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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] I think that you like me when i'm angry
call Patrice,
just bought a right to be supporting small,
this is heat.

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[0:41] In addition love.
Days of dragging come on the podcast losing your mind and joining me tonight as always is the lovely and constantly working don't ever tell you the government officials don't work league.
Hey love to the masses what.
Yours was and that was between you and me when i sew you so you not working then.
Oh I'm totally working right but you deserve credit.
When conscience that I have done all my work I am I am done and that I have been very very very good.

[1:27] If not i have my work and i only have so i'm done yes ma'am yes ma'am.
As I'm having my dinner of popcorn and I'm just curious you know I was thinking today about today that I needed to be able to fly.

[1:44] But I added something to it yes but I need to be able to transform into another animal,
okay so like on your minimal oh you have no so you're not go,
old do i would love being m manual but i don't i just be a panther speak whatever like i need to divert it
yeah i went to la can be really cool dragon not genetically enhanced ryan's but just like a real old-school dragon,
lights on lights mother likes on or like or what you like with no go anywhere like you know i'm.
The Golden Compass you know those little animals that go around people I'd love to do that I'd love to just be able to transform into animals and I really really wish,
really wish there were books and things that could help me you know kinda for ten d that will i readable will leave your in luck,
yes Smith scanner from fantasy track is here tonight,
prayer most definitely we have a lot of a lot of great authors and you can even meet them at dragon con well no no first things first why did you pronounce your name correct wrecked yes your are a good that's a first name again correct this entire time.

[3:13] Pretty clothes and other than yours is mine actually my name is Bob I don't know if you know this but my name is actually Bob,
well i think that's when that's it go with,
you know what we're like a week out from driving down right now
oh my God stop yes we are actually tonight it would be
who are you and i by the end of day two will you call day one but that it's okay to make it.

[3:52] Help is help people like me and like john he doesn't read but does encourages children to read of what you're track is really about.
Well i think one of the biggest things were about is,
exploring different kinds of Worlds through Reading literature and we're not picky like I'll talk to people and they'll go well I don't really read but I do audio books and like that counts their books they're novels.
Yes somebody is reading it to you but it still counts as reading in my mind because,
we have so many great books and they're so quickly done into audio books which is wonderful for I have a friend who is spend so much time in the car and you know here in Atlanta we have tons of traffic,
it's very interesting to me that people are saying what I do on I don't read books.
Still considering that a book and i'm considering that enjoying a book i'm reading still a book the word book is inherently in it and it's the same story that,
i were to pick up the.

[5:01] I'm reading right now a book by hour on calling and if I were to pick up the book or pick up the audio book would be the same story so usable.
But so one of the things we do is we have a bunch of different panels talking about all the kinds of stuff we love about literature like we're having a,
my monsters are people to panel on friday talking about,
monsters as characters which are kind of non-traditional characters in there can be a challenge to write because they have to be early enough that yeah yeah they're kind of a monster or.
Enough relatable that you're not throwing out of the story which can be a challenge and then.

[5:45] We also just have a lot of fun working out I love author's because authors are as much fans as the fans in the room a lot of times,
and and I've seen authors just have that fan moment of I'm sitting next to this person and it's kind of fun to watch but as a track director my infant has been not just to bring,
Great Entertaining.
Awesome panels to people this year and new panels cuz we're rebooting the same as you'll attract but also to expose them to new Authors I love it,
when I go to a panel and I come out of it going okay I need to go to the bookstore I need to find this person's book and read it,
because this person impressed me or they were smart or they were funny so it's got to carry over into their butt and,
I want people to somebody comes to me and says I said checked out this new author because I went to a panel on your truck that is what I'm going to be so happy.

[6:43] Not cool so you you actually have speaking of authors who have a ton of them on your track this year.
Yes we have close to 50.
That is an insane amount of insane mouth purpose of where we have some highlights of that of course you like a girl install them but now i am not going to list all of them but we have jerri lynn nine coming.
For several pet panels.
Caffrey is coming for some we have david weber on a panel and,
Eric Flint and Emma Stirling Faith Hunter,
he c is al jason cordova chris can any i am.
And I think I got most of the Dragon Award nominees,
DJ Butler who is a dragon Award nominee so is Chris Kennedy and Casey is Elton Christopher Woods.

