50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 50 - Jodi Of The Charity

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] But you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
all the trigger but there wasn't even difficult to.
I just bought a used bushnell just need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] Move fifty days of dragon con the podcast that is so giving really,
really we are we give a lot we give till it hurts and sometimes we hurt getting and joining me as always Isley.

[0:59] Did you say we hurt getting getting getting getting I don't know look at it then.
Something on your mind tonight it's been a long day.
Is but yes it's been a long day energy say we are giving we have been giving and giving and giving.
Because we want to give you are giving you all the information you can get i know not all of its it to some of it what you getting it in you giving and we're having it apparently for very important things like that.
Line up for a restoration it's a little internet and it stop hashed don't line up for registration.
Don't line up for registration you have now hurry three times what you say it three times to yourself out loud.

[1:43] What don't light bill due to appear oh no this and that works no no this is my television you'll start believing it is to say that my grandmother we had a dog holiday lasagne jacket the shelter,
to see if they need somebody to pick them up and we would always say I'm only going for my dog,
bringing back another got maker set the tone for sheila mom
that's not yours but it was cute she did that three times before they finally got her to stop,
no it wasn't like we have four dogs in the house you would know because she lost one she was really just replacing it,
sheltering palms eight ms beverly it shut up they sent,
look there was only there were very very few one-eyed white chihuahuas in the neighborhood.
And yeah but you didn't have four dogs we actually found it but I didn't mean to get into that I'm just saying if you say it three times you'll remember it and hopefully you'll do it so don't line up registration there's no reason to.

[2:50] Thousand or even remember also don't line up and still an hour before the next big pale these big pail of a big panel no reason to,
i know you think you can make your on line and you can help me do all this you don't do it.
There is a reason to do a line early to be somebody with dr on security and will that room room monitoring that will be doing that don't do it yourself don't do it.
Are you know what you could do really want to line up right.
There's a place that will be open at two and out can be a little later than registration open see ya have to not line of registration if you really feel the need to q.
Got it you gotta go to get a group and starting it and go over to the marissa no way is it.

[3:42] Tell me where it is yeah it's go to the Marriott how am I going to do I don't know where anything is.

[3:50] Go to the middle Hotel of the three that are in on the middle Hotel.
And if you go on the floor where the bands are and DragonCon store is which is I think one level below the lobby there is a nice big.
Exhibition registration kind of inside of a wall thing and that is where charity is
is that true Renee that is true name Jody
it's the fuck you can go and take a double agent for our on all you just are gonna money.
Because it's an amazing charity this year and now we're going to talk to now.

[4:41] We're going to
dr. Jody right now and he is the actual dirty track director and she can tell me if I was wrong is it one or two levels down I can't remember
level as the Walk of Fame to right next to it,
by the way just so you know I was actually typing up before we started running it something what's my screen was Renee from animation we had we had,
done her podcast I was setting up her setting up hers to be posted tomorrow,
twelve thing doesn't ring a of that is okay yeah yes judy jody from her
that's a fancy name for the floor that you don't know which one it is I believe that's right above the count of Marquis.
I live in and don't know what's going on in the camps young adult child.

[5:50] Oh okay so what's loses give away jenny your this your first year as the director of charity ventured even so,
tell us your story what happened did you not run fast enough to do trip did someone push feel
and I always was pushing as a director Kevin to June more charity
events or trying to do anything that would help raise money for the charity out of the charity I just felt like it was something that we should always be doing
and you know anything about Kevin we know that he loves to be told to do things,
go tell him how to do his job
yesterday i was in the little yellow i guess you will always me like you let's do this can we can we do it niggas or niggas kevin's response was sure you can do that,
and I would do do things that were outside of the box and he heard that the charity was looking for somebody to be a director and I put my name in so pretty,
i'm sevens and is out sometimes giving us but i think secretly he just want to torture you yet that is quite possible browning.

[7:16] Yeah I only did you guys but are you the one that were able to figure out how to get him to take a pie in the face.

[7:24] I'm sure i could put that was not me previously i can and skin that he said yes to being duct taped to a wall oh yeah um that was wondering when trying to do but we could find a wall to do it to.

