50 Days Of Dragon Con 2018 - Day 9 - Phil And Kevin Of The Games

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Nothing but you like when i'm angry
so all my future again but it was not difficult to.
Just bought a right to be supporting small business that need to.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] The days are dragging come on the podcast that is playing games with you and.
And joining is always is he soon to be ticketed and possibly will probably not arrested.
He got home so i apologize people are hearing it.
My son gave me some kind of.
Old saying hurt having vegan date will i need to pack yet i still down like.
Smoke like I'm 30 packs a day for the all of their life but John.

[1:25] Nothing you do it and your mom on the other hand whatever you like on every day every day what he say nine yeah like nine.
I cannot wait until you hold it like all hello you did this now a challenge a but b would be he you did that you figure i have no idea how long is a work,
but here's the thing like for the challenge it's all about who in the.

[1:58] Well what hole should the buddha,
thought everyone,
when dirty loose any that we got good people here talk about when would we do.
The way i hear we below the director board game and we got at em director of video gaming gb year and wrap.

[2:31] Hi
hello lady i love that injures speaking of losers here's the director of the right light you know what i'm sorry i haven't done anything like,
you know i love you so much hey hospital use play with my joystick and has gotten me far in life,
at what time we girls what i said your dad but on the not legally and i haven't filled,
is it okay to book that are supposed to clock broadcast than those three seconds that a new record that has pretty,
pretty darn close you still got all of those board game.
Show guys you are video gaming and board gaming kind of shoe size of a coin that sometimes don't always match up depending on how old people are.
Love it much and am.

[3:37] You need a family game night and love a good war game is but you love playing.
I don't know the one with Commander Shepard is that Bioshock or the one with all of them Mario Kart.

[3:56] All of them are your car it's a damn i played maria got at on our way back that was mari mari occurred.
Yeah I got a ten-year-old I got a 10 year old and eight year old here I have to let you know introducing them into a real world in ruining that day.
There's like yeah oh yeah.
Alright know you still deliver lucila guess why god heard.

[4:36] I do get audio game the study also mari a car at moria like when we went down,
all of it my sister brigham love my.

[4:48] What's the,
sorry game she played it for hours on an,
i have never rolled rickroll the game where on old school games did i have will keep trying to talk trash can and will not end well on it with their,
yars Revenge.
And restarted while the car you twenty six hundred old school right it's it's,
are at last it was the hours i mean like twenty four hours at a time playing a game group of friends yet so.
Oh yeah and and i don't need a two year old telling me how he's gonna wipe the floor with me in this game
yeah my lawn get off at Junior

[6:09] It's all so clear to me now.

[6:13] So so in my card to be giving me i don't what you jesus christ.
I don't know exactly what you're track,
and what did you got buried.

[6:40] Too many jokes too many jokes image of race start with video games,
well move over into video games it will turn into cows about video games,
y'all got some video games over there we got some even have a panel about how to make board games more interesting,
earning them and a video against you but only over there give the ex restaurant.

[7:07] That's okay thanks for.
Are fake panel schedule nearly caused a riot unit is started with this
i really don't understand is of until the show was over all panel schedules right panel schedules right there until i know you're but is not going already,
which is why I'm very happy at the I think there's like a rule this year that most packs aren't putting out a schedule until it comes out on me.
Apple apple crack me up as like you care over brick tracks like here's our truck schedule and then they and outs peter capaldi,
this is the whole year juts schedule on july great yeah right and we love again hey for meeting up for our brigantine dhabi
yeah hey there making money,
so video games in general your sake or else that you're not playing the video games necessarily your you're talking about the making of and the like guest from the industry correct.

[8:24] We are also playing them and we actually one of the things we're doing this year.
A friend of mine from georgia tech had managed to put together a working apple to one of the original apple to computers and,
and a working copy of dungeon of a cow about which is the first video games or british ever oh wow,
we have lord british as a guest this year so more british is going to do a live play through the first video game he ever wrote on the first computer he ever wrote on.
You so bad it's his games.
What is the phone but will when he's really bad at his home games i expect the questions be like dude are you sure you route the skin but are you sure your word british.
Show your work and it's not the present so we do some wiper playthrough summer games were doing.
Get video game against celebrity for charity but put to him added bonus will not tell you which celebrities gonna show up until the event do use a game.
I live.

