50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 46 - Renee Of The Animation

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
all the trigger but there is not difficult to.
This is the complete.

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[0:39] Come to another edition of 50-day so DragonCon the podcast to get samples dropped on its head all the time.
And joining me as always is the gravity-defying way how do I defy gravity.
And then you don't crash if you don't if you never look down defy gravity.
Like a great work in your body like is the candy three running steps and then you go that's exactly what it's like to.

[1:14] Exactly what if I could fly.
Would love to you speak about doing what you really do so what i'm leaving i may use are they all the things i wish i could do i wish i wish i could fly mom.
oh God I can't run in the song from the
oh God that you guys always in trouble I Believe I Can Fly
and I can just paste that,
hold on something and run through it and then nobody else will follow me I wish
I want to be awesome honey seriously.

[2:18] Yeah i wish i could i will stylish silly things i wish like like a power puff girl i was a kid might hit somebody line down and all that,
kind of wish sometimes you know that I was a,
comic you know can a little income is i need in each figure something that i really like that's animated figures interest and is bringing up today.

[2:41] Really maybe because we have Renee from the animation track here,
well isn't that like pretty special how that happened,
hi guys loves listening to you guys that are girls and flying in all the things that you really to do in a carton yes i wish i could can i.
Mean while wanna leave you by either fly me there was once it's don't touch that period of.
Yeah not not on bb gun and all help is just awesome unrivaled mail tracking so who's home screen if he beauty.
Lee still at work a little depressed super speed and I could clone myself and four people could do everything that sitting here to be done,
nay you are the second the second right.
Animation animation track I want to make sure I got it right which is different than the anime track correct.

[3:51] We basically at this point cover any animation that isn't specifically japanese um that would be drawn by can we do feature certain.

[4:03] Hells that are not just american but also from your in our styles french art styles.
What anime is so specific to Japanese art styles we cover can everything else.
That's cool and in,
Woody called so you get things like Rick and Morty and Steven Universe and those kind of things right,
rigor mortis universal try and a lot of the which again mr them how
anime influences but they are definitely very Americanized in their style and their art
in their story telling and just kind of really fantastic ways for all ages really enjoy eggs and some of those are the most popular ones and we have a couple of
panels that featured those specific.
Titles this year Dragon Con so I'm really excited to have a lot of fans congregating in Atlanta and having discussions and talking about and with professionals on these really popular titles.

[5:10] Yes so you're going to be done with you have those those panels and will get into what those are but you also have a lot of voice-over guessed right.
So we have one of the biggest announces that came early this year was are strong you had in a voice actress in this game or.
Ever forever and she doesn't look a day over.
To me like eighteen she's so cute she has a what he does with bubbles from powerpuff girls see the couple of ways is in teen titans which is always super popular brother at the original or teen titans go,
she has just has a huge discography of all her voice acting talents and she has a couple of panels that are being a kind of cross feature with different tracks but she'll be in a lot of places throughout the weekend
wheels of the voice of Korra who's going to be there one of our special guest and returning professionals.
George you, Uncle George food voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast so we have some
endless laughing I wonder if you remember me from the because he stole my also buco.

[6:27] He might if you if you.
Gautam and tell him I bet you he would remember because he probably would because it was really funny cuz he was like did you eat any of it I'm like I didn't but you didn't have dinner so you have it first cuz you're again.
Another gone but yeah
yeah but yeah he's been around he's been around forever in actually least talking about the one that was in Jacksonville briefly.
As in one time.
And that's also where I had I bet Tara Strong there she wasn't she was a guest there and that was that was like.
Any eighteen years ago this point no now that think she look old but she's you know she's just always in the continent she's always looking fabulous that's awesome that she's so active in all conventions and.

[7:27] The.
Yeah we have not only and forgive me because I'm terrible with her and voice actor names actually
but we have not only voice actors but a couple of the animators who worked on the show as well so it's really great because people can get a full spectrum
of not just the voices of people upset their hands on bringing these shows to life.
What's really cool is we actually have a few behind the scenes of that makes sense for like literally for cartoons they are the.
All the background scenes village are hugely important or any show that you were experiencing right now so,
it doesn't only just highlight the again voice actors and a talent voice talent but it also highlights be professional 2.
Actually draw or anime or bring it to life on screen so it was really exciting being part of the animation tracks a lot of them are local lot of people who live in the south or even Atlanta,
get a chance to
professional knowledge to the masses and there will community of people who are friends lucky we're just getting into to see a self centered out at.

