50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 3 - Eternal Zan Of A Carpet Mind

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] Hey dragon con the podcast,
sleeps on the floor and joining me as always is the one who gets the bad guy.
Yes i do damnit because i moved and have a bad back how many and how many oz pine issues so yeah how many people would you need to sleep.

[1:04] Um how many yeah i like how many do i need how many do you need to sleep.

[1:12] How much in order to get a really good night sleep i have one of those husband pillows i have to pay pillows.
Add i have two pillows that i cannot get it a little messed up.

[1:28] How can you ask.

[1:32] Let me hello is your actual husband doesn't the link doesn't really long body pillows.
No no they look kinda like a big question like a like a couch cushion but have little arms on them.
How i don't know what they call.

[1:51] Oh okay not talking about right there with you yet because i have to clean up right to sleep.
Oh ok slightly yeah it helps i do that.
The more you know about my weird or i get high on uh well though.
Today is well today is monday so that were recorded before you even ask me i'm gonna tell you that we've had a couple of people that people might wanna know.

[2:22] Are coming number one is that janet barney has been listed as now attending and
i'm sure i have heard her voice and i'm just a doofus not to recognize it but i know she is a really awesome
person and do dinner and a movie so now when i think of it that way by
yeah so she's gonna be a dragon and we got alot more artist and illustrator is listed and i'm gonna be really really honest if you are into that i'm putting money your day going so we have.
Here's stacy gordon i'm here in arizona and he's coming and then also just a wonderful fan
friend of ours has been listed as attending as well so does the people that are.

[3:15] J jealous the co-founder of two together studios and been pretty awesome and gaming headset coming so go and always remember
www dot org who does si.
Yes professional and performers by announcement date you really just if you look at that it all show up and it's really cool dream job or any um,
hey bot well it wasn't FC show but it's a stan against evil um excuse on that tuesday play the sheriff.
How long he is there yet refused choose also when i stand against evil how she was also in um.

[4:03] Huh.

[4:05] Oh just sending turner with david it was a young effect show you are the worst or the worst he played and or stomach.
She played us against sister in law she was the sister to withdraw one of the characters anyway um and you know also you know what an american and asian folks know where is the voice occorre in.
Record the last air bender getting what's called but i think it might just be called quora.
I think it is correct i think it is just cold corporate and it is the one that everybody says is.

[4:43] Ignite it is at least as good if not better than the last air bender see the problem i still have a bad.
I cannot open my mouth a little bit when i think about the last air bender movie that came out and upset me so much so that to me is better cuz nobody's really ruined it with a terrible movie.
Well um speaking of terrible movies.
What are the events i don't know what to do if i don't have a hotel room at this point you know what if you don't tell me what this plant or next
guess who is the internal member um is great about helping you try to find roommates maybe rooms are things of that nature so yeah welcome back.
Hi do you want it
hey there and everybody was listening to this maybe this your first time trying or terrible at this thing we're we apologise but
what did i ever get any better so high with your back against my baby with joy terrible movies and there doesn't works as a transition.
I know i feel like everybody else was laid to the side by channel original movie theatre i was like hey there was too late i love him i have almost all the windows.

[6:03] My husbands ever lasting embarrassment of having them in the house
i love me a bad sci-fi original their great can i have spiders i don't like spiders snakes and mosquitos i mean cmon need your clothes your boots playing actually the only became an.
and the theatre thing for samuel l jackson otherwise it would've been on fire original is me a speedo there is of course i mean just all this ass watch movies original.

[6:39] Add a few plants henrik sentence as watch trust me i watch that one as well so we have another thing in common and i was wondering
but when i go if you are new and you will see her around she was an absolutely lovely outfit of the old carpet.

[6:58] Which i would love to hear how that is going this year and some other things so how are you doing what's been going on with you.
I'm great as usual i have a wife.
Switch off stuff to talk about and definitely on the list just briefly at sense this is the first podcast of the year.
I will introduce myself a little bit so this is amazing also i was just recently that the weird al concert that came near my town and of course i wore my marriott card.
Drag and skirts so that the front page for me and of course somebody recognized it was kinda cool there too because it was the first stop on his current tour mute
the audiences like this is the soundtrack show.
So i kind of feel like its the same thing for fifty days this soundtrack what's the first one of the year well technically this is gonna be the third one
what would a my pocket while because it because the first one doesn't go outside tomorrow
where can i get my repair is 51 days before drying concert tomorrow will be leaving our we are a tiny bit ahead of schedule
is this legal wednesday is the new thursday thing you know we'll go you be reviewed this one to be released on thursday though
would you like to have someone i usually have the first couple episodes because he.

