50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 20 - Count Dragon Con

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] U two hundred fifty d is a dragon con the podcast that has a hard time counting to fifty and joining me as i always use chief accountant.
Hi no not only that um that work.
Traffic now when i could she could even numbers no lol you are stupid joke though that joke.
Search me a dad joke smh,
oh four children saturday at the middle of an ass record this there are one thirty two days to dragon con heerlen the splash is breaking for you,
33 yes you said go look at your little lower left and upper left corner other than that now heather still don't read right address.
I'm a firm believer they did that for you directors.
I'm sure we were nervous enough about doing this but we do need some type of countdown.
Yes forward me users we record this probably.

[1:56] Thirty one or thirty days by the time you hear this from so anything exciting come down the last couple days,
is there not anything too exciting um i don't yesterday when we talked would feel about a lot of people from the ex pants coming and not really cool and we also have a lot of people are at the right outfits recently,
what's a lot of people coming from the magicians and john is excited cuz i wanna one is also and what we do in the shadows new FX dark comedy which i couldn't get through that movie.
We are good even be.
Tv series is a lot easier to live who is the guy who's your main hang up on that and the movie was a big order no actually just didn't find it everybody saying it was funny.
And i'm like it on.
It was weird wasn't funny yo on the unusual maybe i don't then maybe walk series what's the first episode
i watched the first of january if you know him from lots and lots of us british stuff.
Hey what's good british chick again to everyone to let the ship and where we watching often sherlock.

[3:14] I don't get how many times how many times have you cum.
Watched sherlock can i count the number of times you can count on bed yeah i think it's better of other people count.

[3:29] Play yeah i think it's much more how do you how do you find someone that could do county welcomes criminals i think we are available i think that's because she was absolutely terrible at this.
Lord help you hide this is working i talking to a drunk driver who does detailing and learned there is not actually wrote it down so i can get it right,
which is the onsite contract coordination hi tara hello i'm going to take a print
i pray to the great spaghetti monster that you do more than just count correct oh no discount walking
hello i'm ok now with accounting do you go
what are some daha happy padoli for a sec and for not enjoying what we do in the shadows
book is not very disturb me not you know you're really weird and i think its something about,
yeah i will it go to me because i think it's only about british humor there is certain parts of british humor i absolutely will how will i love modified,
love money can't stand mister b's no yes.

[4:52] Can i stay and mr bean underwear some other british like comedy shows like know before how before we get yelled at,
okay technically what we do in the shadows is new zealand comedy of you lol sorry you know that's ok sorry we have weird accent what is it that i forgot the south,
what u sell your showroom i'm sorry answer is a test record video.

[5:21] There is fat soundtrack coronation so basically whenever i try to describe it to people i say would like that dragon con sense of almost,
i would like that no i never mind again important forget restart like we do counts and i was like well we don't
there's way too many people to be like specific calculate your not gonna go ahead and count every person in the room because sometimes your rooms have like you.

[5:48] Over twenty five hundred people create a lot of people yeah stroke.
Yes could you ask him about
you know the first panel on friday to go not the laptop i don't think they go to eight on monday and then pick up at two thirty on monday how we're out there going to every panel,
and polka ahead and every track rouge to kind of do engage how many people are in the room and
ultimately all these numbers i compile them and we should off tuesday and drive home office and it helps them decide in the future if certain candles need more room or of certain animals under performed they dont need as big of a mistake god
and it just kind of all those numbers help to determine u know what get what what what things get which rooms in the next year
there are several data nerds um in the home office there for dragon con so i sure i'm sure they love what you do.
Hey complex like it i'm happy to do that part i'm having is i like my partner is entering everything in excel spreadsheet shoe that offer hey girl hey there,

[7:08] We are only going to take a percentage is likely looking to be like this room is fifty percent full bathrooms you know how to reset four hundred plus there people outside waiting like i need just need a bigger space,
what any time you re up those people outside waiting because at one point in canada is weird thing is that whoever was at the door and it was already have full rooms just of what are the open parties people i don't think you do that
are there parties i don't know no no weed stop before i could we start the ten o'clock pills last one
yeah but there rn you fear no man everyday i don't know of a track that has not had them in a store open,
yeah and sometimes you can leave the door open and people can kind of slide in and out and sometimes there is just no flag should have the clothes yet no more.

