50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 12 - Weird Science... Fiction Literature

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] Move the red can call the podcast that is over,
and joining me as os is the yeah,
we know if there are flats for fire far i don't know how to speak up and i will be done hey i'm trying get actually that is one of my favorite scenes and um.
What was the score of the first ones were the last star wars show was the force awakens.

[1:14] What is the second one i want how rises skywalker know the last one middle,
fourth of july i know i can't remember the last night but it ok so the last jedi drunk driving,
switch up driving the old bats probably would've been a great thanks um i actually um,
are present laura dern who is hold that with the purple hair,
you can actually see when they were shooting wish you were shooting a blast her she actually made it all the time when you every time she did and you actually can see her sapere,
on the scene where she
check that nearest smoke and then she fire last year so kind of hysterically funny just can belive that sync umm i am just i wear forty one days,
hmmm i had my first record is it record this i had my first dragon con nightmare last night.

[2:16] Um mi nightmares and never ever about.
Anything about khan vero i had a nightmare waiting to three different things first of all i couldn't find.
Any rooms.
Play who find anybody know room set alarm u don't no signs no signs new room,
everywhere where everybody was like yeah this is dragon con but i don't know what you're supposed to be part of it but i wanted this part of it where.

[2:48] I was dressed as a highland or which may happen play when it was play.
Yeah i like had a sword fight people and i wasn't any good at it.

[3:03] Um and then it just transformed into nice sitting on a floor going.
I can't find the box i can't find the box i need to know what any of that meant but that was my networth last night i woke up going.
Why the hell would i look if i'm not star wars what i'm looking for you so much my wife but that was more than i was looking for you,
ben that i couldn't find the box on but will have a lot of people that have been enough,
hey you what's sure that internet star wars y un yoda one that just came out.

[3:41] What are my three top favorite movies one year three top favorites be empire strikes back or the return of the return address that i really good,
i have okay i schedule a stranger things reference to the end of anything yes it was awesome stranger things was great i'm everybody watch stranger things.
What is the book i'm gonna go out on a limb and say hey there people listening to this but stranger things,
who did the majority and would you wake of the united states and we stock i stranger things are ok things we have yet not that they haven't the not any stranger things guess what would you suggest we got a good am.
What a pretty good i don't want color to dump and you put a drop that would be the nice work,
add drop of gas and professional performers so this came out on the eighteen seventeen and i think the fourteenth.

[4:37] Yeah so what of comics people coming and alot of um.
View designer role is robinson on sure kevin is gonna have to get julian.
Things this guy was talking about the national security decision making game
android god experiment experience in information technology which i wonder if you talk about that would be kinda cool um we also have a lot of artists james jamison who didn't come
what american gods.

[5:09] And we'll go how many people one of the biggest things i keep seeing when i look at this is just who many to list here are good julian comic artists and writers am broke,
we have like that is just amazing we have somebody who is coming,
do i need to see that eleven the guide tried to send on line which is best selling it is awesome if you have a red t-shirt.
You know john where did you go to talk about books and drank on uh where do i go nowhere because i dont really good,
yeah we talked about high fantasy would a high fantasy no higher than eight though joel high fantasy,
no i wasn't high fantasy know that i like game of thrones got that um what when does regular science fiction,
i actually have somebody that might be able to answer that how u doing what's convenient for this podcast,
maybe we can just show up without who who is the director of science fiction literature at dragon con in atlanta.

[6:28] Hi how are you i'm great um i'm just trying to be sideways never get better netflix what the guys that are in science fiction books are awesome.
No they aren't why is there always a thing of the devil know there there who's and those bikes you can rent and then just leave somewhere turn on so who is totally off topic but what are you,
babe introduce leave introduce the yeah,
the bird scooters and whatnot down tampa and i had to drive through downtown i almost killed i don't know fifteen people drop my daughter off down there forum um,
metro card with his name a,
convention with spent in downtown and yeah no they're all over the place and it was it was ridiculous i can't even though i know they had some i saw some in atlanta last.
Year i know that but the scooters electric bill lowered as yeah i know a few fights but they are electric scooter your right i don't know if they have added more but that would be ridiculous to drag gun smh,
identify with her i just yeah i don't know i had seen that many downtown but i don't go down as much as i used to i received from last year c did you.