[8:24] She has a lot of info when she comes prepared and.
Shes been around for a long time she is internal memory was when is the mission and.
Who does that mean you been returned it does mean and is it more of a functional volume of loving the con in purchasing your tickets in advance essentially.
But she also heads up a release an admin of a what is the facebook group for helping folks find.
Hotel rooms in people this printer fifty days out i start looking for a room.
Set your volume when the many reasons why we like having a commission sheet and least years out of the ten million i've been doing and eleven would that i was doing it by myself umm.
Oh god again welcome back love having you on what you got for us.

[9:23] Yeah so first on my list though do i make i was also the word out concert i'm going really well yeah
yeah no i didn't i do not see why was i will be back i was baxter be stage stage left or right if your facing the audience i think it was,
are photography sewing stage um i h probably somewhere in there so i was towards the back.
Did the whole family out of it yet oh really her okay how is it rainy outside central ave yellow family to go.

[10:05] That was a great concert was in it
yeah well i have some qualms lose a great concert but my qualms with it at least where i was sitting at the audio levels can sometimes i wondered why there the orchestra was there but i think it's just a matter of them walking up the mix
so but i am of course we're always delivers.

[10:25] Yeah that the person where has been delayed cuz i'm not a huge concert go about like that so many concerts what was his first weird al concert
we hadn't been to a concert together before i was like just so you know like i'm gonna scream.
Start playing word crimes i'm gonna say hello and i was like i'm cool with that like it's no excuse like more hardcore than me so that was really great because i just get really excited about weird al
yeah yeah
he played all the good songs then the other one arena for people that can see this concert yeah yeah some stuff usually does and so i'm just kinda sitting there waiting for that to happen and he did not disappoint.
When did you see this concert because that,
i didn't even know i was touring what day was the concert um it was a couple months let me a month back right june right okay so i got a misdemeanor atlanta he came june thirtieth.
Yeah strings attached the neighborhood is the name of the concert this year.
Yes concert of hers i went to was in atlanta and it was his kind of like unplugged of vanity tour thing because the closest e was coming to me was atlanta.

[11:39] Hey where i live i don't actually live in georgia so it was kinda i was like well i guess i'm going to atlanta and i saw him and then he,
came to where i live so that was cool cuz i wasn't expecting him to have like another two or so but i go this is like the weird al podcast it could be but
what's on my watchlist but that is also the thing you see if you start wearing dragon con t-shirts things like that.
Often people will stop me that who gone is really great like i wear it out.
People always recognize that even when i'm not and i was in california and people recognize that was amazing yo um first off i just like to mention um
like john mentioned about the internal membership internal membership is something that is unique to dragon con a lot of conventions.
If they use to have that don't offer it anymore and a lot of new conventions don't offer it so it's it's a lifetime pass so it's exactly what it sounds like dragon con doesn't have tickets they have memberships so.

[12:46] When you buy a membership you are a member of dragons and that's what i did
so they have internal membership and that's their equivalent to a lifetime pass for you paying for your membership once
and then you can cum forever so that's what internal membership is um it's not a VIP so we don't get to cut lions get a free hotel room or anything.
Which a lot of people are like you know that be great well yeah that's what it's just a past like everybody wants that so,
i'm the paternal also get a private party on thursday night with free food and wine and the occasional celebrity gas which is really cool cuz thursday is beneficial day for a couple years now but for a turtles
a lot of them have come on thursdays cuz that's the one thing we get from dragon con after that it's you know we got the same dragon comments everybody else which is great so.
What would a and that's one of the things and that i think um finna talk about.

[13:48] Something else will jump in on that into a jumping on that too but what are the things about dr kind that's very different
if you'd like creation kind or email other than they have a VIP section or things of that nature or you
i pay extra to get x number of autographed things like that dr kinda doesn't you
purchase your membership you are a member and you are like everyone else and theyre it's remember yes they have to purchase your ticket every other membership shoot
membership every year so that hey play don't there's not really a.

[14:30] Its great because i'm gonna come for the next three years so therefore i don't have to worry about ticket prices going memberships going up or things of that nature.
Why it is that kind of thing is really by the fans for the fans on every fan in the fan which is,
different than some other conventions that you might get to sew okay open open the lights about your events to besides dr gabriele my favorite of course but
what happened the creation events to go to the events for a long time and they have the separate c dang they have seating levels at where you can purchase an assigned.
So that's what some people are paying for
you are usually only have one panel room see you can do that and so much bigger than that like drinking doesn't have assigned seating but they do clear the rules so what everybody out and then let the next group of people and so they.
You know the same people are sitting in a room all day.

