50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 26 - Dragon Games: Mockingdave

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Play a
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:34] Welcome to another edition of the dragon kinda podcast that,
is a full credentials and rate ago and joining me as always.
You are going from backstage pass i don't know,
it does not arrived yet because i know that i know what you would be in this particular scenario this time just does not go well did i get it again now,
the idle badly that she is the mad that the badge to the idea the bag you hi john hello.
Hello this is it wednesday night said how are you today i know man i'm getting old and my hair is going this does not bode well we all
i didn't really i thought for sure that maybe it was wednesday evening or friday is record this friday i actually know it's not your drinking already where are you,
no can i make up the days left twenty-five this point that's twenty twenty seconds depending upon what the hell
i wanted to add the recording is twenty six and some hours,
yes there is that but no i just really excited some of it gas and.

[2:03] And announcements are coming fast and furious now um so we got.
Lot more bans that were announced today.
Brigade fable cry september mourning the slant that im stones.
Wesley and the weights in wesley and the pressures and red the system that on and then we didn't.
Ummmmm re record last night but we've also got i have one for a stranger things is karen ct and went to hope that what's next.
Who is the sinclair on stranger things and i look to that up it's because we know are as lucas and his mom.

[2:51] Mm ok lukasz sinclair story like this it's lukasz is so that i had that's why okay and we also have an NASA astronaut.

[3:05] Yeah okay robinson spacious please try a good proposal on facebook about the there are extremely excited,
seven c for awhile is waiting for it to be official if i can remember official tracking time will it,
we always considerate official but then what you know is we're waiting is to say you know that things can change that we are
you know when they are officially announce new things can change i'm not the imperative and things are always changing and leaving things like take an egg and what not,
will you know how many we had a really exactly because we are heated registration change a couple years ago and know we have been taking change and i come,
very confused by what it means so we invited on dave cody who is the coach chair of dragon con and also the senior director of gaming hi dave.
hello hello so yes there is a big announcement about tickets and when did that happen first let's do it just so you know that you are the chair,
um dragon con with rachel and so what does a co chair of dragon con do.

[4:24] We'll have our responsibility but work on the catchall for any sort of issue with that so.
Also the cracks help with the box tops and there are no great volunteer leadership team that tries.
Give us through a successful show every year.
I review that is awesome test every year it is more successful and you guys built up amazingly over the past especially since ive been going to rain just gotten bigger and bigger and better and better every year,
i would imagine every year is the same right there's never anything new that happens your real who are weary change the table we have it running so well.
No i mean how do you know what this pain to another house,
who are forwards americas mart or whatever you call it,
what's that we can go back to the printed registration box will you still hello you know know it
we take all we can get everybody there badge but hey yeah that was google yet did you remember the little pieces of paper if you didn't you still had all your stuff to fill out that pizza.

[5:43] Helping for awhile and forgot that it was a good forgetting important for those hotels that are you no buying day over or whatever im get to that in just a second i'm.

[5:56] Let me complain about waiting thirty thirty forty minutes just remember the days when,
you restart and still waiting for apple cinema i can not hours but it wouldn't go home ontime no lots of people and there so we gonna beat the biggest complaints to.
Will golden one has a complaint because you know that exists i'm here we have to complain about what was that you know who be lying go too fast now.

[6:24] Oh
Yeah they will be back to say sorry you're about to say something like once we get it fast you didn't have change but just let me know if you will,
what's the find new ways to meet people and make friends.
There's plenty you get saturday night is a good time to meet lots of people just like any of the hotels,
um it's me even if you don't want to be done your gonna meet them.
So dave there's there's this new i don't know if it's an option and what would they called other candidates gonna be using this year what what is all this about what i told out there.
Alexa how are u registration system it say error.

[7:18] It's like many of the other spouse's approval you like show click send ticket master room and those kinds.
It's a nice cloud system where you can buy your memberships on your phone or on your PC via the website,
oh it's ok i'm leaving when you get to the shower need to buy a specific patch why are you waiting in line you can you can,
convert two transactions by the time you get to the head of the line will scan your computer get set back,
who got the patch mobile product will slap the label on the bag with the way you a go.

