50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 25 - X Track: I Want To Believe

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:43] How long to another fifty is a drink on the podcast that.
Is clifton secrecy and joining me as always is no one yes that's right no one is joining me today just miss the old medical leave.
Who are you.
How much to us from another dimension i was given experiment and now wants sad squash on the regular how you doing.
I'm doing great actually i'm going to ask what convention yes you invited me a light weight jewellery use my better hi john it's wonderful to talk to you would you pull out and then i do i do actually,
never had it so scratch what is there is a squirrel.
Convention area yes i did invite you like that you would love it i would love to except for it's like hes far is that and the georgia is it can possibly be.
I'm looking for another one cuz there might be one yeah at the same time is there something else going on that very oh yeah with my work.

[1:53] We'll have just released something into into the wild and free workout PDF um.
Does your forcing all remember to go to so it should be fun weekend so i will probably not be able to attend,
ok i'm sad you are the director of the track right.
I am now are you also the director of the paranormal trek will actually extra compared to normal,
start it together and they split apart when were back together who is we are so extra compared my fault my fault surprise like.
Awesome i like that i like that and a lot of we are doing that we have an overflow room or not in the same room as last year we're still the sheraton for right now,
don't panic don't panic i'm not panicking anybody else panicked i want to know what i just said and CNN this morning so going to work.
No please don't know the umm but yeah no it's i'm,
we are right now being planning to be in the sheraton will be in athens room which is just a couple rooms up from where we were before we will you have it
your blood pressure is a little bigger so to take xtra compare normal together we have it,
vigor is that is that the closer to the entrance.

[3:20] Okay so right after that like double doors area hasn't who had the room last year.

[3:27] Don't feel turn a div i want to register you to figure out why,
where can i register you still planned on that.
And we're gonna use one of those room doesn't overflow and so then he has extra i have extra,
will be able to put it in there so we can have more panels that helps with the paranormal and i was mcdonald's to you because we have so many new shows it we are just this is living on this is living the dream,
and how many wonderful wonderful.
Show there are spirits see in movies and just everything else is wonderful i love it so i love it so in general what is
extract and how was it was originally boring um specifically for x-files at the house yeah that's reverse what is the weather cover i know you
give me the low down on that will the best way to do that when was this character i'm doing good and i have not it.

[4:27] Basically extract is the part of paranormal government conspiracy aliens,
one of the things i saw in good hands were the people who are the internal people from the batting tunnel then listening to all of us we do those kind of things from the fictional settings so that to be a show,
the fictional show or a fictional live show,
i'll be called project blue book on history channel of which we are gonna talk about so it's making a paranormal is the more reality of that people that actually study the paranormal feel that they have a.
Hard and the paranormal we talk to some psychic i'm actually doing a universal studios done the camera readings in the pass is actually gonna be talking about um,
being a psychic and how to do the readings and how to connect with,
that realm so she opens herself up when she doesn't can get some of that and also the history and background of terror so paranormal is the shows that are.
Just enough to reality so finding bigfoot from ghost hunters taps things like that.

[5:45] What is what is tabs for those that don't know,
i know of course i know of course but of other people that may not know what that is
keep for just a second wind and am no tabs is actually i'm gonna get around be atlantic paranormal society that is correct their we have no that's not it
it don't look at apps.
On this order lookup apps on google because get wet and there a lot of taps it is at the movie with us
tom cruise actually hello what ya got,
what alex told me i and tom cruise had that and the head wasn't the one.
I think i know is yes yes yes ummm is a beautiful tops isn't here.
It does not it's the atlantic paranormal society that is correct because of.

[6:37] Can i see the northern atlanta area and that's what you do a lot of your hands playing atlanta.
What's the plan take that icelandic i wanted to make sure yeah.
Set up for doing so that's it this year where i am really excited right now it looks like we have to do the ghost coming back to dragon con so we'll be doing something with that me louis morgan.
Add extra is really excited because we have always l l ways,
where is blaze snow is definitely one of the two.

[7:17] And shannon both of them were in stranger things and this is really cool because we have the kind of evil mirror and we have poor barb,
we did not enough for her to go away so really excited about that with two panels without
what are biggest right now not saying others can be added that would be lovely have no idea what's happening on that project but that took out right now and i'm texting you that's not right
warehouse thirteen this isn't help your visit the tenth year anniversary tenth anniversary we don't have that luxury
for that and really excited about that because eddie is coming back and alice in the sky it is coming back so we're does excited and can't wait.
Choose i see them every is always a great call rate.
Yes last year he was the host of the masquerade and who knows what's gonna happen this year without you.
But he's a really cool shirt it's a ten year anniversary for a house,
thirteen but it also kind of add oh to woodstock cuz it's gonna be kinda tied and would put it up on the x-files facebook.

