50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 15 - Harry Potter And The Young Adult Lit

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] No

[0:42] Do you use a dragon con the podcast is your patrol and joining me where his lead.

[0:52] Remind me to run no board i got the product for
baltimore can you play what's the meme how i feel on any given day actually i'm not no telling me a box is probably one of the nicest thing can you tell me what john i are trying to speak with you about that
Apakah plan to purchase that is awesome and the very cool i would like it to be a for me i'd like it to be you when.

[1:26] From when are those little goats the fence humming okay.
I just i think the fainting goat are your own as it comes it won't really go out and then i feel as.
What is the mentor comes in looks at it for the reply if they want a big shower of white light and makes the added me on tour still go away.
Is it works.
I think so although i don't know what's your purpose can i wanna what if i apply to places up to pussy and it's good to go.

[2:08] Okay i just thinking something pretty to plan post from uc that's good i think i should add that one use my ipad russ.
Hey oh okay stop practice.
So who has been viewed on the drug also i was looking at the website it's updated website is updated turn about this like two thousand seventeen of a sudden.

[2:36] Two thousand nineteen you ok so what's it was two thousand four before so you know
that is true that is true so driving website has been updated pretty much everything is right where are you
when did it but there are different colors it's not the purple yellow so hey sorry i'm looks kinda like a lsu fans like that's cool okay that still okay because they're still,
totally cool and it's updated and it is still driving kind that order and i have yet to find one of my links that doesn't work.

[3:14] Because i had that people see guestlist by announcement date and pop right back up so yeah lets bury snap of me by the way for any anybody who is doing the doing the other website work
excellent job
and also if you have them up at the job of managing it before i can only imagine what it was hard of a nightmare to maintain but buddy,
it was nice before two just for the record i wasn't i was smoking anybody uh but it is nice to see if it looks it
looks like is that when the website was put together as one cohesive thought where is where is the old one,
um it's been around for a long time it was very bad on to as it went along so right so i want to learn from show low and still wonderful because it still got you where you have to go.

[4:08] What ya got this one that is very and i also like that because if you look at the light purple.

[4:13] Under the darker purple baina it kinda looks like it has the dragon scales on it and i think that's what.
I know that's like the sexiest thing is i do anything with web sites but i just want make sure that im clear on this
i appreciate it warm white masters we doing here yes yes john appreciated because i know its hard and it
how difficult it is to do that with the prior version and this version so he has no idea that wasn't something really bad i'm sure now you know it take a taki is the day probably was born,
roll with it at some point other anyway so day always populated to change it for a while though.
And it's really really cool and we're really glad and it came up with no new blood i mean they told us yesterday i was gonna be like today and.
Who is late today and pretty good i'd like some.

[5:10] Track still have a little logo thing on their yes the tracks to have their little logo thing im not really cool and i like my non extract,
set an alien head and that's exactly what it should that's not that quote um,
i wish i didn't work but otherwise there was one for like things like little things that help
you don't really interesting you mention that i think there was one for younger don't let anything a little bit to do with trusting what was the flavor the air.

[5:45] What kind of crust can help this email.
That would be called the flying snatch very ago i stayed this was much smoother a segway than usual people.

[5:58] What could a guy ask who is with you.
No sir branson when do you think the website it's not the right
it's nice to know i'm excited about the integration of everything and how everything started very seamless so i'm looking forward to getting to.

[6:30] Play around on your page have you got yes that would a beneficial to probably read some tea.
Yellow clippers so that some of the younger so its very kool um.
Add the trey i like it alot it's very similar is and everything is all in one place or you know what's interesting happen lately it's very lovely with the things i have em
hold sign up because it would save that my brother.
Move the blanket i had a protein apartments we often have to um.

[7:12] Look at what young teens um and it still the old one so it still works apparently,
yo what does it like to say that my favorite part if the countdown which is the best and most terrifying part about it thirty seven yes no more longer hey
yes that's why there is soon as you pull it up at the little terrifying yeah yeah i think it's like starting a blog
who could he also ends.
Put the band director there was a mistake so i just see them i'm really excited i think as director get that moment where like,
who can use siren oh my gosh still have things that need to get done but you know it gets stuck at all happens will happen every year
how can i get your hey we're not really sure how you do that but that's just the sleep deprivation have you had your first ride from nightmares a director yet,
the first one
is there a deer haven i remember my first for last year tho stfu what was that no what was your last one cuz those are always great start slow
ok so is this like two weeks before the kind enough and let me know everything's all settled and my dream i like
are there and nothing is there.