[8:01] Can't because something really weird at one point because backup trying to stick below hayden and say okay yeah you really do have a full room it's not just closed or you like bake it with their head and white
what did you see what i tell me that's what does it matter what cu anytime something really weird,
that's one of the biggest challenges we have just people letting it send the rooms have their own like we can just take your word for it sorry we have to actually verify nope trying to sneak and take space away from anyone else really just meeting out for a second
u have clipboard what would a calm to a track and say hey i gotta put what i can do whatever i want don't
i know someone who are you thinking about it don't i have been watching veronica mars alot because the new season came out i know u and i just
you know miss if i dont how often you can just kind of act like you know you are and act like you know you're supposed to be there in like an ever had that ability so find eric is the bigger
i have a friend that would do that concerts you would
back where you know this is a circus you know a lady's early nineties when he get away with anything other wasn't in the security but if you just shut your backstage billion
yes though you no longer get you got.

[9:30] Do i know this and i know he's your dragon con nhé,
i would totally be something i can see serve our mutual for her i'm sure has done it
i need yeah i did some magic power i wish i had,
add new now smh what is it what does radek power is it can be however it can be you know,
use for email so you guys wanna be a previously saved yo on
how did you get involved in calling.
Order in dragon con let's say i have a pretty long history with dr khan actually um,
will start from the beginning i don't like you can withhold well my dad use your help on a convention in atlanta so he knew pat henry from way back then.

[10:35] And so we've been going to dragon con cents to the first couple years.
I replied that i was like four years old and was very different and i can barely remember anything in four years old anyway but i guess walk,
who can i hit i think my first time volunteering was actually with latest track.
What is the only think i was like fourteen.
How yeah baby cuz you have to be on something with,
yeah cuz i got like a special agreement that we have next i'm being my parents are you yeah add me on with another adult like
remember that and also drinking has changed
how can i change what i'm lost is that a liability thing
how smart are immature even a fourteen year old with it so that i know you are that's true i store really quick reminder
how old how old is lia at that time when what is turn the masters.

[11:47] Volume up ok so remove forward to oh well that is a long time against those i would like two thousand four five number alright yeah i figure out that one john she was born in the eighties.
I was born in the last year of babies.
91 i am not calling yo on what i will be waiting on ya han where oh where are you i would a school okay,
where are you from.

[12:23] Anyway let's move past this crisis then move and drama from extract i went to a human adult literature which was a good fit for me at the time so yeah,
young adult hold on
bella stole her so fast if you can assist you with whatever they're track where your like in the room and bash was like oh you really were extract like going on steel one
i know just yet nope still tall blond hair like god
i don't know about that but we owe you from
add me know if the mets and harry potter craze so i know,
yes all about it you know any opportunity to be anywhere near a harry potter actor at that moment i was get out.
Do we have anything we had here do we have we had we had a twins the twins the twins com and we had never yes that whenever i been doing a circuit for awhile yeah.
And they were always delightful and you know any opportunity at the talk to them.
And how you know that their beauty in that never grew up very well.
Hell yes that's where we will it yet oakland actually every weather after all of them yes.

[13:52] I am in so i was on young adult literature for a good few years and then from there i just kind of mood to.
The sun sets choose this is up i mean no happy medium.
Have you been doing bro accounting prior to that i was hit something new that was created.
I can't remember what exactly i was created but it is something they'll even doing for the.
Do you know maybe i wanna see him ten years smh set alarm and i don't know if that feels right though um.
And the amount of work they put into young adult literature i was a college student and that i am and i was not.

[14:40] I was not able to really contribute as much as i like so i wanted to kinda move to a track fault like you know.
I didn't have put the pen on me as much before climbing is really OK.

[14:54] Yeah just a sum my my dad actually was going onsite coronation he decided to step down,
and i took over last year so oh well that's fantastic keep in the family how you doing.
No how many how many volunteers are there in that department because it's important we have fourteen total ok so every singel cycling you guys all hang out and.
Just start looking bedrooms,
oh we have to create kind of a schedule for each year because you know how we've been expanding so much the last three years and so he can get the shift kind of people there's like a morning shift.
And then an afternoon or evening shift and each person gets assigned specific hotels to do because we don't want prod one person having to go from like the the hilton to the westin in back order no.

