50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 17 - The Apple Dragon Con Gang

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Play a
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] What can you do.
Is dragon con a podcast that just keeps coming back in itself inside your joining me as always is are you just.
Hey hi how are you hello i am great
we have a lot of factors that are on the website now so people should be looking at that we all signed who fantastic
thing that remind every director right up front how many days are left wondering on yes we're recording this thirty five but if you are a fan of the magicians
or the expense you should be looking at all the people we got what we do in the shadows,
where we do in the shadows that is true television series switches you funny is,
it's hilarious and a wire want u what are you listening to watch that is like a order watch the good place cuz it's really getting.
You know it's not yet season you're watching not only that but many people have been watching us.
What we do in the shadows gupta is on fx that's true problematic is a.
Send me but erased anything is is that um dead.
Psychiatrist from lucifer is gonna be there too and i'm so happy i can't see dr linda alex that the show that's on netflix right.

[2:10] That is no yes use me a fax no netflix yes but netflix new hello that we needed many many more episodes of got so it's good.
Set you tube doesn't exist in their is in question yes that is a possibility,
i think you're still saying how well it goes by who did i didn't clear up something from a couple of podcasts ago okey-dokey there were only two seasons of gravity falls i said three
i know
actually can i get a batteries cannot be like what did i miss the season how did i miss the season and that i didn't think the number on um.

[2:51] Oh no i'm blinking but what's all the books darker than three zero can i expense make sense show also alarm one to tell people again.
The charity this year is the atlanta affiliate of the american heart association i'm gonna have to say that a lot because of all that using that,
and i will screw up so that's good we'll send a voicemail.
I yeah i'm really worried about this john cuz you don't listen to him before i can i already go ahead and got two things i came in through the app on the comment line um you get there by going to a one calling eight one three
three two one.
How are the roads clogged three two one zero tell u or every one three three two one zero eight eight four which is the same thing just not the number.
Anyway here's first one was even play this evening your next line get here
i'm really excited for dylan to his personal calling from dr wright's office she was pretty gay have any questions feel free to give me a call back at eight one three paper napkin what's up
who knows us i think mi band for somebody else okay i need to doctor okay cuz that yet.

[4:15] Hey i never got how you listen to the spider playing in there.

[4:22] He just came back regulations you're not supposed to be congratulated hey i got one.

[4:32] Give me a list when your.
Hey a,
uh oh where do you have somebody here from get from canada directly from canada.
Hub because how do you spell your help
yes we have four people in but the first two are from canada which is bigger and on top so high steve how i describe my sex life what's new no not really i'm making which really see down town detroit,
pretty close yes yes you are yes and we also have bryan and
damian also hear that we're gonna talk today about why do u for crazy people keep coming to driving time will will the first of their proper introduction yes
okay dope house of bryan sorry i don't.

[5:45] I am doing wonderful squeezing get all the love is always and it not gonna go well okay yep may i know very well but have you done buddy.

[6:00] Behind yourself it works better.

[6:05] Order okay so this is actually pretty by weed no no no no no no you forget not me.

[6:16] Ok so it looks like man is having a little bit of a problem again o.

[6:23] I want u live around tony how could u gonna saying let's do that.
No let's not want to hear what you have to say by the way i'm not know i was just just talking about maybe if he needed.
R some mother,
58 ideas i had a couple okay i will i get to listen to a word um that would a,
if you need a yeah,
i want to give it away to the audience who i think did i think its the feeling good also remind you that this person had a doctor's appointment who did this bot.
Ok sorry i'm terrible it was important that record will i didn't come in for your appointment it wasn't.
It which of the person showed up for the appointment by the way is normally you know what you do at doctors at your showroom appointment.

[7:29] Yeah when you have tested and coffee but feeling really as you get older that's okay i am getting older and wanting to have to also do other things besides golf
no that sounds ok
so but what is the prerequisite that all being in the park it's not and the one of the things we talk about is that we have four people because we know that man is gonna come back,
i like it happened right now but.
You have become a drunk and for many many years and we wanted to know why did you start coming dragon con and then he keeps coming back cuz love you come from very long distance.

[8:14] Show brian start with you sure so my first riding con was a,
my older sister kimberly who would.
I would imagine a lot of snow are invited tori and i for for several years i think before we actually came and um i think the thing that sold that was weekend.
Create the mythbusters that was the thing that while it's been i don't even know early two thousands was probably when that happened and.
What was the thing that sold at so we decided to go and not the first time we when we slept on the floor of their hotel room which was the motel six and only did one that i want to change profile we had so much fun when we met so many people.
That we decided it was something worth taking off time for writing and setting time aside and especially the word the people that we wanted to meet and gas things like that but i will say that thing that keeps me coming back the most is actually not that it's tough.
All my friends and and all the extended friends that we meet and we get to hang out with the dragon con that is not an app it's not part of any programming track anything we got it just the other stuff that happens in the in between those those things that be.

[9:32] Really wanting to be there each and every time because it really possible to define what those are you just sometimes before i am your raven and me andy's and short shorts and i don't want to be there for that.
What we like shorts pants or shorts share okay,
do you know where you are trying to go without one so good so good
i'm surprised i was trying to remember when the mythbusters ways to can i have a picture of my little person child and my nephew,
at that point and it was whatever your they were doing that um.
Trying to the rockies many people in star trek uniforms i could have for that get well record.
Is there a bow or little and the picture i have of them both of them and their star trek shirt.

