50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 13 - Dragon Con'S A Media Relations

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Play a
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:36] Welcome to another edition fifty days during this is ugly and i'm all by myself because you know sometimes real life will grab you and not let u leave work no matter what
so i am doing this album myself because we're also using discord,
just wanna spend some money that would be great we're also using discord now to record the fifty days.
Instead of skype rather things like that you have to have all that like expensive equipment that john has and those big microphones and things like that so,
really really glad to be able to do this to you today would you have a whole lot of gas or anything added today just again a reminder to always look out for that charity stuff
every track it will be doing it and that is again for the atlanta affiliate of the american heart association.
And also remember to give blood if he has really taken at west coast con in the who.
Who did google would be awesome as always and again and beyond the altar not here i am not going to.

[1:48] Even try a segway because it's just it's terrible but i would like to introduce sam,
she is the director
media relations that driving what and whom i'm good how are you doing i am i get to pretend to be like.

[2:10] Knowledgeable about tech stuff which i'm really not cuz discord is really really easy
yeah i'm so you are the director of media relations
before everybody who has listen to this more than one year me all the study were like wheres ben where's what's going on so what's going on with media relations where is dan cuz i know is
okay perfect so yeah well im still here i come.
After last con i believe the board set down and they decided to create a new position for himself here is now the director of media engagement,
smh to reach out and talk to all of the reporters and spread the love of dragon con and i move
remove me up from the interview manager and am second to the director of media relations so i get all the lovely paperwork
oh that's so what i think that was when i three you.

[3:15] It's not that i don't like paperwork i like my little spreadsheet so i'm going to be in the registration or instead of
read the interviews will i truly do because that way yeah you do have a little less probably,
having to run from point a to point b if you gonna be able to be in the registration room and feel to be like it's ok it's alright,
know that turn out what r what is the director of media relations do some people have not heard this podcast before and they think and what you can do is any media at driving high so what is it.

[3:54] Oh goodness well what we do is we help orders to,
find all of the really good story is a dragon con and we like to say that there is a tg five thousand different stories because i have five thousand members,
everyone has a story to tell and so it's our job to hook the reporters up with.
Contracts and the people and the events but they wanna see their audiences wanna see so that they can get good coverage they want an we can spread the love of god and
spirit more and more and more people so yeah there are eighty five ninety hour meeting.
Are that finally end up there there are so many different stories and i'm gonna ask you about yours so how did you first get involved in dragon con.

[4:45] Oh gosh i my first dragon can my husband my then fiance.
Talk me to he had been use to live in georgia and he had been going on a few years before where you live in illinois now um,
and i was mad because you're about big fans and claudia black is better that you got a lover,
yeah he said you know you gotta come you don't come your gunna regret it if i don't i wang,
i was hugged and dr friends all went down there and then i was recording for a.
You're two later with a friend of mine,
i'm so i got the reporter experience for europe to to see you doing interviews then running around and tasting panels and all that
good stuff the write ups and staying up late in posting things and i ended up leaving the site of her purse
and when i laughed i send an email and i said you know hey just so you know i'm not with the site anymore and he emailed me back right away and he said hey do you wanna be my assistant director
nope can help yeah who said sure why not.

[6:08] Um i'm restaurants history so my job is to run the interview room,
which at that time when the hell are you walk of fame was in the home years and years and years ago it feels like forever yeah but it's not really that forever but yeah it does seem like forever i agree.
What is estimate it seems like a lot longer than i probably hey miss the help when i dont mesh running guests up the stairs are doable heart,
can i make graphic no longer use gas no no that does a lot of stairs sometimes the chaffeur round up and down and helping them.

[6:50] Yeah it was.
It was interesting and it was an adventure we started out doing maybe about four to six interviews where can.
I'm to up to believe i last count was over two hundred interviews with three rd interview locations what how ok now show.
You said you europe for a website i know who the media here would be of course tv new york.
Radio and then.
Print media what nearby print we also websites and show how do you how do people get credentials for dragon con how do you how to sites or record or bloggers or whatever and yet.

[7:38] Couldn't help it super easy brewsky go do media relations start dragon con dot org and we have no anything on the right hand side that says apply for media access click hello,
happy application and immediately gets loaded into our database into a betting system.