[7:53] Who is the good thing is you don't see a whole sequence,
because is a good news about those are atlanta segway tours with that is much like right downtown where we are so that's good bye,
have you had a drink are not married as a director i love her i love her like mad not my app,
yep i should be coming in the next few days that's pretty cool it how the directors no dragon con really is here has nothing to do a other deadlines,
yeah get that for a good dragon con nightmare,
is it hot there is one who are the directors science fiction and so we didnt jennifer and talk about high fantasy.

[8:44] No stop i have yet to explain what the,
no i'm no john for twenty dollars but it needs kevin hart it um what would be inside five hundred for trip to shorten it,
i file it turn on your track add anything up page on hard science like.
Create the book the expense who yeah,
lower parts by and robert are military science fiction of the track okay bud not you choose like stargate and support,
i'm add.
And some outlying stuff but that doesn't have a hole yeah every phone anywhere.

[9:44] From where steph what's the weather stuff will i would say i am actually i did this i doing it right now i have.
I have for box beside me and so i do understand there's high fantasy.
Where are you going to be a gap i'm gonna hurt and there so so,
i'm gonna tell you the books i have and you tell me i want to make sure i'm thinking of these right so i was saying i have is philip k. dick's short stories.
Who that baby.
That would be make that would be you okay that would be dan also have the habit yes that is right beside my bed hush the hobbit that would be high fantasy that would be i fantasy,
i have,
how do i write with ya he's just have wait for my truck what's the right inside me i didn't this is there's a lot of things but i was the last novel is a show.
Would that be in a little track star wars track if you gotta talk back.

[10:54] Which you know what will happen is that what.
Is there a term i know this one was by jason fry i think the,
melanie foster did the force awakens i think i might be on the next one which is the original movie not moving out without yeah yeah,
um that that's kinda,
what's the weather be in my truck okay yeah that would be a star wars could you talk about moving there might be a panel fitted to look for an invite the new movie w in the past ive done a lot of locations and i am not
show okay and then the other book i have besides me is actually a book about.
I got this is the of the actual i cannot remember the title of it because it just fell down but it's basically the science of star trek.

[11:54] Um it's a science being like if you wanted transporter is this would be that anymore i write for you that would be hard for but was in star trek.
Could be better probably would be who i can see that helps me so i am stephen needs.
Good eggs inside big steven are there science show i was trying to help people out and make it,
more clearer and i made it much less clear about that hey you have something that isn't your track no matter what and it deals with dragons.
What i do i am well way true dragons.
That's not science fiction gone sorry i didn't add a previous ex did i take my truck is taking over the programming.

[12:54] What who,
yes because and mccaffrey man change that her dragons were not fantasy dragons the words science space favourite.
Robbery engineered to read on current that she is correct,
create a idea what would she has anyone i would guess the ghost of and might show up in that we don't want to upset we don't go one upset and now we go
can you drink on for years and years and years of wonderful wonderful blessed and cannot really cool either number time
yes useful alternative yet i was very nice and love to see the fans every time cuz i actually i wanna,
i don't know what you're doing a signing with somebody was leaving i was helping get there is usually nicer so excited all the fans were there,
choose great so cool but what are some of the topics that you're planning on doing or reserve where what are some of the panels people can be looking forward to.
Well um i'm doing ugh.

[14:00] Comment dining at the comedy is hard here hey picture nice huh.
I also i went to try again you know im calling dragon for science and shit where they discuss the difference what makes one wise or not the other.

[14:22] Where is god when i will be on that long-term god.
Yeah she is awesome yes thank you would a naughty teenager panel skirt.
I got my shit stop on the current panel what she has accomplished witch
not sure yet make a movie yeah but i'm done yet you actually do i would like,
they're so if you go on the site right now i just look at who's there that are the gass fitter hola authors but you know i sold durango was already an ounce,
yes i saw it currently now can you please begin your track is sam,
oh yeah yeah where you is it a grand master of science fiction hey add one of the ones i've read are going up,
when tho,
i would like for you to meet him a number of years ago before i got involved we had a convention and that he he comes to other panels in the future i should i get really cool.

