50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 49 - Rain Of The Space

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but there is not difficult to,
hey hello world good,
we're all spaced out at this point tonight as always is the the the,
green alien 2.
Um think i don't know of the great your reptilian what i was using my greenhill has using my green do you want,
green aliens my captain kirk than that was just gonna go someplace absolutely wrong thing when you still got some ways wrong we please hear hailey.

[1:20] What will the,
director that was great and had a lot of fun I was really in space then so yeah I was a little mad last night,
no no you're fine.
Where are your dick in your dick illegally in the amateur but that's okay hey,
i was wondering are you johnny high
going to the nail right wheel does nothing is seventy nine i tried but they would not let me go just hope this time and they keep telling me no.
No no you really don't we you and i could of people they can do a live.
Operations management and great financial to go on the space shuttle some point they're gonna nini i did it remind michael that show but there were that but.

[2:21] We did but we did though get to see the space shuttle the whole of the Space Shuttle and we have lots of things like that,
it's again not because of the space course but other reason coming around.
Does meteorites have like minerals and at some point maybe we want to go live on another planet I don't know like Mars or something like that.
Always wondered if that could really be talked about in a way that could have a piano roller.
Or something like that it sounds like.
Heater is we call somebody and earnings rain he the director of the face track what i think the last longer name but has his.

[3:18] Just wasn't introduction and and that's sick wally.
Just amazing weird how you are you are a very sweet sweet.
What is the actual tractor that the actual track is just space track twenty years go
many years ago when i first read with dragon con where the back in two thousand three and it at that point it was known as the space and science track on any it was on the verge of going away.
It would take over it and a friend of mine who is no longer with dragon, but he still shows up all the time was called Johnny X,
he was asked with about 6 weeks before Con in 2003 if he would take over the tracking if you didn't it was they were going to cancel it.
Oh he did and he turned to me and said oh by the way you're going to be my second and i looked admit that your second what cuz i had her to drugged hundred it never ben.
And we put on.

[4:21] Since i extract that year with like little bit of six weeks to go now we were lucky if we have twenty five people in the room and those are all the people you know who then walking in and out of space tractor years but we grew it,
two thousand seven we have grown the track picking up that they gave us two rooms a space room and a science room and then in two thousand eight they fish lease but the tracks and they said which one do you want and as its base.
So here I am all these years later director space track but you guys fall under the brick basically that the.
All sciences i guess you be the hard science the,
you got a little pocket we're going to yet we call ourselves well.

[5:07] I think if we call ourselves the reality track podcasting and Robotics and makers into that although they're no longer right in that area with all of us
yeah and and oh since we're on the topic where abouts is your track located.
At the hilton room two to twenty to start to twelve and two thirteen and so that when you come off the habit trail you just kinda go off to the right correct
actually it used to be off to the right when that's that's where Skeptics is if you go off to the left now really I didn't realize
and then the room just in front of science when you first walk into the hallway is BFF,
okay got you inside of your
track room right you got some stuff going on outside something that we have had four.
Since two thousand seven we have had live solar astronomy,
she is phenomenal and we have this amazing man steven ramsden and he has his own non profit charity
it was known as the Charlie Bates solar astronomy project and he has now.

[6:34] Moved into something that is more steam not not stand steam which is science technology engineering arts.

[6:44] But with the and it's not making ice at yes not that i think the fact,
it's called sunlight I believe but anyway he has an amazing amazing setup of telescopes that he use for solar viewing his previous his previous incarnation of his nonprofit went into schools all over the southeast
and for free and would just bring solar astronomy two kids all over the place,
so it's getting way also to get is an suv but years ago we talked him into coming to dragon con and so
we have had this other Sean we set up since 2007 where anybody from Dragon Con can come out this year it is on the third floor
of Hilton where the pool and tennis courts used to be State built up that great big Ballroom right below it and so it actually
they took out the pools and Tennis Courts there but there is an area to the right of where that build is that is wide open to the sunshine and so we're back there and that's where it was for many many many many years it moved last year,
because the build was going on and so we've moved back and if there is sunshine going on between Friday and Monday he will be there.

[7:58] And of course my I have a volunteer Ben Jenkins who helps him out and Ben is phenomenal as well the two of them they're great they really are and it's it's so cool you you know you never quite know any different time you could be,
and then all the sun you see this,
Cummins Canada Side of the Sun and its you know to us it looks like this little baby thing but in reality it's millions of Love miles long.

