50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 2 - Kevin - Everything Is Newbies Again

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Welcome to another role.
Do you drink and a podcast that it's still new year it's a two thousand nineteen fishing and a joint is always is the fresh faced hey.
Hi i am depressed i am because its only day to up date u a recording of these things um not feel right that fifty dollars out from con.
Show i'm still sleeping and all is good.
Umm you still you still sleeping so can you please help me,
how is your planting going how are you how far along what's up.
Behind-the-back be on the current republicans really like but fifty three days out as we were this am aware it from a director sampling where are you at is far as,
i'm sitting at the schedule for the year not the mascot me know when do that to piss ya i can i ask you to share your schedule up but just out of curiosity when will the schedule be ready,
are you gonna be ready to approximately one to two weeks before con is my schedule be ready when it comes up on the dragon con app.
When is the world happy when i turn my phone usually one to two weeks before call.

[1:57] I would a renter scheduling.
Add this point most u will have a pretty decent outlined on what is going on.
Are many rooms the time that we would have to be to be in regular track room.
Add that was the band put in and now we're just kind of finalize our schedule between now and the end of july after that it'll it'll close up for us and then senior director will have time that they can make changes are,
work with us and we have to make other changes like people get added on in august or if i need a gasket or get strong and we have to make some changes things like that.
We have for the most part we had a pretty good ugh outline right now and then just kinda cleaning it up and finalize i'm gonna moving forward.
Who did the look today and see if anything new was added to the list.
I did not look to see if anybody have been added i was the one day the wheel,
what dates is we got does i was assuming not since it is a sunday.

[3:10] When most of us this was the day of the women's world cup final are as we should really just call your the soccer final sense,
who gone help guide you every year since sarah's funeral,
for women and men of oregon once and the seventy eight plus yours but hey i'm not um.
But yeah we really haven't had anybody big who's been added since yesterday and we are not so good.

[3:41] Right then so without further ado we should really introduce our our guest today then uh anybody who is new dragon con this will be some really good information for you um want your.

[3:56] Do the introduction not wait for you to finish your siblings drink they go,
i want to introduce kevin bachelor he is an charge of the dragon con new your that you will actually see in the dragon con app and then go and you,
on wednesday night and i think he meant for thursday now that kevin would let us know that.

[4:20] But for you before driving kind of fish starts and he is also backed his podcast.
Add a so many other podcasts where can i drop.
Thank you thank you box i know its annual right now time to kick into gear once i talk to.
Yeah so that's something you'll need to use a way to only got a few more days few weeks till i gotta pick me all packed up and ready to go right,
ask me coming and alright i cannot i can't enjoy that it's nice to know i don't have to worry about other things address be sure to bring the alarm bell in start panicking,
which remember i last log so this is usually when you help me get them ready but there was one year where we actually get to be reminded by gina,
uh bad you're supposed to start a podcast that was like two days i will try to get that started.
Yes i was sleep tight out she techno how u are you work with the newbie group and no its you a couple of people that serves head up.

[5:31] Tell me what other folks are as well as explain what about what the newbie group is.
Sure sure and am getting walleye my pizza one here talking gets only one part of the country for a bus from the overlook the newbie group on facebook where tony stars and also the events that take.
I myself can make m any suggestion weather in michael,
order boston that working together on this pump one back seven years actually so that we all are no pics and ongoing many many years all of us and a.
Back in two thousand eleven actually i started a facebook group.
Call dragon boat just because i had a few friends and i met your being broadcast or someone told myself since two thousand five,
i'm always talking about the folks who said that my amex pixel a random answer your question facebook group.

[6:26] Add lemons whole eight years later this now more than four thousand people in that group including lots of folks were brand new and lots going,
with the crime it's a great group of folks there on facebook around to answering questions about being as condos we are just a fan.
Run group got back and the twenty fourteen or twelve i think it was kim started doing some walking tours,
um yeah she is also a longtime content just want to start organizing some books get out of the land,
suppress couple your shit just kinda didnt want to feel better books have to do it and can't found out about it said hey this is a great resource that would you like to list of your events schedule,
where are the fish are the bottom.