[15:33] That is very cool so um yeah i have him unsure of turn out the other year i promise to print out.

[15:43] Ask ryan because they both number of books together and she,
what you know it's amazing time now we talked about this one it is such a great time to be a science fiction or fantasy fan i knew god just a medium these amazing books and,
i think about my son especially because um here course love star wars he loves um he got really into the,
oh the dragon boats eldridge was one of you can see how to drag it wasn't who are the young adult,
dragons other three books and i can only think of the author and i will review that would be every god ever running and that witch,
what was of course damn red,
um duh hot and the rings trilogy n put up he has gone into the gun and other it's like we have been doing banquet thank you,
i'm going to record thank you for your amazing authors but somehow i mean,
no he read philip k dick can you play uno so many people go in a new display put on there any good offers also it's hard to read it all aloud how are you.

[17:08] How did i don't i can't read it all help,
as much as i would like to i have a stack of books that hair and yeah no i didn't promise i don't do those four have right there beside her along with other stuff,
for walk um who's leading other many comics even gather some issues from other things so i read a lot of stuff,
what's ghost adventures of new goodies in the comic books find as.
Anything i will use ever heard that for years i just put out a new west coast avengers with nick i will keep bishop hawkeyes.
Add it yeah it's pretty cool umm i can't with you,
but yeah that's what i'm sorry girl for tournament tom expect
what are some of the things like do you have a go to book every year you really love to read are you always so it says i don't know where i wanna start i like these kind of things like i like military history well,
this is a great sci-fi military to star do you have any account like those star books people should use.

[18:22] For military i finished a three minute i go to david weber awesome arianna huffington books absolutely um when your not really.
Hard corps military there's a group cover for universe.
Number of different writers writing in the same universe and it is a basic mercenary is in the galaxy add up the model is no,
kalyan get paid like that like that i got your up yeah for um.

[19:05] I hope cash when i'm trying to figure,
i talked about this before newest book in the can reorder im curious just came out hello yeah okay like a change of an era que okay add it um,
i'd like in pittsburgh to home loan okay yeah i didn't wanna like maybe that would be a huge one for you for your time and absolutely fine artistic spark we have about corporate culture.
And stuff can be paid if you read it and hate it that romantic.
I personally believe that you have to read it for the stories are you have to take it take into account when it was written are there.
It doesn't help that doesn't mean it's a free pass but its taking alittle remember play radio,
and talk about why is it was problematic now and yet i starred yeah and when he rode it but now it is now should be done
yeah i don't think he okay did you have someone that as well and all of my friends who did the other of the classics.
Traffic faq do i mean you know forty years from now people say well there is this problem i don't like the high tops i need help and yeah talk about it so do you do anything like that to talk about.

[20:33] I don't have anything planned for this year and we have and then somewhere in that kind of thing um.
And i also i have done things like that.

[20:46] Find the mobile which is a discussion a number of authors who have dealt with depression and wash their lives talking about how they cope and how you cope with the next spanish creative.
Oh damn yeah then you got the right word.

[21:06] I can take a pic but where'd anyone is so yeah i had no.
I would love that kind of thing i can say anything but sheer plan what happens yeah,
it's one of the things that i go through the nearest i do if some years i don't because you whatever you know where did the penguin bring everything you.

[21:33] Yeah no you don't and that's one of the things i think is right to dragon con and people bring out new stuff for you that always knew authors hey yeah.
Add john yes ma'am i don't we are we had this is shit i don't we had this hi john i'm looking for position for me not reading.
Why when will this go up.
Where will it go up on like what date's july what you think.
The twentieth twenty first JULY twentieth problem,
i will if it's july twentieth the dragon card that were yeah the dragon con awards you have won last day,
would any offers um and other people that you think you should do admit i want direct flight yet what would you say that i would you drive a car worth in scrabble and word dragon warrior.
The dragon and dragon turn right direction given out at dragon con but feel yeah,
what are my right when it will be perfect because its p anniversary reminder,
how is the battery will you do think that you think a space track have anything that uh huh.