[7:59] And we back applications of from outlets.
Based on a set of criteria that you we get from the convention that we get based on other outlets that are applying and even,
something that we get current agent i can't give particulars i'm not know i did not know i don't want particulars but that's really it
how can i process you can say hey i just started a blog and i wanted you i want to interview david tennant that's not gonna get yeah,
no i am david and it no network and actually if you want um,
interviews would walk of fame gas our invitation only got three years we've kind of develop,
a relationship with the agents and we've been talking and asking me to what you look for an outlet what your guest like what kind of what was today like talking to
did they get the best questions from eccentric.
R two where we evaluate sites on based on and those sites that meet that criteria and they hate us yes
yes i need those criteria you know there are the ones that will get an invitation from erin who is our new interview manager she's one there.
Hi aaron sheri pretty grey um yeah man.

[9:25] Bob the week before the con up until i would say friday of the scheduling interviews sam i am so sorry you cut out right before you said saturday of the scheduling interviews what was that,
how to start well about a week before the con to know i would say that friday of con there still scheduling interviews.
Oh wow ok that's really golden what are there was another question to ask you to up where,
where are where have you been the farthest you've talked to somebody and i'm thinking something like.

[10:00] Record we getting from all over the us and you probably in canada,
part of europe i mean we had people from australia.
Anywhere else that have said yes i said yeah and got the credentials in process got approved and then still you guys and help them out to do.
Reporting i actually actually this year i got an email from an outlet in australia,
ok i'm they are asking about you know what is dragon con how does one report at dragon con
what kind of things are allowed what isn't allowed the application process and so you are they applied and they will be joining us this year we get on,
people from all over the world really dumb i think i really like you to far this is pretty much.
Absolutely different i mean that is understanding i want to say that i was thinking exact twelve hour time difference my be a little more a little less but.

[11:04] Wow that's how i got replay ride,
activate it and probably more than one that you are probably changing planes depending on where you born that is really cool and first aid.

[11:22] Yeah this is one of their anniversary years i wanna say twat,
no it was filmed in australia so actually i was going with that like they re getting seen those people and i think anthony got,
updated already night i found some name,
there are some parts there we had a lovely day julie who is she is just fabulous if you,
have her go meet her doctor she's so cool anthony some cash also really cold i wanna who who is chris coming.

[11:57] One of my favorite characters even though yes it wasn't a good guy really starting but i love that character in fact it what can i try young.
I need yeah finally get me and um,
yeah we're really excited to be celebrating that anniversary third time is the show this year it seems like your having anniversaries.
Were there,
peanuts there a season finale or a series finale and it still says there is just so much to celebrate this year it's a little overwhelming it's a really big men just suffering from extracts warehouse,
warehouse start jeans tenth year anniversary which all the sun come out here to look at the summit oh oops,
who can apply and what i have attended a virtual party but it is kind of awesome in every year it seems like driving time and grows and grows.

[13:00] Video i'm but every year there is still only four hundred the gas hm,
yeah what type control and that includes you know the scientist send what is the actors the enemy people are at the comic illustrator is just.
Anyone you can think we have that basically includes think everybody,
will i know what it includes all of the you just mentioned but i am not sure do the pros count for that too.
Didn't process i cant ever remember.
Let me know a hundred percent sure if that counts yes turn out the issue because it kinda makes me either will there is a dragon con meeting this week and it's were feeling weird.
Filming underway on break with dr recording this on me.

[13:52] July nineteenth i can get the word out i swear people july nineteenth and there is one on july twenty first of directors meeting along with director so i will ask
find that out and be able to report on it next week recording so that's really good so now you have to be busy the dragon con is.
Where does the directors at least i would say that i am trying to get the five day.
Whatever six date craziness but yours to be what two three weeks where.

[14:26] What is your leg ok i'm hit the ground running for drive double a batteries start.
Honestly we start right after can i have a quote me snap ordering things we can you take a break for a few months and we still guna keep in touch and what not but with our team.
And then i would take in january we'll have our first meeting march we open applications.
July interviews open and what about from you know.