[7:20] So we with setting in jarvis saying i feel unloved schedule an adult that wanted two weeks before can you will see that you walking tours actually do them on thursday afternoon.
Oh what's happening right now but things are getting a little earlier so we're walking tours with them before we start the middle one o'clock.
On thursday afternoon around for most the afternoon and we also due a couple of open come and asking questions of the new one on thursday evening after chores finish six thirty.
That's the hail starts and then first thing friday morning can we also open q and a type c so anything to help on fox cuz we all know,
i need you to send a card listening you're not in right now that first on is quite the iowa winter what anyone can do to okay
help me know he's box and getting a little more prepared for the awesome this that is coming is your goal.

[8:19] When i think that's kevin one of the great things about the first holiday as a fan group all of us have been there before.
Which is great so its helping fans which is a big part of driving time and the other party's that it is and what kind.
You're the one it was only one hotel or two hotels and whatever it was still having show having these kind of really,
make you feel like i am not just walking in blind i'm not i gotta leave for an idea of what's going on at least i know where to go for registration,
who is even on the app for things of that nature because i think what are the things everybody once know before they even get there and,
what are some of those things that you know just your top five question that you always get every year.
Twelve or fifteen hundred times before.

[9:13] Well when the great things about the group etc on facebook just like the drag and re say this all the time and it is there is no bad question everyone the same type come and join the group ask question,
yes we,
no is lisa we turn it up sometimes but that's ok if you need information on their dancer great thing it's not just the forecast said,
thank you love about the group is a lot of people join it brand new and then because i love you back to stay in the group so they can offer,
it's the people with the questions you always got a new box and i said all the time is umm what is schedule coming out.
Um what are the can't miss events of khan.

[9:57] Yeah i like the looking for a three or four one zero three i wanna give them that's a good part of it where can i find a hotel room which starts from.
And also some things like that been just trying to understand the nature of what you know in a nice way but can't what am i getting myself and um.
Because lets face it lets folks history you know it was a pleasant and easier said earlier five hotels it's it's a lot thirty five plus programming tracks,
around the clock mean you gotta get yourself like this.

[10:35] What would you say me where you want to dress up as being interested in our opening a podcast a podcast,
are you tell your fam and ummm,
group this is a fan run group and only a does of volunteer as a director but really this is just worn out of,
i'm just a low for the end our desire to talk to someone people behind the scenes and i get more information out there for folger's,
i'm boo you say is the only method is that has a disclaimer in case anyone ever think this is something official we never speak for dragon con can i got this i would like five people that can speak for dragon con begin with so,
when i want to go from bit to be sexy can before i don't know umm but where we ate them youtube about why is that so accurate rainbow.
What would you say is the weirdest question you if youve gotten as as xut gonna.

[11:39] Where does one yeah oh hey that's a great question lol,
i don't know if i will maybe some of you guys are kim soo with michael but i haven't got many weird what's it gonna say its because it's so in compass and learn so much it doesn't.
Ten to get to weird in the sense that sometimes along the lines of oh no i've heard get pretty adult drag gonna people running around making no will but.

[12:10] Let's get that out of the way right away,
oh my god that's not good amy there is no public nudity,
yes i will be drinking all day long but it is respectful space or that we have established such a wonderful so,
really are that many on one really does this compare to know how do i,
get the most out of this amazing event what's the best way to do it and it is fun,
what was the band there we joke about schedule a question you know what books to get a weeks advance and just having remind them with thousands of ants suggests,
there's no way you can have a jolly this is this is a test we want to make sure you books are flexible contact your password but i got,
who don't play and don't over plan your self baby things are gonna happen that are keeping your list of things you can do today i just happened,
nearby where you were so let's want to thank you really stressed there's just go with the flow and happen because it is just not using the people that you can run into french.
You do you know about how many people who participated from the aspects last year.

[13:28] Several hundred a um i don't know what the real close count yeah know if it to be member the first year the weed at,
i think was twenty fourteen,
there was a very nice room to started from the great space there a marriott gotta start things from your sleep schedule for additional listings um.

