50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 29 - The Great Puppetry Track Caper

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.
Can you turn the hey dragon con the podcast that you're straight,
and joining me tonight,
as always is a good lady you put your hands back hey no i do not i do not.
No no i do not john battle is too much light in central.
Sorry we haven't the time,
hurt right now but hi john how are you i'm doing
doing well i am doing well today but until i looked at the new drink and where can i find events today and it said twenty three days and my heart can't wait,
i also had the dream again lastnight.

[1:30] I don't know why i'm looking for the walks and very upset i'm sitting on the floor in the marriott and that really big room,
nearer the stage for over on the side not like on the stage during the i'm just sitting there,
i'm just like just go and where what he wants from where the url when can i have no idea what.

[1:55] Why was not worry about me in my dream because that needs to go away we have had a really,
hey announcement with guests now we have and it is a show called y no no.
I heard of an uber and we actually have y no not coming,
i'm sure kevin wherever he is ass girl,
yes kevin and other people are really thrilled melanie i hope not right nobody,
i'm really joann.
Cross your fingers but she is coming every other way i know people and we also have a supernatural people can roads you were shipped your emails,
we really wanted that to be a spin off um we got lots of people coming but we do have some deals really interesting on this let's do you know what john is it makes you really high,
matt nietzsche who is somebody who does the size of the universe,
man can use as night but i got somebody else no you do not know the director of the dragon also have a.

[3:13] Bobby called the sapphires bo,
greetings friends know you are the person who is the hand up the back,
and then the that strings everything else does marian that that's not what those are.
I meant bitch.
What's your purpose you are one of the five basic styles of puppets and i can i can give you the rundown so i love it yes will first of all.

[3:41] Every single time a journalist writes an article about puppets the use the word strength no matter if if the type of puppy.
Actually what strains or not,
no strings to hold yeah okay i want something with pull strings in local community that no one will be good,
open media who are the centers yes you did when i when we're dealing with journalist slightly,
rule number one you're not allowed to use the word stranger things have kind of this article or anywhere in this order girl,
if the puppets that are featured in this story are not married yet another dream
i would like to know how god guides you did you did the thing is i got the last time to let me bend skip keep feeling that im not matt got both in yemen adam for ten plus years you know what it hanging fruit.
That's what happens all the time for reasoning and i get yelled dad joke but yes ok so you are the director,
when will you require pizza types are the five basic types do we thank you for asking.
Haram hand which means that your hand is literally inside the puppet.

[5:08] And so so that would be punch and judy style picture mister rogers pop it's where we were also golden glove campus so it's like it just goes of your hand like a glove,
umm you know king friday jan hope your beauty your all globe GE later but,
big back will that will go back there but we also don't you have a rot puppy it's not that you control,
where there is a stick or rod going to the puppet and year
what temperature is the garage most of the ways we describe our based on like your manipulating them what is the interface between the material and the puppet,
show panic love means that your hand inside the puppet directly rod jeans with palmette in direct manipulation,
because there is a space between you and the pop it like a glow puppet is direct manipulation you're directly inside the puppet doing nothing to make it move.
Um temperature be in direct manipulation because there is space between you and the pop.

[6:13] And you are you know any place that part of the public via distraught that you got.
Did you have stream public your mary we say stream because i'm in french,
marriott just means all type of puppets and learn not just a means,
i'm in english when we say married next women's stream pets but that's also in direct manipulation because your hands playing in the strings which is gonna go down and manipulate the puppet.

[6:42] Did you have shadow puppet which many of them except historians considered the oldest form of poetry.
Wen we think of people telling a story in a cave and casting shadows on the wall to tell that story,
i would like a project probably object thing it's like when you do your hands make the money exactly,
what is that of a tree that there's body pump and body but trees when we were costums,
that just store or a human body to a point where we stop looking like humans like it's not a costume like big birds on a costume,
because it doesn't look like that in person it looks like it's a giant bird statue yes,
howdy puppet okay i like stuff up again snuggle up against his body puppet,
retired human inside of thing but it's not trying to look like him this trying to look like something else,
set as notify is awesome.
I hope so with the new information let me try and hold on.
And welcome to another edition of fifty degrees dragon con the podcast in directly manipulate you.

[7:50] There you go.
There's so many bad i was gonna go home if there is people who feel like like having something like buying down the knot makes me the bad dad jokes i could see happening.

[8:03] Umm for the most part everything you've done it.
Yeah pretty sure that bread it's for a reasonable amount of time like you can made all the jokes yet exchange student of onto generally we make jokes and character okay i'm naturally where the start of the fun is,
um is just like being character in les griffin you know when your.

[8:27] Give me twenty extra whatever um rather than like to know if you make.
You can always tell he's like the young pup of yours are in there makin like the running joke since it was getting my other interest in playing up and not all those drugs you know fifteen years ago when i first got a puppy huh
no update,
show what is playing so you are these types how why is there a papa three panel for me i'm sorry about that retract and what does it do dragon god.
What's your question ummm actually had this conversation earlier today was when my gas who owe me who was actually with us the very first your dragon con,
ummm and no i was feeling him and on we've all changed it of all those years so the origin story,
for the back is bothering car so i genders um they started as a.
Publix peace at dads garage theatre in atlanta written by myself to my best friend michael goodwin and he was use a game right after he wrote for wild games in um.