[8:01] Oh ok so how is the school called me asking if i was if i purchased a membership say at the end of card last year how do i need to do anything with grote exercise and still just the normal,
process at least this year for me and i am required to have a hard with you this year because we've made the change in color year,
we still have also some that will process everybody other what they're up memberships of the year so,
all those folks with your lovely posts cards will go to the same capital ballroom in the showroom was gonna post garden getting their batch and got the ball rolling the georgia ballroom will be the system where.
People where gonna that would be a good hair grow jackson a couple weeks ago when there pick up a batch and people that walk up.
What should be able to a vast memberships as well though same room.
I hope instead of where people have gone onto the dragon con dot org site and purchase a membership there.

[9:07] That's close in a week or two and then now it'll say bye,
yogurt yogurt set the grill to extend do you transaction there.
What's up in so will that be the on going process from what the favor next year.

[9:25] Yes yes is your will retire the system we built is broken heater nine years ago well.
Sophie i want to know your love so great of flexibility,
you be able to buy you know right now usually buy like a friday only saturday only,
yelp value behind those vets you won't be able to pick them up until that date which we can give me cats will just scan your email and you'll be good how about you all the time we spent.
Taking your money or or or processing your credit card in an interview data give me your addy,
turn all goes into the cloud or less so it's gonna be more efficient for everybody,
your old system was pc.
So we had to bring all these computers and hand scanners sleep,
did magical i have reviewed all male,
a magical magical ipad let's roll
no that means there are no cash purchases for hope you will send a cash money has a cash component well,
so you still have to walk up and yeah you know you're full of your information on the little ipad and your giving you a hard orange,
green black send a batch right there.

[10:52] What is really cool the other could i have a case next year because my husband's blue post card and yes my husband even tried director we'd buy his membership every year,
mostly because he doesn't work for me at times should a fun drink good a work for you anyway that's the weird part
here is my theory that is boxes and hey how's lyf.
Do you have it right in the middle of our fridge right now with a very pretty little magnet that has the blue post card so if you do that because we buy it,
add dragon con store before the end of cod want to buy it for next year at the end of this year how will that.

[11:42] It all just to sell the old system will go away and the logo ten px an bro chicks will you too bye for next year at our discounted rate,
woman i can probably really want to do this what the email they will send you.
Turn off a picture of a blue post card but i would like a value of zero and how i can do it but i know it's high on our list of.
Priorities we know the fans love to get the postcards.
What's the motion me to put on the fridge is working with him to do that.
That's kinda cool never leave i love that idea that instead,
so what i am doing fernando is that the feeling of the beloved of the blue postcards and no longer occur.
What is the middle lane has gone the way of technology yes gonna have paul email.
No sorry post office yep yes hello are we still do have other mature.

[12:43] Booklet that comes out no i will read ir.
How is zero to something that we will still be mailing out progress reports we do that we send that out you know what you think folks you probably got noticed by now rebels record,
what's the anybody that ended in the last couple years so will continue to do,
yeah hey there yeah that's awesome no so this will really help us to help people,
this is your save time doing it and then next your help everybody saying,
sometimes u gotta put in some of your information on the front in of course.
I'm going to assume much like dragon con now,
no hold that information so your after united micah update your address or something like that,
can you have it right there is no pussy i got a call your office suggest tony check.
I will be able to track the information if you don't want to do it will be able do it on the back end you go fuck someone so um.

[13:51] Oh yeah so that means that the line at the dragon card store for people trying to buy memberships dragon con wolf will not exist this year then.
Can we just.
Oh people wanna go get me what have you have a where the manufacturer,
which stores will also be using protein shakes may i have a porn of sale,
modules well so i cloud show people what i really do people wanna you know the right shoulder excited to the money is burning a hole in your pocket you want to go to the store and buying extra.
Replay goes happy because it seems like cornstarch on sunbury we have the memberships available offline you don't have to do with the store people dislike.
Gotcha well in industry and then that yellow thing that folks you.

[14:46] No we talked about your not gonna be those big along registration wines anymore that's gonna be great but you might still have to stand in line for,
anything wider standing in line and pretended to registration line yo on your phone,
go to dragon con dot org to be a link in it says membership for a two thousand twenty which while that sounds so far in the future but it's not saying that you can click on is there any direct like you're in the registration line.
All those many years ago and go on and do it that way or that way those of us who really only wanna buy one of those dragon from dragon con store.
Hide the real blind people,
next year's membership.
Add stroke awesome and you know if somebody has not bought this year.