[15:28] Yeah i don't have the six panels you're not interested in just to see what you want you just have to know where to line up.
Go to yelp in addition to being eternally i'm also a volunteer but not
official member of jack and stuff so i do not work for driving time so just say that in front of the podcast nothing i say your day was official in any way i'm just a regular attendee in like everybody else i'm.
There i just want to mention real quick there is an upcoming meeting for people who are interested in volunteering.

[16:00] And there's also a facebook group for volunteers that i started that again it's unofficial because i don't finish work for the convention so there is a facebook.
Call dragon con volunteers and that's really helpful because if you can go to the meeting you can check the facebook
group afterwards if people of been really helpful about leaving the meeting notes and they're so for the people that couldn't attend.
It's a lot of what they do i heard that the meetings is talk about the department they're still looking to fill and i'm shirley and john you're gonna have more gas talking about their departments and if they are still looking for help or not
but for people who are interested in the meeting it's on sunday july twenty first and i'm starting at four PM and the hyatt regency in that stuff
hi it hotel and get right down there.

[16:47] Can i get the facebook group for that is dragon con volunteers so but if you want any official news you can go to the official dragon con website and social media because i have an expert team of people running all those things
no be happy to give you the official answer for all that and same thing for the external members there's an unofficial facebook group for the mets dragon con turn on the numbers and you have to remember all the stuff to give your website that has all the likes on it so
could you turn on the numbers again on officially and stuff we have some fan meet ups include in our welcome back wednesday night dinner every year so
which days we have at wednesday night dinners do we have a group in the parade which is really fun.
We're working on planting some other stuff for this year and also in the parade i also am.

[17:36] Help organize a parade group for the cult of marriott carpet and we'll get that.
Will get to that in a minute but first all skip to some hotel news because this is fresh off the wire hotel group drag with that.

[17:53] Hotel facebook group that john was referring to is the dragon con rooms group
so again you'll have to write this down not feeling so let the end of this podcast but if you're interested it's facebook dot com slash group slash dragon con rooms group and start over nine thousand members of the group that's been around for a long time and dragon con another
where that your different is they have five different hotels it's not in the convention center so for dragon con where are you staying can,
seriously impact your dragon con experience NH hotel kind of has its own personality so for some people if you're gonna be doing alot of activity that's all gonna be in the same hotel you might as well stay there or if your it costs player
or if you just want to cut down on your walking hey.
If you have mobility issues it's really good to try and stay as close as possible to the things that you're interested that so i'm just gonna say upfront it's not a problem to get a hotel for dragon con in atlanta
big city lots of overflow hotels would you see people online saying all the hotels are sold out,
no no,
yeah what they're talking about is all the hotels are sold out of the five hotels were the events are help those around high demand because location location location.

[19:22] So why no i mean that's that's what are the big things too is that you know there are hotels but they're also overflow hotels that are still downtown and there are even over a flooded house so.
Don't be worried also you know that your billing and other stuff like that so i know you want to talk about the hotels but yeah.
Don't worry folks don't worry but yeah
who did what to say that's a good point about the overflow overflow hotels i haven't heard them do that before exams before but that's actually because hotel means the actual dragon con activities are going to be held in that hotel light panels and you can official stuff there is a separate building.
Two buildings actually american it's too buildings this year right america smart one and two yeah set up that are the hawks so that's like six building but you can
stay in the bedroom is what's next one of the hotels also like if you wear a vendor you might want to stay in a hotel.
That is right next to where we will be going to work every day so yeah that's what hotel is an overflow is a hotel that also offers the discount to dragon con rates.

[20:39] So that's the convention which if your new to conventions a lot of conventions do they make an arrangement with the hotels and you go to the convention website and you click on a link and that takes you to a hotel and you can book for a discounted rate.
Those are the overflow hotels and they're also gonna be very adult there gonna be close to the convention but not exactly,
yeah what was and then the third category is basically everything else so any other
hotel in atlanta that does not have an arrangement for dragon con there not a hoax or not and overflow there knocking off the drag con rate
put the still got roofs of airbnb is a very popular option or staying by the airport to save money but particularly with air b b.