[9:44] Was a very important role in the writing community.
When i said i was a caveman when we why we never deposit show you build the puppets and number so why don't we do we have.
So we got together and we wrote this little puppet show called um clean up.

[10:06] Yeah the premise was that they were too janitor is working area fifty one what was started working better in jan and the other what was his first day on the job.

[10:18] And that was good with a shell and we get it at dads garage and as part of the pups in there and then we um.

[10:28] Found out than someone who is in the audience was like a work drink on TV.

[10:34] This would be no us are really funny this order or contact on TV yep.
Show matt he and i who was the guy who played who played ultimate my writing buddies and immature so i brought my friend on develop known since high school to play the other character,
and we decided to start a startup.

[10:58] We had lookout rough outline of jokes you wanted to make with no script we're starting made stuff up and ended up with about twelve minutes about twelve little circle one minute little little shorts.
Let's actually pretty much dragon con is we just gotta make up the bed so we go along so good,
does the belt got put on dragon con TV and low and behold.
Subtly all these people loud popping car because i think part of it was a combination of um.

[11:32] Is there a drag it on TV better along.
And are all like a minute and change for a minute or under a minute and so things are in a loop.

[11:45] When you see something that's long we've seen over and over again you can get over it but the kids are really short for a bite sized,
whenever whatever welcome when is mother littlebits dead.
And send me had only spanish because they was playing in advance before the event started it was playing in your hotel room and all this god stuff so i actually contacted dragon con in leverage the popularity of yours.
Instead how would you feel about this i generators hosting a public.

[12:21] And they said we are no to public and i said well it's like it show a different company the artists from atlanta from the local YMCA and um in the general host it,
and it's a great show but we are going up sat night and day,
show me the highest um we did the very first pop assignment dragon con jose but i found yours and we turn four hundred people away from the door yeah.

[12:51] Oops.
Need to figure out how to write so shortly after that your henry reached out to me directly and pat said so hurt and what you did.

[13:04] How do you feel about running entire paper check.

[13:08] And having no idea what that would entail you,
is your hair today.
Will having had the girls in the pits in this incessant street in mystery science theater three thousand,
ummm me come along way from karl yet day barbecue will always be part of the heart and soul of the track um and the puppet masters of dragging con to the rest of the world.
What i have to tell you you really hurt right well the reason i like modeling carl of coarse the bitch are historical but also because i love that there no like hazmat suits if they're cleaning up.
add dragon con at the end kind of like yeah that's exactly what she'll be wearing who's what's on those stairs are the other thing is the first time we had you on the podcast i can't be there is who
i like set it up and all that but i have i cannot right address.

[14:08] You back am i there yet i lost you at your beginning of your story okay so.
First year we had you on fifty days i cannot be on your for some reason but i set it up in new hampshire doing it and i got a text from john right after is like you with that,
i would like to ask you things there are you so yeah john was john's a big fan of,
john yes serious when is college level what will the weather yeah yeah so i love them there awesome forget how much you want me,
hey violet and me both what would a lot though seriously it means it means the world is turning and i gotta say i think it was cute two years ago,
ummm somebody sent me somebody texted me a picture i can video i guess.
And there people playing the janitor who.

[15:16] And they were they are going up to one of the anti dragon con protesters,
hey you know so you know what i'm talking about another the people are yelling on the street at the hyatt yeah
yeah and the janitor the players went up to now,
engine started scrubbing your sign what you pushing them off the street.

[15:41] And with the hateful rhetoric that is the absolute opposite of what is all about and like i,
i've never been more proud of what ive been apart of,
what is that a reason to be proud you cuz that's awesome so now what are the things you guys have been doing and let you explain it cuz there might be some new people s names are people listening again
what thursday night you have a really big thing that goes on and we will get the like dress up all pretty for it.
When is my next object that um no.
Because i work at the center for the arts as well is dragon con,
um i there's always been a partnership,
um between december from a drunk and one of the aspects of that partnership is a host and hostess a fantasy ball i masquerade ball who,
the first two years we get it was a theme to the movie labyrinth because we had a labyrinth um movie exhibit.

[16:44] I'm starting last year that that special exhibit area became a dark crystal exhibit who can i sell last year we had our first submitted to labrador masquerade balls are huge successful and magical and amazing.
Um en the factors that there's a there's a masquerade ball sequence in the movie are right party really really well though,
so that was kind of a no brainer and it was it was hugely successful in the first year we didn't the tickets sold out in two minutes and broke the centre's website,
remember that oh yeah what is that we never done anything like that before.

[17:25] I'm dark crystals a little bit of a different beast it doesn't quite land itself.
Q the party is well as lafayette does but there are but it has this,
and obviously like the banquet sequence in a film where all this texas or eating at the banquet and you know the decade it's jacket,
right know i start crystal just it is such a beautiful movie jesse and my sister got to show it to my niece and nephew for the first time,
on a flex and a safe in there like.

[18:07] And explain to him that is republic and i did not do it just thinking we're actually,
white people no doubt fit yo on the ideas making a movie that doesn't have any humans in it yeah,
um what is that was so crazy when jim henson get it like.
You was impossible to get to get funny the only reason he got the money to make the movie was that the muppet movies made a lot of money right so yeah,
and so he was basically bank roll that the movie you know this this crazy experimental unbelievable experimental movie um weird with mother body email um,
and it was this your completely unique vision where every single thing.
You know even like u lookin like a movie like avatar where it's totally alien world and ed at the death kill humans and it right right dark crystal is unbelievably unique in this idea that.

