50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 23 - Dragon, I Blew Up The Kid'S Track

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how to get my bed what's up.
Yo on,
this is nice.

[0:33] Music.

[0:46] News.

[0:47] Diesel dragon con the podcast that is young at heart and joining me as always is the i don't know.
The team and our team weight.
How is LT that is t or a human being not very old though so hey is a very long hello there you will merri hello butler,
yes yes i was i just said i will get back hello how are you how excited i cant you just not hide it.
Are you about to lose control i do you like cat,
i do like it i might even let you do some happy dances could you know what we are okay but what i forgot to enter the month.
We are under a month but whats your type of february.
No that's when we're we're a recording this with anyone that you kinda see a little bit behind the scenes but yeah that's where did so let me know your schedule should be up posted outright nope nope.
We're when will schedule be up john tell me when was schedule a mellow when the app is updated tomorrow.

[2:06] No next week.
When the app is outdated is correct that is going to be one maybe two if everything goes perfectly.
Look for comment and you know what you mean affiliate i'm on it be ok you still got time is ok
what do you know the schedule everything because of course schedule it hangs between now and dragon con or even during dragon con so i can schedule everything and then if it's not there when i get there i'm gonna be mad at you.

[2:41] Okay let's create an app schedule a direct response parent
whatever nothing to do with direct response that's because i'm a mom of dealt with whining before del you know when mode
children i know don't wine as bad as you do we get to the children playing in the second we have a voicemail.
Right side didn't first i will do what do we do that first and we'll figure it whining on it i have no idea why don't wine.
Yoga guys i am almost to paris for about seven years now and it seems like i heard you mention on the previous podcast here,
there are no happy play ticket you across the street during the parade i would not aware of that but forgot my id.
Review review that for me if you're currently where do we get to it.
Where is a good and all the detail like to purchase your current and that will be great thank you.

[3:58] I really got this i got this parcel ok thank you very much
the person you just set this you are stupid on facebook with our fifty days area yesterdays is on facebook and find it and no will tell u how the minute but yes there is
way to get between both side of the street during the parade now.
Its packed you got it is pat it you are crowded you are moving like salmon going upstream because everybody is going the same way you are weather you're going down a up i swear its crowded it hot.
Don't be maggie and it's gonna be probably pretty slow you can do it.
What you gonna be doin that you're on the peachtree center side of um of that modify station.
And what you gonna be doing is you can either go down or go and then go up its gonna go down and then go up,
get to the market stop and what you're doing is you're not gonna go anymore you don't have to pay to go anymore because all turn styles are you go coming in front of them.
Play you have to go under seat go down if they really really long escalator and steps.

[5:13] I need a up on the other side and basically what you're doing you're see something it'll say like to the westin.
Will that means you are going up on the western side which is also america's market might say that as well in america smart the bar we gonna be good the things you looking for on the other side of say two peachtree center.
And that side is your trying to get on the side where the hyatt is say the center of the city maybe the marriott,
because that way you go up on the other side of the street.
I'm really know i don't know if i'm basically if you're on the side that is the weston and you want to go across to get to.
Yeah you're going to the peachtree center side so you are at your motor on the western side kick me from there if there is a.
The interests of a secured the entrance to the martin station correct address correct is it down a small escalator first then you got a much better one for ya ok so it is a um.

[6:25] Uh what do you call it um.

[6:29] It's okay great next two weeks are like lol there is use to be restaurant there will be a restaurant restaurant change the scene to change every year that's there
restart you to be a durango is it one point and that actually and i think now that is a hotel if i will turn everyone i can help you
restaurant that is there should be there but there's a hotel there and i don't know what's that side that's what i know because there is pretty well.
Signed if you dislike someone else is at what is where is it from the americas mart insurance though.
Did the americans not interest you are basically walking across america smart,
when you get to the western you go all those you go through the western to get to america smart that's what i'll be doing a compare the measurements i meant how do i get to the street side
turn the permission to do side a little different so if you peachtree center yen,
yep to the chick-fil-a okay tell crazy get to the chick-fil-a and yes on sunday it'll be closed you're just trying with everybody else.

[7:37] There's a few look that way look towards where it would be the street level okay.
Anything goes towards at street level there's some stairs who is an escalator going down to the right isn't it so that i can ask you which industry is send to the right isn't it.

[7:56] Hey this is like a lil mami like a little paint goes running currently there is something if
exactly your coming from the hyatt so i can go higher and then go down the stairs and then like you want there and then peachtree center at the dairy queen right there on your right that asian buffet place you can on your left,
music theres gonna be another big haul we're straight ahead of you to your right is chuck full turn the right keep going dont go up to the street go towards the right and go down,
ios one problem with this what is going on i just realized that i do not think there is an elevator except on the western side.
Also if you know order for wheelchair would not need an elevator i don't think there is one on the peachtree center side i'm almost.
Is there like seventy five percent positive can i use to work down in that area so just send guys why there is a
there is an elevator on the western side so you just get it will say americas mart western so you're good.

[9:08] Yes you can do it underground,
yeah it's hot it's hot and muggy but i also at the same time there may be some kind of football game going on order some kind of other sports activity and all those people are trying to get tomorrow so they can get to sports activity.
Sorry ill be hot that's people but its cool i need to do it just beeps.

[9:34] Okay and then the escalator that is on the peachtree center side your thoughts on the CBS that way into a smaller now.
Latest get you down into the teachers are there just get you down in depress the cds is too full to flat floors right.

[9:54] Yeah yeah yeah yeah you got any clear my record the cds i need some lights.