[10:30] I don't know when that was a long time again because i feel like that although i have a picture with adam savage that.
I'm sure if you can find that would have a time limit on a it's been over ten years ago play yeah.
Yeah has to be at least cell yeah so that's really cool and so is mama i'm back on not yet.
Ok show then steve and rita i want to hear each person but why how did you guys decide how much did i get in the dragon,
i'm not from your no help you know we will be on the convention
where are we going tonight in your company would even got to try and calm and originally what we were doing what we were going to wait a minute.

[11:18] Convention in chicago uber driving from toronto to chicago in doing that convention and we start looking at the guest list around mid july mid june or july and august but man it and it really wasn't very good,
so they started to look and see well okay let's see if there are any other conventions in august and this is two thousand eleven and i actually had to google convention are you know all guests in order to find
in order to find about driving on it just it had really
when our radar before so so that ended up being our first one because idm we decided on because
i start to like the cake is that test even have on his poster so we so stupid you want to get those and and send it up and then we had such an incredible time because the convention,
that we want who we are going to previously in toronto i'm why is
that record was completely different than anything we,
worm track as opposed to you have the one big name guest one.
During the whole four days and you better hope you catch them in something else scheduled for that time because.
You disappointed him that's it better we got new stu to conventions being so driving home was so completely different for us.

[12:43] When will you have your yoghurts good we started going cuz we like to guestlist and i had started a battle star cast poster.
Wow thank you needed that point you remember what that point i don't think we'd gotten
nah i don't think we got married mary mcdonnell yeah okay was there he was there all so yeah so there's a butt rub,
a couple that we had fun and got the respond that we're coming and i think it was me the majority of the five that i needed now there is very few that are left on sailing.
That's great and yes no okay set up for you coming because it was different than other things to yes which is kind of dish it interesting to see because i think a lot of people don't realize how different.

[13:36] Is that really your gonna dragon kinda dont realize how different.
Other kinds are other side of it no longer vote majority of conventions ideas to take the deal is bro man put mac daddy in the middle i mean if there is room you can put some other stuff around like autograph the order.
Your order are pianos that kind of thing but their main concern aid,
merchandise and that is not the dragon and that's curly that's gonna drag and yeah it's a breath of fresh air and yes i don't i don't think you can even capture just how fundamental.
Is it cloudy and gets cat because your.

[14:18] When the hotels that are always going to new york comic con and when the show friends of peanuts exercise,
when i here just yet so you can convert one that the show,
if you're not planning everything head where is the dragon doesn't matter what you do you're still on drugs i need a coffee i'm still dragging i have a house but it's still dragging,
everything good a movie that.
Did five am and in the middle of the street and it's been a long term if it's dragon con very ago and this is.
Hi how are you glad your back on sorry we're going there is a little bit a technical services,
but yes that is true i love going to a small pond.
Add enjoy that but it is very different than dragon con.
It doesn't even at six a. m. i'm not yo lil fine do u make the benedict pro maki in the middle of the street.

[15:28] When you go to bed but evening at six thirty when some of us get up and maybe we're going to breakfast or something like that they're still coming going on display lol,
you go down to do the electrical though ill be standing next to you a brain the treadmill,
yes well john your dragon con this very different amount of u. do i by the way that's what we do that that is actually your stories help,
that's early before kids
lets search before baby where are you guys open crank it goes running so because he's preparing for the time it seems good taste so good amy i don't know
when is running from hobby what could you be running from yo no show yes ma'am management when did you start gonna drink and why.
Oh um.
Who is probably around the second or third rank on a middle aged man i have been going since probably the end of high school
when was i just smaller think about what just like her.

[16:41] And yeah we use to get some friends in athens use to drive up and honestly this is back when you can just sleep in the lobby
and what could you tell me what have u there is no who are gonna have a hotel room with desk on the lot more of gum
bender is an outlet for comic story and it a lot more giveaways.

[17:03] And then turn my breaks and come back and take breaks and i think this time it's been a good almost thirteen years straight.
I think this will be in the next train to remove hair got some pictures here that kinda
hello very very long story between need coffee in the unique gifts are starting would a listen when i paid good money for those pictures to go away.
Didn't turn it up high so did i.

[17:39] I know people have paid the wrong yo on pay get the film developed by the person behind the counter and come back three days later,
how possible camera.
Yeah yeah those little ones you would like just in case you'd lose it so you bought like four five cuz you are my back.
Sigh oh well in one of those in my house i dont know how old it is that's really sad okay.
Lol who nel nuovo i mean you started going just.
As a fan and now you're a panel is your hands you a lot of animals,
UX the net even that's really really weird it started out with us helping you guys aren't helping the need coffee and ask andy can evolved into a stain,
um what were you doing pencils and now it's like,
i've got no extra can i get pens and the tracking that i have paid using the track and possibly can one how much,
i don't like who i did know you're in horror comics now you know about infinity me weird and kind of some received the podcast keep it pg but
i've been kind of who did this point one directed.