[8:39] Does look nothing like the room is not set up and in my dream that had a lemonade the tracking forgotten to tell me if,
say goodnight dick first of all they would not do that lol but not do that because all of the pot heads and other young adult staff hunger games than they would find them and they would yell
hello that not sure that it was this one of those things where like.

[9:07] What's happening understand everything is being set up around me and my roomies and state are you wearing
send this is good from now for those people who may not know what young adult let is as a track can you explain that to him.

[9:29] I'm sorry so your outlet is basically that sort of strange like twelve to thirteen thru,
your early twenties that's
start a target audience but we have readers young and old it doesn't matter what what you can expect in yogourt large shirts usually protagonist i'm an really really really awesome stories that center around those teams
my favorite thing about it and get that probably is that there's a lot of coming of age story is alot of things that you know these characters learn about themselves i think.
Play well with jeans because they are giving that same thing you know but i think what is an adult and taking with me with that is that
that was experiences the most like of life events they just end when it right i guess i know experiencing new things that are going through situations that you've never been to before and being able to like hash things
you know that you can go and read the books that are similar to us similar to your life,
i think is that you know important to have and i think that's why i'm having such a large
audience because they're good stories yourself has people that i like how you're the dumbass you read lots of books about the answer i like you i guess because these genes are awesome and they're going to the same stuff that i am going through like.

[10:51] Just the card and the world building i can go on auto play a good a passion and i think it is i think so.

[11:01] There is this a m and i really noticed it do the harry potter books but i think there is this feeling of oh that's.
Kids are young adults but nobody nobody over the age is reading that its like now here we are,
i read the hunger games fast as fast as my son was reading them
open palm and harry potter was exactly me my husband and i have to buy two copies of the remember both five or six we both had one to read it at the same time
because you knew what you share you was anyone really been given go back and re reading as an adult there are things that me know maybe if you were to read this is a team that you may have missed the first time that you get more out of it the next time reading a little bit older with
you know some older eyes that is true i think that right john you still read
i do not read i'm ashamed good the whole track thing is really tough on me because
i have to keep it meeting that i dont need it ever again looking mean i can't change she who she is,
do we still have one more try could he are you real acting or story order me a whole me but i did read all harry potter i didn't read all of hunger games um.

[12:23] Hull and all of you know a douglas adams retires galaxy saga um i have read those things.
What is on an ongoing basis i do not read.

[12:36] If you follow me would you like a fourth of a gold star for that but he has read some important think.

[12:43] Carry potter and hunger games.
Yeah or important either the fact that like to add those for book series your name for young adults lead hey,
a c balance
awesome so his accuracy from august two thousand ten british medium right add yes that's awesome to british media and i have not actually.
You have to but you kinda resemble i'm sure so i file it could try to borrow parts of it
true you know it's funny that you mention that because there really is that something with anything interesting is that there really is a lot of cross covered sometimes i'm depending on what it is i think,
when are the best examples of cross coverage with young adult what is the capital in urban fantasy of the shadow hunter series is a huge book series by cassandra clare that has am
multiple multiple.
Laxmi there's like six and the original is in there is pretty quick since equals alfred stuff but there's also a TV show just wrapped up that finished three full seasons i'm that.
They drop the characters a little bit it's actually also been feeling so you can get your shadow hunters at dragon con if you come to the outlet track and compare send a hundred to drag gonna go see carol there was a mistake.

[14:11] That isn't a very good point two because i think also i was gonna be different audiences but why not
may bring the other one and neither way right you can help me some but you like didn't know this is a book series you know it's as unsure on what you know
during the titles that intro that always lit up now you're on netflix or amazon echo charlie there was a book series probably a lot of people are like woah
no really that just passed i didnt know there was a tv show back so that we can get.

[14:48] Brings people in different ways of summer family call back lovers then those you maybe not so much now what.
I gotta ask cuz everybody is gonna be wondering are you still having the ball this year.
Ask jessica we are okay so um
yes we are very excited to be having your bottle again i'm is what cat
convert two times and places but u everything still flux but i plan to have it again on sunday night umm and it should be helpful in the same place as last year we
do you have the amazing DJ back again this year to add in a spin trust fantastic i really think last years ago but was the best one yet we had a line out the door up until like one thirty in the morning so
i mean it was just fantastic so
do you offer any new listeners is the big party that we throw at your outlet,
i'm it is different from some of the others and that it's really focus on top,
high energy lots of dancing your favorite songs you like to sing along to eighties nineties now top forty hits
you know if you're looking for mr other kinds of dance music there are million different parties he can go to
i got all your help just moved back several times you'll be.

