50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 1 - Leigh And Jon

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Where can i help you know that someone get really loud.

[0:06] What does would he ask you set up a little earlier um let's start the show hey ariel.

[0:21] Music.

[0:30] Yo on,
yo on.

[0:53] Music.

[1:03] Welcome to another edition.

[1:05] Who's the dragon kinda podcast keeps on going no matter what you try to do you can't stop it can't be stop it's like you know it does some dumb bad,
i think something is there so i'm out of touch of bronchitis and a touch breakfast but joining me as always is the lovely and practice,
hey lady hi drake gonna directly i don't know what i'm doing yet.

[1:40] I don't know what practice means but okay who you are not not touch on your off days you practice league.

[1:49] Yeah that's probably what are you currently work i really can't believe it's much,
it is fifty days to come with a stop and that is just absolutely a tiny bit terrified yeah it's it's it's really you know if it shows up every year pretty much the same time.
And it's hard to imagine them roughly three hundred and fifteen days of gone by since last time and we had since we been gone we have half the population disappears and then read repair,
yes i suppose to put in that you anybody who's listening good aesc go to whatsapp and.
That isn't the yeah so that's my splurge the things we will do our best.
Not display anything that like oh i dont know just came out last week or two you would to a huge extent but.
Yeah exactly yeah technically center recording this like five six days in advance um that would just be whatever is coming up today feeling,
yes OK i will patrick what you doing interesting as you say that i have so many questions on that your aren't seeing spider man far from home yet when is it
i really hope i have some questions and i really hope and answers i'm ready it um i think it probably does i mean there something it
fills and some of the hum.

[3:18] Would you call the discrepancies of what happens win who did we win the major events that happened in the previous two films have a great what should i get sushi.
The three films was the captain marvel go between.

[3:36] Hey it came out between them men without women yeah but.

[3:43] Right because i can get up get up and get there before the snap he pages.
And i wanted to add something equals not gonna use your whole entire dick websites disappear will be consumed.
Confirm and hopefully will still have some bread.

[4:02] How was your break when i exceed that's a better place to go drinking visitors find march tables,
found and i'll pay through seven thousand bic news about those tables they are
you know america's more days and they're still there and the line will probably still just like certain way on saturday.
Oh yeah most likely on sunday go walk radio on a friday um.
Yo are your friday is a little better yes yeah it is and sunday and the sunday towards the end of the day usually okay
monday definitely you can walk i always go on monday between like
end of card for the panels and when we do some parties and things like that and.
Yes i wanna open yeah if you have an opportunity if you been what are the least to sunday or early friday and on monday um and you.

[5:14] Sticking around for the umm.
Merge area on monday my be a good reason to play your ear flight out for a couple of hours just so you can go in there when it's not one hundred percent insane.
That is true yes and also on monday night there is still working which is where our guests would be if
you don't know alot of it kinda depends on what's going on with the workers are all job in actors as we say but.

[5:46] Whatever they're still there in that time when they are getting fewer people so you may be able to have a minute or two more so when we should probably put this out there seeing somebody across this
podcasting dragons podcast of some sort live that life um dennis and dragons cuz i don't have an order i just made black about forty more um
he actually,
actually quite enjoyed listening to the application um so this is a good bye kiss me going on four eleven years ten years with lee
umm no eleven years back and get interviewed lee was the only thing that the package but can send leann i've been doing um,
this podcast is it not as a illinois joint effort or california,
what is pest together every other and a put the pendants and how do i do not with that.

[6:53] Yeah no tell about trying can we spend a lot more time interviewing mostly directors and then some staff
okay so what do things like this was just talking bout you know coming back a startup the drinking season go to discuss whats been announced,
i wanna what's being announced to the guests are um in this episode so that she can expect i think and no will what.

[7:18] Hi noelle at one of the things i want to say is if you just are it's your first drug gonna maybe you just found this podcast about dragon just remember when we start talking about people who are attending it as of today we're recording
you are with the best professionals that come our working people are at the gas worst the.

[7:41] Ul the movie TV star's things like that you know theres j,
no working so they have something else comes up and they have to drop driving time but,
darn out and what are the things we always got how fast is drink and just trust this person was coming in then cancelled it no dragon con has a policy that data say somebody's coming until i have the contract in hand.
What events are upcoming stop sign and then there's chances that the that in the contract in the next day very next day received an offer to appear in the,
next alpha flight alpha flight a movie that i was making no.

