50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 10 - The Seventh Signage Of Dragon Con

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] What's that your property a
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Turn other dishes the dragon come on the podcast that's everywhere.
Signs like signs and signs everywhere there's everything is telling you what did you bears you need.
Fifty days got any way it has always is a sign of the apocalypse yes that one i would say actually i go see the help,
hi how are you doing i will hot guys who actually record you need and i like to watch the dragon cards
no thank goodness we have forty two days ago forty two i will not argue that it is 42 i like that number much better.
So yeah but i spend so much i cannot believe it is almost time its gonna be awesome it is almost time in news or telling folks before then if you are.

[1:48] Um looking to just do a saturday sunday only membership remove the users are now on sale at the drugstore so,
what's a for something outside honey meena are you right now as it is currently can pick it up for saturday for fifty dollars and sunday four forty five,
and the full membership four hundred forty so that's where we are right now so and i would say if you're somebody who's never come to dragon con you heard about it.
Maybe you even if you're atlanta you seen the parade on tv on be like that so that looks like fallen order just.
Never go anywhere from wearing something dragon con in atlanta so it be like that like so if you really are like i don't know what's the big crowd is that a saturday or sunday is a really good time to go,
hello yes is a lot of crowd but you get to see kinda what dragon con it's i would say if if if it were me and you had to pick a hey i would just do something,
i hope i would not saturday saturday is ban and crazy.

[2:56] Ban and bananas.
Add bananas or okay is ban a ir that this mobile search your local schools we know
how many needs to listen to mark when stephanie and pink but that's okay how are you know that there will be or what you would like printed on everything in misspelled lol.

[3:20] It would be hard it would be horrible no one else but that's a good thing if you go there's always signs telling you where to go driving competition on their website.
Tell me stuff because when you're add call on hold this sign is telling me what hotel your you will know you don't know unless you see a sign telling where to go in a nice way where you wanna go
and the person who does that is madeleine who's the director of finding that is actually your title i love it,
i just i didn't director of signage who does not know why is nobody business questioning whether it's about what falls under me so it is just signage is mitch,
undefined images on your dragon con something it was longer um forget start this your first time for sure on this,
how did you get started even just with dragons on how did you find it how long will you go on wayne involuntary a things like that,
how much so i was a very um,
privilege child and that my mother and stepfather started me on DND when i was eight years old that you know that there are some good things are we can i think.
They took me to my very first dragon con in about twenty years ago this this year will be my twentieth dragon con in a row.

[4:49] Pretty awesome,
add a gackt fan going since i was thirteen so search hey oh wow ok well what is the one hotel in ninety six that's the last time i was the one who does it feel today
what's the whatever it was like i would just want between this one and this one on there no walkway had to go out on the street,
yes that's of death between in them,
yeah accepted at you know what they are because we could assign the bottom but there really terrible steps.
From basically the lobby level of the hyatt down onto the street level with is straight across the lobby at marriott of you never been there where we have been there when no steps.
Yes especially in heels okay but you started you period started on DND so who did you drunk on duty and what we doing when you first started coming at 30,
when i first started coming up thirteen in recently discovered sailor moon so i know i was bouncing around and sailor moon and um i had,
yeah i've recently been playing and a hum.

[6:05] Oh gosh i remember when the system is now i think it might of been the one that usually needs playing the game where we actually went to drive behind the table talk.
No create my character was based off of,
i am a character from one half and we're going through and they mention that one of the gas fire with apollo smile with the real life anime girl,
add thirty year old me to a great offense to this because i was convinced i was the real life and am a girl and so i actually went to dragon con with the mindset of i'm gonna go and challenge a power smile for her title.
I did not get any closer than like fifteen feet from her you set your goals high is the highest reviewed and also you were actually dressed up as sailor moon,
i would like a terrible cosplay to very low quality but was flattened i had a blast yeah okay we going going ever sense,
um i was about to two thousand.
Can directly i prefer the atlanta radio theatre company for a few years ago um yeah from two thousand.

[7:23] Lower until two thousand eleven.
Two thousand ten i was looking for world war craft content and,
i will checking out some pencils at the track and really like you know and on panel seems a little unstructured we need a like,
why are there any lower panels because world of warcraft is a continuation of the story lines from the warcraft games but that's a lot of people that are playing world of warcraft have no idea what is,
and my husband and i the time.