[7:41] Your ass is in having you having a panel with them or where he is meet up or false feeling kind of down because.
Lover but so we ref i try to reference books that sometimes when door titles are doing fantasy gather which is just if you ready mccaffrey gathers were,
end of the party for the entire group affair and we're doing that but we're gonna do it friday night in the hyatt hanover see through the ball room and at eight o'clock to midnight,
and it's gonna be a can come,
enjoy meet hang out meet people yet Kim Harrison is also going to be at that one we have 16 different authors at that panel and.

[8:24] They're going to have a chance to sell their book so you don't have to go all the way over to the dealers room to pick up the newest Kim Harrison book or the newest Jodi book Jodi Lynn 9 book or Chris Kennedy publishing book and.
They're going to bed and be able to hang out talk me their fans and network with other authors also so it we're gonna have.
Music on cd but we're also working on lining up some live music.
Yeah so you've got got me some live music meaning as in someone actually playing the music,
yes isn't someone actually playing music,
I was going to say I love that you're doing that and get and not together I think that's one of the great things about DragonCon is you actually really.
This isn't like a book signing I mean you don't want to be the person who's like standing there expanding for 20 minutes about,
your theories on they're both but he really actually get to meet the authors and take some time and talk to him and it and they enjoy it it's great you know they love the fan interaction you love it it's great that is thrilling that you're doing the Gathering I think it's awesome,
is gonna be a blast i really hope everybody enjoys eight so.
It's I don't know I've had a couple people tell me they're really excited about coming in doing it so I'm really excited about about it it's.

[9:48] Just me so much fun you also have some of Baltimore events going on correct yes we have four other Ballroom events we have one called delphic Oracle which
random question from the audience and they can answer one word at a time,
which limiting and author to one word is very funny
that hurts their little hearts than it I have seen them trying like Grandma and not like over the mic I've also seen try and come out with these very complicated words
for an author's respond differently some shit for these.
Incredibly complicated words that somebody has to look up to understand cuz if I'm only going to have punch.
And then also they get very funny with it one year we had an author who fell out of his chair laughing at the other answers before.

[10:59] What a weird day is that when in which room is it I don't remember the time off the table,
it is also if you go to Fantasy literature at DragonCon Facebook page we have all of our Ballroom panels as Facebook events.
That'll work as well.
Yeah you know they gave me pools and I try to use those tools so what other events you have going on the bars other big events going.
Delphic oracle's in international north or south and then we have the next day we have.

[11:39] A magic in 1 magic and science Collide which were doing,
kind of combined with the science fiction literature Traxxas Science Fiction and Fantasy literature are very intertwined in many ways a lot of our authors write in both and,
there's been several series that i've been reading that.
I was really inspired by reading and I'm like this is really fascinating,
Kim Harrison's drafter Series where magic and science works together for example and then there's the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews where they Clash,
and basically the entire in the middle of it because one will work when the other one doesn't.

[12:24] But so that inspired that panel and then we have they meet the authors Dragon Ward Edition where it's a bunch of the are Dragon Award nominees from,
this year and years pass as well as we have Larry Creon it who has one and think we have another person whose one also but I can't remember right now.
Then later that night we have,
dragons and magical mating habits at 10 at night.
Kitten it is but I'm just at.
Yes the loan at sorry this is a family friendly show it but,
i just the physical aspects but also the issues of intimacy that come into your fantasy and eating habits and.
So because there are topics of intimacy that are in the lien inter twined i am really cute like its hard to find someplace private when your like you know he feet tall,
write that but like if you read Mercedes lackey's Griffin cycle in Black Griffin she talks about how.

[13:46] There's a magic secret about how Griffin's made and it's.
Griffin's are it's so difficult for them to have children if they have to go through so many steps that every child that they have is considered a blessing and very much valued so there are no unwanted Griffin babies.
And so there's ways are awfully lovely things,
yeah everything and want a baby like when it eighty five star so okay exactly and i mean.

[14:21] I have I have a little hoarding child of my own and he he was a surprise but very much wanted but.
I think that some of those topics of intimacy or something that we can talk about with in that format not just the physical aspects,
don't make it other than will be this is last three cuz i mean you the people the seat right next to skip i'm freezing their gonna get themselves in the sea at the.
So it's just going to be a lot of fun over I'm not this is the first time we've really done I've done this panel I'm going to be moderating it's the first time I've moderated this panel and.

[15:05] It will be interesting and a little bit of a hard time here but we actually are.
Whatever floats your bed side by why fantasy wise whatever.
Drying got probably okay so you don't have to,
what is he,
what by the fourth of july weekend that is typing a lot of this out and he goes you're gonna dwight the that i live next year whatever gertie is.
I honestly will give 20 bucks if you will call this one Dragon Nookie the next.

