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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is the complete.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] These days of dragon con the podcast that sometimes remembers press record and joining me tonight as always his.
Legally how you doing i'm still like still in early and.
You're still at work still at work but I'm I'm leaving now I am at where on the podcast and I'm going to go home eat.
I'm not using my hair i'm not using my hands my head free to buy so is perfectly fine last fall from a crazy.

[1:19] Don't get well it went and,
dude I've been to Tampa y'all ain't like perfectly saying either so don't even go there with me but one of the thing.

[1:30] Can you.

[1:32] What happens when you will be paul your second out and about again and the tooth fairy yes in marion thousand eleven i so i am on.

[1:46] Don't think about it this way but as a director I'm starting on Wednesday because con now starts on Thursday,
actually taking wednesday through wednesday off i will and using my annual leave
i'll come pick you leave but i basically take my day off because the wednesday is the day i finally got all my stuff together to pack my stuff i
make sure I got everything.

[2:13] And I I do all that with my boxes my husband go to the storage and get the boxes that I have for tracking do all that and then Thursday we check in at the con,
but this is also not doesn't mean my other work stops because Thursday I have conference calls.
I know it work on thursday morning to why all my husband packing carnegie's i got.
And then I go pick up a friend at the airport if he sends me his flight information if he doesn't call his wife.
Any who start putting our room together we are checking now off you know we're going to get our volunteers for.
Our badges and everything else so yeah is common thing is heating up as it is and all of them well you're also doing
fifty will be reflected of thirty five by the end of the end of it thirty five podcasts for fifty days of of three is hot and.

[3:11] And in some of them i know a thing or two about podcasting is,
is joining us tonight he's the director of the podcast for what exactly my track is last minute so i can get the use the rock gotta podcasting charles charles how you doing buddy.
I am good I am glad to be here tonight I'm glad to be for a dragon.
I have to say it's very funny folks because charles email me and he said i didn't get to see you when you were asking directors you know about being on the podcast man,
I'd really like to be on the podcast and I can send you examples and stuff and like
he was he was nicer charles were very glad you're here but it was really cute i have going on is good to be professional and yet no and i understood what my with it what can you legally with
I do need you know at this point we're all very tired we're still doing stuff.

[4:13] And all the giggles we can find sometime can help so what is your actual what is the actual track title for for broadcasting how well okay currently it is jack on high casting and media track.

[4:27] Really long it is and it's not,
is evolve from New Media is about was drunk on podcasting track then it was new,
eighty have gotta get cleared with regina next year by would like a refined it down to hopefully
become something more accurate what we all do
and you to Twitch broadcasting digital media creation that's what it was
only on even.

[5:03] Lives of so when you return of the things you cover in your track that the covers besides podcasting it is literally those things as well ring yet we actually have a us number audio drama
panels this year we got you to specific panel this year was got roberta blake wasn't latching this year who's a big you tube advisories on the,
I heard they call it but it's this YouTube verified.
Creators Channel thing that you took and so yeah we're definitely didn't quite get that pulled off but yeah it's it's all about creating the media in the digital format and I think it's time for The Neighbors.

[5:46] Well it's that that's right that's a good idea yeah I like that because yeah I don't know I think and things like that
lump them altogether but you're right it's digital creations
yeah I don't understand which but I can only do so much
recorded video for pavlov,
and that's a lot of punk answers days i think is about your heart
I'm a podcaster I always want to talk that's what you do
looking for a camera but none of my videos whatever you that polished both accurate tight and let some else does it for me right now it's just me and the camera and i was talking like it was just mark and
if i get you do that now.

[6:38] Well I will also say there is a reason the reason I don't have the video on right now is we're doing this number one is at least sometimes for me it seems to make it act up and it was like oh I don't want to,
do anything so it just like all the lookout a lot more and do things like that so it's like a dedicated internet line for.
It is and you know limited number of options,
broadcasting and media.

[7:21] Traffic around 4.
About 10 years or 11 years or so right at this point I want to say.

[7:39] I wanna say this is year twelve maybe you'd see it seems like that's probably that's probably accurate now you are.
This year's your first year as the official director correct and so how did you again did you not run fast enough what would happen with your story.
That's the world on the dinner last night but it's okay to select the chilies so that it is gonna chew.
I am never been accused of thinking I can't do anything
as always think I can do something better or at least add to it and the first year DragonCon I had no idea really what was going on and podcasting felt like
oh really he was out and you'll give him some feedback.
Wait there's a podcasting conference.
Are you coming to becoming go often in the park st to me because.

[8:46] Yeah i think they were in an age now where some again there feet and a yeah i do agree there's so i went bears ima go somewhere.
I'm interactive and i want to eather help out,
yeah or if I feel like it's egotistical to step in like it if it could come off like you don't know what you're doing let me do it for you I won't do that
and i just don't everywhere because why sit on your butt listen when you can talk nigga that's why there as it for sure just ask questions ask questions as questions
almost every penny lights.

