50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 22 - O Dragon, Where Art Show

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Play a
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Move the g dragon con podcast that is more spots open um.

[0:50] Enjoy doing me as always our mona lisa lee i guess i do have that magic quality don't know not really very loud and,
not not have that no human lamp i'm good how are you doing i am doing well it's nine thousand degrees and raining she can get it humid some of the preparing for a drink.
Yeah i'm yeah turn the hot here to you it's doing exactly that like a little quicky showers,
and then all it does is just create like a steam room outside so be prepared for atlanta by as many people tell you don't like the weather good ten minutes so fun story of yes i like my what am i
will be calling mom award employee that for you but the same equal,
employee be a partner or whatever you know who you are but the guy with a coworker this one coworker who i don't know i don't know what i was looking in yet
he ll tampa leaving the hot lights yet and he yo hit a golf last weekend really take off he just
what is work from home is actually working from a distance right answer so where did you were to go window is working videos just working from subway this is want to skip the heat so we went to georgia.

[2:18] That's what we're doing in north and west you know that's right away last week was probably the worst way to be,
trying avoid further north you want the letter was so you know it was damn hot,
arena to savannah might not be too batman don't be hot in savannah right now but because its near the coast,
you're always nice breeze so that was awesome it's beautiful the strawberries are gone because what john will talk about selena right now talked about guess who has had a big guest announcement,
and i saw one that is not on the website yet but was on twitter or facebook or twitter i think what has been browser from,
create those amounts thousand facebook to adjust the hey can i find a good one i saw to barter with scales this means i feel only thankful for escape,
why don't you claudia black from blake anniversary this year.
Yes what are your hands and brian henson is coming to get yeah some i want to see it is a twenty.

[3:34] Hi because i remember watching for what is a like in miami,
my mid twenties so that could've now let's try that new snap
i like iphone five years ago that whatever i wished in my early twenties to um but yeah i know so,
right now the whole order the first payment yes it is i think the twenty five and i'll have to look that up who read out,
okay lol sorry talking to americans but that's cool i'm got some,
prison was ninety nine ninety nine so that would make it when twenty.
I mean i'm all yeah twenty italy twenty years old my god what is all this week.

[4:19] Yeah sorry but i think it's gonna be here to,
i want to know who's in creations and birthdate and i loved it because they also used what they called the wizard spirit choose whatever in the dark crystal fairy use those in forest gate.
And give me nightmares play wobble when we have some people coming from the,
from the start with that lovely us steve gonzales and york comment they got email and then we have some ww people.
We had dustin roche coming and i think that's the only one right now okay and family on a task for my known as coldest yes who is don't know what that is.
Will it restaurant is there any way that artists and guys and just not read the artists and the strangers in the comic books but trust me i love them i have i have squirrel girl that i am collecting,
agents of shield of files
like that so yeah but there are lots of those that i do encourage you to go there because there right but you know that's really interesting daniel think about how many talented people we have,
who is we store is a place we can just go and see maybe someone who no no.

[5:43] Pictures it's just just pictures only pictures what about order what's in my cart and some maybe three d three d art in some milk and i read payments no link only been pretty
when does not know his problem no prince hasn't
i can't afford the original but i really like it so you have a limited run print yep and do have and the dragon art show can i use jio,
so you introduce the director is okay i wanna use for the first time brandon what,
lol sure sure what's the temperature,
heh heh you a lot are down there it's gorgeous you have very few about the different kinds.

[6:41] Yeah but also if we could
transfer the art show we would totally get him how are u especially now with a ghost we work with animals because we need it working out you know as as director hey what is your experience with guests how can i get that guests,
who library tracks that is always a great idea will know you're this is your first years a director.
And how did you first get involved with brian cox um i actually started driving contents of volunteer with the art show um about.

[7:18] This is my nineteen year vow congratulations.

[7:24] And so and so and so where did you start doing at the first word bond hearing.
Oh i'm sorry for your.
Most of my time volunteering i was uh set up and breakdown crew my goodness that's a big crew.
Are you,
bing job your approval who is the big job um i think so the other crews were a little bigger because,
i needed bodies and i just need to get work done that we trying to make do with a few people ahead umm but i was there is alot of work um usually start on wednesday.

[8:09] Start the wednesday and thursday.

