50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 47 - Steve And Brandy Of The Mini

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
call Patrice.
Just bought a small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:44] The days of dragon con the podcast that shrinks it every single time you hear it in joining me tonight is the.
Go to sleep.

[0:58] I could have talked about something nevermind,
early and the freshness and so that i don't,
he beat you when i finally find dc you about a week on how you say that is,
tonight is actually no tomorrow would you take me tomorrow seven billion thirty.

[1:25] Yeah I don't have her number and we got off by day I think I think we might have started a day earlier
tomorrow is supposed going up his four-day 45 but it will be 6 days until DragonCon at that point so I don't know I guess dayzero,
weather in guess umma go get of whack him on the number he is here,
yeah Lee how's it going you want to talk if you want to remind people some rules.
I did want to remind people the app is out without you got to drink anymore you don't have to drink for asking anymore.

[2:07] No i get no actually you know what you should do people should drink when la i can manage that with mission with the during then,
and drink actually you know what you should drink gin drink booze you don't get rewarded for being a whiner you know what you should drink you should have to drink a whole,
we're bottle why does your c all time and then you will maybe not be wondering so hot.
Okay I'm sorry I just don't want I don't want no wine no whining,
but yes so do you check the app update remember it will update as things change,
and yes things are changing every darn day it will also update,
groupon and things like that you have a twitter you,
follow the daily driving cuz it'll show there too.

[3:00] Sorry that's that's what I was going to say was yes that's true.
That's right see I so there you go but yes we're very excited about that but.
So there's that and then the other rules about a lot is what I called before to unroll I don't know if John put my little 41 thing up this year or not but.
When is you need four hours of sleep a night when you was a theory is this anna as nana.
4 hours of sleep a night you need two meals a day and buy two meals a day I'm talking something that has that food pyramid in it,
oh that you have your veggies or fruits or and some type of protein and so that could be you being the whatever and grains and veggies everything right you need that the pyramid so go to the bakery.
Eating at the con Suite is a snack there will be good snacks and soon as it will be having nicely Hardy's back.
That is not real you can't just the all lead the country that's not enough food doesn't exist so that's either from.
And and you can't find it for John cuz it's in a totally other than right,
but you got that the other thing is that.

[4:28] So do that for so 4 hours of sleep cheap meals a day and one one shower everyday get totally naked in the shower I don't care if you if you shower with somebody or not.
Relaxing shower wash everything rinse.

[4:49] Get out dry put on new new clothes new goes new underwear all the way.
Then you can go back out and the reason for doing this folks is it's atlanta on lights lanterns number nine thousand degrees.
Nine thousand i like that nine thousand degrees in in by the way the good thing is it's not a dry heat it's a wet heat so it feels like not twelve thousand degrees.

[5:16] Yeah so it's it's israel so do not anyways you reform thing that is not name it i.
But do that because that's going to be what you need to do and so will he do that then you'll feel better and everything will be good so do those and follow those rules because it's really important you need this if you don't do this.
It's going to it's going to hurt and I'm not going to be happy,
I live in Tampa where it's you know where it's humid all the time and whatnot,
downtown Atlanta just with all the buildings in the cars and the the the the layering of,

[5:58] He down there so yeah you wanna get all the group that street ground if you'd walk outside and really just industry grandma feel old just,
your sitting a lot of places are attending that you need you need you need is also why is this is good to just,
that fifteen or eight and yeah i'm somebody up with the car but was leaking water conservation you can even use those little tiny soaps that they give you at the old going to her tiny little mini soaps that you can use to wash your tiny little miniature.
There's or to your tiny little manager cell yes need a speeding vanilla speaking of integers,
you need to be real careful when you talk right now to talk about the track.
All you have grampy steve are you guys doing.

