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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
this is heat.

[0:33] Music.

[0:44] DD's of the podcast that is all the time and joining me as always is the lovely lady.
How are you my good is it to get your this your very giddy to heat.
But I am very Giddy and so it's good yeah so I'm pretty I'm pretty happy
nothing and we had a couple of offers and now it after writer head of the look of to get to my dear person in english actor.
Are you joshua me give a particular be until i'm sure i can edit with a picture.
I would like to really know the guy you get.
Do you know him.
Think it home before the storm.
Cuz you know I'm not that I'm not I'm not there I can't I can't find my inner peace yet.

[1:56] Getting i'm trying my that is no maybe the person we're talking can i can also help me figure out a better way to get there because we're talk with the lady that will grow with directors i'd say.
How are you doing doing what i then what i'm glad you're which is what you're doing great bush.
Of course all over yourself.
I can only drink water ninety degree yeah um so it look let's just get elway the first question that probably you get ass a lot i know that i'm gonna ask because.
One hundred percent sure what it is but what actually is the silk road track i guess it's actually silk road asian cinema and culture is the full,
track title is the full title that's correct.

[2:52] If you imagine that pretty much the silk road went from the mediterranean to the far east china
and they're still so a lot of silk road traffic today so and we can consider part of North Africa
Eastern Europe and Japan is also a little bit into the Silk Road trade now so based on that trade route is what we've kind of based well no we II was very.
Lucky to be asked to be director of this track I did not create it but it is just.

[3:24] Just what it sounds like culture and cinema from the,
area of the world because if you think about a lot of like old martial arts films and a lot of dance styles and a lot of the food that we have today and tea obviously chai and green tea and things like that so we have panels on all of those things including the clothing
and we try to incorporate as much from different areas as we can
any street fashion is very popular k pop music videos from her yet very popular and a question martial arts we have
panel from mush like we have a guest lever can fushimi jassm after the japanese martial artist and i am and running chance to say it's name
Nicky gyro Japanese martial art master.
Who are you english word i'm i have you here all the time and you know i just,

[4:41] Does this do any Indian films like the Bollywood or is it much more like the the Asian area last night.
We have done Bollywood before and we've had a Bollywood teacher as well so we do include that this year we don't happen to have anything Bollywood related but we do have.
Yeah but you do because please let me know if anybody ever does a Bollywood dance thing I'm going to make.

[5:12] Oh yeah I am.
It's a great thing about Bollywood dance it's like saying hip hop dance you don't have to learn a specific,
dance move it doesn't have to be just like this it's like if you're a hip hop dancer and you dance in New York or you dance you know to music video and you're from California to different style.
Hip Hop,
Incorporated Incorporated hip hop babe had break dance Bollywood.
Movie Industries dance form which one of different styles of dance from India and other areas
oh yeah it very down ambien mother she be used to hand movements that you have from classical indian dance and that you have some bomb grub dance moves for the bouncing it that awesome it was beautiful actually
never seen a bollywood movie in a new really should get there absolutely beautiful the color of you hold the.
It is gorgeous language the story that,
and it like the old if you knew the whole people just spontaneously get luxury of.

[6:32] My husband had passing while driving with aaron i can't wait to be jack johnson said
look at that to many years can xp on that speaking of dance and trying to get back on the topic conflict with what's here today at the box is there,
Lee's Lee is very very exciting today
speaking of the speaking dance you actually do a lot of dance classes to correct.

[6:59] Yes yes we have a couple of one class is on a cracking up for Kpop dance class and that's going to be before the K-pop dance party on Friday so we're going to have a hip hop dance.
Class which is going to be a bunch of different dance styles will allkpop but you know different
pieces from different videos that she puts together every year and teaches a basic General Kpop dance class and we're going to she's going to offer,
what people debt that is next on sunday if you wanna where did on fri and practice on saturday performance that day at all the young moms track
no we should was on
we should I promise I'm going on on Twitter that I would mention us we should point out we incorrectly it was incorrectly stated that K-pop was was Japanese pop but it's it's Korean pop so
just at work we make that correction from a previous previous podcast,
which of course is weird because it is literally that's a K in them
i mean obviously scissors korean pop is there anything special i mean i've heard it but is there.

