50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 8 - Pj Of The Kaleidoscope

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Where do the things that you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
so all my future again but there is not difficult to,
just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Days of dragging come on the podcast that acts like an adolescent in joining me as always,
is the ever so young lean cut here so i was reminded have been doing driving hundred twenty years it's just doesn't seem possible in that mean that would started at eight.
Logan you started Three Wooden it
but yeah I mean
and I have to make a retraction before you anything else was going to tell you to go on.
Be the gas we have on tonight then hope me,
I know when I was scheduling stuff I asked about it.
Any clue is not marshall the parade uniting cobra martial i'm very sorry we love eddie he's gonna be doing lots of panel c is gonna be doing in ceo of the masquerade that is on sunday,
but he's rumors of the great and i sure where do you well i did not make that,
so I apologize to Dan who played it off like a champ I had like three.

[2:11] I have emails where I said could I schedule them on Saturday since he was in the parade and y'all said yeah it was fine and but don't do lunch today cuz he's doing,
where i don't i got confuse so i apologize i'm confused anyone this is not a flight to eddie eddie is absolutely wonderful,
and we just can't wait to have him back my stuff is so happy he's coming back,
especially Thomas is Big Eddy fan I got steam yesterday at a wedding,
he just can't wait cat and have him back on stage and showing his plumbers crack all that so it'll be awesome but yeah so i apologize.
Did not mean to confuse this is not a slight at Eddie this is just you know after 20 years and then 38 I mean you know to just get something you sometimes you just.

[3:00] Oh that create thing but the john is gonna be awesome.
Of course it is for all ages really,
because I started 20 years ago and had a baby very soon after that and my baby came to his first dragon contest.
Baby having babysat running hot soccer,
bye cebu heating unit first-run hundred six weeks.
Does ben in his nineteen years,
to probably 15 drink on at some point maybe not there the whole 4 days but you know what I really wish was when he bring about 10 years old,
wake up.

[3:57] I'm just i'm really glad that we have this next guest because she told that need of us being yelled.
Thing is this opening for us that are having babies and maybe even the volume in your grade is now time bring a grandchildren you trying to over indulge in burger place.
So you want to introduce our guest of course,
our guess today is tj from the kaleidoscope track,
doing what are you doing great thanks for coming back on appreciated,
we love me and i said this the kaleidoscope track,
when you see it in the DragonCon apps or in the little pieces of paper Ilse Katie.
And that's because you can only say Kaleidoscope when it's three times a day before you start sounding like you're just slurring that word over it so it is also the track that I most often use my spell check for.

[4:55] That is the greatest thing about spell check God help us we don't have to spell anymore,
no lights up and sings there's a lot about lines and you was some of the update like that
which is the word what's your child have more why can't you yeah that's exactly was the sale will focus cuz i mean it it did it has there is more of the changes i understand it's a slight change from from what has been in past years but explain to us what what the actual track
the mission is.

[5:30] Hey are new focus chekov is and we're gonna provide anything the programming for kids aged six to twelve room in a family's.
Will have,
more activities we will still cover Disney Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network but we're laptop to expand.
Other area for a sore right light my other area programming are you talking like teen titans or are you talking like.
Journey was or star wars or more awards for garrett plunders.
Basically anything whatever if it's subject matter is you know number one with a bullet for kids these days then I'm allowed to do programming for it.

[6:24] You know having a little box and they opened up my box and let me free so,
so so you recover you'd cover more things like in them maybe putting words into your mouth this point but things like.
Who is your favorite characters from Star Wars versus maybe lgbt-themed and Star Wars right so you're going to get more towards the the kids end of of,
cuz we're trying to incorporate kids more is going to be.

[7:08] Is being interviewed about star wars is cool if i'm in the weaving.
A bunch of kids to sit on some panels this year we even have one panel that's going to be all children the moderator in the paneling.
Teen titans oh okay i have to tell my jeans titan store before we and seven days off.

[7:31] Everybody likes well okay so not everybody cuz my sister can't stand it so I'll tell it and it's not because she doesn't think it was really funny.
My nephew had been watching it at around the age of 3 and 4 he's now 5.
And he and his sister were arguing over the tv remote to my nephew jump from up on the couch and said our power whatever that.
Whoever Robyn Weber says it,
and get a perfect round how thick it is sisters face and knock aflutter cash oh no yo yes in so my sister who took,
martial arts as a child the first thought she had was really good for my class.