[9:34] I have to have an arcade cabinet has over a hundred different games on it so real at the wheel at the person to whom bids the most to play choose the game oh this is for like your.
Yeah that's the part i seven's are those this is for ge.
I'm not doing that is for artificial dragon naturally what is getting real reason.

[10:02] Which i am very excited to help them out this year and all do it anybody else film out not only do you know you did on things like this and everything out,
also literate there is the option if you have a place where you can donate your old ball.
So please please please bring some and by the way they're full of romance.
Bring other genres I'm pretty sure that the get the the audience that would be doing the burning of books.
In conn is for obligated probably can be light on the roof vents to another copy of enders game.
How do I copy of Ender's Game I will tell you right now you would be surprised because boy oh boy do they have a lot.

[10:51] Yeah a lot of people read romance but there's nothing wrong with that I'm just saying,
no i did that awhile ago again it will on but we are going through our bags of his ears and lick all these paperbacks is stephen king,
have like a green lantern i have no idea cuz i have no idea what the film adaptation green lanyard huge,
on the bus one from dc comics and there's another have them call you the green lantern movie adept at it from new position numbers emerald make it do i want that adaptation.

[11:31] So yeah and we brought the call to haul
we have so many books unless it's something really wanna see and on about anybody out
but tell us something we really wanna keep like i still always have me have a digital copy that always will get is the hard copy of stephen king of ache stephen king collector but
where can i order of things when we all need our copy this we need were making of were making a box and.
It on the honestly we maturity i would threw up i hit a used air force sells books in my office.
Now to a single she'll one one girl who sells the paper backs that are keeping,
am i wrestler i don't ad either to little cx and or to another chipotle your local library is just cuz i just had all the trees about house.
I had a dream i don't need a mortgage three dead trees and other way that on all good probably why god created the readers did will it grow well in there so much.

[12:37] Lighter to carry around for crying out loud I'm at I'm rereading the Gunslinger right now,
who still fill your area is the actual area that that up you play board games actually play more games but also do something else to correct.
What would you been drinking Joshua to eat with all the tabletop gaming right because we gave him his split that out
begin the panels for for gaming are you the run through kevin's team or they run through,
table top which is our id be panels.
Find your do for board games diversity and your bolt and the schedules be out one day.
I have a bf or cons to be out of the end of august.

[13:39] So yeah so that's a participate in a cup,
at the opera just be doubled handle that does because the day of aboard you guys yeah so that i have opinions and in you you store the board games right.
Season yes i do we now have office space that i can actually hold or to the games so we actually we have like five.
Five cases of beautiful games like oh almost forgot individual games ordered you the games that will only you but hate at on all this and how many you have.
I don't think you understand what I mean what are approximately.
Six plus six cubes better filled with games.

[14:43] And that's not 6 inch would be 6-speed,
yeah for over four hundred or close to four hundred you unit games how many total games he has obviously you have like fifteen copies of sellers x and.
Will do i have a big ave have six complete copies of those wicked am cuz for some reason
number copy the subtle look at ever make it all the way back home people since it the people people that the parts of how to get missing
well it's cuz there was in pieces of their house what what he's trying to say is he's got a lot of wood for she but but but yeah but the the the the.
There's gonna be so much fun given that would it take johnny again not my fault in a sibling yeah i would you guys do.

[15:43] Take me to DragonCon games
go to straight up jacket us will you open up the game and sorry player game with all the orange tokens and missing
come on why do I have this mental image of Tyrone Biggums,
need a land in the butt oh my god okay hiking on sorry.

[16:18] So anyway so
I had a friend who said you can't cheat at Candy Land and I'll let you know
i want to go hiking on line one hundred
the four-year-old is getting frustrated here you go Queen Frosty,
right riding there are all doing on my god your i love you maturity yes you did not you can you,
why are people that clean from your whatever the hell are name is jesus told that we would gain do you have the most copies of.