[8:13] Yeah okay i am taking a while,
ok so the art show when does it open and when does it close and where is it.
Hey open for the first time add one o'clock on friday.
Are there any openings at ten o'clock every other morning at the convention saturday sunday monday and it closes at seven on friday saturday and sunday.
I don't remember that i am exactly but it closes at three or four where i could add i don't know the reason i think its because
three or four because i have occasionally i go to turn in some stuff i run through the art show to see if,
jessie first get ribbons and second of all did are really really like.
So roof you do i submit a couple couple of things different this year and people i be surprised by a bee what is your not doing something so if you go in the dark for a few years you,
new bout that so what's going on.

[9:21] I think the biggest changes that were no longer functioning having an auction or a print shop lol there bait devils,
are there going to be cash registers in the art show anymore of the artists or handling their all financial transactions are selling artwork like from there tables natural bottle
yeah yeah so use to be that there were some artists who are able to book space and art show and just come back and collect.
Yeah but i know the artist here in michelle.

[9:56] I mean you'll have to personally be there but they have to have someone atleast add a table to sell,
i want to get idea for tonight i really like that too because i did that last year i bought i'll java and i love you i love,
i began to ask how you okay what they re thirty days but it's too it's seven days long,
if not i'm gonna kick you in the stands in ICU how tall is joe.

[10:32] I heard she was just put this way she would punch me in the ans others that are not true who there i'm five.
Turn lights to high profile yes hello google for me to be for me to be yeah,
making fun of red anyway i can put it other things too but i am a nice person i just take commissions what will the genre conditions cuz you know where is the time to put yourself when i'm with her,
no listen or talk about how i have to tell that story i hate that though but,
i will it last year and i love it cuz i got a whole lot of christmas presents for my son and my husband and people that like you i have a step mother she has,
everything what u like any rings there was some of the art show and its great because artist or somebody who had little mushroom like head.
I would like a cigarette would really cool little figure it out what what are your dragon can i wanna know they were very cute little figure and there is always kinda stuff so it's great that the artist are gonna be able to do that.
Are you gonna star yoga.

[11:50] I just get the address so it's been a long as i can going there's always been a really good mexican like tuesday and three dr and i think a fair amount of the three yard is actually like.

[12:02] Practical like it's it's tough for something that you can wear yours the longest the white masks and stuff do you know what yeah select an art show in here.
I bought a train wreck breakfast i got the email bracelet for myself to head on exam purple in it so,
i love that so yeah and i gotta look for flight brunch.

[12:29] I'm not happy new year to help hey i just really like you know broth open up again and gonna be bruised.
Hey what was trying to say is no the difference between two d and three d art,
let me know john doesn't so what is that it was what threw the other is one more what's the no see just no i don't i'm that you can about my hyd today so.
Read me art just has an extra d and it and see how it's it's like it's like sunny d,
what was trying to do is like trying to jump out and get you from the ghetto no john you're talking about when john loves going to the art show when he can find it where is it where are you,
your eye in the.

[13:27] Lower level of the high at lower levels higher a man like the.
Red door i gotta go to the lobby and just go down the escalator a couple of times what kind of.

[13:44] The last of where you're gonna get off the escalator because it's pretty but it's a big area it opens up and adam is doing of the conchords stages will be there this year too still where i believe it is soccer.
I think so but i can find out umm,
add another the conchords also while they're trying to do on in them as we talked to you in person in the market,
its my understanding that your gonna continue to hang out of that stage and adding additional stage somewhere else in dragon so they're not like moving if they're just adding another one is like standing,
because we like music we like all types of fun fandom things music and art and everything else so that's really no,
is there any requirement when i go into the art show is it can i just walk in,
i have a patch good a spot on the horse pasture first director test
yes it is no where you can almost like your backpack zip tied or something when you came and what goes on now.
Um i don't we were going to be.
Turn things anymore ok so don't think you can get well but.

[15:08] You can have any open food or beverage container so i think technically you can bring drinks.
Enter the art show but they have to be in like a receipt or a bottle n you not supposed to open it what you are basically self,
i would like just would not like that so when i can make you tell me where are your something but we want you close because if you spill on it about it.
What's a good wine do.
It's mini parents a child when they are walking drugstore you don't touch anything for u we gotta buy a teapot that's really cool and then um no.
The other thing is you're talking about there are some differences with those can you tell me the silent option to have known is that.