[21:25] Hey thing yet anything where you're renting from another person that's not a business cuz i know there's other stuff too besides b b that yet that's just the most popular one we are renting from a person the big complaint without every year
is there people if you see rate on air b b or elsewhere that seems to good to be true probably is could he get we got dragged tommy got a football game
yeah what's a big city it's a holiday weekend and so then take your reservation.
Cancel that check out the rate and red to somebody else which is not gonna happen if you book directly with the hotel in just this is against airbnb rules and it should have been dead yes you should report them if it happens to you
but you're still gonna be out of room and have to find another place to stay in probably have to pay more yeah exactly so awesome,
yeah and then there's another category called john do you want me to take this or do you want to talk a little bit of not going to be going really like having yet we like having you in the other guests because it means we have to do less work.

[22:35] Okay i would love to know who to for getting a point because i'm just working off my list you're just wanting me up you got so.
V official dragon con social media account recently announced that they may be releasing some new room soon for the convention rate at the hyatt regency which is the hotel
but they won't be available eligible for legacy and recording this podcast on monday so by the time it's been released
these rooms might have already been released and be gone i don't know because as of this recording they have not
basically made an announcement that your gonna make another announcement we don't have it i cant give me details cuz they have a tendency to play their following the marvel
play in for an outing celine out announcement there will be an option for another announcement we will later having announcements that will be the official announcement that buffalo the next announcement.

[23:30] So you call the department of information and jon snow picks up the phone what u gonna do i get help play.
No um this comes into the legacy.
Great thanks so this is where it gets a little confusing so just bare with me excuse me a legacy.
Is it more like a fan term it shouldn't take its own official term but legacy means you have a broom add dragon con for the dragon con dates.
With the dragon con rate but if it's a legacy room flip the internal membership of hotel rooms you get to keep that room forever.

[24:13] Every year into the future as full as you follow there rules
which kind and do change your to you're so for example the marriott has never had legacy so that somebody tries to
somebody and street corner they open at nine gotta marriott legacy room here it's not real will just meet just be happy with just me happy the best with everything revealing is the hotel room and i think that's what yo orange things do happen to dragon con in atlanta so
yes so that legacy is not a thing it's never gonna think so like don't,
by legacy room from someone that doesn't exist i'm sure it and use to have legacy but as of last year they don't.

[25:02] Show some people are still talking about shit in lagos yes but as of this recording,
is far as we know the sheraton doesn't do legacy anymore so if you had to share it in legacy what that was
their process as well as they would send an email to the reservation holders sophie i would like for people in your room whoever made the reservation they get the email and then
you basically got first.
So if there i mean i don't know what your number sorry but just for the sake of easy math let's see the sheraton said hey we gotta hundred rooms only ninety people renew they have ten rooms left.
No put this year they said there not doing that anymore so if you have a shared room me really want to keep an eye on your email and your junk mail.

[25:46] Add a ten thread in the group in the official social media and just keep an eye on what there
what they say they're gonna be doing for the future cuz of course if you had like a seizure at ten
love it if it came back with which had been did the hilton hilton legacy yeah
they stopped it for one year or couple years ago some people lost their room other people got and then they started legacy again with hilton their process is different
they send an email and you have to follow the instructions and if you do get to keep her room if you don't you lose your bill the hilton charge deposit at the time of booking which is very common for dragon con rooms at the.
Dragon con discounted rate umm but they are not taking the rest until check in.
The western took a deposit on booking and they took the rest out in april.
The marriott took a deposit on but these are all hotels the marriott took a deposit at booking they check the rest out.
Move the full stay in march beginning of march so if you are staying at the westin marriott.

[26:52] I am for the drug hundred eight you pay one hundred percent for your room and you can't get it back when i take a deposit if non refundable deposit
so you're not gonna get the deposit back from the hotel and then if they require you to pay the rest of the balance of it that's also non refundable so.
Banana the hill dr the hui yeah the dragon official social media announcement they might be releasing some new rooms.

[27:20] Send for the grapes but they also said those rooms will not be eligible for legacy so that's a really important.
Just usually if you get a room at the drag hundred eight.
Add a hotel that offers legacy that means you also get legacy so this is kind of an exception to that rule.

[27:39] Exactly and some of the non hotels do you like really talking hotels for the most part right here but if you like your hotel i'm john had one for years that no.

[27:52] Yes create the shipping my price of the air.

[27:55] Yeah because one year he had all these friends and they all came in one year nobody was coming so let it go and crap it's gone.
You are awesome and who's an awesome room i would like to know what i was hired place.