[8:49] That's that's cool you're also doing some panels for charity right.
So we're super excited this year the literacy organization that we have going on but that junk on the official,
jerry is has already been doing a lot of leads of like the super hero bunch events and every panel that we have we always have archer you more out so people can donate anytime rp.
Panels that were excited about our will two or more panels will competition we have a costume competition that is Saturday and so.

[9:24] Saturday morning would you pre-judging and then Saturday afternoon I got for is when the actual event is and they announce the winners we are doing a conference we are taking,
funds and encouraging people to bring their dollars of they can donate then we also have to sing along one of them is a,
Steven Universe sing along which I'll be leading one of my favorite parts of the entire convention specially now because they have like.
Read new song that they just announced from the show that were initially on be soundtrack which i am of course
so of course I do as well as toon Tunes which is going to be all-encompassing from
Disney to Nickelodeon to 90s Nostalgia so we'll have a lot of different.
Is it that will be having sing alongs to for that and.

[10:19] We're getting curtain people to bring out there bring out anything they want to donate or our special jar and they will we also some prizes to give away for minimum donation but last year for the sing-along 1 sing-alongs arrays.
$300 so we were super excited about that we want to just lose that up again this year.

[10:47] So that's like super exciting anyone that really wants to make a go any further and you have time if you look at your schedule the app without you can see exactly when all of our programming,
is even I forgot even though I take screenshots of everything in the Apple account information but I never thought of that one,
no it is because you're right you get there and then sometimes you don't have room and you're just like,
my thing is finding ways to like hack conventions not in a bad way but just to make sure that.

[11:38] Spending time building a ball up in the air trying to get service because there's no wife i know you just be in a dead area everybody thousands of people are using the same sprint network
so screenshotting that the app is nice because it's got I'm sure you're going to talk about it but like you can actually pinpoint it'll show you where on a map
your location or your panel is also the entire so say you want to see Tara Strong sometime during the weekend
you quicker on the guest page and you can see her entire panel schedule and with a time there and that's enough. I'm pretty sure snapshot the time
that was issues with account name is you can go through there and actually and i connect like making for you can see her drop weekend star at all those things so
I was super enthralled with the app yesterday I went through the entire
get to this but cuz you were having a little technical difficulties getting on so we didn't want to.
Yeah we wanna do you but that is right and i just got it out and it really helps,
amber there will be some changes dot what the app is now i would say the best idea is every it with this idea of your little um.

[12:56] The screenshot I would do maybe one now and then each morning you might just want to look at that screenshot and make sure nothing's changed
yep yeah yeah that's why I like if you go back to your hotel room to change costumes or just to relax or you can get on somebody else's mobile hotspot you can look it up that way,
i'm at the,
it is a great first reference and then you know the info desk or the signage at they have all around is just like another straight face I also write everything down and pain in my calendar like because I'm ridiculous
but I hand-write it there along with what costly that we're for each event and who I'm supposed to meet at 1 the photo shoots are so I'm,
so I'm awake looking at those things and that's why your assistant director do those things.

[14:05] I do think what i love though is also that doesn't just goes very quickly go oh i'm not talking none no i'm designing her now i got to the every ten years i because you like i don't people lol okay.
You guys are like that's great.
I talk I host panels when panel is don't show up if I know the the topic I will I take it on
I have people that can also help you with that so would you need some backup so we can email me later okay,
oh we'll do what sometimes we don't know till the these people you can just basically text him and say hey if you're free I know at least two or three people I might be able to help you with,
then we will definitely keep you on that fam virus,
not me not me father go now if i can give you their names and the she's wrong she's doing it she's doing exactly what you work all the directors do the volunteer other people,
delhi to john as well as how things to grow up don't yell back what we dish of
so where are you located physically at the drag at the Dragon Con at the Dragon Con are you going to be doing at the Googling later after I can come where are you located.