[15:59] The silent auction um is over because that system that was.
Are there the same systems that are cash registers everything's to be operated from so that's all gone in there will still be an option.
All monday we still have like a small charity auction at the end of our live auction which is.
Do you like the combination of the really popular items from the silent auction use to go to a live auction and we are not doing a silent auction anymore but there is still a charity auction.
That's gonna be on monday.

[16:44] You still be in the cherry auction kind of our there's gonna be some tuesday.
Are pieces and when three d piece i'm by members of the art show the artist you come.
M and i were gonna try to get.
That's donated by the artist some are some of the artists in the art show to also try to auction off their very cool.
Yep now lm do you who are some of the artists and we can expect to see at the orchard here do you have that listen for maybe maybe not i don't i don't have a front of me but we do have other.
I think.
The artist that people use to cumming every year are gonna be there so i got a fantasy artists like.
How is pretty much every year.

[17:41] Who's he's coming back from you.
Are there a lot of the same are you still coming to her three younger are going to be there and.

[17:54] I should've prepared better onkyo are you having any art shows or astronomy but i know that yet,
i don't think that um guest of honor is your husband to the art show before but she's really good.
And artists i like a lot of fur.
Remove my portfolio the website it's not like that and is the water really good fantasy themed arts i think she'll be.
I expect community that watkins the other pharmacy in target so we have but its does it's a pretty similar to line up to.
I am most years i know todd lockwood.

[18:48] How do i remember alot of their names but i know there are a lot of artists that do a lot of.
I like fantasy are my game and stuff like that and also a lot of artists like we talked about earlier.
What are those people will be coming back as well um will you release it just what i just said what is that i have the website.
Hi term and the art show has a lot of this information so the guest of honor is judy dillon and i thank you that is beautiful.
Can't afford cuz i can't sell a kidney what is virtually get the data of all the artists show up just spent in featured guest listed,
and there are a lot of bands you seen before lunch so that is really cool and there so many so that you do when the fan option cuz that was one of those things that would go wrong and those white white piece of paper a fee can see our,
that was your for sale not for sale and you could you can bet on it i'm are we still gonna be able to see dr and just below that all that is gonna be kinda i want to contact black a best of show,
or anything like that,
add so we're gonna have a gallery section in the center of,
the art show how we're going to be.

[20:15] What to have for pizza speech like i think why im actually wanted to pieces front depending on how many pieces we get.
Just enough there's gonna be like in a gallery located in where we are and hang.

[20:35] Just play and then uh live our guests sign out like to set up.
Move the areas behind your table to play there are in stuff and so you still be able to see artists like that way when,
i mean i just i was also thinking heard that the last tractors meeting is there still tho like a best of show from attend from the members,
show weenie when there you can get a ballot and basically look at those that they're showing,
just put that middle area you gone there for many many years remember you when and out you try to figure out how many didn't see your,
find it didn't have to be smaller it sounds like well but the kind of gallery.
Field area will be a little smaller um part of that is because of.

[21:31] Have to physically be there yeah how to be on the show now we were not able to have as many of those like kinda curious will u still have.

[21:43] Hi we are still going to have it and where are so many ballots are people so your favorite artists in like a few different categories i think to some time on sunday,
what yeah and i also hate the tell you this but you are open till five on monday for this.
Okay okay i'm sorry that's only like what more time to buy art.
Add one of the changes this year is that um.

[22:20] During most of the convention will be closing at seven and we did use deposit eight yeah good asia.
What is the weather the big.

[22:34] Find your channel use to be a big crowd that would like try to hit up.

[22:39] Call
i meant the vendor hall closes at seven and be like wow the art show is still open for another hour i'm gonna go pick it up for a quick and we'll do that the more i hate that
how we getting your drinks ok but for those people that like to meet artists is there a new iphone about many of them may be other tables and,
we are brown but is there any other time to like me any of the artist present yeah we're gonna try to do things and it's hard the artist note.

[23:10] Volunteering for that so we're gonna necessarily know like very far ahead of time which artist will be there.
How bright in the mornings i m not sure the exact time but i appreciate gonna be on the schedule i think around like nine or nine thirty.
I like saturday sunday and maybe also monday morning,
i like candy coffee power when are the artist to want to calm and kinda me and talk shiz.