[19:16] It's a movie that takes place in a totally alien world zero humans um nm people are used to that.
No it was something you just at that time that was kinda like this idea of us could not,
look up the movie even though it is a muppet movie or movies,
humans it should a been sent of being a brazilian cameos of people who were famous back to yes hello to your kids like we don't live in st black.
Yeah it doesn't translate while for that but it doesn't translate as well for the jokes could a singer n the i think that the that serves the
existence on gas stars get mix the movies dated what is your policy without a guest.
Yeah well and i like the guest stars cuz i remember million girls so i know it is different than the wake up bitch so now what you doing the ball on thursday night in it this then and special guests i wanna.
Palestinian who is a part one of the main purpose of the of the main characters,
oh ok and the new dark crystal for netflix series which drops the friday of dragon.

[20:41] Oh my goodness really the friday and while,
no okay i will be a busy day i'll be there analysis actually.
Who was the puppet here at the center of the arts,
oh that's right in her ass she was coming up and now she's it oh unbelievable.
Every go and have tickets for it back in by monday website and how to lunch is gunna be there people will be having desserts not just peter broke,
zero peter brook is the creative supervisor of the jim henson creature shop.
Show he's the guy that nick doesn't charge of making sure that all the pockets and there was nothing believable,
number of puppets and this new series there is a fifteen u girls,
fifty eight and the movie fifty in the new series and i just looked it up i want to hear about one of my favorite people in the world is severed,
roi by to replace cast for the new series is kind of jesus what time the next one hello hello what's up i just like their what events mark hamill headlines.

[22:01] Keep going keep the other see screen hardly for your kind of chronicles,
game of thrones recently.
Mark strong ulad accident where can i send these other ones.
Actually play the best mother could have the hole cuz yeah i think move and sore simon pegg is the one who number one is,
ok who did nigga is my voice cast is kinda ridiculous um.
What were the contract.
Wow you're featuring the puppet puppets yours and the public builders um that that make this amazing me the new netflix series is the most ambitious and crazy,
live at practical effects poetry television series ever made and i cannot stress that enough.
This television show is unbelievably on prince unprecedented.

[23:11] You can use but nothing remotely has been ever attempted like this.

[23:18] Is absolute fire themed higher state average guy he is read dick you less.
Anybody wants to go i know what about the dark crystal
news news we buy a new serious but also the dark crystal of all i want to find out where it is i can find it and you go to dragon con dot org,
things to do programming events and it was nice yellow pom pups and yeah what yellow button start.
Purchase tickets you think you actually is just to go straight to ww dot puppet dot org and go straight to the senators website,
empire tickets directly there and you can do that OK google dinner now in credit,
in your intellectual property tracker it gonna have any other viewings,
move a group feelings of the series.
Are you stupid i'm with the screenings um i can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a screaming nacho.

[24:22] Has point we will have a panel we definitely have a panel that will have on computer analysis and gave chapman gift is also one of the two pups star wars boba chairs for BBA yes i also worked on the crystals so,
that panel will be motivated by brian hudson.
No brian didn't work under crystal but he knows all about it because we'll just right next yelp reviews not moderate the dark crystal palace to darby a good dark crystal is getting use that panel cancel.

[24:56] There there we can i confirm nor deny the presence of a screening flatbed loads rockets without their phone to say everyone to start your netflix account.
what to watch you know you wanna watch it don't even just gonna do you just mention brian hanson henson and when i talk about him a lot but he's coming also
military sapphires will be talking about brian henson and running conduit first gate.
Later in fifty days podcasts but yeah hello i just look at the end this is awesome so know the feeling brian's third your dragon yes,
please enjoy yourself thank you brian does like dragon con i think he really recognizes you know we did the big guy,
dimensions good job challenges live who is jonathan last year and i was told that was,
that was a big project for him um so actually actually wanted pianos will be calm.
D the winner of the challenge a dragon card last year.

[26:07] Kendall bailey from australia i hope ive given her own pain all she's gonna talk about what it was like to build your awards future.
Tell me dragon con all the way from australia present her creature at the creature challenge live,
i'm in puerto prize was to get to tour the dimensions creatures out studios in LA allowed to give us that her panel is in the dark of her journey from,
i'm making my culture and how i go to dragon con oh my god taiwan,
i got to go tell um so yeah so candles panel is gonna be really special because it's because it's because it's a pain about something that happened at dragon.
Hello yes yeah oh well cool that it's so cool.
Yes i want a trellis i know about whatsapp but i will say something dumb,
find that awesome that you got you have a ton of special events that you do um the one that i am actually was anxious that i know it probably want to save for later but the one i most interesting about it is the yeah,
hold with puppet challenge but ultimate puppet ninja warrior to go that's right and what is a half which is what the flag,
question mark what ya what is that are you familiar with the television show ultimate ninja warrior course.

[27:33] I go by is so last year i had some guests,
umm no i was working with them light changes throughout the problem is that he will we do this thing called ultimate ninja warrior where we trained people.

[27:49] Q perform a very specific style of poetry.