[9:23] I got blown away by the magnitude that is dragging cause I just quickly hitting that that corner of the Hilton for all weekend and then the next year I got a panel and.
I'm sitting on the front row and the director has been 11 year old girls I don't understand
your anybody knows of each other than that.
And you know just said get up and ask a question because if it was kind of struggling.
So we talked about the batman and freshen is there a just came or more it's your of ashmore panels and what can i do to help,
got another couple panels what can I do to help and then two years ago that sounds exactly like me cuz it was like,
yeah but then also like I kept helping and got helping so yeah I love this story this is the story of many a director I like it,
well I'm sure they'll get in the same up and I kind of wanted to say no but I also wanted to help so I said so.

[10:41] 2 years ago I was asked if I wanted to volunteer but yeah absolutely anything I knew Ella moderating too and I thought the only way to Monterey any level of mantle
was to be a volunteer no because that i'm the director of the track was mostly doing moderation for,
yes raised our brand new it and so course yes i want you exam let me given from the people in your friend out there and do what i do just dance and sing in front of people i jest invoice help out where i knew help was needed,
and last year.

[11:14] He's like hey can you help me do the programming and the very quickly he said hey you would have,
I create media for living now me I'm on the house late this morning I know I know why you're laughing
I don't know I'm going to think about it and you just going to let me thinking and then but sneakily they gave me more access everything and I got to do what I love what you put on a great show,
it's not putting all these continent curated all the content and verified all the different podcasters and and built the show and he handled the the admin part of it which I still actually love I love running a business I was born to tell people what to do it's kind of thing,
I'm not shying away from that far if I didn't have to do it so it's really cool.

[12:09] And boy tony was it is when swoop me who for two at on a podcast re came out of the skeptic track,
as for mars and it just getting bigger and bigger of more prakash stuff is going on and they realized course does skeptic lt,
takes the name of the show wasn't ever show.
Was I was on the biggest bobcats in Atlanta at times when the biggest podcasts on iTunes and they were the directors of skeptic
and so that we know black ass and we know it needs to have something they convinced drying on give it a try,
so if he was director and I think that's the last year I came I mean the first year was her last year directing.
And then she went back to the skeptic track to focus more there and then away and the causing all took over.
And I told me that was all to say this past year and I guess in 2017 were planning everything.
Is it a try to get my second take it last year so not want to retire alaskan busy it really want it i've been holding it,
for the right person to come along somebody really knows the heart of podcasting who can put on away from it until the directors are yelling at you to get your stuff,
turn on about that. That's what got me is is I felt like.

[13:37] No i did a great job that fit like what he said ring true was he was holding it together and we continue to certifies and i was like no it now's the right time.
Loved every second of planning it will for twenty seventeen of every second of being in it brinkley seventeen so you know what.
You're actually telling what i'm hearing is i now get free reign to without a by looking over my shoulder let it was me you really delivery room with but not without me having to go okay.
I just want to be in the chain of command I want to make sure you know everything about now I can be the command
it when fast enough and i said yes and that the um so someone by dr has nothing other think there is something that you love it and you have a lot of commitment to it so you're like i am i wanted is right in,
you're taking over something that's been done right for a very long time like you do and that's really great yet to go to option is his life again too busy and he just retired and then knows who is up and,
exactly right you got it.

[14:42] Only hesitant because he's i was making my money making digital media and error everything had to have some kind of influence are income by realize influence of this would would out weigh any income i might lose
John John it's it's kind of like I laughed when he was talking about what do directors get paid and then all the sudden he tell you about podcasting making money
yeah i know it's antia whatchu actually have you

[15:17] Okay so we have a pendulum monetizing your your media actually.
The same old networking when the joining Network we've got the interaction real-time the art of Life by casting
we have a building a bad ass play how so that's my personal as the first time i got drunk on i've taken this fail to number of their sounds good in atlanta comic on this past summer to get there that's when my heart is,
you can build whatever you want small community of a community a job where everyone idea and that panel,
which I'm trying to get to the time and date on that it is it's Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at Galleria Galleria 6 but it's that building the badass Playhouse how to monetize an ever-changing digital world and we got all kind of experts too.
Arrived which is make it your business to get out there and back media men is not easy and there's a is easy but will give you just as we to how it.