[23:41] Which bands outside of like it up.

[23:45] Which type of family outside of yes i really like that piece of art i cannot sell your kidney do you have a prepped right best,
hi i hear some body background you can get that info for that again.

[24:04] I miss that is your that is your child would he will it is summer you know you can't like,
seven writing a sleep over but that's your trial hi shoes are adorable,
yes my daughter lol okay just kill her because me and she's like me she's a tiny bit.
Louder order of the projects better um no quiet now since sensor sensor snow print shop will there be more um.
Space for artists who do we have more coming this year than past years it bumps number no oh.
Eric moreland well i don't know if there are more artists total um there are more art will be more artists tables were sure.

[25:01] What are the areas that the print shop use to occupy will actually be taken out by a panel room close hey,
we're gonna try to have because.
I'll leave in the past we've had some very popular panels and you are so nice to have two small panel rooms and we wanted to try to do this year was still have one small cat we have.
We have the space for two large panel rooms but you have the space to make what are the names of the larger gonna try to execute trying to expand one of the panel room sizes.

[25:41] We go to better accommodate is not fully accommodate a higher popularity that some of the panels draw yeah.
What school alex i want who is been really interested in the figure is often are okay or whatever they're made of ummm.
And i'm always interested i would love to learn how to like make pots in a house that's big enough so that's like one of those,
when i retire i want to learn how to suspend pots and stuff because i just think that looks so i wanted to hear about it that might be something on the hey and i did check,
archery programming will be on the app who's the app is not updated john do not ask so when will the app be updated,
we go to before color really so if you have something for current gun two of us being outright nope not now,
and you can you can you know i'll give you a,
you taking to ensure he mentioned his dad and even volunteering for nine years was that did you lose your first experience to drink are you become a drunk and prior to that.
Hey i haven't.
Or haven't been to dragon con prior to that i read first experience with dragon comments of you i would.

[27:08] Um i was um.

[27:17] Think i just a friend of mine was talking about going home and i was like oh that sounds really cool and he just happened to be a volunteer.
How you like.

[27:29] You tell me the humidity go to the meeting and i was like uncle like can i come use like yes sure and the hell.

[27:38] Are people asking for volunteers am i ran into other directors at that time advise meeting for the art show world news the meeting i ran into the directors at that time for the art show.
I just want you need any volunteers are you your pretty girl you ready,
i think we do still need some volunteers if there are some people i would like to volunteer i think it um we don't has is delayed and approve are tears as we use to like you use to have.

[28:14] Im starting department and other volunteers and other departments if they work dad would not.
Its more like a big pool volunteers everyone to swim and now the nations that's awesome and ummm so there is a ball if you go to the
newwebsite participate volunteers and our great friend jarvis of with the diversity track is right on that front page along with a very lovely person right beside it and so you can volunteer and there's a volunteer yes,
sign up and then,
when you sign up and when i click this cause i'm never gone hey you please tell sole use special skills or needs reason for your interest in particular department etc so others requested department
section down there in ja you just say art show right there.
That should be enough and when the art show goes on and look for people to look for people who are willing different little page when we go to to find volunteers and update not that comes to so yeah and i also have a heart.
Who do co director is who i'm working together to do the art show and.

[29:24] How are you to be alarm or director who did get delivered to change yours going on how is work so yeah,
they're three months now and the other directors are jeremy and mary and mary is the wine you.
Go switch the schedule and hand ugh.

[29:47] Assignment to another logistics type stuff make sure that all the volunteers get the bat stuff.

[29:56] Resume you need stinking badges you need stinking badges and italy that into your,
weather really and there is a reason that you wanna go on and get on that volunteer list is because of your honesty anybody been any better and assign to a section when you get there early,
when you're when you're janah don't get that unless you're already set up as a volunteer and at the meeting up i found out,
do you have a thumb by august sublet august seventh which is sunday before twenty seventh anniversary can you believe it
do you know anything zero years old or to yes exactly i was two years old i kno wi just with new in the kindergarten kindergarten that we were just destined for each other but as i make that joke,
eight seven so if you are interested in volunteering,
you so it's right here go go go and your safety art show registration,
what's the place is still need volunteers one week from the time that your oldest sister up so i so sad.

