of the other ones sell we were covered up and interest is your,
wonderful that i actually great cuz i know it's been tough sometimes to financial person that's really great that you got more so yeah yeah,
there are some changes that have gone on that your g but so as you said for the most part you can find is a sure thing but if somebody picks up your badge to uk it to the sheraton there it is a little pock mark on that side walk.
Tell me there's an issue so somebody else's pick up your bad but you still need a separate stickier to have for your your disability where else could you get that sticker.
In eternal registration in the marriott and i don't remember the exact room number but the eternal registration we have people there all day thursday and then the rest of the condo be in the marriott atrium,
your little bit harder to find but they will be there.

[6:09] So just because we go over this pretty much every year but just to kind of let everyone know the.
Getting a disability sticker doesn't give you special access or anything like that because you because you did.
What are they called fair and accommodating access but doesn't give you it doesn't allow you to show up you know a minute before the panels to start and then they got to kick somebody out or anything like that correct.
All is fair and equal access for everyone in in the main programming areas are line that we have align it with chairs out
the ball room are i will doing first but that is not by,
Disability Services didn't make that decision that's a security decision for safety because when the main light opens up people go run screaming to the front and grandma is with her walker trying to get over to her chair she will get trampled so that it kind of looks like they get special
consideration there but it's really for the safety of all Condors everywhere else,
I you have to wait in line just just like anybody else you just might wait in line in a chair somewhere off to the side instead of in the main line with everybody else.

[7:23] And I also wanted to say that just because somebody is getting it because of disability services cuz people say that sometimes they're like the front that doesn't mean they are on the very front row,
lots of levels of disability does is talk about you could be end of the road in about while in the red you could be needing to be able to be able to see an interpreter you there lots of different levels,
so don't.

[7:52] Don't don't we're being Equitable people but you know sometimes you need a little more time to be able to get to your seat even if your seat is just,
no 10 rows back or wherever it's still you need a little more time,
of the biggest problems we have is with people looking over our line and seeing all these people that are walking into the room and they to ted
just anybody's eyes they look to be perfectly normal there's these things that are called invisible disabilities you can't see
person has a condition that makes their joints,
its way too stretchy angles that the blood vessels can rip if they over exert themselves you can tell that i has a car her condition the guy in the wheelchair they're pretty obvious there's there's most of the people we sir
what invisible disabilities you can look at them and tell them they,
they are the Civic disabled though and we have an interview process that we go through to make sure everyone going through that gets an accommodation for disability services is does having his a disability,
and as somebody with an invisible.

[8:58] Disability or accommodation or whatever term you want to use condition.
I love you privation is what we do to help right so with somebody who has an invisible chronic condition you can't tell and just know that then not everything is visible right.
It's not what it always used to be you're in those awful awful 80s movies where everybody who was blind was wearing the dark glasses and.
Whatever photos off of stereotypes from the seventies and eighties that are not true but do know that.
Now there's also a new I want to call it policy but a little bit of a procedure policy.

[9:43] Where are the little policy but you go ahead and go to policy and i was wondering major about service animals especially service dogs died out.
Well Service,
last year right before car in one of the hotels put out something saying hey we're pet friendly and stay in
saw on social media right before I like days before calling literally people say go I'm going to bring my pet to I'm going to bring my pet and last year we had.
A huge mess because when you bring your pets you're risking
chance that that dog is gonna distract a service dog a service dog is a trained animal
wake up at that provides some pressers that is medically necessary to that person so if this person has a seizure alert dog room medical our dog
your pet whose yapping and barking and behaving like head would when there is a very stressful stitches situation which dragon.

[10:45] Working dog,
the result could be catastrophic you could have a person have a seizure they could have whatever medical issue the drop dog is supposed to alert to not alert because of that distraction so we had to implement a policy to try to keep out all the pets
and the emotional support animals and everything else only service animal.
Can come to DragonCon service animals are dogs.
Get your horses and we have never seen a manager for i've never seen a miniature horse in my life other than on video um so they're very very.
The new policy is that um.