[8:04] Like what are we doing well let me look up the director and will reach out to them and i'm sure they're open to suggestions so i.
We mailed grim kevin and i feel like hey we just had this feedback on.
You contact and kevin's response uh was ibm's great do you wanna do it,
when will i get help ok so can we put in the effort we put together um some humorous,
powerpoint presentations take the animation department way beyond what power point not to be um.
Making a humorous retailing of the lord of warcraft from the start of war craft games and novels all the way up to where we presently we are in world of warcraft.
Add we can and we agreed to volunteer on kevin's team that was my first year two thousand eleven as a volunteer and.
We also had a chance of panda and add lemons and um i help coordinate the.

[9:19] First returning well costume contest which eventually moved into the current video game costume contest,
and um if you're running late of the dark moon fair event which hillary asleep probably in a couple years ago well,
what is really cool you know mark my document fair platinum mc started running a document whereby baptized uh okay lol yeah
what happened is this true events doing those presentations that we,
inadvertently entertained jonathan the craft was a senior designer for warcraft is now working unnamed project.
And he thought we were so funny that.

[10:08] At some point later on when i was working in a what the last patches for the mississippi expansion keep it up.

[10:18] Wind speed so i haven't on the timeless isle.
That is really cool yeah thank you drive because i gotta drag and that is like the coolest thing.
Send somebody got tired of kevin.
Yeah and so has more or for legal reasons you had to get away from me i'll be more likely the case and they are you moving to science from there.
Will hot,
i continue to take on more responsibility um on kevin's team and then there was an opening for director and signage and they needed somebody was strong on communications and,
organisation and had experience with.
Adobe creative suite helpless things and so kevin put me fourth nominated me as a graduate of the hue on.
Add alex that doesn't.
Yep yes yeah agreed university yeah i had a i had a an interview or lunch interview with cody in.

[11:33] Hey bot remove the spot so i jumped im very cool,
i still kinda sorta works for kevin because every time he has blizzard guess i still go in moderate panels for him there's about like last year there was like eight hours that i disappear from signage because i was over in the western model rating.
Lizard stuff has been stolen you and you know he wasn't supposed to steal you and that's what was that amazing so you still gonna are you bringing more people in do you.
Where do you have kids the stl the your parents still go things like that.
My parents don't go as much anymore um they turn on the numbers yeah because i don't want that,
back at it was only like five hundred bucks for an internal membership thousand dollars right now just looking for the price yeah,
who i'm i don't come down with my other with my little brother got his internal membership when he was like your old hello,
What are my kids have come to con twice umm i have two kids i have a ten year old and seven year old,
and last year um.

[12:52] Last year my partner and i and my kids we all dressed up from gravity falls through i get a family cosplay.
I don't have any how am i youngest is mabel my oldest step or.
Um i was monday and i am my partner was coach tyler.

[13:11] Really awesome phone it's oh we need pictures of that who can i need to send some pictures of that so i can put that because it falls john got me,
how you know what kind of don't know what you whoops and i watched it i like it when you can binge now i'm laying there a four seasons five seasons,
i can't remember if i build it all like two weeks.
Three seasons when will only thirty minutes so yeah it is a great challenge what i think you're like i can't believe i didn't watch this more set at school and no signage you do.
Hey think people realize how many signs your dragon because there are lot,
yes show how in the world do you organize and get it but i cant imagine trying to deliver.
Even the track room signed a lease or are the units of dr barnes and how do you do this so if you can't.
Um if you can't other signs not just for the fun ones but the volume.

[14:32] The smaller ones like now playing pokemon go in the walk ways who end the end all the hurt like the disability services signs that go on the chairs to reserve spots on everything.

[14:44] Hold there's usually about six hours and science wow that's a lot of written.
Yes huh we will try to preserve as much as possible that is um,
so when i first stepped in as the director to get everything organized and make sure we are all using the proper logo hasn't changed to change it immediately and i'm just like purple better than blue,
yeah that's much better than the blood yeah yes that um we.
When printed everything fresh that's one hundred percent fresh print horror that first year.
Send it here every.

[15:36] Usually somewhere in the first quarter of the year from my team head to the right corner office they moved in the new space that have to haul everything from the storage unit now i just got back to the office which is nice.
Add we open every box the science and we inventory all of them.

[15:56] I will check it against my master spreadsheet of all the signs of the created of weed.
Save as much as possible to sign it the printing and assign is damaged i like something right on the sign that happens,
then it goes into a pile of science usually but the other printed schedule signs of things we absolutely can't use from here to hear you know m and they are going to boxes labeled me.