[8:23] So I heard you.
Also yeah i done it yet email me the other yet last year was legally cool are using are you guys are there any talks on the solar probe business launched.
Not that the not specifically to Parker.
We have I have a talk this year two different talks because there was I had so much crap programming this year that I,
literally could not I could have three rooms and I couldn't have done it all so I can collaborated a bunch of them together and,
can help with panels of numerous people talking about different things and one of them is called what's going on in the solar system,
and in that there are something like nineteen different missions that are active.
Gone solar system right now and yeah there going to try and touch on,
of them and one of them is to long to the seller of the parker solar probe i will do more on that next year when.
Have worked out right now it's just launched new it's like this is really cool we launched you know we talked about a little bit last year when we talked about the,
solar eclipse that is so phenomenal last year so i when it gets to be more prominent where there's more to actually to talk about all bring it up again.
OK Google.

[9:47] No you have the other big events outside of your room this year I always have something that then I am very proud of we do a NASA kids workshop,
for all the youngins out there who you know want to learn a little bit of science it is
or space related and in its own way same are okay got out of the marshall space flight center in huntsville has done this for me so i think since twenty thirteen
he has a number of my other guests involved with it and David Hewitt who's from out there as well I always have you know one of my people,
or someplace bit sam also has brings like a hovercraft yeah little cover thing that he and his son built.
Take the kids up and down the hallway and you know they always have of the things that come on in there david you it brings like what he calls a briefcase
get i don't quite understand what it is but i think it's really really cool i've seen it its the
but that that's so is really great to that is sunday at two thirty pm i think it's in rooms three d oh nine to,
3:13 or 12 or something like that it's it's right above where we are in Hilton.

[10:56] Those are my two outside events outside the room events I do have I have some really really cool stuff going on in the room though this year I'm starting off the track this year and I got really lucky with this because it turned out the,
the Crystal Ballroom happen to be available at 10 a.m. on Friday which is astonishing but I appropriated it.
So it is true that from my yeah there are like we do try to do things we do color run and pick it all up on friday at
do you sell reasonably we can tell people i don't get banned our body that i'm han and you know what happened oh my god,
yes please don't say that will not load in and.
I'm put together on thursdays at five but anyway so friday ten a at ten am the crystal ballroom ten years ago this year,
do you carry it who is the son of shuttle astronaut and gary at.

[12:07] The six person lot more british right and or heat yes that the gaming world knows him as lord british.
Yes we can throw that in there as well unfortunately i don't know anything about the gaming so i missed the content on the stay side but he with the six.
citizen to launch into in the space and go up to the is s and years ago he did talk for us on what that was like you know at the time and,
if you were there it was really really cool because he gave to that point the most explicit.

[12:47] Explanation of how you go to bed how do you go to the bathroom in space that I had ever heard
hi julia did you the more and more you hear about what parts of the astronauts talk about it to but it at that point it was just like the audience was is like
worrying bit laughter it was hysterical that he's gonna do it can you retrospective and also sort of look at.
Where we are now and do you know when will private citizens ever be able to get into space again.

[13:22] And Leah's anxiously waiting for that right and is it going to be a ridiculous ridiculous,
Sunshine time is going to be ridiculously expensive,
well then i will have to sell a kidney okay she said when i know now i know i didn't god open on it and it starts to start start saving them up like wait you're buying me thought by telling me do not hear much.
No it doesn't work that way not at all you can survive with one kidney,
but you can't I know that says yes they do and it's wonderful but of course if your.
Remaining kidney ever breaks down.
Urine colors and go through dialysis and all of that horrible stuff,
but it is a wonderfully generous thing that people do anything else to help somebody else live.
So you have some other big talks to besides Richard Garrett I do next year.

[14:33] The fiftieth anniversary of the landing amen.
So and it was supposed landing on the moon.

[14:44] You not only many people on netflix watch that movie the movie about it and we didn't and i just tell you i got it you will know why but i can't find.
Buzz Aldrin is a hero in many many ways you know beyond walking on the moon himself,
but when i got it i know within the space community and even those without it what you know not in it directly involved in any way still think that the most wonderful thing that he's ever done.
To punch out the guy who kept hounding me and hounding him and hounding him saying you didn't going to and then you didn't go you didn't walk on the moon and aldrin joseph england stem.
My husband watch that will give it for like,
I like a hundred times in a row and it is amazing I found out from there are people on the track
so the gas on the track who know him very well that this guy had and following him around four years.
Finding out where he was going to be and being there and just screaming and yelling and he was being very provocative.