[11:21] Dog comes through disability services the person will receive the sticker and it says say space for service animal and they will be singing along the outside edges of banks of chairs where the dog is not in danger been trying.
Dog will have a little
the wall paper natural it's a paper wristband things to get an amusement park will be on the dogs harness or collar or somewhere on the dog clearly visible if you forgot the dog in person have both your pieces
does red door no questions ask they go when they have already done all the steps they need to do at disability services.
A dog comes into a door and doesn't have those two things,
they will be asked the two questions that we are allowed by law to ask which is is this dog a service dog,
because of a disability and what task is this dog trained to perform for you if you don't have the sticker and the wristband,
then you might have to wait before going into doors because security is a little bit nervous about having to do this and they're probably going to call my people to come in and check on it so if you if you if you're trying to bring a dog that isn't a service dog,
please please please don't do it um you could be her and is seriously be causing serious issues to someone else.

[12:42] And until the young because it's been in the news and what not there is a difference between a service animal and a support animal correct.
I support animal is just some an animal that gives Comfort to the person it's with Comfort is something that animals dog specifically but
any animal can,
they just do it naturally they don't have to be trained to come cuddle with you they don't have to be trained to do anything so emotional support animals,
don't have that there is.
Starts go through massive amounts of training to be able to do what they do to be able to behave the way they behave in crowded environments and stressed rosson stores and wherever else they have to go on so that
order animals don't have any of that training necessarily their owner might give them a little bit of training but they all are also not recognized by the wall
as having that right of uniform universal access that the service dogs do against people that need that or or those animals is just,
logistic Lee at DragonCon when there is 82000 + people,
it's it's if they aren't trained as you said it's just.

[14:06] It's not pay august's after the dogs out there to the people i don't like my dog grooming to very wonderful sweet very friendly pretty well trained dogs but if i brought them to dragon con they be a quivering mess all of florence and that's dogs are used to back in the ground in that level of stress
write a it to bring your pet to something on dragon con is is not only a disservice to your pet but it's also the service to the people of service on to,
the the right to be there him phone is something it and again remember something when you see service dogs heads they are working.
They're working don't tell them I do I guess I just really do I love all the peppers.
But you don't don't pet them because they're working and you can't nut as we talk about other dogs and cats.

[15:01] Emotional support animals being a distraction thing about if eighty two thousand people tried at.
So don't do it or even one of the thing got my my second is blind and has a guide dog,
one of the things that happens to us frequently when we're coming to dragon con meetings are working moving around in downtown is that something is gonna say you know of good for the body and that momentary distraction,
i wasn't there sure was loan and some,
she can't walk into a wall she she's hours you worked for murder she's around murder trans locks she fall off the platform me all give that dog is not folkestone with their doing,
will things can happen belt that's why we're trying to get this problem that we have laughter and vinegar and yet no one is saying,
that you know if you have your pet in your hotel room there's a very difference between that and then assume,
he never in dragon con so we're gonna think about that steve since we have some great hotel there are very that.

[16:06] Only i know that many of the spg hotel hilton,
have that as a policy but that doesn't mean you get to bring your pet into DragonCon it's the common areas that everyone's hanging out and if this is a where the issue is right.

[16:26] Okay and then what held you people each know about disability services and well because it's not just in a programming we also got in the truck,
am i going with the flow yeah yeah i'm sorry no i think you got it okay everywhere,
everywhere in DragonCon disability I have people working my people are stationed in the main ballrooms of each Hotel
if the registration area and the sheraton we do however move outside of the spaces and try to cover others areas as we can,
we also do training and all kinds of information sent out to the track directors they know what their responsibilities are and what they need to make sure that their staff their volunteers know
so that when someone comes up to the door which we tell them don't you know if you need to see the line you go to the door you knock on the door and say I need to see in line
need to know that our responsibility that i can't just be open to busy to take care of that stand there for ten minutes which could have severe consequences for the breslin disability,
exactly and I will tell you all we're all scared of Sherry
we we listen to her cuz she she Maybe Might she may be small but she is mighty.

[17:41] Every now and then i get to walk into a truck and into a track room and call of the director and i say yeah
it just complained about you and then you'll gonna go beat somebody no i'm not gonna be going to tell people i several.

[17:59] Yeah and it's in this really just to make sure that everybody can access the joy that is dragon con and only you have a disability,
it is it takes so much longer to get anywhere do anything it really saps your strength i don't know if you heard of the spoon theory but i'm
yeah i know yeah yeah it is just the idea that you as a person with a circle certain kind of disability you only have so much energy
and they really have to decide what they're going to spend that energy on and.