[13:50] We like a half hr before we are scheduled to start at the broom field of people standing in the back and i would like six hundred percent how are the tours go with more people come and go people live at market command switch it's hard to get the truth out.

[14:05] More suits to the amazing folks will receive much more stuff to get it it's terrible hundred and serve even more because we barely see that walkin justin orders,
who is jennifer du are there usually like a max of ten to hang back in room be answering questions there during store hours,
umm is you know everybody's got some questions to be asked for the help so many little feel for the convention and it's also not possible,
walk the entire convention we only try to get someone a quarter spots and that walking tours kind of going out in the direction might be a go,
umm because a good part of what's gonna be the new folks know that's is i'm getting your pairing with five hotels in the direction of,
where you have to figure out where things are but also you want to start a car to get a feel for the people around you and how you can realize that the community is a great resource,
um i suspect you folks much like me remember my very first year old on the head lights i remember people who care and said you look like you lost can i help and i need to strangers i still don't know where they are thinking forward,
so dont be afraid to ask someone for help neither its not like if you don't pick it all up at the UB event.

[15:27] You're stock and people are gonna raise their know is that she asked hey what happened to my where am i going next UDS y no stress keeps coming back so don't hesitate to open up now wanna see you have a great time.

[15:41] Do you about you ask really.
I love the all the people that will be helping you can oh.
We're still volunteers we will have a pretty bright color lanyard that will hold our bags.
Look for that somebody oh yeah what was your somebody you know who will try to help you but.
Everybody kind is just always really wants to help you.
We've all been there the first time saturday night time have to take a minute between.

[16:24] Hilton marriott and sheraton and go wait at which hotel in miami and i add twenty plus years because i like you.
Will wait wait which where am i what am i doing so it gets bigger.
I'm leaving cameron wanted to say was really great you said is about the flexibility and a lot of people need to understand that.
Dragon con ese you said flows it flows twenty four seven for wen it starts until it ends on monday,
but the other thing is that it is a flow while you're there are other things get cancelled or was moved or things of your organic have to leave earlier than i thought,
who is coming later than they thought we are atlanta and unfortunately flights got delayed so.

[17:24] I would be willing to just kinda move with adam and flow with it all you know,
i'm sure it's one of your faqs always have four five are six things that you're thinking about doing during that time,
so that if one doesn't happen it's too full or whatever else i got three other things i wanna do so which is always great but always remember in concert,
we're pretty flexible and organic and flowing reschedule but we also know things change.

[17:55] Yeah that's right because i think you will often say when you know when you look down the debt schedule is you know is best programming,
if you get thirty five plus programming tracks no los times like to know about an hour time and half hour between when you look down and see twenty different things to pick from end of the month can you excite me know if you're a fan of the genre,
are pics and it's like a kid on christmas morning you can open all the presents of what you can get an appointment here is what you want to do it like that so that's what folks is,
i have a couple things everyday that you really want to be sure you make time and have some other things would like to be a cool,
and also have a couple of things that are close to where you're at because at the end of the day your energy might be low where are the crowds you send my other.

[18:43] Repeat this one a lot more over instead i have to go through hotels are you likes traveling to something that was new hyde park,
relate the morning but you turn out to find some just a thing people that you do because someone also don't realize,
i like places like san diego comic con where folks the room all day to get to the one thing that i love,
try to contact clearing the rooms after event so you go to see better search guessed riva just the topic and discussion panel on a tv show,
everyone in that room is just a big fan of you what you can strike up a conversation in no time beautiful not a big social life,
mais twenty people are really on the same wavelength un,
i had so many people tell me that the first morning of con is there and the people are at startup just friends but why is this happening.

[19:37] Hey tell me about your first ima drink and do something you remember that you wish you had known other co kind very first,
time that better now that you know you always tell everyone that you know you know this thing was there is there a,
memory from your first call and that you really wish that you wish you.