[16:14] I got here looking for that there are parties for you but if you're the kind of person that wants to sing taylor swift at the top of your lungs like dat just
have a grand ol time the yellow bottle is the place for you um we go from eight thirty until two am and the important thing to know is that at
ten PM we become adults only so we let the kids and teens and to get started to have some fun get some like a teen friendly dancing and with a costume parade but then at ten o'clock.

[16:50] Go find something else to do for the night you have to go home bitch can stay here i'm here your party and it's just an in general,
um it's probably a good idea that your young ones out after ten o'clock a drug company where i want to make decisions with your parents.
You are your own best you know your kid but i would also say though you will really especially the start oven has been and always,
i have been on purpose for families to be together there weather is that we are you know that.

[17:28] Middle school whatever those are i don't know what they call themselves are not that strange as you'd a break,
i think what's even great actually and the sword of the segway and not
who you know who got the kids track now which is amazing i'm so glad we have the kids track was great because it really helps as target you know programming through them for the younger ones too you know
yellow light just maybe a little too much for them right arm an also a great thing what would go with kids track is u know they do a lot of media
which is awesome but they're having your own kid friendly party ended sunday night as well and it's actually before the bar so if you got a kid that's like that teenager gonna pop into it's party
go to just party and then if you still are ready.
Go to bed you can come hang out with us for a little bit before you goodnight no please understand how do you know what i like about the kids track let them know how to transfer a collection.

[18:26] Do you know who i don't think i ever spelled that collects coke i just wrote katie has people with which bar the way
brilliant better keep their social media exactly play it still could recommend,
can number is equal to no end i wanna,
we're gonna be talking about this a lot specially get closer to talking about stripe.
When we have been with the kid released me and poppin with kids.
Do you know these parties are you dropping your kids and go get dinner or anything like that though,
under the age of sixty eight thousand sixteen it's a are you have an adult supervisor,
for a parent supervision show even as cute as you know has to be somebody with them,
are you got even then dont you dropping kids clothes that does not go very well for anybody who drops your kids in general i just say as a general life if you pick your kids up drop them.

[19:32] No don't generally not good for their health i always forget how little you like to make your judgment no thank you thank you
snap yes but that ten am start at ten could a tienda o no yo are
eighteen and over by your so cool enough how is nothing
yeah something i can't add solat which most people that are probably listening to this is probably in another spot just so that everyone knows that you like any of the other dragon card.

[20:08] Com parties that are on site address when are included with your bad yeah i got a lot if they have to buy special tickets to get into the body answer is no get there early and getting lively
but you do not have to buy a ticket to get to the end i was trying to steal your tickets are on line two and take your money bad people
yeah pretty much without exception of like a hand full of professional workshops if it's inside the hotel
set alarm one of their rooms in not nice ways personal room with it if there's no line you can walk in,
so that's a good idea to online but not have a batch that have a bag and also going along with that is that you know of there something you're looking at the app for somewhere else.

[21:03] If you're like i want to read this charges if this is one of those things look on the app it will tell your hands to do if it will be great.

[21:13] Also do you get to these parties on time or early because i hope everybody heard she was saying there was a line outside the party until one thirty.
The fire marshal does not let us go over capacity with no no no,
no no something else that is important to note and i hate this every single time but i feel like its important to say is that.
Go to the bathroom before you get mine plays because when you go out the other people in.
Yeah get back in line unfortunately they are not bathrooms in the ball rooms.
I'm writing even think about that to be honest with you and i'm glad you brought it up again oso becos things like i always feel really bad because you know.

[22:04] Just one person that's like trying to go back and then you know and security does a great job of doing their job which is a flight gonna say yes would a last year they are security so,
let's try this year will be the best
safety will be the best safety is gonna make sure that you know the number of people that are in their are with me kurt and that people go out
other people can go away and you know what i was trying to say you know i know that it stinks but you gotta think about that person has been waiting on line for an hour to like they want to get a chance
so where do i go to the bathroom before you get like please actually that's a good thing for all of driving time before you get paid.
That's good idea go party to cancel that please help,
party is good if you're not partying you need to hide better no no hari before your party.
That is correct that's there we go that's a nice you know it's my fault timeline john.

[23:12] Okay so how would he know tho,
what do you know one thing you guys have done in the past security but i'd love to hear what are you doing are you still doing that what's up for the drugs which is the atlanta
i feel it for the atlanta heart associates year,
making heart association yeah what's yo on the american got a alert
oops what color are the ages that's okay how do i find out if john like we take.
Would you take two hundred things like that jon what the answer hi.