[15:58] I'm going to trouble but i'm just saying that would be a funny tiles
i'd probably get in trouble because i know and we had a doing it right yeah exactly but then the lame leasing insincerity was yes so
do you have any other after
after hours programming flowing.
And after we also have another panel at ten o'clock called lens answered stories which are very is gonna be in.

[16:42] About I mean I kind of ripped off Sushi does a great panel on Military stories at work as much of veterans who are authors were also veterans tell stories that,
have influence their work from their time in the service but weird kind of expanding and then we're going to do.
Not just stories like forever I had an NCO one time tell me when I was in for every rule there's a story about why we had to have that rule.
Yes yes yes there is trust me there is a reason Preparation H says do not take orally okay.

[17:21] There's also a reason why you should not put.
T gel on your face.
I'm sorry I don't put Icy Hot.
Or in other places let's just be let's just be clear.
If so yes for every it folks trusting and dead series for every rule there just so you,
you know we're going to get into some of those stories I think I have Kelly a lock word on it and,
hey it's your boy does he have,
thinking of stories and how did you become a director was it was a sorta straw situation was it you know one ran backwards when you ran forwards and you thought that your covered
in the work you will,
when it's okay to say you didn't run fast enough and yet you still do love what you're doing it's okay you're at your among friends we understand that,
well I ended up.

[18:46] Volunteer to drying con and several i grew up going basically of subtly entire adult life going to drying con style.
I used to volunteer at a break and then i came back last year and i volunteered with see you on sight file it and the.
This year there was a change over and they decided to go with a dip in a different direction for famous for Fantasy literature and kind of ended up rebooting the track and I got called and asked if I wanted to do it.

[19:20] As a check now will this so you so you knew which are getting to i get so i still have volunteered and you still didn't.
They're on me but we love our directors they're awesome as well as i love i love literature a lot of people on fantasy later people that i've worked with.
Back when I was a volunteer before so and there's very much a community family Vibe within fantasy literature.
I am a little less family when we get this time clock panels and all the different type of family is family but we have a lot of fun and.

[20:07] I've never shied away from doing stepping up to the plan on doing something that's going to be a challenge but also rewarding.
So that they they have split the litter track over the years and then yo they've as we are discussing beforehand and we discussed on,
podcast to they took away from more from the specific authors or Weeden verse you know something to win versus,
those those I got put into things like military sci-fi which used to only be,
Stargate Stargate track of the bigwigs like Star trekkin in Star Wars pretty much everything is more,
generalize units for his in spread out yeah so what is.
What is the difference between your track and say the high fantasy track well.

[21:06] The high fantasy Dragonite director and I were talking about that cuz it's kind of there is and we have a panel
1300 at 1,
see the number.

[21:25] But they were hoping friday when they have a genre bending program okay but.
If we're gonna talk about some of that to some books kind of the year a little bit of both mostly with high fantasy high fantasy involves like polk in my arm.
So there's a brat and there but they're there their own very unique worlds that in some ways don't really resemble or ethanol,
so it's a high fantasy is defined by 30000 different descriptions of snow.
No that is are you this is my device it bolting it is is extremely sorry that is long walks in the park because if i can play there.
The in the knee thing about my fantasy an urban fantasy.
Have an epic fantasy track in the aldrin history tracks is that they both income does literature but they also encompass multimedia is though hmm.
So they have a little bit more play they they can actually go into Towing more stuff about the movies and the TV shows.
So where we stick with our bucks but we're actually going to I think she and I are going to sit down and talk more about how do we clearly.

[22:54] Define some of these very soft edges on it
right in and it's your your guys tracks and the only one that that happens with write ameen happens with we've talked with the whore and or been fancy right and they are you can,
sort of mostly there were I guess in urban fantasy that the definition is more like it if it's in a place that you recognize and it's involves you know more realistic.
What arrogance even even that we met with our world berry twist somehow right exactly yeah in in wifi and we talk to sue like the most every year and am enough to who's tuesday or in fancy.
Carol Carol Carol in in in Derek and you know even they are like we'll figure it out,
deck knowing your track,
I think so yeah we have that the genre-bending one and then on Monday at.
C o'clock also actually we have a sub genre panel and it's very creatively titled all the subs.