[22:59] I think i probably should yeah not what you look up what about one of the most fish.
Important things that happen in the twentieth century what is the most fucked one of the most devastating events ever,
oh stop nothing conspiracies that talked and reel thank you so tell them to stop it and tell them all the time lol,
set alarm you think now now what was there folks don't know by better humor me a sound stage right.
Even what was that move on.
I hate you so much for talking science fiction reading when we talk about the moon landing science fiction as you know you're did the stopwatch on a real classic science fiction kinda like the jewels of the well,
i have i have a theory that i was going remember to bring a classic after him but.

[23:56] I'm trying to introduce things because i want to bring some of these are authors.
Um add a ten am and ten am then i don't know where dewayne are left.
Something weird stuff because who knows it was the signal oh god that's enough friend.

[24:27] I'm sorry i could not do that we're really that really got there i was what the author of the author pseudonym called winter smith are there any other herbs.
Roster who will render that was much newer than that.

[24:46] Oh ok i wish i wish i knew what all that meant because i want to public school in.
It didn't feel well anyway he broke up the other people a very rich woman.

[25:05] What's not a whole lot of.
What room expiration hope things were the weather was ok but yes there is dan.
Yeah and it was wonderful so what did you do that to your dog.
Next year i don't know what you're doing that because those are the things that sometimes you get past by you know um turn on the clock.

[25:36] The philip k dick got hard on not gonna do it cuz i always prefer last night and i feel absolutely terrible,
yellow is the ones that were like ok i will read this already but then we forget so the old historical ones by someone on a huge HD wildcats for awhile news like in middle school so yeah,
who that he will raise the gate for early age don't forget i'm gonna be hot we would really love that,
umm hello when you bought a motorcycle so don't don't be too proud uncle came in yet i know i'm different.
I work on dropshipping no i did not know what kind of things got so bad so i'm
i'm sorry restaurant how is he mentioned that the that leonor bring your son to court.
Huh prevented that from happening is on the judge john hagmann podcast,
which of course you needed are pending at but eh whatever they need anymore listeners would a yep my son and i was very long and i hated the idea of the motor cycle endeavor but
unfortunately i was over all i'm better than they thought about raping it and do that.

[26:58] Hey is there anything else that dragon cancer coming to the end of this but is there anything on your really looking forward to hear you like who am i. i cant be the only one who's gonna say david tennant,
no your not i'm only jones and good friends but i love the diamonds but i mean that's the.

[27:22] Who are going to have to do without me on the track it could a or stronger than a breeze there but won't forget how to craft because,
i dont care how much it cost,
no that's a good good a yeah i love you i do luv good men's on that that were not something like that.
I want to know when u game project that would i would say that would be removed.
Display posts up this road just a fantasy.

[27:59] It's too hard to sell him but yeah really weird,
where do we size button on somebody is a very weird analogy but no david tennant i actually am loving the ghetto one series re watching it cuz brings me hope and dark days,
but i am also trying to help what day did that little quarrel am get little cool tattoo on his face
on the right hand write i am like do you i would love to have that dragon con in hanover something like that just because it would be cool when i hear only certain people get it but yes i just,
good whisky and jessica jones okay.
I just could you play me just run i did i didn't hear you as i'm awful bad guy which is a good thing i guess.
Find out who he was a good guy he play provide know what.

[29:00] What picture,
can you give me like him but you were good at it but when the dog,
who got me into those things can somebody was asking me where my cousin but thank christmas and where will i just got netflix and adam looking at what am i gonna watch and,
yeah it keeps coming up like this jessica jones and luke cage stuff and all that and figure out doctor who fans so that ten and jessica is the light,
would i like it is no this is not good and i was like it is a very well done show,
the story is compelling characters are compelling but kinda when is a good white right yeah yeah what's pull it should be watched it,
kinda like that you know like yeah yeah yeah yeah and you said you're doing the how you die in a horrible thing am hopefully dont are they bringing back somehow but,
who are crying alot of crying and sorry this is order fried game somebody dies and there was a lot a crying,
yo are from from that no actually i think i started.