[6:57] Doing great John thanks and I don't know that she's our mascot but we.
What size requirements,
I know I know I know where that came from that would be you know that would be that evil evil evil feel that's helping you out so hi Steve,
so which is under gaming as I just referred back to Phil Collins gaming the other gaming the board gaming guy,
what I never will throw another guess what this gone along with Steve.
And Brandy is not the director with Brandy runs a very important thing Brandy and I will say it wrong so I'm going to let you save it
okay sure yeah under miniature games I run a little tiny miniature event called the Peyton take so we can.

[7:54] So what percentage is tell him stephen sir with what is miniature gaming and what would you guys do over there what what kind of activities going on on.

[8:04] Well if you're in the americas mart and building on floor to just between card gaming and more gaming you would find miniature game and in that area with we got a
two different companies represented a lot of people no games workshop is a new forty k they know some of the cool minis are not
games they know asmodee which does some of the X-Wing Fantasy Flight those types it's all tabletop miniature base games so
large-scale stuff that you need to use a measuring tape to figure out how you're going to play your game and then other things that are unaccounted traditional,
mass square bored nothing terribly exciting about that side of it but it is all based on which game you're playing so.
You have to check them out and see which ones are playing and which way everything we do have a lot of games that run based on a tournament schedule,
is the kids and your clicks team they have an all weekend tournaments schedules if you play that game can get and when some prizes and some of the.
Very well cover to dragon con queens that are good for a new vendor all.
But additionally one of the things that we've had happened over the last 4 years is that is an exponential growth.

[9:31] Of our paint painting take venture.

[9:35] What has first of all I want to hear Randy talking about this exponential growth to ask you guys what do you think did that what why is it doing that.

[9:48] Well first of all first before they're ready what is Peyton take before.
We talked about what that you know that the amount of people that are doing this now
the cake is an area with while he obviously and you take something home with you have or would on the plastic on the floor so that we don't miss a,
we give you everything you need to paint a miniature,
and it's completely free would I know you get to come we give you a miniature and the paint and the paint brushes and a little spot to paint.
you have hobbyist and professional painters around that can help you if you want help some people are like I've been doing this for years I don't need help it's just nice to sit down,
and you know rest rest my feet from an hey nora maddening yeah we have forty seats set aside which secondly than the sum of the gross,
we started ow back in two thousand thirteen with name hundred people paying money to the counting how many people came through it.
And this year were planning for 1200 people to go through during the time that we here are open are open operating hours.

[11:14] Yeah yeah so my wi one that my kids went last year for the first time to to dry and come with me,
and my daughter actually peed figure there at the at the pain taking was chilly great time yes yes i'm nice lol set up caller.
Yeah yeah the things that we last year um,
who is two years have made sure that we,
made room for was for the kids because this is something that can really get a kid excited about the art and the game at the same time
every kid loves a paintbrush in their hand,
hey honestly that something lia missed my daughter's been hanging manager said she was.

[11:57] Two or three I don't know I have a whole stack of Miniatures and progressions of painting that she's done and it's just it's a great.
Asleep family friendly but also kind of gives into the kids a little bit you so that they can express themselves and.
Take something a souvenir home with them,
Steve that the growth piece of it is you think it's it's it's more that people moving towards gaming or or board game is her to see no Renaissance
just in general or is it what do you account for the number of people that have started to come to paint date.
It did turn around and try to put you know one element of it I don't think it's one element I don't know that it's a Renaissance of things.

[12:55] Some of the moves we've had in the last few years of moving from the built in the basement of help and we're game used to be to now being over the americas mart i think what we saw was a lot of lot more people were venturing,
and two areas they they didn't have the opportunity because they had to Traverse through the streets,
in that 9000 degrees wet heat yes it's a wonderful.
So if you're up at the the Marriott Marquis or you're up at the Hyatt and gaining is all is down at the Hilton going down the hill to get to the Hilton is great but then I can wait a minute we got to walk back up.
But with everything being in the americasmart now we're seeing this this.
This growth in the ear and I think what it is people are finding out about it first I'd like will let's not advertise this too much because I never want to have people show up and not have the opportunity,
to be able to take part
but then as people started coming and then as people started bringing family and friends and then as it got a little bit more word-of-mouth advertising I think that's where it came from
additionally I heard from
the president and ceo of the company that shall remain nameless at this moment in time that you're about our painting take all the way up to jen on.