[7:39] And we couldn't figure out the engineering but we had this idea of putting him on a chair and then like getting donations for like sections of duct tape.
And then dive deep into the wall listing and chair and then remove it.
That was the pronouncing it and many other state is division is.
When your is beer he did his.

[8:04] Beard okay that was yeah but I just loved it image of Kevin being stuck to a wall with duct tape since that just.
And and knowing his his volunteers as you as you do obviously they would probably just leave them there.
Yeah we were at we were joking about the idea of putting in an elevator.

[8:26] So you are on monday so he have to go up and down the elevator few times the the button to close because into can't be like in atlanta so who is the official thirty this year,
the official charity this year is that literacy action there are based here in Atlanta they've been here for 50 years this is their 50th anniversary,
I need help educate the undereducated adults teaching them how to read helping them with their GED helping them with computer skills job skills helpful
thanks so that they can lead a better life and also give a better life for their children
well is it something that i'm sure a lot of dragon con goers feels strongly about is reading as.

[9:16] We all love her books you can tell by how many literature literature tracks we have one point we were talking about that they were going to be accepting
but that is no longer the case correct well
what would happen is if we started at the beginning of the year accepting books during like volunteer meetings or some of our superhero things which is something where we get together and we do,
like Community hours and help people in different ways and we got so many books that we.
What we can a drug drum journey and books so we can have to kinda back away from my hands on what books to bring java.

[10:01] Okay i'll get off on another there are lots of places that yeah we we got so many books that if a just ate overwhelms i'm so were kinda being quiet but if somebody
does bring me a book I'll make sure it goes someplace good but,
we just went we went we went nuts with the the collecting ss of who will also say if you bring extract book.
We basically will put them now don't don't in today because I actually just put them out and let people come and see if they want one like you have you ever read this other whatever,
and that's how I got rid of a lot of sci-fi books last year and the year before and also as we heard from sue her adult lit will take them as well.
Eva landing library lending library
okay google yeah single now know that the charity of their see action is actually fairly small to write
well they actually have quite a few different locations I have to pull up the thing but they have a lot of different locations all around Atlanta so and that was one of the things that we were doing is we were helping them fill one of their libraries
add me filled it to the tippy tippy top so yeah.

[11:25] I mean but but the if we can get to the hundred thousand which i'm sure we can which will then be matched by the the drink on proper,
have you to a thousand
the national first hundred thousand that we raise and i want to say it that way so that it it you know it makes a really realize we can go pass that number and you know.

[11:47] What what will find good ways to use it,
and in like likely lisa before that this that that an organization that's wrote i mean it relatively small has been since it's not you know it's are red cross are something like that it's it
it'll make a huge difference to yeah yeah it will help them all immensely and.

[12:12] Now speaking of giving you were talking before we started here about a new way to also give
yeah cuz we've always had the change buckets which different tracks will have in their track room it's way to get rid of some change or put a little bit towards the charity.
But now we have a texting feature where you can text
a certain phone number and with that phone number if you text the phrase do you seal of biliteracy no spaces
you know to be capitalized it could be lower case whatever you want to 844-544-7171.
You'll be able to get a link back and you can donate via that manner i'm gonna go ahead and say that again just because yes please.
He loves literacy is the code and you wanna taxi to eight four four by four four seven one seven one.

[13:11] When someone written down right now also to also be on the
also be on the post for this particular prakash from comes out of anybody forgets and go yeah go look there and get the get the memory from there i'm super excited cuz we also will have a bumper without using new
so I feel really official you are you are a bumper now.

[13:37] I also do other things too like options and there i only have two but apparently there's more yeah we have a lot of different options now
what's the tool for my Google map of the military sci-fi Stargate the guy's name
it used to be stargate yes they,
turning the stargate shows now but there a whole lot military's i ices and they all kinda got needed it gas city sure i'm pretty sure the x pants may be in here now not sure oh not now gotta go look
how long will they are so excited cuz there's new shows for the military psi phi that fall into that category i'm super excited about downs actually run by the military psi phi we just kinda help them out
buy you know doing it in the back and asks but we have four different options
what is book and art auction so you'll find books for sale posters art of various different types of find the general auction which is on Sunday morning.