[8:20] And Michael and started yelling at him so yeah so she's so perfect,
there's into what we duin tv shows versus.

[8:37] Your sister and facts what which three um are unhappy about that is in between but yeah so no jeannine i love you nine mean it by our son that was one of the shows,
a years ago when it was teen titans and the first version of it that was on cartoon network along with like justice league and some stuff like that,
that was like I don't know if it's on Saturday night or what night was,
we watched it at the family I love the stories it was fun it was good it's a little different now but it's still fun I still like it when I have to watch I'd rather watch that than SpongeBob,
oh okay,
in PJ is very organized and she sent us over a list of topics and everything it was awesome actually I appreciate all of our all of our guessing to they're all,
but you're so much there's more activities was i mean.
One thing that parents and was asking for over the last seven years is that they want these kids to d.

[9:52] And what we will put panels on,
you know that younger kids,
excuse me I'm sorry,
we're all dying of the plague now and gone yes DJ and I are both been coughing so 0.
Play now not in two months i would be much better so yeah one of their any problems with it have any space room and we have any way.

[10:38] Reset our tack room to me.
For us to do activities but then at the same time they still want us to do you know family panels and then some.
Big changes of england cuz from area who to the hyatt okay we have two rings,
do you know what is ever panels and was gonna be there for today so are you dual program or programming or,
yeah they pretty much left that up to us but we try to make them things that aren't.
Are the rooms actually larger.
Yes they are little bit bigger I think we gained about 30 seats maybe for the panel but we awesome,
base for things like strollers,
what the height in the Marriott or are you going to be.

[11:55] Which is i guess living these okay,
beautiful level yes him in am reading people in roswell there right there you can,
used to be one of those rooms fyi it will be a full because which isn't important alright nice or important who hung pilot are important,
fuck off,
lisa has come for a and there's as much and there's not as much you know traffic or your acres of the if you have a stroller and trying and i have to get through yeah
and also because that area that's all it goes right so if you're going down that all you're going down there to get it one of those panels,
you're trying to water out like wait which which way to the food court vs which way to the track room or other tractor and like your doing in that marriott is down and break yeah old but,
the big thing for you guys and that there are some places in the have you no crowds the,
oh no I'm not trying to hide it not crowded I'm just saying for your area that's a great kind of area because it's.
What's up.
He allows is tim yam be more open.

[13:24] Have more space if you like it.

[13:31] Like you know of this works but breaking how you know bose unit you gonna have a space all the time that is yours many activities i mean yeah i are gonna do them twenty four seven we understand that but you when,
send a,
and I also wanted to thank you because you said you were going to do all children panels and you didn't talk about the panel John and I were going to be on on Friday so I thank you for not calling us although some people.

[14:02] Are you thinking hearing all okay what is that tho coors fell in love when,
put new cut the programming cause we've been looking in working with other tracks what was the murder.
Exactly I will cross from it I will also tell you that I have because years and years ago was that they asked every tried to kind of do a kid-friendly panel I have,
the most i've got paper i'd like the little home being so will put them all in a box for you man and i'll bring it condiment review early,
click on entities already here great art and crafts because one of the things we did one year always make your an alien in la,
be as pretty as it was so much fun.

[15:02] The first lesson have absolutely no artistic talent runs in.
We have a lot of things to offer,
that was some will be more structured some be less confusion garden and your craft panel again we did that to try the last year in a hurry tax is the parade and it was very popular.
You know that we have our own room.

[15:38] It's all either just say hey we're not gonna go and how you do that lets do this is annoying watch the parade later on the yard or something on the streaming or whatever.

[15:49] Thanks again things in tray is oh yeah yeah it's too long first you are there some is too scary i have seen parents,
do they know netherworld is coming go like gonna go in there just a little younger and it does sometimes.
Negative i'm not saying anything about who is right oh yeah there's a.

[16:12] Okay so brother what are the panels even actually have and and maybe some specific entities.
Hey we're the kids drum circle until all and you can and you're not bringing william and you are bringing will.

[16:33] Well i mean william williams a little bit at that age group though but it was but still but yes you learn you didn't bring when we have a,
how do you feel about having Miller you have another child.