[8:35] Facebook find me i'm not up the next track facebook said the next five extract.
Alexa i feel like i want the answer your original question yes we started with just the x files but we need it to be bigger than just one shows we all can a government conspiracy stuff
add we also don't have the extra strength because chris carter shoes fearful oh really yeah,
what temperature is it no that's there that's right me know if i don't think we actually even call it that it wouldnt be that one year but after that was like no its more shows and just x-files it's really hard.
Change the name of the grout like star trek and star wars that are this one universe has huge universal win.

[9:27] Yes that and the government conspiracies of paranormal we talk about friends we talk about lost and all those awesome thanks so what size to get.

[9:37] What else you got stranger things
because i didn't the night of the government in el centro de salud fierce where are we cover up the network conspiracy that a lot because its a lot we have a lot of spoilers on the shoes.
So catch up so watch what were the tracks are you doing this year what am.

[10:01] What panel is rather watch tracks your hands your pianos when the lights of course i just talked about the request already has start to finish
yes my will my schedule is in review right now which is what all the directors are in john on using my good place for you
add on the everything is being reviewed by our senior directors it will go out for other review and no no no.

[10:31] Right not a bit it's never ever a lot down i actually say this often
i've had the setting on your podcast and i'm taking it for myself john which is that
dragon con uno a panel is not finalize until u bots in the chair in the,
can a panel is going on i feel that from your host and this.
And i think that's a really good
way to think about it yet but i don't typically listen to her anyway,
i'm so glad we got it should able to sue
closing out so we can talk about
yeah we dont get better gas panels about stranger things about warehouse thirteen right now in god that you are a co-signer's are gonna be there or also doing some other stuff that
we enjoy doing um what are the things that we talking about your father brian small has been a wonderful place for us and we talking about doing a little bit of a difference
handle this year which is about aliens because you know,
am i be which is apart of us as well paul close encounters any of those movies you see with aliens rate unless the aliens are coming to get our faith like independence day,
we have this kind of nice thing about aliens and can actually talk about that and say what how would we how would we.

[11:54] Accept not except or make other aliens coming and i wasn't gonna be district nine or is it gonna be my b or is it gonna be a star trek world where we're all.
We're all different and all perfectly good beings and we are all on one one or many more plants lol.
Add in there so many that are bad i mean what's the one.
I cant because it's over the hills and that no,
where is the ink moms and comes in still small voice no.

[12:29] Movie previews american size would you still talk about it and go back of the yard feeling impatient i think that's exactly right and remember we thought they were friends and they want so they couldn't hear it,
and white kittens enjoyable which is finally eligible,
i will be very hard by adorable and buy a couple of those all from the robinson hamsters like on,
no you lost who do you know a considerable amount for openly disregard it just told you,
would a fan but i we had agents of shield guests before yes last year we have bread dalton a couple of others haven't heard any body yet but i just know that
gas companies working on stuff like crazy so i dont i'm not stressed
add we might not have liked it more getsurrey can get a different channel,
world war people that were on stranger things who knows what i mean if chris wants to come and talk about men in black international
i bet we would figure out a way,
do you find a way to make it about you but i cant help you could be there to talk about for all the alarm
can you still go no i get the economic case for the fact that it really is in black international airport.

[13:53] Will i get to thompson comes come on i gotta what's your company good to pounds one on for one on black international boost your great and black international who i love.
Who's playing at any solid that it was a field finished um primary.

[14:14] Pause blade glad if you remember her the tag line was it's all connected,
so what does talk about that what does that mean for agents of shield both who's the game in the last stuff we sold this year i'm afraid too season seven actually finished filming.

[14:33] Who filming season seven if that means wanna hang what is your name was.
Season six seven seven whose birthday are very moving into.
And to post production for season seven of these yours yeah sex is that what was.
Including just and seven is going to be the actual finale lol,
that is really cool i'm sorry i don't think you know we're sorry folks.
What ya know that what is what is agents of shield season seven what does the tag line it's all connected mean,
lot of confusion about agents of shield that post endgame world i'm trying not to,
anybody who maybe hasnt watched agents of shield yet.
See you in cambridge whats the name game guys come on netflix why is steve rogers one and up at that moment when i would explain that look good af.
Yeah ok and probably you know would like to know i'm actually what they re about that.

