50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 28 - Consuites With A Chance Of Meatballs

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] What do you know.
He's driving kinda podcast that need to take a little break and joining me as always is ur napping queen.
I am not a napping queen anymore i'm actually doing very well i only take naps when i'm tired play outside.

[1:03] What is a natural anti,
what is the point of napping for a reason i wasn't replying you're a cat.

[1:11] Okay well yeah anyway cause im hungry under armour
i don't want to look at the front page of the dragon con think that it's under twenty five as we record this halfway done with her,
are running it has done have i done with a run for the year the other thing is that i like how it,
it's really cool i'm really excited about that cuz i been almost a year but oh my goodness it's almost here it's twenty five days and four hours according to the as record this,
right on that's half mark um yeah so that is really cool do you wanna ask people if you're listening to this and you think other people need beer please bluestar signal,
i have somebody the other day who sent me a personal email that said i did not know you are on a podcast and i've known u for four years.
Show that's partly my fault ima to fix that one but will,
this is fun get people hyped up for dragon con a john i understand hey we have a voice mail the only listening to part out which is a very scary thought i read and let's not let's let's start with that,
and i really want to have a listen to the parent came in last night your chatbot.

[2:33] What important thing i'm listening to right now using the marta to prepare to get across the street.
Dim light one to read the mod operations um we wore the car.
I've been working helping out with radius rods work.
Five years now and i used to direct people are there all the time in recent years.

[3:04] Getting close to the parade time actually shut up.
Station down and you can't get through i'm done it every year apparently.
My amex had weather gonna do that tho,
yep that way people know if you are weather not need to get then earlier when i can get you during the parade.

[3:33] Later.
Cool that's that's a good advice you know who is koufos a drag on everything sort of always in flux we talk about the past of course,
umm maybe for the parade its not working,
certainly for overtime today we're just trying to get across the street that might be helpful,
i'm waiting go by the way it's just right across the streets away from you can also just wait for the end of the parade light yellow faster.
That's true i don't know i look at the artists i don't have anything about like i was looking at their menu and other things like that.
Announcements for notifications,
but i will also see about putting it on my twitter and will send stuff if i see i'm gonna pop up in the face of the document here,
so thank you very i'm going up the jerry did say that jerry did mention other facebook and on the facebook,
i am ninety years old is facebook that he isn't messaging bollywood,
hey sorry was doing.

[4:45] Turn on u got no steps in before i get there of the twenty million steps you'll get walking directions from before it up before i go to the other voice mail didn't get the email.
Ugh this morning to grab some weed real quick,
add john but still just me against is always after your enjoy your podcasts by the way from block a lead the tractor to the interview done for expect okay i spend time trying to mind
my track specifically we're really excited about thursday eighties prom and our guests both extractor and pamela and i are related mother is no more twenty word um end.

[5:29] Just so many emails whenever you got me a bit flat for thursday say we asked who was excited to see the was excited he is it just a drink on,
usually have a list ready but this here is just so focus on the actual track in my own morning real life that i could even mention how awesome the guest list,
so please make sure to share this email with everyone i'm doing that right now,
overall overall i'm over the moon with so many other stars are attending and miss emma wells that good,
i mean adele invited linda mi set uo here is a list organized by my own personal top ten,
that's here catherine is number four out of the top ten and what size number seven.
Add the top ten all time drinking and swimming in the expense for escape nigga,
i am already for client with excitement as i always talk highly of my drunk on preparation and maybe one day i'll even get to talk to your co host.

[6:39] Yeah yeah other consensual hugs and fans squeeze league so lease send an email we,
from what the extra record note i hate that you have to miss that email mr a conversation every year,
yeah every up some can be seen in the same place the same time.
No no its the space time continuum legal concerns that that's also scary part but no let's go we have another voice mail but you have not listened at all that sort notice that came n to ten o'clock last night my time.
Delete sleepy done hopefully.