[14:58] Hope monday can u help you know when we're gonna be the books yet,
yeah is the it's interesting cuz i live in atlanta i know but you do not need to be back down here for you of course but,
i love and atlanta use to be you know it was kind of radios in the TV stations can i get a joke.
About driving how those crazy people dressing up all those crazy people and now it's like no they're really wanting to talk to icenter how big we are how the amazing guess we bring andy amazing attendee.
Show that's a lot of that for the media relations has your help so much with that because.
I don't wanna say changing the idea of trying to someone but really just say no you guys wanna news,
be real about me and i think the fact that the culture code on code is,
kind of not know yeah okay but
the message that we really tried to split us spread with reporters and without let's is that there really is something for everyone here and if you're looking at it just as you know there is bunch people walking around in costume.
Bet you missing the point you know the plan is attached family reunion.

[16:26] U can i need to go to family reunion and it it is it was one of those things that you say you're john says that all the time if you're coming to dragon con,
do you only do one thing your coming for the wrong reasons i would think that for me to use well if you're coming to you think it's only gonna be one thing that you wanna talk about,
trust me your gonna be like wow lol i hear i think someone get their eyes open a little bit.
Who is amy i been coming for twelve years now and there still things i haven't seen in a max i haven't visited and every year i try to do something new but i havent done before i am always just blown away.

[17:09] Why i did not realize everybody would tell me that there was this drum circle thing i be like ok,
hey and then i finally found out that oh
you really have a drum circle i'm already in bed i'm not gonna be up late i'm already in bed but there is a drum circle in my head might the reason i really found out about this is my son likes to read and east twenty
record the raiders like the past two years he loves,
use like i walk by and i got to see some of my friends drum circle would like o do about the roads are gonna be there so.
How is something you never have twenty plus yrs so that matter how long you've got something.
It's amazing and i have run into the drum circle rn it's really cool to just watch and take everything.

[17:58] It's amazing to because your just like i didn't realize this was all going on to refund the twenty four seven come on.
Who made it a twenty four seven and it's not seven days it's only five days and it's really only for the half.
I would be here are you saying we need to start on wednesday and i yell at him but i just cannot pretend that,
i already yelled at john because somewhere in his head he's saying an all-star wednesday starting wednesday shut up no you already said you can be really busy but is there one or two things you really wanting to do this your address.

[18:38] Oh god should i come i would say no i can't i'm so out of practice and going to see panels because i never use it
repair would be in here bro man i'm like all i get a mini panel who i never really felt like i was missing out on.

[18:58] Pianos and i spent david tennant when he was in chicago and see what his piano because he did hear was fantastic
yes i didn't get to see it live i gotta see it later but yes it was
who am i got an almond see what he has to say whitney you updates on his work and what not and that you love.
Kinda yeah marvelous mrs was like we just finished yet so what are you,
i was gonna surprise for you with a pleasant surprise to be added yes she was in heat to eleven and chuck could choose am and should of course.
Yeah courses and which one is historical good job.
I think that's because i'm look that hoe is someone hit one of the best today i can't remember her name unfortunately,
i am looking at her that both you know who they just added on i was looking at her i don't like how the new amsterdam when we watch that hey you say looking know when.
That's really cool that it's cold sun out.
What is john not here and we just kinda chatting so what is one of your favorites.

[20:23] Media relations stories were banned in something that made you giggle cuz dan's not on either end john can't like me stop so tell me a good giggle story about the great dan girl.
Oh ok i have a good great hey i have a really good i'm actually just talking about it the other day and it was back when.
We only had a few interviews in the interview room and our interview room at that time what's next to the green room are the walk of fame people so what we do is we didn't have anyone in the room,
will you offer them the room is like a quiet safe refuge to come and take a break sit down whatever you need.
It was one of those days and we'd finish the interview we didn't have anything for a while and came in houston i watch the room you guys go get lunch.
Hey we want got lunch and we're getting lunch there was relaxing and they me put his head down and took a breather and in what setting mark linton.
Hey goodbye eddie is one of my favorite people he's yes he's awesome,
i love eddie he's no room every time he's there i always get a hug one of us come back and become com confirm yes.