[19:07] Yeah well we find wonderful people that i wish to share them main,
what's up i'm no that is not that is not at all the complaints are you really really love what i do when i try to remind people dragon con,
is am has always been a fan run convention it's about the fans and so i'm literally basically doing what most people do in the podcast which is i got the sitting room with a bunch of people
that's all for the most part yeah gotta feeling they're still holding their love shows the properties that they are there to talk about and it's really kinda like sending a room with a bunch of friends and just.
Hash and out for about an hour and occasionally you get gased that pop in anatomy on programming them how do we get to cuddle to.
Yeah okay yes no longer triggers all of that,
oh ok so i didn't you guys handling last year i love rose at grand i was wondering more or not when i was in your more okay well get yeah yeah.
Show brian you got it the pearls do you delete a couple i know for me.
Can i purchase another track to right now broken yes ma'am so what you gonna be talking about this year.

[20:30] Well um so damian i are going to be doing a panel on collecting stuff oh both and i have some other pretty girls on the internet republic.
Play miguel on the internet doing some of that and uncertain do that and start any probs because everything on earth has a funko pop.
It seems more gonna see how far we can explore into what things collect and also talk about the nature of collecting and echo seventy and collectables on an all of that stuff will just come.

[21:07] I believe i'm going to talk about mr robot unlock your hands robot i don't know yet others who have anymore anything about lost but then you know.
Come on when ever have a race to get me to admit that your pencils in the this weekend when the final date for that project directors
let me should he can't pronounce right now fight me fight me john reed
wake me know we do not it is it is a pen it is done by us however lot of things get moved around at this point so no more guest to be added we cannot four hundred yet we gotta get more people.

[21:56] That's that has to happen.
Right what steve was right that the high heel when did u say no never gonna do anything about lost again unless i have gas well then they should.
So yeah i'm baxter arena what are some of then is there no you can't have it where.

[22:16] Trucks are gonna go to are you gonna go to our when are there certain your looking forward to.
Where your new life and i am you're gonna be really what i remind me a lost yo are we close the lost animals out where is very nice,
you did your house with no flash forward the email you got another ban lol
can i have that are okay any better i'm flat panel isn't entirely different programming tracks are there anything different weekend
yes gonna very different ways and that's exactly true or has three after ten PM because that would be adult discussions.

[23:05] Arena really only two left to not all i think so i think we're the only month.

[23:11] Where is the king of and no will there just cannot,
join the internet one recording so i don't exist on a black is there a,
go were it for years i didn't exist on a podcast i ran without car,
when will be a senior i was kinda half and how we were not the rest of the podcasts at starbucks you
what's your jon yeah jon yo remember did you remember to hit record for this by are there any scratches recording us is well as a pino.
Garage band is that correct from friday.
It is not good lets get okay so what are some of the fan of you guys gonna be looking for a adidas that your panels bed,
other fandoms are gonna be there at like i am really excited about lucifer i that is my.
How does my krispy kreme donut at two am show i love it we just started getting this little show.
Stranger things in canada yes i have season one just came out of here so i know where.

[24:29] Apakah a canada is behind a few years some jokes up no i'm no so that anymore always looking forward to the need coffee yeah and also always so much fun,
and the menu items were catching up with her,
i wanna order of how many so many shows that hard to star wars yet because words cant i wanna try new one panel of each.
Translate i don't think i don't see it possible to do when i got close one year but it just.

[25:03] New note that i must choose who to time and i think that that part of it to jon that is it does not mean were starting on wednesday,
hey my heart i know that but no lights more tracks in vietnam gonna be there tuesdays with start some tuesday you start tuesday's you,
search for me on wednesday i'll be very on spot that part but okay so that's good what can i do for trying to go to one one panel in every track that's pretty cool i like that idea because i can learn some really interesting things and electronic front.
Captain just him but here's the closest panel just walk and and actually really interesting and the.
Feed but i did that last year and ended up and how to write erotica and what house would he interesting ready to go whenever no.
You learn something new for you ok today in star wars steve i can't wait for star wars.
We only have like less than less than six months i'm so ready yet i'm sorry hey don't want any spoilers i'm trying to stay.

[26:20] What ever i can i don't want anything,
what's on the trailer and i'm done i don't want to see anymore trailers in canada a duo or get her shit
techno with the chinese captions at the napa.
Ok so the da minha you what are so that there's some shows euroleague now into a new fan on.
Honestly i am like i get to live.
The other half of my best life when i met dragon coming because i get to cover a lot of different shows is the panel list,
put your dick all shoes that i would really really like so of course we got supernatural guests coming back,
i'm actually wondering how are you gonna deal i was actually thinking about how are you gonna do when supernatural after two thousand years finally goes off the air
i think me and my father brian just gonna sit somewhere alone in a on a couch and a little bit of donuts cry and anything hold each other
i finna get we been together on that show ummm who i think this is gonna be twelve.
Where will you start a new startup bring it being on about supernatural when it was on extra hello.

[27:45] That sound right somewhere that yeah,
yeah good a man or father bryan for sure the two of us have survived the move and everything else i'm this is definitely going to be a yeah.