[16:28] Lower because the weather science are from course is your dinner with print we print on um,
twenty four and two rolls of paper from a large platters add when you step inside take to adhere those to the phone call,
and for savings when we need to change out signs and we have a sign that we can reuse will peel off the first sign and will stick on anyone unless a phone call is too damaged and.
When it goes into the shop i'll wear clothes off too those off to a nice game store upstairs,
lots of room to play in the bot hammer and stuffed pluse play nice big open plan your big adventure on yeah i remember that life is good that is,
when is assignment yeah we actually manage to come cut down on at least that will be saved,
add twenty five hours of printing that we would have to do.
I'm by doing a full inventory and flying things for other for saving and reuse um.

[17:44] When would we get um montfort you guys are talking about his work forty two days for yeah yeah for me construction on way,
hey can you guys have all your stuff to me by the end of the weekend and so starting pretty much starting on monday we go,
my second has all three of our print cloud taking up his dining room.
Oh my goodness yes so from june to september from his wife is very accommodating of his dining room turning into a printing press.
What can i ask suits you have three d printers and enduring con is there onsite are the constantly going are they just you know start running at night or whatever.
How they are constantly available to run i would first year they were still somewhat constantly running from our second year,
that is a last year was our best year so far really yes um.

[18:55] And we were able to win actually have to keep the printers running much,
can i come most the time in the time that the printer running it was because they were printing off the print out as many of the,
pre-order signs that come on the request forms in advance of the con and then usually a couple weeks before i can,
my time table convert once again apologize office and we will have a massive morning and sorting party for the signs and stores them in production for delivery
right and i think that something that's what so amazing to me is that you guys have these
but yes there are changes their big changes sometime to change the sun comes you still on top i mean i've got no yes we got no more something just changed the light,
an hour before and we had to make make do but off that i got my schedule changed the night before and i signed was correct,
i would like you help me get it was a very magic as far as i know yeah at what time do you start your printing for the next day or is it.

[20:10] We have to wood.
What are some good daily tracks is the daily schedule so i'd he out side the rooms out we try to print those two days at a time so in um.

[20:25] On thursday thursday afternoon thursday evening when things slow down a little bit from deliveries.
That's what we will get the printer is going on printing out all of friday science and all of saturday schedule signs who and what we do if we put friday on the front.
And we put saturday on the back yeah cuz delivering during the parade of a nightmare asked why so what time
because he magically appear out of nowhere while yeah so when are they actually where the actually where the little fairies and elves um delivering them in the night.

[21:09] Up most of my teams actually delivers signs.
Usually don't deliver the film itself will be in the evenings it's usually around eight o'clock umm but usually show up about eight o'clock in the morning or so and i'll run the mornings signs,
ummmm and i just send out a reminder to the directors i hate you get here it's still says friday let's abort over,
i want to fahrenheit saturday what does help to say you guys running around like crazy but then its also it's just hair will have to worry about it,
i love you done and i know this is kinda get the technical for people but if you think about how big dragon.
Buy house were talkin americas mart for gaming stuff you can imagine he did i even completely forgot about,
you have to sign it over to yeah that's what i'm yeah that's ridiculous set up but started what john got.

[22:11] I just i kind of am like how do you how old justin,
do you have you done this great thing it's mean it's not like oh my god what a wonderful technology you bill today but use google spread sheet like what's your new sign though i have like this year i have two new side.
Put on down,
yep keep more from last year living move it all over so they all say this you know i want it on thursday if you can do it on thursday that's play the intro is your you know okay,
extract like
there are you the last years and we need two more for them so it's really helpful for us to you because i remember i don't use promo there i don't have to remember that i need these for sign,
all the time and it's really that help me digest.
Someone who likes list the operations i just think that's brilliant is broken and it's really not just to you but you.
Who are we like really signage that is important.
I was in the mirror for years extract with the marriott i love it i love the marriott i love we're we're down the hallway.

[23:32] Where costumi i think still is.
Do you know how was there you like where is em one two hundred six you had no idea and so yeah find was okay with williams notes about we do,
and u guys got made and everything else but when you get a major we gotta change something how.
Is jon was saying y'all gotta admit sometimes u just we getting to your whatever you did x help fast can you get out assign if that has to be done we need it for the panel at four o'clock or whatever.
I mean if it depending on which hotel in cousin we're home base our offices in the hyatt.