[10:02] But if you go to the bottom of the cds that would be the level where the chick-fil-a is no i know i'm using chick-fil-a because that's the biggest liars restaurants changed alot i know that we.

[10:14] Go away from caribou towards chick-fil-a.
You got it you're on the right side there's a caribou coffee i just found out last week so okay posted i just found posted on the peachtree center transit station how awesome it will come ummi.

[10:32] Western side um there's a big post office in red velvet is well yes that's me that's what the.
Ask leaders are in the hall this of all distraught and i will tell you what i think if you look this up peachtree center station for model value tell you that is b.
The escalator there is really really long so dont have to go don't look down.

[11:03] Cuz it's really really am i followed by if you have any going down the escalator only hold their hands.
You should probably hold their hands and i'm sure that cuz their kids coming to dragon con there probably good kid and not whiny like you john,
lol that's probably think,
what do you think is probably freaking out somebody well what if i want to bring into some sort of track it's it's definitely appropriate where would i do that.
You know what's dragon con did that i swear i am gonna throw so much cute chicken butt.
There is a tracking code kinda scope what time is really long.
Hey i say no disc i'll get it hard to see sometimes and that director is phyllis issues with us right now.

[11:55] How should a listen to so much about marco polo that's awesome that's okay that you do not deduct gold.
I have done it but that was before i was the director so that was nine years ago or longer lol,
where can i get the john the only reason i know what is because i help with parade and i've had to do it i would've not remember the other
i dont breathe outside air from wednesday to monday most directors and we are not allowed we have actually a device that keeps me there if
what is it no longer breathe anymore,
no pressure is not allowed to walk into the sunday on into the sun on monday new like somehow.

[12:46] No i feel like all the people who got the babe of birmingham like got today but it's actually a up wow interesting.
Yes so true so let's try as it's not what i wanna live in a room change okay well the name selector,
what is because.

[13:08] People kept saying this is there a kids day at end of the week of saying yes the classical track of the next year the same people to come back and share a pizza restaurant group i just um.
Ask the appropriate people if we can change the name to get strikes and we did last tuesday the decision last year but we have at the track,
because they were moving into a new area so you can keep the piano.

[13:39] Keep everybody in the same loop so we just changed it in january to the kids track.
Are you the official invite so you can't okay so everything stays the same with that you got it everything are short.
Thing that is in the program is not kids instead of selling it comes up in the app it'll be very clear,
yes kids track thing because we did have some feedback and that he wasn't news on kids dragon,
i wanted to use the app yeah cuz i guess you not making the connection between clients and kids track order the big bag that says kid friendly but that's okay,
hey no no has the content changes or is it still the same house.
Its changed over the years but um it's really the same the only thing that would different this year we made specific content.
For different age ranges tabs some stuff that's for adrian sixty nine and some stuff that's for range ten to twelve and i have a larger list of things that are good for all age ranges.
Can you help because we do see a lot of that you know i'm gonna say.

[15:04] Thunder seven ground too so we were trying to have things that would be.
Cool for little kids and then stuff that would be OK and not in school but maybe not as cool as the adult tracks for the,
for the pretty girl know it was not only the name of the change with you also has some nude pics right.
Yeah well move to the base of the highest last year and put to send two rooms in the basement just moved across the hall that the rooms are bigger and they don't have the column so that should be a lot better.

[15:42] I saw we had to make sure kids didn't run into the collins last year.
Who beat us and some of those that are accident prone didn't run into a my order up and we were trying to do yoga room was really kinda hard.
We really just we moved across the hallway so do you do who are older and i think the old are rooms that were gonna be readings and the film festival.
Okay help me flights and kevin with the film festival at least you can set up the chairs and everybody can still see you tomorrow at noon.
That would be very close with vehicle now omg this note with the kids track there are there it only the kids track that has stuff for kids to drink on or,
would there be other trucks that maybe have some stuff oh my god every track has stuff for kids i mean we got a bunch of new tracks and participating this year on the EF,
track is having some things for kids and apocalypse rising and you,
we help a lot of the tracks have been participating all along but they're just now beginning to.
Really focus in on getting the word out that their kids that they're for kids plus the tags in the app help you and we also encourage.

[17:04] The other tracks to health things,
after the eight o'clock hour because while,
week stop working at the clock tower lot of the families don't just get automatically go back home so there are still families out there looking for things to do and so that way,
their event.

[17:26] There are events you know crowd does it cut in half by something that we're doing in the middle of the day so yeah that was a very important,
yeah you don't wanna do that that the things anyone.
Yellow hair potter and they want star wars though we offer.
Some of those things if they can go to the specific tracks where there that are guaranteed to get that subject matter.

[17:53] Add is very cool i'm curious there something i'm excited director and i am totally totally open all the things i can,
what is your did junior just feel thing is that could be around that your weird ass around here the same group of people who are doing it,
that's a different thing about that is gonna be who two hours instead of just one how so we didn't have to we did em work with regina a lot.
You are getting bigger rooms or allow to have extended hours.
Set limits kinda scheduling nightmare even more of your contract if you want to start having things that are to two panels worth of time at but,
when you will have to turn away kids and their sad that you think to participate are there parents or maybe not exactly happy that they didn't get it yeah we try to do to try to make adjustments for that.

[18:54] I like awesome that is cool the other voice in your bedroom again like you did last time,
i think you're getting actual pain is this your blanket little pins i can find out and let you know but still got something that says that they went there
goody goody i love it
hey g let's see the new generation of shield agent we need to know your other traditional i actually know the answer that's because you haven't ask that why don't know the answer
are you a traditional started a few years back b four five six years ago um is there turn counter,
go happening this year
it is happening this year still the same time sunday at ten in the morning am but it's gonna be a much bigger room this year regency five in the hyatt
how well i was saying that's a really big is the bigger room and you have a menu hello what's the bigger what's your to tell me that,
we have it in the universe the last year which was bigger butt head what column from.