[28:01] Being there's gonna be some processing to go on this is definitely the end of a relationship but i can tell you the thing im most excited about it
hey adam this is no disrespect any of the other guests with a shell that i picked up completely on my own and completely fell in love with you,
it's like the opposite for me of harry potter
and got really really good guest for that show me love apple man who plays elliott,
call the show and it's the person i'm looking forward to running into,
who did you see they added some new,
how to be a VA
yeah there's three someone more about yourself or if i don't want number hey let's get the magicians,
show that yeah just picked up in an hour let's get together and am still on lucifer what is the thing i love principal woods,
erase that i am not that's what i will call me spread word from buffy i'm still waiting that long on tv i'm gonna move zero if you are not as well no there of ml.

[29:23] Minute deal,
i made that it is and you get me a drama and sorry i meant yes minute deal but i'm just gonna continue to call the principal woods i like that name to be added always am,
that's always a favorite i'm last year we had an indian lady that i left that place a magic so no weed nice um,
when i am there just so many people i wanna see how many real s
i never have time for them all between cats playing and being on shows and i am your typical friday night meeting where we do improv and i try to meet john cry and or get near death,
i'm good good a happy,
i want video of that when u make them when u will you may can do that cry that he gets bad really red face and tears start coming back laughing laughing and crying so hard
where can i go directly on friday nights need coffee dot com does a live game show
call saul bitch that's where you have for contestant admit to the improv game,
where is india playing various characters to solve the problem and every year so far they've been in there i tried to kill go on another
little hands up in tears choking red faced united
you were actually often wanting to have a paramedic there because we are actually worried you know he's oh.

[30:51] And something could happen so am gonna would like the little mermaid hair just in case i can't find that was harsh,
i know is all who driving can go to thursday five fifty i'm getting safety first that's right,
there's a joke that i'm saving for john until later that will help,
yeah i don't want the most direct joke because it doesn't play against my hub white guilt.

[31:21] How do you say any given time during that if you feel afraid.
I give you permission to pretend like you're calling the police could add to.
You tube okay okay so let's hundred nightlife a dragon con
that's what i like to boogie that's what i like to,
bring down yet online hello how are you i'm glad that justin curtin who does AMI don't help me tho
what are the wheel course have your panels that go on later in horror track i think the tournament at eleven thirty am maybe even later than that um
but for the most part panels are pretty much over and so are other things going on at night,
what are some things if something was the first time coming to dragon con should i come to you should i really try to get to especially the first year.

[32:22] I would say wait until three am and who i go to the right,
go to the rave tonight back yet and i do what i use to do any of those mass of dancers that they have an all of the hotels in the middle east one giant sponsored dance by the programming tracks that's all lol rate the breaking news alerts
i was trying to get into them at midnight you wanna write in you're talking a good what seventy something thousand people,
i'll try and getting it all to you know dance listen to music it's not possible save yourself and sometimes walk around and look at the costumes pop into a handle.
And unit around two thirty and then go to the prom she still be falling out yes i will they go very long yes i would i would i go that thing at the clinic about my life.

[33:18] Do you have a specific been the light but if you've never been to dragon con just leave your hotel room
let's do it just leave and go to the marriott and walk around and just go okay i'll this thing says the speed dating for star wars at disney.
The game of thrones final party in NJ walking dead okay eventually your gonna find something to draw your attention and that was actually last year i think westside damien aidan,
another more friends david not had the full experience what we did and we stumbled into a concert that really cool,
we went to rocky horror picture show we went to the drum circle with all those various things that you hear people talk about them for hours which is what experience the mall can you just get to see.
Just woke what's happening is amazing how many people are still doing things at three four AM it's just lost my pants.
I lost my hewlett the shorts i lost my paints and talking shit sound everything you are supposed to be that film.

[34:27] No steve you lost your pants are some.

[34:33] How do i say no yes no problem that's good af hundred plus paint experience though,
filter by i'm not going there either but ok good getting ur so okay sounds like a striped after dark already i'm ready when you get there i really high,
let me ask you this question how do you guys awake yeah john and i really curious when the bar alcohol.

[35:04] Yo on
yeah actually when we lose rank in stuttgart allowed you know what i think the opposite.
We be tired.

[35:26] Add a gift from my body that you're gonna keep drinking now tho what's up stop leaving me forgotten everything for god knows the situation of their canadian actress substances,
um ok google what damian i'm out midday nap,
hi october how can you know sports background when can we go to previous three times did that when is it that i can find my two hours okay sleep on the bench,
area from two thirty to four thirty that get us an ad well to thirty four.
Orchard time shower and you know that i might receive your wood.
Yeah turn on the cooking channel trisha year woods cooking up something saber with you do have alot figures that's what i want back on one talk off.
So cute,
search okay livestream at this time good please do it would give me a need and i need a copy that what um ok so now u talked about
this is what is a no start with your friends what they're doing is that because of where we're on the same schedule is that a leave.

[36:50] Who sings what is the light pink ten pm leaving her turn i just found out that three thirty AM,
add um no we we do a lot of the yeah comedy your account
jarvis i kinda thinking usually end up at the hilton for karaoke till around the one in the morning and at that point then it is bedtime
yes i am the daycare canadian they drinking they are overly polite that's yo are we been keeping a count of how many times you sorry,
when did i say anything black hawk that's good i like big
i didn't think i actually i heard them say we drink it i will keep going but i try that wasn't in response to jump question okay that's good yeah we'll get things to what's the no
the hilton will have karaoke.