[15:40] So i'm not in the same thing umm but you know what you talking on agents of shield player about like this season we re what is it mean where does it go things i would love it but we also are gonna be talking um.

[15:54] Some other topics that come up and we like doing of course is well we all have our,
ghost tours that are the georgia state enters group and they will be here as well done simpan also gonna talk about
i'm historic america and there gonna talk about georgia and some other things
add a timer need just run sometimes do you remember the time at least one time in here right now in this schedule i have three rooms the time
i want to bend when an extract and one in the overflow room for paranoia will it just sits
really great topics on the topic she will say from your i really love you to do this next year or to here about this or yeah there's new research and one of them is doctor john flynn is coming back because
more and more they're letting NJ twelve documents out and you don't know m. j
well that is a majestic twelve and there's a lot of questions about those documents and how much truman new president truman new in
how much was approved and they are no idea what that even as mad majestic twelve ok so majestic twelve i make you a very short version this is your
one min elevator school bitch you can't i'm basically majestic twelve
is a group of twelve people originally twelve man pits by president.

[17:21] Truman to look into alien zombie the group that.
Plans for arrival and there are documents that are required documents showing that aliens have been here and there a document showing that they had plans on how to handle,
actually williams coming and landing or crashes or things like that,
and this is all after roswell it came back as well because they realized there were a lot of aliens and they are coming here and we kept having crashes so they needed to know you have a plan on how to deal with it so it's basically.

[17:59] What are you up to now you want to do a considerable amount for where your someone special events are some missing esr's something special for charity.
We do a lot of special things for me because we have wonderful people who donate their efforts for charity so number one that you're really helping with thank you got it ok so first well when is he gonna be for charities was really hoping to have the eighties,
we are on schedule right now to repeat our eighties dance from last year and this year it's gonna be an eighties prom theme so yes please re submit is gonna be thursday night,
plan for thursday night that at seven.
What actually hello doors around seven thirty ish play starting thursday night.
That is united the dragon cards should a wit no it doesn't.

[18:54] I'm sorry that was wrong and i don't know who told you that but i bet other people told you that's wrong john i'm no different heard you reliable sources.
Well darn cancer cancer of what
thursday night we're having a problem and our theme is the violence that connected us so we're gonna go back to the eighties and dance,
good night away under the lovely vines of hawkins sandwich lot of fun with that were really hoping we will have a very
she backdrop so people can bring their phones and take pictures and then made hey butler something into our budget for charity
there were also can i have as we've had in the past forget to have buttons and stickers so we will be having nose and a lot of people as we had a great button
cheers pre bagels like a shield logo and then had n greet not bring sorry latin am i.

[19:54] Oh
extract to pledge no not out of my head goes back so i'll be there big buttons in the ass for five dollars for charity for those and then other buttons and stickers will be,
one dollar at least would love some more and just remember every dime goes.
Dragon con charity to go to the atlanta affiliate of the american heart association which is very very wonderful and great group and we lost somebody too young to heart disease.
I'm and as a child of two parents who have both had triple bypass surgery i think
education about heart disease and things like that is very important.

[20:40] So that'll be doing that we do the buttons all the time will have another trac room before on main programming we will have the buttons on the strip is always be there and we will always take your money,
especially on monday when you get to change in your pocket and don't want to go through TSA with that we will be big areas that money.
Can you stand the one you wanna take that change to them so it s not really cool.

[21:06] How bad is that is very cool celebrities put select pizza for charity cuz they're always great charities and there are charities that are close to us and those are always very important,
for those who knew what can i ask um how did you get involved in dragon gun.
How much yeah it was so long ago.
It was the summer of nineteen ninety six is when was x x been on.

[21:39] Maybe a year possibly too i know that we're the comic books are ready because i heard they're gonna be comic artist and.
Can i cry and i brought a big box of all my ex files in case one of them was there to signup nevermore there,
it never is there so much and i just came i was actually read about it and it call create a blue thing it was over
let's small newspaper that you talked about lana and things like that when i saw it in there,
can i send you want to go in my husband's name for one day two i was just really enjoyed it and it was great and then the next year i enjoyed it again and then it was just like i want to hear this is no.
Happy volunteered already and then i just became an official volunteer and i was volunteer for where.

