50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 19 -Filk Lives!

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:35] Welcome to another edition of only fifty days of dragon con john is again.

[0:45] Signing the have a real life than he has allowed me.
Order encourage me or ran away from all responsibility of me doing this all by myself tonight along with our wonderful guests coming introduces really great thing about doing this.
Without jon is that i don't have to do an awkward segway so i will just after a few announcements i go there really quick again wondering remind everybody.
Charity this year is the atlanta affiliate.
The american heart association hoe laat is actually like papa mountain my finger.
I have a whole lot of things going on or can be art.
And there's gonna be a silent auction and there's gonna be allowed option and then there's gonna be,
places to give us money for buttons and stickers and house in your outlet and many many other things that we'll be talking about so,
yes please help help help from you know these are very often.
Things that are very close to driving cons hard time training if you was a long time dragon con director bob passed away last year and i'm heart disease so.
The more we do the more money people get better.

[2:07] What's better the purity can get education out and help families and help people and everything else so we need to do other have a husband huge.
Ummm announcement recently but the biggest thing is we have some guests.
Coming from the expansive at west chatham and stephen street they are gonna be at dragon con which had some other the expense people.

[2:36] Listed so really excited about becoming and i think that's gonna look really cool i like the expanse i am kind of addicted to it so i was really glad when,
i got really picked up too so.
Glad glad glad that we have it on many credits continuing you will have more people there this year so there will be great but if i said the great thing about this is either way so i just can introduce amber hi amber.
Hey how are you i do whatever u are the field director at dragon time
and what is show track for people who may not know
we are the music of fandom weather is original i even what we refer to was found fill casa is like a song about the apollo eleven,
michelle things along that lines anything about fandom everything is philip that's how we refer to it and its also the name of a podcast that the lovely and room key from the yards does every year,
help highlight some of our performers excellent now though i'm sure you just set up hallo eleven found field.
Yes i get that i just have in the fifty it's the truth anniversary am,
which is great apollo eleven so what is that there is a great song called i hope you.

[4:02] Add that i kinda grew up on i grew up in science fiction convention so falcons always been a part of my life i was
you know the little kid who probably shouldn't of been up in the middle of the night is making a pallet in the corner while everybody saying around me up scotty.

[4:21] Well it happened that's good hey next generation of and on that url yet.
I am even raising my daughter the same way she's been coming to dragon con said she was foreign she's gonna be eighteen in oct who ya goof.
Who were those years ago truoc look at the colour the better now.

[4:46] Okay so that kinda like what films y'all got so that yet but i did know that there are things like that so that will be interesting is that something to look at.

[4:55] So how did you become an you just said that to become involved then she'll get the kit on the pallet.
What other parents were doing this but how did you become involved with dragon con in dragon con i have been volunteering for.
Fourteen maybe fifteen years ago um i started with the apocalypse rising track because of the fact that i use to write a blog about TV show called jericho.

[5:22] I'm not showing you can watch on netflix and amazon prime FYI food doesn't know i am but because of the fact that my aunt was involved with the sill track.

[5:35] They were super short staffed one year and she's like i don't know what i'm gonna do my god that's fine,
you know come sit with you and the evenings after i'm done with my shift set my close friends and where,
i didn't sleep at all that time but it was fun in the oven so that i moved over to add to the track to help them out and then ended up being second home i wanna say.
Nine years i was assistant director under your arm when robbie decided to step down after the show last year he recommended that i go ahead and take over as director so we gotta a relatively smooth transition,
i still like to harass him every once in a while but he actually gets to enjoy dragon con for the very first time is just a fan this year wow that would be very different,
what is up how u been many years since i had been how can i just show up,
he actually never came to dragon con until he got the director role for a film with cumberbatch in his very first dragon con.
What is as director just up that little bit of a baptism by fire there but hey thats good but.

[6:52] Mm sao the other thing is now it's even doing this what are you guys gonna be doin and phil track this year,
well we do have some great performers both new and returning add the blueberry hunt with has the best rock band in north carolina
they also perform in the society for creative and akron so will be also doing a medical music piano for us on monday.
I'm we got coming back to rapid have uber codes are coming directly off a very successful kickstarter for their ten studio album.
End school reunion ask i don't know if there are you up get back together but they are releasing new music.