[37:43] Add someone these things and i didn't know until years after it had started so who's the things i learned important thing.
Where's twenty sticker pakistan for the first show the main light before you enter into the westin off of peachtree got the steps that for a few instead of going to the elevator bank if you are to the right to go around.
Order that that's the route to connect you to america's martin actually get to the shopping and the air conditioner without going inside that's one good till whatever they have the.
What's the kitchen has put out like a snack bar in this random author that is people tend to know what hot dogs and pizza right what was that whenever somebody has what.
It is.

[38:36] Is an apache the right of the elevator yeah there's a random out of its spirit what dr comes out there is nothing there it's just walk away,
what is cheap like three bucks for hot dog and no one knows its there she was easy to cry baby i feel like canada got oranges apples the actually have decent things for u to eat if you need anything.
Will you know how many repeat the coconuts.
What is the oven hot dog it actually kinda even though that's pretty good for you that's decently good for you and you can avoid garbage
i need white skirt which is possibly important drunk and you never you never know okay so that's a good one yeah that's a good thing i think it's also very interesting to note that you can get almost everywhere except to the sheraton.
Through the happy trails in some way shape or form because i don't know lot of people know that you can go into the peachtree center go under the street and come up at peachtree center
and then your accoun at the western union have to go outside and feel less than you can get to the market and collect.
Good things especially during the parade and you got to cross the street that's the only one who yes.
Yes yes yes.

[39:59] Sorry add that to actually productive actually speaking of the parade if you do not want to go to the door.
We're getting around then time that is the perfect time for you to go have breakfast on sneak out and go shop and look around because everyone in the city will be at the parade because once the parade ends,
everyone is trying to get back into the hotel or the food court to get something to eat or to get a bed for the day sale
if you're in the mornings and your morning person while the parade going on get out and go get food.
Is probably the least busy to be actually i will be all saturday so yeah i would also added the shopping protest this is.
Thanks will talk about you tube channel go shopping right before it closes on monday and use the phrase you know you dont want to carry that back now that remember to go get a prize that they're gonna be your right shall accept your offer.
I will make a deal but they cannot forget until then they're tired don't wanna haul that stuff especially if it's something big.

[41:13] What special pretty unique i think if it's something.
Size of earth ii nigga i get your guide so that is true i will and happy that i don't want that isn't exactly true.
So yeah that is true so the other question i have for you guys and let's do this is a round robin the start um with stephen reno would you want to know when i go for what has been the.

[41:42] Most thing that thing you have not used it all even though you have taken that dragon for mi you help me questions for me i every year take it and sanitizer.
And every year.
Add device 1 i'm just gonna put it like whatever and every year i use for myself but i forgot to put it out on other places so i don't i just bring my hand sanitizer not extra.

[42:08] Yeah that's a good question.
How can i bring when is the ohio place we drive we do the eleven hour drive nice why.
You know it i recommend it highly to.
If you are able to drive you can park way better that way then what were hey how are we where is that.
Who's doing.

[42:35] Where were chronic over packer i bought a laptop that we didn open for a week of fraud
am i herr straight norwich you know what land,
no what's it gonna be any help anyway but for some reason i figured i should bring it in we bring at least twice as many pairs of shoes and we just now that theyre not the car is the limit for it just stuck
i'm just bring so much that is,
don't end up even using it stopped yes it's a kind of controlled fridges you want to play lets start.
What's yours and we will process the order they think im trying to move and or acute you look so low.

[43:22] The hardest part is we have a limit to the amount of alcohol allowed to bring in,
laying so usually ascot and how much are you bringing and then we have to admit because we're not going to lie to the customs people do we have to admit that were wet over and then trying to pull us canadians
i dont really know eyelashes fluttering and hope ben and so far they haven't charged us today he off my feet that's what i figure they look in the back there is a hundred through all that anyway no
just looking out cheaper for you to get it here in the states watching get here or is the string
what if we combined when we were bringing not canadian whiskey and that which is unavailable are you
the other side or right or there's different craft beers that we that we bring when i craft beer meet up on thursday night so i do for you,
what's your number again i think he gets moved around it's there is a.

[44:24] So i think we're gone there's a meetup for everything they read a really is in the middle of the raffle and
proceeds go to charity yes you do don't bring a lot of wonderful things for the jacket
set it always call back for the beer too so that's one that's why we tend to be over but.
I just fine as long as you're honest with someone when they look in the back and see all that stuff they're like yeah and i'm not dealing with that right now in middle of august so.
I wanted to double down on something dangerous as a hair straighten ur yes lana hi there,
yes i know that's why don't even bother cuz it cuz it don't ya lol find a fan theories monaco when she is awake and ready.

[45:17] It doesn't matter how many does it matter you take a screenshot do it and no it will not know you had a little rain shower.
Will you be packing it again and course i will be getting a place just think hey m could you make a panini get some points there is no different things there are groups that teach how to do that to make your lunch out of your,
are you a new coffee maker
add a task called my stepfather is studying for every yes there is a group for everything
yeah dragon complex and you'll find it ok damian what is something you have been like don't know why i brought that.