[22:35] I'm sorry i was young i want jalan cure for atleast five years and then i became the truck director and as
things like that that just came together and we started adding paranormal stuff,
and they were like really big let's split.
Not the dragon thing it was like ok let's go back together because.
How to attract dragon con what's he is alot.
But i'm really excited because we are gonna do tara readings again this year
and we will be doing to make different times so there i was gonna be first thing in the morning and as always remember
the people reading it i said cairo readings but there might be somebody who throws a room there might be somebody who's gonna read your palm hmmm.

[23:26] Different people with that ability and so there gonna be there um at different times and remember all of these people that are doing tara readings
our volunteers they volunteered airtime to be and that and you do that so.
If we don't have enough its because maybe somebody could be sure that there are things.
Really trying to be about it that seven rate number so that we can get people moving house this week can we help.
Yeah so what must like umm most all of dragon con who is run by volunteers and people that wouldn't normally charge.
Will this case people would normally charge for their services so they're just dont need it in this case that you need and we would you also see some kind of paranormal groups is,
that you may have books or things like that they are selling after their pants so if that is happening ghost hunters will be doing that but some of the other groups might know whether,
i would like to get hangers last name of the container dobson let me make sure i get this right because i feel really bad if i dont wish you have a new book out yes she will have it
console really excited about that yet heather dobson you are right she will have her new book and that is gonna be awesome singing look that open actually i think on amazon already,
that's gonna be great should have some pecan that's exciting.

[24:51] Fantastic so is there anybody besides the folks that are on your track this year they give you when did i run over a small children to go see.

[25:04] You know.
There are many what can i make children with your rhythm big children because i'm never sending children no i am not you know i'll always love what i do and yeah i'd love to see dave,
i hope knock on wood the hell be able to record that and then i can watch it later on monday,
dragon can streaming which is you can buy at the drugstore like ten bucks
show that stump and all that shit get to you like if they were to great main panels you can see it and as long as everything is approved by producers and people of that nature we about any of us,
driving time from those will be back on the streaming service so i can watch it layer i'd never really run over anybody i do kick myself.

[25:50] Repeatedly i had a copy of the list up the volume.
Yeah sorry i keep myself repeatedly i have a copy of i'm copying both of the two other photography put.
Leonard put out and i
which i said i will be back and i didn't get on line and i should have to get him to sign those kiddos if you recei am now absolutely beautiful us leave remind me to pay for,
i did well yeah that's awesome yeah if it was relief who is panel.

[26:26] Okay do you have delivery to the story i want u i of course am every time i get everything that happened to me to i'm going to make you tell the story.
I want to tell the family version and,
no not gonna tell anybody in our family emergency so basically the night before quit laughing i hear you background the night before i was helping john and our friends from need coffee tart
long time friends and i was making a joke and.
I knocked my baggage into my eye at that point i didnt wear glasses now,
i got nola wear glasses and it went into my ipad actually scratched severely my cordia said what i like still have it.
It's so funny because i still help set up and everything ive got nowhere because we're is hurting until i get out of this like maybe it's just that one that i want to first like how you did really good and bad
when did that cuz that needs to be closed and healing you need to go to see your up thomas ophthalmologist whatever.

[27:32] Yeah tuesday after work on monday after bank close labor day so i have big patch in my eyes and ben.
When i was there and i did my interview and i made sure that the side of me that the item dispatched was to the back of the stage cuz i for the most part sat sideways and.
Didn't see my bill lol oops my ass.

[27:57] Hello i didn't and i told you have a better story than that i know i know i shouldnt pirates yes i like pirates of the actor who carefully i should remember who are you talking to a guy who pulled his hamstring
put on make up so unsure and this is also somebody who amazingly he did the falcon.

[28:23] Hmm learning process and i pulled my hamstring putting on makeup go on.
What did the ER he's the one who came up with a no live long and prosper gesture because it was from his usual suspects and he had seen it in.
Send a god and everybody was light out every light weight or have put u hands for that way except his news because that really can train yourself to do it because i train myself when i was probably about seven or
i need to do that cuz i thought it was the coolest thing in the world yeah right now i'm good i'd love to see david tennant i would i don't know who does.
You know what i know ive been saying who's coming i don't even remember who is coming on is there somebody you think i would run over
no not really high i would say actually i would love to see brian henson
um i have always love my pets i have always loved all the creatures they give the dark crystal escape i'd love to see that um.