[17:13] Minion minion okay just because so many different part variations on it and they're really all the same game but i have i was a.
Fifteen or twenty copies of the minion.

[17:26] I need but it's because you got like Dominion Star Trek and Dominion this in the base game so I have all those old.
I have roughly 5 copies 5 complete set,
oh I'm all the existing ones that are out there but I have multiple copies but it's really all one game so I used to have a nice have more copies of Arkham Asylum in anything because I thought it would be really neat
try to play all blue album expenses that one time.
No doubt no that that's a horrible idea why was it horrible idea well because you cannot win.
Did the doctor every good all the way to play bl two copies of arkham is one big box and one little box.
If you try to do anything else are you gonna do is inspire your help war well ways to die.

[18:25] Well okay does it was a game is this not like the game talisman were just pack a lunch are gonna be there for the day weekend
will you have the you know after i have a group of friends and we had a forty but game of talisman where people just tagging in taking out as a pet as i get tired,
you remember you money that's know what five six years ago my husband and son took over my dining room table,
play the axis and allied with both sides like at your in you that they have like the big board.
At 4 days 4 days axis and allies just the two of them I have a copy of axis and allies they must have bought oh I don't know 1995 or somewhere around there every time I go to every time I go to play them like.

[19:11] I know that i have a talking stick with this for it will crank up and i just put it back yeah over but up it just says little games like if it's a great idea it but the possible games a great idea of who you actually breakout realize.
Don't have today simply is not there all those old hang pieces jesus after the real you know what i have a what time we have all of those we had orders america axis and allies shogun.
Am so it will be built brat was try to make you note games for adults and is,
set it lee i have all of those and he was as it was just such a labor of dried it labels games with the the the good games but is there very formulaic and want to do gotta strategy on i went,
if you if you get 2 player strategy you just went so.

[20:07] There's that there's that and I think so I mean I don't want you both answers feeling Kevin so,
who is probably the one that has more people like waiting to play a game or I would think I mean of course feel you have more people who were coming in and out I think just cuz I'm Kevin how your setup but,
who has the more people who are like dee die hard they will never ever leave jail people,
who's Daya vta.

[20:43] Actually the people who spend all weekend playing the video games that I talk about really,
you call me like people like they are late lining up outside your door on thursday like when the hell are you opening me and.

[21:07] Oh no they don't do that late is well I guess they don't they do that at the mart but back when we were at the Hilton lives it show up on Tuesday.
Set up in the basement wait for everybody waiting for the condesce set up around them officially.
A five-day kind but we actually do have programming scheduled.
That is true we do have programming schedule so what are you guys doing for Thursday I'm opening up at 4,
limited selection of board games and the board in the area will be opened for clock one thursday through two o'clock on monday okay did you have legs,
are pm on thursday at four am.

[21:58] On Thursday and it's getting close at 2 p.m. on Monday Night 2 a.m. Tuesday morning what you tried to do this Monday night.
I would love to close at 2 a.m. on Monday.

[22:17] Cause he's not closing till after claim my yet to a month tuesday would be a bad idea rhea it will be awesome.
Tuesday to go see some friend get some sleep.
Never forget the one time you came and saw me and that was still when we were in the ring them area and you came and saw me,
and I swear to God you look like Nanook of the north he had this big down jacket on there like fur around the edges of a hat like my room is cold,
I have to walk to get you and I still wasn't warm yet.
It's hot it's a wedgie who owns them i am getting it to beaver looking to fill water park ago and may you are,
where are you where did you go I didn't say,
so when are you open with you colors.

[23:21] Our first event will be Thursday night at 8 we're doing OverWatch after dark which is basically a themed bunny Hutch event.
Are there people in over watch costumes that are adult well.
Is the vent out the lint nice way but it which that will lead directly into the eight ball which where do we get this year which were using actually.
Hey there ball we have the biggest,
balls of them all and I wouldn't say that we have dried extract extract last paranormal both of us together we are doing the awkward Middle School dance party.
That does not mean drop your children off this is for adults those of us that remember those arbor dance the jury to start that early eight thirty,
hi amber tenderly of your middle size shoe base and just a bunch of people standing but against the wall there's a wooded while ago while working have and somebody of the nine you come then make sure you know there.
Eight inches apart and all that comes from the still too close.
Baby on my own lol and good for his oh so what other guest do you have coming this year given.