[14:19] And wanted to learn more about it because he said I've heard good things about this I want to know how to get involved so we have some companies that are saying hey do you have a sponsor ;-)
hello so it's it's it's.
It's not one thing it's it's that's a pretty wide reaching once what is that and is it.
I remember I remember I never did this but I do know other people who didn't this was a big thing and my husband got into it for a while when he was a teenager and young adult butt.

[14:58] I know so is.
It just seems like for your thing is you're saying it's Word of Mouth are there more games is it because their video games that are also becoming kind of board games or the.
People just like to have little tiny tots Keys you think any of that has anything to do with it too.
Traffic is increased because you know more people willing to walk around the show and then they woke up on this area and i see people sitting at a table because brady puts on a great app for
and sings faces and the children and is adults and they're all sitting at a table in there working intently on a brush on a mini and,
and then I say well what's this all about what is this cost and you say nothing just your time and you can sit along or you can work as long as you want to I say
I'll sit down with that because I'm waiting for my track to start over in the other building.

[15:57] It has become and Brandy probably would have tested this better than I could she probably sees a lot of the same faces every year where people have made it.
I've got to go do this every show I'm going to take one of these items home whatever the money is available this year so,
and and also to you how,
you know you might have a child who's never played a game like 40K or never played one of the cool mini or not games and they get a game piece and they say will tell me about this where did this game please come from I just sat here for an hour and painted it.
Tell me about it what is it supposed to look like you know things like that they get to learn that this piece has meaning in a game and then they get drawn into the game as well,
so it's it's you know it's a path for kids to get exposed to different miniature games that they may not have
I've been attracted to you in the first place so we're what minis are there and where do they where do they come from how do you get them cuz if it's free
set that reasons i question obviously.

[17:03] Paint miniature sponsors for this year gigabyte games and games workshop together have gotten us some orc Boys in Space Marines.
We have some bones from Reaper Miniatures and Reaper also gave us a huge horde of paint.
And cool mini or not has given us a Miniatures from there A Song of Ice and Fire game so it's game baseball.
Also because it's your now ex game of thrones you're also probably gonna have a lot of people who like oh i like everything game of thrones and i can pay my home back so i think that will be very cool gay you know
you are also running a contest for the first time this year.

[17:52] We are we talk for couple years about the mechanics of running a painting competition and we go then this year so we're having the first annual golden dragon painting competition driving hundred twenty eighteen,
and we are very excited about this,
we're going to have a six categories two of them are paint and take categories meaning the painting needs to happen at Pecan during our tour Peyton take hours.
So you can you can submit any figure painted you know that we have their categories there one is for 12 and under so we call it the youngbloods category.
Yeah and so there's that category then there's me basically 13 and up the adult category for the paint take.
As for the other painters that were painting say obvious that are painting at home and are not painting and sort of the,
sort of a speedpaint you know where your kind of Under Pressure mating during the con you can bring in a model that you had painted and enter it neither a single model category Squad.
A vehicle monster category or an open category so if it doesn't fall into those other three then you can submit in the open category.

[19:11] Cool so it and,
i wasn't saying course your prices so cool where is lazy he's really nice acrylic plaques that are ingrained a birthplace training hind
dragon painting competition twenty eighteen and the category you placed in,
and then we'll have certificates for second and third place in each category and then of course all the youngbloods will make sure everybody gets a certificate saying,
you know that they did a great job entering into the contest lyrical I'm sorry I don't know why but people and I'm glad you're doing.