[8:27] Alpha flight there not making enough yo on the order of the insurance company want to know the particles that what has happened candidate.
And park campus his ass washed you yet because that's correct.
Exactly how the following year after alpha flight we can get the gatwick to get the person in place as squash and so we praise to make her case and she extract director it's a squash,
beautiful extra effect,
that's what it's my yes i will probably act would be abnormal track and this is true i have that are ready i,
we got all twenty.
So as drunk you saying early a tractor show tractor actors i'm gonna shoot people not little it's huge.

[9:20] Big.
Big so there are there something going on twenty four seven which are some of us john and i are and we'll head,
but if you are at three am san jose i want to see what else is going on in the game room is open.
There's drum circles maybe some official dragon con raise my son always on this either saturday or sunday night goes to a rave at like three am.

[9:51] I don't know but yes there is always something going on and tracks are there no tracking on the website it also what to do when
there down there but i like the phantom table so we have on from everything from adult literature.
Choose extract what is my track um about government conspiracies and things like that so yeah,
aliens know project blue book so that we can add tracks really hope you know what's going on in europe and never five hotels.

[10:30] Help me which is a really nice walk after trying to get your steps in.
Eunos five hotels what's your price today we'll get you have about the steps so that's really good
may i can view them to be as we talked about the americas mart which will be where the merchandise is and also if i'm not gaming is now in there so
i want get that check where can i reprint it was there last year so,
nobody gets me like he got it maybe a little bigger room where the stops something.
Show yes no and then they're different level there's a ask you is somebody.

[11:15] You think about it and no person who are the TV show been in a movie or for TV movies are things that voice actors,
animator is uncommon they're all the actual gas do we have to call up professionals,
which are people actually name like how u does podcast and produces this one and he is actually a professional on those are people who work.
You are maybe have a hobby of spotify,
may not be there enough only got so that's really good in those people comedy we just have paid order um
yes the wrong tear up volunteers who are willing to talk and panels in things.
Switch always great and it's a lot of fun.

[12:03] What's the different levels so i'm assuming of course one of major things is um yes,
and we are already have a we have lot we know what's what did you have a drink on is the other do as well i think it was a.
Did you get announced um.
More frequently at the closer we get to drink on probably to about thirty days out and then start to slow down again,
and typically drink on sometimes lol times like to surprise people and like a week or two out pool have another.
Yes the movie are working in media and couldn't get originally but then shows up um available august thirty am so that's a no other family that happen with the game enough,
who yeah famous like yesterday it happened two weeks before can i make with scrambled um.
Oh yeah so you get a list of folks there do you wanna start running through.
Is there somewhere i can bring your laptop over here.

[13:15] Ok i'm gonna run through them all the best idea is to goto www dot driving under org
no let's see it says who does she and when you click on add a dropdown and you'll be guests and neither do alphabetical am looking for a specific personal where there is a little,
what you can do it babe an ounce by date so you can pick up a running tally.
There are some people there is a dragon on twitter and there is a drunk on facebook people are sometimes out stare.
Before they get on the web master has a chance to put them on the web so.
Just FYI i'm not but you know what i truly believe you are somebody who's in the innovation award of people apartment now,
i'm also we have some poetry people coming who are the guards educators public builders and perform the puppets.
How interesting we have a bench the counter a lot of bands outcome which is that i really dont really see.
Wait until you get a fandom con light probably not gonna say it right.

[14:26] Rob picking up poop i don't know who the boss,
yeah birds of our just want you to call the bar so i can call zanzibar it's now i don't know of any movie ever calls that i can somebody desk only do you not doing so that's all that matters.
Help me can't what are you doing and if the list of their uptight right now so just came out george.

[14:55] Hey is now coming which is gonna be why i can't wait to hear what ever he wants to say about,
find events cuz trust me if you've ever read his twitter has a lot of thoughts about why don't you japanese and term of camps current events so he'll be very interesting if you are great and course this the right,
i have no prob with but your always were always i don't know i could always.
Is there any person who these are cute stranger things gas because you know you're always is,
wesley in princess private so robin hood men in tights is the meeting before the show psyche was a recurring character is a master thief um no thank you yes
yeah yeah you was robin hood men in tights and then she a person with barb.
Remember to add the apartment stranger things to why voice work to ensure right.
Yes you know she don't that's really good who are some people that just run out just recently there are a lot of once upon a time people coming lana per ea beck.