[27:54] Called tabletop tree and this is actually style of poetry that is a derivative of the japanese style picture called.
Which is a very very anxious poetry where you have three years already feeling one whole body puppet.
And the district of the eldest puppy ridiculous the head and the lead arm.
Second property or humidity like the supports to the shoulders in the end this is the dominant hand.
And then the third property are the most inexpensive hotel room lights to pete.
Bright invite all of those three pedicures and moving together u create the illusion of a full.
About twenty four inches tall puppet.
Arms hands legs you know walking and moving around just like a human jump in skipping.

[28:54] Show last year we had our we did this event with the our guests that have this idea and we.

[29:05] People who come to the event can put your name in the hat.
Are you interested in participating and we draw an orange draw names out of hat.
And we're gonna dividers nine names of the three teams three three person teams on one poppy.
You didn't get a professional public your coach will give you a crash course in this very specific style of poetry would be called table top.

[29:34] It happens on the table i would a refund
i really hope that this i really have somebody videotape says no put upon you tube or driving time u go in a bit and we can buy the steering membership,
spring membership what is the membership if you're if you are ready
if you alternate history is steven
your coach and give them their crash course and then they come back and we built a cardboard obstacle course on the tables,
who's puppy with the three humped your system navigate the obstacle course.
Lol to commentators.
I just for any sort of a sporting event are doing live chat color commentary be like you stepping up to the plate to get a job please god in the road is climbing a rope you know that kind of stuff that makes.
Please can i move the wrong address wow,
dry erase boards to hold up scores like the olympics one to ten on how they think they do.
So it's like ultimate ninja warrior meets um like um.

[30:48] The american got talent that we judge your pain.
Make the olympics in stillwater around one on friday move teams,
round two on saturday with three other teams and sunday is the finals winners of that the three team went around one and the three three carrot three people went around to.
Just to teams will face off in the finals on sunday allowance and then i had an extra course added some extra like surprise other section of the end of the chorus.
Industry people will become the ultimate ninja warriors a dragon con twenty nineteen.

[31:35] Okay so i cannot walk and chew gum i literally all over air and that takes talent people.
I cannot imagine trying to do this with three different people.
When coffee is that just me yeah i have no friends that's fire and water.
From last year was like this was the most,
please do it again and it brought it who am i.
Lol man we gotta find a way to do this with the artists in the last year where we're doing it on house this year,
i'm really excited are our special guests are special guest judges are fantastic our coaches are fantastic comments and tasks,
we're really excited so we have date if you're interested in getting your hands on a puppet and doing something nuts you show up in manhattan,
wanna come see something totally bonkers and crazy.

[32:32] Which of the puppets are you having her color you want to pass out little flags,
if not can share on your favorite team nude pic contain remove transaction for your favorite fruit favorite puppet,
ransom anything like last year it's gonna be bigger and better than last year we're very excited we are you have like a little art section or something like go and make signs for their favorite teams are a man.
Echo it is now added to the things we had to do.
Yes seroquel extra cuz we send you some crayons man i got are nothing like that.

[33:17] Completely insane and you're doing it three separate times and nothing sunday,
who did charlie browns with that friday and saturday around what is the end of this saturday around the team.
N get a understand that girl's like no let's just separated out of the three events you have been fired you need a big finale together and we should is insane but there is something called.
Magic carpet party.
That is nothing to do with alice or at least it,
ooh very different when is that one down as a.
How much does a leo so weird been doing the magic of tea party for about five years now and the idea came around because.

[34:13] We started noticing the people we're bringing puppy from home and actually who are programming.
Ummm and we really wanted to support that these people were building themselves basically we realize that dragon kinda special,
because of the track and.
That people are bringing pets like they were costumes lol.
That was crazy because i mean i got the lots of conventions.

[34:44] Turn my whole life and i've never seen that happen um and so we can what can we do,
for those people what can we do that special for those people and so the ideas that you're not allowed into the magic pepper tea party there is a little bouncer.
Add the door ok your not allowed into the party unless you have a puppet it delete that have to be a good topic
i mean i know i don't mean that is negative because i still things for my twenty year old child i have some of those pop had to tampa,
so you have to collect after you get up in there is arpit merged is right outside the door and he would like to purchase a puppet,
what were walking to purchase it from one of our find guests.
And take that in and then take them to the event.
What you just said to be out reactivated the smart stable but yes sir.
Play yeah it's not that's not the point the point is not to buy a property that point is that it is a social mixer for puppet.
Who are dealing.
Is work creating an environment where amateur pop appears are bringing their puppets and arm tingling with professional pupper tears,
was there a public high end character.

[36:09] It's one thing for us to do our monitor workshop or public you wanna one where are academically teaching people,
it's a very different thing to put professional pedicures with puppets and amateur pictures with the pups in a room and tell everybody stand character.

[36:28] Wow yeah bolt is is that the amateurs of europe and incredible amount of knowledge is just by watching and interacting with those professional pedicures and there public.

[36:43] Hey is really important to me and to have something that wasn't like we're going to teach you how to make puppets work.
I can breakdown gravity focus it's got me focus in brad,
i can break it all down and i can't really academic and then the that the rules of public.
Similar it's another thing to do would like casual setting.
And i'll tell you what it works you can help gears turning inside the heads of the image appears when there papa just talking to a professional property responded.
What does it sounds really amazing i got to help set up the parade and the year and was two years ago,
when red triangle was there and i gotta robbed us when are the best guests i've ever had should i have a selfie with red and i,
made very helpfull terrible thing the person behind red would you always try to talk to but its suppose to be talking to red and i forgot i know better than that and so yeah,
this is amazing to be able to stay and that character is super lucky bag for talking the puppet.