[8:26] Anything that makes it different than J-pop other than it being in a different country or.

[8:31] Yes it is it is different the the it tends to be for me this is.
Actually since I've started directing the traffic I've learned about J-pop and Jake Kpop in kdramas
things like that that was not really my forte but I love it it's awesome it's so much fun but if you think of like MTV music videos on steroids
and they're usually group um a lot of the video say it's based on water to the imagery and then
that is why cultural context within industry and it on the drive a lot and hip hop from american,
these are the there a group,
turn on girls from a usually all girls are boy groups i'm in you know sort of like.

[9:24] Spice Girls almost and they're usually young and they're put together put together these groups for,
the music video and got a huge convert them are specific dances that everybody learned so we had a video,
panels in our track room and we would play videos people would just get up and they would know them,
no real name of dance along with the video so we're like yeah we need to have a party
pending shell so so the the cape the cape up party is actually gonna be on friday is a correct.

[10:08] Yes it's Friday
evening it's going to be from 8:30 to 12:30 a.m. but yeah Friday night and we're running it also at we're doing our big charity event then we're going to have a lot of
Rave gear yeah we're going to have
sexy cannot bracelets and necklaces and ellie the range and things like that and it's really popular in korean asian general in the face um math with the dust now they glow in the dark
what will happen to the old house to bring dollars charity and will be selling those in all that benefit,
where is the action track chair isn't of your match dollar for dollar by dragon con that is and i did william your day.

[10:58] The owner out.
Yes cuz they erased it which was
you know it is that kind of thing that dollar-for-dollar is matched so again you're kind of sticking it to the man making them give money.
So just FYI that are men and women and that we like them all but,
I did not know like the death mathlete the what some people would like pretended like a surgical mask I didn't know those glow in the dark.
What yeah will we will have them friday night that we get there we go there often when will have like,
you have teeth or a mustache or whatever on it they're printed on them so it should,
yeah now you also have.
There were a couple of videos that those were featured in by the performers show that became very popular in Korean.

[12:22] Yeah ever mention it or you have jumped him josh a great on and he's awesome and then we had to nisha who
speaking of dance class DragonCon does a couple of belly dance classes on Saturday and Sunday that teaches and she was not there last year she and her husband
we're out for health reasons but then back to see her were very excited and she has an awesome class and
she's also going to do a couple of panels with us one is she do she's dancing in the Expo along with the kapok dancers who want to perform on Sunday and
Jorge Perez is going to be the MC for that or the Banshee for that show and then she's also doing a t panel
with the unit twenty i'm herself and um it's gonna be in la we you know,
Deja has lot of tea chai and India and then all the way to like
traditional teas for the Tea Ceremony so we're going to have a panel about tea and about what the differences between high tea and the traditional
have a pee like casual p last year we did one on tv the world so it had all of the different types of tea but the should be on to finish is gonna be joining us for the allen fear.

[13:45] Find pizza in the afternoon it.
Hampton Inn Key hi TT ceremonies they're all very different to there is a huge difference between,
now the blood line i mean really wish i could be there that would be up but i have a friend of mine it coming
imma make sure she knows about it because she loves to,
the people that are coming in so that's just awesome but John belly dancing so.
Oh that would be a yes here we have only one you want people to come back to your track you but that again.
Actually have a bento penalty of what you know you could be a cake pop union then lyrically about the.
We're like white skinny jeans and a tight little shirt thing.

[14:47] Only if you choose to.
Yeah so we also have things like Bento and Adventure 101 and the person that's doing that and then talk yes she's,
she's awesome because she when her daughter was in school she made bento's for her everyday for school and she has a website called been to Anarchy and so that.