[15:54] Lock all they cross through the crowd special attachment that i would usually have people stick to like the hilton ten and then hike marriott answer so connected um and then,
we can't bounce back and forth with western america's marks are a couple panels america smartwatch the truth is one can figure out how i like them though there are there some of the art or can't panels aren't there yet yet,
and especially during the middle of the day without wind to get into that to the americas mart for dealership and stuff like that like i want the white man even if you just going on panel,
you set up another one that she thinks we are trying to figure out how to better get in and out of there quickly,
who is lee ann if i was a.
Remember i wanna go to a panel lights and americas mart halfway to you but your volunteers and have to wait in line to go in and count right.

[16:51] I feel like i haven't actually done counseling is mark um.
But i haven't had anyone has say the irony trouble getting it not him yes i want to make sure that you kinda wanna picture because otherwise you know that they've volunteered is gonna need to get mine why early your email to make it to the.
Payment account,
um that's michigan saturday around two o'clock hope goodness gracious dealing with the parade and making sure like the right side of the road before the panel start is that.
Definitely been a struggle but.
Help that was ericsson like you know dealing with crowds getting through all the people to get somewhere,
will it.
Problem for everyone to figure out which side of the road am i supposed to be on before about nine nine thirty on saturday because you're not correct.
Just there not in here not get over.
No no no you've been doing this for for awhile why am i mistake with sort of in your blood with you running up um convention but.
What do you get out of on tyranny for dragons.

[18:15] I'm not really good like volunteering for dragon con interesting like a part of this larger nerd culture phenomenon and i'm just feeling you know,
feeling like a part of your help being it succeed and some where just its been nice for me.
Especially with the without counting you have those little bit more time to kind of.

[18:43] Try to enjoy the fan side of it i'm sino how much.
You know time goes into volunteering in general one hundred five mechanic some repeat republic sense.

[19:00] And cuz.
Would this kind of track when you're just walking from room to room really get to experience like every part of who did the walking park thanks who are including the walking in the heat,
and or rain get my field but really enjoy the drink because i was about to say hey.
You could do that i heard many people say you know i wish i could just take them
slower days five days whatever how many days are there in downtown atlanta for dragon con and just using for light
too much because i would still get ten thousand hey you over a two months period so let the lies that my company for their money in you're dumb,
in your health savings account in my company if if you take this one million step challenge name but it runs,
it always runs to.
Wednesday before he could a woodchuck one more we will do anything to him.

[20:08] Yeah yeah i want to report that i have insurance well i mean that my computer is really important it's like at national things so yeah.
How does the virgin airlines walking challenge that um yeah so anyways who's there anybody that you have um.
Sienna dragon con over years that dead would like to see again that was like the highlight of dragon con forever.

[20:39] Oh my gosh i had start the top i received was the first time i saw john barrow in
who seems to be how many stories start out trying to order the first time i saw a program on what you guys you really have the opportunity to get to like a really big panel ran a new
yeah that's just you know even.

[21:04] If you got volunteers like impossible the time should you only see his butt under where did u say call but i think i saw the but no i didn ok i didn't but it was before ten o'clock,
read what i think of all the wonder with him and his husband and both of them are bots and underwear,
i am actually really proud of that i mean that in a sarcastic way when did you see for a min of well i got to see the naked but i got this is it good a house,
a big running total in his house if because you love that you absolutely adore him am i am i miss remember where did was the last time of the year before they started scheduling his pencils after ten o'clock.

[21:54] Has anyone recently i think i definitely um i don't know i don't think he has any at ten PM i know it does some kind of well it does do some fanny kind of things then.
How can i increase the faith move one if moved at least one is panel to lease late at night later where is it you remember him randomly showing of the parties movie was well how is the guy,
what's the weather say i still to remember he did some kind of from danang show or something o ewe don t do that after ten PM because yeah now,
no i want to fifteen a call i receive it but yeah i do have to say i am really excited david tennant this year.