[20:04] I asked why wait in january we can find a place for us to have this,
in a bigger room want to have more characters into self the real is bigger we could relieve the line outside smh yeah nm.
So she am hijos scranton same then found regency five to have them.
Pedicure turn counter and soap really super excited about that because it's gonna be a much bigger room and the access control will be better,
and then they're still call me and then fade who is are your character aged performers agencies am able to get more characters.

[20:47] Please give me more yes the iphone picture of the group you show it to me and they was a dead doggie send look at this and i was just like holy cow could you had.
I don't know disney movie that wasn't there i mean maybe big hero six bolt.
My details are the only baby well you'll need any of the ones that don't have human really characters who is at your company let me know when i will have all the disney princesses last year is it,
wyd have some princes and some villain and we.
We had some star wars droid last yes that was awesome they are very popular you know if you're having any of the star wars princess princess in france.

[21:39] I mean any in the prince or princess from star wars in our know that mother and her son that would be really awesome if you had the mother son but you know what i'm gonna be trying to get face,
and see if he'll talk about it but she doesn't like to give away the secrets oh no she doesn't like to eat and i don't know know it she works in it up,
even to wash his hair what you had a mean i think she
i dont remember what came up when we interviewed her she was telling as she got she could have all the disney princesses she's really been working on it and then she i think after it
she said to jon and i'm really trying to make sure i get wanna wanna wanna,
that malli malli who did molly is an amazing now i actually saw him in person and i was like yeah you like that so yeah it was awesome.
Yes how even bigger raise your dad's your welcome friendly
it might of said well he might invite out i don't remember but that would be awesome if we get
so where are you have any agents are gonna black and will have several of those and i think iron man
you know maybe some other mother figure out the streaming yes there will be excited about that and that's always hugely popular i mean there's a reason.

[23:07] You know but where is not to bring that back every year if parents don't know this,
add personal thing together faith is very talented and can be a whole lotta disney princess herself so i do not really works with this to make sure there is only one of each,
What is that because especially younger children when they see that cinderella order that iron man really cinderella for iron man.
No she really works very hard and cheap find people that really put the work into print correctly everything is amazing in everything that you need to realize that the players.
Who did this.
Do it for free they buy their own badges to get in to try and calm and usually saturday and sunday and they volunteer their time so.
That's five hours out of their day on sunday we have between us set up in the actual character counter that they donate to the car,
so this can happen in a loved working with the kids that's the whole reason they do it is because the kids are there so.

[24:22] It's really amazing how much people would give up their time and talents.
Drunk yet just doing everything it's by the fans for the fans and some of the fans helping us put on and we thank them greatly hey.
Direction there are a few turn down okay what is really holding you were taking turn your life okay umm you gotta.
I got me and coming back to the right if i deduct ferry their husband and wife are any of the ones i got the little yellow dog.

[25:02] Who did you use to give it low yelp ducks
what do you know about the baby dave email that sleeping on the other facebook play a,
yes every time i've wanted to go by either i couldn't go by our right and i just haven't seen yes i did some hiking nothing said hi to them hoes
i think i was talking to yo on
um for quite a scope now he no contract from
they will get me to do something in the other room in the activity room denver moment is very cool.
What would be cool coloring with that man in duxbury but this is like a young kid.
Bonanza they have a little ducky ball pit and they have coloring and it's just it's like amazing and they wanted to do to.
Two sessions this years old and have been on friday and one on saturday turn on did you hear there's a ducky ball pit,
yes that would be so cold it is amazing probably not business only not to macy's but no lights when little kids size,
what is funny remind size when they will be in the quick and everything so you know.

[26:31] I think you said good job and they're so nice they just love the kids and like i said dangerous than others group of people that just volunteer their time,
i know that some people are likely is faking this excitement and really thought that i choose not yet we wish i could go a job in the bobcat
right now i could pet him i got sales like the most amazing thing ever
maybe i can get by there and maybe they'll give me a duck this year if i ask nicely i'm sure they well i know i just cant get over the next and that's what's the problem i'm not sure,
yeah long haul for u. i sheraton where you get remind everybody não required.
Hi andrea in the atlantic conference look forward to finishing it possibly be from yes exactly no actually the westin is,
just a teeny tiny bit what is it leaving running yeah.
Yeah you know all really i know i'm being frantic i'm so sorry i'm just excited about using your products at turn n so no.

[27:44] The only thing that i want to track is not being tracked that had a whole lot of,
professional yes we had a lot of people who volunteer their time yet and probably attendees and things like that which we love and we thank them for being where you don't really have any guests,
no i got a couple that we have for you in the twentieth to twenty fifth anniversary of sponge bob,
so we're doing two panels to celebrate sponge bob we will be there with bells on nov would like one problem but i am really glad that the people likes but other people like it,
we have to get so far i'm hoping we'll get more we have laurie allen who is the voice of pearl the whale and roger pump up the boys school board and they are both awesome.
Add they both love interacting with the kids so that's really special dinner gonna be doing some other stuff thing on animation tracks.
Who did we had we actually have a feeling or dont guess this year ashlea.

[28:51] Who most everybody now knows for a movie she's am i would also is on the disney channel show andy mack is coming in so he will be doing two things for us where we actually have an ending at panel,
which release are some out there who can i do an acoustic set for kids.
Oh no i did not know who was the musician he is not being super hero are being on television he loves to make music so we're hosting an acoustic set for him and were really excited our first.