[15:57] Auburn finally said fine I just if you do watch it is so much fun to watch it at least from my point of view not that I ever want to condone any type of violence but you know I don't think he heard him that badly it was,
just shocked that he finally reactivated.
Anyway this is this year it is 50th and State
yes at the time when he was 80 ish,
how old is your is things a little bit more than ten years ago but he was not young this is this is not happened like right after came back from the moon's yeah,
is no friend no none you ordering okay you got them but,
yeah he was in his AARP time,
it's very much that we hate so anyway there is a gentleman who is coming this year who straight out of penn state,
he graduated and he went to work at Cape Canaveral.

[17:16] And the insist dot inst sis sysops engineering and he was there through the entire pala program.

[17:25] So this will be in he's going to come in and give a presentation on that and this will be the first time we've actually had somebody who was directly involved.
Apollo program so i'm really really looking forward to seeing that his name is jerry treatment he's doing couple to be on a couple other panels as well.
But that's that's the one that I'm I'm just like oh boy it's Sunday at 11:30 a.m.
And it's called remembering Mankind's Greatest Adventure the Apollo lunar Landings.
So I think that's going to be really cool I'm looking forward to that a lot.
How dirty do you want it down to keep it was really weird when it what what is the term got it in some yours.
Swine and a hundred but i'll go on,
steely-eyed missile man.
They were you know Johnson and Canaveral were all working on the problem of getting the guys from Apollo 13 back so yeah.

[18:37] I have to get to john they were both like both of them would be doing casting on will that for created this for us they were doing out on in the,
it was a very short time frame they did all that which is also what we for your,
yeah it really was it was it was very amazing so it's just I'm really looking forward to that and he is involved in a couple of other things we've got a talk on sort of it International cooperation,
and space activities which were not directly talking about space force this year we talked about a little bit last year simply because again i goes talking about with it with the parker probe.
Right now it's just talk we have tons and tons of people talking about it the president's spouse about it.
Is nothing in and tell congress does something with that so.
And if that happens we'll talk about it again but i you know we wouldn't have anything more to say this year than we did last year when you talked about it so i'm did i'm not talking about that directly but i did want to.

[19:38] Yeah there is a lot of people talking about
what's going on all over the world and they are lunch is going on this year you know from russia from china from india almost every country in the world that,
you know has any money available is trying to get in to space and we already have a lot of cooperation amongst many different.

[20:01] Its around the world you know we we operate the space station with russia you every minute belongs russian any other way but in space and
you know if you read Scott Kelly's book endurance about his Europe and stays you know he talks about the great relationship that they have,
and alot of ways they you know they are interdependent
we are doing a talk this year on its space international cooperation and national imperative with less johnson and nick fifty me out these jury treatment again and richard area.
So I think that's going to be really cool and then another one that is going to be really different.
It's called the necessary evolution of the human Interstellar civilization,
i'm involved with a group called the tennessee valley interstellar workshop and that's separate from dragon con that he's one of these groups like the hundred your starship and they jemison is involved with that are looking way into the future.

[21:09] And trying to figure out the the very beginning so you know what kind of steps need to be taken now which you can build on later which can then later be billed on even more that way into the future,
make the human race and interstellar civilization and now it's not like we can just,
we're gonna go and get to we can get tomorrow's quite yet risa have of the back to the mode since nineteen seventy one so it its a big deal.
And I've had some talks on that previously but this year I'm taking a different approach if and when humans do get out,
to become an Interstellar civilization I believe and I think a lot of people do that.

[21:52] Humans will evolve to make space travel easier for them one of the things
that people think about when they're you know it is like if something happens to Earth and we have the capability you know we all go into sort of like a space Ark
people think about it that way or you know our own little version of a dyson sphere and we're off to you know at the moon or another planet or another star system shit.
If after.
Verb generations being in space i think that humans will actually evolve in.
What way I don't quite know because I don't have the scientific background for it but I'm bringing in three people,
who possibly do and they'll be talking about that this year and that's Sunday at 4 p.m. so I think those are those are some of the big things that I think a lot of people
i'll have an interest in there i got,
me i always have a ton of different things and i'm wild about but in general those earth does the sum of the big ones will be doing an update on our gravitational wave talks i'm gonna give myself and my people at the pad on the back here.
I had early if.
Not warning but hints from some of my astronomers who deal with black holes that there was going to be big news about gravitational waves.

