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[0:00] Music.

[0:21] Just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is heat.

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The days of dragon con the podcast where we learn again that john does not reach than joining me as always is legally how you doing.

[0:55] I'm doing great and John there a lot of really good things you should be reading you should at some point you're going to need to read important dates.
Yeah like what lately name one thing only one thing that I should be reading your insurance.
You're a life insurance policy.
I think your wife just said no honey just sign it I just yeah I just signed whatever comes in front of my face what is that is that wrong about the thing that I'm not supposed to do
i will also say that i agree with it also but it really funny too because they think one of the things that.
Going on in there is not old enough for you but our personal we're going to have here today is trying to get you to start early.
So we have Melissa Whitetail IT director hey guys how's it going.
I believe i have alot of background music she doesn't construction going on is mostly kids and dogs are so it's fine the also has her little young adult lit,
reader so that's what you're also met here as well so yeah yeah hopefully taking them out so we'll see.
What so so what actually will we will we have it your your kid where they reading right now.

[2:19] So right now so my kids are 6 and 4 so they're not quite yet
a mainer but i'm actually despite that my kids really do love harry potter we started reading harry potter to them when they were probably like two or three so just know the first couple but such a pretty and tame my
at bedtime and so now they've themselves to become pretty big Harry Potter fan yeah so I think we'll see Aiden's right now his big thing is Captain Underpants
red light in a plant that lease uses correct english i have no probably captain under pants.
Brother what happen under pants re captain under pants and some of the junie b jones is a ice,
remove those from the so yeah account and yeah and yeah i'm she's been to go over this.

[3:18] Look up Fairy Tail so she's interested in reading that and then Last Dragon Con I actually got her one of alethea contests
alphabet books alphabet
oops that's sort of an order and she really loves that book too and that's great and actually alethea's going to be back in town this year so I'm hoping she'll have an extra kids book for me this year,
hey that's awesome in all in god's likeness of really good things about.
She loves them they're fine and you know they're different takes on the alphabet it's not always a is apple tech things so that's always nice yes very get rid.
So what if one of so since we're on the topic because we're having this podcast which is what this topic is about i don't know what i'm talking about this point and what is what is young adult lit what is a cover but what are we talking about their.
Okay so you're going to let is sort of
awfully defined as age fifteen through early twenties obviously we have readers that are younger than that and obviously we have readers there older than that but that is just sort of the like broader definition of
so the things that you can use to identify a young adult lit are gonna be a team protagonist that's really the beginning of teen or early college but mostly team high school age protagonist.

[4:39] So if we're talking to put this in books that are movies recent movie that have maybe come out,
something like The Maze Runner and A Wrinkle in Time actually on time this year actually and also like that.
Morgan hats.
Here you go enjoy is well trusts yes absolutely and in fact i book that i think is sort of a controversial quote unquote why the heck would be.
Ready Player one that book is actually it sounds to Dragon assist
the interesting thing about ready player one is that it's a team protagonist so it sort of fits into the category of I would have helped you know obviously if you've read the book has some more adult-themed but also
I'm sort of marketed to those of us that are older so it was a y a book written for an older audience and sort of nostalgic to argue.
But the format is act like the format of a a teen going through sort of a hero's journey type thing that's very classic y structure.
Just like you know what that's at i would have thought of it that way but yeah you're exactly right that really is that what it is that have a structure that is really good and that's great but dies if you like maybe the books even better said in florida.

[6:04] Hello I mean in Harry Potter of course would be its class probably are now
classic young adult category now.
Yeah is there quote classic why and a that we think from our youth things like a wrinkle in time are often the out that comes up its those books that you read that you know didn't really.
Fit one way or another into.
Yeah like the magic are i remember my son with the the magic holdings.
Was right between that Elementary in and middle school which depending on what you were doing.
Think maybe we think of as much now because it's become such a book becomes a movie.
But yeah I would think that too and I know her house because it is some people be asking this would Twilight be considered young adult or would it be considered.