[28:08] Is it sunny to small hotel has three or before floors umm but just know a black and a half from.
Yo on riding if there yeah yeah yeah.
What's important when you're booking hotel make sure you book in the right hotel cuz usually drag people say hi at damian high regency hotel but there are other hi yes place,
and in the same area of amelia you janice and i places it had been a gorilla better because there's only couple stories um be.
The it came with two beds and a sleeper sofa.

[28:54] So you can fit and also had a free agent free wi-fi and free breakfast and and all for price cheaper than what is the rate for the other rooms so,
that was nice until i lost it already you get back when you whenever hes around
add me the other like what close to twenty over flow so i'm not having the podcast
cover every single hotel and although no who i posted
turn the beat the ones that say loud and hard to get out but kinda focus on that but yeah that's what you're booking a hotel room or if you're doing another person at their hotel room you want the full name of the hotel in the address you can google maps it and make sure
that you're staying where you're staying what ya be.

[29:47] How can one acquire the did this and it's sad to atlanta
whatever i wanna say it wasn't shared no more hilton it was maybe a hiit i can't remember but it was like i planned to hide it in there like ok so am i not be
hotel look it up on where it was all on the website.
And the problem with that was it was at the airport.

[30:18] That's how they had it down show would probably find yes can take them to n from the airport to save money but you want to make sure you know what you're by
that is that enough the only reason i bring it up because it's not about hotel hotel like that but it wasn't what they expected so
i always make sure to do your due diligence please please please set that help,
so good and speaking of transactions good who duje is a mention that dragon group which is the unofficial not officially unofficial groups to help people find
dragon con hotel rooms and roommates and some people do a room swap looking for a room with one king bed and you want a room with,
get out two double beds like people swapped all kinds of things in there that group is growing over the years it's got over nine thousand members now so yeah so this year its new
i've started i'm one of the admins on that group i started organizing that group so.

[31:21] Now we have an announcements section which has a dedicated thread for each hotel and the first comment on each thread has all the helpful information about that hotel
what phone number you need to call to book an answer key thing to be getting some hotels you can.
Modify the reservation online maybe you booked it on line but if you have a question.
You can't modify it on line then even if you try to modify it sometime people have problems with that it's best not to risk your reservation at sol hotel so each.
The first comment in each of the dedicated thread each of the host hotels and then there is a dedicated thread.
Everything else am for all the non hotels they have their own thread to.

[32:07] What's the first call matt will give you lots of helpful advise about your specific hotel and also who to call
what phone number and what department i'm generally call them between nine and five because the dedicated department for dragon con rooms at your hotel.
Basically works bankers hours so tell me to call somebody at eleven PM the night before you leave and get an answer about your real and then there is also helpful comments and.
Helpful documents in the dragon con group the most important thing is the penn post announcement like i said there's nine thousand members and there's a lot of your new house
over nine thousand so the post announcement of the thing we had for years where it's a single master list,
everybody and what they are looking for if you want to give you bring definitely go through the list in the pinned post announcements and find some people who are looking for what you have.
And then you can transfer them your room you back for the non-refundable deposit but the hotels not gonna give it back and as we talked about four out of five hotel rd taking all your money in there not giving it back to the sheraton requires a hundred percent of the movie
money upfront so right now your staying at a hotel
you've already paid all the money and you can't get it back so if you have an emergency and you can't go you wanna give her room to some body else post announcement we'll talk you through everything you need to know on that.

[33:27] And then also there's an FAQ document cuz honestly to pin post to announce what was getting kinda long it was a lot to scroll through so we move some of the common questions to the FAQ document and then if you have roommates.
If you want to do a room share which is very popular trying to save money there is the prime directive document which gives you like them and i do i like them and i will go yeah i like it.

[33:55] For the next ten pounds and that is a document meant for reservation holders and their roommates
because if you've never done a room share before finding compatible room mates is very important and the prime directive document gives advice about what questions to ask the other person so for example like if you're an egg
you might not want to join a room with is gonna be a lot of alcohol in that room oh and also if your dragon con has on their schedule
of friends of bill meeting
yes alcoholics anonymous and i think that's amazing cuz no other convention never been to has any kind of support group like that so.