[7:18] How was your eye opener play stupid question wondering especially with a new website where you think the schedule,
program create the better will be when it,
i dont care who it difficult to find on the previous website thank you when actually question actually.
I have no idea i'm actually pulling it up right now i don't know,
i honestly am and i know that sounds crazy i don't know they put up on website and sure they do.
You there gonna put it e and i would say.
The things to do part time and what to do at dragon con in programming hello yeah programming.
Your whole thing about programming with contact events and workshops we will have one of the senior director is regina on really close to where we can answer that it's not out yet but i would also tell everyone,
download the dragon con app,
yes it got in android got it for iphone only what nick still can't get it on.

[8:32] Is the windows which is no longer a thing anyway so as not to android and i,
yes iphone and apple another option would be black berry was using android anyway so there ya
yeah and yeah that's library really like to meet you cuz you has anyone said we will we will certainly ask folks that might know when we get to that
find someone am so stay tuned um otherwise you have the app is probably the best thing,
what's the long-term only how to please play go take out,
take a break,
you know plato y no se place you to walk me to get some food and snack light snack or something yeah that's what you know about john,
what did we have two new directors are all about comfort for people,
no i'm kind of believing comfort this we got him who's the director of pecan sweet and we got you show who is the director of volunteer village you guys,
hey how you doing are doing great as you can tell we just let this stuff,
i wanna insert thank you how's you been on
i'm hello where can i start with python bro start with the key sheet which you should tell me what you do what is the volunteer village and what do you do as director.
Will volunteer village is we are a very new to me and it here.

[10:01] Ok i can't okay you won the fight we are very new department this is actually,
and what volunteer village is we are basically a loan,
who are the volunteers is a nice little park we have snacks that we have tv that you have a nice place to chill and it's like kind sweet.
Just for the volunteers and may be like the wake and sweet was like.
Who wanted to adjust my volunteers who is also if i have a lot of fun with it and,
i love just serving the volunteers good the nearest make the show happening,
we should not have a show with out there and i feel like its just a great bonus dislike thank you friend.
Never feel cold technical things that were added karen out.
No i can give you that i'm so i'm gonna go out and come back ok started to text you that i like going,
what computer behind the scenes
fitness drink and a okay so it was boring out of the country but only for volunteers self um it's one of those people
oops that no volunteers for sacrificing your body and time uh u get some sometime in love with you would you have in there what is what is actually inside the volunteer lounge.

[11:26] I have snacks drink water we have nice chairs,
we also have several tv's from during the parade the parade hello there i have video games for the most part everybody uses that as a place to.
Just chill out because i know is so hectic during dragon con and there's almost like no space so u can you come up anywhere on the attached flyer the marriott,
and there's space where you can just breathe for a second and it's not wall to wall bodies,
just check out for a minute before you get right back into the fray no no you open to other volunteers and when does it open when does it close.

[12:13] We open at eight am friday thru monday we're open at eight am friday saturday sunday we close at midnight.
When thursday which is actually nice cuz,
we were very popular so they expected are always thursday we're open from four PM to ten PM and that way it was just awesome everybody and then everybody just not getting there to show,
seven five oh ok you know you loaded and afternoon come on and get a snack,
and friday we were waiting to go in on monday is eight am in his to eleven AM.
Ok and hey play
i can not hear lucky that everybody else is at this is awesome and so and ibuprofen this was gone but this is a really nice thing for the volunteers because we
it's hard to get wherever you're gonna go and cut this is awesome in marriott very nice and central.

[13:16] How to measure the only problem is getting in elevator to the second floor.
Honestly you wanna know the truth not that hard ohio okay is true all of the marriott out with a good upper floors
they will all stop at the tenth floor and if you watched the hunger games what is the tenth floor looks alot like a new one of the winners but i'm sorry what are the,
victorias cancel that send sneha contestants living area because that's where they filmed,
it's awesome video of you especially that scene with.
Yeah that's a good acting elevator a lot of us of been on google it doesn't that has been i bed flat to rent marriott by all of the elevators at the marriott go to that and it's very using who.

[14:15] Oh that's where that heard of volunteers and is supposed to have a checkup at the door to make sure they are volunteers.