[24:51] Lol you're tuning counting are attending pros were somewhere in the neighborhood of forty well.
We've got the that's so cool too by the way voice actors from OverWatch from Five Nights at Freddy's from Mass Effect Warcraft from.

[25:10] Got them forgetting games I know I am.
It'll be in the app it all the union and our well huge is the interstate gonna be at the solution,
yeah don't tell anybody cuz last time we told everybody felicia day was coming to dragon con things got crazy august one to understand why anybody would get all excited for the coming drink when i'm thirsty right.
Of miss miss day is coming back to see us a wonderful gift for live hard honestly she is very sweet and hysterically funny as my understanding of saying yeah it's just gonna be a hoot.

[25:52] We're hiring cheese bringing her we one that should be using all also live music,
how are you what address you walk or should you reach the age of their a lot of celebrities i'm worried about how they handle security and things like that i'm not worried about her now or never,

[26:17] What
i was like i would be a little too scary for like six to twelve year old sat but my six year old is in,
defy them for aging really hot located i've been scared,
it's like somebody jumping out from behind the door screaming boo it's not like yeah,
it's it's amateur onyx in and,
big fuzzy characters that have turned evil and jump out look billy bob and set free there's very and they're gonna hide that orange about me rumors yeah freddie fha spears basically just
Chuck-E-Cheese gone horribly horribly horribly horribly wrong,
you guys both of you think it is gonna be like the biggest hole for you is your one or two things whether to enroll bill it might be game were handle or pain and what are the things you're hearing that from the ether that the light,
I cannot wait for this.

[27:39] Games this year of watching fortnight mm hmm oh god yeah that you fusion ford what's them heard anything about,
the wire what are silly love mimi actually not aware of no idea for his is did.
Talk to him addicted to fortnite.
It's the easiest way I can describe it is imagine a hundred people parachuting onto an island.

[28:19] Now imagine that island is getting progressively smaller.

[28:25] The goal is to be the last person standing user guide here's here's here's the last persons there's a bush there some would have some fun and when
i read some presents now mix that with why i got it now mix that with my grandchildren were you can build your own fortifications.

[28:50] And it has dancing
still left to get to dance you get to do a victory dance and it's obnoxious and hysterical and when my daughter killed me playing fortnite my son was behind me doing the victory dance in real life and I was laughing so hard I got killed again,
So john the i want to being played there's a reason why we have two x box and x box ones in our house.
We are not the Target demographic of this game.
We're all than eighty fifteen seventy r reason it wasn't in adjustment all i just am i able available stable available on console as below pcs is available on mobile number i have no idea how you play the game on the trip back,
frustrated until you have been killed while playing on your pc master race ms cox it was a
would you get destroyed by some kid playing on his phone.

[29:55] I'm too old,
i've unplugged and playing it ever since to back of nineteen forty two so i can play you forever.
It's a spend my friday nights getting killed by kids are like level for that time mike and it's good,
well I'm actually playing console.

[30:32] When i noticed anyway yes a fortnight is not my forte.

[30:38] Majestic to world of warcraft a new watch right a great guy and james wings bills when you give up old folks staying over watching wheel is,
internet display fortnight had i known you then so as of hill what about you what are i either was a panel or gain light just came out is years of,
looking forward to a lot more of glue haven are twenty mars and skies.
Those sleeping,
day popping on kick starter and you know they're gonna be popular here i do have.
Does a new game coming out from the the creators a home star runner.

[31:37] This door board game beer took their gonna be completing their kick starter right about him to drag.
They're gonna be going to play testing it demos of the game address to like you to burn in eight countries and permit the presence and burning a all the peoples review truly wish to give.
I want to burn 1/8 is if it if it will make you happy we can work on that.
I'm stuck here till i opted not board for a new
soon they'll because he went were driving i takes place is kinda hard hmm,
because we're right after Gen Kai and right after Origins was kind of hard to plan,
what do you know,
what popular takes a couple weeks for games get popular so my thing is I'm getting I'm loading up on Sky,
expansions terraforming Mars and its expansion gloomhaven and its expansion and.