[23:18] So we work together and we did I think three different talks but the final one.

[23:25] In every different way you could do it without stating it as being an absolute fact.
Um we announced that they're giving a merger of two neutron stars which created gravitational waves.
Up to that point it had been something theoretical and.
Was a lot of work that went into making sure that but they thought had happened had actually happened it happened in august.
Before Khan's last year they didn't make the official announcement about it until October wow that's cool so.

[24:05] Roadkill guard who is he does my late night is live with Ryan,
always have livestrong be going on at night from either tele and i think we're gonna destroy some from las palmas this year and if the kitt peak is available sometimes we gotta kick as well but
William Keele and Rick Hilgard do that for me and.
Dr. Keel to case dr. keel guard actually did some 3D printing and he made me a pair of.
Earrings that have two little black dots right next to each other that represent the two neutron stars and then spirals around it ran representing the gravitational waves emanating from it,
and he gave us to me.

[24:52] Why do I have really really,
people who you know who come in and and talk on my track and you know it's,
that's one of the most amazing things ever from a you know i am not a scientist and anyway she perform i don't even play when i don't for claim in any way that i am,
have all of the spectacular people you know from the different nasa facilities from universities from commercial space groups who come and you know,
track is not just free-form talking i mean i have some talks on that,
every single one of them are people who are putting together power point presentations in os with sometimes and movies embedded in and get the whole bed and so you can calm and you actually.
Learn from people who know exactly what they're talking about because in most cases they're working on it.

[25:49] That's super cool you guys always have some really credentialed guests,
probably a lot of them are some of them some of them as prose or whatever it in drink on butt,
oh yeah when we talked Pros we're talkin Pros for your guys track.
Absolutely that was early on when when space track sort of separated out and even before when it was still Space and Science track that was something that.

[26:26] I used to have to work harder with DragonCon initially to explain my audiences are,
give the fleet from march eight years ago i you know.
I don't remember even effective but the talk was but one person who is giving it,
actually you know what that the audience people in the room are involved you know in in the space Community either you know through defense or whatever three quarters of the audience raised their hands,
that's crazy that was really scary people from the government.
I had to be really accurate and my guest had to know what they're talking about because people in the audience new.
They were wrong they would know you they may not know every single thing but.

[27:25] They had access to lots of information you know when you were talking about rockets taking off and we're talking about it wrong,
you know there are people who work in the rocket industry in my audience literal rocket scientist.
So i i do you know we keep the i am a rocket scientist and or unit that's that's exactly what they are they can all wear that were most of the can wear that shirt i'm so it it was,
it was over a period of couple of years where I would have to really push and say no I can't just have 9 guests.
My track cuz i can have fans on my track.
Oh i hate it there dp jogging come as a fan base operation and i understand that and it is run by all of us who are fans.

[28:12] My track i can't just.
Pull somebody you know who says oh you know I I I don't know anything really about this but I love it and you know somebody like me I would never sit in on one of my own talks I don't care what it is,
I had an offer to join a panel on something that was happening here in Atlanta after DragonCon in it was a professional thing it was being done and I was very honored that they even talk to me about it.
I was like i can't do that i am not.
Scientists i am not a space scientist and i don't want to say something by accident that would make that you know your group that is putting this on look bad.

[28:54] And as good so i am very i'm very very careful.
In in my track you know I I kind you things that are fun.
I don't do hey let's look at you know the difference between real space and you know psi phi space.
Like i tracked us that unit that the site right.
If they're therefore they do it they do it wonderfully and people love to go when they you know have all the debates and and it's excellent.
Need to repeat that on my trunk,
so it it some people you know what's your tech is so boring and to a lot of people it might be but to people who are really interested in this stuff they feel that they can come here and learn and
have something accurate being told to them and it's also for me away that I try to,
the track professional enough that i can keep going for bigger and bigger.

[29:50] People within the space Community you know that that wherever they work at,
they can go to their head of you whether it's a university or a commercial space group or whatever and say yes this is DragonCon which is a popular culture convention but look at space track look at
talks over the years look at who has been there this is,
hoping that you will not embarrass us in any way she perform and to me that's very imp very very important.