[24:21] Um so something that's further distant like the hilton or make it a western um.
That what i mean.
We could even get if you find out like an hour before hey this panel line is gonna be too big for this room and we got clearance to move to this other room in the hotel.
We need an updated find immediately and for anybody who shows up after this line has gone to know where to go yeah there's almost always somebody hanging out and sign it because its all so very convenient,
homepage and kinda break room for my team as well yeah and i am.

[25:05] God blessed with an amazing team of volunteers i couldn't i could not do this without them how.
And they are there fantastic i adore them they were super supportive of me uh when i.
Sort of stepped in the manhole and then my second year when things got a little turn off they're like hey that was a rough hear but we still believe in you
and then last to hear back police was happily realize so yeah there are a few hey erica are awesome and so.
Even if i'm personally not there there is someone who is there or is nearby their who gets the notification,
i hate this is needed and will book it down there will pull up the file that has all of the daily track science isolate that won fine and we will make an update to it's started with actually started changing the format you're a little bit,
from where we will do a printed strike through of the original.
What location were it's um.

[26:20] It's like the payments change words that have at one point but i will do a strike through and will put the new location or name of the panel or new guests whenever whatever we need to add the site was different that we need to tell people.
I will put in red and will hold it.
I'm selling it stands out but it looks like a nice professional at it yes but not a.
Hey the party moved so we scrambled on a sharp yet,
we will try to do it the right way really,
good af but we there yet how many times did i go to i'd like to the middle of no i'm gonna downstairs in the middle of hanging out upstairs in my off time,
what did down the side of the room because i got a i got an emergency tax of going oh my god we need this sign is there anything you can do it like ten thirty at night my okay tell me what is a good girl.
Medical how big is your cock of volunteers.
I have a dream about twenty people including myself that its own trip again what's running to do you could eight five thousand signs.
What u up the map for person i'm done the math hurts yeah it again in the right place.

[27:50] Are you gonna write new computer my love you will never be built magical transport back,
no somebody needs to come up with the transport of the family does or whatever so all the sudden i just push a button or sprinkle fairy dust and
when do they need yeah now it's there that i love because of how the little flatbed.
Car like the one that and they can i say can i have y'all decided to put on there in the gap,
we want to stop people from trying to steal because you like,
i wanna an like you cant have that its not mine that's my cost saving measure please don't cuz whatever know me every well though
what is the answer yes he mentioned yeah there's a new pokemon go in the.

[28:46] Finals know you have to do it for wizards unite or lord are you know.
I don't have the full request of science yet n from safety so i would not be surprised if the wizards unite gets added to that list,
umm i'm looking to go no playing games and in the tunnel yet,
no don't stop in the titles and pay take pictures no playing game nowhere wolf on the floor no actually you know what,
i want the weather,
could a product where will open the average rent no that's not funny what's funny jonathan what is that,
oh lord i can you see that have a trail that goes from the marriott to the food court lord who is roger,
just wizard just remember i know that a terrifying nightmare you help me.
That wasn't with it mean to do that.
Jon the drive to be more of a good morning nightmare to the safety team put the CD into play july lol yeah,
yes online one there any i'm sorry to laptop it does anybody know if there are any good pokemon characters feel good,
driving cotton eddie point when i heard the lights like i got this super rare thing.

[30:16] Actually last year they were running a special event um ok and conjunction with dragon con wear a lot of a particular pokemon known as a name.
Hey and and there wheelchair and they're actually sort style is letters would like when i.
Linkedin i bought from you the goal was to actually try and collect.
Catch all the letters that spelled out driving can you.

[30:48] O let's play news hey you.
That is cool i'm glad that it's gone yeah ok what school okay.
What is playing pokemon go here drinking regardless of wether in hand trailer not understand what was going on and how many people moving.
Hey what's going to cut it and i got away i hate it i hate it no way i yeah i can imagine it can genetic okay so now you.
Because the last episode was all about kevin and feel giving me a hard time.
I wanna know of any cabin storage something that you guys got over on kevin cuz he use me cuz there over talle,
no my gosh i any story ideas like stories about kevin i just kinda save money.