[31:04] You can still volunteer after the seventh like you said if you don't you don't get that you also don't get a t-shirt that straight at you know volunteer you don't get it and you actually get the t-shirts for people who volunteered last year so,
don't worry about that but i'm what are the thing i wanna put i want to say because dragon con wants to be very upfront internal webpage is.

[31:31] I am going to read it exactly the attention parents and guardians it is the policy on driving art show to prepare artistic nudity add subject matter,
if you have minor children with you would recommend a few options the show first to see if any of the artwork needs to be avoided during their visit so.
Show there there are some people or bits of naked people and mom and dad in guardians.
Parents whatever im looking make sure it's okay because you know your kid you not your parents you decide where you can get what you can do.
How do i get my future wife did u life it's drying cans umm.

[32:15] How is the permit okay night i got to permit are there any remaining rollerblade yes but seems weird i know that you know i got the other smiths.
Open bit i'm seeing things,
bitches so yeah i would like to sleep in norway our knees bent around for don't know his long as it's been around so i think so.
Open the door who are close in the caves and things like that so yeah i didnt have alot of clothes black pants
hell isn't it was hoping that those options sex,
who did val that you can have whatever section of your best show and things like that id feel furious when we can i go through and see how this is what i did verify this one no what i'm investing show things like that.
Other the voting will end sometime on sunday and so i.

[33:20] Don't know if the artists are going to display those or not i think it'll probably be up to damn jasper will be giving.

[33:30] Words like to reserve a private ceremony and i forgot what search
usually do on monday and i think that's kinda normal you get into on individually but i think most of them will put it out on those
add a can see.
Is the display then they will be up on monday because i will get them until sunday night and again you can give money to charity is the art show the art of,
accurate donations which is,
you said that this is where you doing the there's no tomorrow silent auction but there is this little thing what we are trying to expand the charity auction in this year in addition to that um.
Dragon con in general these kind of expanding so where is it out.
Kind of engages to the charities that we partner with and we're doing be like special like just donation.
I think i just like decorating paint cans basically because i get some.
Where we're gonna be having one of those mini art show heather was changing to you and then dragon con.
Snooze all of the money that's put into those buckets as well as possible.

[34:51] Hello are going to be contributing to the charity coloring book.
Are there drink and she ran so well how was my weight.
Coloring book where can we get that in another color you book though i drank on charity.
Department order what ever start the ad states it is there is a charity charity track a richard party so they are um partnering with some of the artists from the art show and from the comics,
move the comic track in the comments below strangers and yeah they're gonna be making uh.
A small coloring book and it's going to be available in different places but we already talk to them and work planning to have some.

[35:44] And i don't actually remember the price on them yet where do we have charity actually will be on a podcast in the future i am actually trying to find a bank so yeah.
Sorry add the yogurt more information about it from there when we have those you talk to them about playing and having.
A supply of those in the art show and although i'm far as i understand.
Um the one st we'll have any art show since we will have like another means of taking payment for them everyone so we are show will be cash only okay.

[36:21] I don't know if there are my contacts.
I don't know if you don't have cash if there will be a place it somewhere else in the car and we go to get them what day was card yet
will the one the wheelchair is we have the charity director of the artists that weren't set up a date will usually do that closer to come on because wanna get everybody excited and they were also gonna be talking to somebody from the atlanta
i'm affiliated i'll be american heart association to talk what money will do,
no say it every time we want to stick it to them and we wanted to stick it to the drawing board of directors who are all actually lovely people will stick to the people that doesn't sound right that would do that when is speaking to,
word yeah so they match dollar for dollar
what ever you give the word pools and that's what they get and we match up to two hundred thousand so the more you buy
for the charity or giving a little paint bucket for this coloring book i am so excited i cant wait um i'm ready like where do i get it but don't get it yet coloring book,
may i go and let's hear the charity pick up for this year is an honor of the old comics director has part of inspired,
the headlights making the coloring book but if it's successful i think we won't.

[37:47] From what i understand we're gonna try to do in the future where it would be really cool yeah anyway um i think its something that.

[37:55] It's just it's really nice you only know be fun to take the coloring book i have some of the artists,
how are you need to learn how to charity auction think i think we are planning to try to do that um,
i think.