[23:57] Yeah got your message after the cancer was me breaking news.

[24:04] No you did the jokes
where do my charity every other saturday we are doing the housework competition again where is amazing and we had very much success in that because.
Let me tell yall bands are very passionate very often about what hogwarts house they are ok leave what is you.
I actually usually calm down about the fifty fifty between raven claw.

[24:44] And a griffin.
Depends on which test did as i usually write some number and ravens ravens ravens some you identifier.
Is certain way that you feel that your soul would like to be my any version of griffin but if i had to be some of the other ones those awful ones in the fantastic beasts movies.
I wish to be that ok so john is pointing at someone you can't see it now but jon what house to hear things again but i am i am hundred percent always come down as working.
I don't have email oh well i guess leather and hey
who hey yeah hey remember not feeling bad know southern wood you very ambitious and dishes and very
strategic in a lot of you thinking that yet because i can run in without a plan c.
Wrong for at least six books out of this hell yeah.
When u with yo are you sometimes a combined with the wrong was in the wrong house.

[26:03] Mute that shit like truthfully i think that she was where she needed to be i think that she had been in raven claw you out of anyone have character growth.

[26:16] Turn off hey play music things like going back to the yard right and whenever she never did i mean yeah he was brave yes but she was.

[26:31] Some sort of plan if he was being forced against it was always trying to make a plan so.
Hey who did you mention that because it make it really makes me think about fantastic
because it's got a good look at the python a different way than you got and the original series i think that's exactly right and what are the things that's just amazing is now so may people like ima have a problem.
Turn your lights where are you people,
what's up what's yours ago i didn't know where years ago they are in griffin carbs were in cr were that's true so think the only thing we have from hufflepuff.
What's the who was awesome but then grew up to be a sparkly vampire and nobody is taking that house.
Yeah i think most people,
this is still you know now that everybody loves notes commande numéro de makes my heart wannabe yes how adorable hero is just adorable and i love how it.

[27:38] I got the wrong redmayne is playing him he just plays him so beautiful and i like to call after that what i actually,
i think you have an advisor from fantastic beasts coming that you would a casual this schedule schedule
schedule schedule only schedule we have dance we're so excited about um
dan plays at nomad jacob.
Which is so exciting and he is fantastic in that row are very excited to get to talk to him about what it's like to be a nomad in a circle wizards world.

[28:21] I just have somebody would ask lol ummm i just wanna know why in the nineteen twenties.
Nobody seems to wear their robes anywhere my heaven forbid we get harry potter and seven years later and wanna rope around the ministry of magic
i'm okay
if you really wanna get deep about it can we talk about how much better dressed dumbledore is oh yes that is true that is yeah,
yeah that's true that is very true that it goes from dapper.
Begin to notice just.
Turn the eggs to it okay to say to a dude aesthetic but you okay.
Who can i know your email here that i don't i don't know.
Yeah i can say is i'm thankful for fantastic beasts yes yes we are very thankful for it and i'm done,
i figured nominated for a costing oscar i don't know if they wanna the first time now but they were nominated you know i really want um that leather coat it was in.
Crank the green ring.

[29:42] That's all thank you what can i do what i wanted to call and grandma all like the house i dont know dont ask i like crimes of the units very pleased because i just i really want.
Like damn fowler to bring bake goods i want to bring that i want some of his like.
You should bring hayden maybe you can give him some pics i should make some like uh like you knows the.
Yeah don't know if that was me who is in the shop with the little raisin eyes that was so cute.
Okay i know what i'm doing i am one hundred percent get out
like teach myself for the next forty three days would he is the director we have nothing else to do between now and dragon comes out that nothing i can use to learn how to make pastries
i forget restart just course i'm sure there is a DIY show where all the internet without yes i am sure there is something you.

[30:45] Oh it's alright back to ohio competition yet we open that we would the other things in limited
dan should yeah i think i will definitely ask dad and figure out what hogwarts house she thinks she should be at all that would be very cool if i wonder why i mean i wonder if
if you are a hufflepuff too i don't know.
What setting and what was people know white house there and most people are very passionate about what house they are and so but the way that we liked to raise money for charity as we have people vote
there dollars for there house and we got the house cup competition in st
start the weekend after repair we asked for the donate to their favorite house.