[20:06] Thinking i can touch and go is to not be afraid to talk to the folks in the line of green airy for ourselves,
do when you're in the lines for special celebrity event it's fox in part strike up conversations with people around me because again there in that line because i spend so whatever that is so.
Ability to do that really lead me to some people i ran into in two thousand five i still see,
you know coming up here to see it again for the one time a year in my financial habits it's created such a comfort level with strangers,
i know i'm not big you eather and in the community nature the atmosphere well,
that struck me by the first afternoon everybody was almost everybody was very comfortable will you dance for questions about a topic.
I do not feel like i knew what all can i would be looked down on if i was lost tell what's going on with the people really,
resume right off the bat i knew by that first afternoon be coming back here let see if that group of folks and i went there because the first year feeling horny but i was.
Can i still am a big fan of fire fly that was the year the movie came out so like i asked if there was introduced me to go,
idk people are random two in line for some of those events and looking at it from there.

[21:34] Naturally treat u i think all of us can i went by myself the first time.
I just only by myself but no anybody i just started walking around and having a great time so how long ago was that lee.
Add twenty plus years let's just got that you acknowledge nineteen ninety six so,
i am in one of the last ones that was in only one hotel can add you last time it was only one hotel so yeah,
everybody is been there for the first time everybody has been there for the second time and third time.

[22:13] Every yr its a different con so everything you think i don't know anything that's great,
have fun with that enjoy it because even next year in the afternoon after in twenty plus years after going,
there's still something that's gonna surprise me to your waiting what huh yeah that's what are we doing great,
yeah because we can we get FOX you tell us are asking about you folks must be extra weight again thirty five broadway tracks thousand events because we learn about new things every year and that's why are the community,
like in the facebook group on your red honda such a great thing because when we get so many people in one minutes i understand that there will hey i want to insure a seat three big events what are the three things i have to do in lake,
for me that's radically different didn't like be for john or tim burton michael know you're a fan of x you might like this of your fans while you might like that so,
yeah a lot of employee and see what's gonna make the most sense for you because,
some people like me where i like to go to a lot of different programming tracks and get involved in things other folks like to hangout in the star trek room room all,
we got because id like to know the familiarity of one spot under two tracks it's fine to program your old car ride along way to drive.

[23:38] Know anyone and you never know it might be that okay i really thought i was gonna be able to go from the sheraton to the hyatt and have absolutely no problems and,
well i just started chatting with some people after words and i wasn't able to get up there and so i'm just gonna go and see maybe this other room or staying this track raymond i am not know exactly what you're talking about but i'll find something new i love,
Became hot on first date i didn't know anything about our skype i set it on panel this is a really cool show.
So yeah it happens all the time to enjoy it because that's a great thing about dragon and alot of other kinds because they're so.

[24:27] They're so focused on their only on my things like that you don't get to say.
No egg kevin you are attending professional this year correct.
Yes that's correct so i can you tell us what you will be or what you were releasing your schedule a ten minute walk which should be doing this year add time do you have anything that um,
you are definitely participating in and the things that you can be working on this haircut.
Yeah i tend to wet myself of being a podcast recovering many yards.
I'll be speaking on many fan panel generating some as well,
yeah so my love speed buffer the vampire slayer what i found you a magician skilled your eyes light up tomorrow probably gonna be ten anos for all of your fans and was talking about.
I'm potentially being the big one or friend will probably schedule like to meet up with bruce about my order of cast members are gonna be there still.
Caspian will probably be asked you know i'll be w a different areas that's what i love about being able to.

[25:42] What did you have from last years experience was anything that dead ass any payment that you are on the bed really yeah when extremely well and the good memories,
i am driving good memories of all of them but yeah i had a great time on a few different discussion pencils from.
You know the thing it always fascinated me as you know it's kind of clothes from from thursday till monday afternoon hear that thursday is now a good agent,
i'm asking because i'm so they can stay now we go on the tops and downs of energy down to go to sometime soon,
pak sometimes only a few folks of the room because it's up against you never know what's gonna happen and,
i always get the energy from the crowd yellow pedals that i do and i had several great conversations without being a part of the audience,
no sunday afternoon my big head require time just end up.

[26:47] You just get off with certain folks that really wanna talk about that particular show or whatever it might be some younger couple years ago we had a panel about ice zombies,
how and carols open fantasy track.
No nice panel going really well and this someone signify the room is getting very excited bring the handel but the one ask question,
i am like okay and you know how long them and it turns out this person had mentioned on twitter the panel was happening and how well the actors from the show.