[14:26] Yeah okay we have a bad check and if i like in location because we're,
we're is not is an open secret so people do see us in the elevator and all my guy was,
what is that over there i would like to volunteer you can use this link another really good way to get people to volunteer for the show in it's like we can always do what i can,
what volunteer you can get to do all this cool stuff and it came up on facebook exactly right because it came out there are still groups that need volunteers if you look at it without charge i don't art show and safety,
we will when is registration RV hey check out check-out,
so yeah that was the third one thank you so yeah so where you can get past that i think this seven,
is the last day your gonna be able to do it on line,
ryan who think that's also the last day that you if youve on here by the seventh is when you would still be eligible to get your special lanyard.
Next friday i'm so that's better volunteers but what about for regular congo him what you got going on over there.

[15:44] I would like to recommend a minivan we're open the anybody with a badge and tears guess members.
Where walks in the door can play the dad will be the mood all that good stuff.

[16:00] I love it um no i want you to tell people where you are in a special needs think that you're telling this to john because he cant find you a ride from when you're real.
Walking into the highest from peachtree street to the bar,
who did the left yo are there and then it is.
Off to the left of the trail is the secret staircase.
You go up one flight of stairs to the second floor pop out that door i'll be right there on the right.

[16:43] It's a hyatt to two six two two three always get which room is which mixed up but.
Can i easy to find then.
Convenience to staircase is actually can bring it to the square okay sending him many people will call u gang drinking a lot of times dukan sweet like on friday because the stairs aren't sticky yeah
what is on the stairs last note,
yeah say help to what's the stairs get sticky help with the flooding in the does are,
query why three tall stairs yeah it does.
Four o'clock in the morning when i'm running out for donuts,
it helps to have a bit more traction is your review of passed out but not real but how about martha,
yeah okay you land for AMG that is a serious that should be a video game john if ilinq is sending video so.
So what hours are you open.

[17:55] Yes all of them all the things of the flesh friday morning am trying to get open open the doors around noon ish,
until we run out of food on monday we're open.

[18:12] May i ask is that you tall breaks because we get tired the people we need to clean but we stay open,
so and sometimes we just need a break with just can't take people anymore i like that that's a good little self care tips also what country its the fever head.
Love bird no more volunteers we love what we're doing we have a black dirt on so i can just be a little too much you will need to reset.

[18:48] Yo shut down for a few minutes to clean up is fifteen minutes catch your breaths get everything reset and open up again.
Will try to remember that but there are times to just needed.

[19:05] No last order in sorry i love go ahead i wasn't i was gonna ask who is who and sweet though it is not someplace that i can use just replace all of my meals right it's,
it's a basically a snack snack and relaxed i think correct.
Hello we trying to get a more substantial offerings like i'll have a breakfast scramble with bob,
bacon and eggs will have krispy kreme donut i will try to get me know some soup sandwiches.
Stop like that out for lunch soccer coach for dinner i mean i'll known people who have done it it's not really need.

[19:49] Are there and i only use google what i would recommend it,
i would never recommend it because i love to see you guys i love me some cheesy foods i think we talked about this and that i can't wait time and i love running by there and get me some cheese and those are great,
when you approve.
Add a peanut butter and jelly sandwich r not real food go back to our forward to one yes you need real food you can't live concert food.
And i really do you think i'm like your lucky yeah yeah here it's never late number,
yeah we're gonna be able to do you probably also missing a lot of the content to,
no pad how to turn it off after their.
Um now that you this is the second year of the interior about your villages up listening to the right.
Yeah that's what it's called now.
How was your first experience with montana drinking or had been volunteering prior to that.
No this is actually the actually started out with yes transportation and then i migrated to get hospitality.
And i was there for a few years and then then i get to do volunteer village.

[21:13] So awesome so you're was your first experience and drank on voluntary already been attending prior to that.
No i have always wanted to go to dragon con but you know i was one of those,
there are a lot of us out here god i want to go to trendy italian but i can't afford that he had why do you and somebody was like you know you.