[7:40] R many we got hot corn and holly there was a rock bands of great folks i just did wrong kickstarter not too long ago i entitled the wizards resistance.
Add the umm.
Yelp greatest of white trash comedy rock jeep mikey mason is coming back and also the very popular
i miss being nice and i was always popular dragon hey there mr i am very happy to say that we have large rooms for both of your shows what ud that's okay what.
You're saying this is pulling up the driveway i remember trying to all brand new now or at leads
the same site but it looks brand new so you can also apply it's trying and if you go under people to see and just go under performers hey these are in alphabetical order and i saw,
i'm never gonna say either one of those to be names correctly um i know how big yours and get that one out and i can get barred out but i try that other were gonna just doesn't work like that are listed so not just the film,
add the field performers but also the other bands that will be coming so i'm looking for those and seeing when will they get added that applies can go.

[9:05] Are we asked and i did nothing is now actually picked up on all of my devices and spell check.
What's because im not gonna get the hoop for it yeah that's hello there yeah.
Also for the very first time we have on u band tonight sabres which actually my daughter is very fond of uncle adolf they are coming down for the very first dragon con and then of course we have tom smith.
The fastest build in the world,
oh what the f you performances from a special guests at the PDX prod sites will be doing a show with us again and me but i gotta and performers of angry right heart.

[9:51] That is a lot of people and what what you got right now so.
Yeah okay and all of these are subject to change as of today we're recording news we have all these people listed i was hoping it savers cuz i'm just.
Yeah we're gonna be talking to a lot of different tracks no night sabres are kinda late night ride or is it sabres at light sabres order.

[10:21] Everything they do a lot of anime based still okay got,
add um as my daughter like to point out as i was putting together some promo for our track on social media
they also are absolutely obsessed with kpop which my seventeen year old is this well so i hope understand that they gave yeah
yeah i've read alot about kpop this year well nice the last two years so that's good that's get something from somewhere performance that we are talking about that,
are you do you are they gonna be in your truck room are they gonna be in larger rooms what time are the performances gonna be going on a planting times right now,
add programming times right now we post of our,
concerts during the day and into the early evening will be held at our truck room which is hot and the hyatt.
Hanover of AMG but we do have some of the larger rooms us set aside.
I know that there's been a couple of shifts in the.

[11:28] Planning for the larger rooms but we will be having firefly drinking songs i don't have my queue mason alarm on friday night,
add to the time i get a larger room will also have the mr have a maid bins out friday and saturday nights at the moment other than large rooms and also on saturday.
Most of our performers will be getting together to do what's now become a tradition on the track.
Where we take a tribute group sing under a certain theme the first year that we did it was for star wars last year we open that twelve when it was harry potter.
Are there here thanks to a paul we're doing the world of superheroes in that would be most of the performers getting up doing like three to four songs all along the same theme.

[12:20] Okay i like that super heroes always fun always find that i like superhero stuff but i get no um,
what other kind of programming have planned right now not just concerts but we also have been doing some workshops.
Where are performers actually will get together and talk on it seems weather be anything from anyone and when you recording and mastering your music,
are running an exterminator for those that are looking tonight make that next step,
i am we've also got caught stealing and performance is my second the sheer is madison matricula roberts,
i am she is a professional musician who performs in a very elaborate get up sometimes and shit when it's you.
Talk about how it can be difficult at times given your costume how to actually just sing and play guitar,
and will be working with the costuming track is well getting a few piano lessons to chat for tips and tricks you know how to.

[13:28] Staying properly insane in a course you know yeah that would be really i can't imagine seeing it a course or really tights or anything like that yahoo,
jumping up and down around stage when you got you know up the full acct not even just that close browser other parts of the costuming like the way you are,
what ever other accessories you may be doing yeah.

[14:01] Now we have to be difficult to jump around and play and how you know,
oh that would be difficult that would be good eight bet all the seventies or jumping around and i started for someone reason
seeing all the old eighties band that have those really big hair that were actually we not use their hair just thought about that nowhere how you
how do you keep those on lol where can o you know thinking of it even like adam and the ants just how u play guitar with the big puffy sleeved.
What do you do makeup for running i can i can keep,
i liner or mascara even getting water proof or whatever else just to walk around atlanta humidity in the morning i think if i'm trying to like come up there with those lights and i'm all out.

[15:00] That would be difficult.