[30:25] Where are you from the soul stone,
when i went basically how well that was that was very hard for me to talk in full it was so that woman i went from there basically to the end of the movie,
back and forth in tears and laughter because i okay that's kinda funny that's wonderful do that search google.
Yeah yeah it was forward.
If not i'm gonna star wars stop if you have any friends what is my name attached i should know.
What have better words were tired romeo over forty days till a drink and just remember that the item no,
welcome ever given this think you can have a nightmare about where the box to i have no idea who i am looking for a new one how do i get,
why did you bring the car not sure radius that is what electric sheep dreaming about you like you are.
Not doing great how are you should probably dream that you watched any what is yeah i mean what is the only thing that really has stuck with me as.

[31:45] What went on when should i bring yours so yeah what genre i'm leaving you love
i quit before i forget where abouts in dragon and the dragon con world are you working are you add a plan as is the plan right now,
you know we're hoping everything is to be this way but you ask is there a god and.

[32:12] And the international camera in the book.
What hour is it when you if i remember to leave my leave mine actually impressed that i might be able to get in i'm gonna listen if i come in through the front door,
i am one of the highest which is the highest i hang a right go around a little gift shop there and that's what ours outright.
Right how do you convert you are correct other sports and getting away there's no way you get me anywhere else okay escalator zed go.

[32:52] Elevators and go up to your what happens now because it often centers,
sorry i want to show the johnson around the gift shop there is no order
that is mostly for the reason that tower i think you can go down in there theres also get to the rooms are on that side so it's really cool.

[33:17] Yes you are exactly right how is that what you're that's is far as i can i can i get it in that's only because i,
um first several years the big show that better.
Which would be of what you do was over and that area now would get lost before i get there.
I finally learned another movie it again god love you that's history of the other get moody and you know where it is now.
This year no we're not playing music,
we will add kale but ok its also time how its saturday remember to watch the twitter,
facebook umm and the dragon con site for new authors there it's getting busy time for being able to announce people so watch that pussy and it's cool.
Who who sent our guest ima let you pick which a senator a car do you want to play again sleep so i got i got.
What's so who is trivia two thousand TV trivia eighties nineties general trivia horror trivia.
Pop culture trivia wishes.
Random pop culture stuff movie trivia or television trivia which has a fifty sixty seventy eighties nineties.

[34:47] What television trivia shall not is there a particular decade would like to buy.

[34:57] I'm trying not really good fifty to know that where you're not that old c seventies or nineties roll over ninety s plus is actually where the is.

[35:08] What will the date be like he good he five mins uh what show featured the characters looney and squeeze equipment.
Which show me uber going to burning surely that is correct john you already asked me that question a prior podcast.

[35:34] Yeah no matt what i like about what it shuffle the cards a little yeah yeah.
What are y'all open up a new deck of this of this particular no i didn't mean to do that so it has like it's like fifteen sealed accident so how do i order here in deep trouble just fyi,
yeah there is so you where are the best whatsapp.
I think you have a company will i didn't wanna get a question that i'm in god i know right more for this is your fault get is your who played officer williams in the series in the heat of the night.

[36:20] Oh that was sarah connor can live on it but david hart.

[36:25] What is your right no what was the other lady was no okay but sorry that's one address williams at adm.
I don't know i don't want you again for nineteen eighties um sue simon and simon were and what business simon simon morning what business.

[36:52] Hmmm never private detective about.
Leave what city provided the backdrop for simon and simon.

[37:05] I can i edit add multiple choice so yes please send me one of your beautiful dress ugly las vegas to san francisco or san diego i can speaking san diego am i correct.

[37:18] It is san diego hey okay also i just wanted to say say diego but i was like.
Why am i even think i don't ever know that i really watch that show but ok.

[37:30] Orange suits for you who was the former boxer a gourmet cook drove an old mustang and worked out of fruit and other renovated fire hall.