[30:22] That's super cool and you guys you guys have done a great job over the years just like sorry.
No it's okay I was just saying that but that's just it I think it's so important that we do have these these very sciency thing because again.
DragonCon there's so many people with so many different things,
d engineers scientists and all that you also are fan and happy and you're like alot about stay but i'd love to learn actual and height so you got everything and i think that's really and then you can going talk about.
This is why the fan did bitch and their way to have it in by parlor in american hi-fi wherever your getting the hang of discussion then you got a boat both got it.
It's the same boy that's the different size and you got them both.
The Kepler probe was the.

[31:25] Space telescope type that was sent out in two thousand nine to hunt for except planets and it,
looking at one big patch of space and it would look at the stars and see and look for any type of giving and giving a polite even,
something that none of us would never ever ever be able to see you know we could you could see an infant Isomil dimming and that would say you know something is transiting.
The star hopefully plan it and it would have to go i think they did it it had to go by three times before they would say they thought with stephanie planet anyway.
The planet's or what are the stars that have to look at when you know it it look so much that they're still going back and looking at the information and saying okay is this real can we actually find planet or find the star and see what's there,
no one of those stars and a an astronomer started looking at.

[32:24] She noticed that it had this very strange amount of dimming and brightening much more so than had ever been seen at any other star.
And it was so frequent and it was variable,
you know sometimes you get just a little bit of dimming and sometimes it would him for days and then just go right back and so there were no people but all over the place in,
every different pocket of the community sort of went nuts out is it a Dyson Sphere is there you know could that be a sign of civilization you know are aliens are out there or you know it's comments it erasing into the plant you enter the * nobody knew
and there was one astronomer who you really made this a focus of her research so much so that they now call the star,
star in my name is tabby tabitha and i hope i get pronounces rightly boy agian.

[33:24] Tabitha if I said that wrong I'm so sorry if you hear this you can't do any worse than I am horrible at names,
anyway she will actually be with us this year to talk about Tabby's star and what is really going on there,
they still got all over the world they're still doing this that if they notice anywhere in the you know any telescope that happens to be watching if they notice a dinning at all they send out alerts all over the world and you know telescopes
all of the world will start focusing and watching it in there still trying to figure out exactly what it is but she's going to fill us all in
and i think she's doing that friday night or saturday night i yes friday night at eight thirty solving the mystery of teddy star.
Aight yeah i'mma forget that when we cool um are there any other panels you wanna talk about before we move on to our game.
I just heard that some people okay.
Besides mr. shankman who is coming this year who is new and Tabitha.
For the first time i have two people that are very involved in with humble,
and with the different space telescopes can carpenter is with Goddard.
And he actually works on the Hubble project which is phenomenal we've been talking about how about.

[34:53] To for started and we got in a week and dr kiel usually is the one who talks about that and and he's actually use the hubble you know i that's something i have some really great people who do this for me
but this will be the first time that we have somebody who is actually a part of the project itself.
And he'll be doing a couple different talk but he will be talking about twenty five plus years of herbal and then i have stuff la masa,
it was with Aziz why I always get this wrong the space science and Telescope Institute I believe his is the full name of it and she'll be doing a couple of talks with.
Dr. kallas well besides the stuff that they sent telescope Institute as they started watch over all the stuff that goes on in in space you know they.
Goddard and and then sort of manners the Hubble together along with some of the other Space Telescope that have gone up her specialty is.

[35:55] Large size black holes.

[35:57] And people call black holes with flavors you know there are the medium the smalls that the super large independent database that on how big you know how much bigger than the Sun is it so send this message or message we can even realizing it when you think okay our son is is bigger than we can
fully comprehend and yet there are stars inst stars and black holes in everything that are millions of times,
mass of our son and which is again absolutely mind boggling,
but she'll be talking about that with this article at sorry dr. keel guard I always get the two k's mix up on black holes and so many other things talking about radio,
scopes which we got in the winter because of a noisy straw number nickel goodly he on that as well.
So who else is coming this year that is made me whip trainer Ray will be back on my.

[36:57] JPL people that my audience is absolutely adore they'll be a wrap-up of Cassini you know we all cried.
15 days after DragonCon ended I was up at like 5:30 in the morning just watching the images from JPL as they.
It's sunny here you know that that guy and and watch for the signal from cassini to,
died and we did we cried I have to say I was very very honored though,
do challenge coins every year for my gas and then i tell a bunch them for charity and last year i did one for voyager and one on cassini and trainer a.
Thought they were fabulous.
She asked me for all of the extra ones that i had an chev for boy both waiter and cassini and she gave them to the top people in both of those programs.
Really that's all i have jessie ny and the director of voyager has my challenge her fake inf on their project got on those projects i was i was blown away
that she wanted to do that and I was just very very honored to say yes here please.
So that that it my little of my own little way you know I had my own little contribution.
School is super cool and only a dragonvale that would only happen.