[18:33] Whereas other people can just go do everything they want and run run run and they're Pino the.
Rules for volunteers that you have to have a certain amount of sleep every night because we know that most people don't so the person with a disability doesn't have that option they have to manage what they do so that they can get to see what they really want to see.
I didn't use the folks you know you did The Spoon Theory is basically that,
i was only has so much today that we can get to doing what we need to do.
And that's the thing so let's say you start with twelve today in certain people you haven't heard this theory so maybe you have an ass,
it litterally take on certain days to of your twelve spoon for the whole day two years well then just get out of that.
Yeah and then thing about those twelve tonight and ten,
and it takes another two spoons just to shower and put your clothes on right today at 12.

[19:36] Gotta get between the marriott and this year ima and it has a lot of spoons to get in the sheraton through a
solidly packed Habitrail in there so it's just that if you haven't heard of it but it is,
it really does for those of us to have that kind of got sometimes I have to plan your day it is something very different and it is something that a lot of people don't think of so.
That which it,
it's giveaway planning your day no no it is the first i've heard of this this theory now when i ask what can i ask a question no i mean not to be the term beecher but why spoons,
what why was it spewed myself actually I actually have read the same because it was a friend and her friend.

[20:35] Two women were going out and one of them was someone who had a disability and invisible disability even.
And her friend was always like you're always canceling on me you always canceling on me why are you canceling on me.
And her friend they were in a restaurant and she basically leaned over cuz she could see it and she said hold on a second she went and she grabbed a handful of spoons,
are things to get it and she said think about these that i have my own are your whole day or what have you all my caffeine.
That but then it so if they were if there were let's say veggies patties next door the dude that you had heat or slice the tomatoes organ or fortune cookies is good in the,
you can do about it I have I have 12 working cookies in today I have 12 spoons I have whatever and Sundays you get extra spoons is awesome,
and is you don't even get triple amounts in sundays don't get full amount or yesterday you spent way too many spoons and re start and i get a ton.

[21:43] Give me,
this is the most i've talked about the spoon never that's funny but just it's just dead weight in it said hello visual like a visualization technique to think about help tuning
what you mean by like you're tired and it's only 2 in the afternoon yes this is right.
Sherry tell us how how you got involved in DragonCon and and and Disability Services.
Okay will this is gonna be a very strange story um that's the by the way all of the directors is a three hundred
even myself and even John who does 50 days ask him one time how he got into 50 days cuz it's a weird sport.
I was sitting in my home outside of cincinnati ohio where i work as a sign language interpreter for an agency that
bring all around the city and i was looking for a picture of a dragon for something for i even forget what i was doing i was looking for a picture dragon and google
can an what's something that came up was driving time and just interested because i've never really been to a big convention but i,
part of a group to set one up when i was in college very tiny when i'm so it is just scroll indirect and i saw maryland he was the director that time and she had something about needing a is selling hers.

[23:11] Is a hundred would be cool so i talk to her an i sign up and i came down and worked as a volunteer for.

[23:19] Clears i don't remember exactly how many of say about five or six and then she.
Was starting to back off a little bit and need a little more she was running out of energy I think in some ways and wanted was switching over to the parade more so somehow I was told I was the director.
Without really quite knowing what was going on and then I just she didn't run fast enough.

[23:54] And it said this this will be I believe my 20th year so in doing it for awhile now.
Can i use any of the new all the years i've been here.
Believe in ghosts i mean ever back when i'm still doing more interpreting i would go interpret for the people that i really wanted to see.
But I don't really get to see much of the con I'm working pretty much every minute although I do go to bed around 10 1030 every night and wake up at 6:30 so,
i get my sleep nothing can take that away from me know is there is there.
I guess over the years that you seen it that really sticks in your mind that that has that you can join.
Richard dean anderson was well i was i'm a big fan of stargate and he was one of the la one last one family that i interpreted for and.

[24:51] Was a group of deaf people that i was interpreting for and there was some photographer that was sitting there and i'm standing in front of the table interpreting and he had jumped off the table and run off in the audience and then something in the come back and was standing on the floor and from the table
as was I and they everybody in the group was kept waving at me to move over moving over and moving over and then before I knew it I was like within touching distance of it when I can look over my shoulder like
and yeah be the photographer took pictures but you never sent to me so oh oh.
Yeah he was he was in his very entertaining i don't remember why you ran out of the audience now but he was he ran like all the way to the back of heights and daniels and then all way back to the front.
He was fine no I know that you're really you're super busy because there anybody this year that you would like to take to see if you had you know even a second free ovary time.
i'm probably very bad person i haven't really even paid attention to his coming my second is a big star trek fan and she usually direct me to some star trek stuff
is the do that used in the screen on mr wristed al the time i don't think we don't delete always prices in this universe.
It would also like to go to fill bleeding we we every evening we.