[21:36] And also
i was like ok then i'll do that volunteered and family have a nice way,
so feeling a lot of time because i know you can't see everything that you can good way to okay i got my bed,
i got to have fun i get to see u yes cuz i wear to naam,
i work mostly in guest relations so it was a nice way to be like oh i got to see him without having to wait in line,
is there traffic is like get the key professional but it was still awesome
what did you have to give rachel what is the weather stays like okay i gotta see you
what is your idea was there ever a guest where you were you had,
call support together for yourself but just you know beat up
professional fees of rain come to the gas but inside your screaming oh my god oh my god oh my god.

[22:36] That had to be karl urban oyo are yeah yes,
when did you see him with that wasn't two years ago we get him,
umm i can't remember recently yeah,
i think it was like three and it was,
i was expected it came out of nowhere and i just i was so shock and i had so much fun with you can it can i take a car or been story short.
Ok go ahead are you a needy right,
nope between the four of us still is not here yet many many years ago when karl urban like patton,
ben all these awesome people like bones and i drag all mothers so well,
and the boys and i like him and judged red um sorry i didn't pick up the kids at the moment but should but that was really get why,
see what he did this he came drunk and you like.

[23:43] Around twenty because he was like zena and some other stuff like that you remember that the when you will like you know that,
show yes he and chris owens and this is one of the story cuz chris always told me chris when she played spend on x-files went out with a group of people having great time.

[24:06] On saturday night okay so sunday morning ten AM i'm gonna my lil track room wit noc owens and his,
his agent can get together can you see if chris know if you will call me.
What is why is it beforehand texting guys that was not a big thing at that point it's like he's on his way but we would party in the just stopped.
Should i just stop for food for the game,
my understanding is that as the person is the director of think is like so yeah chris i will tell me car or when was the name of betty was i not hired yet
so you have problem she has always wanted the best ever he was very tired so he laid on the gas panel,
turn that had just sat there and chatted with people because he had to answer the questions lined out pussy was so tired i would like that is a dragon con story forever.
Yeah so i this is awesome this is a very awesome guy,
times one thunder dragon very interesting things.
So i just want to tell you that that's just the four of us but i think that historical sophie i receive again asking about okay start recording again start recording.

[25:27] Keep,
so so tell him i yeah how was your experience with dragon con um prior to being director of con suite.
Hug voluntarily income sweet i gotta be yo are my first dragon eye meds.

[25:49] Who is this i wanted to do i told my wife hey you know what.
I can volunteer for twenty bucks instead of paying a hundred bucks for a badge order speak on a weekend she's like yeah ok do that then.
You are gonna be gone all weekend right so yeah.
Okay but what plan on hanging out down there anyway.
But i remember sitting with the security guy is.
N drinking a pint of guinness and mr campbell what's up to me and says.
Drinking get need to come over with us what would you do if work on suite.

[26:33] Yooo campbell the really tall awesome man who often looks like umm oh god why i just blank on the name cisco,
yes yes okay hey wit hit me over and i've been doing whatever he needed me to do for.
Add yep then he know when he got stepped down or what not is may be interested.

[27:05] I figured i would give it a try i did still can't figure out the ass because he likes me because he hates me no nope no tomatoes add.
I need to know director is stuff working dragon kind of there's a lot of,
positives and negatives better it all out of love it so i love you.
How is volunteer for this guy that were very happy to do that cuz you loved by yourself and you get lots and lots of money to be a director a dragon gonna,
okay all three of the flap copy of i could quit my job if yo are there with a no drinking coffee
is what are the things that i used to like
like what is time when i was starting light you just needed five minutes out it's like so what questions do you have just while i'm staying here and always say how much do you get paid,
and i would always kill my god you guys wanna go to that was so excited about this volunteer village thing.