[38:04] No cancel that one dude that which i'm i want to find something for dinner.
Quick moment here merchandise table outside your track.
Yes so um do you have a contract has a public check march boots outside of the tech room where you can buy puppets and puppet related merchandise from our guests had so.
Rather then select the check is weird right because temperature here,
and alot of what we do as we ask professional pupper tears to do the thing that i do for money right now,
we need when we when you see a doctor from a TV show or movie you're talking about the thing they do for money,
they're not doing the thing that u for money right and i do no drugs and gas still get pay nope.

[39:02] What bands bands are driving time.
Don't buy there by their march by that they have merch.
A lot of my guests especially my professional cuz i can't see tracking law professionals.
Who are getting free hotel rooms are not ready because free flights.
There so i don't have enough merchandise to have your own table like a bandit will have t-shirts and cds and no lie kinda stuff.

[39:37] Show the track has its own little table where all the different guests can sell their property related merchandise.
And make a little bit of money back.

[39:50] And instead of having to pay for being a drink on totally out of pocket so it's like it's like a band selling t-shirts and cds.
But with puppets.
Actually never one step is altogether want a do they is this that i'm asking this not to be offensive so if this is offensive i'm very sorry i don't mean to be.
Show is it that they already have the puppets made or is it that i can come up with a picture of john and say i would really like to have a puppet that looks like stan.
If you don't really want that now,
i will be more than happy to introduce you to two top builders that can do that that is not something that happens they let you bring your ready and i will point out to have it done well leave not cheat.
I want to understand that
i want the most and how i don't know what is wrong yo on the idea of being able to have you and put my hand up and make you doing i hope she is awesome.
How can i reach hundred dollars we can i know i don't have that much what we really well yeah i just this is okay so what you think i'm sorry i'm having,
baby by a public your me not.

[41:16] My opinion absolutely peaceful and the amount of skill and material that goes into making what you're talking about yes i know they get very popular me people love having
characters made of their other loved ones or themselves at you know.
Good but people are often get sticker shock when it comes to the prices of actually all mothers to be leaving walmart world where i can buy for twenty five dollars,
no you can not so it's also not on amazon no i wasn't i would like that but that is really cool to be able to do that and those people who like to have something that isn't unique piece of art
which we are the top of the art show,
this is another opportunity to hang out and then fade the public come to the merch booth a lot of a lot of sellers have business cards
enable make you are your character whatever you want because you know you recognize the fact that this is it takes,
how much volume we can something like that um.
Who madam to realize that go into it and the skill and knowledge they go into making that you can't just you know your mom can do that for you where is she is if it's not like,
you know it's it's it's even more nervous than nothing costumes um.

[42:43] So if you ready to spend that kind of money on custom cosplay.
You ready spend that money on a custom pop it does not start,
makes sense i just i love that idea shit that's really really really cool but i get so what are the things that family could really trying to do an interview doesn't the password is your specialty really trying to get back down to you like,
happy scratch helps me everything else you're doing so yeah how are you how are you bring in more of.

[43:12] Love,
decrease your hands and we all love these but i want to what's star wars bar chairs would you in dark crystal with hansen MD and that was really one of my goals this year was to try to do some deep cuts um,
now i know this is this is a topic or least a generation of thing but.
Hi grub seen the letter people television show in kindergarten,
why do i kinda remember that mr mr te quise me the who i am,
she was super is what was supposed yo are thinking if you have at the same age.
Yeah right to be when i had every coloring shit.
Every other people character in my room.
Around the border of my ceiling is also loved the letter people.
And so this year i really part of my goal was to do something at santa ana be like i'll be done sesame street we done we done some other stuff,
um fal sandwich people still thinking about the child in my garden spot with a roof,
who is the coach i think about bad movies but it is not yet come.

[44:41] And so i reached out i reached out i did my research and let people something that was important very influence on me as a kid,
and so i came across mr i want ramen now mr allen working a lot of people in college,
and the one i have a very successful career with the muppets and handsome company and he's working on sales right now.
Umm but i can't because of a letter people yo on me to talk about what.
Yes better than i have i want to know the stock value of the wonderful stuff is done,
the reality is that i bought and because i have had you talking about the brees me bring me back a sense memory,
how big an elementary schooler bill tournament in clearwater florida um and mrs crabs.
Lol ok and i can i can see that i can see the room i can smell the room and a burning the card with the tv on yes exactly where are you smart with the TV you don't understand a car with a tv that yet.

[45:53] How old is the oldest tvs in every single room posted melted to the party
yeah that wl what blood line for netflix my love letter to my generation
display were doing the people it's a very very short generation probably make you like.

[46:14] Five maybe five at the max years worth of kids that happen to be in kindergarten with the little people are at the email randy travis leave a bigger influence on peoples lives.
Schedule operation,
remind me the letter people was was my kindergarten.
I just want to let you know that you're not understanding how cheap,
south carolina public education was where the public can what i did because i know i saw the letter people and my sister we are not at half years apart i would like to know the little people now probably
you know vi just types instead of life but yes she's the little people lol yeah,
so everyone who is a fan of the little people com and see islands programming.
Umm because he's wonderful he's one of the judges for the ultimate warrior died john panels umm al is gonna be really really talk to other people.
That's on sunday at.