[29:26] You know a bit like that any kind where we had a musician come in,
no just for family is no that is that could be members and bigger room know the acoustics is gonna be in regency six and seven i think unless it changes and all that stuff but changed
i didn't mean it somewhere and numb i believe his and that panel is obsolete.

[29:51] I history exam stuff maybe somewhere else wherever american psycho a fantasy media.

[29:59] You can go now i guess
now did you have an opinion you send this over a list in your we love you because you're prepared every day man come on by itself what is the earliest i do what i do want to run through this connect don't want to i don't want to miss anything on the other things that havent listened her kids to track,
traditions can i add um i'm allison memorial kids writing workshop.

[30:25] Ok let's start in houston.
Aaron austin austin was the star wars um author,
any pass away or five years ago.
End the year before he passed away he had spoken with me about trying to get kids interested in writing by using your favorite TV shows.
Spark their ideas for riding and she passed away before we could get anything planned and am.
Some of his friends who also mutual friends of mine.
Decided to hold it cold though writing workshop in his honor and so we chat every year since then and bit
hi brian brian youngest the main author and then nelson sky richard who are willing to work with erin austin are the main two that do it and then there's people rotate an outage and they basically
have a group riding activity where everybody makes a story in the actual writing skill.

[31:28] What is the end we have a lot of the kids come back every year so we can have like of for getting thing in then teach them a new skill that they learn to once you have been coming every year so,
and i was just me know what you're wanted in so we've just been keeping
keeping that dream alive for him and everyone and so nothing works and storage unit analysis gary johnson brian in silence in the library publishing the i'll just donate other time for that and you know it's just really awesome because
do you know if the kids are interested in that kind of stuff,
so you want to learn how to ride draw your whatever so i try to encourage that that way by not accepting great,
things to do to because.
What to tell the stories are they like good things and tell you the story it would show anything like this out yes yeah that's awesome.
Okay you're doing the girls run fun yeah that we're hosting wont the kik girls runners just the umm.

[32:30] Group of geese you run ny times the running costume and we've been hosting them for multiple years now,
i am but this year there is a twist because the runs gonna be on a sunday instead of friday usually start your drink on out with a two mile fun run around that would be park but this year there doing on sunday so we will have the traditional,
race in the morning and then a social.

[32:56] It will be after the race probably between eight thirty and nine in the morning and our truck room so they can you know lol,
stretch and get some fluids in them and everything and they just basically talked about running and fitness in anything that you wanna bring up so that's really not icenter and they do encourage families to come.
And kids still had pace groups for everybody n.

[33:21] They make this pink wine at the end where everybody chairs for when you come through and finish so and more customers the better.
Play school and i can get competitive with the runners you nearby trying to have the best.

[33:37] Sell really yeah we have very very good blonde when here and i don't see if she would it was like a running skirt but she even had the little dragon.
When everything's wrong can be pretty raw at that i didn't hear i didn't hear the name a little what can a little jacket she had on new shoes,
how do i owe you like i loved that i heard little lion and i know i know he didn't say a dragon but my head to toronto SR yeah okay.

[34:12] No you also do meetup for socially anxious that's funny that started last year
one of my staff
ummmm excuse me volunteers is the start a facebook page for people who have anxiety about kona dragon comments if you started it two weeks before the convention last year in this group just.
I mean it just took off and they're trying to have a place to have a meet up and couldn't think of a place in iran has anxiety so i just said i want to compare send it was like structure thing which is also a really weird for people with anxiety which is people but.
Can we dial that room so the hero we're gonna have that again on thursday the thursday offering it go
and the regency five celebrity lots of space for everybody to be anxious and we promise we'll there anybody and will let you set off by yourself that's what you wanna do and see if
because i needed to five you have some room around yeah it's just gonna be like is more like it.
Set it up like a pain am not really a plan the speakers is basically all of this i love sharing ideas like where did you go to find a quiet spot no.

[35:27] And then i asked you that make it how to make it through the crowd in the marriott if your not having that kind of stuff yellow is actually need to know that too just because.
Yeah it's just it's really funny because they reached out to me and they said how can you have a meetup for people who are socially anxious i was like look.
I took pictures i asked moje ime je really want to think so which is like a barrier i got is not a chair so you can really see individual people but just to get like.
I do when your in the room.
It was like comedy hundred fifty people last year and the facebook group keeps growing and growing you know so,
obviously a lot of us have issues with anxiety ask.
But like i said and i don't say that to make fun of anybody because is tough from that myself anxiety and depression so i know how real it is too.
Do you have to get yourself.

[36:30] Grabbed up to go do something but and i think that's really important to you because i think a lot of us are.
I don't want to say being broke that's just i dont um where much yet i myself get say that and sound,
i would like to do first but one of the things to visit dr gonna always making those changes that are gonna make it a very inclusive of con number one and we want to make a contents comfortable,
yellow doing things like this doing things like our cosplay is not considered things like that.

[37:08] Those are really to make this a recon for everybody weather can't wait to run down the street is move on or you just need to be able to find a quiet place in the marriott on sunday at some point so i think that's really awesome,
yeah no carseat the last two things on this list here that i would you want me to recover what's yours disney team trivia and.
The family friendly dance okay to trivia.
It started out with just the volunteers doing it and faith actually over that last year it was because of all the questions and.
We work on it pump style disney trivia but i gave the wrong kind
i deactivate the disney team trivia but it's gonna be that wasn't being regency five because we
we turned away probably three hundred people last year and you know we have this little anybody track room that holds a gun so i'm,
so that will make it much better and what she does she has people to team up in groups of six or less,
and the seaweed on the trivia the new swap in gray the other and then at the end that will be prizes for the team that we did not share with you for competitive.