[29:28] So yeah that's right to ban echo banyan who created first aid has been a lot of other.
Shows the detail and a shirt and some others i love that but yeah i'm also somebody and if people at the desk i really don't do anything after about ten o'clock.
Ten thirty eleven i'm i'm old and tired i'm gonna be up first thing for like everybody and also i go to bed early.
That's one thing about the problem the problem until eleven.
So if you want to you can come and have a lot of fun at prom.
And then go to the prom where you can.
Brave little more like girls high school and middle school have no idea the music isn't actually it's hey that's a nice japanese woman yeah well but it's a little more.
Maybe one more st is my email to which more of the gaming what was actually leave i would you go.
I actually got to see zachary levi wants already he did the truck handle and i hope that your day four review was awesome so you want to see him again i will be great.
I'm looking at the list to in a while i don't know.
Husband who is just walking is there any body i would run over.
Job detail to see add bank account.

[30:53] Oh yeah whoops yeah.

[30:58] I would be cool i want my home address which time food here.
I am i just i just like you are excited i am really excited about carrie always and forever they re hey there how are my tracks but i am really excited for everybody his first of all,
he has exchange body work is done,
i had a lot of work sheets and riverdale two which is the show a friend of mine name john keeps trying to pimp to me and make me watch,
yeah stop watching the stock photo of other is that shops within joke wit no we're flexible good for RBI i was watching for the longest hair
yeah remind me to email her
i want to pay many to so i ventured what that's the other thing that i mean it was so funny cuz i just i did already just the shield season six and i just wanted,
watch it till i can watch it as i will go what if there's something we are some nope out tko DVR it and then i just changed it,
i am i think we're getting into that SR method of watching is binge ing no no you guys the fan.

[32:18] I am not a big fan of the show get have a watch but i loved,
yeah i love the comic i have a couple,
this is that a friend of mine got me into it she got me into alot of comics that one and hawkeyes oh no that's it you kelly sue the product comes back.
I will run over anybody to get her because she s such one of my girl crushes i can't stand.
Yeah pink told this story before previous here but i actually um you know anything about her other what kim found out that.

[32:55] How to write if.
Is there someplace that yeah yeah yes i want a white and dumb shit happened and she actually your family gets episode of locally here and she was visiting with her gay young one,
how much and is that the word they are at a local comic shop nobody there.
Choose their assigning a stuff and i honestly had no idea you had read any of
reimbursement for anything bad but am so nice and sociable i'm not with still a lot of time should have taken time with me but she
show me butter life what's going on in the downtown in the things he was doing that dropping your favorite at one of our friends and i am,
i asked if you super super nice.

[33:45] And i heard that and she was driving home one year but then there was a family emergency and she had to leave after one year to you so i have healthy again but she can't i probably,
i feel i have science stuff by the way and it is very good jesus he shed how can i she did.
Copy of all hues of captain marvel yes my big girl crash on ur couch to crash yeah.
Hey there will no again where they can find you wearing get more information on the extract and i are moving to would be cold the game the final.
I don't know how you gonna play again you'll only one person here you help her al-quran of those who are less ok so currently extracts will be in the sheraton.
And will be on the ground level which is one down from the grand ballroom but he walk in the front of the sheraton an turn to.
Yes that one to your right you go down the hall that's is so big and right now we're in the athens room all of this is subject to change but i'm not getting nervous,
i only get nervous about.

[35:03] No not yet i didn't receive a lot but not that i will be having a dragon can facebook and this probably already most of our staff if you look for dragon con extract x,
between x and track track of you will find us and we are there we go,
yeah will i be able to talk about it were really hoping people would send us your pictures from the prom and we can put a whole lot of things does your hashtag at the prom ask people to put it out on their twitter and facebook's so i began.
Would you have a twitter and i.

[35:37] I bet you can find it faster than i can honestly say that i material i can well i tell you what.
All these links and much more are you over at the unique gifts com,
that's to please you and iq we GEEK
dot com because the church and niki ugh i just wanted and i can afford but i'm going to be unique é um is available available,
it's available for sale no is available for sale in the blanks will be available over there is never there and then get the link to the twitter and what not for extract
and what are the things you say about for sale nothing is technically for sale,
by this track umm but yes would you take donations for our buttons and we have requested amount because these are lovingly,
done for us and gifted to extract for the charity from our friend steve and write up my canadian cousins
um i'm taking my cousins i saying its in there doing we have we have some surprises to a really excited come to the prom.
Google um so we're gonna play a game called twenty questions.