[22:44] Really you you are what is chip shakur.
Really know again none are very long time hear um you telling me that i was wrong cuz i dont like out for him.
Yahoo and she got get my cabinet u had in high school my doctor who but.
Ok do you want me about who we do in the shadows.
How much did you create that thank you for thank you for that and i don't know david here as an actor i'm just not in the doctor who,
i just that's i really was only super super and am for him and matt smith i live here i didn't really watch it
the irony is so so so this may be an age think why would a year but my ass my son was the same way and um.

[23:45] But for me it don't go one when i would go through what the process the moment with andrea he called the wish someone would actually engaged,
what's the weather like it is related to this guy i want the guide i'll be over there who's there,
i'd like young people tell me how i can i also get love from bill i love that component i just i was gonna work so yeah.
Is there anybody is there anybody else this coming this year that if you had a moment away to you build do you want to go see.
Why are ready im planning at the same time going to by his butt like the photo op so that i can help you out not yet,
i won't miss emma it's not gonna happen could i miss some
my gosh don't know bulls yeah and yeah i miss i didn't poke my head in the room i ask my bank someone would put my head in the room so i can just look at him for a second and then i feel third
that nigga say how there is a real person it isn't the preview.
I cant imagine how crazy its gonna be x i don't because for the year is david only been doing those kinds you know where cost like.

[25:02] Five hundred dollars to go for the weekend you would like that um.
Sign me know if i can finally got to know that you have not of came out with the procedure for his.
How are you i have new not seen it but i would bet you money you're talking about patrick stewart,
matt smith money which i think was that two hundred that play over a hundred i know probably that much i ll
that's just a picture of you want to get it signed then yeah go back and atlanta so far is there proof that there was a very nice touch then probably hopefully
pick up the raffle do we have safety and how to be there but nothing that is a handshake
handshake green of the of my put the arms around your depression casino something like that so yeah there's is something small like that
hello i do still think the woman who had the.
Salute chris evans ass is gunna my new fandom hero is back your was awesome you are the chris evans would be like super okay with that i could be how accurate from everything i've ever.

[26:27] Fino pm on some of the other night television like the dark shoes in-store a backup,
which is the david tennant would like.

[26:38] No just cash i don't know the answer as truthful as a reminder of folks if you are meeting your guest please read me the respect to the address that crossed for you select yes,
always ask.
What is important no by the way i pay attention to the answers just asking do whatever you can do whatever you want know we are we have any silly but come on guys lets lettuce to good people.
Hashtag to two so any way that will go up cuh who is coldplay guy set up make up yo on.
Really i know how are the problem anyways keep the cross origin and then,
yes i don't know i mentioned it mentions that this is good opportunity brings back good um that it is of the most.

[27:36] Loving way i can about having dudes in the home office there for dragon con.
Umm because i do know that they also take an umbrella the information to gather from the app for your reading things like i m sure that they'd,
i'm compile that.
With your daddy to figure out that you know what is actually working for the dentist i do not make decisions on what to do with traction what to do with um tho romanian where to put people.
Yeah and i was actually hoping that it does.
Well let me just orders or their big selling hey there i just your number three years would a shut up get no they do not personally good
i do know actually especially when you use it for a later sunday and monday panels believe it or not people are panels on monday that started turning help,
you may still be getting over the night before is reynolds and so i know that.

[28:47] I want wine especially the ones i wanna say can be in the hilton where they have like the two rooms that are one and the basically then go okay no on monday we can make it three,
because you can have three at ten or eleven cuz you are people are leaving the gas.
My bill email earlier that way they can set up and yeah it is important it's important if you can show up on monday panels would like that.
I think i put on my phone most okay.
I'd be leaving at eleven atlanta actually had to go to the dino the hotels for other things like conference is,
i'm just events in general and be able to go down there and let me know all the weird little short cuts and everything about every hotel and how to get from one place to the other like super fast and like.
My coworkers with their a conference on my phone now because this made the sky bridge are we go this way there's this bridge and go down through here it was a really fun select know the ins and outs of this building
what is going on because again from atlanta is also to be able to go,
what is actually there is carpet there should he pay yet because it's alarm going to some conference in las caldas here conference like really
yeah we got like two thousand people coming to play it really yeah that's huge.