[38:24] I mean clearly super competitive so yeah,
i'd like to know the worst yeah well i was just saying john's son william never came again somebody wants him on there team because he knows so much about disney
and it's not just about disney movies though parks,
anything in any disney disney in both know set we have to have questions the kids can answer she also makes hard work.
And so you have to really be on u game take to win.

[39:00] Very cool i love that idea that itll end the dance of course is.
Dr longest standing tradition m. but we're gonna be in the high international this year again to get away from column.
Play just respect to be having a problem with karl is going on like dangerous what kids are not.
What is the thing fit in chairs adopted daughter right and when the dance especially you don't expect him to sit in chairs and talk to each other,
but we have been running into a problem for the past couple years we're kids running lights straight out running,
in the end the tracking in the dark in the ball rooms and into each other and so.
We had a conversation with it last year and they did ask us to announce that.
The could not allow any running shoes running and dancing is fun and you know whatever expunge you doing can you do the running man.
I'm sure you can how is you good no i didn't did not know we anybody injured.

[40:14] Yeah but you bring into something or having someone run into them because will the dance tracks.
What am i called little help ya one five year old all the way up to teens.
And some adults with vehicles players instead that drop by but we have to be really careful in the dark and can only see you know.
Because it's a dance yeah well that isn't part of it night think um largest u. s. somebody who did hurt themselves the dragon fun,
i didn't on a saturday night i was miserable sunday and monday because i hurt myself
i have a patch over my eye let me know how much that messes with your depth perception lol i'm here do stuff with your try don't like you know and some parents
r arm yo less worried about running
ten are there but we can't we just have to do for the greater good and find a happy medium so it was really worried about last year because we had those and we are in a gallon hennessy de with the column ones
that we get what we like there was times where we were just like oh okay mr calm and then last year somebody came in and
inflatable t-rex.

[41:38] Where are rotten and act with the kids and big he got pinned behind the column between the column with the big,
twenty kids wanted to dance with them so it's like okay,
hey i wanna see that maybe monica free down the t-rex.
You know when i know for sure.
You know what you never know i know we are exes that my eighties party last year which was awesome so yeah,
come back everybody is pretty rex a promise you those parties what you back yet and the kids are short little arms and everything else,
yeah that i suggested we have a t rex you that you bring a roll handler,
you know how to act so they can actually get in the room they spotted him the minute he walked in.
And the family dance is when and what time sunday at the late late late.
Kids track hour at five thirty i need to seven thirty.
It's only for two hours a week is what we like to do is yell have the dance in the uk can you do.
Take the kids home to sleep because we have every year we have to people pushing a mountain strollers kerry not use their tired or they can go straight from there to that you ball on the electric.

[43:05] And they have a kid friendly till i think ten percent yes yes okay so yeah i didnt either till ten and then really the problem.
Well and also
who are you know this is sunday night and who's your husband dragon con or those who have it sunday night is the light of the masquerade
yes how many are some very you're amazing costumes you show wanna see it if you've never seen it cuz your amazing costumes someone there are the may be a little more adult
and it seven thirty is about the time when those people might be coming out in the gym so that time if,
you are a parrot in princeton choose who take a nap and got the better you know enough.

[43:57] You dont find that as the problem then ok that we'd we try to tell the parents it's your decision without making a decision for you but if your out past eight o'clock.
Especially on saturday and sunday you know you're gonna see,
things that you will have to explain to your children set up yes he did i would feel especially after ten o'clock in el reno that includes thursday yeah i just don't even know,
There seems a little rough last year so no my son came with me to dragon con a few years ago very briefly and umm that hurt her,
her dance was over by where money had what was,
open like a are you going to need some help.
No scoops hoops would i think we'll do that anymore you're not.
Yeah we'll send your when i was mean everything you guys are currently not even as we say in los al the time again all these things are playing in oslo.

[45:15] Oh oh the would you leave because just happen until yeah.
I want to hear dave saying anything like that because i was terrified that play some movie like what happened anything happened is possible yeah.

[45:36] I would like to meet in a couple of new things yet yes yes please correct the menu we are gonna come rip off the band-aid,
and have a my little pony panel is your call the magic of friendship and we have very soon.

[45:52] Very want a disclaimer is in the description which on the app but am we want this to be you know.
G rated for kids to they can talk about the show that they love.
And we do have the option of turning away at the door adult to come without kids.

[46:12] Just trying to make it you know the family friendly version
hello my little pony do you want the no1 to lunch if you want to block a lot better baby no wanna what's up bro nice out there is waiting for me,
yeah what would a cubic yard can keep it g rated still working with us,
and if you know you understand that this is for kids and really want the kids to be talking,
can i get have kids like their ponies so they like bottom like to address about the not good amy
lol command do that stage where annie is everywhere
turn like stephen will go where should a baseball what was the ponies came in a large size and with all those who love me always and your mangoes pero,
my sister is called those ponies a lot
the dream what else ok we are gonna do a descendants panel this year for the last descendants movie so we'll talk about audrey movies one two and three and we will do a tribute to cameron boyce.
You passed away earlier hey is there young dumb and i think i think i'm not for sure because i'm not on the inside but i don't think there gonna be any more,
yeah maybe they don't wanna be cast that part i don't know that but.

[47:42] What can i do that on friday and we are doing a panel on the new dora the explorer movie called no lost city of gold.

[47:53] Yeah that comes out soon as you can like all guests.
Eight percent pay cut before dying when you get a contact called john and i have paid attention when you thinkin they explore the cartoon this is live action and is not on high school.