[46:02] Yeah i was wondering if it's confirmed plan b i mean you know the usual,
i'm honestly though i notoriously yeah we're gonna skip tell i notoriously over pack clothing smh and i have done the young.
Search thing where.
There have been a few dragon comes early on where yet i'm staying at the hotel and get up and still go work out how to whatever but have had several years really with me doing cosplay i've been over packing clothes.
Doesn't like me and have been thinking about the song and packing last stuff here i think the behind depending on how the justice workout with costumes because
i realized i am in this outfit for two hours and nothing costume the rest of the evening our.
Show annette and i just try to keep it down to who do i have enough underwear socks t-shirts got to really i'm gonna i'm gonna need along without toiletries and then i'm good.
What did that was actually one thing on my mind but sugar for years only brought like won t shirt and only shorts or when she wrote know just with him know that
yeah go to the dealers hall first thing in buy some but i love that fifty dollars go back and listen.

[47:27] John and sam are just starting with t-shirts what would a listing miss you when she is really remind me to bring the baby.

[47:43] Set sound like those anti back suits do not bring the baby leave the baby at home so that the baby doesn't get sick wait till the baby gets older that is trying to but yarn.
Okay what about you something but you've taken an uber like i dont know why i even think about.

[48:05] Its changed over the year but it's the same category any type of audio camera roll anything like that is not my phone,
because inevitably have all this stuff in my room at am i call you no let me go put on the gopro and walk around and i got you know what that's a hundred thousand people down there,
and when i leave this room i'm gonna be back up for seventeen hours and i don't want anything with me other than we are very critical items so i think i have three different bags of different cameras in things
and never knew the feeling but i just use my phone so i think i mean.

[48:45] I know you bring a lot of stuff from your house and around to the different panels and stuff and i just cant imagine how challenging that is bumping into people but that's a good good.
You got a service and a stroke and better to this message you will need to go in a recording anyway so yeah im just going to let you know where are you
you are a new table at a new chat yet i have a problem to write well,
the donut one yes you did we could do nothing of that last podcast.
Hello what's the weather in somewhere else i'm yeah i think that is your right the phone i like seeing people of drugs have ruled no se.
Don't bring your self sticks that isn't you bring myself to stick anyway here you think about it that's just not yet you should you have your first trip driving.

[49:40] What is obviously yes selfie stick only hits the only hits to the cosplay taxa back and black mens wings as eagles fly your phone goes flying out yell ninety feet and its cracked when your done your done ok.
I like that damien you talking about cosplay what are you have planned what are you dressing up for this year what are the ads
add where you were still working out logistics on the couple different things so we will see i'm know friday night being simple cosplay i actually am having a.

[50:20] Hmm what is that.
Yeah anyway i doing a dare we did not finish the costume for the mirror dance for magic mike truly dinner dance costumes remember what roman am still doing sit ups in the middle of this podcast just make sure that happens
i know i am doing a podcast with me in a panel for the whole truck on friday night hopefully
because all scheduling is tentative.
For the heart works of georgia will be covering us will be covering get out we'll be covering twilight zone and casual cosplay for the evening is actually going to be the irish jumpsuit other outfits from us.
Oh wow yeah i'm also in the middle of building on the video game version the injustice two
jack is doctor faith from injustice to i need helmet have a three helmet that's pregnant
i'm currently coming from left and right even before this podcast while they are building the belts building everything else in the chest piece is supposed to light up dis post the light off and putting lights in the how many mine up,
girl no jon no christmas which should give me the password.

[51:46] Oh that would that was a few years but i want the tracking that's dang i didn't little bit but i don't know it's come such a long way
name they are more tutorials and it just is easier to access now,
networking and resource and tutorials and i think about it back in the day feeling really see a whole lot of people don't hate you can take this phone for matin you can make an amazing stuff with it and someone did it and then turn to the people that attend the next start showing other people had to do it
and so what u do know how to go on etsy with your own credit card and say hey i wanna.

[52:22] Why is volume so that's what i did i went next week got a ring bomb three how much printed i'm not very expensive it's a trap rabbits i still have to send it and cleaned everything up in the home paying it add the lights on
make sure i have some cushion inside so it doesn't get arrested directly on my head and i can still see i'm so there's still some work to be done with that
but don't see it gonna sing i think john and myself
when all of this started for us to dragon con the other small conventions what's in it
the internet that was quite as accessible know there were was no you there wasn't enough i'm universal we're very very much middle aged people that are very much still doing good as soon as contact
help pioneer a few things but then there are other aspects of all of this which is the beauty of dragon con encompasses everything and strøm.

[53:21] Show steve do you play new you know who willie is.

[53:29] What year did we i am i think was the first book should i think it was the second third of your weight.
Sad that we did that terrance and phillip are from south park and we getting like its lovely at
what were their we want to get the panels we want to add your stopped ever and i just i don't have the page with specific legislative it's probably the most comfortable convention pause please
i would very comfortable with that is that when
if you wanna do you should actually commit to me its just too difficult to try and not keep to a schedule and trying to do all the different things i am i'm not a cause player at all star movies going to clean yes.
You're here i have a star wars costumes role of the bad guy on UC who is boogie.