[16:17] I had no idea rebecca i'm not mad or karen david some mothers are great so.
Will be there are a lot of people coming this is a.
When are your first show be a lot of people coming go julie and a few others who are you gonna announcements cure for skate fam,
who did you read through this list cuz you are always so many people and how what your interested in me 93 old.
That brian holloway is coming because he is a professional actor director costume makeup artist.
Hey there is the current makeup supervision for the fan theory star trek the new voyages faith st you got something like that then or maybe we're really interested in.

[17:11] Because you think all of which is the electronic frontiers and play their whole i'm away
hey i was accepted open frontier foundation in the nearest of the dragon con which will the cover the same,
who does are not necessarily affiliated in that manner ever likely let his
yeah is that right that really talks about what's going on in private see what else is going on in that electronic frontiers what's going on with tracking new and the new
which shoes and what will happen.
That's a big issue right now and things like that and if you're interested in something like that story is coming she is someone who practices space in private practice she has had several aviation administration
where she works in the space lol branch i have no idea what this space branches but now i want to go and find out cuz it's covered really never place
i'm sorry for clarification electronic from ten years for holmes dragon con front of your foundation is the,
umm organization that's larger not really it's a part of a drag on but they do have guests from there that come to the forums.

[18:37] And also we've,
what can you do you see all these amazing cosplay cosplay from everything from baby groot who was so damn cute years ago and his little shit
the pot you want to spend those adorable good set volume turn i said groot boogie
yeah add james done with the drugs here and actually take a picture and put on it when it was said so.
What we have people like that and i also have some people give you their mostly consider professionals are always gas but will give you information on cosplay we had a costuming track,
add we have people to talk about that how did they put things together,
how much you know what's the difference between hand sewing and i don't know machine sewing and what's better for what or things of that nature but,
who has been on this podcast before will have to get his face confirm she is someone who can dress as i will princesses and over the past i think be the force you're a fifty year,
tell us they have worked with the outcome.

[19:51] Please change it lol hi it is it's track stops and they work with his truck to get my whole lot of disney.
And marvel and DC and everybody
choose to come and be so the kids can go in and get pictures with them and faithful
what's with the group that ensures that you don't have twelve areas this is one area whose there there is one moana who's there nearest wine.

[20:26] It's awesome other agents of shield their which i thought was hysterical that had f up
nick fury has been there so very important batman and robin wonder women and things like that i mean you name it it's probably gonna be that i'm waiting to see if they're gonna have a wreck it ralph
i just really wanna see red ralph and up,
i would love to see penelope so this is great and they do not a nice long time period so that.
Parents and kids can come and take pictures and blueprints.

[21:03] Spider man that is a drink garnish spider-man you know the penguin there any order that scent of wonder i dont.
I haven't lost it for a certain things and i don't ever do.
But yeah it's about to ask bill the next generation of these guys weather what u make them yourself you are just a friend you're doing whatever badge.
Next generation of folks that the us and sam.

[21:30] Yes and it's alarm for that so look at that and see i mean really hungry this will be doing as we go forward.
E time we talk i just start,
add appointment was okay who's been added since the last one your also know how to let you know what day we're coming
i will i will point out since we went away from guess where is simply entire cast of my zombie will be there.
Who is that mean yes we're friends of ours who is going to be very excited about that we can go hang very excited about that will you learn about wheat inside of windows issues with the family,
i am sad to see it's going away this is it's last season i'm interesting me so we can go from you wanting this season would like wire they are getting more plot point,
how are the unofficial results ten episodes uh oh and the last the last episode is coming out ummm,
this coming thursday i'm good and then i learned that only the actually have three more episodes after it,
umm but its a biggest don't have dates for yet so much you're welcome to the last three episodes but other three episodes of her schedule to.

[22:55] Turn oven shot or whatever they're going to area just not know when they would you guys be leaving but they have me legally have every main character from that show i think the only person i've not seen is donnie um.