[48:10] Backpack backpack backpack so she has am.
You know nothing ventured to go on with her friends and um.
So it'll be a little be a little different story i think what i know din the regular cartoon.
Looking just older cast it to be a high school movie sales we wanted to encourage that.
Yeah because of the nickelodeon movie and we're hoping that he will go see it and wanna talk about it because you when do the kids that grew up with these young dora are not old enough to wanna go see this week.
Try again in jaipur no swiping and back.
Not yet in the map on the map in the map on tokyo our process wanted all those things,
hook me updates can you repeat it at least three times to them to be like focused certain age groups as what they say.

[49:12] And my grandmother who we always had to do that to me because otherwise she knows what she wants but nothing but yeah no forget that actually that is actually proven it three times usually actually,
process music usually nap you have some adult humor adult themed adult friendly um yes i don't finish,
hayward friendly i guess would be um i would do that.

[49:43] We're doing the standard parenting panel with john and lee have set on ass work several years
and i think john will be back at your end if you want me back will discuss it that's fine we are gonna be theme park travel which is any different because of,
morning other than the rotating parts of the dentist they are gonna talk about the universe still dolly wood you
what are some big universal news coming out tomorrow too so i will be there who's there
remove the reminder is a parrot there with a call to or open your third gate how is basically another another universe in a park
jorge potter park,
welp harry potter is a land inside of two different parks so there is change volume vs studios one islands of adventure in,
and each of them has a different section of harry potter because god is that.

[50:43] I want level know more tomorrow by tell me he heard it but the pot is the probably gonna make super mario land inside of this,
new spark is well as several other properties that would universal courses that other properties are holding take to get up and go anymore but you have some.
Things like minions of things like that that are selling but i'm in reviving the monsters to cool so what monsters.

[51:16] What's the like king kong,
you know like you know like here the classic monsters mummy dracula frankenstein walkman are rebooting all those problems here have it done will be still be still,
building out parts goof use these me a very prominent in the universal studios go to the panel
i'm sure yeah i think there is a have the time to start what is the release now everybody is going to send the questions asked but i don't know yet i will send them to my panel i make sure i tell the moderator to figure out from.
We are gonna do that beginner's guide to disney disney world and disneyland but we're doing it on saturday instead of monday,
who did another adult thing we have is the fun run will be pace groups for adults for that's what they also are bringing god kids discuss star wars that was popular last year with brian young.
Your stories that com interviewed kids about star wars and that was a lot of fun and they were also going to branch out and do kids discuss doctor who.
Who sell have baby shampoo and dr who and artists from the kids.
No same setup just different subjects is in the other thing that we have and i'm sure johns like.

[52:44] Hmm weird to kids art challenge who have a piece of art in the art will be framed a bush and.
Hmm no presenta pizza and the kids are having our to recreate it in their own way.
Very cool so its something i still just just blatantly just borrowed light.
From artist in miami called llevo.
He follow him on his social media and hear um did this start challenge with one of his pieces of art anime created.

[53:21] It's like a scrapbook page and so i thought really fun to do with kids because we just had them draw,
how does no no art is anyway so,
okay we would a borrowed from the other what could a little bit so i wouldnt feel him though
which fits perfectly but could ne any artist birthday
i must tell you that is exactly what you are dependent self so how we discuss more things done here while i was about to say one of the one i was gonna remind you about you go first,
there's a facebook group called,
drank on etsy and they leave little pieces of swag out for people to find and they wanted to do something with this last year we can get it put together time to work and have a kid.

[54:11] Swag and seek out where the kids will not only learn how to make their own swag but then they'll email to learn the hair stories about help me super happy and then how to pass that out during con and i do believe there doing.
Servo candles and other tracks and one of my programming.
I think it um thursday would be a big so i can see you can meet up and actually traits why would people like in bedroom,
but you might want to talk to regina about that one so we're just excited that your gonna have something for kids in that it's taking way there so i didn't have a couple really cool things planned for them to set up like a little art activity.
Do i what now say that i hang up on you now did know if there is also a stroke i'm sorry kids milk.
Okay it's still not the spear secure for the kids feel we have on what have some performers coming over from the phil track.
How far in holly and i can't see that name bharti yards and yards and yeah they're coming to do a kids building they can have eggs in morocco so its like that so it's just basically a sing along.

[55:25] For kids be kid friendly at the summit would be harry potter themed who did the new this year which is not a new event because first it's gonna happen at the convention space.
Is the lady who organized the kids photo shoot i made the kids character photoshoot where can whole house that.

[55:44] We're providing the space to host that you're so we can be inside,
when is safe for the kids and their families but it's gonna be an hour with a good together and you know what the cost teams in group together take pictures like that would outside at the olympic park or whatever but just inside,
and is it going to be just for kids can we atleast be in air conditioning.
What will be and i think we may not have mentioned this is what we got really excited it was cold change track with your age group is like from,
six to twelve yellow they start seven to twelve p seven is pending your day pay for a badge and that's a good thing to know.

[56:31] Add soon as i turn seventy you gotta buy a badge get me and the more i will read it have to be sixteen before let me look on the run.
True that correct will not hear the same about the party will forgot to mention that the phone party is great that is not an opportunity for mom and dad to drop these kids off at dance,
no do something else mom and dad mom and dad guardian you have to stay with some famous country and the kids record.
Do you have parents that can you come to ride share,
why do you ask what parsing stuff but you take my his debts i might take your kids that's fine,
but i want the guardian with there has to be something that can say who is this kid is in who they belong too and how can.
Yes and also be able to be the person knew when they say.
Don't run of three times and do it again to get a secure holding hands and mean it shouldn't directly look what is the age range who broke things out,
between you know when he changes to yourself we can have things for big kids.