[16:17] Now you also have several actual podcast of bees yes and they're doing some live podcasting or,
yes we got number of live shows the two biggest ones this year not attack which is been doing gang gone for these last six or seven years and longer yeah this actually might be there last year
they're looking to start their own con and.
I especially know it's quite expensive to travel if you don't live in Atlanta to travel to DragonCon and right but they're going to do a Big Show in the Marriott and then one of my favorites botched D&D podcast live,
is going to be in the Crystal Ballroom on Saturday night at 10 p.m.
And there's so last year there announce and i don't i'm going if i love you show and they are going to a great show you not all.
Podcast translate to lie Ryan rain there's true story.
One year and never give out the name of the show that I don't even say they're around anymore but it's not all about and this is like
your shot right this is is that we're forty five minutes in the fifteen minutes changing right back into the next track and.
They decided to take their shot at DragonCon in front of a live audience to do their annual business meeting and go over the numbers of their podcasts and how many downloads they had that here and is like.
And as normal so we can think of anything.

[17:47] Worse than being in an audience and having to listen to that and I do have to go to meetings like that as a part of my work.
Oh I'm so sorry that was not a good idea though
what side of that is some I like by I can get bogged down in any good D&D
cast news edit it for time is you'll have all the extra breaks in the an oz in the space of thinking reeses in it so these guys i knew chair looks more like stand up comedians you the indians.
Model they came to the room is you is gallery six and.
Well people and we turn where like hundred people well now not at coming me no dvds big things visit drying on.

[18:46] But I think there is something really too because my husband plays a D&D game online 2 and I think a lot of people are trying to figure out a way weight how can I do this,
with people as a podcaster in a different way because I I want more I want to play more but how to do it I think,
awesome that they gonna be like i'm not using that again,
weakness for sweetness collides folks got D&D people and podcasters and they came together to make something up to a bigger room then.

[19:18] Yeah they're in the Crystal Ballroom in the Hilton this year Saturday at 10 and I'm time you're listening now and you think all that sounds cool you better get in line cuz you're going to need to be in line for that one,
are you also have Scott Sigler coming back again yes I always does one for the junkies this is Scott this diagnosis home
this is where he met his business partner and is clear somewhat basically launch.

[19:45] So he always has one for the junkies which is going to be Saturday night Levin 30 but the big thing this year were introducing behind the podcast and my heart has always been,
play fingers grown up with all the big podcasters that are out there I started in 2004 so bright
unless they were a celebrity that came into it I have met and got to know them and they all have great fishing stories at this point in their career,
are the tell there was no were the news thing is with project do want to hear about how does delhi anymore yeah right,
yeah or like ask biblical your ugly exit your leland as you take your heart out of a house that was name a what was only be was the can alley at least sorta made sense but then you know all rooms game in the,
the the the charge is hanging whatever,
famous game in the search engine system and because I guess you're right man,
but the whole idea is is I want to take one one person a year and sit down and talk about their journey and what their heart was and how they what brought them to wear their successes now this year's Scott Sigler is Inaugural interview
and I mean that 16 novels has been New York Times number of that seller but before all of that he started off as a artist you couldn't get a book I need to read his book.

[21:08] And got on a site called audiobook and,
just read it himself chapter-by-chapter doing the voices in and everything else in the editing and that document on it and then that guy it follows,
i don't know what officially is out there by do know he's talk to bunch different movie if you got is about.
Stop Licensing it's an option angus's were auctioning his books for TV and movie.

[21:40] And it's a hell of a lot of effort excuse my language that one a little more than BG.
One of the things to the driving on as you said is mean and every one dollar that i have to alley,
yeah I guess that was a sight okay so yeah you're right nobody wants to hear about those things anymore but people at Dragon Con you know some of them are always new,
and some of them have been there you're after you're coming to panel like that but.
The new people and even those maybe just getting into podcasting and things like that they love to hear how people get wherever they got.
Whether it's in podcasting whether it's in an actor or it's always an interesting way of doing that and I think that's great that you're doing,
here are you podcasting energy thing it's so reading your later a good week weather so here's the cool thing we were every,
and all that so she was our track we try to have I put a recorded record the audio if you're in a 6 it'll livestream on her Facebook page,
able to make it to DragonCon or into that room it's Thrones fact then you can actually watch it live on Facebook,
are articles later on as Facebook does record it and we'll keep it up let's go.

[22:59] Really don't ever want to do that in my room? Does this mean that you'll be able maybe work with the DragonCon streaming afterwards and somehow copies of your stuff could be.
Possibly through the stream or not right now.
Stock exchange and i know the record like all their stuff days ago yeah i think i think.

[23:34] Turn on tv and is still owe of getting there for your needs them and forgot where they want to go and how does it they operate on a different scale than we do worse in
and some last year about doing an official podcast about Jack on where you talk to you like you're doing you talk to directors but you also
do other stuff and something told about 50 days of podcasting,
dang cure-all as others not it and no what's she trying to dig okay.
Nothing about that it was about the drink on TV is not going to be in in the non host hotels as well.

[24:16] I mean and we are not officially.