[19:48] Well and we're also throwing in some of those dragon con coins that i mentioned earlier.
So they will be walking away with a modified cash prize that they can use over in the dealer Hall.
We will have a display case available so that way people can check out what the submissions were
and see who the winners were so that way if they feel like I know I could have done that I could have done better than that we might entice them to come back and try next year so
Ginger and come coins twice what is this I've never heard of this.
In the gaming hall mean if you were the winner of a tournament or you're the winner of the fellowship award or one of those kind of a you know even at some of the demos that we offer which again demos are free,
in the game at all if the person running it says you know what you've earned it,
you receive a pewter coin,
oh sweet we have some that were minted many many years ago that they would they would tell you they're getting much harder to find because like i said people just want to keep them they don't even wanna spend them to.
You get this puter coin that has a five dollar value if you were to take it into the vendor hall and the vendors on or them as like five dollars but not cash you don't get change from an obvious return.
But yeah I know it's something that's exclusive to the gaming Hall that has been something.

[21:18] For many many years longer than I've been involved the first time this has ever come up.
How come you don't remember hearing about this before but then again but then again,
i can't find the the concert so you not is there is there is nothing we can i seen your in my part of the money i think at one point with the jerry.
I don't know if it still does that you could buy but that wasn't that wasn't that's different though right that's different than this what you're talking about his actual.
An actual price.

[21:57] Is it like a price thing like something like a person was yet now that i see what you're saying about lighting mr lack okay for is the right thing is the link look we likes prices.

[22:12] Like some.

[22:14] So hey it's fine so you also do some you mention you also do some panels and whatnot on over on the form entries what kind of panels do you have going on this year.
So what we typically have and we got a couple that keep coming back over the last few years that that still love putting on these
panels we got to Barnacle Bay which is Panda called games
the guys that did a successful Kickstarter my gosh I want to say it's almost a year-and-a-half 2 years ago their game came to the street or is on its way to the street
i had a successful gym call in and like i said had a very successful kickstarter campaign they have been running panels for us,
they talk about bringing your game from idea to production.

[23:06] So that that's something new that we've been able to offer and never have been able to offer before,
any couple got,
okay thanks
Brandy and her team I'll let her talk about it she's alright she's got a few panels that we do on-site in the gaming Hall a lot more interactive Brandy go for it,
yeah so we have four different categories of a we call them a paint along workshops.

[23:40] Oh there's two introduction of miniature painting casas one of um is just kind of general dragon con audience and there are friday two in three thirty saturday and sunday it to you,
i'm starting at three thirty is introduction entertaining for kids so it's gonna be it,
is that you know six hes not mixed in with me six cans and it and then i say six of these are small glasses user not fifty people this is one on one getting some interaction and learning,
the paint with a professional painter
and the way that Elizabeth does her class she everyone in the,
intro class has the same manager and she says okay pick up the green and color the space new this year why we're doing this next year this color and do this and do that this is what you want to look
the sea house taking jake if she talking you through it and teaching you some of the basic principles of miniature painting.

[24:43] Passed them at the introduction level is there.
This is an sandwiches saturday sunday and monday eleven thirty and color schemes an army colors saturday sunday and monday at ten
these are taught my sons also professional artists and his glasses are a little more you know the basics but maybe you're having trouble with getting the christmas on skin and she want maids is coming out,
a little too zombie like when you're not going for zombie,
so he is there to kind of help you,
create some of the tricks and techniques how to get that realistic in scan in that class and the other one he doesn't color schemes an army colors,
so if you have you know an entire 40K Army that you're trying to paint how do you do that quickly how do you pick colors that work together and it doesn't look like,
um yeah that wasn't well thought out.

[25:44] All of these are in-app so I'm going to go ahead and and and throw the throw that plug there you can go into the app you can mark the ones that you're interested in you sign up for these at the paint and take,
will be the sign up sheet out by noon on friday so the pain take itself opens at one on friday.
Whenever we get everything set up we'll get that signed it she out of the buttons are signing up for for those pain along workshops.