[47:21] Eleven thirty am currently play on sunday at eleven thirty am
what he is also when i want to do a lot of motion capture stuff so he works a lot additional properties on a budget which is a motion capture up a digital paper trail bbs show,
how with local atlanta up a room and car are you going to actually moderate a couple balance panels because they worked together on special bubbles and there so very happy that future local celebrity random car.
Very cool um what.

[48:03] So what other kinda like puppet are you bringing another puppy tears and talk about aircraft do more of.
Yeah i actually set up like that NE.

[48:14] Anybody else like that.
What is it like an old old school property but he is really slow down the option to use a new school property is really become one of the prominent payments or the umm you to pedicures.
He has his channel on youtuber security check who um he is a very unique style of poetry that you can do what search of one hand on the table.
That's that doesn't really fall into any of the traditional public categories that we talked about earlier than the show lol.

[48:51] It's really very unique and different um and so we are doing lots of countries with me about his unique approach to public health,
and how he and his life of trees informed by his his experience with doing stop motion but that's.

[49:11] He's actually planning on being closure for the puppet slam.
Sunday night because his stuff is,
kind of insane and unbelievable and you really can't figure out where watching it your head you can figure out how is doing it and i'm in OPT like i'm pretty good i know you are u know how you doing it,
i'll look at some party stuff like what you doing that's amazing um so really it's just everybody come and check out stuff in and follow my new tube and see what he's doing cuz he's doing some really interesting stuff he got interviewed by um.

[49:48] Mythbusters guy what's the midst mothers can leverage that you dislike what you doing are you doing this,
go take a drink drink it if it that he stayed because he
does your arrabiata forget to go to the cinema give it a little bit of a intro here which is the part that's lamp
just to let you know it's kinda like when people say oh avenue has pets i can't take my kids no.
No you can't that's not good amy,
and the poetry slam is lady bing it with you guys and it is ive heard historical i have to go to sleep gotta be at eight thirty.
Help people at the public the poetry slam cuz its so everybody would like,
set the plans you need i mean like i said earlier at the publix where the package that came from right would be no picture track it wasn't for poetry slam um,
the puppet slam is an evening of its over it show so each show is done by different people.

[51:06] Any other property in some way and it's for adults.

[51:13] Dose of the defining characteristics only defining characteristics.

[51:19] I would make supper time about that okay.

[51:23] And so it's four adults and dragon has things that are rated m for mature that mean you're not starting this until ten PM or later every night at midnight,
it is the cherry on top it is the current draw is the closing act of the publish your tracker,
we held everything that we do in the track build up to the slam.
On sunday evening at seven o'clock the entire track shut down.
You're a programming between seven and midnight because we're getting a show together does the slam is the most complicated.

[52:03] Piece of machinery that happens on the track.

[52:07] That all it takes is a little early from seven o'clock to midnight when the show actually starts to put it together,
um it's built out of the guests we have in the track along with some local people and some people that um basically is either stephen and mike are right here and it is that happens,
it is posted by barb of course i find myself it is,
fried nuts others of thousand people in the audience people get in line three hours early to see an insane adult puppet show and.
I can never tell you what its gonna be because i have no idea,
umm i am courage my guests to write shows be located have you ever had that idea for a me know that is hard glad to be thought that one complaint general audiences this is the order yet,
we should aim puppet shows that are better totally ready for the audience,
give me see some shows that are just incredible incredible poetry performances that used unlike anything i've ever seen.
Um always our goal to put the choc always the goal is to have somebody walk out of one of our events in CA i did not ask you that.

[53:29] And that is what we get out of the public slammed every single year.
Okay can you set a thousand people but we watching this where is this usually held for the plan area for this to be held in the.
Sheridan street ballroom beautiful spacious and has these gorgeous,
star burst chandelier things going on in the room balcony is shared and it's beautiful and we actually and largest age for prep,
the panels normally have been there have a specific stage one,
we base with double that size of the stage just for the slam because we need the space.

[54:15] Allow ok say you gotta listen background everything is also video taped live in production on a jumbo tron so you can see the small and someone that cares can be small but it all projected big on the wall so vacancy.
That is awesome and forget again that sheraton grand ballroom.
I appreciate your friendship i get some high.
It is and so then we roll and after that then we roll into monday and we dont really do we have some wonderful programming on monday don't get me wrong but it is very polite programming,
because everybody was up the show start till midnight so were all very late sunday night wrapping up the show striking starting to show and um.
Yeah hello how long is marijuana legal or credit card on monday morning how long is the show typically.
Japan i'm of we have alot of um generally i will not deliver twelve pieces in the show i thought was really.

[55:21] Sometimes it can go on i mean it's gone on the promise will restart late because the show is free technical,
unbelievably technical and we have lovely are mike's the word trading between people and live video camera feeds that has happened from on stage for certain pieces in
it's it's it's it's a much more cumbersome technical package than most of white dragon con deals with.
Thankfully i have lots of really very very talented technicians on my team,
and am and telling them about tech ops um we can get the job done so in the last couple of years we haven't heard,
in previous years um we were starting very late,
because of trying to get everything figured out we solve the larger problem is now and we're running a pretty last year we started to be on time and we're out,
umm you know by two other use.
Um it just depends on how many people wanted to show um.