[15:18] That's the one i bring in more cultural that you,
not just the band the pistons game you mentioned i think you mentioned were talking before or gummy is also,
and something else to do so what would I do there,
yeah we have a we have an origami class Saturday Sunday and Monday so the origami classes in an hour but we kind of expended them because people want to keep learning and as we,
will do you will usually start with something easier off lately i don't have fuck up i've usually try to figure it out here
but don't start with something that's a little bit easier like an easier model and and then work their way into more more difficult one and the two main ones that we do is
origami where you make kick one piece of paper and you make something out of it a dog or a house or a crane and then the other one is modular origami.
What a certain number twenty five pieces of paper and you fold them all exactly the same and then you put together into a beer or a box.
Buy pentagram or something like that.

[16:28] And then we have the dog work on me because this is the year of the dog and then Monday morning at 10 a.m. we're going to do an origami class just before we do the Godzilla theater Interactive.

[16:40] Is yeah your guys author interactive sounds extra are only cool with other exhibits or the one before i move on to what that is exactly the.
Cuz I can't remember if we talked about before we started the the origami that's a nice way to Monday morning to it just wind down after.
After Dragon concerts is trying to there and focus.
And do something it's quiet for once cuz.
And you might as you know how to lot of fun today before or the night before and so that's a nice quiet time to help you refocus,
so again soon godzilla was a casual interactive theaters at the was.

[17:30] Godzilla theater interactive yeah yeah we've been doing that for a while and we've always had really good reviews on that Thomas blank
been running it used to volunteer with silk road but he's kind of retired from that cuz he's got family like his grandkids come and stuff like that so but he does
he runs an old movie one of the original Godzilla series cuz you know that's like 50 years.
Dubbed usually dub and both dubbing particularly off into it a larry and i am for the you know like what you see and re runs on tv in black and white when you are really and when i was really,
and say you.

[18:17] My TV that Captain Kangaroo one point I swore he was thirsty.
So while my mom was sleep cuz she was a waitress and she would she would sleep in late in the in the morning,
now to the fridge got some milk and pour down the back to television fee to to you know the gives captain kangaroo some milk.
I don't know I'm still in Massachusetts so I don't know must have been up three three or four.

[18:57] I also I also was famous for taking all the labels off of the.
Cans of soup in and and and vegetables and then burying them in the front yard.

[19:11] Why under the label the cans the labels are so you never really knew what you were getting
say that they were going to like give me vegetables or something or like I don't know what was going on in my head I can't I can't tell you but but I digress because we were just talking about Godzilla
no feeding
eating bella please i got so as i can and yes you do you do interact he you talk about you talk about the
the movie what's going on or is it more headlines yes there's a,
interaction we will talk during the movie you know make comments um,
science fiction Theater 3000 just think.
Usually there's a raffle and it's just a lot of fun,
so i find and we had like we had a kid what year you came and brought a picture the teacher godzilla and get we give away prizes in the,
the handle it was really adorable and you know what fine at the end of the convention monday morning you just chilling in
that's awesome.
But yeah I love it.

[20:38] We have several cinema of the panels we have this year we're doing artwork panel which after ten am on the switch is gonna be korean whore
in municipal guys to come and check out then we have a huge discussion we have a couple of martial art.
Movies when we want to have a discussion then we're going to show movie on Saturday I can't find it on the schedule right this second.
Yeah so it it's.
And then we have a Pamela Kaiju around the world so Kaiju meaning giant monsters that will eat you like Godzilla.

[21:18] I'm a big i love it i really do we actually i'm a mother today cuz i haven't been getting them again it killing me but i do i love.
Godzilla movie than all of the tide use and I love those things I don't know why I don't know John I didn't ever think Godzilla.
It did not like the guy had well how will find a way out i have like.
I do have eaten cars if it's,
hmm cars arrive are either anything like that you are watching the,
come on like a me afternoon parent and they uncertain jailed and.
Josh you love them this is when you only had like four five general people I know that's really hard to understand them but that.
Write an exec opponent how would you yeah i could you can you could what are the three seat yes.
Yeah right let that was before the person who finally came up with.
For how long we have yoni for the know we could just make their spraying in.