[14:56] And then you have the military sci-fi and then I'd Monday you have a different area the art show so this is the Fine Arts but when you walk around that that fancy gallery art show
yeah they have an auction that they take care of all around that's on monday,
this really cool thing where they give different artist different objects.
And the different artists will decorate them and i'd they get you know auctioned off as well
and this year is a PVC Terraria can't even say it for a ceratops there you go.
It's it's really impressive that's on Monday morning that's Monday.

[15:50] Yeah they have it and it's fantastic it's so much fun but that's the the the final.
Yeah okay cool no so that's all those ox use they using other events as well cuz you know ten agriculture humans so,
to do more than just the actions that this year we have get julia.
We have room for fifty teams all really emerson that was is being held.
This is to be held in the Hyatt in Regency 6 and 7 so we have a large Ballroom going to have 50 tables for 10 to 12 people.
And it's gonna be an epic.
Trivia contest with prizes.
Well the agency is donating to donate you know give what you can,
Which is really great because you donate for a page and we have our Pages being designed by different artists that come to DragonCon.

[17:10] And so you donate you can sit there kinda chilled relax get away from the hectic as the that going on outside the doors and thought maybe meet some other people that joined collars well.
they're also doing one as well yet others was strictly yeah charity disturbance okay cool holes and still having to different coloring pages we have some fantastic drawings.
Well and ne more coming in so it's really exciting.
No are there any other big events going on besides Center,
well I don't have any more big events but other tracks are always doing different things that are you know it was a charity lien,
lol will be doing their house cup where the cat house that raises the most money.

[18:09] The house that wins that you will ball so it's really exciting to go in and get to count the the difference.
Houses tracks and find out who win that's really exciting when she talked about we have video gaming which is doing a Horde vs Alliance.
This thing gets really full tour of course so i don't know why a there's really as there was killer might horton be done with it,
well i'm on alliance so i am for the alliance whole being is in what yeah,
how many what,
I'm all for the good guys why no excuse me what do you mean for the good guys are you saying at The Horde or not good.
Your perception your perception is that but doesn't exactly it's already twelve.
To each their own. By the way by the way now we know why Kevin wants you to go.
But you know so they have their there you know donation donating and let's see I think of everybody else we have alternate history,
they do they're donating by voting for which theme the next year's party is going to be.

[19:36] Last year they voted with donating and they got a fantastic voyage and ugly if so don't call,
is it so cool way for them to kind of see it which which way they want their their their parties to go Walk of Fame is even getting in on this full really sell the protective sleeves for the autographed photos,
oh so you can go in there and donate for that and get yourself a sleeve for a photo.
It's cool what's that was the have apocalypse rising is gonna be doing like glow bracelets of the zombie prom and stickers and they have a fancy multi tool,
that you can get while supplies last which is really exciting thing he doesn't cool jawa who plays chess oh you.
Yeah so you can donate to play play chess against him I think that's fantastic I'm really excited.
For changing it in a poker tourney for jerry so i'll be selling out that i think will be off work to be done about that you know something.
Him up really when you win some fun yeah win money right before but because you giving.

[21:03] Can you get in return you'd still playing poker giving out stickers and buttons very gal,
buttons who can have yours yours and buds love stickers and buttons and don't don't run,
they got a stranger things s,
all goes well.
Cute couple love you guys more than one wife Steven right now and they gave them to us and said here you can give them out and you know people give you get charity.

[21:53] Okay y'all are really nice super nice
if it's really nice to see all the people that really wanna give and i feel like dragon con even if it's not dollar around it's ghetto and good feelings and you know assistance in different
thanks it means a lot and I think we are a community that wants to.
Wants to give and wants to help one another which I think is really really wonderful.
Think it doesn't you know that we also drank on his way i think a really good.
Not good decision also decision that speaks to a lot of us in there you know where we staying local which is a good thing but we're also.