[31:47] I mean i have you have you ever heard i heard that the time to kevin after the accident leased for the fall in two years
how was my whatsapp yourself and your own bag but yes i wanna okay i don't have it anymore,
been ten years now starbucks accidentally stabbed my goodness hello i admittedly it was there he wasn't,
i believe that intending can i want to hear deserved it but you know know no o know it was here's back at the heroes and villains ball
backward this still the sheraton and um he was dressed in a pirate outfit.
And he was wearing at his waist prop sword and.
What is volunteers like you don't act like you don't like using her something and she hated,
could he someone any way shape or format a coupon,
she hated or atleast attempted to with a friendly wraps mac,
how we read and math cot the end of the sword.

[33:13] And she was punctured wow really know how we heard yeah.
Oops i would like to know know the people who have been there and lived in wait wait too many people i'm got it that's just like a big marsh pit,
i wanna be wearing a certain that you are really taking their,
what this this is the balance on my computer that when i log people here.
Ummm is that was not sure if i think she was just going for a particular firm.

[33:52] Trae i hate the tell you that if you are going to injure yourself and you don't mean to do it,
you would be amazed what you can do and it doesn't look sharper things i got um but yeah i would i really want to say something like make sure you put your tape on your tip your swords,
what the little phone tips that just does i can't make it comes out sound great.
There are things you can put over the end of your stored so that they dont your not possibly,
any payment due is it lol not create a batch out is that what they call yo on call now that's yo are like that a lot better okay,
no this is awesome and i know people likely won't use gets a redesign it because it desperately needed is john without signed how would you get from the hyatt.
Q the sheraton without going outside without going you can go outside from the hyatt.
Q the sheraton without going outside is there a way to get there yes it is.

[35:07] When are does uber who will you have to get that be outside for just a tiny little bit.

[35:15] There's actually there's actually i have a trail that will go to the top of the parking deck right beside the sheraton any goes down and you can get out you have to be probably half a block outside i never knew yeah yeah.
That is executed know the result is that had a stroke from off the food court.
Yes OK i got the one to go to marietta one of the other fans probably feeling so yeah baby how you knew what would a actually yeah is there a.
I think so skip that i had to take it one time because i was like i cannot be out missy right now what can i make a new one.
I don't last year to direct people to the mystery medical center us crude card last year tho that place is only open on friday and they are missing out.
I need open on saturday and sunday and monday,
they are and would be awesome if they did because it would help alleviate some play some crowd love it but hubby said that the bigger issue is that the rest of the building they have to unlock the building so yeah.

[36:31] When did i mean that should just be right there for the food court you can't but that building during the.
Summarize monday is a no let's try you couldn't yeah i can understand that food court that is true.
What if you're there the sun the central food court is awesome,
yeah after thursday or a thursday or friday or if you are somebody who is starting is now wednesday is the new thursday.
You're always so um now we want me to remind you about the.
What is the weather radio theatre company you mentioned not making just alittle though sometimes people know what these things are and what's not but atlanta radio theatre company is that dragon con every year,
and could you kinda gives an overview what they are so beautiful with your company is an organization of volunteer organization um.
Based out of atlanta that wanted to go is two am.
Celebrate and razor act the heart of old time radio but with today's technologies.
So they have a variety of variety of um.

[37:54] I love performances that they do and most of all of them are original writings other did have permission to do an adaptation of the projects guards guards which platform like a driving time phone number of yours bags.
How are you,
i think because i remember to make with like so excited they were gonna be able to do it yeah that's freaking what if you like.
If you like a podcast or a podcast now they're history podcast he or she you talk about nightmare and some others but that's what the atlanta radio theatre company is doing as well but they're doing it,
you know it's not an ongoing series it's did the stories that they tell me its great it so,
wonderful group and it's really need to try that you know close your eyes and they can dish.

[38:46] You really are in the story but you guys are doing it is always like that yeah actually i do have an ongoing one of the hey i have a child going to call them.
Mercury broadcast of help.
And it's a really fascinating model el paso is really about five minutes or so and it runs,
everyday but have not missed a single day since i started the end the story concept is the zombie apocalypse has occurred.
And um some number of months after does the apocalypse to pay,
i'm a little radio station managed to get there generator running,
and to try and reach out to people they would do what daily broadcasting turn the generator on for a little bit each day to try and get people some help and help them process.
What's going on and just cannot understand.
Humanity has to adjust and adapt when you have that kind of.