[38:26] You just don't know it got ahold brother it's you know my space tracker whether it's still track or do or you know these extract or whatever it is
you just find Fascinating People and you didn't
do you want to the hallways at at any time of the day or night and come across just.

[38:49] And under a group of people who probably have nothing in common they're having some in most fascinating topside you never occurred in the weather it about costuming or order unit,
debate on the different captains in Star Trek or whatever it is it's all out there and it's you know I tell people all the time never been it's the best people-watching that you'll ever do,
it's amazing and I don't know of.

[39:20] A type of fandom that you don't find somewhere at DragonCon whether it's official or unofficial you know we don't have a Deadpool.
Pacific fandom but you're gonna ft for publicity fifty or a hundred or two hundred it pulls walking around or i can kind and i know nothing about deadpool except that that's a name that gets tossed around a lot and,
but yeah it's it's out there and you know you're going to find it at DragonCon didn't I just try to make sure that space track,
covers as much as we can we're talking commercial space like we always do and,
the inner solar system the outer solar system the universe itself in a launches & of all different types,
uncover is not my my model one night in my website is we bring the universe to you and we try to bring that the people that i can contact.

[40:14] What and we appreciate we appreciate you doing all this working all this put together for all the the space nerds out there so it's all one like you start it if you have a moment sure i have i have,
all tracks do,
the large group of regulars you know they come for space track they do other things dragon con of course but a little early comfort space track and about a month ago i got an email from one of these regulars.
Telling me that.
She's undergone you know some immunotherapy or whatever her immune system is shot right now she can't leave the house and she was devastated,
he was not going to be able to get the space track this year mom and she asked if there was anyway just re met at us like i you know if if i had.

[41:06] You know the setup the skeptic past you know I do to the audio and I,
told her that I would take a copy of all of our audio and I would put it on a flash drive and I would send it to her and she was ecstatic,
just you know just to know that she would least be able to hear it if she didn't get to see it and then that just that just touch me very deeply it's you know I have a lot of people who always say oh you know thank you we love the track you know it we just our favorite thing or whatever.
Hear that during the convention you know when i have my facebook page with a lot of my regulars there but that's somebody contact me and say i so don't want to miss this.
You know and I know who she is in and you know I recognize her she's always there.

[41:51] Oh i do so don't wanna miss this that could you please in somewhere or another let me know what's going on so.
Can't do it is it is it is a special kind of community we have bill here driving on.
Amos and yeah well before we let you go we always i play a little game with our with our guests this year
sure we've been going through been going through old trivia games and games i found over the years or whatever that are really really horribly bad what.
If not set up so I lose so bad for her,
what are you doing I'm going to give you a choice of two topics,
from the cards and then you will pick one and will ask you five questions for questions excuse me that are on their,
and after three cards will tell you discourse between you and lee so.
Rain to start your choice of classic star trek or star trek deep space nine.

[43:04] Classic negative and you'll see how easy is these fossils are and just as i am in this one is one of the ones that wasn't even cut right so i.
It's spock's fair will catch freeze.
Box catchphrases live long and prosper that is correct what i did nothing with my hair that's not really that what's the term florida your life i,
I can do it on both hands what's the term for when the Enterprise been space to exceed the speed of light.
Wart looks Drive how many years did the original series Run 3 5 6 or 7,
what was dr. bones bones bones bones McCoy's first name,
alright Lee you get the choice between Deep Space Nine and Star Trek the Next Generation.

[44:08] Who got the fight night and i just realise that was my friend who did you its ios and gets the best of the best well but when i did actually that and it is that writing all what is the space what is deep space nine or ds nine.

[44:24] It's a space station current if not it's not a.
The space station about of mine do you got room of my house has holes and it's also guardian of a normal yeah well yeah they don't no they,
i woke up with just me of will this one was are what i said to so what constitute house mole logical old,
Oddity is found near where DS9 the station,
that at that store but I didn't know it already,
in season 4 which feisty Klingon crossover from Star Trek the Next Generation.