[26:14] For bedtime plans and oh what listen to some silk.

[26:18] There you go we we we finally interviewed V directors,
looking couple episodes you know and i get to finally figure out what silk really was i think i listen to onitsha summer jeans without her gina but my aunt my impression about silk always was was it had it had to,
basically lord of the rings themed and it wasn't being lord of the rings i don't know which is sounds like it's supposed to be and then you know a lot of the people that the bill of the bands are parts of something,
until then I just in my mind I connected the two and thought that's what it always meant but hey guess what I was wrong I learn something new.
It turned out that I've apparently been listening to all of my life.

[27:04] It is great yes tell me jonathan colton in many ways ob can't burley would be probably considered felt mom.

[27:15] Right I just find it funny that I've all the things that you were like that I just I love that you were like.
It had to be token i'm just line my mind always i always had this impression of that was the case that they are always of the only saw some songs about caring rings to mount that'll,
really okie dokie so what are some other things that then.
Moving moving back away.
So what are some other things that people need to know about disability services and about.

[27:59] In about you know helping helping those people out and I was going to be this what I want to bring up cuz I always like to bring it up especially during during this particular conversation.
Elevators show me talk about them for a minute please the band my existence elevators.

[28:19] This way if you person who had who's on wheels person in a wheelchair and you're trying to get from the lower level of the high it and you have something that you have to get to over in the marissa,
and you're going to so you have to elevator trucks one of the Hyatt one of the Marriott for someone who's walking.
That and it was able to dodge into an elevator very quickly you might might take as much as 20 minutes if that's a really crowded route.
Maybe more if everybody's tryna go down to go up thing which i absolutely if you're on wheels that trick from the basement of the high it to the lower level of the marriott could take you over three hours
we've had that how long it takes because if you're in a wheelchair you can't move his quickly,
oh everybody else who got there after you streams pass you into no whatever rare open elevator or eyes and in your standing there looking at them and they're like what the market for you i'm not in it yet then
people that just stare epperson out there.
Who was in line before them to get into an elevator and just sorry too bad you're out of luck and move on is kind of scary sometimes.

[29:36] If you can take the escalator or the stairs.
Please do the person on Wheels doesn't have an auction they have to take the elevator they can't,

[29:55] Other people need it rather than just what you need in the moment of his it is there ever been there how to say this without you that's a has there ever ever been a push maybe to,
to put security on the elevators to the mean to to trying to try to fix the prime people,
we've received so many complaints about elevators and so many scary stories that there was a drunken group that shoved some lady in a scooter off of the,
elevator floor because they wanted to see how many people they can stuff in an elevator I mean it just scary scary stories,
well first off the elevators along to the hotel DragonCon doesn't have the kind of control over those that that would require we've tried to put signs in elevator saying you know please be nice please think about other people.
Call ins usually have corners down i don't know if that is.
Hotels during a downer cuz we're not was the flyers anywhere either so maybe has something to do with that i don't know but we've not really been able to do anything what we tell people if you're in an elevator and you waited more than reasonable and i'm
find a hotel person i'm selling in with.
Fancy clothes off there's you sometimes there's a phone somewhere in the elevator bank that you can call and collect connect to somebody.

[31:25] The hotel people are your friend if you can't get somewhere via elevator they can show you the service elevators they can stand in the front of a door and Eleanor says everybody off this person's going or nobody's going,
can do thos things we can,
I'm so if you if you're facing an elevator and you've been there more than 20 or 30 minutes longer than anybody else that's been waiting,
hotel person and they can help you yes please did.

[31:53] That's the elevators of the band the existence so just think about it this way what if that was you mom is there and it.
One thing that a lot of people with this beautiful disability community would like people to realize is that you're just one small accident one small medical condition away from.
Experienced it first-hand and nobody wants that but please just think before yoou.