[23:11] Uh oh what the and knowing that maybe because they can't.
In short right now right please let me about literally literally have a free it's you have bash not have all night everyone everyone.
What is an alarm that shows that if you start thinking about it like your like curious cuz i like you trent of lucifer,
i am so proud that flicks picked it up it is just wonderful as always as we have four people to lucifer comment so that's really awesome you got any garcia is coming DB woodside.
Really gonna be a good loser group and,
even john really tries never ever to talk about the show we had their shows that are coming up do people not stop it.
So david tennant is coming so you might know the tenant from doctor who lol no i dont from gold to diamonds yes who's jessica jones.
And jessica jones though so you'll just keep up which.
I'm sure the lovely man and i don't mean that he will the characters in star yes amazing person.

[24:33] Are there of his i just saw ur name in fremont.

[24:39] Sorry martha jones and i am not gonna try to do that last name i will get it next month what can we talk to britt track umm but shoes on
who is martha jones so companions i think who's was already mentioned that one coming from.
I don't know and that and i feel like we can talk about every show you like i think there's some roberto people coming jonathan gosh so that i know turn one hundred so if you were part time.
13 the yeah we're coming from the warehouse and not always good which is considered low is why can't i get it,
allison scott is coming my husband just said that we can get out technically we have been on lots coming again,
ok so you live where we talked about life so yes i want the actual event but something is so.
What's the bottom know know what to do next track of the show,
and it's a wonderful show and has so much random love which is great.

[25:50] Q ago i said this will be last lost panel we do unless we finally get gas so we did that we hosted a um.
Where can i help you wake wake we had we voted wake for the for the panel we had a great send office or is not as hard as i can i'm concerned of what you know but was lost we all,
who is there got into the groove of you know basically we're just,
saying goodbye to our friends you know we're like drinking now say that i don't drink and never invited anyone plus i'm sure they tried to get gas,
umm can we talk about beginning the process involves a lot of people involves a lot of contracts and things like that,
um no that some people may require more than other people that may not be attainable by dragging gotten the reasons why,
other people and act busy um various reasons why they mad about it but i obviously go on.
The irony is just the next who.
Hi lovely lady who was in this little movie called banana wasps and other rights yellow outlet.

[27:16] Play today and it was like wait a minute what are you talking about.
How can a lien lily finally calm and content.

[27:28] What is the stock price of being no will how can i lost a leather guess so beautiful in there for two days so she could do alot panel um.

[27:40] Oh what you talk about lost and how.
Awesome music we have marked green know who is jacob and lost and i'm like cuh show so he's coming and now that two people eight pm.
I know what i'm doing and i did it last year too is i spent all night email instead,
ok willing to do a panel just lost i'm putting in my request now and they say we got it you're in the list with you
what is the capital of people to add list for characters like that that work in los but yeah i mean the reviews said,
it doesn't exist sometimes you can get the gas from the bottom and instantly when you don't want them anymore that we don't want them um rachelle and i like okay where you know what never gonna give you up never gonna get gillian anderson when they're gonna get,
william chang will they show up and it's wonderful anywhere really glad.
But you're just i give up i just go where can i learn to roll with lettuce and redcurrant and that's really great
oh what are the things you might be asking is how do i see the cast what are the first well guess will be doing atleast one panel and you'll have a.

[29:05] Get a phone with napa.
Take out IE not a blackberry even though i don't even know anybody uses blackberry anymore you know i don't um your microsoft phone probably get one to use either,
i'm android your iphone.

[29:25] New running android or iphone and there is even download the dragon come out and you will have all the guests are coming because we have each day what's going on for panel so is what you're looking for is marc capelle agree no
you can see his name at all tell u where he is a different times then you can go look at those where they are
go and see him you just sit in a bigger room with a lot of other people,
and there is a coupon you get in line and ask questions to ask another question and it's all great.

[29:56] Void saying with the lying rolls are at this point um just details because
whoever that maybe with the other one of the more senior members and discuss the exam with more on this year actually saying because two years ago
i experienced um i i got today was actually able to,
do some stuff with my family who came up that your that when your um i got to experience a line first hand and realized it is like it use to be back before,
i started doing this and start participating more in doing substitute involved,
um i just changed over the years,
and alot more difficult to get into the bigger bum pameran that has been in the past,
are you dressing up this year and a but the point is that it is um different now my understanding in the navy confirm this um david rename their security staff to safety staff,
is that correct.