[16:50] I mean that's your decision I,
me and her it's is really zero already and if so is over soon so yeah drums and drum circle and fill king that's cool it's cool now are,
they're just too content in these are called Duckman and duck fairy and the giveaway the little yellow rubber ducks,
i need a hunting down to go on a brother that when there is only am really really like the one.

[17:38] I want to do something for the kids and sausage and i am having a hard see how does it so they are all in heaven with some saturday taking the volume please,
the really super nice and they're real lot of fun and it's all going to be duck scene but it will be awesome.
They're awesome so and the other thing i was gonna ask you is yet so this is probably stanford your younger in at six a one up and,
a script we have we have a couple we always have the writing Workshop we're going to have a workshop yay learning how to draw comic it's going to be interactive called write your own comic,
so you gonna go to an exercise to write a column scraped in an even trade scripts and then i have to draw the pictures.
Like you know in a tree or 4 box panel,
so I'm going to have a trivia we're having daughter via ending trivia
those are always feeling in their family during to be like family Team Trivia oh really.
Hispanics Team Trivia but it's really designed for families to do together.

[18:58] Although there are many six-year-olds it probably know a lot more about Doctor Who than anybody else so I can,
s joining awesome tshirt painting and ready but it ran aground and we're gonna do a thing wrong and it's sunny,
pretty much is going to be weed whatever songs kids like including the internet so we won't be seeing some internet stuff and you know Broadway's going to be a fun thing.

[19:30] Where in the bible it but most of the times request a donovan all things been in which lights to him in the am and where did you yo we're gonna use what is awesome.
There's a lady that does some yoga classes on Cosmic Kids Yoga,
you have pictures on your staff so,
the unit but it's all gonna be more will be star wars themed be some kind of genre thing that will,
google her on tuesday i think it gets used.
Really again and is really fun aha yeah full from that what's the leasing a huge,
yes you and also let them let me know hey find your little find your little inner peace and not always good for everyone especially children have my goodness so much energy yes wrinkle i like you there for me so.

[20:38] We've taken on the mantle of middle grade books so we'll have a couple of things about middle grade books cuz you,
Star Wars can we talk about.
Make it nice to know that this is who is ryan has it i got you yeah is full of sick of the grill start again in.

[21:09] Am he have kids itself so we always try them you know liver disease and i'm sorry for crying cuz he wanted to do that but am am i radian gonna do this is hakim falls out after six kids make sure they're.
He's gonna just after about star wars when it like what they don't like with the baby is rahul that's awesome so cool because i,
week we can't forget sometimes as we all get very involved message that you love this stuff too when we we make the job but get off my lawn but you know,
ecstatic that i get to watch star wars again with my nephew now he has the attention span batt five so we watch it in thirty minute junks but yeah not the mother we come back we're all good and.

[21:59] I'm trying to get him into Star Wars Rebels yes,
fuck you i'm trying to get in and that includes more shit think you know them and styling rationing like seven but now you had something last year that was,
really big and it had some character people in it.
Yes within again it yes it's gonna be two hours this year on monday morning.

[22:32] I think there's Dixie characters signed up you know that kind of.

[22:39] What are them.

[22:46] Could be one of the real hot work air there's a building you have more room for people to be in their.
That's really popular and related to that,
she agents of shield try try try in a group of shield cosplay hose that run press is here oh.
In a lot of those things are all on the same day so you can just transition what kind of sneaky and wrenches.
Yeah we have a lot of parents tell us that they buy one day passes for the kids on Sunday.
The indicator can the morning with the dance at night your last asking me in the middle in the drum circle and couple other things and the genie git shield.

[23:44] Yeah me and if I if I was a parent night you know if I could only choose one day to bring my kiddos specially that age Sunday would be the better option out of because Saturday is of course as we all know
same again sunday and i think is a even you from a cost perspective from doing one day,
pass I think it's it maybe like 5 or $10 cheaper.
That that Sunday you're still going to get you're still going to get a bunch of panels going to be able to go do everything else but you are going to have as many,
you're going to be competing with as many people in the in the hallways.
Yeah today is officially day 3 of con now what is it usually like.
Thank you for the serious party or so sat Sunday morning starts a little slower Austin and Sunday Kind of different.
Something never do it for the first time we are smoking.
Please just one time or who need l xl come weeks early.

[24:53] And they're going to read stories to the kids and there's probably couple other things prizes I'll be thrown in there that we can't talk about their you're holding me to my secret secret.
I'm really sorry about that cuz that's billion dollars more a younger crowd any will they are they are smaller than there yet extension in.
We are ending,
a panel on the new because of the new Christopher Robin movie coming out.