[31:31] And then we do about last purchase at your bar every year.
And am the band we tell you that i love them we announce who the winner is why does yes last year i heard about this go for it.
What's sheriff what's yo on the first time nine,
a house other than griffin one,
find out what i think we re actually had a password what did you have pups like the fantastic look up all the commands running together now i'm like wait a minute rewind when was that.

[32:14] Who is raven claw that wouldn't you know lots of people.

[32:19] Griffin door wind a couple years ago um okay i got griffin would like a long time winter.

[32:27] What's the thing about griffin like lil would like a refund please i like to remove those most popular belief that if you,
yes i want the one driving dragon con in the left most of the people are rude and cause an extra bed,
we books books hey books i didn't and you know what is a secret if you promise not to tell anybody morning i just between john and i just between you and me and john.
When i take the tests on line i actually,
raven called but i can't i have always identified so i'm just like harry who is sitting with the hat and be like not slow or not so i'm like.
Leaving could he.
Give me food and they say that the house of the dealer starting at text your preference into account so i firmly believe that the sorting hat with beautiful living room where i belong.
I firmly believe the house but house had the supporting.
Pat would've gone really you open up your yoga i do believe that is copper doing what it would be like there's always the not been.
Two thousand years i've been doing the sure let's head on over to her and yet not good amy i'm you tell me you are a.

[33:49] Focus the book track show ohh what are some things you might be doing around books um canal no youtube,
also what are some days anything i order something from u gonna do about books but young adult books,
what is the topic we have a ton of anarchy sour mostly about tracks away are there book focused with a couple of the f four is in tucson media properties in that we have a lot of tests
some of my favorites that i'm really excited for um we have this year again a.

[34:28] It's been a long time since we've talked and talked to a middle grades because again
we're really focus on the other hand that's amazing middle grade books an awesome amazing why are there so the publisher great recently and we wanted to be able to provide a place to have the discussion for middle grade books for those parents and those twins that you know
maybe are looking for something that's a little less adult.
Turn off the alarm panels on world building you know that you can think about like how science fiction you know comes to live talking with people like you know.

[35:11] I got schedule a move-in really love to have jonathan berry come talk to us about uno.
How he doesn't to the science of his books so he uses that to build the world's i'm.

[35:27] Handles ny anthology switch bro big right now anthology there are huge.

[35:35] We're excited to have a pending again this year on comics and graphic novels because there is so much does a lot of awesome awesome young adult
focused contacts and got was i love them personally i dont think they're very great for those readers who are you just a baby,
not hundred percent sure that they're ready to read full books by are having prefer to have you know the more visual but there are some.
That's amazing.

[36:06] I have lined up for that one i'm we're lucky that we can you know get some gas from the comics.
Mix track in addition to authors that also have some done.
Regular or more traditional along with graphic novels which is exciting and we always have writing panels you know there's a raiders track,
so if youve riding your big patch should i definitely say whatever the writers strike where was like to try to do a specific sort of focused on,
brighton young adult literature panels because
yeah yeah let's have a different beast and so we like to try tell your schedule a little bit of that content as well an i wanna buy a riding panels this year and i'm super excited about it.

[36:58] Add character crafting and how you come up with your character is and so you know i think that that would be really fun thing,
would you put clove every year which is awesome we are very excited this year to be doing but i actually austin i'm so if
you know
coming to book club and talking with the author and kicking out with me about their bark is your thing you definitely come to that you can take a particularly awesome but because um it's about a girl
who is going to a car and that car is very much like driving concerts a book,
turn on sorry that was really really fun and ashley's an amazing person she was here last years guests were very excited to have her back,
i am to talk about her bug well and i was clapping as you said one thing which was about the.
Graphic novels and had a wonderful a lot of things coming and i thought about this before i am not indulge in and that is also your trying to focus you the ways.

[38:09] Who hello poss am reading are also encouraging reading and being a dick and all that kind of stuff so
i have my niece has been getting your okay,
switch is a graphic novel that is cheap meals and so elementary
and going to middle school so he still loves me which is great so graphic novel the great the other thing is i also got her some,
because then she could read them to my nephew who is five years younger and so then he's like oh this is cool i like that so yeah well as pictures along with the story which
often i do get it but it also kinda helps especially the younger they are,
help some focus more on this day can l see a visually and language okay,
so great and there is a really good head start you know who first and then i'll talk again what is it gonna get in that app,
you know there are really good books out right now that are for younger kids so i have two kids under five and seven and my seven year old he is a.
White lever st and he's super into those book i know.
Hollywood eight two the box that had a lot of pictures then that means things like i thought that jedi academy and dog man select few blogs that like graphic novel style.