[24:20] We are not officially sanctioned by Johnny Vaughan we are not officially DragonCon I am attractive,
we got lots of support right on the head is.
I think John when you started this was the only one really talking about DragonCon beforehand.
Just fyi we're not official but,
this is a thing.
Yeah I love it and I'm glad you were I'm glad you died did it was a giggle of can I please oh my God Lord help you.
Donald Trump continues to allow me to be a pillow so hey when I get to this point the.

[25:13] This for a long time for that the the fifties dragon con.
This question was that i've never asked to director this question and in charles brought it up and i wanna one him to be the first to actually get answers and that was his
can we just,
is the goal for your track in the coming years you have some goals set out of which one to which really wanna accomplish.

[25:36] Okay so I'm I called a new business plan at for four people on the house on the gig economy and fewer craters to the old school business trying to start a business pages and pages of all the new business plan is to have the vision,
you wanna go have a solid place to start from,
as solid ideas of where you wanna go be flexible on the way and so he's a driving for downloading for damn of my vision is been for last couple years of seeing the potential won't let me stat this back for second tour,
my experience with a drink on podcast track has been.

[26:10] This is where creators go to create that like seven other podcast cons and.

[26:18] Is very business oriented which is fine it's very much straight business cards and we can help who you meet people and you are from the business industry professionals in this and that the other is not always podcast refreshes of you are a public speakers are,
yo entreprenuers this kind of thing you've got workshops and how to sand and I get to sit in here from,
the people off of watch for years
trade-offs in media they're telling me how they did it that's just how it is there happy tell me how they did it they want me to come out and talk to them and then you have to live shows like we talked about earlier and not it's just entertainment and again
no wall there's no barrier their new into the bigger panels of.
Of your arrowverse right as always represent CW treat DragonCon right since all there
are some legitimate safety concern walls right okay just got cause human ml.
Don't talk to stephen ml if you get liar sign up or pay whatever you need to do
hey he will absolutely give you the time of day and that's what the hard rank on his always been is is not a person,
no we're all at different levels doing Phantom in creating an answer the heart of the podcast that was always at how to create how to.

[27:45] Put that brand new person is thinking about starting a podcast right next to that person's been doing it for 14-15 years and they're both learning something and sharing and bonding and you feel like a rockstar when you leave so.

[27:58] I've actually had a vision that I don't know how this will play out but I can see.
The podcast track in the heart of what drinking is done with a growing big enough to become.
My mother, can I become his own sister con to drink on that's,
but that's not you know I think that's very interesting because you're you're looking at that as.

[28:23] Do i look at her adjusting ai didn't really listen to podcast other than my friends you were doing i gas.
How about you you're the at well now i'm in ikea tell within a guy so many podcasts i listen to just because.
I'd rather listen to those as I drive to work and drive home then anything else and I think that's podcasting and,
of this digital like YouTube do I'm going to put it all in I'm going to call it podcasting but I mean all of it it is all getting there because we want to hear this and I think it's also a way.
. it is also very for what of a better term Democratic if you like it.
Like it and you listen and they know how many delete to get it like you listen want rising up not for me and you go to some big now.
So that's perfectly and that's perfectly fine.
Probably in some ways some of the most of our products. Because you hear about the good ones by word-of-mouth and you say okay I'll try to listen to that.
And i think that's great and that you looking at that and saying you know five ten years down the road on casting to be big enough for our digital media creation to be big enough that this is it in.

[29:41] Sustainable by itself but partner to what we're doing here we still have a podcasting.
Just like ma and possibly and everything else we still blows track.

[29:53] Also are you a woman together a awesome exactly it in a think you mentioned the very beginning that that you know talking about sort of.
Renaming the track anyway and it has had several different names begin with.
Because by the who thing about as is you you pointed out we serve gone pass the.
The podcasting thing podcasting is one of those things and was sort of
for a while it still is but it sort of found its footing and it's it's moving along now but you have YouTube red or whatever it's called
who did you every tell me what is twelve stop is i don't know i was told i think the kids are doing it a lot but my understanding i think there's like people that.
I like the way you talk to my child on there that's what I understand.

[30:52] So that's cool see so yeah so you're thinking you know you're thinking not only just the the.
Dragon con perspective but from a growth perspective to tune compass even more things rank they don't because i'm not sure how much trying calling,
can expand with a can't be apart from a part of the magic is DragonCon there is no.

[31:18] Well I said well and I think there's two things I want to say first of all you are exactly right that that these are people that want to share what they know what they've done and they want to talk to you and I think that's a cross.
More gas in our panelist and all of our cruise me what are guest approved panelists yeah i know this i want to share this one work with you on this way i have.

[31:44] I know it sounds really weird but I have a priest to work with me on my.
Track and that's really more just keep you in line but go on well it does not you push you but he,
and one of the things that has come up.