[26:16] That's the school because yeah because you so that they are limited so there and help how quickly those usually fill up pretty quick.
The introduction ones usually fill up pretty quickly mainly because that's.
Usually there are a lot of kids that want to come paint maybe last year they painted one and they're like you know Mom I really want to do better at this you know,
and they see that that were offering the classes for the kids so I have a feeling that those kids ones will fill up and usually the introduction ones fill up quickly,
we actually bumped the time this year last year if any of the folks remember we started our classes at 9 and we didn't have good attendance at a 9 a.m. class so we bumped into 10
no John and not yet people sleeping,
yeah we have to start offering free donuts away from con suite at Paignton take for that to really take.
Take fire when jesus comes will you keep talking about what does not exist in our home with the.

[27:23] But it needed to go back to one of the one of the points yeah okay so maybe space is limited for participants but because we're doing am and an open air environment isn't it's not like going to
at Rack Room where the air at standing-room-only or,
or no more seat you can't walk and anybody can be a spectator then point and listen along now,
i sit at the table in pain with everybody else no but if your curious enough about what's going on and i wonder if i can pick up a tip or trick just listening.
Go for it they should they should stop by and see what's going on.
That's cool that's good that's a good point but yeah that the whole area is really pretty much wide open right so um yeah and there's usually seats around us are going around anyway to so.
Alright so what other what other is given I have to mute myself for a minute my husband needs me to call him I don't know what's going on and I can't get back into the call to meet myself.
You please me me and not can i send an email on iraq sure.
Is it your text and email about gaza sorry i don't really want calling for but we does this and he usually noise at yahoo dot.

[28:44] Yeah so I don't know if you guys can still hear her but I can't on the side so it's not apologize,
so do you have any you mentioned some folks coming in to have any other guests besides the folks we talked about with the tracks,
do not panels we don't food.
So i guess i mute each one of the teams that runs the miniature games that they sponsor and they
they develop in many cases cuz some of them are home-grown those are all our special guest walking up to one of the tables where we have,
instance i did of you games right.
IDW games has their Shadows of the past which is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme game we have a team that's going to be there.
Demoing that game specifically and then you know we have like I said we have the Wiz Kids team that's going to be there and we've got the gigabyte games it's going to be running a Warhammer 40K so we've got a lot of great teams there.

[29:55] Can i take you guys can still hear lee in the background is
I am listening to Lee and this is a great opportunity for us to talk about her husband.
I can't hear her on this end but it was but I did find it weird that that you guys can hear each other earlier when you're tugging when I like that on the side
eat i can hear she's now and he's asking about on sweet and doesn't understand why you don't work with well you should know the,
challenge when it comes to navigating Dragon that's that's about it,
if I was coming off the if I was coming from the vendor hall for example or from the street how would I get to the miniature gaming area in in general I know it's a big area so.
Yeah it's it's a big space so we're in again we're in americasmart building 1 and we're on.

[31:11] Supposed to be the second floor but it depends on what what street you're coming in from as to whether you have to go up an escalator or know if you're coming from the vendor Hall in your walking up the hill toward the Hyatt
if you walk in on the entrance I'll gosh I wish I could I think it's Portman
the runner and you will have to take an escalator up to the second floor but if you're coming in from.

[31:40] I am still hearing lady and she really is having a hard time with the vendor all and cons week on a book like a donut it's still donuts kashgar husband on it so it.

[31:54] There's a couple entrances so it just depends on which side you're coming in but if you're coming up from the vanderhall you're you're probably going to have to take an escalator ride up and like I said we're kind of,
packaged like a sandwich between boardgaming which is a very large section of the hall and then
card gaming if you know where the tokyopop arcade area is what kind of right there in that middle space.

[32:21] What banners and signs hanging as well from me the hangers inside the ceiling americans not there above our area so.
Eric missed you cool now is very where on the on the weds that you could did you find more info on the and intrigue me.
I guess I'd better get me a general by me miniature gaming the track that the event.