[27:22] Jumped on skype and join us on the panel via skype,
oh wow that's cool let me know is does adam know where i'm so you know that these cats these kind of things happen at track i'm
and you never know you know this not planned for it's not on the agenda you don't know what my apple,
um it's it's an example of why you never know that you handle weather is gonna be best one weekend darn,
or not you know because it hot down the people are at the top of the conversation the people who did more passionate about certain topics you know.

[27:57] Probably have a few pianos you expect to have some spare discussion on special lost what is up with you never know sometimes that's a different subject brings out some great discussion about that and i love that.
Uniform lay over to myself fifteen plus years,
it's a great deal of respect between the people even politely disagree on how you interpret the ending of lost or whatever and people wont have anyone to talk about it they respected that i want the next,
can you adjust me john so happy talking saying the word a lost as many times as you have ipa,
i was really i was on one of your lost pencils in year two after the show ended,
kinda wonder if you want to bring the blade on saturday night and wonder what was gonna happen and nothing was the best back and forth from audience of animals that was the most memorable panels just want people room.
Play nf and that's the good thing is it's ok i think one of the things you find a dragon con is it okay to have a different opinion everybody really,
works to try to in the evening of and discussions you have moderators there who are trying to make sure,
different opinions are heard in the herd as a discussion center argument this isn't yet it's not read it you know when i.

[29:27] Calling people names um.
I mean i think the worst thing a lost pet ever heard with somebody was like you just hey and i was like oh you know of course i would just,
separate a room but it would be a.
Nice discussion not yelling and screaming i was mostly how can i create.

[29:53] Your welcome forgot to do you have to say where can people find more i find the fan groups of the newbie groups are there is a suggestion google things but.
No we set up a very simple but helpful website at dragon con new babies start work in there we have a link to our facebook.
Start discussion group will have the event pages to the difference between the concrete also have a great resources including and other fan run websites and podcasts though.
Different video is the intro podcasts you know any resources would you put a lot of it right there a drink on the sidewalk.
What that's not really cool i'm so is there anything any advice you would give me know if you coverage areas.
Typical piece advisor something someone normally does not give a piece advice on your money is not give to anybody that this is their first time and besides you don't go go take me to the tours and figure out where everything is um,
that's uh bet you just suggested somebody that's out of the ordinary um.

[31:12] If i said that question i will give you ten dollars i'm gonna say it's not much out of the ordinary but it's often overlooked especially if you only band to local cons is the importance because of the size of dress,
no sxuu have fitbit so enjoy doing several different tracksuit idk lol why twenty five thirty five forty miles of google,
hydration comfortable shoes those two pieces of advice can still save your life,
hydration because you just because standing is,
fox said it's atlanta it's very buggy at the end of august area you gonna be doing some outside walking and with humidity very cold rooms for not enough so i drink hundred eight hundred eight
please book sightseeing people pass out let's not do that let's not do you know what that always scares everyone of us light,
and also you don't have to buy water.
Can you bring your own bring the volume bring your own water bottle or even your buy one bottle water and fill it up the rest of the team that's great.
Yeah every hotel near most of the track is not directly in the truck room there is a water station.

[32:31] Free water in atlanta tap water is perfectly wonderful you can probably find it often usually very,
at least decently cold if not ice cold cuz,
open no put a lot is written warning and milk throughout the day so you don't have to buy water to stay hydrated but.
How's the shoes are the most important that in hydration kevin most important things ever heard of me on here and be on your feet for days are gonna be comfortable you know,
i'm not in a triple net recommendation if you are of age and inviting um throughout the night drink even more drink price will you take a draf do,
no it's a pro tip also drink milk before you go to bed to ummmmm yeah cuz it'll help with that next morning.
I really want to see you get the most out of it kinda your a party person go for it just be smart because come home sunday afternoon though spend time,
we play the pick a newbie thank you see them moving around we can tell you ive been hiding your getting some rest yes i'm so i love you wanna be.