[22:40] Also we're doing is with you know at and was close robbers coming in special olympics and things like that that but groups that are no.
May not have a huge bunch of guys so this really this is a huge impact we can give them over.
$200,000 that is a major major impact cuz remember we're sticking it to the man even though we like the man
and the man is actually there's also a woman and they're all very sweet and wonderful people,
yeah we have so many ways to do it I mean
everybody should feel comfortable in talking to their favorite track and find out what kind of charity events they're doing to me something that your not aware us said what and i don't know we didn't talk about it but i don't know if i'm young adult is doing.

[23:33] What they've done in the past which is the house cup,
but you drop money into the,
they did to vote on the house that is for,
yeah who is the responsibility of,
not i i'm not doing that i'm just there that you know help help make the transition from you know the tracks to the accounting for that one good am i will be counting the old history so i'm really excited about that cuz i get kinda
snap a little bit before it's announced as which way it's going.
Yeah I also will tell you that my staff loves County especially if it's like we hit exit number he's going to wear costume on today
they were begging people in the Halls like,
the beard yeah it was funny cuz you could hear it like through out like all the volunteers different track slicks hey if we just imagine you now everybody wanna see that,
well I think I had to go back to the costume soon because I think I think we have to have a bowl I mean you know we raced five hundred bucks and I got I got John and.

[24:56] Yeah yeah that was still is great for me and she was she was
giles art service or no yeah so.
Which I think my eye was Peggy Carter.
Yeah I had to where I had to wear high heels though so you guys don't know what that's like you don't know what it's like,
you yet you know what tell billie he will let me let me explain to you what it's like to have to where he stay at work right.
So am I anyway.
Anyway but yeah so i think yeah word word where you want to help you and we in i think all of us and i'd.
I said this the other day and I'm going to say it again I can't imagine not being able to read my son.

[25:59] With little you now i can i can i get a great deal of joy from reading i just re read the gunslinger series because it's one of my favorites and.
The things you know that did you pass down my son enjoys reading he's re reading harry potter right now he's on he's read the gunslinger re starting on number two it's slow slot for my tell me get the little faster after the winners.

[26:25] More dense than others but yeah so younger I made myself submission of reading all the Stephen King
oh boy so he's working on that they i i will have to say that the gunslinger is the one that kind and it.
I got to that one and it was I just wasn't able to sink into it and it is a very different one too so yeah,
it feels like for me i swore i was gonna read every one of the towers books before the movies that last one and it.
I was reading in the car on the way.
Cuz I was like damn it I hate these books while you were driving.

[27:25] He looks like right well i did that with the lord of the rings and get back in bed and get i'm gonna get through this i shall be home any ways of the explain but snow looks like yeah.
Yeah but I mean it's something that we all feel very strongly about I think the world and.

[27:51] What what were raising money for this year is just make sure that others get the chance to.

[27:58] To have that same pleasure that we we have.
Alright and it's it's one of the great things about DragonCon is that the community and doing
doing these things for terry they don't have to do this so well it's sunny and they have to do but they do it and and yeah on top of that
and you have to do the matching but yet they do so they,
they definitely feel very strongly about the giving back to the community that has helped build them and that's one reason why we always pick something that's very of local I mean we've done the Atlanta Community Food Bank Dunn Atlanta sufficient
center for self sufficiency we did Special Olympics for Georgia so we are always looking for stuff that is

[28:50] Well before we let you go but if you are in the Atlanta area and.
Throughout the year you're trying to find some charitable thing,
go and sign up to be a Dragon Con superhero
well I mean we've been doing the superheroes and believe for 5 years and.
I have put in over two thousand seven hundred hours of hands on the,
that's crazy.
Yeah so we've helps different organizations like the Georgia Conservancy.
At park conservancy alaina community food bank for all the kids and you have us special olympics georgia the lupus foundation which we've done quite a few times there are.
There was a loop is locked the annual is what do you go away but it was fun
and it was done the food bank we we actually got to go in and be a part of literacy actions that graduation ceremony and their family party Day this year.