[7:19] Yeah it's okay it is because there is some
the crossover i'm
perfect example right now in urban fantasy why crossover is actually at epicenter play.
Stock so,
hunter series is very urban fantasy and styling but it is teen protagonist so it's marketed and sold as a why a book
but the show actually at least from DriveTime standpoint the show is actually covered by urban fantasy because it has a wide-reaching urban fantasy audience so this year
shut hundred is a super super hot right now we're gonna be talking about shadow hunters and all of its bucks i'm and the urban fantasy track is actually having a panel on the show.
You know that actually don't like how that kind of brakes that's actually a neat little way to break it to ya and I think that's a good a good way to start of split the difference son on that topic yeah.
John he doesn't read he's going to have to.

[8:27] What better well i'm gonna go to the events so so you guys do is host a bunch of a bunch of events throughout the obviously throughout the the con but your big one is the yule ball right,
absolutely I would say our biggest event that we hosted the Obama that's every Sunday night at Dragon concept the Yule Ball is it's not really a ball we call it the Yule Ball because it's in reference to Harry Potter they have the big dance and that it's the Yule Ball so it sort of
potter flavored we decorate in harry potter theme aiming but it's really just a big bike eighties nineties now top pop dance party i am
we start
I think it's big to differentiate you know something feedback that we get back sometimes every year is a couple different people said to us last year that they wish that they knew ahead of time what kind of music would be played at all of you know there's parties every night mold right
we knew what kind of music before we stood in a long line is this going to be something that were into you know right now there's I think a lot of offerings for like.

[9:43] Techno and heavy dance music and we really want to keep the flavor light and Poppy and put a true to the young adult theme so
you know that kind of super high-energy like you know top 40s is your jam than the Yule Ball is where you want to be
yeah I think something that's interesting about the Yule Ball to sort of as a separate thing so we actually start a little bit earlier a lot of big dances start at 10 we actually start at 8
the arm and we do that so that we can include those kids and teens that want to come and have a nice big sort of dance party atmosphere i'm so you know we start at eight thirty we let all the kids come and including assaults and rina really have a nice fun
dance party at 9:30 we do a costume showcase cuz we really want everyone to come in their young adult cosplays and want everyone to get a chance to show off their cosplay and lots of people to get
she's taking i'm but then it ten o'clock we sort of saved time for the kids to go to bed and it becomes a door only after we would you am adults only till two a m.

[10:48] Wow so you use you go law
haha you know we like that we like to have fun and you know I think it's a good way for us to sort of you know give something to our you know young readers that you know want to be there but then also we have
lots of adult readers including our staff and so you know we want to be able to have a little bit of an adult party too so it's hard to try to blend it together
no you also do you have a trivia.

[11:21] Yeah so we do team trivia every year last year we did a little different we did a whole harry potter themed trivia this year we're going back to our normal trivia which is just general why a themes it has filled our room
every single year
sure of course being harry potter trivia it was ridiculous i'm not even when it's regular why attribute we fill the room and so we are very excited that we're gonna get
a bigger room this year so we do our
we do our trivia on Saturday at 10 p.m. and will be going to be in the Hilton 30923 12 this year so there be tables it's groups of sick if you've ever playteamtrivia is very similar format you know we've got little
little small prizes for our top three teams and
just a really great event and our volunteers work really hard to put together some.

[12:18] Good tough questions to make it difficult.

[12:24] John I don't think they have your little but still have my my my crappy trivia cards anywhere.
If you've got some good questions you are welcome to ask I have no good question.
We owe you note speaking of doing events you know we like to sort of have one sort of event every night so we do actually the friday night event to.
Are you a Death Eater and it's basically a Harry potter-themed version of Mafia I'm so you know if that's true
you just like to hang out and play in circles and you know play with other people we do that on Friday nights at 8:30 and that goes until 11:30 we have
two blocks a for that and that's actually in the Hyatt in international South we have a big room for that too because that one's usually packed as well.