[25:36] Remember reading that my son in the books and reading amen and just other been doing like half a chapter chapter night and how will you and then you just some of them love loveliest stories very sweet.
Yeah sorry i yeah i'm mo i think a lot of us have our soft spots and who gonna cross that bridge actor who's force,
are doing something with way the why track.
Can you hear potter family drawing one hundred dollar here players from ingesting these,
Yes johnson harry potter it'll be in your here are seven c mean when she said fantastic he's.

[26:35] The fun is that that that super cool no do you have any guess this year any media guests.
We do the one of the things that we had to give up switching to a more activity-based programming is Lots me guess we're going to have Tom Kenny,
1 panel with Tom is doing a lot of things but for this is getting these to me digas panels are.
Cynically explicitly for kids are very cool yeah it gonna get first chance answer questions is gonna be your g rated as much as a can be your pg yeah.
It's a SpongeBob and then we have voice actors from the game Five Nights at Freddy's.

[27:25] The future poppy gain scary to.
If I could have no idea I just hear about it crazy that's like it's it's scary but it's not I don't think it's like horror,
Again sitting on money and that's tuesday for me about us of at i am weak willed a.
Who is clearly there's from there and that loss of the.
Targeted at kids kids are going to ask all the questions and yeah.

[28:06] I also wanna say it is always wonderful cuz i'm a track that had a lot of family friendly shows it in the field for the most part is pretty easy,
a little racier towards putting it on at 10 p.m. at night but you know and you know who calls and wasn't all that we ask questions because I asked questions
are really going to go.
Something they thinking about this you use their just not being about a baby that has only and they will let you know if he can be down right.
Panting really high if you don't get the answer exactly right because of your telling me well.
Me saying you just ask questions a which disney princess.

[28:59] Is this normal for a psychic yeah yeah very specific it is.

[29:07] Two very princesses have owls in will paragraph.
When is the value they remember details a lot more than we do yeah yeah yeah.
And especially on something that maybe one of them really likes out so you know that's that's okay.
You're in trouble you are down in the basement of the Hyatt that Wi-Fi has gotten better you don't have to run somebody upstairs to go get back,
on the street and have in mind that you need even having that they have.

[29:48] No I'm just I'm just hoping I don't freeze to death but then that's it.
Which should be good for the dreams cuz you don't want to get moms and dads and kids and strollers and all that in their warm,
I'm actually I'm kind of jealous about yoga that's awesome.
My second brought it up to me and I was like okay
what are the things are now looking at nursing you should do it at all part of your life because even if you know,
even if you're not doing whatever you know I downward dog when you're on your eight,
thing in the house that i'm moving stretching and things like that it's really good not all over your body,
helps there saying out with other circulation is using would you mind you that you can't quite some of the stuff and.
Focus on some other stuff so it's really good it's it's nice I like you also do and you said this about your Sunday is you have a dance,
about your body what is and what it is not please call the payment from the hits so she.
So it's family friendly here.

[31:04] Awesome g rated and noah is have to have.
Younger than 6.
That's okay you win again you play designs me play pop songs in you just when ever meeting monday in seen.
Because it safe we have a level parents lounge in advance you just sit back and want to give that have to be out there within that one b but did you have to be the
i'm in in by the way that's true of all of your programming if there if you it is under sixteen they use their has to be paired with that.
And kids over 7 or kids 7 and over and over have to have their own back right.
Oh we doing for that child in the kiddie hubbard am.

[32:20] 116 15 or younger,
where can I get that might get looked at in me might be asking some questions as if it's 15 and under.
He with some a responsible adult and furnace that you can generally tell the difference between fifteen and sixteen year old but yes that.
But I promise you I can tell the difference between a 12 year old and a 16.
Can sixteen year old where is that is true to sometimes character um so so the dance does vance but up to the the her parents to and now.
Who is this ass.
Hours before the one you because you are lately program stays jill a call nine everybody's seven thirty and then.
We invite everybody from there to go to the Yule Ball and then the Yule Ball will be kid-friendly until 10 and then after 10 p.m. it will be adults only.
Your mom will be.
You a lot more adult and it's a lot of fun and we all head over there and kids have a great time but it's just a little different vibe but.