[39:54] Societal collapse it's a terrifying idea actually feel if you take sometime that well and just apply then we got no money from them,
um i have given the money in the past but then i sponsor here but there's a great group and its a. r. t. c
a atlanta radio theatre company just the initials dot org added on here and i'm gonna actually i didn't know they had one going on and got you a couple of places,
other small pathbrite inc and even where can i listen to their christmas one too cuz how ya hace tiempo maƱana christmas,
i help my son did not my husband my son to tim for couple years and loved it so yeah hey and i ha,
they have a feature series called re space marshall and that is the most
clerical thing ever because the year is nineteen eighty eight in reading it correctly lol could add after but have you got a ring that's just a circle lol that's awesome
just when you put me down the forties we could have jump pack some flying cars
and we should do you and the transporter so you don't have,
what would be so nice that would be nice okay i already know that this is the time when i ask you to give me number number between one and twenty.

[41:21] 13 twelve thirty.
And it's a repairs what u over u akbar on.
Tell me who i can i think this would be a good idea you never know you never know when we will be at competing against each other.
You're random television trivia FAQ open the stupid thing i'm a little italy tomorrow.

[41:55] Anybody needs a sign spring where do you find your getting that's probably know her define will not print your sign for your party
or your meetup things like afternoon can i get trash bags of people thinking that we're the art show,
how many that have will there be postroom size don't like how is the art show where i was coming for a class with you when does your posters two of you start show is like
oh my god there are actually no turn off bedroom light,
when you come down the escalator is in the downtown for the art shows and any you see there is like six is that directed to the art show poster hours
i am looking into the art show instead of our room had to start coming to you right.
So because otherwise this could happen to be laid out they are laid out in decades between fifty sixty seventy eighties and nineties plus um i'll give you,
and option one eighty to nineteen seventy are the magic you know what the other one.
Nineteen nineties would actually will staff will you make me the first one here is.

[43:19] What cheers actor.

[43:26] Oh yeah.

[43:33] I am so bad with actor names and i also never watched chairs and only briefly couldn't frazier.

[43:41] Scrambled scrambled eggs and pasta salad wednesday i'm sorry that.

[43:47] Add salad and scrambled it was weird as where should i have no idea what was kelsey grammar kelsey grammar,
rightly one person i might have known but i can't remember his name but add happens when you're nineteen nineties question is the definition of max bitch lasagne only one season which year was that.

[44:13] Are you and what you'd a sharepoint out it's nineties plus.
Nineties plus that's even better so let's just say choose thousand three movies close two thousand one i want to make it.
Play saga the yellow freezer questions you have recipes what do not choose manu okay.
Oh no there's no way you can get that,
okay we're leaving expression of through the other was who starred is dr niles crane on freezer.
Side of idm.
Really i meant the payment would a what's one is who dr dallas cranberry after he divorced his wife harrison freezer.
Alright hold on let me pull up my grandmother running late mary i did not get anybody else so ok boop 's.

[45:19] Ok instead of a this is this megan instead of tony loop who was the first choice for the role of mark.

[45:29] Monk kidd knows how to say it's your dream what does nobody is i don't first choice for mugg.

[45:41] Smh a give me a hint think seinfeld.

[45:52] You know how many what is the name of your afternoon from sample do i,
i could possibly see that being creamer that is correct michael richards michael richards place huh ok i will try was like to be like on the real life guy was like you know that,
the men get kind of switch on who are at nineteen nineties plus,
why was will at least three why was we were sent to live with his rich relatives of bel air on the front and the belt,
we okay.
I know the song hole in the wall the general how many got it yeah we got in trouble and was doing some graffiti and other things so
i want to know how to go yet can travel to philadelphia move in with andy and uncle in bel aire bel air,
because this this deck apparently blows to just have a question for question but would a white soap in the last episode of fresh prince three megan in the last episode of fresh prince of bel air,
the banks family sell their house to what famous TV couple the family.

[47:10] I don't know if i was hoping to show in the hotel tell you that this family is from a spin off of archie bunker.
Roll the family film begin what's that one either.
I watch mostly sai chau sacramento family the place you are moving on down there are moving on up.

[47:36] Hello i got your up what's.

[47:41] I received jefferson who is that sound clip in my presentation before you get yours are ugly what comedian starred in home improvement.

[47:56] Hi we are in column o. comedian allen films of things you want in a lot of other things but i am trying to be good and not get my blood pressure.

[48:09] Orange,
how many points has three points right no hubo tattoo ok let's wait here for two seasons in two thousand two thousand one on which usa us network.