[13:15] Well you also have yourself some gas this year
we too we have a very excited up in a meeting again standpoint to welcome back Jason Isaacs
is this a six cashews lucius malfoy from the nearby bushes what this is not what we actually or any other have the long blonde hair just fyi it back now,
no let's go.

[13:48] Let's be together he does not have that one here in my opinion I think he is more attractive without the long blonde hair,
you know we are super excited we only have them for one panel this year he has.
Been busy this year because he's also here is a truck gas without of Star Trek discovery
which is super exciting for them and I'm a fan of a Trek fan too so I'm excited about that so we're going to have him on Friday at 11:30
he's gonna be in the merry i'm for real bar with us and he's gonna be talking about harry potter but also about his other roles to and its a solo piano he really does a great job of answering people's questions so i really hope that our fans are gonna have a good time talking to have share,
well I've I've seen him twice in two different conventions not actually a dragon, cuz I never actually get to go see any to guess a driving record even though I'm not really doing that I just never get to any of the big
who are the actors that do you,
but he is he is so entertaining and he's so nice he is he's a super nice so nice.
I want to listen to and I don't know I guess he just.
He gets of that that you know what what he's you know what the people on seen you knowing he is.

[15:17] Pleasant every one of you also you would have did some late night programming besides it the tenets of course until two o'clock in the morning for some reason i am i
what's this we like to party heart go,
don't aren't we sort of think of our latest panels are usually our events or Death Eater panel on Friday is the latest episode of ghost to 11:30
and saturday are trivia doesn't start til ten so that goes to eleven and actually have two time slots for that one so i wanna go till like midnight
and then of course sunday is the about which is our latest thing so i think we gonna we have a little late not too too late now like some of the other tracks but we have a tendancy to start early is now,
catch like five minutes of sleep battery in the den watching the letter drug on.
So tell us Your Dragon Con Story how did you become director what is the how to get involved DragonCon when was your first Dragon Con if you can remember.
My gosh I can't even remember when my first driving a younger and I would sort of time for a year come on just on Saturday and then.

[16:35] Took some time off and Miss like 3 years and then in college I went by myself and then I started bringing my husband my then,
now husband,
with me 10 years ago and 10 years ago is when we sort of really started hitting the volunteer game so this is my TennCare as a volunteer yeah 10 Big Ten
I'm so my first year actually was in the art show
i was looking says forget my hooks in anywhere i could an archer needed help with load in load out and it was a great year i got.

[17:08] Hours before or after the coolant really and when i wasn't,
doing art show I was in the young adult literature because I've always been such a huge fan of you and I don't let and then I really got to know everybody there and I,
jumping ship and showing the young adult late check the next year and for the last eight the last eight
ear swab I guess 7 years the last 7 years I was the second Thor assistant director quote not really a director but a second to Bev who
previously the director for young adult lit since its start as a track mom so i was really really lucky to get work on her and learn from her,
how this whole directorship is supposed to go you know Bev actually transition to a new role within the convention
more Superior roll and so I transitioned into the role of director which is super exciting for me and now she's off you don't live in is American Samoa because of her husband's job so,
gonna get to see the sure i'm terribly sorry about it but i feel like she has left me with a really good foundation and so transitioning into the role director this year,
has really ben smooth i really feel grateful that she left such a solid rock used for me to shh yuna stand on.

[18:31] That's the one thing we've unit and you are great with that and that you been so involved in it for so long it it will it was really nice.
YouTube last year to cover a lot of the duties I did,
yeah i mean it's been a very nice transition you you both have the same kind of you wanna support what people wanna do you and that's wonderful of
four hundred years on what is the big ten mins it it see little of what i get for ten of the pin again i got a pin for five i know you didn't i know you do well in them but remember change,
I don't know I got a really pretty and it was kind of want to say it was like gold silver.
But I can't remember what else said it was something fun next year so I'm excited I'm hoping your 10 is going to be the best year yet.