[30:03] And it was great we had costume superheroes and I just we had everything from Superman to the Fairy Godmother there to help entertain the kids
and everything has owes a lot of fun as being part of the super heroes is really great way to give back throughout the year.

[30:24] Is that is cool again you know and only a dragon con really and i know there's other cons out there what not but they don't they don't do nearly the same work for the community that the tracking condos
so i'm excited to be a part of that it makes me feel really good yeah,
oh you know get in touch in your favor track ability what you doing what can i do to,
buttons and just give me cash,
i also have a donation both do you can come up with like art work that maybe doesn't fit your decor anymore like it was passing someone and you can pass along can auction it off during one of the options.
And remember that's where you should Q up to give them things like these donations and or money to give him money instead of registration cuz you know you're all very terrible at heart,
yes yes i drive right on break he said only think you do i show her how trying i'm trying i'm trying,
i hope me is listening to this the director registration i'm trying be where.

[31:38] No god before we let you go we'd like to play a game with our with our guests and this time we're gonna play family feud is the addition of.
Doesn't make any sense but so like on Family Feud I was going to ask a question and you give your best answer then leave will give her best answer and I will get my best answer
and then we'll see how many points are got free to those answers and likely at least two or three of these are answers will not be anywhere on this card,
sure so he got these like a Tuesday mornings and and Big Lots and places like that and I swear.
That there was this bucket of you have to give us at least $0.25 cuz we have to show we didn't just destroy these.
Somebody paid something for and this is awful so if you dont dont try to think of like a logical answer okay think answered a.

[32:36] Some doofus does the side of the doubt age sometimes is near sometimes was really sometimes before we're going for the two eight four four five four four seven one seven one what's the phrase to text their
the dc loves literacy dc loveliness that remind me what that's good will they let them don't eat cast from their phone,
two to the pattern.
I forgot what was it was there a dollar amount they're $10.
A customer meeting one thousand dollars to be sure to get that one yeah runs know that every dollar you donate,
actually turns into two so our first question here is named and exercise a Buzz Lightyear might do to train for his Star Command missions in other words just name a exercise.

[33:34] The thrust who did the penguin yeah nigga yeah i say she not tune ups.
And i'm gonna say drying no jogging and guess what.

[33:53] Okay so we have a little running was on there that's four points for me let's see,
did you see said chin ups rights of those are those are pallet kc yet six points and he said thrusts many give the ensuite squats as the thrust so yeah eleven eleven point three yes wait,
also there was push ups in enfold by jumping jacks squats member.

[34:20] Sit ups and crunches and squats roll with living and flying i don't know i don't know what exercise i'm doing the color involves flying but yo that made appearance on here as well i'm sure when it.
He's like to travel with on its because it says does the violence likely one the classic films like the the thing at queens imma corolla deville slow development,
if your dog that would be very bad idea.

[35:06] I saw a class it's more classic.
Yeah i would think so i mean i have the answers every so evil stepmother that the mirror on the wall and we can binge.
I'mma go with ursula discussing him careful about what.
Know what you're here we'll be set at this point so we person her slow was on the list so screwed build group deville was the number one answer for.
Ursula is worth 10 points by Cruella Deville is worth 25.
Hey and let's see the with the well what's your queen was not there is down there now who's jafar,
Captain Hook Maleficent and Scar where the rest of them.
Are you sure is that what you really meant cuz I thought no.
Oh no let matt news for meeting up rang rang hr are not sleeping beauty date is good haters gonna hole in the hall,
beat me with a little fairy one as god me at.

[36:29] Name the Muppet most likely to run a successful business.
I don't remember this one.
I've been worth 5 Points.

[36:54] Cuz when I just asked that's when we go on to the next one name the Disney character that first comes to mind when you hear the word kind I know we did Brave before but kind.

[37:06] Kind.

[37:10] Goodness gracious Dumbo.

[37:19] Mickey Mouse you're going for the point cuz you know that Mickey Mouse always appears.
Well then I'll go with many since.

[37:35] Who knew it would you say injury gumbo.
Jimbo's. Make a list many many was worth many was worth 10 points for me and Nikki was worth 8 points for you.
Oh okay so many ways about who's number one bite and then Cinderella then Bell and last analyst was Winnie the Pooh.