[15:44] If they do can be there be a day basically lol just go from.
Buy it on the website to purchase a membership on the website to rotate text.
Do you have a date for that would it our is there anything i should be saying to people yes,
i am on the membership first or waiting doing great except that it does not matter to us will it lol command will take care of it either way we're aiming for,
from august eighteen to august nineteenth.
But i don't know exactly for sure,
you know where i will have your membership for you you know what you arrive you know when you buy the problem.
I love this because of being able to buy just that one day because my mother.
Love coming to dragon con occasionally what is there for the whole four days and you have to buy that ticket that morning it just my mother can be i love her but.
Who is so that's why we don't have it done,
and take it and get that ready and then when she walks in its like when your logo is the only people are gonna be able to get your badge anymore are the people with that email.

[17:00] Who are you what you want check we want to change that if you want if someone wants to pickup the badge for someone else we'll still do that,
you get your produce in a permission slip and get a copy of my ID will do what,
you still always feel yes you still have to do if you buy a saturday only you still have to show up saturday to pick it up you can just buy events,
how do you think you have for the day sunday friday what everyone,
also what's a good beer really cool of those people who think oh they're down here for a football game that's going on by see the dragon comprehend nor like it where you are here let's go and see what this is,
when are we getting i think it and it's gonna be right on line hey
no how about you mentioned up the procedures that you just basically scan QR code what ever is in the in the email um is it required is well that same timer.
Hello google was done you have to have ID the shit outta that.
You were you made the purchase order that's in your name or whenever.
Exactly yeah okay that's nice,
extra verification step that probably helps out alot of more people than it hurt,

[18:19] So speaking of registration and we spoke briefly but this is a topic which you can ask about that um,
registration currently pickup is in the sheraton umm how do he know any more info do you have anymore information this point or is it still,
wait and see situation though from what we've been told and still can't get a good day plan to reopen,
august eleven we have not heard anything so far you would push that back though.
Will you soon as soon as the news broke about the issues they're having,
restart your making plans and we have a plan if they can change clothes.
How is the weather really would not help me it's gonna be a lot of work but will not.

[19:07] Who is concerned or distraught about it.
You know something will have to do so if you happened yo is jake.
This study and hell folks looking at this i think it's in everybody's best actress cher to make sure everything is good to do the right thing about the worst thing that can happen is a very,
declare that everything is ok ana turns out it's not usually conventions some more people get set,
mix alex everybody involved look bad he makes,
convention with bad even though we didn't have any decision i make the hotel look bad he makes the city look bad so how's the kids and everybody's entrance to do the right thing,
i got a come up save a can't open don't have a plan.

[20:01] It won't be the end of the world but conventional happening everybody will have a great time.

[20:06] Well and i actually read a post that quickly got taken down where somebody said in some,
it's not really that big of a deal if he get legionnaires no it's just confirm what was probably one of the most vicious thing i've ever seen,
add it is important there is a hole clean,
track your whole certification process you go through and yes we are very happy when our hotel is doing what you are what about hotels we have a great relationship with,
are my tracks because the sheraton for a few years i love her on there always wonderful,
you know but yeah.

[20:51] Nobody want to black eyes so ya know it's not just a fluffy lets just now,
what was yeah you if you have if you have let's just round up,
um what did the cat thousand people in a few minutes if you broken evenly amongst,
other hotel better or the umm where that mentions add that's what's my man what am i doing
fifteen 15 doesn't come if it was just bad because everyone kinda goes through every single hotel at one point or another
that's allow people going hotels in the problem you really want so it's you set a time it is.

[21:38] Snapdragon problem other than the fact that you know day after work around and if,
if there's something from where they can get in there exactly were completely prepared to work around it if we're gonna do the best thing we can do for offense know that
and andrew and cons like a boulder at the top of the hill somebody's,
whats happening settle to much about how people are you there,
you can you can get all interesting and then put stuff off but the conventions comment you can't stop it so,
hey do you need to do and if you need help from us let us know what.

[22:20] That's true and there's a lot of it goes on in the sheraton of course johnny discout registrations there,
i disability registration is there a lot of other things so yeah okay we help but we plan for all adventure realities that's always what chapter,
google move stuff around and fix stuff and it will be fun drunk can be with out of the drama anyway.