[19:23] Yes give me awesome
so what other fan panels do you have any we talked a little bit beforehand about the diversity tracking and how it's starting to influence other tracks as well
yeah so we're super excited about having the diversity track you know what young adult lit
model le in general and the end of authors are super act
on various platforms of social media on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and one big thing that there is really big in young adult lit is movement called we need diverse books
so we really want to help support more diverse authors in young adult lit so
excited because i'm really hoping that the cyprus you check is gonna help bring us more diverse
gas for our fans as well this year we are doing a couple of different panels that are sort of.

[20:21] Or city related we are doing our lgbt q i and why a panel that would you
every single year that Saturday at 1 and Arch Rock Room which is Marriott a 707 that panel is always full and we got lots of book recommendations and it's a really good place for,
people to get you know talk about and get lots of recommendations for,
diverse books we also are doing a panel this year on non-western ya fantasy his
set up the
like fantasy worlds that come from non-western sources so we're doing out on Sunday at 11:30 and I'll check
and then actually a new panel that were trying this year we're going to see you know like I said the yai Community is really active on social media and everything about sort of social issues in general and so we actually are having a panel on a young adult
let and social change and talking about have any of these books or interactions like impacted how you see the world and,
how you want to be in the world and we're doing that on Saturday at 2:30 so excited about that to her.

[21:51] Very cool i like i do like that that's a great thing to bring in the that the diversity and and to see.
How to bring that with the books especially cuz there are so many out there and they aren't all Western,
I would even say Life of Pi yeah just kind of a young adult I would think that's for sure.
I think so I think there's a lot and there's Beautiful Stories to be told you know with pathology there's you know woven from other parts of the world and you know these are stories that.
I think we could use more of and you know of course we want to be able to share the ones that are currently out with our fan so that they can broaden their book Horizons as well yeah.

[22:37] Do you have any just Arthur Arthur yes the the drunk guy from the movie.
We do we have one
author specific panel and it's book club so we do a book club every year we encourage our fans to read ahead we've been posting about it on social media
I'm our book this year is cold Bath Street by AJ Hartley who we love he's a repeat author for us he's here.
Like every year that I can remember and he is fantastic and this is a new ya book it's a paranormal book and we're excited because it's been a while since we've had a paranormal.
Book for book club a lot of times we've done a lot of space recently and some high fantasy
retellings for this is new for us and we're super excited to have him come and talk about his book and of course you know if anyone wants to join us cold Bath Street and that's Sunday at 2:30 in the truck room,
yeah speaking of a Tracker where is it located so that's Marriott a 707.
Basically if you're walking into the Marriott and eat it when you're approaching the Habit Trails you can go left to go to the food court or you go right to go to the Hyatt you just keep going straight and we are back there right next to Star Wars so.

[24:03] It's pretty easy to find us as long as you just keep going straight just keep going straight and the good news is that the blood drive is not there anymore,
is much easier to get to them into star wars and you take well no kg me papa area but
puppetry right now the blood drive is so fantastic but it definitely hit us.
You give blood if you can it's a wonderful thing and it's absolutely needed all the time
alright yeah it did the probably if anybody wants to give which is great we have a wonderful wonderful community that did give but it was really hard to get to those tracks with the blood drive over there
no but that's not a bad thing because we've also put them in a better space to there now.
Aren't they in the Sheraton now I think there were gaming used to be.
All and all that's are you cuz you look and i'll get you need you got it i'm in mission the feel when the blood,
you pick.
We also take that West Coast, but every year on how much blood we give versus them so life stuff I really like lifestyle that's our,
blood red spot dress up.

[25:22] I know they're so excited while you're looking up where the blood drive is I can tell you a little bit more about some of our panel offering so we always do
got you again but yeah i got no walls so something that i think is awesome that we do so.
We actually have two riding base panels obviously there's the writers track
but the,
kind of want to write and get excited about riding so we are offering to riding panels this year we usually do to our sort of focuses this year are on plotting and then on how to build yourself a y a brand and like I said with why authors being super active on social media and everything
there's going to be a lot of talking about like how to build yourself up which I think.
Lot of our fans early can appreciate this year so many dots.