[15:29] Okay so we are thankfully in the same space as last year which is the Hilton Galleria for it's a very bottom level of the Hilton as soon as you go down the well with the.

[15:40] Depending where you're coming from your usually end up on the lobby you go down one more level,
the back of the hotel before you get to the photo shoots area and go down the escalator ever leader lead the,
Once you turn left off the escalator we're the first room there so Hilton Galleria,
for it's a great space room it's got,
nice soft wall that just in case we need to remove them for any particular reason but it's.
He it's it's a very nice space to say that and i really like how they renovated building a couple years ago i think area,
down there i am so i and i love it that's the space that we have it set for those been gonna drink on for a while release of for blake last for five years it use to be the old z score gaming is to be.
In a broken that out into several rooms cuz I believe podcast things down there with you as well.

[16:41] Release date World last year last year I haven't looked this year but animes down there,
track is down there Britt track I'm pretty sure was down there last year and and podcasting maybe one or two others and I would imagine you're the signal down there for your,
phone is terrible though wasn't the best that
another note for anyone that likes you'd get coverage on their phone or even do videos or whatever pictures just take everything on your phone videos pictures
whatever you go in till like really lower-level Hotel spaces and upload them later I am like filthy cream I love doing videos I love doing livestream
but I already know like anything that I get is not going to connect so I just capture everything and then later in the day or later at the end of the weekend I upload it later because.

[17:31] Absolutely no way but there's some great panels that go on down there that sometimes you just want to pull out your phone and you know take a quick shot of
but that's just a good key item don't try to do it anything live or stream anything while you're down there cuz even we have to have a hard connection for you know what you were trying to run any screening,
another actually a good thing to say if you were panelists or doing anything like that we we ask for internet we ask for it very nicely.

[18:01] And we may or may not get it so we got it and yet it's just not it yes you have internet but not in this room this room is special.
what mineral panel is its good to have like i know we usually have an actual laptop that have these just did julie saved already know of a presentation for power point is make sure that it's,
natively available on a disc or on your device on Google Drive or Google or download it specifically or even you know make sure it works with all PowerPoint,
levels because sometimes that's been an issue too so technology is fun when it comes to Convention,
and I know we're going to have even better programming this year with some of those people returning so
I'm so excited to the geek out with other people about cartoons that's literally been my whole life.

[19:13] That's great because i think it is your your one of those it's like a lot of are on yours again i'm doing this because i love you mom and got a small business days and i think that also awesome awesome awesome,
yeah it's a great opportunity DragonCon is Ben actually my 10th year going but it's still my second year,
this will be my second year being involved on a volunteer sort of level so it was great work my way up seeing what we can do more getting more people to come out though.
Excited probably more excited my cost is all finished but you know as of right now you that they're not so it can you paint toes to your.

[19:59] Yeah so of course the bunny hutches Thursday so I'm creating a bunny outfit for princess Allura which is from Voltron poses going to be able play off of that character for Thursday and I'm in a group for.
It's a very stylized goddess Sailor Moon group we have all.
What time is it was created by the art was based off of is an artist that is on instagram and also costlier name.
Desi Desi.
Or does he does he wanted us back are really gorgeous are i've seen the other girls completed project it looks fantastic i'd say about sixty percent done but will you done i have a lot of peas that is the together,
I'm going to have a casino to cosplay which is from the new show aggretsuko.
Which is really fantastic if anyone has an office job hasn't watched that yet it's really good I think that be considered anime because Japanese but it's also just really cute.

[21:04] What's the handle mexico which is in look like hello kitty it's on netflix.
Okay it's about this really adorable Hello Kitty looking red panda who works in an office job and really likes metal music and it's not it's like a slice of life she deals with her terrible boss and dating.
It's it's mostly and a happy necklace is put out the fire is it's rating is in a better jeweler's it.
Is it just isn't do you know if it's a Netflix original or is it,
yeah so they worked with I'm pretty sure that I'm pretty sure they work with Sanrio because it is the art I'm telling you it looks like Hello Kitty and the characters I think are based off of Hello Kitty characters and it is Netflix original it is dubbed over into English you can watch in Japanese or English,
and because is a very kind of like cut out style art but he it's it's very is not six really don't but i don't appreciate it because again it's about her having is a regular,
you know I pretty sure she's an accountant you working account and accounting firm the main character she's not like.
You don't really crazy friends one of the friends is like the office bubbly girl and that's me.
I have a group is going to be doing um costumes from that.