[54:27] Why tf would i can hear u what happen again gotta weight flowing cape.
Nice white flowing cape may i know how you would that's an awesome one.
Idk what she was saying about,
getting medicine what have you been a consultant is but what she was saying about getting a brand new starwars grace my first year doing a really big cosplay,
i didn't will smith dead shot later no literally i was little late.
Choose up do you have my panels because i'm like little kids are starving lol can i get a picture with kelly was like wow that is what this is like in my friends like,
add absolutely if yo are the low it's too nice to everyone but i mean it but,
if you want if there something that you really in your case you needed to get to the future of the comments turn on i'm happy you don't be rude no i'm sorry i'm busy like you know you're gonna keep stop playing that
great if that's what you're interested in two but just be mindful of that it does have quite a bit so if you're someone who is trying to get ahold of an old,
ben a costume will people to stop you know it yourself.

[55:53] How does uber use social buy that wants to be in the training can be there.

[56:02] No can a coming out party for somebody who.
You know what it's really nice to do it there i found another conventions to be a little stuffy drinking is very welcome i'll change yes i think they are and i also am you're talking about
yes stopping for people and all of that um i think what are the great things a giant cottage you see so many,
we're raising the next generation of the blues kids are so excited dont care
you're not really hey are there about to explode.
They are both still you know why i give up on u i give up on you i love john it's your turn now is it is game time though.
Time for the game right so i have turn on my cam here so if you just stay yes can you can not see down here at the.
Lol whatever u are pounds of wild onions when we know first result.
Who yo opp tracking gone after dark because there's so many of us,
how many of you and wondering if uh what i do what i make now to take the sea salt and about.

[57:32] I can use for web cam so oh move to that service on.
How do i need to take it back taking out one two three four five six six cuz.
Same exact um that's a shame it doesn't help with the audio podcast for me please can i come.
I will get each person you play to will say three or four depending upon how well it's coming from.

[58:02] We roll the dice and that's the topic that you get,
set i'm ok if ill time around since they have to travel the further i will it will the canadian friends go for a small thing but we got plenty please or separate.
Um dos meus amigos plays at teams could a are the second of winter coming and how you feel drowsy.
N one two three four five ok pop culture trivia there are,
five categories on your cell road again but two three four five if you have sex with you pick which number you want but i hear we go what hello what's your name.

[58:50] What fellow actor.
I don't get why that look at what's the activity i see where the rest of question i order seamless what's the activity did mary in two thousand fifteen,
after catch your set is correct press the forwards.
Hi send sad who does that who are the smaller hall,
sorry movies movies there are four on your site and for side i will get here.
One number one comedy some cartoons what actor portrayed uncle buck uncle buck.

[59:34] Except of one but i'm gonna go with no pain di anything corrected john o did jon get up.
No way you live who did big brother is a corner where you go down in order to get movies again.

[59:55] Whoops i meant not but just dropped my number three one two three dramas musicals how do you put in your resume.
What film richard edinburgh and oscar for best director.

[1:00:15] Server for planet earth to know oh good god the gonna be about the wrong app bro.
That's not even an excess richard and it's your crap i don't know.
Anyway play you and al three one two three eight one nine d eight hundred five.
Switch number three how can he get help which famous twins got their acting start on full house.

[1:00:50] Olsen twins i'm going to bed names are mary kate and ashley in the last name is what i was.
I'm gonna lose you are they the best actress is in your family know nothing no no.
I made a lot of money regardless of your mother.

[1:01:12] Yo on hey clean clean canada is next one two three four.
Movies in trivia.
Movies for how many curtains are you returning cover up insecurity couple irritating couple kevin spacey and judy davis are taken hostage on christmas eve by who.
End of.
When of the actor who plays it's tennis larry that is correct how high is the order please what's your favorite qualified.
What is the brand me and put into the important movies in toronto again movies movies movies and trivia it's just movies trivia end of sentence dramas musicals.
Uh oh well.
So this is 50 50 access should i ask the hard part is broken who are false.

[1:02:16] The numbers are false to any of it your dog day afternoon stars robert de niro as a bank robber trying to steal money for his lover his lover sex change operation.
Ask sherry wine that is incorrect hey.
Yeah dawg the afternoon at starbucks let's start.

[1:02:43] Who is that request on that is actually that actually go issues the last movie trivia so who
what sport film how many court and bri what film stars jack nicholson as melvin hall and obsessive,
compulsive eating right.

[1:03:04] What sound is so important that this is not correct that is good get doesn't get to this correct.
He one two three search for sports sports really,
i don't believe i don't believe that we're hey alexa happened to sleep hey shorts,
okay number bong go back there of a buffer state from search for drugs or girl.

[1:03:45] Who is the mystery answer your question number three on the sports car,
how many olympic medals what you mute which road are so you asked about curly
hello big metal head american swimmer michael phelps won by two thousand sixteen 23 or something.
Twenty here leave it says twenty three or something on spotify when are you due me before so i actually that's kinda wrong you should give me what i had done here.

[1:04:23] Okay i'll do that when i check who is twenty eight miles away it was accident was asked to kevin.
I don't know act like in what year did the golden state warriors take the nba title playing against cleveland cleveland cavaliers.

[1:04:42] Go back to touch multiple answers.

[1:04:46] I would just printed last year but i will go away two thousand seventy.
Two thousand fifteen two thousand fifteen not yet not i think it in canada.
Five one two three four và pop culture number four.
Okay who is your creator what is columbus late payment for science adams who's at ten downing street.