[26:28] And then let's see other things that were doing we are talking about like I said earlier Shadowhunters were having a fan panel on The Shadowhunters book and then o.
I'm super excited about this we are having a graphic novels and comics and why a panel.
We have a whole panel fall of comic book artist room in,
that's awesome i know i am super excited you know graphic novels are office and sort of drifted to their own category but a lot of people especially what we like to sort of cover letting readers,
trouble getting into book sometimes and usually graphic novels are short of a bridge to that to help those
people that are maybe not as excited about reading a novel or a little more intimidated about reading a novel for whatever reason get interested in reading and reading stories do graphic novels and Comics I'm so we've got some fantastic.

[27:30] Comic book authors
oh and to talk back to Ready Player one which we very briefly talked about we are doing a cyberpunk and technology and why a panel this year which I'm just about yeah we are going to talk about ready player one which I think is.
My personal favorite cyberpunk
this year in young adult let so that's going to be going to start packing and video games and sort of the immersion we've got some litrpg guess they're coming in to talk on that panel as well so I think we got a
pretty diverse offering of panels this year I'm super excited.

[28:06] Just FYI it is yes and go give blood.
And then go to Hawaii lit and talk about cyberpunk cuz that would be kind of cool yeah that would be awesome.
Oh God I speed up the app was released for what no wasn't no no you're lying
I know it I'm going out I'm going in it still like Punk dry everybody's been like Wednesday up Wednesday I'm going to start.

[28:40] Now guys we have the app and the schedule has already changed
what you know for the night so yes she probably will be to schedule st.
Dragon Con 2018 right here baby
download the update with everybody's most awaited in.
Update hey I'm excited about the app although I already got a text being like it's the app different than what you told me before now,
not now well actually i will say that i have what i need is one thing that but have gotten even didn't,
so I have to talk to somebody else before we can move it but it'll be okay it'll all be alright.
Well let less less as you hear this but yes probably 7 as you
six is you hear this one yet but it's coming up it's right around the corner by the way could you take it to get your airline tickets now if you haven't
oh my gosh yes I can't believe it it's right around the corner and you know what I've tried to reach this level of Zen.
Like I'm trying to get there yeah it's going to be great.

[30:04] Like i'm like the person sitting there at the room that's on fire oh this is fine everything fine every.
It just it just popped into my head and I want to kind of like to remind us folks especially when it's a.
Track that's more geared towards younger folks.
If you are under your future under sixteen hangs out of works will get at latch is staying
past medical help with and you can't just drop them off me young adult lit track room and say have nice day not yeah
baby asimov you track room if they have a nice day he got like that if you gonna do if you're gonna drop a kid off drop them off in in in.
Video gaming so because we want to see his we want to watch what Kevin Kevin does you're kidding what kids you get back with him.
Good luck Godspeed.
That people don't go to give them an espresso money eighty degrees different cream will destroy that of yes that day you.
Yeah i may be careful does the sound of the you know.

[31:22] Sixty isn't everything alot of stuff at least my friends have kids there in a little bit older there in
the same things right I remember growing up watching Star Trek,
my dad and that was like our thing we always want star trek and you know so i never i never brought my dad to dragon con i think he's a little intimidated by all the people but let me tell you he.
All about star trek and that's something that we would've done together like when i was younger i will i have brought my mom,
and she first of all didn't realize that being a volunteer meant we were that was really funny joke,
I thought you were just here, playing around and she was like I thought you was working I'm like yes ma'am I've just been saying this right at that one of them was like at 10 years or 15 or whatever let you.
But the other thing is is it is interesting in a weird 82,000 now and I started.