[45:07] What is right and this is probably the hardest of the questions which is not hard at all name the evil alien nemesis from the gamma quadrant that hails from the other side of the wormhole.

[45:22] Jump dark or did the word yellow and the soldiers on.

[45:31] Wait Johnny says I think it's more of a generic more of a.

[45:44] What was it called when going over it's go time.
Yes give me one more second,
the Dominion
for some reason they are actually more than what was going from jamiroquai yeah yeah are you okay years and all that.

[46:15] Alright so rain Star Trek the Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager.
How did Star Trek the Next Generation change change the intro line to boldly go where no man has gone before.

[46:36] What it what do they change about that line
to boldly go where no man has gone before i don't remember exactly what was that i think they they changed man to make it more generic and i can't remember exactly what it is would be pretty for that one
to go where no one there,
who all the all the thing winter upset about a female doctor who referred.
You'll hear them making marking who she who's the captain of the next generation enterprise.
Could you come back apparently yes apparently what's sister hive minded cyber space saver raise the battles the federation in star trek the next generation.
The Borg what three-word catchphrase is the Borg use when it's trying to assimilate a life form.

[47:37] Yeah what's what yes fuck three word catch frogs and ask.
Yeah there isn't you're thinking of the second part of there's two partners two sentences to that it's all I can think of is.
We will assemble it you but that's not three words.
Star Trek Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek the Next Generation.

[48:16] Oh nexgen please God alright what's the name of the Enterprises Android lieutenant-commander who was the celebrity bartender on the series.
What big over the place to cling on security chief wharf.

[48:36] Michael michael michael for their hands.
Michael become chang he kinda michael michael michael michael michael living come back okay what was captain picard cold combos what did captain picard cold commander riker.

[48:57] Number one Sprint now you have the other answer.

[49:09] Okay okay okay for then what stop.
A b b b b.
My are there you go to print our last last thursday was your goals for free rein startrek wager or star trek enterprise.

[49:37] Oh God you and everybody else did not who is the captain who is who is the captain of the USS Voyager.
Very ryan played this sexy deceived the road to stop me the sexy part borg drone reluctantly joins the voyager crew
nine o the correct what quadrant of spaces voyager occupied for most of the series.

[50:07] Delta quadrant what is the race what is the race of Commander Tuvok.
Oh it will make you in a so easy thank you well i did and these people these people are there right right because that is what you get,
I watch all the first season and then I was like yeah I'm going to just watch the ones that Tucker is Negan so then I,
pick her up after will do this is the menu does the when he gets here go what actor what actor,
Captain the ship in this prequel to The Original Series who is the captain in the series for the first two years what was it.
Star trek enterprise it was ely airbag that's correct,
a sexy vulcan science again the sexy main the sexy balkan science officer played by a julien play lock.
What he p o l i would have got no apart or go out the ball which is like the other at the end of the day there are alot of to paul and after okay,
right who can't pg always romance and like yeah which really which aliens are intent on destroying humanity with their planet destroying weapon.

[51:34] Cindy that is correct I do not know how I couldn't think of it.
Is there a very good to remove will you do when you did wind rain stanley missed one question at the very beginning paul what i remember
old dominion yet was cms's better safe or so so rain we both did very well,
we did and end in all honesty I'm probably.

[52:08] I mean i remember star trek original in first came on so give it as a giveaway manager did which i would like to.

[52:19] Well we before go let everyone know again where you're located where the science track his main room is.
Main room is the second floor of the Hilton room 212 and 213 come off of a Habitrail and going mediately to your left.
Okay cool and is there anywhere on the webs or whatever they can get more information to track.
I have the schedule on the link from dragon con tu space track.
And then on facebook dot com space track.
And we just have lots of General discussion there but at the top of the page I guess they just change them now to something called announcements or whatever but my.

[53:06] What.
Is right there as well as some app now yes on the app to the best mother to my.
I had to talk to 5 people to figure out how to find the track information.
It's like every time i touch something if there was no track information i didn't know about the filtering.

[53:29] I can help well are you gonna.
Alright so until next time again thank you thank you for joining us for any really really really really appreciate it,
the space space science space science,
that's true and in-depth oar a big rubber band if i'm too.
If I'm to believe Bugs Bunny a big rubber band will work as well or rubber bands.
So until next time next time for rain and Lee this is John saying peace.

[54:10] Music.

[54:21] Has been a production unique heat.
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