[37:57] Snow White.
The whole story of it I have a tendency to closet cosplay Snow White.

[38:19] The physicality of the character Justice I don't know,
and actually i think it's the voice in the movie really just totally great minor at,
yeah yeah i'm all through.

[38:36] So that's the 1930s for you.
I kinda doubt in my head with you know some,
a friend living like the brave yeah braid head of.
Name the names of the Disney villain you would most enjoy having dinner with.
Testing belt and you'd most enjoy having dinner with.

[39:07] Not like villains too much that's okay they don't like you either yeah i know i don't have to have a thing for the balance.

[39:19] Can think of I know I'm sitting here like.

[39:27] I will we have it we have it we had a villain question earlier to yeah that's i'am.

[39:35] Pirates of the Caribbean is is is is a Disney can I can I say Jack Sparrow.
Might say so.

[39:53] Oh my goodness this is really having a problem I'm even probably probably coming up with villain sitting here thinking like.

[40:00] Who are the villains like.

[40:05] Austin Maleficent cuz I just can't think of anything else but what I really want to say is Cruella Deville,
but when you looking thru ellen of induce you look like you the meth head so i think he eats you so good i'm gonna go was car does he appeared earlier and i thought it was weird so why not now,
so you won't Maleficent right so that's worth 6 points lie however Cruella Deville would been Worth 22.
Oh come on Star did not appear and neither did meet of Jacksboro,
yes alright so last question name the Disney character most likely to wear a tie dye shirt.
The Disney character most likely to wear a tie dye shirt.

[41:01] Note taker that can only donald duck.
Cool i can say i came in second place to your do not appear goofy however was worth forty nine points all donald duck was your that crazy and others were twenty two points,
hulu though the only to left please.
Earth to who is the must mean boo from from what causes it but she's not technically a disney cares the pics are there there.
And I normally specify that we could just have like a randomizer and they just push a button,
randomizer or they just put names in a bag and they just pull them out.
God well we will i tell you up the scores and see that you carry those where the,
let everyone know again where the charity booth is and what the a number,
to a texts or and all the other information is located in the Marriott,
on the marquee level just outside the walk of fame with betsy.

[42:15] Thank you no actually in the wall boot kind of my pickup is your concessions damn thing and that's where.
What is located inside the phone number to text is 844.
Four four seven one seven one and that code is dc loves literacy fm number again cuz i'm.

[42:40] It is the i four four four one seven one g c love letters.

[42:48] So we have the scores and scores are in and see blue she was charitable he was charitable to give us any points lead came in last twenty points i came in second with forty six.
And Jody one with 85 points 85 points,
set the big one up and the also have a twenty to twenty five winner to yeah,
questions regarding zero points with Miranda
hi jenna thank you once again for for joining us i appreciate you taking time in a specially,
appreciate you taking time out of your khan to to run the charities that's that's awesome we really great and yourself.
And i think everybody is awesome because you know everybody helps.
Make maker goal cell it's not just one person not just one track it's everybody and remember remember.
If we get to $100,000 a hundred thousand.

[44:01] Absolute ee you know what why don't we why don't we shoot for the goal of doubling it ourselves and get 200,000 in and they get the extra hundred thousands of rain gun.
I was going to say we have 80,000 people thatt everybody.

[44:20] You get there folks we can get there everybody who goes.
And I'm telling you there's some super interesting things in this option this year so they're always really really really.

[44:33] There is really anything what up yeah he has the stuff in its sound emits dc loves literacy to,
Turn there will be from the bruise is not for use of oil does it is reuse recycle.
Yep. Those those tiles in the car use them.
God and ugly and why not ring a three days well they are in a constant state what you think this is.
Sitting out this has been the production need heat.
Leave a comment or suggestion cole acetate one three three two one zero two digit or email us at the jackson community dot com.
Follow the Beat song Twitter at sign the unique pink this podcast is distributed under Creative Commons share alike non-commercial license.

[45:53] Music.