[32:49] Course content cuz you know you'll gonna replace all those parts.
People if you have extra Catan part that you kind of offset.
Replacing those parts in in that that comes with actually getting a a board game.
I think you'd one of the best i think it is the best value of anything to pay for a drag of your membership agreement to lie yet you you can start as early as four o'clock on thursday and as long as you know.
Hugs you can you can stay awake you can keep playing until two o'clock on monday.
That one $10 fee and that what that does is it helps offset the cost of.

[33:40] Of live with a little wooden houses yeah that and also that was doses yep that bit that was also if i was you to play.
Games were will medicaid where what area.

[33:59] Cuz I so wanted to say but you can't sit on the floor.
We actually have a date we have to have a dedicated werewolf area which I believe is going to be on the 12th for the Westin
oh you've gotten really seriously
and get out is on the four cuz that the big important part of where our world is action yes it will not would not let me turn on a couch.
Geez you're so boring,
tournament as well this year.
Oh really yeah is just a rumor or is this a fact that's your disguising as rumor its a fact problems guys colour.

[35:00] Just left some last-minute things every workout like getting extra makes we have a copy of the game.
But yeah it's a werewolf got the werewolf that we've had a dragon has expanded over the last couple years and these guys that they have a great time and spend a lot of time,
give the circles organize and bake it plays basically from the time we open two tabs that they'll.

[35:29] Let's hope that you walk anywhere around that area
he's a la playa where will speak don't even know what it is but i know that's hard speed well yeah newly miscellany cards to play the game speaking of areas let everyone know where you guys are at because we haven't actually,
clarified that at this point more games is it the gaming is in the gaming area which is the second second floor of the americasmart,
why do you care where they tell you where they are you don't know anyway well I will never be able to find you but anyway
with that were the second floor of western on one side of the americas mart it.
Wargaming is going to be right next to gaming registration lot registration collectible card games Miniatures Lan gaming Andy tournaments.

[36:29] Next door in the west and we have table top handles that are gonna be in the.
That's a quick fix for all the western which is on the opposite.

[36:40] Kevin is the director now we are there on the on the sixth floor runs for a four star,
and i understand sometimes guys when they say the sixth floor of the westin if i'm right kevin,
Courtney Orange County so,
bill this is the down one to go on the fifth floor which is yeah don't we find and their escalators all through the western is actually really nice.
That's it from the west in june gaining without having to go outside they have their own picture is the viet it acts of the west is one of these your.
Is probably the easiest asher to might be the one to hotel to navigate during con it's it it flows really well yes i agree it's reset because it kind of close on,
on a certain side certain area why does it measure but yeah,
american sniper is well just getting this could this be the was what else is over in the old one what we building one kevin.

[37:50] Was going to also a building 2 on the first floor is going to be the role-playing gaming that's going to be on the ground floor level as you come into americasmart.
Who works the war is gonna house some role-playing.
And some other things out just the best thing to do is to get the app and get it updated right before the show because it's going to have all the maps,
also where everything is and yo will be got rid of the pocket program guide which nobody likes,
last year as it was when i first started writing and in my dvd set
we got leave it at that woman that booklet doesn't say oh yeah you're in and i think the mets to repair using
works but exactly maps i use when it moves current location palate but i also wanna say that the other thing is bows and all the hotels will have a lot of signage.

[38:57] You'll be able to like your nails tell you like this it here on this floor and they'll little arrow on and then there's also an information desk at least every hotel is not like every other floor of each idles,
information people you got all that,
sorry we're not we're not that they added gay beer you could always so can anybody to sit at a desk to be able to read to the somebody who in a nice way in a nice way and i will tell you from,
the the thing from a track perspective as well and can you
that apart from the jail is on so how do i get from here to there were tried your best is it is are you willing to walk outside okay no longer that are young like today not okay here's how to get
you going to have to at least from the Westin well you know I think you do at least from the Westin to the Hyatt you do have to go outside.