[38:15] We're still trying to decide like on the details of it but we were trying to decide between like it's discolored.

[38:25] Like what submitted works to the coloring book i just had just passed around and have artist pic which one they want to color and then sign it up though.
Where can i do one of those at least that sounds like whoop and holler if you wanna find out which one did you head over to the charity auction and find out.
Damn so there will be even what happened to snow going to happen everything a drink understand of it actually feels so probably the charity option is going to happen because you check my order yet yet reaction is going to happen but.
Where am i.
What's going on my collar and buttons are you coloring book is a subject artist participation but if you were excited tho.
Pretty confident because so many of the artist's artist set up and coming like year after year and they've always been very generous um.
And so i'm pretty sure it wont be that high a coloring book filled up with.

[39:30] Artists from the art show that i am that's awesome i'm the whole search.
I'm looking for more than one box but i don't know but i'm get my husband to put that on his dragon con schedule,
show he can go and but on it cuz a coloring book that is that can i get an amazingly unique,
pc heart and i care of the used the big box a sixty four or they use some other color pencils or whatever that would be a really cool piece of art,
i know i know is what are the artists who is coming to the art show like that deer main medium for art in general is color pencils yes.

[40:12] Using colored pencils and a coloring book where the free lunch like doing like a custom art piece i'm sorry i don't like just,
i didn't know about this and i'm so excited i literally am balancing electric got no,
you first what are the cool things about the coloring book she was there all the drawings are one sided and i believe they're trying to make them purple rated but it,
where someone else color to them
yeah i take them out and i'll be one sided seconds without having to miss out on other side see smart that smart that's not smart,
that is so yeah i got you that my manager is trying to isabel about the say everything that specific magical um that's playing so um that is really awesome
i feel kinda bad about the order still too much longer from that charity directly not sure how will i will still be this excited about this idea,
then i'm like making little notes to myself for women to talk to her feeling it's underwear tho.
Promoting the charity and was like we're really excited the art show two.
Be more involved with other dragon country this year then.

[41:35] You are i get sarah volkman has been like substantial cuz the pieces that we can offer you charlie do i go.
Like a pretty good amount but we also have an option of more pieces i have.

[41:52] And has that much more about it is i feel good frosting really excited what i think and feel ticket,
that's awesome charity people charity let's get one hundred dollars and so we can match and get two hundred thousand that would be whatever we get.
Its great i am desserts small me know atlanta to philly and alright light local,
yellow gold for you and somehow connected to all of us to dragon con in atlanta part of my heart and i don't mean that is a pen with the hard situations set
okay so joseph this is a part of it that i'm in the podcast were you thinking number between one and twenty,
i wanna play a said rats but.
When did you want to send strawberry how about a sack because i decided i three you can like roll the dice.
You roll for it yeah we are the people who did the other day he found a twenty sided right where she was,
dragon god hey i actually would a second to test your products at the ready,
okay you know what i actually looked around cuz i'm doing this in my region and we have some do i can't answer remember that,
which team six seven eight nine sweet sixteen google.

[43:20] It's not open an open pack of pop culture trivia oh yeah ok set out joseph don't know if you know what's going on hold on,
play i gotta get my life anyway to get then it got put your logos having some kind of,
things to end so i don't know if you listen to these before you can go back a couple years i always lost i mean it would be like keep talk to somebody and it would be oh
your computer programmer how amazing i have questions about computer programming,
so i would like to do for john also has a trivia love and so he goes to places like tuesday mornings and big lots and whatever and wherever they're on sale john picks,
and sometimes don't weirdest questions,
advertisement who are generally OK i get into like the if you have a pic one.

[44:15] Turn the family feeling really.
Yeah i put you back so there are five questions on easter cards in melbourne to play chill
play the premature five depending on how outgoing i wanted another mystery um tell me who all that i will start with you address on the road in the console of the six you to pick one if otherwise its just a random.
Dial rolex three.
Three is a television again the category is pop culture trivia search general province hey
how old are you just said i don't in forty nine so i'm not stranded he me i'm just curious thirty five still ok so you have a chance,
i tried to answer the question first then get a chance of it right answer first order you answered all basket alaska,
next question we come up with so,
if you are wrong if there is no ceiling it's just dishes but i think i'll get this one what movie queen the phrase say hello to my little friend.