[57:45] My kids and they don't have to make something or have to be in the same route all you know even though technically that's only a difference of like six or seven years and he counted six hundred five six hundred from it
think about it add h ten,
the difference between age five and ten is half of their life cielo open henry rollins doing between there's lots what are you having broken up in a different age groups and that's exactly,
because kids six and under get in free we get a lot of younger kids six and under because hey there.

[58:25] So no big we love it the people are building the next generation of your very very happy about this because,
would that i did it
yeah yeah i think i broke my son came on the dragon con every year that she was born yet very different because you know is that first u with an infant who is there a six weeks,
my mother went crazy she was bringing in their stroller you know unofficial,
facebook groups for people to take the kids to drink on in a talk and they talk about all the strollers and the stuff you no,
it still yes but ok get all my groups because trust me there are some places you can't get a list there's an elevator,
no so good i want to make sure we mention one thing because i have always heard great things about this i got to see somebody's like parrot video that they put up on social media but disney sing along
lol yeah the disney sing along that's gone through several iterations.

[59:34] Between austin and contract what we wanted to do that was different when they're body sad and drunk and started to be over on monday.
Where can you kindly get together and seeing all of my favorite songs.

[59:47] Just out loud and crazy and have music with no more yeah what have always liked playback music
ok so what anybody is
never been to that i will be there and it may not even be available anymore may be like dating myself at the earliest to be a frozen sing along at what disney world where you win,
it was like a stage play where unit of seeing all the books from frozen i believe is still there.
It is so much fun and you know it is just like you just built a shout you know all the songs you don't care with that using or not
i am so wanting to go now i'm not joking i'm sorry like i'm gone how do you say john has gone since we came and visited you i'm not i suggest the beach club,
we destroyed them five days was awesome.
Add whatever veggies tell me about as a yes he is the technology the access that got bitches gotta look at stuff so the order is the youngest together yeah
doing on monday and i believe the animation track is gonna do a retro disney sing along
sweetheart stop it with the current stuff that the kids like sell older stuff will be i'm handled in animation panel and um.
But will get.

[1:01:03] I know but you might know the songs from older disney movies but the kids are gonna know summer gonna stick with.
Movies that they know firearm your detailed if yes what is the old one saal one arena we sticking with like you know frozen and moana and stuff.

[1:01:27] Cool yeah so i'm so i actually wanted to ask that before you can play your game dont what's your favorite disney song my favorite disney song that.
Yeah i know i'm looking at my movies right in front of me.

[1:01:43] Top and bottom is the top.
Set up the think about and good deal picks in there know i can't pixar in there you disney pixar.
I think you got a friend in me is private i was thinking of that some fun young the jesse sandwich with when you were.

[1:02:09] Yeah when she try other that made me cry jessy song and toy story yellow house.
How are you when you remind what was you.

[1:02:20] Yeah we're gonna do something like that yeah looking like for i personally like the cars in the plane with me
wanna get music in the cars movies there is yeah that's true that's true,
who is like trying to think about when somebody loves me and when she loved me when when she love me that's it uh what was sad all have kind of sad one because it always like that
yeah so i have so probably anything from the cards movies and i'm not going to have a rascal flats song that's really good.
Who yo are there any yes
who is that would be candidates i'm looking for like a thirty of go re watch of,
the office because i can't go to sleep to edit the episode last night was the episode where that but that song was featured like,
no fifteen times,
because when was they important hey record display this is the not i got the rent would be a great story jen shut up can we keep moving um set nice
when will this is the point in the up at any episode of a podcast i have any episode really um where i ask you to give me a number between one and twenty,
oh wow well three.

[1:03:44] Open the disney don't be the disney family feud and disney family feud novel can we start.

[1:03:53] No i'm just hoping it's not know what is this horror know what the proper pig hysterically find you its actually a decent ideas.
No loud lock so um well and what you doing,
let's just a little bit so you are in the hyatt yes i can where are you located um playing wit location,
direct conference level and the spring and that everyone,
bring it what actually thats a bigger space that's awesome he is and what do you have a facebook page for a twitter and and that we have facebook what is dragon con construct and we have.

[1:04:38] Twitter which is deacon katie am i also have instagram which is usually active during the convention which is awesome and anybody please please please put it on TV but.
D con katie because i wanna see all of the awesome costumes with those the new generation,
yes please please please can i love that i don't get to see those as much as i really want to and no we don't know what you think that i would say that i don't
you doing good that's a big thing is world doing our stuff and sometimes somethings gonna come up in i had every intention to be
sitting right here and oops.
Add their group so um yeah and then that's great and.
You are with when the episode of keep looking on it and everything else
you also said animation maybe doing a classic disney movies sing along yes look for that in the animation and look for all the other awesome programming on the other tracks
i mean i have had.
Together at ten am at that sent over to sarah and import services you can always stop there and see what she has listed by tracks.

[1:05:56] That is true and also always remember one other thing too
dragon on the app has a general audience a mature audience for ten p. m. should mostly be general audience but it please
please check your app if your worried that were not saying you can't bring on we just want you as the parent to make the determination you know what you kids.
What are fine with the weather not and so we want you have the information to make the best decision for you an informed decision that's what that's called switch.
I need to go these hedees questions are these cards have five questions on the one roll a dice randomly pick women to roll six twelve whatever number comes the product in the sixteen digit pin number one for five a. m.
There's a pattern there all categories and numbers going get live wolf stuff and um.