[32:20] One hotel in ninety ninety six so yeah some of us have grown up and where,
pattern little geeks on raising our little Geeks and some of us had our little Geeks already and
now they're making more little Geeks and it's always good it's always there's just yay that's why we keep getting bigger the cycle continues.
Are having a good week would you said earlier about reading harry potter to your kids and.
We read Harry Potter we had a great book called The Tales of Despereaux or my husband read it is a great little book and he read that,
i heard potter chinaman he's actually right now we leading the series liking like i wanna during only have the.

[33:05] But yeah it is that we bring them in and we pay fine now they then we'll find their own stuff.
True and goes to the Rave as I said and I'm like I don't get it but have fun with it but then you know he also likes the robotic stuff in the the,
it is nina stuff that i might how did i really chemical he got me hooked on one hundred t-shirts are going
ramona is part of what's so amazing about tracking collars that their little really is something for every shade of ddy everyday my husband and i have totally different
style a couple things that we like together we watch Game of Thrones together but in general are like Khan interest or super spread and he can go to his things I can go do my things very.

[33:58] Infrequently when I get to leave the track room but I try to at least once one time the convention leave the track room to do something other work out of you
I tried will you know what it was it so it but it had always been before was anything related to grim and now grandma is gone and I was like I was like okay guys I can't be scheduled panel I got to go.

[34:22] And when we had to guess they were awesome they were they were really funny and we hope you try to find things like that.
My husband is a huge game person he loves game I'm not a gamer I don't use a lot of board games and Dungeons and Dragons and stuff like that I don't eat my son has followed in his footsteps and that's great.
But my son also does video games where we neither one of us are really big video gamer so it's all that and I think it's so good because.
You find new things and you get to find your old loves as well you get to go talk about Harry Potter books and you get to go.

[35:03] Talk about the original series Star Trek when there was nothing like it on TV.
Wonderful stuff without so yeah i might be alittle about just where we're moving a profit and we're bringing in more and more people over.
Talking more and more about let's making sure that this is a fully inclusive all of our family members all of our extended.
Family is everybody there and the red
I think I'm super happy for Jill and Kaleidoscope track I think she's just great things I'm super excited for the stuff she's got planned this year,
huerco supporting her on a Harry Potter drawing panel
so I think she's going to be great and I'm just I'm glad.
There to really help hone those little list geek so that when they become i can come hang out with us.

[35:58] Is you in you start forming in early can she do like it's okay is like the first fans free
want some Transformers Transformers you're condoning drugging kids what's going on
it needs another stuff yeah I think that's wonderful and I also like.
And I just want My Little Pony and I know this is totally off topic but I do like it I think it's also there so many fandoms that have this group that go across it it's not.
My Little Pony isn't all good but there are a lot of guys like My Little Pony and if you have watch that show it's trippy.

[36:45] Cuz I need love it and I watch it with her I was like.
I get I get a little more now I do this is a little trippy and it's kind of interesting and it is funny and it's you know there's two level two humor sometimes and there's like I get it I get it now.
I get why they're so many people that love the show.

[37:04] Yeah for sure I don't think it's a great way to you things that are more targeted things like
Star Wars Rebels yes I think that's awesome kids sort of get their Taste of Star Wars earlier when they might not be ready to sit down and watch you know.
They aren't because my nephew has watched all of at least the first star we know like the first one that just came out like the.

[37:33] The force awakens yes he has watched it all repeatedly in about 20 minutes segments at a time.

[37:43] So you know he'd watch the first 20 minutes and then it goes away and then I'll come in in the middle and all that he just keeps doing it because he.
Five he doesn't have the attention span to watch a two hour movie but see it all and will tell you the story knows the story.
But you know they don't watch it like that so yeah something like clone wars and.
Anna Jung the rebel show and all of that have been really great for them cuz they lose it.