[33:47] No it's not know pace yourself patients that really its four days want to get the most out yes,
select cabin would like to play games with our guests being very podcasting help me help again this year is up my son william williams hey hello happy in the shadows,
how are the yogourt adieu where do you play all trivia game first of all,
um for between me you up here you who are you talking to that he between kevin,
i'll be in myself but since kevin you are anyone do this when do you want with iran do you want them to pick me the gas to pick one.
Okay umm so when we do this by why don't we.
A number between one and twenty can you just tap on thanksgiving dinner.
I do one to ten when did not so i can pick it up from one to ten and what ever category comes up it's your fault.

[34:52] I want to channel eight.

[34:58] Hello we have the most say category what is the category without pop culture trivia go through so basically anything.
Show me so compassionate fresh newest me discuss before i uh usually when the things on clearance after the after christmas i will go threw when i will buy these random trivia cards sets from.
Display the help you have to be because he does not have a nice day thank you have a nice what's on my ad i'm telling you your desk is a part of i'm telling ya it's a party.
Let's go to ask questions kevin gets to go first since he is the actually sent you the gas that you wanna go first second third.
How was your first one lol why not go for a first to five so go kevin then lead me.

[35:55] What household appliances still wearing introduce in the nineteen thirty six.

[36:03] Say that again sir what household appliances to where i think i want to say it feels in the nineteen thirties.

[36:15] Hello.
Did you catch that household appliance introduced in the nineteen thirties i wear yes yes by wearing ugh.

[36:28] Toaster.
I was in blender how yours when i have no idea because that's when did some other first order my element leaving express inc.
Join others in order to prove that i'm not biased what kind of dog is scooby.
What kind of dog is snoopy is a beagle yep.
Is that one realy leaves at one hacker way knots landing was ben off from what tv series knots landing was a spin off from what tv series with.
Incorrect great answer was dallas alex are at the theater.
What library and this is like a cohen danie answer i have no idea why anyone ever again.

[37:28] Why doesn't your sis for kevin.

[37:36] What can i eat what the founding member of a CTC is known for her school while outfit.

[37:44] Who who what friend um.

[37:54] Angus young correct one for seven am i legally next one,
what famous dancer died after her scarf became in tangled in the wheel of a car geez.

[38:11] Dancer what famous dancer died after her scarf the cayman tangled in the wheel of a car.

[38:22] Huh scarf so that's good to know.

[38:30] I am sorry i do not know i don't blame you isadora duncan.
Yes there is that yo are you from.
What green fuzzy creature is the official mascot of the philadelphia phillies the philly fanatic.
I still fanatik fam alex incorrect hey yo on outside across the one i can get some questions.

[39:06] I want st the sherlock holmes live.

[39:11] I'm not a mystery from who is playing to the exact address i'm pretty sure it's route no circumstances always the same address.
Yeah i know i heard it but i did get me i don't know if it together.
Ugh baker st NE baker street legal to next question.
Who shot JR,
hello bot black wrap i know i was single dream is older and doesn't matter where can i expect.
What was the dream yeah what shot anyways mysteries and she was blond.
What is a mistress and blonde on their i feel that i cannot confirm nor deny when i was in the car.
No that now i don't know i'm christian shepard.

[40:14] Kristin kristin shepherd yeah okay i got the next one not connecting to hear exactly,
what was nirvana the spinal am button before kurt cobain and suicide what should i get i should know that's if it is dark colored see the request,
i can see the PM.

[40:38] The album cover but i can't remember the name ugh this is actually wrong and i should have my yeah i should have my.
Fan card revoked but.

[40:52] Use a new window which is not right but i believe it starts when is it in rome yet n.
I can't remember where i can see that but i can see in my head i just can't remember what the what the actually um ok.
Who is have a go to three x studio what who is OJ simpson defense attorney during his murder trial.

[41:26] Remember kevin will pick this u pick this category to all your folding.
Will it depends on how they're gonna classify toledo a mean most visible coming johnny cochran millionaire mom.

[41:41] Please go to bed i got to answer switch on how i go johnny that's correct other ago yes add a two one one.

[41:54] What decade what is craft dinner first introduced to american kitchen's decade.
Dinner yep that's literally what causes kraft dinner craft a dinner plan change that's the canadian um.