[22:47] Keep sorry but you have right some young young stressed out,
tomato tomato not really have huge difference on that no okay so we're gonna wanna buy trump saying trying g r o wtf is cracked.
What do they talk the little bit about this at the directors meeting and i just couldn't hear it and i keep saying crowded road did rock n roll bro text that i don't know what,
would you help,
i do know and now we have more info on it umm but you also are a senior director of gaming and so what does the senior director of gaming actually do.

[23:32] I keep my gaming directors all task,
how wonderful group of guys and girls were over see each individual oh baby i guess you call it discipline you know interest game and collect the card games.
Board games a lot of two different flavors of roll play the campaign based on campaign based video game programming tabletop gaming programming.
We have folks from work call jim marilyn to do a.
Turn of events and historical geo political simulation game it's really fascinating,
so i keep them on task and help in present the best programming events that we possibly can.

[24:26] So you are responsible for kevin is what you telling us.
I am actually responsible for not screw so it is a full time job being a single.
Resume help would a alright yeah.
I can take me to fill arguing about something or talking and i can leave the room and never notes so that works pretty good,
that is very true and because they like to pick on me so much,
at the end of this one here atleast one great kevin story,
nobody's heard and everybody will listen to this and then we have a secret,
and everyday we're gonna figure out a code word to make this maybank three u for the five days of riding cats,
yes you heard me i said five days do not go to six hundred you have like twelve are you have twelve times i wanna kick in the shins etc.

[25:23] How can i need to sleep sometime folks that need lots of snow that's for the fb you know order from your dragon can your young hearts tho,
yeah okay yeah that's the idea okay so now that also as a senior gaming director you.
Are you also somebody who is on ne is coach or senior dining director are you someone who is on guest.

[25:54] Yes committee or u can you help find a cure only gets committee ok so how does that actually working,
will explain this but for the people basically apply to be a gap professional at dragon con,
got it this community like solitaire,
computer programmers or voice over actors for computer games that are different process for guess career is it everybody go to sleep everybody goes through the same process during the process we figure out,
like a gas and who's more professional sole conditional the four hundred if guess we have,
we have a few hundred i think we're over three hundred attendees.
Why don't you know somebody you would rushing my eyes TV show already hello book a comic book.
What is the term play your profession the right video games a lot of those professional actors,
who contributes to the genre the work and not are not quite up to the gas status,
what's interesting in so what's new on the topic of it from the.

[27:12] The directors know they may suggest things to the the community they have no other directed to the front line directors will say i have no,
say in who gets approved doesn't get approved i think i'll bring that up just so that everyone can come.
Hear that it when you're looking director why didn't you get help and was like well we would love to have them a have to apply in MBA um,
you know it's not their decision right it comes down to notification exactly the only folks that kim,
invite someone is ali guess committee we take you're dress suggest folks to us,
we can surely will tell you we seek the feedback one.
Applications come and do think they are good i could use some more places so im very clever or new.
What comes with it comes down to it that's exactly right the directors can we do so much is all you can do.
Switch online the way the whole convention guests usually relationship,
studio on bulb it works so it's it's a lot of moving parts and we try to get the best deal we can we cancel window.

[28:39] Anything on top of that when whenever when i can't when i guess cancel,
it isn't just you listening was probably already know this well we have got new but that.
When i guess cancel that wasn't drunk on the fast mcneil.
Your awards very unsure rachel has been on it says very conservative viewpoint comes to,
announcing gas which is where all the paperwork completed and everybody agrees that particular person this coming.
What's happened especially among the actors move the jobs they have to go work just the way that allowed me to try to make it up to stay heya hate that i cancelled this year,
i would like to come next year if that's what your password would be actors and actresses but i need to work so we understand that completely.
What is one of the saint rose column job and actors i think the first person i've heard that from was the average,
how many people are working they are working in that child you know there are more families and things like that so yeah that's kind of important.
Lower the fan speed love your action but i think i do what they didn't but they can work here exactly right,
exactly yeah yeah something like that like i m o black dresses.

[30:06] Yes i want shepherds you might be available today but.
But um because he does lots of theater guest appearances or whatever doesn't turn down job is not you know hes not brad pitt or whatever you can turn out to,
a job is the work so ask your produce like that good really good are in high demand and stuff to happen but stuff comes up all the time.