[32:44] We we put all of our events everything from tournament schedule to everything that's available through paint and take and all of the demos that were featuring this weekend in the DragonCon app
so if somebody hasn't downloaded it yet that's where I would suggest I go check it out.
Okay cool itself has a Facebook Instagram and Twitter and we're at DragonCon TNT like pink and take but just an in TNT.
At DragonCon Pete TNT and like Steve said we're in the in the app to we have it in what little one hour blocks for the paint and take and that's not a limit or an expectation that's just the easiest way for it to show up in the app,
so before we leave you like to play a little game with our with our guest I think so I think you guys might have heard the last recording so you got an idea what that be
Family Feud Disney Edition was about this one Marvel Edition
so it's Family Feud the questions are.

[33:52] Sensibly answer by remaining a marvel characters and julie and that's basically the end of it so will will do around will will start with,
what's up with Brandy to go then go to Steve and then I'll answer when I answer,
and then we'll go from there are they done talking about Donuts Steve do you know yet yeah Lee is ready to come back on board okay hold on.

[34:19] We are you there okay cool I don't know I think you guys have some sort of weird psychic connection actually I probably would blame Phil,
he'll probably drink l
probably out and I do apologize for having to do that was important,
no i would are so
so we were doing we're doing Family Feud Marvel Edition you might have heard that I don't know if you did but I couldn't hurt you which member of The Avengers would make the best
game show host.
We got orders going first would disagree brownies going first then somewhere my first and then you that mean i just thinking at this point.
To be sure to have to use the harelip smash a buzzer that steve million.
I'm out i'm going back and forth between a couple i you know the way that the guy this isn't the movie this is this is maher all i am.

[35:38] Oh wow this isn't fair.

[35:41] I'm skewed with Ant-Man.
Oh please don't really seriously hey you know i like the way that was a paul rudd is is is,
portraying the character in the recent film and fun enough that I think he would do well how about you lie,
i actually go with what i think is kind of an obvious choice but it is i am o gonna distance lia.
Meeting with the choice i would say tony,
Tony Stark Iron Man.

[36:27] Like a richard dolls dawson kind exactly when that people i'll hold go with haka he'll be
doing Bullseye I never talks why are you doing that well guess what you talked about that but
well that's a price I'm sorry that doesn't.
Oh mama Thor was V for 6 points.
No really yes for two point three made the list time time chances are the.
Miniature guy pulls out the minutes guy alright,
um that's usually who are currently not being a man and a lil by lil trav on.
So granny here go named the a sport in which she hulk would excel name a sport in which she hulk with excel will.

[37:32] It's kinda strange this person came to mind shot-put shop then right.
See I was thinking something like that yeah I was thinking of that kind of like what would have heavy and you got to throw that yeah I couldn't come up with what it was oh yeah.
Okay this is just too obvious power lifting powerlifting leak at all that is going on i'm gonna go.
Jesus Christ,
i think my plane is even hear you saying nothing no not admin boxing boxing again with the palate like boxing flush wrestling i don't have a,
make a difference in these but yeah,
okay so boxing or wrestling is that what you're saying.

[38:27] Since we went O'Donnell track and field I'll go with the discus discus for,
well I'm wondering if they're going to have like just track and field cuz that's what I did.
So that's five points awesome wrestling was on here for Fourteen Points.

[38:49] Let's see what we got bodybuilding which I'm going to consider to be the weightlifting.
That's four points and a shop was on the long jump in rugby are number one answer was football.
Number of football was on there.

[39:11] She doesn't she's basketball she's also like seven and a half feet high.
Kiss you that's all she gets a lot taller yes she's at least in the she's at least enough by sixes if not 7,
hi Brandi name Captain America's favorite American author.

[39:31] Montana.
By the way it can be difficult for me since I don't read.
Literacy action action
no I know mine is I know you can read and the issue is that you just don't think it looks that's why I get to go haha,
young answer Captain America favor offers
and I was second answer but.

[40:20] I'm having trouble thinking of an american author and you was do was come back to you when connected to mac it's steve units.
Hey given enough time and thinking about his age on her turn salts okay.
What's the rate minutes leak.
I'm going to go with a classic Mark Twain thinking about the 40s they would have been reading those in school that's a good one.