[32:05] Is that people are like you know I was Catholic and get it out of the end they talk later and they're like,
I'm now going back to church because I met him and I'm going to his church and now I feel my face again right,
so it doesn't matter whether it's podcasting or you want to talk to a priest or you're talking to somebody about you know I used to really loves Spider-Man but then I got into this Android no stop,
you got to get back into Comics at this level because we're finding ourselves and our passions whether it's a work passion,
creating our work or just our you know our work-life balance are our life or realize and I think that's just really awesome to look at because that's really important.
It's i think it's so great and drug on that we have that say a yellow table ass me it will by.
Is this knowledge we want you to dot do is between the hours of whatever we're doing our bike at the world and all that but to thirty eight am if we wanna get rid we're going to rain,
we want to go to a drum circle we're going to drum circle everyone ago and have my god dryer makes it with that is
um yeah we do yeah so.

[33:22] Back to because then there's also the social DragonCon is unique in that social aspect you know what you need me to run by.
About owned years and hands and rumbling years in band and it is loved
for that because it's a very different kind than almost anything else.

[33:47] I might have a cup of tea.
The shit asian and had it nine o'clock at night the incident what ther for part that the point of is not issue it you,
girl I can see it getting big enough and powerful enough to,
its own spin off but i in vision i just don't see the vision and and that's the thing you never walking the path.

[34:09] Can the path you have no growth no wiggle room you have to go that way no but the vision is to find some way to bring these the
biggest of the big media creators at the Kevin Smith and that always shoot for a while because
TV movie stop but that was his Bat,
put him on the same panel as you just first got singer who is a much lesser known you but just as informative and strong and and in fandom as a.
And grabbing your view and taking hey you do this park as in your innocently because you have this perspective at and then leaving all these,
different levels of awareness right where I see there's a huge name in that but there's these other people can add and somehow getting them to connect and,
with each other and order drum i'm not going to drive a guy by recognize.
The need for in the move the passions of it and just like i guessing he must get the track i can see how say that rouses get detracts of get the track
it's a it's it's difficult on this air cause it out your place where it had a picture get your finger is zr do german maybe having us on track and i just i the.

[35:33] I just see what drink hunt does and I see what podcasting is well digital media creation honestly now is is missing because you have,
hey twitchcon what's that now you don't know what you just play something
you have all these podcast conferences and it separately you have YouTube In Media your digital video conferences and you're like no DragonCon,
cares but in the plot we'll mix it up in the sewer cooks out on what that who i did that about i i do and i love it and you know as you were saying to you is.
Is one of the things that you're talking to different people in different levels of the issue there is a dragon con it away as you said you lying at the mela question,
there is a very egalitarian level of that and in that you know yes we don't want yes we're going to ask you.
What your question is supposed to help you make sure you can get through it very quickly as Regina said during her baggage.
Also to make sure you're not gonna say hey up thing i'm sure.
What's up,
all of us have questions for this how did you get into this whatever and it doesn't matter what it's about I mean it's all over the place and I think that's so.

[37:02] Amazingly great about run hot and i see that and use your about the drama.

[37:08] Dramas my son was for very for a while about 2 years into the Atlanta radio Theatre Company and loved it and they do they do like the old time radio drama.
But I didn't realize it was home podcast doing this and doing doing drama that I'm I listen to some of them now I didn't realize how many investigative.
You mean that was really weird how that came out.
Murdering murdering people your hobby is murdering people oh so you want to know how to get away with it.
So yeah I mean that yeah and I think that's all very very good because.

[38:05] Cuz it gives us all these different there's so many things out there I mean.
I clean my hair straightener today i'm sorry i will you too,
here's how I did it I'm like I'm great let me write some notes down there you go
corn Mi very mechanically inclined and thanks for YouTube and a schematic
add to my motorcycle i was able to hear my motorcycle down fix it and build it back in right.
All because my son with my son was able to change his battery in my husband when we had some plumbing problems and he had to put it in a toilet.
YouTube YouTube big book from the orange group.

[38:52] Black & Decker The Big Black & Decker home book and YouTube we got a new toilet yay.
Yeah it's a new world and and it's it's in a in a very family-friendly altered carbon.
Where you can go to that pleasure Palace and everything is you can think of is there everything and that's for FanDuel
you can go and apparently this year see Sesame Street Puppeteer I know what you're saying.
I want you or capacity.

[39:44] I do not understand that the room is full so I didn't hear you.
I want to see the 25th anniversary Star Trek to all the captains were here and it was crazy so you can spend that game at 2 then.
Go to the podcast you been listening to.
That every week that's at Indy podcast and they're doing their show as well you can go at DragonCon,
good start on saturday you could go to the plate like you go any lower wash the plane hotel rwanda tv.
Then go to sleep I'm driving and your favorite podcast right,
what you're just favorite no I'm sorry panel maybe on how to start your own podcast right to a podcast on Voyager and why it was the best Star Trek series.