[33:40] We still seeing kids being carried out sleep after the dance the younger ones,
we we jumping around the dance with him for two hours name tyrone bed that is lol kids kinsley,
anywhere with any noise I'm not you know these all these feel like baby baby sleeping baby will sleep through anything if we can get used to it so just
what you got on you'll see you'll see and hear all the news you care is money do you have give characters and make special appearances at your dance.
Invite mark your turn counter to stop by indians with the kids.
Most of them or please come spend a couple twenty thirty minutes there i'm we are we don't make inside of a van so they just come whenever we have you we have everything from him snow white in those last years.
On don't join ago and dance two your welcome with god.
I was i'll get that you had a great possibly realize your is that your mole in your your.

[34:55] Emily amazing you yeah will and want movie greathouse players last are awesome they were and they just
they just not what you need them fantastic in that just made it in the fact that they do i mean they do spend base cuz a two hours of their doing half hours now get out of there.
Your contact name to spend it with with the kids and do all that do care turn counter everything that's that that's a pretty freaking cool.

[35:25] And there are some of them that come just on that day they buy one day passes just to come on that day to do that for the kids,
not yeah this is because they,
just love doing it and they love working you know what they're doing so,
hopefully we'll have a run later on but if if there just cuz we're on the topic if there's anybody that is interested in in size sharing some other time to do the care turn counter how do they get.
Gonna hold on,
Facebook page faith.

[36:16] Nice to hear hans and if they can hold our cinematography i'm lettuce probably the quickest way to get my is just,
make a post about it on the class code Facebook page and then we'll get you in touch with faith,
yes to the characters in to the to the the cares of depicting plus she's also trying to make shoes no duplicate some things like that and yeah it's in all of these cuz there's are people making this.
Either as a side job or do they love doing it.
So they're really very very talented.
And they're extremely they get so excited when I when I told them earlier that they were going to have two and a half hours this year.

[37:10] Can we am it's just it's probably.
The fat in is the most that we do the dances even about anything medium the last year in here can have yeah it's.

[37:26] Now that you're doing a lot of cool things that's saying a lot.
Because we said Don't Lie there's a parent area to watch your kids drink.
That and we just weak 99% of people are really good about this.
In person would just telling you know the reason why there are no rules thirty that's exactly the reason why it had to do with down yeah don't lives with.

[38:03] I'm sorry
ask where can people find more information about the Katy track and also like I said if it's Katie track
about Katie and again tell us where your room is located.
My room is in the Hyatt on the Atlantic conference level room the rooms are Piedmont and Roswell.
We have a very active facebook page.
If you just type tank on clay stove in your search will be enough for an install check the kaleidoscope of one yet still apply stove sorry but.

[38:50] If not we have twitter that's pretty active which is antique on pg hmm most of the announcement postings gone based.

[39:01] Because that's where the parents are kids yeah really that's that's the real reason why cuz that's where the parents are we know getting there anymore but.
Can we share all the information and the parents of the very interactive with us this year,
anna's decide what we should try the is the first year this are you,
you want everything to work but if it doesn't work we'll do something else next year last year in the prior Year's Focus was more in in general is more tween correct,
yes it was more tween it was 9 to 13 and it was.

[39:49] Limited to the shows on those three Channels Disney Nickelodeon Cartoon Network,
it works on do it again yeah that's always exactly that a zillion been,
loosing our way over to doing this but it was nice to.

[40:15] Giving you know i'm gonna see permission but for everyone to understand that it was,
and yeah i think that really as i say you're drunk hun is like a big family reunion and a family,
you have next generation and this is this is what we're doing we've got,
you know the people who were right there at the first and they've now had their kids and maybe some of them have had their their kids are now in their twenties and thirties and,
i want the reese plus years guys their kids are having kids so i love and i think he did we talk about this which we love,
I love spreading the heat Miss I buy comic books for my niece and nephew and my sister yells at me
oh god there's more paper this hopeless there reading be quiet but yeah i know and i think it's really great and this is this is what your doing and i think you're right this is the guy little great,
they each that you wanted nothing that's great.
Got an abusive more volunteers to help you but yeah what you doing where and yeah that you have.