[15:05] Emery still there yes they are you help me to open that would be a very interesting good in a really cool sign out what a
i think one of the other things to what's become about feel pain cuz you brought yourself that you know that you are the kid on the pallet then your daughter.
we're still saying that second generation third generation or whatever generation where you for driving time now what are you doing anything for some of those younger generations
we are working on this will be the second year that we work with the kids track are we will be on working with them without kids feel so we've got some performers that have some great songs that little kids can pick up and sing along and
yelp play the mirror and do that and i both will be there is
sunday but i could be wrong we'll have to see how the schedule works out
all dates and times are subject to change,
always that's why nobody talks about him
officially yet until about a week or two before coming in there is rain every i always like to put on any kind of caveat of until,
what ever starting.

[16:23] Actually starts and i would not sure exactly what it will be never hook not gonna run with that you gonna be what's gonna be part of driving time and i know we say it s probably every other podcast is,
just be flexible don't have to worry three things you think you might wanna go and see,
yeah you never know i didn't example last year,
i said earlier by the internet because of the fact that he does podcast we started doing some life podcast,
what are some other performers in the room and we take an hour and do that well last year on the broad did nothing which is a member of we're performing over the concourse and americas mart.

[17:09] Yeah they got stuck.
And the americas mart and who i was kinda starting to panic and then i happened to see one of the other performers mikey mason i don't like my new.
What you play hey you around the podcast up.
Come on u-direct yeah everybody's flexible dryers members.
Volunteers and even our wonderful gaston pros,
off the bat white very true your just say something about um at walmart.
Show i just remember.

[17:53] This is very much how long ago this may be there use to be like a small stage that was on the lower level of the high yet.

[18:03] Where are they right in front where the art show would be is that now that kind of stage is not the mark i believe a call will provide clearance yet gilbert actually runs the concourse and i believe that be awesome.
Add this stage that sound from the height which is actually very close to our room.
Yeah i wouldn't be on yet would have to be on your site almost two level yeah yeah yeah it's actually right out side on other the hanover hallway where we are,
are there still gonna be stuck there and i'm not sure what's the state of the second stage but i do know that concourse will have a second stage
i'm just contact where i am because i know that there were some issues with i just the logistics of getting people in and out of the room but they weren't,
there you go but there is a plan for it so you can still view if anybody is wondering how you know there's gonna be stuff listed under feel track and then they're gonna be under,
course you know that you places to look and then just start walking around late at night and then there might be more bands going,
i'll be making programming or many other places listed.
And then also every evening we have what we refer to is open philips where anyone is welcome to come and share a song or spoken word or anything to do with fandom wiki by track room open until three thirty in the morning.

[19:30] Hi artificial programming so we have open filter every evening and we went out with the excuse me we will have a few open philips during the day on.
Including on friday what we like to do is open all of our shows where i want peanut what is philip,
where we go over that the explanations were usually also have a few performers to come and you know just play a few songs,
and then we had a meet and greet with some of the performers as they are available and then we have what we call silken cookies.
Where we provide the cookies n you provide the filter menu are always welcome to come and participate or just sit and listen.
Can you get a cookie if you just listen yeah so where did we go we do also get custom fortune cookies done every year that we have for fucking cookies all of the fortunes have something to do with our performers for the year.

[20:27] Ok that's okay awesome i didn't know you did that is ok up first i didn't know you could make a custom for a gift but i did know you did that that is really need me.
And he is so good i think its because ive never had actually fresh fortune cookies until we started doing this morning
you're not supposed to taste like cardboard people who were supposed to have this nice little like i need citrus vanilla kinda flavor.

[20:59] Sometimes they are very kind of you.
I like i like fortune cookies yes people i want to know real foggy good fortune cookies are good,
don't drink don't a cardboard but no one there help now a course by monday if there are any left hand
i'm one of the few folks that works the track that's local i'd start handing them out in piles please take them home i don't want to take them
what's the move no there's only so many people at so many cookies my family,
yeah are you not wish to take any horrible.

[21:38] That is really good so i would like my charity heard me talk about that is there anything you guys are doing for charity this year.
Add this year we will of course have all that i could and we will be promoting that um we have some plans in the making forward twenty twenty i return to work a little closer with charity
um yeah share with jessica add you know be promoting the give hom.
They can you give us what you can and always remember up to one hundred k,
dragon con matches it dollar for dollar up to one hundred k so that is good and people who may not understand where you can have the bucket there will be a bucket,
for each direct edit basically is ok and when you control your money in there and we can get you a charity.