[32:21] Things will any other way to say is also because you got a disability services with loud but this is more of a permanent disability.
But the other question there is what if somebody is like they've broken their leg and they have a temporary disability and they may need to be able to sit down,
things like that major can they come to you as well,
yes a temporary disability is still a disability if you gonna if you can't walk at the speed you know that would.
Good for you you cant stand the line if you can go up and down stairs,
for whatever reason that's a disability.
And i actually knew the answer to that question so that was good.
Because my husband a couple years ago and had knee surgery that we thought would be healed by DragonCon it was it,
and he was in a wheelchair so there you go,
so if that happens or something like that don't think your DragonCon is ruined you can go and talk to Disability Services that'll be great,
spell help you up do our best and they're wonderful people we know if anybody know if anybody is a,
a scientific study of going up to go down are going down to go up is actually sitting anybody anytime it seems like it wouldn't.

[33:44] Um i nobody that i know of is his studied it i know that it's okay everybody does it apparently,
i know it can you send that way to you soon stratton this maybe.
Have them perhaps do some research on the matter.
I think you know what we eat at winco the director the science guy,
do they do actual research or do i get there is other people and the other is there a sign to research yeah
we should definitely bring that to them I think that Georgia State University did some kind of study at some point not too long ago about.

[34:29] Add something to do with the sidewalks they were mapping the sidewalks around dragon con try to find areas that were problematic maybe we should talk to them and see if they can do that.
I mean because it just seems that it just seems like it isn't saving anybody anytime cuz it's just.
And all sorts of other problems right so well i think problems does the elevators become some sort of big social thing more so than a mode of transportation your any time with this little group of people and getting to know them.
For that short little ride alright so is there anything else that we need to make sure that we cover as far as Disability Services is concerned.
We have a website i don't have his sick it when we gonna probably it so disability services guide to dragon con gabi should come up pretty quickly on google,
we have every accommodation we offer every service we offer we have information for people with autism work white space is might be found we have information on.

[35:32] The service with the new service stop policy on how to get scooters or wheelchairs rental everything related to dragon con is on that website.
You can rent a scooter yes for a wheelchair gonna start calling now because they usually do run out a do right now but you can't own it off.
All right Siri so what we like to do with our guests before we say goodbyes play a little game,
the world's worst games ever now this won't be in these questions comparable these questionable share these questions come from family feud the marvel addition.

[36:16] Jaunt,
he's not really Family Feud won't you just admit it's not really Family Feud some Marvel characters thrown on a page with numbers assigned next to them
typically is what that is it's not really Family Feud but what else what I will do is I'll participate with a with you and Lee and.
Will i ask the question you give family feud style to say what you think the best answer is.
Can he do what your your answers what you think might be a high scoring answers up to you and when whatever the points are there's appoints to get and then we move on at the end we to see who has one.
What is a lecture sherie have you listen any of these before yet so far i understand we're all busy so you may not have that he had okay let me explain john has really really crappy day.
Who got the me we take them off our hands.
And again in like tuesday morning or tj maxx or something so there really really weird so is perfectly fine.

[37:26] Hey the system and say okay brevard the first one i know i'm not gonna answer what i think really is the answer i'm just gonna try to get points for fun.
Alright so first off they are yours of course is the first question if you could have a marvel superhero,
your sibling which one would you choose cherry mr william oh.
Given that i'm not totally familiar with the marvel universe my gonna be deadpool but i don't want him is sibling his way to rude i'm so i can't go with.
Wolverine furs.

[38:15] Because that would be wrong I'm not going to answer that one day I'm going to say Captain America.
See Marvel I don't know DC Marvel I don't know,
I noticed all the movie with Tony Stark all of the good films are more purple,
that was harman yeah i burglary yeah other than one woman if it was a good movie it was marble it was depressing and you wanted to cry,
it was DC okay.

[38:54] Yes yes yes you trickle i will see a.

[39:02] Tony Stark does that mean that means I'm probably get some money by the way.
Captain america cut america's on list for fourteen points
Wolverine did not make the list Iron Man did I'm going to say that counts since he is Iron Man,
am i am i am iron man with a penis also on the list number one was spider man than four,
her makeup them in spite get and then hold.
And black widow and hawkeye ahca i was numbers of hock and i don't know why god whatever like it was ones.
Alright cherry come to you again if nick fury retired.
What Marvel hero would be the best choice to replace him as director of Shield.

[40:06] Marvel hero would be the best replace nick fury as director of shield.
Forever was till i model that will the people that simple although this life that you wasn't there was a runner wrong he was is he was a shield agent briefly really.