[37:43] Who was a former boxer gourmet cook drove an old mustang and worked out of a renovated farmhouse much time.
No fire hall guess after so she can get it that i have no idea.
Spencer is it spencer like spencer for hire.
Yes that's correct i don't have any points for hanging appointment who was spencer sidekick in spencer for hire.
It was hawk and he then became the captain on deep space nine point two two points for a take it rn what was the name of the cab company in taxi.

[38:35] Ok let me to wash who are these cards getting these questions almost done is good a cab company,
what was the sunshine cab company i want to say that but i didn't think it was right okay.
Hey what was tonight's characters name on a too close for comfort.
Henry lush rush or push.

[39:13] Who is rush that's right henry is correct that is a complete utter gasp put folks yes,
dear sir is always answer is it.

[39:27] Okay oh what was ibm's free what was henry is occupation on too close for comfort.

[39:38] You'd fit in the truck yeah you wouldn't that drain you.
I'm gonna say he was struck what are the i will take a lot of newer hey what's going.

[39:56] Should i bring where did trapper john MD practice medicine after his discharge from the four hundred seven seven master unit.

[40:05] Yeah hospital,
i would give you half a point you're now up to three points who is technically san francisco san francisco medical and so i do not okay is for the wind suit.
Ok that's a good question how to go to russia ave webster.
Help me remember how are you milk them know nobody got it all web know.

[40:37] Do you know who play webster hello.

[40:43] May i do i wish i could use it to arvind it's a really weird long name i can do it.
Ok let's try this uh oh what play ball pro ball team.
Did tony kelly play for prior to becoming a domestic on who's the boss.

[41:04] What pro ball team played baseball team did tony michelle.
Hug everybody loves to hate on it in new york no that's not true nope nope not them.

[41:20] Or midwest.
How many on light it up yet am i now the st louis cardinals lose your job is consult a question you can find.
What are lee is.
The cosby show finished first several me because the question no we are not know where the presentation with royal hideaway nope that one.
I would like another one hundred k and we got a really uh what rocker sing the theme song for the series booker.

[42:01] Look up what all you know the series but i feel very know billy idol everyone knows that.
Oh really i have no idea what book are you in to look at my old windows,
ok good night rosa hey we go for the wednesday u book ur what is the speed of twenty one jump street and lasted how many seasons one two or three.

[42:30] So close one so who's your water three that would a wood one i one.
Can you do.
I like how what's your custard famous hollywood show yesterday famous actors each week such as helen hayes billy crystal in milton,
what you think but anyway i love the love boat is correct yeah,
are you a good god i know that other okay i would a been song and add your brain cells on that will never ending story,
so what what shows theme song ask you to set a course for adventurer your mind or new romance.

[43:29] What's the weather in cape who played the captain.
Sleepless top lounge to get the rewards.
There's like fifteen other questions on the road here are you guys open word docs average guy.
Yeah there's hope the first check so whats up i can let me know where they can find you i'm adrian can you help me get a hold of her find more information on the tracker,
or you know what happened when we have a facebook group driving time like in little rock.

[44:16] Add you can look for their underwear under that name is adam.
We don't have a group anymore because yahoo what can we do you have a god we have a google plus account anymore either.

[44:34] I don't have any kids i got up.
You can email and that file it at front door.
Add a extra project for me in the room in the white house.
Whoop that sounds great that's the plan right now is the best place to why she can't download dragon con app,
i need weed that u one quick question is there any better maybe know is there anything you plan to do for charity two thousand nineteen the of atlanta heart associates actually we are yeah awesome you are.

[45:18] No we are up here painting we're printing out of collecting eight i'm probably more like a um.
Hey and up having them people vote on their favorites by clicking money in a jar for that book.
Wearable and also ask him about the authors who are there will be a two.
Is make red departed after signing can you help.
What's up i'm doing that is fantastic um so again folks go check out the science fiction learnt think is your title director asset track over and drink on in the.
National where is somewhere where there play at the hyatt.
Can i schedule a time there was like you gonna be there probably is ninety percent chance of rain.
Bob of course couldnt sleep so i want to until next time this is john for suits and they eat same pace.

[46:33] This has been a production of the united kingdom,
leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of unit PT don't come.
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[47:02] Sorry i would.