[22:36] Does it sound like you're gonna have a whole lot of know that i love you know the culture and the mini everything.
I was going to say though I don't know how you can watch that was actually the problem for me seeing Pacific Rim,
what you can do that john glad you're allowing that to get her yeah that's for the purpose of a five.
So we've all seen already it's the wires for the nothing in the pump it is about building.
Disney movies that we all love,
don't get me wrong but there is a Formula there.
I'm back went to fight and then beat everybody.
Alright so where is your where's your track actually located.
Yeah so we're close to anime and all that it's cool.

[23:53] The date i'm sorry i got that have different you,
take something off my lap and he can't have it.
will find it you are if I am correct not help me here if I if I did wrong so you are on,
that's about a leveler to above the very basement-level right and you're not on the part where there's like if you come out.

[24:32] Right and then go down to where pale yet we're doing now yeah get yours later you're up later an elevator yeah.
So there is an and you're down a little bit but it's not you're on the other side where the car part is is kind of more towards what I would probably international power.
That's the way you're going and you're in that area john you're on yeah that.
You'll never find it when you can find.
And you're like okay go away from the car part.
He blocking the that exactly really long to figure that part and then you figure out which boarded on the gallery for one of eight.

[25:16] It's down from the lobby but yeah it's right there.
be on the right Florida
you mention your next to next anime so but you guys don't really cover anime in your track correct that's it that's all covered separately
there's some cost paneling going on but it's all good.

[26:03] Exactly.
That's okay that's not on my trash
because much cuter than Scrappy-Doo,
I have one more thing listed here that we made sure we want to kind of talk about which is that you have a male fashion show or.
No Jason Merrill.

[26:48] Uefa fashion better he's there watching the passion and now
fashion Japanese Street fashion
Lolita Lolita
i'm in love what expect from other japanese street fashion on i'mma cook of one of them but the leadership change from victorian era what
dresses below the knee very modest you always have sleeves petticoats and Frills and lace and there's a God.
In this District there's a lot of students who were in the fashion,
as well.

[27:48] So in this to strike State and is going to give us a little bit,
several Lolita panels for the past several years
genre of Lolita and Rococo from Japan
show me the real the realities you're covering your covering all aspects of let me not going at all because there's a lot to it but
any bits of culture.

[28:34] We have a few things that are double booked but.

[28:48] We have another,
Korean traditional panelists this year and Sandra Bullock,
talk about tan you call player dance again with your answer or you do k pop or j pop,
and you're going to be around and wave your arms in your car,
so that's that's really cold,
Atlanta police we don't want you to shoot me across the street and get in trouble,
evening to look just as good as opposing first came out with your hair and makeup done,
we don't want things to get,

[30:13] Well so is there anywhere that people to get more information on your track on the web.

[30:21] We have DragonCon on-site.
Silk Road
I usually copy paste the URL but you also have a Facebook page which is a group
so you can discuss and talk about what you want to see next year and talked but you like it because everything Fabolous,
show me other people that you want to go to these towns with make you have a friend who's not into that but you want
to meet people who are into what you're into that that's really cool so we have a Dragon Con Silk Road on Facebook as a group.
I took you just a Google as I like to say on Facebook I'm so throwed he will find their group there.
That's cool I'm glad you I'm glad you're Googling the Facebook Google Facebook which when you say it slightly slower it sounds dirty.

[31:41] What you doing baby moving on up my car right now but moving on
so like before we let you go Kara we like to play a little game with our with our guest today over the course of over the course of fairies.
Spirits time like i've gathered horrible trivia game sometimes a little box of trivia cards does one replace today other times are supposed to be full on you like.