[28:19] Yeah its place for volunteers.
Yeah cuz you are very very right is.
People just assume you get paid to do this on his like no we just do it all to love in our hearts for the show we,
take time out of our schedules and we take time off of work some people use vacation or people don't have vacation,
yeah right.
Hey if the olives from the frontlines volunteers a few people are there strictly um the dude,
i don't want to minimize this because of all the volunteers are valuable but the big do the minimum which is twenty five hours i think,
it depend on what you're doing and will need that yet but if you average out for the for the cost of the bad it's,
maybe maybe minimum wage
ugh probably not because everything isn't the yes i want a five x and it's not even been so they are they are truly truly using are there some.
Their time to make your time that dragon con,
better so i love the fact that that did you have a volunteer village now who's t know where that idea was born out of.

[29:44] It have been bounced around for awhile but i know
even though i volunteered at other departments at dragon con i do something like this at hotmail.com it in riga yeah so what happened was a blast
yeah last year i was running my department,
regina just change me was like oh i have some higher ups you wanna come by no like.
Ok if you like it would you really okay start thinking like this is nice.

[30:24] Can you can you can you confirm if we like okay and eventually just india,
do you wanna do it notes like of course so you need and i am kind of like the holy grail how is that okay so you doing ok i'm in them that's when regina said that they wanted.

[30:48] Music producer know more kind and rank and master exactly what the destruction is but they have a relationship with someone sword what part is now that the term everybody you okay regina.

[31:01] Is somebody a lot of us would call the dutchess of còn because she heard i just couldn't the person behind the scenes but can't get everything done,
show that is regina and where will we know how should i get.

[31:18] Yes i absolutely adore regina and i met her at a different show that i had,
it wasn't until last year that i realized that she where dragging kinda should a was so used to feeling like she regina how you gonna ask me was like,
yeah i do this i was like oh,
hello i was ok i was in the presence of a very important person and did not know if hi how are you feeling sick that's like most of everything that's like most of dragons management if you well,
dear all i don't push their weight around it on your own yeah what's a term that you think training building was not bad heavy feeling coming out,
um all time it usually so so what's you were easier to not know you know so and so is really you know when charge of,
x y and z but i'm so tell him what kind of emotion couple of things with you have any menus set up already for this year did what kind of snacks and surprises can we expect from the concert this year.

[32:34] Who gonna be getting together with a couple my guys here soon.
What kind of like we did last year ugh probably in doha.

[32:47] What is it gonna wanna do his happen john with poor and some greens on friday night get things set up right.

[32:58] Big challenge right now is to big running out subway smh.
Yeah that's gonna be hung probably gonna make those and how secure set up.
And no help.
What a stuff just really depends on you know what happens when i walk into restaurant depot what i see there is a lot like black sphere like cooking.

[33:29] No but i want to print both are you.
You send your clicks and what they feel like cooking who is an idea of
what they're cooking on because i don't fit people may think we're being sued restaurant that restaurant how many what is the
it's a rice cooker cookers electric kettles nothing with the open fire.

[33:56] Yeah.
What can i do with ml yeah oh yeah if you woke it out between the coke machine in the wall about maybe.
Let's be generous in college about ten by ten square.
Maybe maybe possibly can because that's just feel like i would just like to use the restaurants in hotel,
no no no that's you think about like everything about you staying in a hotel in new sink about hotel bathroom with another fixtures except the same.
Maybe we're related and that's the side that got him i make all this really yummy fun food.
Send that i get to it and i know i was having technical difficulties but what about the volunteer village do anything.
Why do you want to help.
Um we we get some help from the concrete and it hurts because i know we're getting like doughnuts in sandwiches like.
Umm i know we do some.
My senior director cause i'm surprising the light are they alike last year we had hotdogs.

[35:24] Wraps we have a course chips and snacks and fruit something like that,
where is tribe she yep she you turn up the red boots and a focus on adult,
a bit more healthier idea because i've been going to and working nick connon throughout ten years and i know is nothing like a drop in the bucket compared to a lot of the people i work with a dragon,
one thing i've noticed is not like people are allowed to call alex,
do we have any trick to soda and one thing i learned one time was like if you go somebody the choice between a bag of chips and fruit usually choose the fruit you usually appreciate the option.
Yeah what does like some cheesy poof follow banana i'm not joking i'm never okay that i can always make sure i have both mac and bananas help me with like cramps so he's been walking olive garden can eat a banana,
yes that's true people i'm glad you're doing fruit something like that so it's both carbs are tasty fruit,
yellow fruit.
Is tim back to you reserve is there anyone this year that you could get away from the concert for a bit but you really really wanna see.