[31:06] That is what i heard is well um and that is probably to put on and is that the people that are there helping online from there for your safety,
i there there not there for others to be bullies think they are volunteer time in there to just help you,
have a safe experience at dragon god again that i can do with the reason for changing that later,
imagine a problem probably along those lines um,
just when you say security does beez kneez this day and age has a lot of conversations at maybe driving down the one to give to volunteers um.
Oh ne jose fonte rs do not spell if it is another thing that also,
where is college of these days we are not staffed dont work for drinking they are voluntary or time just like you volunteer time to stand with locking um i guess that's what krissy doing mmm,
oh yes who is your memory to the guests that you want to see me for coming during come to see just one yesterday evening just to yes are you coming to drink on for the wrong reason.

[32:20] Exactly true because of your comment play something here it's only wanted to see this person and they cancelled okay i'm coming for that.
What does creation where they only have that showing those people because you're gonna.

[32:39] Will it be happening drunk and you could be in a room that gets full it right now we have from craig.

[32:47] Hundred okay either eighty thousand people at dragon con last year.

[32:52] Do the math in your head you know anyone who is david tennant.

[32:59] How many people are alone and maybe not but the good thing is dragon con does things which we have in common tv and badge and also the hotels and around here in the marriott and yours.

[33:14] Open the area there is actually in the marriott there's a big
tv right in on the pots bar level and right below that in their bar area is also highest it's in that area you can actually sit there and watch
the handle as it going on either in your hotel room for certain elements of a horror right there we're still missing in england and watching you know people watching just regular guy.
Select really great not doing that something really work that is to do that.

[33:47] I did i just don't always think it's really because i just came for this to dragon con.
I remember doing that when i first started and that is twenty how many years ago.
And i was just coming because there was a show x-files and is what i heard about this cycle manager maybe you're doing something right.
Very little on x-files that time i met with a new sho their work some phantom handles if he will just talking about it was great because we all thought.

[34:22] Yeah yeah get started sooner that would like outside.
I'm looking i just realized we did not star trek and star wars stuff here that this drug that mean that big star wars movie coming out this your folks.
This is just a bit more just yes there is a sudden december waiting tell me if the star wars thing is there something you know.
Is there some sort of universal star wars universe if there is a fan of i'm not there is u star trek
add star trek has a jump i need to relieve cancel start tf out that little thing called star trek.

[35:05] I'm sticking out my tongue and they're this little thing called star trek,
will thank god for it it has all the stuff was punk what will turn it no name changed.
Yes i'll turn alternate history and fiction.
Can i get some of those writers during pushing that direction though lets invite homies now don't let fantasy.
I don't let it happen fantasy and don't let.
I think so if you like how i would be i don't let fantasy are you think about.
Oh what's your name address not playing tires and rice adjust you denise i know there something else i can't remember.

[35:59] And i should be in.
Don't fantasy which is that right because she writes about the empire switch is this open fantasy kind of thing i said dark fantasies open fancy and then you can just have straight side of unit behind line you want to talk about.

[36:16] Arsenal god you know we are gonna be right there so that anyone there are so many writers are putting out show me the wonderful books i think this is.
Books and movies and TV and even say works there is just such amazing person amazing time to be a fan.
It's so great so yeah use both wars and star trek.

[36:40] And many others so that the track name is alternate type ud alternate and historical fiction,
track w what can i add wolfpack on your page
i'm drunk on time for movies tv shows musicals are musicals books and other media about true history could've been history never was history and stories that jump between.
So tell us what you things like i would imagine um,
smh the weather man that our man in the high castle and i got so i would be fall madly in there,
how many exactly and where i'm looking at all of this or all of them are against that or website which is what you do and you,
hello drop-down and the.
And then they also have what to do about gaming and workshops in the contest in the walk of fame.
What time we don't talk about john and i want to send this really quick driving time can tell you.
For walk of fame is we're the big is go and have a table and you can pay to get an autograph.
Every yes set their payment dragon con đưc.

[38:03] Show me temple owls especially on the facebook site as we get closer when are they gonna be doing sign ins when they're gonna be doing pictures and how much are they gunna cost.
Dragon con doesnt know so you know,
often that will be listed on that guests page somewhere if they have their own internet page not your call,
i need to report seeing if there will be times that you get to sign-up for some of those groups.

[38:34] Pictures one john and i both just talked about for started recording around he walked away but.
What was chris chris carter that was wrong chris evans are lovely captain america.
Add SCC that other media convention the phone at west coast somebody paid the two hundred dollar.

[38:58] Cost of getting a picture with chris evans so that could salute america's ass.

[39:04] And that is freaking brilliant and if you can drink on i think i get a group together to do that because that's just beautiful i mean just.