[56:25] I don't know if you're still the best audience in the world.
There is no and m this is speaking to me as well as the hostess karl,
hi janet i get to perform a lot and.

[56:42] That audience in that space of that time sunday night at dragon con midnight everyone is just.

[56:50] Lupi than drawing and ready to have a good time you're the best creatives over usually don't know if i will provide that time,
you know people are there had that fun and now they want to go to some elses fun it is my absolute favorite audience in the world to perform for i love it i love every single minute of it um,
and i had pedicures you have had incredible careers and come out to me and say,
that was the best audience i have ever gotten.

[57:21] And the right i love that audience is absolut the best to all of you come to see the pups i am you guys bastian the best audience the entire world and i mean that.

[57:32] Awesome that is really cool that it's so it sounds great i cant wait
you are doing something and we thought about adult things because of you and some things weren't there more family oriented actually how much track i always have that's kid stuff we have several kids shows
we have the don't know what is the local atlanta group they have a couple shows in a couple of tracks actually have any show that you called one giant step outside your mind
which is sort of like a petty should get things.
Um i have a total star trek showing the start and the track they have star wars i don't have it no movement on the storage hold the deathly have a doctor who show and track,
who are the very popular within the pump check ticket show and a late night show this year,
show come and see down um.

[58:26] Do i have new carpets coming in from pittsburgh they have a kid show called but where the crack in.
They also have a television show circus town which they have been filmed in paterson actually helped executive produce the serious,
i'm seeking coming and see you learn all about circuits town of a kids show that uses basically like the circus circus techniques to teach physics.

[58:52] I am not like you know and project i be no air dynamics and things like that would she need to the cannons like that with puppets,
i'm sorry there's no there's plenty of wonderful kids things to do inside the track.
And then i always to create a puppet workshop on saturday morning right after the parade you can comment build your own dragon the dragon puppet,
does blocking wings you can run around drunk and,
minnesota wings and turn off the hue strip for me when i see those kids running around after the workshop all drunk and waving little dragon puppets of your hands,
and i have been on very good authority there um that the powers that be a dragon con always love seeing the pits to what i was gonna ask is there a limit to make those
what is your contact email,
that's what i want to try again just like the colors in the logo so it,
directly look exactly can you look at the dragon con in purple and gold logo,
what happened to you build one exactly like that.
That is very cool and useful,
add twenty to ride puppets you hold on to the rod and a new not on and when you wake up and down his wings flap and it's beautiful.

[1:00:08] Very cool i decided we have just started a lot of what i know of forgetting something.
What is um where are you located know that yes there is that,
begin the marriot we ever since,
um where we were put up in a small circle of one hundred seat room heh.
Zet which we immediately proved that we were way too big for um,
we moved into the area is seventy four so we are across from star wars and the kids track should a blood drive use to be at a at right right so you basically ghost,
you when you coming to the marriott instead of going to the marriott open space in the lobby you camo other open expenses allowed eric to send that little arabic don't the big add don't,
over it and then keep going in to the back left corner and that's where we are loved we love that space right now that's where i'm the main traffic areas we know we got plenty of room for,
yeah williams build up in our area so we got room for this line that doesn't get in the way of the rest of the convention on things things like that were very very happy there and so.

[1:01:23] Marry is enough for adrian level that's where we are yeah
who is who are first will you be able to find all the stuff they assigned a drawing be fine but this one is ever going from the hyatt to rubel the titles that well.
You go from the hyatt to the marriott and before you go straight to the center or turn left and keep going into the marriott you turn to the right and it's still the marriott,
but it's over and that corner was star wars and other stuff and it's awesome it's a nice area yes it's great i am i am if i never moved i would be happy i love being in our spot we'd absolutely love it,
i didn't query nigga other really cool things going on right there to do especially during the day if you are there with it.

[1:02:14] Yeah,
solar system we are right across from the kids tracksuit you can come and see if i can show you over the kitchen
and also that area because it's nearest star wars area it tends to be where like the bot like that is correct,
i would a roundtrip so true which i love i'm home area.
You often see an r2d2 there you will not always rolling around and what is really real there's also think it's naive which is the one.
Star wars the star wars a new hope that blows up and then that's when lu gets are too um yeah i have one of those usually are there and it's really cool to watch so you get the feeling that people do we spend about some.

[1:03:03] Are you gonna swoop him this is the time we played game with other our guests i'm actually,
can you help pick a couple of learn more questions out of the family feud is the addition i will call the family feud position,
the idea is similar to family feud where you are can ask a question in the top x number of answers are on there you get points based upon your answer lies,
end this list that hello brian sorry oh oh.
John are these gonna make any sense of answers i dont think they will
else if else matters only for multiple questions so so you can actually answer am like real people dancers some somebody is just like.
Yeah i know that mean i say that but then i put in that is all relative right now is relative i don't.
Hyu alaska love you bought the chance to answer the same question name the type of movie u like to see miss piggy star.

[1:04:20] Romantic comedy can get super hero.

[1:04:26] I'll give you an action movie so both of your on the board i start again starting from the bottom and the top six answers there for the bottoms romance,
then followed by action movie romantic comedy.
Horror that so yeah of course you mr you started okay,
i'm and comedy comedy was number one answer.
What you got for llega three points i'll get oh.
Most likely to run a successful business top four answers on the board.