[30:34] Exactly i'm not really cool because i think its so you know the great thing i like mark sheppard lot of the other guests to see a dragon con is there not use,
are one no it's not only did the show or things of that nature music people who have got,
grouping or other things i do you like i just talked about the person who is lupus is mom,
and stranger things but shes also been and and i'm going to look down at you know the walking dead.

[31:07] And the gifted and i'm sure if i look at her IMDB there's a huge list up so but that's really great because then if you can guess panel,
if you walking dead with how you're there we are gonna be a couple of that so yeah that's always great to swap the backyard
let's start the back and a stroke on the other question would ask you about you also are under can i look it up to track,
e tournaments are also under you is there any announcements you can make a bot yeah i don't think,
kevin gave us one but i don't i don't remember if i don't know if there is any better now that you're not.
Specific titles other website we are going to have other.
Skill shot which is a local production company.
How is it going to be running a skill such a skill shot stage.
There will be hosting a couple tournaments i very interesting in that they are.

[32:11] What are the production company for east fjords in atlanta so that i can run a couple weeks ago that was the overwatch home stands carbon energy saver.
Who produced all of that so on saturday when i went out to a b c and on sunday we went out yes PEN,
who produced all of that so there gonna be a partner sincere and i hope in years to come,
yeah yeah other professional gamers what your bringing some smoke and probably players,
do you have some you can have some music in there they're gonna do giveaways so really looking forward to having them onboard this year.
Read and no your first offense he had said that um.
I drank on seems to have started to reach out to incorporate some of these organizations that are doing those things to kind of bring that bed the best magic that they have,
to the show i mean you sports is becoming more popular um it's pretty amazing to see the growth hacks,
you are just a few years hopefully one day we can get some of the folks from the atlanta reign which is,
playing overwatch the valves and the more people that can see how exciting.

[33:39] Record so i wanted to say yes this is up and if you're not sure where it is are you looking for.
Go to the regular dragon con dot org things to do the whole mess web site that tells you every single time exactly how many more days there.
Roof jumping right out of a reboot of things to do in any good gaming and then there is.
I know i'm not gonna do it right but land gaming and just got the landing any tournaments variety of tournament as seen below
and at the bottom it says on line pre registration is open now at nine why u are so good at that would be cool,
i'm the weird thing is i jus is.
I don't know anything about the tournaments d sports you know i'm still kind of amazed that there is snowboarding in the olympics,
cuz i just i move i'm gonna get off my lawn old whatever,
find eric the way to tell if something has gotten into fandom as done,
mitch is to say it was any fanfiction written about that and gas would just because somebody was trying to make my,
yeah they were talking about both games and everything else so yeah fandom has found it love it.

[35:07] What time does final really here though he is nurse there is fan fic about it i want to replace the roof thirty four,
who is number thirty four u just like to dislike really sports jetbull you get to hear about all the fun stuff that.
Professionals do you from you know.
Indoor smith's too to go into all the stuff good morning sports do you know it's arrived when you use when is the big insurance when stuff like that so yeah.

[35:44] How to reach you know leaves and a kevin story i don't know if you have a suitable for our podcast but.

[35:53] Okay i don't have a seven story per se but i have a plan,
open kevin computer monitor transgression last year we went who all year and we're trying to come up with a creative way to.
Do you know that we were displaced with someone with a decision email so i have problem is that.
You will be an integral part of executing this plan,
me too next year you guys got back on here to say hello we roll two hundred and kevin.
Oh captain my captain is there someone play than ready for date,
i am ready to yeah yeah.
Whatever you need sir no,
add no secrets to keeping helping of revenge yeah you have no idea how many jokes you know.
About me all the time so yeah that is great that u got the small amount of drugs.
How can you start a new ruby on his remember davis is the point made sure i ask you to pick a number between one and twenty rolls.

[37:17] I need to commit this is gaming centers director of.
I will figure it sorry i don't do horror fan or just doing what is john.
Yeah i can see what the girls if i go to find these i don't have any words,
and now i would.
What's up with this new pack up aj ak open eighties and nineties trivia.
Awesome who never i do different things and really open this up early w.