[36:51] Tomorrow or even been are attending professionals regular regular guests nine featured guest i suppose that,
it is what came enough to get away and cat catherine tate.
Show last year doing today.
And i need to catch a game the special david tenants gonna be up there is well.
Oh how far away,
who else it's my understanding the catherine tate she was when you say how shirley was the catherine tate show will update you have a great time without talk to the audience so,
who can help panel drunk right no problem she just grabbed microphones and told people to come up on stage with her.
What is funny but also really engage with the fans elvis just a blessed say.

[37:49] Add a question to location.

[37:54] Oh if saying show is suicidal david tennant and check is he is dr who fan so when i was coming back yes you put,
he don't want that.
Black and white go to start it tonight so you're gonna blow show,
i'm sorry yeah he was how he was brilliant than that.

[38:25] Kinda look like you were channeling some kind of bill nye bye but the beginning but just barely.

[38:34] Yeah i know i was great and i actually found a place that does hannah,
i really want to get that thing that probably had on the side of it,
i just can't hang out cuz it kinda looks like his hair going downhill see what you're gonna love that you don't want it,
help me fall within forward to it and i keep telling you no idea my understanding is he could you came before than again i didn't see him i'm just like every other,
yes uh but it still it has a lot of fun with that too so he plus catherine tate.
Oh yeah i can imagine i only got martha their DNS when is coming to its end is coming to soho.
Can it really awesome panel.
Yeah what's your dragon con TV if you think getting better gonna be.
What kind is broadcasting it live on TV and volunteer village.

[39:34] Oh yeah definitely having on the tv is it possible,
is there anybody i didn't ask before you go like the last thing but have you,
is there anybody you really windy and make sure you get something signed or are you doing the professional pictures that will be up the schedule to other request form will be up on the website some point.
Probably closer to come on but is there anybody you guys are doing that for having the pass.

[40:05] Will i know of definitely said david tennant martha jones,
ok ana white collar business we are thinking that way and they were like oh no that's not there.
Remote printing a new note so yeah yeah please extend.
We had yesterday because sometimes i look at the guest list engadget know how to.
Keep going by so yeah i want to go to the empire state any new release light or bringing this what i like the person to you like i really have so much money dude lucifer cast lucifer is really.
I don't like the quality guilty pleasure but because you dont be guilty about what you love i adore that show i loved so we're having gas for that again unless you're too.
So happy.
It is a great life shes who is guestlist and so yeah but jon what do you say if someone says i'm only coming to dragon con to see one person don't bother coming to dragon con.
Why would that be,
because it's got it you're gonna see that person had been who knows i could cancel the very last minute but there is more to do a dragon con you're really if you're coming to see one person you're not attending dragon gone your just stocking.

[41:28] What does that far but ok if not what is river dragon con panels are,
can you tell i'm flexible until your bets in the seat and the panels going off always check the app and twitter
fur last minute updates but i question whether or not they really if they will even happen until there is no it's tuesday and spend on facebook.

[41:52] Yeah that's right.
I'm ok so if we're going to a game and i actually hand picked questions this time ugh specifically for our guest,
oh it's gonna be out of the disney family feud in addition if you disney audition,
so the goal here is to try and figure out what,
would be most popular answer the reality is we suspect having a dentist for couple years with this particular back nobody actually asking these questions at somebody's random generator just decide what what,
the answers will be and how many points do i sign but how do we resolve,
alaska all three of you a question will rotate around his to go first,
there is no disadvantage um.
And happy and all the tally of who got the most points for other the questions very special family feud works there is a list of other dancers need someone has a point value of how many people are deaf
sports three hundred answered other question away any questions.