[1:05:08] Nope nope do we lose belly up.

[1:05:18] She's still here am i still here right answer how we lose belly though.
Okay i will hope that mail comes back on but i want to wipe your wedding i wanna also see what the thing if you are coming to atlanta before dragon colombus,
yeah okay i'll be there in a minute ok so the question why is neymar being up most likely to run a successful business,
for answer on this card.

[1:05:49] Hi i must i can run a successful business um.

[1:06:00] Make it dead.
I would probably say the dead started but the whole thing about.
The name of the movie was there all sort of split up and running your own business.

[1:06:15] I mean it will take you to the most together and all them and i will go home.
Locate both of your on the board current what's the number one answer fifty five points miss peggy came in second for eighteen points the other two answers are a ganzo.
Who and picker.
I'm not only your not active when will yes if you take the two probably be gary is really the one who should be running her
ummmmm re name the name of the muppets most likely to be afraid of flying,
most likely to be afraid of flying most likely to be afraid of flying ugh.

[1:07:10] I just i really just wanna say the swedish chef because it is on my favorites and i wanna say i am,
who were you with scooter.
I'll get rice no longer on the visor in the list start the top five answers starting at the bottom is animals and ganzo.
Do you think i can still interact with the daredevil i know that's why they still get sad and make new girl who is number three
i like bigger on the span of people who think number where was miss piggy ever won was kermit the frog.
Is there a first class,
drinking champagne and i know what you're talking about mr hughes lebanon our that's a lot of last question and we have asked questions before before but that's my bogus answer first,
i need them most likely to drive a motorcycle.

[1:08:08] Most likely to drive a motorcycle.

[1:08:12] Cancer cancer is starting to question me know if there is no longer answer,
both of you are on the board and number five out of the five top answers bottom one was current,
info about sol was only made to number four
you was lit earlier i need yo are you looking you will deliver early is all yours and all that time on a motorcycle in number three was animal.
Remember to was father bear no way to hear the number one answer is boogie.

[1:08:49] Shit riding motorcycle in the movies but yeah hopefully once it literally table table as piggy.
It's a random generator week totally believe this whole deck is just a random generator.
I think that one yet if i want to come so the final score is lee with leave forty in both seventy two.

[1:09:14] Show me about to go back when you say it again but where are you located.
So please come visit the tracking marietta marriott a seven for AI training level,
can i get the slammer over and the sheraton in the peachtree ballroom and you can find this online,
go to www dot order to buy your dark crystal ball tickets while they're still hot and available yo are VIP tickets,
are tickets still available everything else is general admission um which means she will get into the out the VIP party hour
we really have nothing special guests but you still get to be there and participate the costume contest there is off the chain,
how are you thinking about cleaning the whole center gets transformed we are the crystal hanging from the ceiling with the disco ball it's not who nate.

[1:10:08] Reserve and remember that the merchandise area out with the puppets and,
expensive and not a piece of art sale go sport people are suffering lots of cash you work pasta other efficient active you know that you can purchase that and all of the in,
not really don't like it like got some good dragon con
no that money goes directly to that public builders pocket so please please support us artists and poets and am,
help pay for them when they need the,
i also want you give him a shout,
i don't know what i'm saying but if you can do atlanta early for drinking water even if you are driving can you want to take the whole afternoon off,
please go to the center for the arts they have an amazing amazing exhibit it is a beautiful area you can get there on da go from peachtree station,
are you go straight to the arts center its right there below and if it's only one train go get a beautiful beautiful place to go it's wonderful that feeling of being a size chode
d. conn nineteen move to the museum for only ten dollars hello.

[1:11:33] Say hey when no i didn't know what to do not about that nap sleep additionally i can't think what you're bad but we realize that so many people,
come in early in the order badge to the account so it's just the promo code all you have to do is walk up and say deacon nineteen,
can you give the museum for ten bucks so yeah,
it's awesome to see it was absolutely fantastic,
yeah need also feature the dimension collection,
where you can see miss piggy and kermit in bosnia and all that,
android burning and it also has the global collection which is the charger sessions traditions from around the world which now includes.
Tom servo and crow as of this year oh well we're headed to the americas collection to represent modern american public.
And i am very proud to say that i had a big hand in that hey.
I want to order of working with you directly to get those commits in that museum in every way possible.
Add and i can tell you you can take anybody from four to twelve and they both had a great time i had a five year old ten year old there and,
there was a load of the homies got to see an actual puppet show and we got to go to the museum of a girl that.

[1:12:57] Show us the discount is good for justin museum entry cost the delivery time for the add emily she why are there no um it's it's a great place in that also includes the specific dark crystal exhibit.
Switch on all special exhibit dedicated star crystal your day is well i want to come to.
That will be going away next year at some point so now we have to know yeah okay.

[1:13:22] Orange twelve again but thank you for taking time out please thank your volunteers for us we appreciate all the work i put you to well.
Making the show great show for everybody me image cat goes out to all the laundry but i don't know.
But thank you for your time and effort good he is my mighty name is almost every single person on my team has been with me ummm.
Pretty much since the beginning and i had a very high retention rate on loans years because my team is fantastic.

[1:13:59] That's not that is awesome that is awesome so until next time.
Revolt read this is jon saying he's.
Get a journey this has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
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[1:14:35] Music.