[39:14] Yeah i'm here yo on.
I got no not really but i was trying are has the best sense of humor about everything so you wanna think abou that.
Is there anything about chris evans will not be a drag on yo on eight west coast caron sorry about that with brooke and chris chris evans.
Right now is not coming to dragon.
Where should i enter enter enter COM trying to work out so enter your thoughts as record this our thoughts are with the,
america's ass amd and the rest of california's it's going through an earthquake.
Niggas americas has shaken maps for pie myself.

[40:07] Can we put so much of us where we're going so far is been saved so it that unit and some damage but.
How far are there other ways hello seven yeah seven.
Turn light one was yesterday that was seven so the six point four is now the four shock,
which what were the only fucking thing in the wise account number for the
it's ok for shock i want yeah i'm sorry i was seven point one is the actual registered official
earthquake it's all been part of the same earthquake which is friday which is gonna be a new look up there you are it.
That's that's that's what i do with hurricanes i know hurricanes are come on
yeah you know being here in florida i know when a hurricanes coming um case we will get some bus from stormy in old what through that wasn't really knowing but its not god's not,
is dangerous says i don't know my ceiling falling on my head it's kinda like i.

[41:18] I want the theory that had a really awful tornado when i was in high school actually.
The first one in my city has ever had a small town in south carolina and the one with that we got a little bit of a warning.
Because all of the sudden the news channel that's when you
really didn't have many troubles with is your watch mtv something monica it's really time for you know that there is a real possibility of tornadoes and then lunch.
What kind of tornadoes you know you're both can be very upward from his presley tornadoes.

[41:56] I can imagine i was in california for wine on a work trip and i think it was.
What is the only five points out that you was little,
compare for then i remember lying on my bed in my hotel room just like holding on going please please don't let anything fall on me and they were like what the find all please that's nothing come on show no.

[42:22] I'm never done we once i get ready for being here and going as fast alright so what would you like to do at the end of the road waiting game ugh this is your last year is it seems to work out really well
open the people are asking whether they can live a recording from last years dragon con which for this,
it's a summer home somewhere,
who is ware this is not the first time you were asking about but do not challenge anyway i think happened during combat what happened to drink on usually gets posted to youtube.
Except that i don't remember it and take pic but nope i'm so i spend a lot of time at going to clearance after christmas of this year and i can't really dislike saying this one here,
free box includes three bottles at tj max weight ago yeah so the original price on stephen pull back the original price on the traffic was like twelve dollars,
hold on i can pull back ul the red sticker and this one which are blue.
Hey mark down alot yeah it does things going to the people to be people stocking suffers it's for some reason they think that um.

[43:47] What would he need four of the guards.
You know that would be great this one says compare that.
Compare to twenty four dollars at a highly of fourteen sorry fourteen dollars they are selling it for.
There is yelling at for nine dollars so or what i think is taking the ten dollars is compared compare fourteen i don't know if you can see this one is like a sports card one it's been a hundred to.

[44:24] A fifty card is only fifty cards and yeah.
And for hold they compare to fourteen so what if you.
I'm gonna be here to toronto he's not here if he is a teenager will think he still sleep i did text him.
If you could be here but i think is still asleep in the same house and you texted him lol cuz you were recording or whatever and plus seniors it going to rain,
i think it is clearing things from uc go games yeah so that's actually what about the different ones in here that ive,
consolidate so who's leading your can i get you to pick a number between one and i don't know twenty and then figure out which decorative play today.
Play trivia giveaways because these are things um what's on lights to do if the used two really stuck in the back against me and now using wit them now that hes just statue yo on,
yeah again last month.

[45:28] Seventeen may one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen,
ok is that how many of these little petty has his picking out the seventies one what are you looking at so i actually could the movie the movies trivia,
move where is the problem here is that i can't participate this time because of answers for these ones are literally writing either so we are going to do,
you put a timer on u to me how many leads can get through you have to keep track of how many you got right so can i get how can i help you not hold on i got that too,
did you forget.

[46:14] I got my little trips i will just put one to the side to return to get a correct answer so.
No put in a professional broadcasting had this prepared already but you know what would be this is the first one we got fifty more these do we get.
Search i don't got it.
I just want to say your desk must be at target could you do you see why how i got this error about this i haven't been is everything all around my desk and other can possibly me so um we will do it we will do.
I would like a new toy what genre you want to do so in the boot reveal yet for a different options a comedy cartoon,
action adventure drama musical horror sci-fi who actually harsha button.