[41:25] Listen to me better.
Everybody let's just one is better for the kids and then like what we've always said this is there a transitional year is no,
i think it is the lord's which is line app is so important because god is a um actually that a lot of pain directly from at will,
it in years and it has now i get on this alot and it really is when you constructive criticism new email us and say i really loved it,
wish or i suggest you and or whatever it we do listen that listen honey hats wasn't run e-mails week we do that and,
really helps us build con for the people who are going and that helps us go have it what is it they're have twelve panels on the wonders of a.
But I would.

[42:30] Percent disney on disney all the time in the back but it wouldn't be used under my
i love disney just as much i mean well for fall disney owns everything and in some way i'm seeing rug and have the taxi summer but yeah i lived in ages and ages email that.
Never the disney movie club mostly because i wanna make sure i get all,
movies that i've always had it will have on vhs one hour to get money e and give so that i can also.
Come on our site my family site so we can share with other people you know I like my sister and my niece and nephew so these are the digital copy so.

[43:14] But that's really important but you know I also you know I loved Justice League I'm glad they've got a new Justice League and Teen Titans going on I'm glad their stuff on Disney,
especially since i don't have to watch anymore i sleep like this week dragged in nickelodeon nickelodeon rugrats that's old school i know but reaches nickelodeon's everywhere meaner.
People getting their programming to everyone.
Older Disney and Nickelodeon shows not only are they being rebooted but they're moving over to the classics track.

[43:58] Not really classics that have an interesting ending interesting international classic,
that's i'm saying you've uranus we live in that area that's great but wow mountain you can possible reunion of the tongue cast that's.
Great you what i am looking will you be where is jazz and two on tues two but it was not really except that i was terrified that brother was going to just leave them to become in him,
oh furniture partial them.
Have you liked our harley i do alot of start my son really got into a period where is this sweet like of zack and cody was on somehow he would find,
how many years was the one where they had the.
Hotel cruise ship.
I thought they did one more i don't know and i know they get from the visa without saying you love that show and sell it and on how he's gonna be like i cannot leave just tiller with him then slot of clo nineteen yo now,
but yeah I think that's wonderful and I'm glad she looked kids like what they like.
They don't really watch mr. Rogers and they look at us like.
Not really.

[45:25] Yeah alright okay not SpongeBob but anything else,
but i can not hear another lab i notice he's awesome i got it agrees with actor ever,
dear God in heaven if I have to share that laugh again I'm going to run screaming from the building,
so so now we're at the part of the show where we play,
Jaheim Williams chosen he will be all br,
sorry yes i use a referee and are gay master that way i can that way i can play playing we're playing another round actually of the trampling disney family feud,
Disney Family Feud,
ol or OK Google first and unless you want more time to think about it you can go ahead and pass and we'll just loop back around but PJ you get first,
crack he's gunna rain question you're gonna answer best you can to get the highest round appoints can or you can answer it honestly was probably the better way to do it,
but I inevitably will let my.

[46:49] I need to win take over and probably answer the best that i think the the answers are so much like a mac,
oh sorry much like much like regular Family Feud he's the there's a survey supposedly that was taken supposedly and he's trying to figure out which is the best answer,
so without further ado william glad mac has stopped working and.

[47:14] Nabi disney villain that might be a flip afraid of heights p j name a disney villain that might be afraid of heights.
I meant to say he was an amazing show,
but oh well young i'll be on it and it is not stop there any really like is that right you will soon to newly to suite life different hey.
When you see who that.

[47:49] I'm into older crock okay lee.

[47:54] On

[47:56] I'm trying to think i am trying to think somebody owe lesson from sleeping eighty.

[48:06] Ultimate power window is a dragon.
I will say I don't know her name though the did the evil mother from Tangled.
Yeah i wasn't in what little trouble.
Mother Nature.
I am so so that was on the list going from the bottom to the top abundance have was system to a story scar the far krill in middle person and captain hook.
I did think of Jafar and Captain Hook but I was like why would they be scared of high now I get my scar with car was thrown to the debt right.
Tax question i won't let that have she has are we were telling you these are we,
these are all you know like dollar store or Cheapo a trivia stuff that they just going to slap UPS
got them at the dollar store they were in the $0.25 clearance there but but they but they are in like you know Tuesday morning or something like that.

[49:30] If a Disney princess character could help you with your homework who would you choose.

[49:35] Agreed to help me with my homework yeah as you know because we haven't gone out of,
princess sentence yet we may meet the quota will well okay yeah noises,
name is there's no unlock when okay i'm gonna go with.

[49:59] Really swell all the princesses are smart but.

[50:09] Is Moana.