[40:28] I may go with colson and don't tell me he's not mr your number will you,
he is completely really not on this list I don't I don't know I haven't even looked at it yet I'm going to go with the obvious answer which would be Captain America,
wars or pay you can he,
captain america is the only one that was on the list from our iron it was cap america is number one in manhole cc for
your man black widow hawkeye reserving the scissors leave this nigga said they just randomly assign numbers,
hello yes that is true it's not as disturbing as black widow who was a freaking russian spy.
Not a bad guy,
what's the term i pay on that i get cheese on both men to leave so that the right if you could blame a marvel villain.
Get out of a parking ticket whom would dick sharing my horse out don't answer that.

[41:45] Deadpool.
I have no idea I'm I'm.

[42:00] That's why I say it again I want to I want to make sure and if you complain a Marvel villain,
get out of a parking ticket whom would you pick all marvel villain oh a in a way.
White sweatshirt.
Marvel villains to get out of a parking ticket I want to say Victor Von Doom.

[42:33] Ask for but i have no idea what the doctor do okay.

[42:40] Doctor Octopus I will go with.

[42:51] Um six pack.

[42:56] Kingpin and actually Doc Ock is the only one that's on this list Loki was number one.
No really of doing either.
He isn't in the Marvel Universe in the Cinematic Universe Green Goblin and Venom.
What comics is the stop leaving line stop if you can send on any of this i don't know why keep trying to get if you can have a statue of an adventure in your from yard which hero would you choose that.
We're sharing home business buyer has been on every list so far auger with no although i really don't know okay.
He wasn't.
I will go with hookah hookah with who beer friend kim's answer hot guy.

[44:07] Answer to in some ways but no you got the bow and everything else it looks like looks like,
okay Hulk was number one so that's not Captain America was on the list and Spiderman was on the list.

[44:27] Leah Spider-Man 3 my front yard
I going from the bottom to the top Spider-Man Hawkeye Black Widow again Captain America Iron Man Thor and Hulk Hogan than 1/4 was number two.
Of the hammer of make sense killing their that majestic news nor dorris you guys but yeah.
Alright I'll ask question.
I can no longer sells over misery hank name a pet peeve that makes you so angry you could turn into the hole.

[45:10] Holding elevators old not his mom.
Name of Pepsi that makes you so angry you could turn into the Hulk and without looking at the answers I bet that this is just a regular like what would be a regular question.
Anna Family Feud would be liking of name a pet peeve.

[45:31] I'm a fairly easy-going person not a whole lot gets me really really angry.

[45:42] Lee it's your turn Talking during movies.

[45:47] Talk and rumors.
Military grocery store who yell at cashiers in honor of Atlanta I will say bad driving.
Tell me again about where it,
they're even worse but we had we had we had a sub today at work as some people from Oracle came in and ate at Brazos lunch whatever and they were from Boston and they were complaining about the driving here in,
in Tampa.
And I might have lost their mom
are they going to slows algebra answer it when using the a and they not way what your interstate numbers john seventy five,
hi for an ongoing hundred seventy five so therefore.
I don't know i guess it was a i don't know what the problem was i was just looking at him weird cuz like i've seen during the boston a couple of times and yeah okay so we're at pet peeves alright hey bedridden was the number one.
Okay I will disagree that that is a pet peeve but I was just.

[47:16] Let's see rude or nasty people give that to a of the Sherry or 11 points and what was yours.

[47:26] I said talking during movies using a cellphone at inappropriate times.
Alright so yeah so laziness with his last in a list using cell phone lying was another on the list chewing loudly or with mouth open.
Rude / nasty people bad behavior which seems just like.
Generic could be anything.
Alright cool again where the disability service location is if they need to check in and get.
The Sheraton just outside on-site registration,
trying to come into the building there will be people shouting on site registration this were a previous sales this way and i'll be tape on the floor with a sign that says which,
one just outside on site registration alright cool me and.

[48:32] Need to apply for a direct line.

[48:39] This if you can make it over the shirt and you can go,
with registration in the very out that you have to have someone else pick up your badge oh yes does that.
The back of it then he gets.

[48:54] Yep they're different stickers in the stickers I give out you don't have to give anything to charity to get those stickers.

[49:02] What you need for your store cuz they are there stickers me and the people just beeps when did general rule of thumb just be nice to everyone and then you don't have enough.
People struggles other people might have that you don't know about.
And everything we thought the seventies and eighties and even nineties and some other early two thousands maybe about a disability.
Not really what it is right so remember things change.

[49:36] So until next time for sherry family this is john saying.

[49:43] Music.

[49:50] Boy.

[49:57] This has been a production of the unique key.
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