[47:14] Start spotify again so great you all the horror stuff is where we can always just put the card so once i do not have them anymore since that's what are the two minutes ago to cloud the first question you're gonna.
What are the aliens in district nine nick named giraffe bugs.
Pause the correct ugh the group of scientists who are trying to find a way to travel back in time and what low budget movie primer the time travel or starship troopers.

[47:51] The time traveler no primer um he is a line from one horror film.

[47:59] The shining that's correct uh what singer stars in mad max beyond the thunder dome,
tina turnup correct i what sound film called the grand daddy of all dracula movies.

[48:12] No sir it correct uh where we're the aliens from men war of the worlds.

[48:19] Morris correct what film is brad pitt his first academy award nomination.

[48:26] I need the three films sorry no that is no option that's not what annoys nope it was twelve monkeys uncle what career uh what color does your store 's nigga choose to make his up.
Sorry to make you make believe vacation a choose where is make believe vacation until recall sorry.
Ask malcolm spy hollywood star or ashley.
Oh yeah i've read that one but i what nineteen seventy eight remake does donald sutherland jeff gold bloom in london going.
Invasion of the body starts stars in invision by subscribe um what is horror film a horror feature is alliance deer here.
That's correct what type of plant it is an alien three set on prison planet correct.

[49:21] Well last question probably what it was a two thousand twelve equal to aliens called.

[49:29] Previous is correct.
Hey who got you miss to think that one two three four five six seven eight nine ten am correct.
Turn on twelve i firmly to process the bad and actually probably about seven of those i knew it before you get hello.
Well potential get yes i was reading incorrectly that would've been nice two hundred and do three things at once but who has the best will do will do that with our guests and will compete against them doing
usually it will just five questions interesting happen first to five uh hmm
who does purdue yeah me and that and the other thing john before we go cuz you about to do this but no questions that babe love to ask people or things that when i hear about or
just overall questions that we can maybe help with how can i get instruction in touch with us that's a good question you can email,
days five zero da why is that,
v unique geek dot com and i need to make sure that still functioning um fifty dollars fifty days ad big dot com i can also visit our facebook group which is the uniqueness,
how you can post questions there around that was actually a page and a group i don't know weird.

[50:57] Facebook what do you do i can find there is also listed in i go to the unique dot com and you will have a link to those areas also you can leave a voicemail which we love having
are you hindu collison eight one three three two one zero.
Let's add stanford uni cannot submit a count down to something else um three two one eight one three three two one zero tag wurde also known as eight one three three two one zero eight eight four.

[51:32] That's the number i want the number eight.
I'm so many other things of the email fifties during a fifty degrees and unity dot com and,
add a special unique dot com and you can see all the stuff and yet
group of fans thank you all who say this can t help me start the countdown for growing cotton trust me a john and i stars i said holy cow it is already had a couple people remind us that
great is coming up suggest me know thank you how would the other i must admit there was one year um.
Several years ago regina.
I wanted the senior directors is an email saying by the way i'm not sure if you know that some were like oh actually i did not know if i will hot it starts in just a couple of days it does.
What up just curious here let see how you are done with you some other sports trivia with a one way from getting the name bob slade comes from the fact that the sports track,
is the TV and a bed side comes from the fact that the sports first race track was owned by a man named bob.

[52:56] Corrected his father who was the first man to win five consecutive wimbledon mens singles titles,
yeah why do not give you that the three possibilities which teams were finalists of the first world baseball classic tournament in two thousand six.
Which teams were finalists at that um i would say.
Us and i'm trying to figure another teen movie us in japan your behalf to panic cuba.
And what year who taught me about something other central america what year did anthony parker anthony joshua win the idea of world heavyweight title by beating.
American charles martin within two rounds.

[53:46] One thing i have what is ur how to controlling i'm gonna leave your so wrong well these ones got progressively harder as they don't like i don't like that.

[53:59] Let's begin forwarded to someone has sports like forty at nobody picked it got delivered.

[54:10] So all of the things moved around my desk all times and never know what other so until next time.
This is john beverly st to drink on and.

[54:32] This has been a production of the united kingdom,
leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero four email that pizza you need to come.
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[55:00] Set the trap and the first one okay here's my scar.