[24:09] Or lisa the number of them and it was really the title all the soldier lisa gibbons.
Okay I'm having a little bit of a giggle but I'm being good I'm being good that's fine,
and I still giggle so,
do you have fun with it and they told us come up with names enter descriptive in catchy okay,
if the main reasons they may give me more specific guidance next year but this year i think i came on at like june eighteenth and they went okay so you're the tractor actor now by the way,
you go all the programming is due on the thirtieth have fun have fun at eleven so it's asking a lot of first time director.
It isn't it isn't you roll with the punches you do what you got to do I was great and I had.
Eight friends who island anybody got any ideas would and i'm still bill foss it go at nine and,
email me we talk some they sent me some great panel id as i regina sat down with me at chick flay for like three hours talking about some of the stuff so,
and I wasn't working in a vacuum I think without using a team approach it would have been much harder to do.
And dragging condos teams very well.

[25:37] We do like our team's DragonCon so huge there is literally I was looking at the numbers the other day and it hit me there is literally a brigade where the volunteer is running dragon.

[25:47] That's more than military talk isn't it.
People who volunteer tracking kinda brigade normally runs between two thousand five hundred and four thousand depending on what kind of report a gets and how big is about how to use a squad.
Um well was wondering where the group how much is a group next is.
All them other things that are not appropriate for Family TV.
Or family podcasting or anything else really they're just words.
Email sale at yeah instead of saying it yeah that's am sensitive topic or oh you know those are little racy or whatever well if you've ever wanted like maybe that's after ten.
For that you know that is not about,
i don't top ex it been about looking at the history of.
Let and how we exam and things that,
where was cutting edge but are not the because it is after it has after ten though i can show my duct tape customer right.

[27:14] You are welcome to,
john i see the apple you and now you hear no i don't have the guts to because they are in the beginning it would be easy cuz depicting speaking it off would be the,
hear a man doing that would actually how i would be painful yes that would be fun anyway,
what's the weather,
for air days when i'm like i know it will slowly and they them i know i like you okay of school anyway.
We owe this until seven till you see this go where can people buy more info what do you know what we haven't and do you know yet where is your track located.
A vanity well i after,
where is Thor actually pretty easy to find where a little off the beaten path in the Hyatt but that means we have less crowds and normally the people who want to see us or the people who are there where at in the embassy level.

[28:32] Of the high international tower which and where in enough.
E&R yes enough Embassy enf.
I do need directions if you go.
There's that hallway go down that hallway go to the escalator go down once light-years Alan International level with International North and South go down one more you're on Embassy.

[29:09] And then you just follow the crowd of people going down how you think of.
All right now is there anybody this year that if you had some time to get away from your track that you would really want to see that's not already on your track.

[29:31] Otherwise I would be alone and Gordon Andrews just schedules didn't work out so they ended up not coming being able to make any of the panels on a track that they would be great I'm a big fan of theirs.

[29:48] I would love to meet the cast of Black Lightning I really love that show.
Or just anybody who did lost in space mm hmm at.
Dell got it is not coming that would be the person who i'd like to buy me a yeti,
give me an award last year she really should come bring betty off of it what is the green yes i agree with you yeah you told that you can have until,
until she shows onions show up on the exam for the only problem is that all the directors be there in there be nobody in the newbie to run the rooms.

[30:36] I have some accolade rather than having the divan you stay here i'm going elsewhere,
nobody else might run but but but it rang can handle it he used to be a drill sergeant he can do it,
it's called proper motivation,
or is there anywhere else on the anywhere on the web network besides else,
that you can find more information on the fantasy dress,
well right now most of our information is going out through Facebook we have a Facebook it's Facebook on Facebook it is fantasy literature at DragonCon and we have both,
that and then we have a,
russian broom thing i guess is what they call them on facebook called not a panel room it because i not smelling it or i thought it was funny so please reply,
can hang out talk online is why wait to spend why wait a whole year to spend a whole bunch of time talking to the same people you like.
I am working but right now. Getting the website updated it hasn't been updated since 2014 so.

[32:01] Get that appeared after Dragon call.

[32:10] Oh father your mother him back or does is drag on to it as it wasn't even drunk i'm calling out who the real people at the,
downloaded legends like yeah i was a director or just like,
I'm sorry one of your volunteers volunteers but I know what they're calling about so today the one I got at the volunteer party and I don't,
but it says for the fans by the fans.
And that's what i love about drying now that's what i tell everything on like silly seen you coming on no we're fine and for this you have and is not even know i-i i know,
so what I think he was,
how does fantasy track was saying that they they tend to go with a theme every year and for us I think the theme with the reboot has been really that Bandit there's room enough in Tennessee for everyone.