[37:55] I will be in toronto so again if you are curious about all the things going on in gaming go to dragon con dot org,
looking for gaming and other things to do than gaming and everything is listed right there
i will se what we have some new stuff this year than excited about what we have to the order ms spaceship bridge simulator i don't know if you guys will i receive that young man and it's awesome
you actually get to be the captain of the internet where the weapons officer.
It's like a positions you man.
Work with each other big a present scenario studio,
we added a whole mother bridge this year so that you have a corporate flickr between two bridge crews make a mess with each other and i'm really excited to be able to do that will be at the westin is well,
having an art exhibit oh.

[38:52] Magic the gathering poster is and card are,
sobremesa games they won our magic the gathering tournaments been doing the spurs longest magic spin around the neighborhood collecting all this stuff,
who's good morning exhibits in the art show to show lol there.
I would return of the tokyo stock machines the asian you know arcade machines the joystick,
ok bar cabinets do you know brett road game cabinet yeah read your name you were usually already in market building one on the second floor goes wrong free to play for the,
you know twenty four hours every day of the convention.

[39:37] Record fox will be back will you get in the potty new pilot the giant next round in,
stop each other ul b back where we have played a board game,
where you can sign up to play a game or a new game in shit out of some folks on your learn to play the game and the winner will get to keep the game with me and it's an awesome program.
Who programmed you will provide about it yeah.
What are you make pancakes again this year was a tremendous last year degree of over two hundred folks with a more space with them this year yet yet with paint miniatures get instruction from some real pros,
it was really well received and can i think it's one of the most unique interesting things we do and gave me hope is really cool.
I feel all this stuff on that your wanting you to come and play games with us know what's the most of gaming isn't in march and um western right.

[40:43] What are the table to the paper games like all the wind the board game.
Call names matthew moore building one for one and two,
your food organic results one four two actual programming you know kevin section where we have enough,
oh voice actors and the story things and talk about video max is in the western of the panels that cover table top gaming role play more games in that sort of stuff,
skill shot state will also be at the westin,
youtube remember tenth floor so i will be in the western alt or college guys or global simulation that's really interesting that's also the westin so i can switch between the westin in the morning,
nfl and another film mention this but umm we talk to him last year but just as a reminder if you're going to gaming,
uh probably the easiest way to do that is to go through the western to the bridge in the morning but don't expect gonna be able to get to the vendor hall from there you have to,
what time would one change maybe she will be able to get to building two.

[41:59] Lol food.
It just pause the trouble in too many problems sometimes we had to close building two,
close the rear it's a causing the whole building to be closed so we say going forward this year we have to close building one because that bridge will be open.

[42:19] What is the behavior close the bridge from the western building one so that's why we tried to tell people if you don't want to be frustrated or if you are,
if your trying to get somewhere fast take the short route goes through the western you wont have any trouble.
Let's you and we can get where to go yet but let u would like a ride into the heart of the game of the gaming at the mart anyway so.
I forgot to write you come right out of board gaming except for the campaign players which one florida lol lol not floor is,
is everything in it s card games,
tokyo tribe joystick though everything else is right around that for you go ahead and get proceed to get lost in there because that's typically would clear so much stuff do you know where is my order no.

[43:10] Good a wool massimo head bananas share with finance what's your nothing that seem to help in the room together so so look for those helping my remitano the rug.
Rogue never edge of the part of okay so um.

[43:32] Anyway think about see you,
i'm so this this is gonna be eighties nineties reggaeton play against lol,
um remember they tell me i ordered those five questions i need to be rude i wanna six i die if you get six you get to pick a number one thru five otherwise accepted to chance and which one comes up,
other topics on here look like movies music television sports and games so um well,
it's has a picture of a space and better on it but i'm looking at this first one,
and certainly isn space better related gaming related or what they mean and what would you do if.
What u can you get six right off the bat suit pick a number from one month i have an old read that question do.
We'll just go with number one alex who directed moon struck woody allen norman missing.
Where cameron crowe.

[44:38] I am on pro no it did not it was normal to listen okay i will buy it was wondering like you know what would you get question and six one hey.
It litteraly it
what is the question like what nineteen eighty seven movie featured shared nicolas cage there looking for love in yo are the knicks i can apparently not here yet what nineteen eighty one fax off if you
what nineteen eighty one movie star doubly more as arthur bach and a good desk winded butler hobson.