[39:37] Captain underpants select he's starting to like.
Really you know what he likes to read but i got the box car children for request i am and.

[39:51] You started to like bill and that magic tree house but he will always choose
to go to a graphic novel starbucks and i faraway day how are amazing stories that if that's what he wants to read that i am fully support about an issue that keeps wanting to read think it's awesome well
yeah i could you know that would be terrible to have three graphic
i know when you're i don't know twenty and your my son who every time i turn around it's something new that it is a graphic novel by neil gaiman and my husband signed
is it that you said man has loved it and now they're coming out with new.

[40:30] Comics has your friend so yes exciting show.
Getting started that way then you read other things too so if you like graphic novels don't parents don't the spirit that's what i like if you getting readings that important i brought up captain underpants.
Not one of my favorite books series but i will say if every parent has to do it themselves if it gets the reading exactly before
if i get some reading let them really love them what they wanna read and their amazing stories and amazing things to be learned and experienced within the pages of a graphic novel
and yes i don't know if you just don't know if you're constantly you like turning up your nose to them and become little.
Create what they don't want to read anymore.
Don't wanna watch and things like that trust me listen to two parents here and they will decide the other parents i'm sure you know the other thing i wanted was the guerilla is a course available on amazon prime,
for ninety nine its the kindle eleven seventy nine as hard cover.

[41:40] 91 as paper back and audio c d e f.
88 and they have your CD player if you find your CD player will use sound card still have a
yo are terrible it zero if you sign up for a free audible account for thirty days but also that there are some use copying as well through amazon so yeah girl you like pets
yes okay it's just it's such a well written book and especially as someone who attends kinds i mean.
What's not to love it is just a fantastic bag.

[42:19] I did it i'm sorry and the cover art is just adorable it's cinderella on top of the school bus it is just adorable.
I love it so yeah not so who's kinda like cinderella but it is just kicking you know your love so they can create it is not a school bus it's a food truck,
foodtruck it's not wait i am back and i only that is a huge truck.
I'm mad pumpkin pumpkin magic pumpkin.

[42:55] Oh my god that's ok now i am gonna have to buy at caffe streets no good no okay but which book club after
you have to read it to show up for that one i'm assuming how you tell me i definitely would recommend reading it because
there's gonna be spoilers right because i'm gonna be asking
you are actually why she did something with such character arc but was driving behind such character i love you know so i definitely wouldn't recommend it
who is that you are there spoilers if you like really dont mind spoilers at all then.
Well no i know you're not she's gonna be there if you have your own copy of the book,
she will signup yeah you got what is wrong what position is available for eighty dollars.
I was a politician i can you tell me where there are many many many many use copy so it's like i don't wanna.
I can't believe kendal more than that paper bag or whatever they're are used additions and i know it reduce reuse recycle so okay to reuse about.

[44:05] Where to go had no play lose nothing if i read it and then someone else that really how i promise select
i have a problem being a book that i'm always willing to lend people books can i give feedback i don't know,
hi you know we can like we may be related because we have a huge problem in this house of being broke orders yes.
I got the problem is that,
so you can follow us on social media i can do social media on our facebook page we posted a house layout was yesterday on social media that it's like a scrum add a concept
picture of you know like your house or like apartment layout and get a tiny bedroom a tiny kitchen.
Add a tiny like living room and then the rest of the things that library it.
No volume speaking of which how do people find more information on the tracker.

[45:10] So you can find this on social media i'm like you guys mentioned before they just over how the website says normally have a direct people to our website because we have always kept it pretty up to date
but everything is in flux but the website says the best place to reach just right now before the con is on facebook we are on.

[45:30] What's the last one let for drugs you don't let in we also are on twitter and on instagram but i will say
goodbye to our facebook page is constantly post multiple times a day where.
Are there so few ever have a question send us a message when get back to you asap.

[45:59] Get me from there and then the dragon con website,
and there is always those links will be available on the posts related to this podcast so if you have a where do the new nicki dot com if you are not needed just think through
from there now also where is your.
Track room at least as of right now.
We are located in the marriott on the atrium level in room eight seven zero seven.
Where that spot is better scott for years we're right next door to star wars and we are across from the universe with god we got some really good awesome neighbors is well um
are you old souls that dinner and drank on for long time right.

[46:51] Dr use to be what people can remember that really good reviews in our if you know where the breeze ways are from the marriott the one to the left he the food
record them on the right takes u to the hyatt just keep going straight we are right back there.
When yes that is the way to also remember it is if your hungry when you're going from the hyatt.
You can actually see them before you with anyone outside.
Say you walk from the hyatt to go to the local have a trail you get to europe and oh light on yoga outlet animated star wars maybe poetry and then you can just keep on walking out and get you get your national.