[40:41] Yeah whatever good luck and you want to go to dinner going to finally eat some real food which I'm going to be very happy about it,
41 people 41,
you know you're gonna go into a big panel and you gonna get in line and you're gonna have any midland park from where how thirty help his story about how he additions.
Repeat Latimer and then at some point you're going to go through all of this and then you're going to be like oh okay.
And now I'm going to turn around and do I want to know how to actually monetize what I want to do.
To go and play a game on with people i never met and have a great time.

[41:24] Is wonderful and you go through point to point to point to point and that's why I always liked,
taking time to sleep you are a doofus hollister do.

[41:39] And it doesn't matter you can go see puppets being a puppet slam you can go to a drum circle you can.
Sing filled songs there's much going on love that i love that energy that we also have because i think.
It energizes you in a lot of different ways and John I only had one cup well maybe,
I don't know this I think you and I have a different definition of cup,
well today I will say when I say about lost my vision with it with everything I'm doing with the dragon contract is I I.
What levels to be forgotten for a moment right levels of celebrity recognition,
the work together and I would love to see the day,
Ross sudden somebody you recognize like a micro who's doing a lot of digital median out I bet somebody drank on got to work with him and now
this sunlight Aunt some unknown person fighting podcasting for 10 years and working their butt off about it is not working with,
because names out there and the crib this new company that's doing this great thing for people that came because i drank that's kinda where i see this going.

[43:05] That's cool that's really really cool and there's a spirit it is Espiritu dragcon right there I'm speaking of new things by the way I did want to bring this up before we got to our game here you've got
are you gonna throw you get a thing we are going through things people's head set.
Yes I am actually going to throw things at people said please please please please please.
Why I have a good Nevada.

[43:33] Is that good is that was catch box with about the bad is a blueberries been a friend of the try this year and they give api gases in the semi three hundred stress balls oh well over it by casting on them am kinda.
I'd like an excuse love stuff right here what's up I'm going to I hope this doesn't backfire at all so we can start getting thrown everywhere at the.
But the good is catch box is been a house back or the track this year and they gave see throwable microphones.
The box is about as big as my at his office it was she.
A lot bigger there is a man's st before it's a lot bigger than i thought it was a look that is not on the on facebook and i was like okay those look like they're probably hand it may be softball size know these things really basketball size.

[44:25] Yeah they do yeah but that's a good thing it is such great technology is all Wireless so sets people we had some bad people like seriously this is a Q&A panel we're halfway through it
get up at the microphone because we're keep talking to some asses question,
the wireless mike smith brown home and you never wanna hang offer mike the selection never get it back so was like,
best news i came across catch box and the brain it force all that's are new it's lovers you buttons i the dragon drank on.
And i am using wireless marker from that you throw it cuts itself off there's no no integration is they catch it near that hold it,
stomach level what you know people do if they don't want to hold the microphone talk on stuff conscious and if you hold it at stomach level it will pick it up and it's very very little rain for feedback so you got in my car and then they just throw it back.
You see naira together seat and it's a minor face it doesn't hurt and it's gonna be.

[45:28] Jehovah the good kind of Chaos in Bedlam what is this what is this,
okay just checking people's head I think everyone knows I am driving home and there is a small Yorkie puppy.
Is lost in my neighborhood and i am trying to help it.
And he's freaking out so I'm going to make sure he's home but keep talking.
But that's really cool that's so that them their new technology they have.
Great cool so we want to get into our game but before we do that I do want to give you an opportunity to let everyone know where hey they can find more information about,
the podcast track and where they can find you on social media and and wherever else you happen to be.

[46:20] So the facebook is the main outlet for everything or doing on the track including the live videos are we going every panel everyday that the big pillows don't get it because i'm at the big,
penile browsed but everything is in the main room every panel is going to be stranded
we talked with it crew for DragonCon and that hopefully we've got the right amount of bandwidth this year's last year we tried it and it was about 50 50 success but it is facebook.com
is the facebook mr twitter's well with that in every nigga face will go out winters and that's what are using stuff and that's at,
can podcasts on twitter is how you follow the tracking in i don't get jan time podcast at
dot-com that's really
holding that's where the audio will be next year after we get done with this year will host all the audio there in that kind of stuff living breathing Facebook that's we're going to catch the latest update
Instagram TV which is a new toilet you said that very very fast so you need to slow down say it again and then spell it.