[32:12] Disney Family Feud or or Star Wars Family Feud or just like random just random horrible games that are not much thought put into them and usually the questions are
horrible tonight we're going to general knowledge one i picked up some questions here there or are fiend shuffle them up and.
Where is going to ask you a question the last time you will be fine trust me,
dr pepper lol the worst part ever okay i don't know where to and you really are like.
Like what where did they get used musical is simple question from here time who wrote clickable huckleberry finn.

[32:59] Huckleberry Finn.

[33:04] Remember you read it when you were in locke elementary school.
Countdown to mark twain between yesterday little that we are here to
so it's asking me if any questions like that.
Here is the legitimate first question and it is in The Lord of the Rings books where does Frodo come from.

[33:43] The shire that's correct one point three feet told you he like crazy and what we here's your question what is which chemical symbol is used to represent the gas helium.

[34:01] AG

[34:04] I have no idea how I remember that from the Olympic Games held.

[34:17] 2008 Olympic Games held.
They're on your way I'm trying to help you on this but I can't remember either they would be in your track.

[34:30] Can i know your dog can help you that,
right there trying to help.
I'll give you the address and the country it was was that it was.

[34:53] I can't remember that's a long time ago.
Oh gosh it was great was it what type of bird is a harlequin.

[35:11] Type of birds that would be really red black and white.

[35:22] I think it's some kind of cardinal but i'm calling now its a duck it's a duck for the duck yeah,
Kira in Roman numerals
it literally did Shuffle Up in Roman numerals which number is represented as XXX.
XXX is what in Roman numerals.
What is Allie what is a Fandango.

[35:58] What does a cartographer draw.

[36:10] Reminder for us all when in the hell i.
You would think that I think she can if she doesn't come up with the railing.
You would have needed one and you were trying to get around.
Just might go map exactly the African and Asian.

[36:42] Are the two main forms of which mammal the African and Asian are two main forms of which mammal.

[36:50] Elephant,
it's nothing to me and i love you and i'm getting old and they are off to the don't funk.

[37:01] How is how.
I don't know.
And I got the pet them and all of that and all I can think of is I do not believe in like any kind of animal cloning or anything like that I think it's very very wrong,
but they're having love somebody could make,
the elephant and elephant that only grew up to the side of the like a kitten are in the back and they were the cutest you think and they played together like happen the other than the group of um.
They were like all over each other.
You would allow that one type of when i use it you know blade runner model panicking yet no i get.
The one that's is the cute little baby elephants I'd like that one.
I care this one's for you how often does a leap year occur them so i can.
Once every four years that is correct and living in last question
it's always during an election year so we always presidential
who is who is commonly who is commonly acknowledged to have invented the television I think I pulled this one because I told the television story.

[38:30] I don't have no idea.
John Logie Baird Baird bbair.
Alright so at the end of our game here here around the whole gamut there for five points and League at 3.
Missed you so cool again where in at DragonCon is your tractor.

[39:00] Where in helping galleria eight that's a chosen henry.
908 as in as in the number 8,
car motor full size motor courtside.
Okay yeah yeah yeah around get stuff like you think,
when i go down there stuff and get back to you alright you still will find a job i'd probably want to settle.
Did you call me.
There are no messages a dog like.
I don't know where I'm at I'm in the Hilton,
I see Deadpool where am I at.

[40:08] I see Deadpool where am I at in a could be anywhere really.
Show me to see it I mean he'll just be wandering around a big circle.
Has anybody with a note on the back of his shirt.
Turn the apt there st diesel things are like temporary tattoos anything actually right on like it's for kids like the general,
Parker something I got an amusement park or something like that and you can ride on Lee at next track in Sheraton.
Have you met him yet no no because.
I'll just listen again.

[41:22] Yay thank you.

[41:31] Has been a production unique cake.
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[41:54] Music.