[45:21] You are asleep arthur read his name and the quest okay that was good boy to register a look i paid,
add this is a box of like seven decks and was like no four dollars for something on clearance you should do every year so that the question was hard,
who is disney question from william,
actually i think the video to obscure video game questions were what was the result of those,
what actor from the mary tyler moore show in road three by the way what actor from the mary tyler moore show played captain marc merrill stewart,
on the love boat new york city.
Are you a few of them club that is correct.

[46:13] Lead the difficulty level right there i could dc lol okay,
ok leave what group included gwen stefani.

[46:25] Roll two for music o wow i know i'm supposed to know that you.

[46:33] No doubt that is correct how do i ask you a question right below it.
And how many movies were released in the nineties.

[46:47] Who know who know when.
What was he said pick the second one does the two thousand eight yeah i would've been two thousand yeah okay,
choose who who directed dances with wolves.

[47:08] Um my old brain is resting shot it's a cabin fever dreams world.
I give me all those using yellowstone right now the series i haven't watched kevin concert every god damn cousin you like and then i was like for the movie it you got sports.
Sports do you coach the edmonton oilers to four stanley cup victories in the eighties.

[47:41] What is bruno hey.
I'm gonna go with cuz you know i wonder if its glen sadler sad or other
what sports are hockey question can add rs one,
please advise no way,
yo aquĆ­ questions that lana or like rude i are not nice.

[48:11] Roll that for you dave uh what song has the chorus exit light in tonight.
Take my hand were off to never never land.

[48:23] Probably the only metallica song i actually like that is correct enter sandman but i will give it to ya other nigga.

[48:33] I leave five is just that one that has a lil space and better guy ugh okay.
What were bell bottom pants were branded as in the nineteen nineties new cat.
No flares all flared uh ok if they're all the sex you get to pick one three five.

[48:57] One number one in who played christy brown and christy brown and irish boy.
Disable palsy who used is left to paint and write.

[49:09] Who is correct is when away from winning money right.

[49:16] Are you got number to what british electronic duo was made up of neil tenant increase slow.

[49:26] More time what british electronic duo was made up of neil tenant and chris low.

[49:35] Enable evening.

[49:38] If you heard me say british electronic your right to leave italy was british know but the way you spell that boy's catch up again oops david's phone number five,
right that's the one with gold.
I can't but i can't figure out what this topic is my what nineteen ninety five film.
Rocky and take some jackie chan to mainstream america.

[50:09] I be foggy here.

[50:13] This is a test question actually will i mean unless you began to jackie chan maybe you would know that we probably would know if you're picking jackie chan i suppose.
I think you're wrong but i think the big brawl is the only one i can think alice is rumble in the bronx never get me we roll out all the sex what you want whenever you want.

[50:35] Add a number one who directed romantic miss stone.
What is a robert question cuz there's multiple choice multiple choice robertson steven spielberg or auburn or.
Rob reiner roberts america's got the film.
Not know that was already the wind wave if you got this one in the two blitzen music who is living in the material world because he is a material girl.

[51:09] It's really too big it was gonna i was madonna umm well excuse what what bands sound personal jesus was inspired by elvis presley.
Ask alexa for that is the cure depression mode start defrost mode hey can i have a new one anyway i would really day one so.
Hello thank you for joining us and appreciate all the information on the gaming of that department is a division what is call dad.
How many rings the return label it good gaming set up what's called a.
Reserve the boardroom the gaming cards getting her drink are beginning directory.
We appreciate all the insight it was some great information um and thank you for taking time out am sure that you don't have anything to do for dragon con from here between now and in the end of dragon con so umm you relax now exposed.

[52:18] What's the name of the word hello yes but where is my christmas gift so looking forward to it.

[52:29] So it's like you guys.
What was our pleasure is my pleasure release in about the problem not what's i love that this is awesome i learned alexa oh this is good.
And of course go check out the website if your looking for more information on the gaming asleep without a hundred things to do when there's a whole thing on their cold gaming will drop down list and has all the different types,
navigate me that are available at dragon con so until next time for dave and li this is john saying peace.

[53:05] Find everybody this has been a production of the unique pink,
leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go.
Or email me the pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the year.

[53:26] What cost is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[53:31] Music.