[21:52] Fantastic genuinely loves to be there and i got your number from damn you dance like let's add a few hey can i help you.
When does burberry okay any good it.
I'm on warehouse thirteen of the star and am gonna oh ok now i know who you are and then i start chatting and what not um.

[22:25] What was hilarious to come back and find out you know like you just said hello and we were talking like yellow.

[22:35] Is anything that's that's definitely one of my favorite stories the other would have to be when amanda tapping pinched his cheeks oh what's he got pink and happy to.
Hey there tell me news.
It's cute is one of my favorite i mean i love amanda tapping anyway who did the exam but.

[22:59] Dance space just like to let up some.

[23:04] It's interesting to watch him when will he need to start that he really likes how much and i don't think you and.
Who is up in a piece can you show me like the rest of us are you would think is damaged so i think i'm cute nervous too and.
Just like his his eyes light up and all that is so cute i love this this is so awesome i love history,
he is i can i have what spend some days together at con hey i'm here,
you know what that's take are time and we walk the walk of fame or what not um i'm catching up with people and so delight c him interact with.

[23:55] The gas especially to the ones he's a fan of or that your request like hearing the birds is really great so yeah i just glad you get time see you just walk around and be
hi let's just enjoy it for a little bit just walk around say hi to people.
Of course you still like checking and making sure everything's OK but yellow guy lol so that is great and.
Are you talking about dan and i think everybody is a little nervous but when you mean whoever did i js pinson who is the creator of warehouse thirteen hey.

[24:34] Who did little i did not get word out i was like tearing up and i was so excited and she was like.

[24:41] How you know even after all that which you start the they in large pots and yeah so yeah i found gold that probably the hardest i ever rolled.

[24:54] I you know we're supposed to keep.
Be professional and keep composer who is willie doing really good job at it but sometimes i would say b.
Perhaps of the really slippery i've ever had the biggest flip ever had was edit my contacts first time in the interview room i may have spoiled what i ment
i love it that is so awesome how do i get my computer after that but it would.
Will talk to go there for a minute lol.
And he is just such a wonderful guy but i can talk about it and how great he is all the time but he really isn't it's just so.

[25:38] Do you know how to get to meet the blender wonderful and i think that's a great thing about drinking weather here.
Meeting people that make gains or big names in electronics frontiers lawyer.
Your order a comic illustrator or whatever other people but yeah they have touch our lives in some way even if its just because listen to how god is using your i love it because it.
That's what family is about we are the fan means fanatik just short and we are all trying to be good about it.

[26:15] I would say most people are good about it yesterday and it's it's a chance for them to talk about their work and end i would say every guy says that the when lee just love their fans.
Yeah the numbers and their just like i love how
i can walk around i'm saturday night and not talk to people hang out at the bar
and really does be normal and there's not that kind of stigma of your famous a big star it's everyone's the respect of everyone else is but everyone is just so welcoming,
that is very cool that is very true and very cool i think it's also just so you become dragon con is that twenty four seven um when you talk to somebody like eddie are some of the other people are calling,
forget someone talk about this to or is that he enjoys condominium five fan and to be at a con like this with a spray because you just say you know we signed you now,
use looking around and walking right behind us when we are in the dealers room things like that and so you really is what people respected and it's just it's a very.

[27:33] I decide that family reunion kind of you but people respect for its thank you friend for being respectful because i think that also adds a lot to what we are drinking.
Does anything it says something to the quality of the people who come to dragon con is that.
Everyone is just amazing and increase your videos really mind-blowing.
That is cool that is correct re so we are about at the end um is there anything i forgot to mention about media relations.

[28:08] Help applications for media access will close on august fifteenth,
group time to print out badges and do the fun things like that get your pockets all together
and yeah you can on wednesday we have a reporter pub crawl,
yes you do i heard about that from karl i have this is my first time so i'm kind of excited will enjoy that that would be awesome,
just CD in the recording is that you know i become friends with a really great and i'm excited to spend time with them outside of dragon con
thursday we have a new reporter who are the dancers good it's a fantastic tour
damn man we need money and that's a sign for diane fantastic
absolutely as necessary par new reporter is
you can get a feeling of the land because it is though there so much yet so here you go five miles.