[33:17] That's cool.
Yeah I know it cuz that's the wonderful thing about me is so encompassing I mean we have steampunk we have wild west there's the weird West there's Prairie Gothic there is litrpg

[33:50] We like to play a little game with our guests we don't let them get out of here without you know a little bit of,
so over the years will over the last several years i've been collecting horrible trivia games and i believe,
I've only brought out that you know I really got to go dig through my I think most of them are still in storage cuz we moved before we moved in here a few months ago we still have some stuff still in storage,
but we only brought into games we really wanted these are the ones that I happen to happen to be on top so it some point it's going to go grab the rest of them that are really work,
oh yeah he's your worst games i got that i did you see what i'm not in,
been saying this and i really mean it is i really believe these were in that a bucket of please just give us twenty five cent we have to show we paid for the and somebody's instead of we destroyed on at like,
any store he went in they were buried next to the ET cartridges for Atari 2600,
so these are these questions going to come from the best of TVs and TV and movies,
look at me to stay there and i could see from the hot sahara to the logo game you know the local game the ever so popular logo game.

[35:15] Logo the board game do I have some of these I often see that the cards aren't even cut right there part of the another card is written on them.
Nope no production value so how are you.

[35:36] I was not living in the US during the 80s,
okay I'm going to give you a choice of two two topics two cards and you'll will answer give you the four questions off those cards and then we'll,
at the will do 3 rounds of this we will do one you'll do one and then at the end so do you want Flashdance or Footloose.

[36:04] Footloose Footloose okay now,
you may just have gotten some misinformation just by being alive will yeah michelle just like yeah whatever even care anytime reading a english newspaper
newcomer Ray McCormick,
McCormick McCormick Twitter is scheduled is shocked to discover that it's illegal to do what in this town,
beaumont's what type of vehicle does wren drive towards his rival in a classic game of chicken.

[36:44] Car note was a bulldozer from what book does ren read to get the Town Council to overturn the law prohibiting dancing.

[36:58] All the years of turn the high wish that were answered like why is that really your brother when it was the bible actually but yeah,
what is the profession of Ariel's overly strict father.

[37:20] I know.

[37:26] Olivia Wilde answer is he was in the Royal manticoran Navy because I have no clue,
okay leave why is he uses like yes sir flashdance were coming to america.

[37:50] I'll do Coming to America I've never seen Flashdance all the way through I don't think I've ever seen it all
when Hakeem comes to America from the African nation of Zambia Zimbabwe.
Is he moved to.

[38:14] I just ne york city that is correct were queens and am to be spurs and i was like i think burley is amazing clean it goes near city that's for what is the royal title of the films lead character akeem.

[38:30] The film Z carrier the royal title,
Prince Akeem that's correct what is the familiars prince is literally what it says what is the familiar sounding name of the fast food restaurant where Kim works.

[38:47] It's a Mac Donald's know it's McDowell.
Oh okay oops with whom does prince hakeem caul madly in love.

[39:02] Who works at the nyc dalles i think it's her at the girl is and the.

[39:09] Is the what you need are wheels yes his boss's daughter yes lisa yeah.
Name bag that's three points were eight that uses the flash interferes bueller's day off.
I think either feel it Ferris Bueller's Day Off obsessively trying to stick on Ferris.

[39:45] Hi
No truancy truancy cuz it was not school what happens when the but will happen when the boys try to change the mileage on Cameron's father's car.
It broke sure you crash to the garage wall,
the third round bedside if they ran the car in reverse to take the miles off the car and some ham j three the logic there has good with the.
Hope the boys are just.
What does I was obviously in the wall I didn't really talk to high school if I was busy reading Hamilton,
even better than looking real watching you I will say it's kind of a classic just because of all the pop culture references,
I think now seen Deadpool the first one kind of need to see it.
Von Steuben Day Parade what does he do on the float,
I don't I have no clue he heals all hail DragonCon that is correct that actually was says right here the tagline for Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one man's struggle to take it.

[41:07] To take it one man struggle to take it take it to the man to take it to the man no there's a there's a,
wrong about it not really,
what's up nigga phone has absolutely either but i know i will they stay it's from the fifty's that a song by the beatles made really popular.