[47:33] Lots going but it but i think about it it's really simple of rock god of podcasting everywhere so rock.
God in of an object that will work there for you if,
what you google the face but ya just google on facebook.
Are ASRock codified on Twitter and Instagram TV I do that everyday and I do
girls we get yesterday at photos and everything else so and run giant size team up dot com that's network of a fandom podcast since around account book world.
And is lot of great stuff out there and you breaking the panel or weak which is go either of you know cabo fandom we take the headlines in.

[48:21] Use was going on the news jump off the deeper discussions of white and really we've landed on what what is to be human and a friend of world because so many people.
Ruby rose right was the bat woman and then the whole an exploded because their body has to has to be negative about everything we talk about then try to bring it back into the picture of and still people doing this in the rain right hand of.
The internet the internet is a blessing and a curse and sometimes I think it's only a curse but anyway to play some horrible horrible game.
This year.

[49:03] It's okay if you have not but thank you listen and listen to the other ones because he has the worst games ever oh and by the way,
it was just deciding to walk in the middle of the street and his owner was looking for him or her or whatever and everything's fine but you know I had to stop because little puppies.

[49:27] But yes these are the worst questions ever yachts use washing for a day,
and he got diesel hey yo se renowned estimate the the the lead to manually big lot for whatever.
She got these in the worst they were a Big Lots or Tuesday morning whatever in the give us $0.25 and we will let you take please God.
We will we just have to put down that we paid somebody paid something for them this is this is the worst of the worst,
oh we're going to the star wars family feud,
when the jubilee religion billy picked up hoping to play it and as a family agreed after the first playthrough that this is garbage and there's no way.
How to get a replacement before was agreed it was horrible.

[50:25] I thought you were making this up for the show I did not realize that I actually got them at Tuesday Morning in the bin of give us $0.25 because we have to show,
is that,
what you want I'm not joking I can ask you a question on Family Feud and you let you'll answer for Charles and Lee and then me and your best answer
I'm going to guarantee you that the LIE answers not going to make any sense. Look at that did you not use logic do not
what goes through.
This goes through at least the first movie this goes through I like the force awakens right marketed with yeah cuz.

[51:10] But Brent has appeared in a couple of the questions in the past so.

[51:21] I guess game person william if he bullies that's ten o'clock at night is record this he's got school in the morning.

[51:29] So the high school student when talking about his school in the morning when the high school students were,
are you anyway you didn't have him earlier either I miss my William I'm just saying he misses Williams.
Anyway how with the way by the way we're best friends charles just round it right.

[51:59] Believe It or Not people used to think we were married and we like have you all love did you listen to us know and let's go.
Hits little differs black how where he at night probably that the caterers how would dearth vader solve the problem of savannah e-mails.

[52:19] Use-of-force okay Lee.
Darth Vader.
Weather for i think darth mater what actually hunt them down and kill them with the.
What does the grip of the neck thing.
Blow up their Planet may be really big,
said and sometimes have how many of us have gotten.

[53:04] It was a four alright league s what force true as the number one answer oh that's that that doesn't ad thirty six points,
using the force was of it best answer so could you seven points their home in this world we live in is a hundred will that limit blow up the plane is on their forty points.
The other ones were destroyed his computer that sounds more like something that rent kylo Ren would do.
He was just like beat it against the wall right thing really seriously how smashes virus protection and storm troopers i don't know why virus protection all in delete them,
I don't okay I guess that's all I guess it's all the problem,
just delete them got eight points actually better than use them or yes exactly I don't know if I told you man it doesn't make any sense.
What's up with it and you did us were at the time she name the event okay this is me name and event that occurs in return of the jedi side.
Know something that occurs and return it and i just name only.

[54:14] The name any event that recur occurs in Return of the Jedi according to this question that's the exact extent of this question.
Alright Lee Lou tells Leo their brother and sister
Lou tilsley disappointingly that their brother and sister is much better in the last movie thank you thank you so much.
Return the,
the rink or the blue footballs rankle that not the right word that my back of one would be that instead of saying i love you i know which is leah hon newsom
and isn't that wasn't empire yeah but in return of the jedi by hon says i love you and leah says i know before she shoots from trip in the bathroom.

[55:13] But it wasn't Rancor get it correct that it is a sarlacc pit,
Yeah pedaled indoors number one dearth vader dies number to death stars destroyed which you know rings every episode are every where he walked he what party job that pays.
Look for Vader Han Solo's rescue Vader is your father so none of the ones that we listed on this.
What universal healthcare youtube is lit up your beams would be good about the empire the.

[56:06] Full anime zero unemployment okay.

[56:15] I'll go with.