[30:15] Yes enjoy that you have that is awesome i'm really.
It is different it is there a way to atlanta you know there's a short cuts your like oh u can actually get,
almost around downtown without going out how much not exactly where still waiting on the one from the.
Did the shirt yeah i'm having yet well lets see if we can just got bad that would be great because ending the sheraton hilton.
Marriott food court.

[30:49] Add shirt if we can get from the food cart to the parking deck in between the extreme the shirt above outside significant but you will cover a little covered but you suck,
no because he is um do you remember like.

[31:10] When you started doing any cons in being a big one but do you have you ever dressed up other i know i've seen your wardrobe don't go there u have you ever done the cosplay thing.
I have not actually besides the ones i could do it together by like going to the store and buying the things i have lots of friends who go very all out though really.
Yeah it's not you know i want to hear a really bad drunk you haven't had someone really had a full you know storm trooper outfit taking up screen space but you know of old person could've.
Well then that's who's put those poor things there still what no way.
Those poor people those poor storm troopers and really high.
Yeah feed water storm troopers make that shirt make sure they're good though,
that's what i'm thinking hey take off their helmet which is important if i know people who put months and months of planning into their costumes yeah it's amazing hands.
Hey there something quite like that feeling of putting some effort into a costume and having some strange person ask for your picture and like there really nice big cameras you know it's like a.

[32:30] Something new hope god
what is the who put someone's profile do you know someone sheila this is all the cold stuff do you have a good respectful what's the weather,
n again ask before you take a picture of stephen and yes roll that is still roll that you're special and then listen to the answer again.

[32:54] And also no pictures or where to start with this could you bring it up see this is good is about to the rules no pictures in the habit rails no pictures in the bridges know.
You got some stickers i need to get places that will let me know i.
Can see your moving you gotta move whatever reasons the couch who please him god help themselves people.
Hello what are the directors would like them to tell me that,
yeah what u like apparently shut up is nun of room and using the picture and the sky bridge i can get there and find out there wasn't enough room for next year there still be a real nigga.
Hi because even up haha yeah sounds like you may have said that before.
Skip something personal self.
Remove it anywhere we are we doing here.

[33:58] You know i really like the apt already go to my head some cases just feel really good about it.
I feel like if i am in the bridge i'm just like keep moving please keep my eyes and you got that yellow.

[34:16] I well i only do that pray no you hung i argue that the horn is just a over kill with eric at the brazen tavern,
oh hi there i've actually been tempted just to take the battery of the bull to see if it still works
what's the volume was weird but no move like to have a really cute story if we did dress from dunkin,
does a part one yet and ive me and a friend of mine asking him feeling unloved good and i think she was jenny,
integrate was the most adorable thing,
we duncan reactive like what was nine or ten i wouldve been what about right out like harry potter first or second,
do they also what are the little round glasses then yes
yes behind-the-back who did you see my son without his glasses can i see new or redone just let you know know who that yet no he was cute and we picture that somewhere in there somewhere
it was really cute you because i was worried about him walk in the parade would like please jarrett would like help you like i want lose yourself whom i want lose your child i swear i could a can you go please lose my child,
that's just the place to move actually probably do the harry potter thing no thank you.

[35:43] Play old guy here but i like when harry potter yeah that's a little scary yeah no you wont feel down.
Lower not really lookong yes if i do i just wake up then i would like to purchase hey the group get out of bed but um harry potter daniel radcliffe turn thirty.

[36:09] It yeah just that yeah who got something like stary with that.
I was on some news thing and they were like no other and i was like oh.
How old how bad her thirty a boy or a terrible play the first harry get any older this is this is the point in the show i ask you to give me a number between one and twenty.

[36:35] Ok almost ready twenty around her oh my gosh where have you do not make enough i don t twenty okay oh my.
I got it got very nerdy of you by the way i would a barbecue.
Faq suppose yo are you doing your all the data i'm actually at my friends house in his dreams a lot so i'm using his big fancy like im like oh well i got the whole setup going on.
Life jonathan tuesday right,
i need to get a letter you have a home in november eleven o'clock ok so you got you drew eighties and nineties trivia,
i'm terribly making a serial what's good for that well she may not know anything about who any of it but we will again.