[22:26] And i am free to have a walk to costa number briefly because i'm.
I'm a handle on lock food is a french animation show that's been really popular in the past few years all completely class animation.
And a Steven Universe cosplay which is done actually so that one's easiest because it's already completed but.
It's got a giant afro attached to it so that's always fun to try to travel with.
Cool so let everyone know where they can find more info on the animation track,
sure so we have a Facebook page is DragonCon animation track.

[23:11] And you can just search for that actually traded Facebook event pages for all of our programming so far we're working on doing Google event Pages as well but the Facebook ones seem pretty active
you can also message me directly at random
would you like me for you guys you know spelling it's like my email but Wren Lynette
you buy me on Instagram Facebook Twitter and I will point you in the right direction.

[23:39] And as well as the drinking happened probably one the best places to look you can organize everything i track and you can pinpoint and star the,
panels ignition going to so that you have it right there on your phone already sometimes facebook event pages will translate to google,
calendar so that's pretty helpful as well but you can definitely check like that,
check Facebook check the app with me if you ever have any questions about them and they will give you all the information not all panels are of course in Galleria for
some of them are going to be in the higher-level rooms in the Hilton with the bigger rooms for the gas inside,
but we make sure that we pinpoint all those things so easy to navigate.
Now before we leave we like to play a game with our guests today well for this one for animation.
Got me so bad it's killing last year i did hear blood in,
is the one because Jon said it up so you would remember oh yeah I like that okay doing that again this year this year I actually have a very tiny chance,
also these are actual these are actual card that of like boxes of trivia box i found on clearance or what have you,
Sperry's placing this with this one is a Family Feud Disney themed Edition so.

[25:06] Just like him if you don't ask you question you give whatever you think the best answer is then we will answer the same question i'll answer the question finally and then where ever get will tell you appoints.
Five these.

[25:19] The disney or disney pixar character most likely to enjoy the same music as you know of course i'm not sure how you would answer this because sending it to bonn.
A Disney.
After or pixar now enjoy the same music as has the rights of was very vague what do i really know what you know how to know what kinda music i don't know.
No that was not the problem oh man okay i feel like i would enjoy the same music as.
I don't know how old is how old is this game.

[26:13] I think we are so it's like we just determined.

[26:18] And seventeen megan from us you're actually okay.

[26:23] It's a vanilla be and i'll be amaretto ralph i think we have the same the disease where we.

[26:34] The Disney who had the most in common with me.

[26:43] I am trying to think of rick and i'd like to say like finding dory because it just depends i don't remember things about music and all that i am using a lot of the cooper lately so not really sure it would be a hat.
Yeah let's course they don't know what you're gonna would you listing to the doesn't matter which is that is that.
Get the as i am trying to the the.
Was Mulan cuz I want it to be so let's I will go with.

[27:20] Buzz Lightyear I don't know I guess
none of them are on this list will what are you jovi so donald duck is last then snow white of you know cuz of course no way i would like
and you but you never heard music using it helpful if we,
to put the speed of the dog the dog the dog goofy and of course mickey mouse top list.
Just name a Disney character,
bright or name the classic is Disney characters.

[28:12] Mickey Mouse,
hi to Kate
and I'll take.

[28:38] Mini I guess,
well all of them are on the list so.
At the coming in first place with Goofy for 16-point sleigh and second place was Donald Duck for 12 Then followed up by Mickey Pluto Bell.
Some reason Cinderella,
and Snow White again for any of the princesses because is not so therefore they want the less messy.
Renee name the Disney character that would look best in a three piece suit.

[29:35] Mickey Mouse well now I'm trying to think so like I can't name a prince.

[29:47] But.