[39:55] Maybe.
Little bit now but maybe you can get almost to the sheraton from peachtree food court without going outside always there's a little guy like have a lot.

[40:10] You get for the westin peachtree food court just by crossing the street yeah.
It is outside but it's kind of shady cuz if you want to cheat you can go out americasmart and then go through MARTA station which is underground and cool.

[40:26] Except during free time cuz there are good Jillian people there don't don't do it then don't go outside.
Don't let dough and older margarine if if you're not in the parade don't go outside.

[40:40] And please wear deodorant no nobody goes to the parade it's too crowded right,
it will be on the me up like told four people and am like it have you now like.
But it's so much more fun down there on the area and i have a pretty bittersweet what is the parade.

[41:06] Does a window looking out or please her so i can gone tv doesn't have that is alright that's because i had a burning do i need to like yell out of their own.
And does he need to make a phone just so they know to look down.
Doesn't say you'd put on a cherry picker really you really john john you wanna together today that's that the record that was not me
i feel you get what you get which way to take the high road there john
I'm on waiting I'm waiting to take me when I'm sick that's fine that's alright I'm so glad
that you're going to rise above it but I'm always wondering how the weather is up there.

[41:59] Alright so before we before we exit this on like we don't know again we we've been playing been playing to themes as we do at the end of a guest for sometime now
this year i've taken and i'm sure that the feel has a lot of these and can probably has lo these two just a random,
thanks babe games they for trivia games they slapped various franchises on for example when we going to play today which is Family Feud Marvel Edition.
So i've collected these over the years and today we're gonna play with you guys the marvels,
the feud editions or indoors and then ask the question and will start with the mr with fill the good kevin in lee you guys answer the question please,
however you want to if you want to go for the points or if you actually want to go for an honest answer that's up to you and that the point at the end of five questions will tallied up and see who has won today's game and then we'll talk about where
i'm doing the calculation where people can find more information about your tracks and get tell you unless your totally being like.

[43:10] Just trying to get the point.
Question whether horrible they just learned gave just laughed amanda visitors replace an order and i don't know where john got the card,
I mean it was the meanest Tuesday morning or dollar store whatever I've ever seen but yeah they're Ross all the time.
The lights have will be glut saturday all day yeah yeah i know.
Is the worst one the by far is still the star wars.
But I will ask you guys a family Family Feud.
Fill the first question is randomly picked.

[43:55] And the name of the marble in and again it's like real family feud the survey so will each of us the same question just a different answer name the marvel super villain you'd least like to have chaperone your prom.
This then is well.
Cuz that bitch is go back to the hands and the war on how much you want to play something i tried that kevin with your answer.
Also good job and said you weighing in regimes what he said dana's i guess i have say magnet unit okay and lee.

[44:44] How does a cyclops cuz he is such a pain in the butt,
this is super villain in case you're unaware of the x men the way that was marveled disease that we got,
Doctor Doom I don't know but they're the only one on this list is actually Thanos and he has he was a third.
Third person list four points for Four Points going from the bottom to the top top five answers are Green Goblin vulture Thanos Doctor Octopus Aurora Octavius,
water on now.
Why I don't know I don't know why your daughter is on this list.

[45:35] All right kevin was there with you for this next one ran with.

[45:40] The planet in our solar system you like to visit with the guardians of the galaxy so basically this just may may planet in the solar system.
Pattern fill.
What is one you'd like to visit so I'm going to say that probably that one's excluded.
Rain is who guardians of the galaxy good answer good there i thought hong totally.
It's a mars is are number one and two.

[46:22] My personal number and answer twenty six points saturn was number three with twenty points and early uranus unfortunately,
this has been hold back seriously you got rocket rack and star lord really really like that you don't wanna go the rain is for the group when i have grooved,
two splinters I'm just going to say one word Uranus Destroyer.
Lee will go insert with you for this one which of the adventures would be best it be the best soccer player.
Which of the Avengers will be the best soccer player Captain America.
Good they're not to heaven and i was gonna say lol um soccer player in.
Football Loki.