[45:24] Scarface that is correct.
Yeah you know how to remove that one scene where you dislike this whole half of his face away cuz of cocaine is very low,
you want to rule the three year so we got to the television or medium not sure exactly what is supposed to get it will that yes how is the movie snowden choose this one so am not sure why the television next week anyway,
what was jack nicholson is characters occupation in terms of enjoyment.

[45:58] What was nicole's characters occupation in terms of enjoyment he deserves that is incorrect hello and asked.

[46:10] No you wasn't just ordered according to the kind you are the master deserve yeah it is good he get the movie schedules,
yes it does and gets yes.
Yeah yeah i forgot the wrong movie oops are so your just this is for u who saved the lives is a better way in who sings the lives of our ticket.
Add a kiss atticus finch was two children in to kill a mockingbird.
Who saves the lives of atticus finch was two children in to kill a mockingbird.
I mean i dont remember his name but he was the neighbor the one that usually stayed inside with usually say halloween when there's a ghost what is ago say.
Who are you.
Who was the who does bradley very good i love that again that is one book i read every year i read it every summer i love that book.

[47:14] When u sex u get that he's leaving thrive what are the i don't know what they are you can tell you use command number and ask you what number did he just have three.
I think okay who's in the who's the gloomy place in hundred acre woods who is the qb place in hundred acre woods eur that is correct.
After a few questions would that score is two to one who is winning startup problems here to.
Um ok.

[47:51] What what item of clothing was named after both and luke's cousin on the TV series the dukes of hazard,
oh god busy dukes the shorts is what does e eight was that a question again
did u say that i said to payroll action role to three so was in tokyo on like this i would a member of the dukes of hazard will probably patient whose position was a graphic novel that came out yo on.

[48:28] Right now i know what to know if there is a section of the dukes of hazard which i think is thirty thirty four so yes but i'm looking to be
you are all the five for that is the picture of a silhouette of the head with a question mark in it so that means i'm in two thousand eight,
who was arrested on charges of running the largest ponzi scheme in history.
Anyone can offer hope it was not fun to really know what was that two thousand eight,
yes yes there is dukes of hazard fan fiction.
I just google that soon as i put in fanfiction do i get ahold of an eviction that i told you yeah there is
is peter there back we're doing a game show i featured it um being short during what time it is,
as awful as you think anyway i really like where is music.
So as of finish the lyrics to the paul mccartney song ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony side-by-side,
blink of an eye really together in perfect harmony side by side plank.
No i got it gonna be rainy yo are the.

[49:56] There are some icenter together.

[50:07] Side by side of my piano keyboard oh no why can't wait,
yes i don't have anything you did when i was here like ive heard that one hundred years of sunny here,
feel the wind what why ended by invented in france in nineteen fifty nine was originally called the,
yes make a new friend if nobody got how i will spell it out for you thank you.
No a pastor fee with the little thing on top of it,
adult equivalent of gold especially two years a french or nothing so what l c o r a n,
next word NAGAR i q u e r canadian friends right now you probably already know the answer,
there we go okay your back i could not hear you though i don't know what channels i don't know i miss her but i already did that earlier lol up with a little accent CRA and,
ver a look for our book rain on the prime magic you MEGA que,

[51:27] I. q. u. e. no something magic yes is a choice events in france in nineteen fifty nine magic eight ball incorrect it was the actress catch it just sketch.

[51:43] Oh okay.
In france that will the free okay what film this is just what film and robert redford in oscar for best director.

[51:59] Asking for best director they are not your regular aliens.

[52:09] They're not regular aliens they are the opposite of.

[52:17] Will there not a regular animals would be dope i have no idea.
I wanna know startup if i remember i know is there anymore.
And donald sutherland and very young timothy haven't got it turn your camera add.
I don't think i've seen a space time you're clueless how you gonna say normal people ordinary people is correct or not people is correct or not right i can't get it yet.

[52:52] When i go want number one.
What's login again but only needs serious what's logan was first used in nineteen sixty two to average every size.
Who averaged the best advertise provide the serial what's logan was using nineteen sixty two to advertise cocoa puffs cereal.

[53:17] First us then i will give it who complex i'm google for coca puffs.
How is you know what i was hit the wrong because i was thinking the uconn chris b's which is stop um.
Add track it surprises login last looking for coca puffs on union and where.