[22:34] When is it anyway today we're just even yell at peace and change what you've got your pocket exactly what make a difference what are the favorite.
I actually years ago when this coming up and things like that when is things extra and paranoid and tried it is we just i had this metal bucket.
I don't even remember how i got this metal bucket i don't know but the charity people like how it was like right on monday i would like okay how many people are flat out,
look in your pockets right now you don't want to go through TSA tried out that change outta just wanna bucket.
It makes a wonderful noise and the bucket hey dollar bills make it even better noise it has been a technical crackle noise,
what the change makes a fun lil who can of like music.
No there's background music ever you want to dance here in little music with that that'll be great show.

[23:34] Add we talk about feeling know you're also of course i wanna see what's going on at drag con if there were any time,
when you're able to get who can be on your own for a little bit.
Are you are there any gas or anything you liked i really hope i get two hours to walk the art show.
What about that i always absolutely adore are just wondering around the art show this year of course my entire household,
kinda had this great gas been of breath when they announced david tennant.

[24:11] Yo are the pink yellow that that would be one of those things i am dislike you
i will probably end up just watching in monday see tv in my hotel room but that's okay
that's okay there's nothing wrong with that that's very good because of you get that i'm just a even that's nice i'm gonna sit down for an hour and watch.
Kanye on tv i think that sounds great yes i like that idea do i do you always walk in through the art show just because and i cannot tell you how many years of dennis.
Go through the art show and threw VR comic haley that i just got three there and been like oh why is your nephew needs this though my stepmother with that piece of jewelry i get so much christmas shopping done.

[25:03] And i always like doing it because it's small.
No small businesses that you're supporting i love do that every order is not enough time for meeting.
Spend as much time as id like to in the art show,
yeah probably good for my bank account but i can completely understand that um i heard.

[25:27] The folks that have been you know participating in the track over the years,
when are the former members of one of the bands that we had for a few years in a row pandora celtic is she is also a printer and tea maker and she will be a vendor egg hunt for the very first time
who that is excellently a pottery engage it like press need flats,
and cups and the tv to put it so that it's is great and it can can help me out there she's amazing.
Okay i'll try it yes dr i add you think there are y a d wouldn't why did okay get i
just wanted to hey we will be on whoever we pick is actually smoking always been friends of the contents of great so
no you also what about your daughter just made ago what a big sigh of happiness about tenant is there anything you talk about kpop.
What is he looking for you she is a huge fan of going and seeing the raptors,
okay can i engage in is a big gamer.
Add when we were down actually in the motor lobby of the highest before we moved up to where we actually get celsius.

[26:51] What's the temperature at home but we're down and baker room for many years and feel track we were right next to the end of may.
Ask sushi with just enough.
Walk over and see this panel so yeah that is get know my son has started about three years ago loves the.
Least one night love to go to the rave i'm just like.
I gotta admit how do you do this is like it's wonderful i get up but i do not know i go when i work them like okay,
yeah glad you can do that cuz you know we can i don't know i can't so that,
right show amber we're about to end up before we end up can you tell us again where are you on facebook,
we are at dragon con music track,
on facebook and on twitter we are deacon feel can DC o n f o l k.

[27:55] If i okay yeah awesome and that is not a bad word does not like yo can feel hes been around for a long time.
Show this is great i'm really looking forward to it can't wait i'm great news amber is because you know is that you're not have to play the game hay makes me so happy because i don't like you.

[28:21] Especially the last one you haven't heard yet was i got get me these questions about sports like.
Hi do i know i have no idea what year did the raptors you know what year did the golden state warriors win i don't know what up.

[28:39] SEC football we can have a chat to a real basketball how many yards are in the fight i actually for my day job that i worked on the nba digital for of yourself when did u i think provider that be awesome
traffic but it hey i just there was somebody i was talking to i think i don't remember where was it must of been.
I can't remember what they're something like you i did know that like canada had basketball.

[29:09] Yeah it's not okay is that the company's newest an american sports.
Yeah have baseball in canada too and there like yeah it s just too many mark yeah what amber really want to thank you for meeting on this everybody go see phil track again they are at the hyatt.
And what route.
Hanover of hanover NJ and that is the plan is there a thing hiit and over of AMG always look on your dragon con app.

[29:42] I will send you some information on amber and this is only for amber and john eating dinner.
Say piece and this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
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