[47:33] We are very conveniently located by have trails to both food and the other hotels so if it yeah and also just a reminder that doesn't the one i having a blood drive it's gonna be in a different location
there is still live there is still a blood drive discuss this not there it that actually wonderful because i was always really packed.
Add that was a lot of bodies so what about what was going on.

[48:00] Yeah yeah yeah lol is and truthfully the blood drive out through that space is to me and when they get started in that space
great and then we got to be too big and the fact that we've out grown that space and have to have is
have the driver much space is just an amazing thing as somebody who in my mundane life job works as you know in healthcare i'll i can tell you that there are lots of people who are very appreciative i'm in atlanta hawks childrens hospital that you know benefit from the blood that is
donate it at track run.
Yes it is if you can give it is great if you do so that's awesome plus you know we'd like to really beat that
add west coast con that,
is that your end has not yet wants beat us you know you're not helpful who's por things i just having eaten this
no i mean they try so hard and long to ride what does playing dragon con is the best cum on your record that i got come on
how will the weather be seven days a week anyway stop crying you know.
No lights on but will eventually happens if a wrap-around belt itself and the only time that there will be kind will be labor day weekend.

[49:27] Success the person who is not coming up with programming no not thumbs up person who is like of course it starts on thursday with it starts on thursday and then people listened to him.
Where did they were still i'm still mad about that john i've never been that is why i do thursday.
Wednesdays would a few people i be at the meeting yesterday i was like how does the new thursday in the world that we can absolutely would a person,
and thursday has been the new friday for many many years weather not,
there was programming your não get what i think the fact that you've always been able to.
Can i pick up your badges on thursday here
what is the big thing you know stokes that sort of like a trip with that i think to thursday instead of friday because people would go and start there kinda early buy pizza when im picking up there badges and registration

[50:27] That you got and you know this is wrong so its good that sometimes airlines into things cuz i need to meet new people in the limes instead of there being registration lights while you're waiting on something else you know like the meet new friends asked me to new friends i can you add some ice
start remember my very first
drag and standing in that registration line on instagram friends that registration had a grand old time in their lives like that anymore which registration sure is happy about it i know there are there yet tho
but yeah lah im still exist that they will never go away lol there are people that want to get it
dance dance to learn that its kinda awesome and yeah actually that's what i meant the same during the you're talking about the lines and everything like.
It is nice that your bot can i swap over to eighteen and older at ten PM because.
Turn around dragon con around ten pm i specially on sunday
when did my just be letting out it's really tender the last night of my time as a family you want to have you know maybe a board game in the hotel room or something that just
yeah go over the road for gaming.

[51:52] Order a recording board game there all the time they are there twenty four twenty four seven will be send.
Twenty fourth i had already mailed this is not what is your email i'm telling people understand he walks nice on the pictures.
Is this is where i ask you get me number between one and twenty eighteen it's my favorite.

[52:20] 1234 who.

[52:26] Are you gonna return to get my turning favorite from last from last year which is the disney family feud.

[52:37] Yo on
list will i be ok on this one together mail let's go let's do five questions asked both of you and at the end will talk to whoever had the most points wins obviously,
things work right,
except um ok so will melt the sidewalk last question you can side one answer per second um,
name the disney disney pixar character most likely to enjoy hiking in the woods.

[53:12] You can answer second message voice mail do you remember this for hold on one sec i'll be remember this from last year
hearing about the family the disney family feud because we're pretty sure that no one who ever,
has ever seen a disney movie came up with some of these questions and answers.

[53:32] Yeah no i didn't but i haven't i was tournament the kids name like i said do i say the answer is yes he is a pretty good what's gonna say russell from up.
That would make sense right to make yes yes it would be so benign what are your.
Ok read the question one more time name the disney or disney pixar character most likely to enjoy hiking in the woods.

[53:57] Hiking know what i'm looking at but there are disney movies right across from me and i'm looking through them.
I think i'm gonna say a prince charming.
Keep find and girls they wanna kiss and mary ok need review are on the board.
Roll right right number coming out number seven.
Who are the top seven answers with peter pan.
Bet sixty five for mickey mouse three.
Two goofy in the number one answer the person would be enjoyed hiking in the woods is snow white.
Snow i'm thinking that's incorrect in thinking that's the last i'm still waiting when i key in the cash when ever who did the word is no good very bad decision she thinks this is a terrible terrible game.