[1:05:25] Who attend downing street.

[1:05:30] Sherlock holmes now that's true twenty one baker hàng downing the am but let me show.
What were the downton abbey people live no bitch unfortunately you know canadian
that doesn't mean anything will pm birthday is the prime minister bride from is
unfortunately right now and when is it right now you are already a day me and you get
horror and if i don't hold the plants in the back of the cards i don't want to be here i can't see that far away without twenty screen anyway because an older person you have caught people are one iconic,
i actually would like in a horror movie actor appeared in the opening sequence of a two thousand six film nacho.

[1:06:26] What ikonik horror movie actor appeared in the opening sequence of a two thousand six film nacho it in a robbery.
Robert england is correct because who else is there i don't know another email who that being disrespectful okay order a whole lot of the people who were in his name is that see i would not like
december got on that guest comment it isn't it is it is nine before we get.
Your question is who replaced david lee roth and van halen the rock.
Set it up because the rock is always feel bored with direct replaces everyone here we got somebody in production about that.
I am sure that the.

[1:07:20] What is your final answer yes final answer who did texas go to your.
Hey yeah yeah what's a good agent.
I don't know let me get what i am very excited which which questions would be what one two three en four y.
Which ones about curling advance to get your number three why did alyssa using the other one.
Why do the nineteen forty four london olympicgames not take place
yo are not funny and call me in the
hi there is your answer who are you hello.
Alright thank you could when did with this answer lol new reminder to alter my pressure.

[1:08:29] Eighties nineties.
And the third question is what was the name of a new director n w k rp in cincinnati.

[1:08:42] What is the name of the new director on that you care PA and cincinnati oh no characters named support her kids.

[1:08:52] Was it last national yo on was the director of DPA.
You are a douchebag.

[1:09:11] That was awesome so rolling in trivia two four six.
I carry on we know about hockey and hockey yo are you a little bit about basketball yet because this is true.
Yes capitals but the regular season i would like to check it in other places where about the regular season.

[1:09:38] What does start of it to the playoffs and see how fast they disappear that's not ok.

[1:09:46] Is it going around the horn.
I am a madman you guys have a you tube channels mentioned earlier working towards you want to go ahead must know where people can find more information about us.
Her you can find me a you tube dot com slash.
Big dog big DUB and extra big hug sixty six zero big do you b sixty there's a lot of sadness
including several years dragon con in a blogs and various other conventions i do and that's a good time we get a lot of that.
Goto venus and a lot of white am sorry cutout goofy niggas from stealing,
could you let me know if you have bananas will do a lot of the.

[1:10:38] Character collection stuff to do lots of collectables and come look stores can i drop number bae and i would say nobody who ever listen to podcasts would like anything about you know collectables or phoenix.
Yeah we were we refer to it is great film compared grapes to listen again and the do you have any bread.
I do but much like a hotel in the loser just not post most of my recordings the best way to find me
is the instagram you dot com slash picked up here exactly what is on the quite a bit.

[1:11:24] But my instagram is a unidentified under score of madman and litteraly this is almost all of my action figures in the median on my cosplay and all of my food along with hi
agreed that we will do a reboot.
Lol he's got any important we do have a great business like no other.

[1:11:52] Nigga i'm steven reno do you have anything to hot like that you tube instagram,
does my space still with yo are we still going somewhere
i just don't want to push the new UI update is days now and by the russians so i place my send thing where they lost,
all the birds all the years prior to like something very recent hon ko
it wasn't it wasn't on purpose and say hey we're going to happen quite by accident earlier okay
instead of you trying to say something know what i wanna push charlie the buttons and stickers that to not give if get some money to extra.
What are in a past life i was a graphic designer her name and it like all together.
How does awesome buttons and stickers for extract and paranormal stuff and we thank him so much because that way all the money goes to charity so,
what's come out to the east dance from missouri is the laundry the dance as far as i know is still on because there will be a little be some special.
Bad ribbon tape please.

[1:13:09] Especially if you wear a costume that i put all of u playing at home this is an eighties music dance not an actual actor janeiro yo are as a,
dojo how exactly do i go to the walker too loud.

[1:13:30] Actually i wouldn't say that the first day there might be some AIC the people are talking about on your back never know how may i help you gotta be proactive with you.
Exactly and the golf ball measure it with the life alert bracelet once you start drinking yet she.
Select yes button button stickers and other stuff.

[1:13:55] Nora is anything else you want something.

[1:14:00] I want my ride buddy i don't receive that whenever i can answer that the.

[1:14:09] I got to take a men's pants to read over here we will be coming to RI know what until next time.

[1:14:20] Speech rate.
Add eggs and ham and only twelve people and how canada is a need to smoke salmon.
Who are forwards it will not go home.
Remember kids if you smoke crack you can still be in there is no purpose in it i'm saying peace.

[1:14:46] What did work.

[1:14:52] Music.

[1:14:59] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment or suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[1:15:22] Music.

[1:15:28] I am two seconds away from messaging who did this tigers.

[1:15:38] What is your not ready then i said my job is done if i almost killed at least one person could he just be starting.
No you never know depends on the deck.
Is it like to complete things just start stuff get some children had no idea how true that is.