[38:07] I watched you have certain things in working the plexus sister invades but that's okay,
and actually they even have a YouTube series Star Wars forces of Destiny which is all about like or like kick butt girl.
Hey if the cartoon series my daughter loves it back her bedroom bedspread is forces of destiny the it like la and ray and.
Tough tough girl power teaching that young i prove that i didn't have to go look for this cuz i had not heard of it some like my niece needs to get some of the great thank for students on a.
The destiny daddy hack for the formula to go yeah we like to play game,
oh no so we always get nervous or we can do Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

[39:07] Oh I'm down for Harry Potter trivia
alright that's it we're gonna do this is actually really harry potter this is this is actually this one is actually pretty decent all its wonders of the real fun kitty one of those pie wages and so wanna do is all it will be you against lee
because obviously I have questions answers are on the back right and I'm rolling a dice to see which color you get which category
okay we come up with a yellow yellow mustard yellow category is it was a say that's Tiny Tiny Prints.

[39:49] Getting old is what workplace is are you wearing a hammer medical people is yellow or two people which ministry of magic employee does her miney.
Impersonate when the trio infant infiltrate the ministry which Ministry of magic employee.
I know the role the person played but I can't remember her name I know hold on I'm like.
This is such a difficult this isn't even that difficult this is embarrassing I'm like how this is really difficult but okay.
Gosh why is my brain and only god this is terrible i'm getting the third your night.
Mathilda hopkirk that is correct.
Like I've been sitting here like going through my list of 500 she was umbridge's issues like umbridge's,
but yeah I can tell you Harry Potter is green on this card is there always the same as green as a,
hit the print any smaller.
I think it's magical creatures think this was what type of creature grabs Harry's hand.

[41:14] Tries to take water from the lake to give professor don't.
To get the Professor Dumbledore in the horcrux cave.

[41:27] Well it's literally within the question so yes.

[41:38] So you got this wrong cuz you need the specific name for this.

[41:50] Just at skeleton guy what would i wanna go and just kinda like there actually just demons are but they're not,
do they have an amen of course that's what I knew right away and see me
it's yellow which is magical no just people.
Who actually wait now I don't know if it's correct how many brothers does Ron have.

[42:30] PS4 Brothers.
And then RC forgot about Bill I forgot about Charlie bill,
least involved in any that he's the one that's off like working with dragon.
Is when he comes for the when he's there for the dragons in the Goblet of Fire yes for the Triwizard Tournament.
Bring them in when Bill gets a little more love because you know he's like comes to getting bald and he's.
The big thing on his face and he gets worse than blah blah blah yeah everybody loves bill of yes we would love a bls about you
and that's Hogwarts apparently in which.
To perry school years does professor snape finally get to teach defense against the dark arts okay that as handsome harry's and hair what he what year for hair eight yeah okay so that's.
On to a four five six six is correct.
Thousand five k ow yet you know the count my head one to the president yet like.

[44:00] Okay you got purple Lee and it's the dark arts.
Who the doctor Igor karkaroff.
Rosier Rockbrook Snape in which other Death Eater at his trial when Harry sees through the pensive.
Barty Crouch.
Yeah love you yeah yeah blue was works for me what phrases that's tin to harry's hand during his detention with professor on bridge.
Actually I don't know.
Oh horrible this month only could be answered may even have my banner hanging up behind me to.
What's your house I got it right it's I must not tell lies oh that's right you're correct yes.

[45:10] Seven eight.
My my my my daughter's roommate because is all worked out really well cuz we got to Target that these nice banners they like.
Grantsville City that's but the.
My daughter is raven claw my son is hopeful puff and my daughter is roaming.
That's called you just started college so so she brought the cuz we had the fourth one cuz none of us are still doing her family so she brought that brought that for her.
She's she's.

[45:58] I like I like them all Hufflepuff is great they're so sweet they like cookies.

[46:05] What is with the specially like cookies there common are the common room is right next to the kitchens.
Oh that's right cuz the little bit I remember that it was okay.
John this is a good that we like this so I don't know if you know this I didn't buy it but I almost it there is also a supernatural version of this.
I thought oh Lord really
wow I was 14 years right,
i am us a metal objects actually your magical objects think this was as but again
so tiny what does gone see when he looks into the mirror of it
Ezra desert arisaid,
he sees himself winning the house cup and he's head boy and.