[47:30] Add iron man like they use of the big soccer fans they go doll-like atlanta united game that.
I'm just I was just thinking like you look you can make multiple copies of himself and pass them sold all over the field if you think about it it's really hot guy right he's the one who can hit the target.
Oh guy right exactly i got this you should unfortunately he's not he's the number of us you guys actually need them in order one two and three number one was captain america twenty ninth was.
Number two was Hulk with 23 people in Iron Man tied with a 23 as well the Restless is Black Widow Hawkeye Black Panther in Thor.
Okay wait I got a real Buzz Lightyear how does the Hulk is a how is the Hulk it's not Hulk smash soccer ball,
I was so hoping that soccer player do you give him a red card
alright feel will start with you if Daredevil wasn't a lawyer by day what would his ideal job be.

[48:47] Strip club bouncer okay.
Blues musician.
Buy that the neighbor guy during those that nobody ever sees anymore there in those little things that you like.
A little Shack for people pick up the newspapers in the magazines and newspaper I don't know what those are called weirdly none of those answers.
What's like the bouncer because the cartridge bad will yes who really was it's teacher from from bottom to top or other race car driver,
he put his blind man stick out the window and feel the cars so number enter a new season of me when atlanta research program planes then president.
And then like what will we blower bar right unfortunately we librarian accountant doctor.

[50:02] Dr. Amann police and teachers they do write a word document search replace on actual,
I don't think x-rays coming.

[50:23] I'm going to skip this one.
Cameron bad for you know this is just the the question name a Spider-Man villain most likely to enter politics.

[50:39] The service can.

[50:51] Sales going with Green Goblin and I don't know enough Spider-Man villain so I'll go with vulture cuz I don't know anymore,
Green Goblin was the number one answer with 31 points and Doc Ock with number 223 finishing it out was Kingpin.
Turn me to my limits and yeah why would you take the pic right there can you start million and jackal see what's surprising see again
I question who they ask just chameleon and Jackal are kind of digging a little deep on the The Spider-Man villain roster,
crave it would've been digging but still it's like when you say beer thank you wikipedia and again i didn't read the comics so i'm thinking thing then,

[51:46] Alright so well I'm telling up the point in telling you that Philip won the want to just tell us where they can find you buy more information about you on the interwebs or get ahold of you or,
or you know learn what's going on with your tracks,
my space on the interwebs is a Facebook page DragonCon board games once we try to get close to the show I'll start making more announcements there.
Switch to reach me or you can resume at my email address board games it right in kind or.
And our home on the interwebs is our website you gave him or video gaming. Dragoncon.org we're all our social media outlets and everything else can be found.

[52:31] So you're here's the final scores lead twenty nine kevin sixty three and fill.
Yeah the big prize 24 karat gold,
but we only 120 last week y'all miss me huh,
we did miss you we love you it was only asking cuz you could you guys go off and go on a cruise and then basically beat the heck out of people don't know what's coming in trivia contest,
what is the most number of trophies at U 123.
It had fewer contests this year so we didn't have a chance to top are provincial can always wait you don't like that many trophies on a cruise.

[53:33] Wow now was that all of them that you entered no wasn't all of them we finished second once.

[53:42] The last group that I was on with these guys we were with 8 day cruise and by day 5.

[53:49] Members of a group with show up for trivia and people just leave.
Game of thrones trivia there was a five-way tie for first add all five.

[54:05] Never play on their own individual people not like as a group.

[54:16] To explain why we gave that answer.

[54:20] Okay lol no when people stranded just trying to enjoy their cruise you guys are destroying a forum i pull up my clothes if you like i can call the actor from the show and ask.
I like that I like that one as always appreciate all the effort you put into it to DragonCon and your volunteers as well they they do phenomenal.
Well actually you guys don't do good job at all to your volunteers do all the great job,
we didn't give them cookies and say thank you that's it.

[55:09] I keep breaking the carrots when I beat them over the head with it I don't know try to stick next see if that works any better.
Everything was come support our eight so until next time he for fill kevin in leeds this is john saying please.
He's out by this has been a production of what unique key.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 813-3210 to Huger or email us at.
Over the some twitter at at signs the unit heat this podcasters distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[55:52] Music.