[29:16] And even then you might even though i'm doing other things that its five hotels it is.

[29:24] Really big if you start put your head around it sometimes feel like oh i can get from the westin.
Choose the werewolf of day shelton in five minutes no no no maybe maybe,
twenty five minutes if you're lucky yeah if you wanna walk outside and sweat.

[29:49] What are it's not you know the ten minutes but atlanta will rain everyday and then wait ten more minutes and then it will be a different weather so yeah yeah no you can't no.
You have to plan a had is one thing i alway say is make sure you pick out things that.

[30:06] You as a reporter you absolutely want to see is regardless and put those in your schedule and then really just let the rest flow.
Halo and just as hannah said many a time if you know or have a couple of backups you know maybe that's a great thing i love about the app.
What were use to do with our little highlighter and paper it can do an app and save some trees i need black toner three things down in your wall note about that so that's important ready and then
just go with the flow hey mate you really do wanna know what maybe you didn't think you wanna know what's going on in from costuming what hey.
Get there you can do anything else and that point and that was a really like that sounds interesting.

[30:55] You might learn something new you might be like hey im gonna try that many of and i am that people have all the sun found because of drugs.
Dentistry located very very trail on.
I've always sound my mother tell me how to sew and i would say its been since dragon con but i really like embrace and costuming and.
Reached out to people and say hey how did you make this.
And dragon kind is the best place to do that not everybody loves to share those tips and everything you do you cost.
Could you either bring how what do you do i can you tell us what you'd be doing this year i'm when i'm not on duty i don't get out of quora writing what i m working um a friend and i.

[31:46] Say two years ago it twenty seventeen twenty sixteen and it was the hunting sixty of anniversary lol yeah they had the hudson sixty eight anniversary costume contest and we had
a costume that we have made a few years prior of the snow.
Those are you ones that will ya that does the sleep thing i would've called on the spouse i would about spelt i don't know what they look like for the carpet things yeah yeah,
yeah we made those um it's full body care of things and so we went back and say you know this is a chance to.
Where to be seen by kurt that your hands,
hey hands anywhere just like you we have to go out and so we went me but the muppet fleece
can we get more yeah i think there is a certain type of lovin please i heard about this is i don't catch you i heard about it and im like kinda cool,
yes soft heart was a really how are you okay
show me divided me and debris making my heads we made the dresses we got third place in the costume contest,
how do you do that again recently last year or the year before.

[33:09] What's the plan twenty seven
ram is shooting for charlie was not there last year in my opinion seventeen results were awesome i remember singing cuz it was the new person.
Our bringing back out with are you retarded,
pick back up with victoria and harry potter we just got back from another convo we did hella madness.
From sanctuary yeah there the amanda tapping character yet,
we did to her victorian dresses who are cool photo op with her in the dresses that we made me put them in a cave.

[33:57] Hey that is really cool yes,
it was fine and it was one of those hey can we do this lets you do that we can do that so i don't know bring those are taking my friend might bring her mine is currently in pieces,
is that nigger will bring stargate skirts who do they look like thier the gate or i did not what are the start dates.
Will they look like the gates are my friend hope you won gay or the earth and i had a space cake from atlanta and mermaid on a circle skirt of silk tablet and.
How forty to fifty thousand stones each.

[34:43] Oh wow there screen accurate of blue prince of the actual gates that the use to construct the gate.

[34:53] Badda path that had it take you forever.
One hundred dollars per skirt from that were bought while i need so it's a very relaxing thank blue shiny things on you.

[35:07] That is so cool i really hope i get to see those yes i want to take a picture and send it to if donald put other things at the end of all of this.
Hey can we wear that one in the registration room strips skirts sell know but you know you have to know what to do otherwise it just looks like you can address.

[35:27] Exactly what this has been awesome i cannot wait to see you again i will see you this year.
I love the band story of thank you dan sorry you know you're not gonna be here i get stories about what we do love you big sis.
But it off i was gonna get some funny stories on paypal.
It was great that you sand thank you so much and so this is what we need for sam and very absent from john.
Say this has been a production of the you need cake.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to drop.
Move the cyan twitter,
that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[36:34] Music.