[40:49] Now William Shakespeare isn't American right.
I'll go with them is Jack London is he a thing,
he is a thing yes yes he did answer,
how about stephen king my like are not even calling woken up with like a heart that day yeah i can do that hey hey frizzle mar twenty number one answer the.
Lol you're killing of this in this game stephen king actually made the list with a third place with nine.
Jack London made the list with I'd where I just pulled it out of something that I've heard before and yours.
Was not only filters on there butt or is it right or is hemingway lane john how many points did you get six points and anyways agate.
I didn't hear you say that you said was first but didn't say the numbers yes mr twenty years and we were both for seventeen points was steinbeck on their know if stuck to your old and jane austen,
I could have a c I thought Steinbeck but Hemingway's a good one I thought Jane Austen doesn't make any sense for Steve sorry.

[42:16] Guys alessi what the adolescent like stephen king the woke up and realized all these are actually really good.
My seventy anything bizkit you can use a seam is a reader but that's just me lol i treat know covering the sick kids and is in use catching
so many things you could of done in the forty the sixty a ticket on the thirty the forty you were scratching your bad or you're reading.
Mother would really going on and read because if he can go to school he still needed to keep up with stuff that,
i can follow that logic area that makes both buttons anything in a skirt what defy logic mailing nineteen fifties.
Tv show that peggy carter would have enjoyed watching.

[43:02] Fifties yes i helen will clean it when i love lucy okay that's a good one.
Steve wow.

[43:25] Think the original old jim reeves superman on during the fifties now i have your number maybe.
Is black and white.
It seems like that's the time of those things were out but Leave it to Beaver let's go with Leave It to Beaver.

[43:50] I try to think like.

[43:54] I was trying to wonder if like any in the 50 like I think that's what was on wasn't it.
I don't know sure I was like someone Gunsmoke or.
That would be Andy Griffith Show.

[44:22] Okay alright I Love Lucy was number one that's why I Leave it to Beaver is number 2 for 23 points.

[44:34] Wait how many did you say i'm writing you down for you reduce a very that thirty-three money in them,
33 and 23 and then Bewitched,
it doesn't seem like it was next Alfred Hitchcock Andy Griffith for two points.
And then Betty White should The Betty White Show really that was not in the 50s,
yeah I don't think.
Name a Spider-Man Ally who would most likely take the last slice of pizza Brandy.
Spider-Man Ally who would most likely take the last slice of pizza.
Spider friend has a mccollum.

[45:37] Up the spider girl spider girl alright sees.

[45:45] Now i but they went to high school together some leaning towards flash thompson when they were wasn't in any as an of villains yeah yeah flash thompson lotions and cave lee.
Said i'm mom i don't know how old these are finally going dead will.
Deadpool I don't know that he's an Allied Spider-Man mature,
I think that's more one-sided relationship from Deadpool's respected so I'll go with.
I'll go with.
Captain America cuz it's probably on the list would not steal the last slice of pizza dough.
It was on the list iron man is this.
Iron man what i thought about stark but i was like iron man black cat.
I are very jane black widow and captain america three point three anything to me which that know me at all alright let everyone know again where they can get some more info on the minute you do that was do the calculations.

[47:12] Again on one of the first options is the dragon con app that if the if the people having downloaded it yet they should once you should that stuff.

[47:25] Especially since the the the the pocket program is sort of gone away.
Hundred percent but that has forgotten me so you didn't need me something and in addition to his.
In addition we also have a couple other availability of painting take info where we can get that Brandy auntie.

[47:56] PNC and calculations I think that Lee kind of.
Beat us with just that first answer but will,
raise the final score okay i'm sorry okay can i have something to say about my going on this that he does for a gift so coming in last was me of course with the twenty one points then followed today i see the twenty nine,
and Brandy came in second place with 53 points and live with 82 points.
Impressive so the miniature person won the game during the minature goats.
I'm just saying it before any of y'all could thank you very much if you would just stand up to accept your prize that would be great.
They say that at every meeting that smell or can jump without even.
Google Google so until next time for Brandy Steve and Lee this is John saying peace.

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