[54:54] Are you male backpacker are tears the next question name the designer name the disney disney pixar character that would be the most successful daredevil.

[55:07] Disney disney pixar character most successful daredevil you can answer history cancers i can hear choice.
Just foot daredevil um ok.

[55:21] How are we a flight here was a deer in lincoln i had two god.
No i am sorry danielle i want you to throw how much was i got the other items like hmm.
I was like i mean,
yeah i want to see what he's like the stupid daredevil but he is that us commit and you commit and actually i'd like to buy some something but i also thought or something because it again this game makes no sense who duje.

[55:57] Sophie ok and we are gonna be at the number one answer the other has a number to answer.
What's the number one is back here for eighteen points military was goofy for fourteen points um hey there was going from the bottom up is genie
ariel when i get some inside a pita pocket pants lol i don't get pulled off donald duck and mickey mouse.

[56:25] RT now the title of whatever name that the muppet most likely to drive a motorcycle.

[56:36] No more animal okay good thank you animal.
No no i meant who is guns because it can in but i didn't download that.
Okay so i ordered.
Lol command number five in top five answers is kermit the frog number four is gone zo for thirteen point.
Number three is animal for eighteen points i don't talk to find the bear and miss piggy.
Miss piggy piggy i know i had that like the lone star answer the yeah not lunch long shot i don't know we're looking to start reinstalling okay so,
disney princess character could help you with your homework who would you choose.
Bell obviously she's the smartest dumb and hang of course she is which means it will not be her so yeah let's go with um.

[57:52] Tatiana from.
Yeah princess in the process to get it no CAC i feel like the hero that he is the qb least helpful who are really doesn't read english um.
If areas on their i quit but its gotta be better i know what i want to play with you when a file is on the board um i'm sorry number five in the top five answers here.
Who is number five than cinderella.
The number three is bella for sixteen points and number two is move on and the one is snow white again not sure.
Why no i wana like snow white was my favorite character of all the princesses i know i'm fine yeah yeah not a bad winter but that would not have been the answer.
I would go to the concert book start vs street smarts i mean if i want to learn how to.
Yeah right a worse use my um my word i'm gone with milan.
Yes but yet i still name the dizzy.
Where disney pixar character most likely to.

[59:09] No how do you quantify that your question.
What should i know that's if it is this is me a pixar character most likely to enjoy the same music as you.

[59:25] But my gosh im like.

[59:34] I don't know uh i'm guess so yeah.

[59:44] No
i'm gonna just go pro and save the genie because hey genie can like do any kinda music you likes everything any sings and dances i'm just gonna go with the genie that's a good answer i like that answer
i'm just gonna throw caution out the window that's a joke folks,
i wanna say snow white cuz why not.

[1:00:06] When did u is on the board.
Napoli how i wish to know why do you know who is playing the odds so that's stroke so what number six that mickey is on this list to
yes yes i remember six donald duck head number five is snow white for five points number for woody.
Number three is pluto.
Number two is good pin number be applied to write and number one is mickey mouse now in new icenter who can i choose things he is mickey.
Turn on the road causing the way i don't like these questions would.
Are there will tell you why talia the points get from mela can let people know where you are physically located at can am once again and where they can find you on the inter web.

[1:01:06] So you don't let can be found in the marriott at the rim level in room a seven oh seven and up to you can reach us on social media via facebook.
Add facebook dot com slash GYN let you go and i also remember you lol.
The chair of board and get that writ help way to help with charity is the house cup competition come on we need some help love me some raven call.
Help lol command play the red sliver what's.
You are hip to begin the other two on one night you yes.
Kinda i will it will be that we do love that you bought one but i think there's also a trivia.

[1:02:01] Team trivia y.

[1:02:05] How we do have team trivia up with you waiting trivia.
Tentatively we have that scheduled for the evening on saturday ugh.

[1:02:15] I feel good about y po box had good games shadow hunters come on down and test your knowledge of the barre yoga mat who is something else but i gotta plug what you can bud.
I the pharmacy.

[1:02:29] I have the final scores here i was thirty two points second and with fifty points melbourne.
Yo are you a big me even are you just done that.
She mickey mouse like you know it was because twenty points weather.
Oh of course otherwise you know i want you deep about it i was actually not was gonna be making i really would like the genie.
Navigate the genie now you want to play justin like the bobby and that's why.

[1:03:07] Alright so until next time for mail emily this is jon saying he's.

[1:03:18] Yo are the ps has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter.
That's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[1:03:47] Music.