[37:39] Will the choir i want to see what the banks okay oh.
Are you still there are five questions on the order play to play to play to five but umm random i am a diet,
i would in a pizza if it the sex you get to pick your number is one two five eight seven one number is on the card itself we will share with you tara.
Ok and seeing you get music is who welcomed me these are not necessarily the most difficult questions that uh who is the lead singer for the red hot chili peppers.

[38:21] Oh okay well i don't know that you can i know i do not know that,
schedule a really long black hair and he doesn't wear a shirt on stage that's all i remember i don't know sometimes only where is the stock.
Yeah that's a whole chili's yeah.
Anthony anthony kiedis is america know we get in the way yeah hello i would like to rain so that i need to remember algebra from okay are you gonna five video games,
yo are well it's not what it hits electronics essentially,
no i'm nineteen eighty seven ninety seven and nineteen ninety seven i'm old i can't read that number it never put your glasses probably have of us households with internet access.

[39:12] Would internet access did through what company in nineteen ninety seven half of us access the internet through compared to ninety seven.
I gotta say america online.
That is correct address yes i know i did actually send somebody an email
about this stuff and they had an apple lol dot com what will the effects for new cat forever then make sense advise how i want mind spring,
what any remember that i see in my screen help with our internet access for years was find frank.

[39:54] I'm here we do you somewhere so yes i have a email to john
verify for you which i also began his video electronics whatever i can't think technology can i what japanese video game company began in a team eighty nine with playing cards.

[40:12] What is PEP yes eighty nine with playing cards.
How this company interesting japanese open co i wanna say like sony but maybe maybe no,
nintendo is correct hey i was wondering if like nintendo atari with i don't know who it was so nice and what general about slang like maybe but,
category turned a request to have one somewhere yeah.
Right one for you it's movie what plan is invaded by the trade federation in the phantom menace.
No blue is correct.
I have been watching a lot of star wars recently i am so ready for that we really enjoyed very potter because obviously anyone you went back to a one three three.
I went back to the ones that i can.

[41:17] Ask question again if you have a great day how about like watching things on netflix,
and on a digital copy you can actually fast forwarded you didn't have to watch the trade negotiations yet,
i will look forward to sports tara i'm sorry i did the multiple choice over so you got least one in three chance how old was he ll answer sr when i became the oldest winter,
of the indianapolis five hundred was a thirty five forty seven.

[42:00] Roll that make a gif but i like the three sided i know who i was a fifty two.
That is incorrect it was forty seven for which go in between thing if he paid what you got for the SAT is coming up.

[42:20] Are you also you also get a four xl sports world who will trust u i trust u for drug test you for my beautiful who won the world series in nineteen ninety four.

[42:35] Who won the world series in nineteen ninety four that baseball atlanta braves incorrect nobody nobody was there to your that's the strike your yeah okay.
Read nine did florida was like well its someone atlanta want it sugar babies trending give me a hand but can't remember having a lot of the things we went to one of the games and i was a small childs enjoy that then.
Yeah no i think because he remind me of how young she was backing how are you how are you into for you.
Red hoodies or i was too sucked music who performed nicki that lol up a loser.

[43:19] Is nineteen ninety three its multiple choice rage against the machine red hot chili peppers or sloan.
Who performing make it up lol lol lol lol loser and nineteen ninety three,
regents machine red hot chili peppers we're slowing i get hand it's not the.

[43:41] I'm rating has michigan correct cash.
No i was just added blues and that was the only condition we are all the sex you get to choose one hundred twenty one.

[43:58] What is movie rate yesterday i meant what was the third movie in the nineteen eighties to start.
Michael douglas kathleen turner and need a veto.

[44:12] Ok third movie no free about certain it's romantic that's term.
See what your reacting the way you can try the name roses are you living now thank you.

[44:24] What was what was the last one was the third one in the eastern star three of those i'm gonna go to war of the roses that is correct the roses was correct.
I'm looking for help what do i will the first meeting with stones the second one will be romantic with stones.