[53:43] Sorry john next is number five it's music again,
what heavy metal band has a mascot named eddie what heavy metal band has a mascot named eddie.
Does any where is school going from no no no no that's not what anybody is a money of sorts.
I'm sure that i am sure that derek would be yelling at the library now it's like whatever you can do some casinos in vegas because weather yes.
Can you get me to enlist it's for gets direct what i am going to have to learn how to spell it.
I feel ya where i could add yeah i am trying to think i don't know like a whole lot of heavy metal music.

[54:39] Yeah okay i guess i can be happy enough i got a really like black sabbath iron maiden in made yo are the makes scents yeah i think i think
hello i think someone my cousins have that shirt with you do you think about it you probably you're well.
You're my he definitely if didn't affect your age more ironic thing probably because i think some of my cousins are in your life just like my brother is younger than me and he's basically the youngest out of.

[55:18] And then i'm next so yeah.
I want the six for yearly so you get to pick which one you want number three number three what two thousand twelve action movie was a box office disaster,
who's over a hundred million for disney.
What two thousand twelve action movie lol john clark john carter is john carter that bad of a movie comparatively is not good but is not bad.
Yeah so i can better read the book yes i do it when we
i had requested you so much you're what is the weather what did you read that would a dream that i was like what were the reese got my first visit the breweries with a surprisingly awesome school and never read
who was u was free on kindle and i start my kindle fire,
no i ran so okay read this is a good time and yeah i actually better than taking of books i read that was one of them,
oh my goodness sweetie i've read.

[56:26] Joseph has this in literary what science fiction book follow the miss adventures of the last surviving human after or is demolished to make way for hyper space bypass.
Tigers got to the galaxy is more of a softball question for dragon con director i dont know what i want.
Are you supposed i am feeling what could've would've been a little more sociable and out what what what movie stars a character named indiana jones haynes news i am your father.
I am lose all questions at any director there are the directors that's right it's like a citizenship question a test to take the assessment it's like new you know,
you should know these things but really have to know what those things yeah yeah.
I think its always funny when they do those things where were you try what.

[57:29] Mystery things where they ask random people on the street questions from the citizenship test SIM like serving people only export,
yes i am i friends with them i let my coworker but someone has entered the same person but i think i'm okay he just got naturalized he's from the ukraine,
you are lonely naturalized last two weeks ago and i would a roberto problem with the outcome.

[57:57] What's the weather isn't here.
The break rooms next to my queue and i'm some guy was one of the other coworkers was saying congratulations on here because l c i take that you take a taxi or use what are some questions if.
So sad and what are the questions asked when was the last casino name state that borders mexico help any state there's like.
No tourism create the yeah arizona of course is one,
california and texas texas he colorado he not my friend,
the american citizen that was already an american citizen for all his life who is forty six years old send colorado now without you i just bought my mother was two or three but,
read what is the area your low your low that's right yes oh my god yeah so far the came out of her over her deck number,
this is a test also usually has like you have to name the bill of rights by oliver like.
I'm probably get thru for a couple of when they got added to the right some moments you know.

[59:18] Why would a year that being your public education,
update exposed yourself again thank you for joining us other people who can find you over at a hyatt during the art show product about three where is down for maintenance right.
And and if they want if you guys want to volunteer you wanna volunteer yards to michigan shirley would welcome help hanover to dragon con dot org and click on the was a participate in volunteer,
i just feel for marin go down the volume in the yard barbecue and not working,
i presume that a lot of it is just checking badges and things like that but i'm sure you still need help setup and tear down right.
We may need help with with that we're not doing as much as that stuff internally anymore i just went away to be able to stream can i get more manageable for just don't directors.
Umm but the will be some setting some stuff up and then i'll be out what are the staff will be.

[1:00:32] Some checking if there will be a lot of people kind of life.

[1:00:37] I'm not want the art show to help out artists and help out of holders sued for getting food and stuff and yet i got like running for lunch.
Can i order one everything goes okay so head on over there so until next time.
Jose abad way congratulations on wednesday fermata joseph and lee this is john saying until next time peace.

[1:01:05] Yo on this has been a production of the unique pink,
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[1:01:32] Music.