[42:59] I just get want to say these are real answers.
We have no this is crazy you see if you the first question i want with hospitality suite at a hospitality related,
no questions here so i can wear so i will start with the team this time to the order of the neighborhood down,
and the peoples names so keep track i'm not sure you answered that question just to see the first answer i'm if you're going to live in the jungle like molly mcguire google,
mark we practice name.
Margaret martin ulster you set it up if you live in the jungle like the kid doesn't other movie google what type of food would you like to take with you,
sophie was maternal what type of food would you like to take with you.
I am assuming this is outside of what's readily available in the jungle type of viral i would not necessarily,
no that would be true because,
who is the regent cuz that'll be the better answer key belong a cheeseburger cheese burgers okay i am show.

[44:14] Oh

[44:19] Let's make chicken nuggets and lee i'm gonna go with bananas.

[44:26] It doesn't matter that morgana jungle i bet they think i can't function else so one of you is on the board,
will go go from that wit.ai paid answers going from the bottom hotdogs is number one in um number seven i wasn't really number seven was crackers chocolate,
when is the next lowest of leicester and peanut butter ice cream fruit.
Pizza and then bananas who is number one.
What do i know banana flavour that's why i was trying to lower your stories are christmas and yeah can you even guess what it even new movies
movie they have bananas
yes i like the cheeseburger answer and i that's my first answer that came to my head gym so yeah now you see how these stupid parties played really easy answer,
no looking forward to stay with you this time what vegetables do you think would be mickey mouse,
what vegetable do you think will be mickey mouse is favorite.

[45:34] Top six answers though.

[45:42] Let's go potato burrito with the.
Hey i think is enough favorite vegetable give you.

[45:54] Smh broccoli broccoli and tim carrots.

[46:03] And you are on the board i'm afraid to say it's not you.
Broccoli was the worst when was the last answer the sex is number five is asparagus number for lettuce number three piece number to call a number one.

[46:23] Can i get it the broccoli and carrots the ones i wanna listen or add three liters that's awesome can i get some broccoli are often in the sweet and they're very good for you and yes he put a little better ranch dressing,
i need help by people are to broccoli i'm sorry what was ahead.
Navigate to have to buy some carrots and broccoli you always have some vegetables or something there sometimes,
is leaving the start this one what type of hi,
do you think woody from toy story is favorite blanket explains from toys r what kind of pie do you think would be what his favorite.
Apple and tim.
Who gonna go wit robot or who you k and other kesha i'm have to go and each.

[47:18] When he is on the board,
wait did michigan answer to the beach yeah i start a new,
we're top four answers blueberry was last number three was cherry number two is.
Repeat can depending on what part of country are you from,
and number one was apple's for twenty nine points,
i'm not trying to win this guise of square lightning i got that would be like a forced everything everything sell,
subscribe let's go jungle can i make it answer this one first,
if you had remy from ratatouille i make you a roast and potatoes.
Name the best wall like him to make as a side dish.

[48:08] If you had remy from ratatouille make a roasted potatoes name the vegetable you'd like to have him make as a side dish.
Eggplant eggplant wrap to a show when is it yesterday i'm looking for a.
Banana squash but it's ok,
can we go straight then what is their a specific address probably have a blessed in this life,
what vegetables mmm i'm trying to figure out the most obscure things ever,
the plant squash are done i need my shit my husband,

[48:54] He's looking at me like i've lost my mind guys can see katniss getting better at work without resting over the roasted potatoes,
hey calle yes you are the board i was worried as website it's gonna going will carrots with a number one a seven going from bottom to top top seven answers,
brussels sprouts
he's asparagus broccoli corn green beans and carrots arent last question um wiki should go first.
Back to menu for math to two if you want to a fancy restaurant and found out that remy from ratatouille had your dinner what would what's the first word to describe the reaction.