[44:43] Ok now you just didn't address what do you call yourself when,
yes i know we're all products very good how you got television what was the name of the restaurant frequently by the cast of beverly hills nine o to one o come on.
Yeah i'd have had no idea i'm watching my show to binge or do you have a lot of these.
Suppose a waffle house no put yo on everybody now to see the waffle house in beverly hills.
I do actually find that repeats but the peach but he okay.
And joke with the peach shirt in georgia though OK we films again in what film was burnt reynolds nominated for an oscar for his betrayal of porn king jack warner.
Goodnight is correct,
we are one away from winning this para three are you get television what tv western start after chuck norris.

[45:59] Oh walker texas ranger.
How to master knows more but i guess i will let me know if anything about the western lotto the rain texas rangers western i don't know where you got the shorts only,
what airline have what nineties NHL team had known as the legion of doom.
Nineties NHL team had a line known as the legion of doom i have absolutely no idea so i go with the best hockey game which is the toronto maple leafs the philadelphia flyers.
How can i change the best hockey team is attempting lighting movie on other you got a movies interview with a vampire.
Which i just recently watched got then i got your up what gift is lost at gif claudia every year.
What all those correct way from weddings well oh boy is this one let see what she gets it in i get sports TV,
we got another one.

[47:14] Actually can you direct me to someone either because we both had this put those questions before early start radiation on them okay.
I agree are so i'll get yourself question on south park what character wears a blue hat and a red pom pom with a red emblem on it in south park what character wears the blue hat with the red pom pom on it.

[47:36] Hello.
I honestly i can see that all three of them were except for a county where lil pump i have a quick comment.
No i think who gonna guess no no stan
stan just going to add anyone give u was who shot JR on dallas he had the question we did and i still i still remember it,
kristin kristin kristin shepherd.
Are carrots for the win know when do the oregon sports hub i'm sorry,
which which was the philadelphia phillies game which was the last of the funeral sixteen MLB teams to win the world series with multiple choice.
Ugh baltimore boston or philadelphia which of the last.
Which was the last of the inaugural sixteen MLB teams to win the world series in nineteen eighty,
baltimore boston or philadelphia philadelphia what is the philadelphia philadelphia PA.

[48:55] Just because i just do that one would a manny the most luxurious,
where will the second i think i just realize something you turning thirty this year i am turning thirty this year how do you turn thirty and drank on.
No help while i remember when i turn thirty,
when was twenty y nineteen years ago which me to send a red club tonight daniel radcliffe and i'm going to get married should he stop,
i'm good actually that would he would bake you would be a very cute little couple you watch movies do you watch a series on TV is miracle workers.

[49:36] No he was healthy and that he had a woman serious news cuz i like a half hour comedy thing where is steven playing god and he plays an angel works for him.
Um i see i said whatever it is i have a watch that because is really really good it was really really really cute series that was really good and thats like you being you know.

[50:02] See if paul comes back to harry potter in some way shape or form and little tiny harry potter just,
what's up at our house and came downstairs can you tell me who is meaning when you're cute and small and you play harry potter and i'm doing a podcast when will harry potter and the,
here but i remember what what we're ya he does you getting old you are.
What is the weather here went to bed at a piano greatly shift at work so i guess that a no like six,
what is the working grave what were you busy working any raven atlanta that comes up you know you love those things.
I don't want carrots make you for joining in with the little yet i think i'm okay with that.

[50:58] Sports well can you try what your dragon.

[51:03] Thank you for joining us we appreciate you with all your volunteers and what they doing in keeping that they can go in and making sure that experience cured here is always improving and always.
Are a delight from taking time outta your experience to enrich lars is fantastic and works out appreciate that.
Thank you guys for having me as refund you gay dude get that i would normally i would normally at this point nobody asked.
God you know where directors where they can find you but i guess i'll just wait for someone to stick their heads in agreement and ask if tara.

[51:39] I'm is easy to find purple hair but who knows what could he can come on.
Yo are the three days you know who mitch what's the purple dragon gone what is your hobby wire i wanted to other.
Open yahoo.com.

[52:02] Can you give me that actually count how can i join you around one for blazers.
Lower the bill befor extra payment this is john for tara bradley saying.

[52:17] Music.

[52:24] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
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[52:47] Music.