[36:58] How and when this is already well i have twenty general knowledge cards from like fifty cent.

[37:10] Trivia game that i got for two minutes on the clock when i see how many you please tell me what you can get get her okay i gotta get like really pay attention,
so you start the clock when he would hug.

[37:23] What are the books what does where does protein come from and the rubik's come from.
Would you know know the fire and the fire which temperature has the same value of both centigrade into fahrenheit.

[37:42] Zero incorrect negative fourty uh what is the tallest mountain in the us.

[37:48] Add ray noble at mckinley finale looking like uh what was the name given,
which exploded of his me the address again what is the name what is the name given to a starbucks which as expected all fuel n exploded.

[38:10] What is the name given to a scarf it's going supernova direct blackhawk directed at anyone how many pieces does each player begin with in a game of chess.

[38:21] No twenty sixteen what is the capital of switzerland.

[38:33] Done bringing bernie be or any other
it's burning everything ok when is this what is a circuit what is a circulating atlantic ocean current which warms the western europe,
what is the circulating atlantic ocean current which warms western europe.

[38:57] Stream that is correct lol okay what is the chemical symbol for gold.

[39:06] Hey you direct in how many items did how many does he have.

[39:13] U five what what should blackbird has lived in the tower of london for centuries.

[39:22] A raven raven is correct or write you up at four.

[39:31] When is it not showing off,
i don't know what i should have but i really wanna know why you asked me some of those questions will they resist random question you know who you was not random random yes you got for apple i think it,
i'd like the yellow one two three four five zero we go back would a girl.
And i got close to fifty percent off ticket for a £10 bet.

[40:03] Are fody food's great but hey ill take um,
and also i didn't mention this but i could not do this if i did not have
the most wonderful staff in the world volunteers in the world by maps volunteers um
is it okay if i say their names really contains the first news hey i wanna i want to make sure i want to play i love them to.
Yes you did cousins we love them i wanna st bath and donovan.
Aimee and jenni ann douglas and carry and thomas and debra and joe and drop chris not charles and cheryl and maddie.

[40:49] For everything i did for us because we're wonderful i can do it without them.
Just for the record i imagined you looking into a,
mirror as you're saying that.
No i actually have there is from my director's house that i don't know if he ever saw that was a rapper rapper.
What is a robbery when when they would never gonna try not to hold up the thing in the.
Goodbye to you sally and joseph and.
Let me know my british or less in a return your time with me for next time when there's only three channels available to you.
Well if you think this way extra came out in ninety six my son was born in nineteen ninety he is twenty.

[41:35] Twenty three years x-files hear my idea doesn't seem that long ago that was but not the song david cody and enjoy everything i got a good new year this,
i can tighten the background magic mirror tell me today's all my friends have been applied,
my friend had fun today i see david having a special discount operating what's the plan barely hear it.
I'll be has been recorded still good a cat this big hard robbery thing right at the end this like magic mirror
nineteen eighty four and also you know i also remember sesame street and the wonderful muppet on their,
what's dragon kawaha who driving gone walk off.

[42:27] Huh.

[42:30] Are people leave a message thank you for joining us in the end i think you're awesome awesome other volunteers they are quick he's awesome yes there are awesome blossom and they're wonderful.
Add contact if we have the problem which right now everything is on we're good come to the prom gonna be surprised.
What is the end where are your stuff and and be ready the bank.

[43:00] And if we are in the sheraton which is currently we are gonna be cause i'm not gonna worry about that um there will be a bar inside the room so.
Services thursday night which is day to a drag gonna start it'll start probably round seven fifteen seven thirty but come on of the early like that.

[43:22] Umm you should've been there already for a day since i started what flowers i'm gonna what you got your bag is your mother is fat man u need stinking badges.
Gonna have stinking badges man but they're gonna be awesome this year.

[43:42] Are smoke until next time peoples sorry i just happened to look over and read a comment that was under under the f.

[43:50] When do the robbery itself is gavin felix is gone and felix said hello she never said my name properly.

[44:00] How many felix around the world that there were cat.

[44:06] So until next time for only business to say piece.

[44:16] No why.

[44:20] The mouse won't respond build and this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to not come.
Move the cyan twitter,
that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[44:48] Music.