[56:19] If the i don't actually when he goes to all the good ones are well actually matching uniforms never forget when uniforms okay al uniforms uniforms oh hell yeah i'm.
Alright I'm going to give I'm going to give Charles the first one which is its order organized also universal healthcare falls under that
I'll go with it and I think if you listen to All of Us boy oh boy did that say something very interesting about us but
employment is number two so that you've gotten what is it,
it's it's employment employment it literally says the word employment for 12 points
I swear I've never seen these cards people and if I had seen those cards I would have looked at him and gone have you lost your mind uniform.
Fence which is spelled incorrectly on this honor power and resources.

[57:23] Alright for that,
just power up just power in general this is good but the buyer power which star wars character would be a good race car driver charles.
Anakin Skywalker,
excuse me let me give you about a logic ansari,
Han Solo Kessel Run in 12 seconds okay
I just remembered.
I'll just say Luke Skywalker number one answer answer for 59 points Anakin Skywalker.
Alright you win everybody.
Luke Skywalker Han Solo is third for 6 points.
And Then followed by the way for Iran.
Also type also tide is Ray and then in last place is Chewbacca.

[58:41] Chewbacca well I have to say I did love Oki so I'm sorry I did love in the last movie with Ray and Chewbacca in the South and the Falcon Falcon.
Anson to unfriend someone for having us at the away in the millennium fall back chewbacca still flying well she shooting.
And she's like 22 inches are bottle and it's like so awesome.
I also have to apologize to everyone right now that just said they're here but.
That sure people can understand roids and chewbacca and other things like ray can understand you bach at and the v eight.
And then Poe Dameron can understand bb8 like immediately cuz you know he like me.
Which is really cute will saying that.

[59:44] The house either and we see that mr triplicate there sir was podcast or even start trip against me on some delhi during rainy unknown,
I would love Randy it would be awesome.

[1:00:04] Why you want me to be quiet beach.
Charles is nigger that try to go to a pool tournament and that right there when i am having my name something you might cut with a light sabre.

[1:00:23] How do you cut with a lightsaber.

[1:00:29] Cheese cuz I think they were going to answer it don't answer it's the most 12 year old boy dancer in the whole wide world.

[1:00:40] Wouldn't be much easier to cut wood with that hand I think that would probably.
But for your father I suppose your father is something else we cut with.
And so what you or your sit dark sith lord is.
Handles number one answer the phone I don't believe you on that.
Sure of that card cuz i don't believe she's made lists.

[1:01:15] The regular cheese cd's or five live onsen would it.
Alice poetry is some and give you tree so that i am olli with us for six pints are eight charles that's the in that game but
give everyone information again where the pod podcast track is book pa track with a recall you these days well actually pot is in the planning thing on the internet so we can listen to them and not really interact like we're doing right now
where is it,
where's it is the written with your room at and where to where can i find more information about you and the podcast or the electric
Galleria 6 in the Hilton in the basement of the Alton is where the main if I cast room is we doing some shows and Gallery at 7
it's in your eyes was and crystal ballroom the marriott in various other places as a just check the app the during got app,
which is one of the best places the best place to find everything and if you were looking I do love her,
getting Pro matters because attending Pro,
matter because you keep your name listen people don't that s*** look at the book but.

[1:02:34] If like i tell someone a hey i would you can check out the spot this panama where is it i go
me up at the app just only so that i love that has a jaeger is six from friday morning ten am until monday and
3 p.m. is when we enter last panel.
We're going to going hard and long all weekend so it again one more time which hotel is Galleria 6,
if there's a DJ in the lobby you're probably at the Hilton I like the same from last unless they change from last year
it's some kind of DJs Allah be doing something.

[1:03:20] Yeah and I know things get changed up but I've only ever known it to be in the Hilton so at some point I just wanted to do that and also remember the Hilton has remodeled.
If you were used to going up the elevators are really near that is year can't do that anymore they're not there so unless you can fly unless you have the fairy wings or transportation doesn't matter because the podcast track is downstairs.

[1:03:59] If you go tell to the battery to get the wi friend is all that is.

[1:04:07] And where can I find more information on the stuff that you're doing fall.com has pretty much every project that work.
There is a rock and a park st dot com and gite size thirteen doc on my fries in stock there is a as always you can find links to those things on the post over at the unity.
I.com in case you forgot we're driving or whatever,
head over there and and John. Disney.com what is the phone number of somebody wants to send us questions,
was good but eight one three five nope does but review my cell phone number that something work on three three two one.
0 84th at 813-3210 tug as in the unique.
Baby gate I just want to say that fans for tug is be unique and by the way I can give you his,
phone number for a modest donation to the ready to get on the internet with just to glorify text machine at.
Saying that you you know for Charities I can give your phone number out.
Just an app that on my phone this think about the last time what happened during the year voicemail.

[1:05:36] That operates so work until next time.
Poorly and The Rock Ida podcasting Charles this is John saying peace.

[1:05:49] That was fun this has been a production of the unique key.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at legacy.com.
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[1:06:14] Music.