[50:11] I mean he's i doesn't princess and i will say that moses tended be on the um more classic is inside okay we'll doesn't.
Build a really good answer.
All I'll say Ariel,
probably the one who is Lyssa educated books,
okay whatever,
alright so how many points for how many points are bel-bel is 16 + 1 is 18,
loosely who who was who was a first.
Jasmine Cinderella Belle Lawn & Snow White.

[51:14] Weather we're choice what you niggas yes if she she's really a teacher she's been you know her nose seven seven you may hang on a,
she was an animal anyway and that is that you can hold on,
that's one name the Muppet most likely to drive a motorcycle,
Muppet Gonzo,
animal that's another good one okay animal those two or,
are really really solid answers I'm going to go with,
I just go I guess I'll just go to Kermit because I'm going to imagine people that answer this would think you know whatever,
top midlife crisis cars.
Oh wow oh asia got in can as a motorcycle dies because of lack.

[52:43] Yes i was a resident that i've got your answers were ideas about that with fozzie bear and miss piggy about the really miss i don't know if i was a mistake i can see.

[52:56] Anyway.
That is email and you lease like to chaperone your school dance.
Disney villain again the classics i'd say yes okay we will pg.
Now that's okay.
I would say the wicked witch from the step mother blink and which from snow white if that's a good one.

[53:55] Somebody's getting a couple of times.

[54:04] Love isn't and your far on the list oh great when they got her visit with three and four was six.
I got happy when you out from the bone was wasn't personal to four captain hook and grill deville crew at forget through allied.

[54:30] But.
I was like a question and you'll wi if you could get remy from ratatouille to make your favorite type of pie with pie would he make.
What kind of pie with anything about Pixar
this is asking what's your favorite type of pie that would be
that you want to really this is what is your fear by yeah if that's the case and and you must like him you must like the party so much that a rat that you're willing to have a rat make it for you apparently,
oh that will be okay we will say blueberry.
I will say cuz I have no chance of winning banana cream.
Imagine banana cream was not on that list know what gonna grandma's oh all will.
Go on apple is number one with nineteen years old and blue.
Whoa why what's what's between number 1 and number 6 here.

[55:52] Supplements that key lime chocolate.
Shepard's coconut cream pecan,
blueberry before I think it was a good one.

[56:19] That's a present she did so the final scores RSS coming in last with 18 is John
coming in second with thirty nine is lee incoming infers is p j with fifty one fifty one that also congratulations on
you know you know your disney stuff man you got all.
She doesn't dissolve in the ass yes we when we don't talk and listen william we feel a little inadequate,
i know susan yeah i know i what it is and it's it's wonderful to because i do love and.
You love how we have the different types of hair wince now we have the different types of media wreck it ralph if we just really great lady and i love your and i don't think i got enough,
john thrill drinking wreck it ralph sea of light you now i think there show me and a big hero six well lately,
then we could stop chilling parents and brothers and sisters.
But yes that would so funny if disease buying funds i mean they're gonna on firefly.

[57:43] It's gonna on buffy the base of your own weed verse but i will buffy because i know that those of us properties will.
The lock will most of his were fox property but i don't because it would depend on how much of needing me.

[58:03] Fox owns or are those in Firefly because those were the two. They probably got Buffy early because they were the only ones willing to put it on.

[58:15] Wait on seen the first one.
Will CW didn't exist when it when they UPN but might be Universal,
it's it's kinda like and then by fox and they also i do know that they will onions house.

[58:38] Mold it's true friends that have to be done people i need that picture right so does that makes doesn't make scalia princess.

[58:48] How many acts of heroism.
She has not animated,
is understandable art,
jamming book the mpg for joining us before we go down this tangent really don't wanna go down a,
again people can find you over on Facebook by Google are by Googling I did this before by searching in Facebook,
search for jane on fly stove.
First first you search Google to learn how to spell kaleidoscope,
it's an awesome name it's just I I have a mental block on,
i think we have collided to see i'm almost of it um so eric elyse elyse the light.

[1:00:00] L i v i n I i dont know how to spell.
And thank God Google when you put it in really weird.
Give me list on Facebook so if you type in DragonCon and starts typing.
So until next time.
Thank you again PJ for joining us.

[1:00:38] And so until next time this is john's for william p j and leave saying case.

[1:00:49] Music.

[1:00:56] Sayonara.

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