[49:42] Well we can say on this podcast is it a cross between ha and really.
Go is really OK i think i have that one they're ugly
i mean i know i will see what the hell say the question what would the book,
first word when was the first word that comes to mind if you found out that a rat hed just cook,
put your meal at a fancy restaurant will work,
read me a talented at it.
and um what did you describe the reaction you describe your reaction it's just you want to spend so what u want disgust yes sure.

[50:42] And tim oh.
I lived in louisiana for awhile and work permit she is doing worse who is so non what's the good restaurant.
I have just like yeah whatever you want to also.
I don't think i think i have,
hey whatever on here what can i get help with mike fill my field that sold us wood that calendar is as great not in the sarcastic way great so i will be number seven answer is a,
not great but we already made on the board ugh,
can get with great um number six was surprised number five is excited and happy i don't know why that would be better okay umm,
elicia came and number for while,
which i gave i gave that to their advantage gross that's why i gave the form for leads in the first one was shocking off.
How will i tell you the scores i think the number one no we're what is chorus go ahead and all anyone know where i can find your respective from areas adrian gone.

[52:10] I already ugh.
Turn the second floor of the hyatt in the six to two to three.
Remember that sushi wok in front of peach tree if u walking from peachtree st building doors don't.
Turn left right when i get there and we'll see a staircase going up fastest way to get there if you're able to take stairs.
Yep and how do people how to volunteers find volunteer village.
I am on the tenth floor of a marriott we can take an elevator to get to me.

[52:46] Florence and you have the yeah the umm,
result and a surprise play golf also if when's good eight three happy,
actually really let me think about you really are the winner when you don't answer those questions.
Add yeah you feel better about yourself,
but i'll keep the scores anyways taking off the top of my head and light white light what would i want to take until the stuff.
I am looking for a man with seven points than a timid middle with thirty three and the top was leila with sixty nine.
Umm but we will just leave there for because it could be careful right now say anything more about that anyway,
change that score very easy nobody would feel unsure somebody was.

[53:45] Anyway i will thank you guys for taking time out of your italy very busy schedule um.
Very uh who is the older one more question you've ever asked you what when do you start purchasing all of your supplies,
i know latisha probably to swell ugh.
Order a sandwich cisco and what tribe are in contact with some blenders.
No my tortilla chip god in psalm pourquoi krispy kreme and.

[54:26] Are you are there people bread in middle of been reaching out with bad to finalize stuff this weekend.

[54:36] Anything i have to order from a level already done got some new equipment move a certain that.

[54:45] Came in from amazon that you have a red background to red house instagram about how your vacation same thing.
Yeah usually a few usually we planned it out,
rock the year begins usually like a month or a few weeks in advance just because of the sheer amount of stuff
we have to order but i know i don't have to order is much is tim.
What is still here no one wants to restaurant depot and get,
enough food can have up to twenty five hundred volunteers,
can i know you miss taking care of everybody it shows the cutout will have the loan that much food is the backyard a yeah i was so happy robert gotta go.

[55:33] Wtf who closes good,
i hope you will again thank you because you all the service is the time of year when you guys are the most busiest thank you for taking the time to two am,
no help about it again say thank you to volunteers well and everyone listening say thank you to the volunteers when you see them as well,
ugh for all the work they do feeding other bots,
i can see all the volunteers will be steel events every shows up in your room hey.
Other scores yeah um hey by the way for those that may not know that the when you're when you're good.

[56:17] Yes volunteer make it i don't know the phone to register you know remind me to check the reminder.

[56:24] Don't forget to take a break can you go see the key to the village,
thank you again to all u it out to you guys if you wanted to access i was rambling on olympics so volunteers the volunteer village where did they go.
Where time loop that happens thank.

[56:50] No see if there ok i'm sure no just go from one section of the lambs to the other.
Just another day where they have to go through the out the door and come back in just okay light.
Alright milligrams gonna chill here until my shift starts again okay.

[57:14] Get the lives towards faq brother it will people out there who stay here.
Um what you love the lounge you live the lounge there is nothing but what's up.
So until next time.
You sure and lee this is behind saying please.

[57:44] Find a bot.

[57:51] This has been a production of the unique pink,
leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
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[58:14] Music.