[41:33] No take it take it easy this actually take it easy as what song.
Literally easy not that it's easy as an it's so easy but it's letter word the word is okay nevermind the tagline is one man's struggle to take it easy alright so we're going to give you three points
we have no idea why we just decided to big or Flashdance,
big name the Laverne and Shirley star who directed big.

[42:16] Penny Marshall correct who played the adult size Josh when the 12 year old got his wish to be big.
Thanks breakout role which job to boys houses in house flash but yeah i what job did the boy in in a man's body excel what job did the boy in a man's body xl other words what job did he have,
oh he became a lot like he became kind of this consultant kind of a job it was.
That's what i am right used to executive what weeds actress plays dross is josh is it girlfriend susan.

[42:54] Oh oh God I sear in my she was in so many movies like then to hold on,
she's on her face in the he-said-she-said exactly.
I see her face she always wears that really cool rent showing often wears really cool red lipstick and her.
Name is not catherine of maribeth all i can think of and i know what's wrong.

[43:30] Not catherine o hara that is the right answer that is the correct answer it's not after a year elizabeth perkins
Elizabeth Perkins are you almost at your house it's almost over Flashdance or Bad News Bears.

[43:53] Bad News Bears what does lazy Morris buttermaker do for a living when he hired to coach the Bears.

[44:07] Read the books,
what is a swimming pool cleaner up what was always a new bears picture different from all the other countless pictures how was the new bears picture different from all the other towns that,
It's it's is genetically the difference split that way estimate chromosomes female yes she's a girl,
what rights as well or is that she's a girl how did select is a chromosomes cuz chrome isn't really gives the only two options pay have.
How did coach butter maker know his star female picture.

[44:52] Girl Scouts.
He dated her mother.
What is the name of the talented team to whom the bears barely lose the championship game by the way spoiler card.

[45:14] Oh honey really well think about it this way the Bad News Bears is interesting it's interesting ending right,
what is it yeah and it also because you would think you would the usual ending to that is yes but not not not.
So where's that when they just seem a famous a baseball team the Braves from New York.
The new york mets english your keys so you got it to one of the exact opposite of what she has everybody got.
Now course I was there Yankee there they were kids team Yankees but there wasn't Yankees.
We can pay the sport of rock climbing.
Lee you get last chance for everyone that you get wrong I'm taking Waypoint what's the what's the male name of the movies aspiring dance heroin.

[46:25] What's a lead the character's name.

[46:30] You know it's a male sounding name sale now who is who is alex.
Somebody's calling you know how to stop it I have no idea where it's even coming from I'm looking at I'm looking around everywhere and I don't see anything,
Bring on the toilet is doing the things telling me your on a call already and like i noticed on a call okay,
so an exotic dancer by the way minus one for me it was Alex.
I understand what you're saying one for me an exotic dancer and exotic dancer by night what is Alex's day job.

[47:26] Ready novel she's a welder she's a welder in a steel mill,
technically she works and things are constructed yes,
and what what us city does alex in her class she hits me.
Has to be new york city no it's no way or he's a steel town girl on a saturday night.
Is New York right now.
Finish the famous quote when you give up your dream blank.

[48:13] You give up your dream blanca's famous quote yeah haha.

[48:19] Give up your dream you die literally is it you die.
Worst motto ever 0.28 card.
0.28 card congratulations,
seska tells us again where your track is located and where to get more info.

[48:48] So our track is fantasy literature is the the Hyatt Embassy CES so.
Where in the international Tower 2nd floor down from the lobby level and we have.
Nation both in the app but also on fantasy lit at five fifteen as he literature at dragon con on face.
Like us follow us and we put out a bunch of ripping out more information and we've been doing some facebook why feeds on a and and we're gonna do some hopefully during the con if i have enough signal for some of our really funny.
You're the cure so i can have any signal a drug i said maybe i'm also recording it on that camcorder.

[49:38] Come prepared to go there you go alright so until next time for Lee and cesca and cesca Got7.
Next time before then you can unmute yourself know what.

[50:05] What is yours after that three pointer nothing right so until next sunday for cisco and least of.
What day this is what he loved you you were here last.
Every game was rigged like we had somebody who was a computer programming person and one of the questions was Name all the.
All the computer languages you.

[50:38] Don't know what your talking about the fair and square you go back and review it later told commission whatever until next time courtly insist that this is john saying.

[50:50] Music.

[50:57] Has been a production in the heat,
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