[47:15] Anacortes quick cabin.

[47:25] British what is that pink pink which is not one that we haven't had yet which is.
You'll spells and potions what is the effect of the in cindy and cindy oil spill in san diego.

[47:41] And send to india doesn't send the homicide can print all the stuff and it it starts fire us the mixing as an s.
The way i gotten zero answers correct your,
sorry yellow nigga is who is the only one of the three brothers from the tale of the three brothers to voluntarily present himself.
During old age oh my Lord it was the one with the the cloak that's the only thing I know right.

[48:12] That's what I know but I don't know the name but I have no ideas brother's name.
Says the third or the youngest yeah in la and again when it is acting ignatius.
Oh really what you got that uses the one with the cloak we know the cloak and blaster bread in which we were none in.
Loneliness at me at work and i am a gryffindor.
What was a grindelwald's first name.

[48:49] It's four points no more after this one so let's see the two.

[48:57] Raven claw schoolmate from hogwarts.
Do Harry and Ron find imprisoned in the dungeon and the dimensions of Malfoy Manor which.

[49:10] That is correct ended up with I agree I agree with that.

[49:20] Yeah thank you I think the parish I should have been together,
wait sorry what you know whom i'm is difficult for me i think or my is too good for them both,
she is too good for everyone in the world.
That is beautiful and wonderful person our well is it that men can they just to get photos from the.
Who hides The Terraces of blue which is why.

[49:56] Hide the textbook belong to apple id prints on behalf of cherry cola to hear one of a great jenny.

[50:05] I don't think so,
oh yeah give it to Jenny that's right well I don't know if she's on his behalf then she just like take it.
You been making may not be using steams result where,
the current know that the company of its that orange orange orange how we have each measure metal objects.
What is the name of the red letter the bears an angry message as sent by is easily to ron.
The howler I wish those those of all the things man those being real would be awesome yeah.
Are there any green your life oh this is too easy i should get this one time.

[51:05] They didn't do the boil way howdy there yeah phones are young what would my question is this but we too easy how can a whole self be fried.

[51:16] Get them clothes give them closes correct aright so now this this last one just hundred lbs.

[51:24] Who opened who opened the Chamber of Secrets 50 years before Harry's second year at Hogwarts who that was that was Tom.

[51:33] Bro.
Yeah that was Tom Riddle it was Hagrid it was not a great and that big spider even though he wanted to eat everyone was not
the bad spider spider spider because of what.
What it is I'm not going to look you know I don't like spiders and I am not going to disagree with that in any way shape or I do not like.
Yeah well so we end the game with with the transferring of john with five driving to as the files work.
Everyone wait so.
Manchester mall there's the how long it took me to remember i cannot go in there because i was.

[52:36] I could barely remember I could barely remember that event even a current let me know that they snuck into.
No I remember it and I could see her because I remember it was all the sound like oh my God I have to go work with so you know Dolores Umbridge.

[52:52] And oh yeah where are the worst character and her posse actually she's worse the more.
I should have terrible because she is insidiously evil and there is enjoys it she's just straight-up evil and she enjoys it.
She's got an address backstory she's just evil she's opportunistic and she's evil and yeah I know I agree people like that.

[53:18] Allow things people like Voldemort to the Takeover because they're like.

[53:29] But now I'm being good again what where your room is and where they can find more information about your track on the web.
Awesome so yeah the younger don't let tracker was in the Marriott room a 707 Atrium level and you can find us on Facebook.

[53:48] Dragon con young adult literature and we are all of the facebook interface because links or other social media we have a twitter we have an instagram.
I have a website that's just our regular website but facebook is where we are most active set this up on base that.

[54:06] So until next time for melissa to lead this is john saying peace.

[54:13] Music.

[54:23] Has been a production in the heat to leave a comment or suggestion call acetate one three three two one zero two digit or email us at the jackson community dot com.
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[54:46] Music.