[48:25] Mute kilanski don't why.
I have no idea i've never activated show everyone the hallmark who's the oregon lady okay relaxing i like that one better okay hello.

[48:42] Choose home improvement question but probably question i know the broom and okay i'll be bringing my home and home improvement to place an what city megan.
Oh god is it even pay attention to what i can do it like a steak red speaking up michigan.
It's the motor city of detroit detroit is correct i yell hey.
Hope you didn't get engaged what up anywhere change of heart lm see yeah briefly reinstated what cancel show,
in two thousand seven and i will tell you that would be found on the umm.
Apocalypse track everyone the actual title for that track is but.
What was rising from the only one i can help you with in what year two thousand seven.

[49:47] Who said that was correct yet hey i wanna show who is.
Who was it as bad as some okay hey who is find the first couple seasons in the NE methodist is like you need to have that in me you you wasn't as bad is.
What the thing,
yeah but oh well the bubble thing dont make any sense of being book so i don't know how was it make sense is um all you can every wayne's create a road and started which fox tv show.
Kanye everyone needs created road and starred in which i can you show.

[50:31] Oh god i know this is rebecca with a similar name.

[50:39] Yep and paul who paula abdul dance on it.
Who is paula abdul know what i was making it was so yellow was a jello yet sorry right.
Started answer hi girl fly girl fly girl a was very right,
enfield with a living color hey hey i got the four right please tell me when the hey it's hillbilly and just shoot me
who played the middle of play the magazine tycoon jack gallo.
And just to actually saw that i was george clooney i can see your face.
What's the word that's correct okay i am very surprising visit like one season of that already.
So this is for the win here megan know what is the name of the dog.

[51:43] I never watched that one.

[51:47] Smh donna she want to exchange for another hunt with you but i'll.
That was really bugging i really am in the really good dogs.

[52:02] Aria which miami vice actor starred is nasty looking ass nash bridges in the show of the same name.

[52:14] Which miami vice actors start is nash bridges in the show of the same name he was.

[52:24] Look for a la familia yeah he who are the heartbeat beating like hes.
Alexa was also call jon what are you doing that to anybody other night that in my head i hate you i never sleep.

[52:42] Ok another question sorry i did miss what i miss spoke on that then uh oh did i meant to say done johnson but a message okay who is the cigar smoking clown on the simpsons.

[52:57] No that's castillo are in the nineties where.

[53:08] I just got a college i was working i mean i was gonna cut the x-files in the nineties what i don't ask i don't have a whole lotta TV timeout remember elementary school,
that is true yo on,
oh ok my heart hurts i am hungry who realize you like assholes.
Yo on the curiosity i get this two thousand trivia set radio two thousand new tv um.

[53:46] Gordon from lizzie mcguire was played by this curly haired actor do you know who that was.

[53:53] I don't know i was in a lot of lizzie mcguire by the time it was a thing what is it.
How was your lunch it was adam lambert.
Good a this one how did andy break his leg in the first episode of parks and rec.

[54:18] Oh god i should know that cuz i only actually started watching parks and rec last year have you been you suffer through the first season which is all about this thing.

[54:29] Oh god what was he doing.

[54:33] If you found the film is a cool place if we're hellogreenway watches the show back and watch the first season,
start second season yeah the first season start replied that was.

[54:52] And hindsight is really good in set up a lot of things but bobby but the relationships in everything but the fact that they've said about that hit the entire season was just annoying to no end so,
are you in so make it thank you for joining us and congratulations on the win will be sending you think of anything that is not right.

[55:16] Um and you know we're i would say to visit
turn her science thing with that no please open heard your prayers want to put to work as close,
the best thing that can be done to install it right on my signs and don't steal my sites below that is very true and writing life if don't light on
what year living here like me in please please please make your job next year even easier by not writing all the blinds.
Because what we wanted to spend money on signage we wanted to spend money on matching donations to the charity for the american heart association save the money on science and the lincoln matches hundred dollars.
Rate a two hundred thousand euro taking it every time i try to sign taking money away from something i could use it to order,
you can purchase it really that's really wierd it's happening so we can try there i'm trying done you feel bad when you do that,
i want you to feel bad if you running on your site don't write on your site don't ring or steal the side that's right you beautiful.
How do i go next time you were begging emily this is jon.

[56:34] Music.

[56:45] This has been a production of the unique pink,
leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to not come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[57:08] Music.