[29:49] I don't want to get free on people but like I feel like one of the,
Jungle Book characters in like the remember.
Talespin Baloo
so I'm going to go with Shere Khan you know I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the answers.

[30:18] It was great yeah I'm going to Shere Khan okay I don't mind it I'm just.
Remind me again what the question Disney character that would look best in a three piece suit.

[30:35] I'm going to go with Prince Charming.
And is that your final answer.
I'll go with you I'll go with,
it will spin help and its from it was like during the time where is that the nineteen nineties with does pills at home and bill are okay i sorry yes you rangers but yeah,
sorry I was Goofy just because I guess because of the Disco goofy thing,
oh yeah Goofy movie Goofy was on the list of the other ones were.
Answer in a was the number one answer was with mickey mouse that would be worse though than thirty four points then don't fall by adele duck scrooge mc duck for.

[31:45] Out of the blue goofy in the Mad Hatter which is even more out of the blue,
take for it to be a three piece suit yes you would one would think that would be true that I don't know why doesn't wear pants.
I still want to hear this the princess weren't on there.
That doesn't make any sense they already have had how do you think any of this makes any sense
I said it's best with Mickey but I'm going to I really needed Shere Khan in 3 PC to be out there and then.
Name an adjective you use to describe describe the Evil Queen's magic mirror.

[32:41] Renee that's that's a good one link adjectives.

[32:49] The the axon the is sinister.

[32:57] Mr mom all go with glossy when set.

[33:06] Evil made on their sinister was now but i'll give it to you for.
Scary because i'm of myself credit for reflective
so cool scary evil evil side bad magical big and reflective were on there so I get myself to point,
6 points in a game that Kanga and Roo would enjoy playing together.

[33:39] I'm gonna go with the obvious answer which is hide and see you and i don't think enjoy play my game because of the way to the.
Ight i'll i can see a game they like to play together and.

[33:54] I'm kind of thinking like games like that wouldn't work.

[34:04] Well I'm going to go classic here and there is a bouncing game that date that Tigger teaches Russo The Bouncing it.

[34:18] LeapFrog cuz there.

[34:22] Alright those who read hopscotch is number one hiding seek with number two for nineteen points.
This has got we got that i can tag then catch jump rope leapfrog eight ribbons.
And patty cake was the other.
The one that apparently someone or a computer generated answer came up with me this evening play seventy john seriously that has to.
I know it is and that's why I love it we're going to tell you score so well I do that remind everyone exactly where they can find you in at DragonCon weirdly get more info on the web.
So you can find me our drank on most likely in the animation track room which is hilton galleria floor the very bottom level of the.
You can find more about our panels on Facebook by searching for DragonCon animation trap or an or he actually.

[35:24] Gencon toontrack gone search for both of them or even pages on Facebook.
And you can find me which I'll probably be highlighting the time I'm spending at the con at 12 which is at Wren Lynette,
on instagram on facebook like to pick stories and i get internet and on twitter sometimes if he's the one talking,
and of course.
Everyone's going tell you check out the app you can say for our track user by taxi in search for the,
the animation tracks handle in programming or you can find your favorite voice actor or professional and a meter and you can search their actual each,
the guest list and see what panels are gonna be after ugly get.

[36:21] Alright alright so the final scores are coming in last place barely is me actually 21 points.
And Renee has 37 points,
give me wind but i remember the news was who's not hopscotch hide and seek,
alright so thank you again for joining us we appreciate you taking time out and you know I know that you guys are you got you got some.
Play you get some costumes before the night gets up do you gas it really low already hiding really used you don't have them all done yet.
Oh no she has the best under pressure and everybody procrastinate as and is it really doesn't ring possibly releases be asa be.
Exactly so I'm good.
Be i got some where did you got a whole weekend students in the past that's that's what i'm saying is i'm trying to pair you know the.
The fun fest putting together what gonna i'm gonna wheat tomato we can do it right now what i want ne to go with.
Eight so i think you can renee for joining us so until next.

[37:42] Nice thanks for having me which is a couple weeks for there a help thank you so much for being on the floor and ain't we.
Emily brother this is anybody else here.

[37:59] Music.

[38:06] Has been a production in the heat.
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