[42:15] I give it negative.
Incorrect code is nineteen thirties what really high hourly probably because it was a powder then to be a great depression type tonight.
Remember to buy a new job yet,
mr fantastic and invisible woman torch and saying three original members of what's up hurricane i know the flight is as important enough the way yeah,
because it was correct yes that's perfect i need to find a france.

[43:01] I can't complete it is wrong to three now tell me when and under with a screen.
Switch is inside of two hundred twenty three going who is the apartment manager on three is company after stanley and helen rope or sell their building.

[43:17] Who becomes the lamp i have no idea what i just said i'm not you understand what that sentence makes no calculate twenty percent of all.

[43:27] Can you just send who becomes the landlord after the brokers retired yeah everyone else here.

[43:35] Phantom old enough to know that um i don't know did jack ripper takeover.
No incorrect i confirm its play play by don knotts other yeah.
How do i cuz we remember that back very much.
What boyfriend spent selling single step by step.

[44:08] Step i can't i could not hear the question what are which waistband.
What was it what boyfriends best selling single was step by step.

[44:21] Who is the man i new kids on the block new kids on the block n ko b.

[44:31] Hey who was the first american woman in space.

[44:38] Ugh the only one i know is kristi mcgill of mcdonalds near i.
Some say that in a gallon i am an old white guys in their first.
Are you being so much trouble in correctly from fia rain space where i feel is sally ride i do i proceed without your knowledge or just skim past that part of it.

[45:12] Remember that jon is temporary yo are we doing with this answer heather are not of help me get a table,
how much should a box of girl scout cookies cousin nineteen thirty six,
how is google i want a box of girl scout cookies cost in nineteen thirty six.
Select view is calculate i want to see i'm going to say five cents.
Hi are you sure like that is the only gettin answer your ten cents.
Yes what is the app id.
Definitely three category yeah i know man what the weather bad choice.
Randomly pick them number good a category enough go ahead and pick it again i dont hardy is best known for what genre of march.

[46:18] When is the class what is a tg genre open okay i cannot hear that i want that again,
i don't know if it's you or if it's that i can register here could just be able to figure that part out yet i dont hardy is best known for what genre of art.

[46:35] Done a hardy is known for what's which genre of art.

[46:42] Turn on him i guess as a quote right now not ok a party is no info on roof of art would be.

[46:54] Add.

[46:58] Why can't i get this out i can i see it um.

[47:08] I know that hardly does the get when you put it on a wall.
Ross katie where is the graffiti vandalism cars tattoo art tattoo art.

[47:28] Matthew are no that means i am doing a special me i am going to this answer.
What is all about misery ok i have another donut misery i won't bug in character than the platinum stars in star wars the phantom menace it wasn't fair that i should get this.
Ben can be home no no i mean,
and skywalker know nothing but your should a hey hi joachim.
I'm an every painful right behind the plate number i need somebody uses that i was married.
Ok so i will not be put this all over history i only pulling everything about space in outcomes from star wars.

[48:29] Are kevin let everyone know where they can find more info again on the new baby so as well as we can find what are your podcasts in the other various artistic endeavors you're doing.
Or anything related to the drinking stuff go to dragon con do babies start order.
And fox can also find my podcasts covering the earth and the zombie tv and general overhead twenty five TV dotcom.
That's too early and decide if i TV dotcom.
I'm already covered thank you for joining us and as always people can't find the email said fifty days it's five zero d a y s,
add the unique got can you wanna email with your questions and comments where are you,
also you can leave a voicemail like the voice mail at eight one three three two one zero eight one three three two one zero eight eight,
work with the thing but i was like uh three two one,
sorry one three three two one zero eight eight four um leave anything that you need to dad for.

[49:45] Okay,
well until next time thank you once again kevin fruit for joining us and that we look forward to seeing you can be sure to look it up on the app you can find me uh underwritten bachelor and all the things he's doing the want to go to say hey,
i'll for to see him thursday.
Add thursday morning ads for the afternoon at the new noodle tours and until next time this is john williams.
Leave and kevin saying please provide.

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[50:48] Music.