[1:06:56] Right what year is it will play back and forth between the leaves what year did the united kingdom handover date of.
Hong kong people's republic of china.
What year did the united kingdom hand over sovereignty of a hong kong people's republic of china and he is ninety years old had been out area.
Hi uh.

[1:07:22] Like a return on the speakers i hope that is because i don't have a clue of what i would the address u i have a guess but i would only hello i have to say that shit kind of in the middle how about nineteen eighty nine.
No we were gonna mike was like eighty for ninety seven ninety seven but les so wrong how,
highly okay that was your question courses wheather in what film did the marshal
launch what number did i get one number one in what film did ross to surprise me with learn martial arts from the old man named mr big.
Wax on and wax off with the karate kid.

[1:08:09] Yeah play your roll that true four g let's see what band what band had a hit every rose has its thorn.
Nineteen eighty eight what band had the hit head here with every rose has its thorn in nineteen eighty eight.
Would that be guns and roses no,
oh poison is your body weight is a hundred and if you never seen if you ever get to see john o singing the song alive by people.
Jordan serve do this amazingly deeply heartfelt one you posted it will we were at trader joe's.
No you're thinking of you thinking of my emotions that is a show.

[1:09:01] Okay baby yo on the freeway.
What is what category is no trouble tv and have no idea i'm what is canadian tv show.
Put it features a junior high continue.
Download the grass the grass what yeah do you have a fuse like drugs pregnancy you have twins that's it excellent show to watch together.
Skip on netflix or hulu will the six for you joel so we will went through five,
i want to go to easter and pick one other person what empire movie feature keep yourself when did cory ham a corey feldman.

[1:09:49] What vampire movie features for sutherland re ham and corey feldman,
when is the last words you put like to get see that fit that poster right black and white and red keep it is that really great molly.
Yeah i need that awful that's awesome can i enroll for free you with his sports all rights to white male tennis player.
Wimbledon three times between nineteen eighty five and nineteen ninety one.

[1:10:24] What male tennis player won wimbledon three times between nineteen eighty five and nineteen ninety one,
i'm gonna have a great home granger but that's what i'm sitting here thinking should i don't think it's broken i had a crush on making rules and had a poster in my bedroom.

[1:10:45] And i would've been yeah i don't i see drawing making robot i think i am completely wrong,
did you and al said how bout horse back in my room would that be important to mention.
Hey my renting that would be important to mention if you do not answer i had i have all records making it was so i was gonna say andrea odyssey,
lil bit later for august re confirm only antenna stopped on to this.

[1:11:17] Ok who is music what was pearl jams debut album titled.

[1:11:24] Okok what was pearl jam nice debut album titled am on the light to google.

[1:11:31] I can't stop u i have no idea what's going on over here if you can figure out a way to keep me talking like this for a period of time in which you can do god
what would you think about programming that was win garage came in yet the finger with captain marvel got a real big guy remove hey thursday we're definitely in my top ten
um you have any idea behind a flight that was better than i was slightly less than eleven,
so you saying it's ten what time is good eight,
i'm trying to remember an actual pearl jam song that you know hey good morning and a even flow by pearl jam so i want number one number one for you,
which is the best nineteen eighty one nineteen eighty three movie,
start over bills just stop there i became the bad beginning the cultural sensation i couldn't even better for you i've never seen it.
Flash dance i exercise enough and how do you know how to take your bra off without taking your shirt off that was paul just being a female who takes off,
being someone who has brought and sometimes just cannot stand in road three four.

[1:12:57] Who are the two ways cracking old guys in the balcony of the muppet show.
Ok i don't need no it's no i got multiple choice on the actual question all good bobby ray lauren hardie order status of thermostat,
stadler and more haha it's stuck in waldorf is that one that's the one i can say that yet.
Let's forget to bring my water appear sale okay i understand i'm almost out of my drink as i was in the six for you lady.
Oh yeah i get to choose right um out,
what's the number five k ow who is nineteen eighty autobiography detail the personal relationship with serial killer ted bundy.

[1:13:51] Who is ty yes who is nineteen eighty you pick you pick that for some reason who was the autobiography of a personal relationship with serial killer ted bundy.

[1:14:03] I do not know i mean you could pick one to b c i no longer miss one this one.
Oh no andrew the stranger beside me was the name of,
jarvis is for the win i didn't know enroll actually did nobody that's very interesting i might have to read that is it isn't it the same that i don't know who and roll his,
how do you feel yes he is written a lot of those stains of.
This is a this is what it a crime book and she writes.
From a personal perspective yep start that shit will tell them a couple of.

[1:14:50] I'm a robot too feel this is this is music again but i have faith that you will get this one.
Ok what what a my new features that you that just because i did not forget.
It's not charge my clients um what american rock or had hits like dancing in the dark glory days and my hometown.

[1:15:15] Reserve bruce springsteen the road condition.
Turn right so i can let people know where they can i find more info on the kids track and also where your located physically drink are.

[1:15:35] We are in the highest in atlanta conference level room since spring and tech would.
You can find us on facebook which is most active roof drunk on kids track.
Thumb twitter and instagram will get more active closer we get to the convention they both knew the advocating for both.

[1:15:58] What else did he jasper i would like to replace with who i am as always you can find those links and moreover the new nicki dot com.
I need.
Darken and you there's like to provide hair if you want to learn cooking your driving one.
That's where you find the property so until next time.
Where is jill lee the speed i'm saying yes.

[1:16:28] Music.

[1:16:40] What's up.

[1:16:43] This has been a production of the munich to leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
Follow the only twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[1:17:06] Music.