[34:32] I think that's really impressive that is any facebook group or community joy and it's good to read the announcements section on the FAQ for you might find the answers you're looking for,
without even having to
make a post so do you have any other questions about getting a room for dragon con before i move on to the carpet no let's have a call to maria covered at the in the parade the one to the canada can go together but the one thing i do wanna say is
what's the link she's talking about she's going to send to john he is that kind of a guest on this and jon will be putting them in others
it and the few days post when we put this out so yeah we will have all that right john
write me what is an pineapple awesome team that towards the end again but you tell me anytime you looking for this information as we talk about typically most the time i put on the post over on uni ki dot com and you can find it
hum find a link to whatever podcasts GIF and be listened to and looking for that did you have the website in munich dot com yet
yo are the news my body but it's no just wondering,
yes still help not being used but when i do whatever zuck just gonna keep asking that question every year until when your one your like flight delay.
Yes i think i'll try that.

[36:02] Yep something to live for hashtag so yeah just one other quick thing before moving to the carpet week
talk about money and hotels and people might be like hey how much is that the reason the dragon con rate is such a big deal is and i'm not making this up if you want a room at the convention rate at the marriott were talking eight hundred one thousand dollars per night,
yeah that's right per night is a normal cost if you don't get the dragon card rate at the marriott that is including taxes and fees and parking.
Parking is about fifty about thirty to fifty dollars a night at the hotel yeah umm.
And all be ways to save on parking no lot of these post duke need anything else i want to add this before i forget it.

[36:49] So maybe i will merri what is now bond who i am a bomb whatever diamond platinum triple gold member,
who's room are probably already gone because those people no
and the day put aside so but there not lol there you will be able to get that if you call a week before kinda thinking i can still do now
you're not that they have black out dates even for people
do you like you set a reward programs aren't supposed to have blackout dates like dragon con can be the exception to that so no and also for hotel budgeting um
a lot of hotels take put a fifty dollar per night hold on your credit card so like whenever you see the price for a black over-the-range is this you have to add a bunch of these fees on top of it,
when you can park in the website is it smh RT that's like
any parking thread you look at on line is gonna mention to and give me directions for that to that's only like five eight ten bucks a day so that's gonna save you money.

[37:55] U not so sure stay hotel need to budget for parking in the hold on your credit card at the taxes and the fees so just got lots of money to get the dragon con rate.
What are the taxes and fees and everything if you ballpark it at about three fifty four hundred dollars and i got a pretty good rate for a hotel,
and again i can go up based on the type of room you want if you wanna keep with refrigerator like that's gonna cost you more so the full rate
that's not the drag hundred eight
it's gonna be more than that any hotels so that's why people wanna get a hotel they want to get the dragon because that's gonna be your best deal and then,
then you can move forward and start making your plans for that's what i like people get roommates i stay with people that are friends of friends
people that are new friends through becoming roomates self since it is so expensive that's why lot of people
wanna find a good deal something that's close enough to have roommates to help share the cost in that can be a great way to meet new people and black currant.

[39:00] So i will move on to the cult of mary carpet who
what you want to talk about the whole marriott carpets well be explained days before i move on i will do a quick explanation there's much better and write up
i am on your site which i read one euro and i just was giggling the whole time can you play just like any major hotel in a.
Metropolitan area every five ish years there is a change of carpet and the marriott make a change new carpet a couple years ago add it.

[39:35] Well done the carpet was very interesting it was is blue and interesting color now it looks like streaks of we are brown but hey whatever you want a drink honey you don't see it because there is,
billion people on top of that but yes show and everybody who really got upset when i got upset enjoyed making a deal that the carpet was changing and so there is the ball to the marriott carpet.
Which zach go about you know how do people become member and what does the quote do ok so that um
i'm sure you'll have somebody on your podcasts later talk about this to one of the things during commentary famous for its they had a parade on saturday so you live in atlanta you've probably heard of the dragon con parade on saturday and that is many people's introduction to dragon con is the parade well
like you mentioned.
What happened was there was a group of cost players am from prague.
Harrison correct who he and his friends all got dressed up as the marriott card,
i heard some other carpets but everybody loves the marriott carpet a few years ago and they dressed up as the carpet and camouflage themselves is like army man like.

[40:49] Who is awesome and the you play with a cat,
who is like that was a costume made of the carpet and then a light post on the carpet,
and everything was covered with that carpet patterns so they were camouflage and it was amazing and the internet what is the loved and like you said i hope it right of this thing on my website.

[41:08] And so that so that's really what started it i didn't start a group cosplay are started the bones and then i was like because i'm a longtime drag conference and then i was like you know what we should do
we should have a group of carpet people in the parade so i started asking about it online and people were like no one is gonna get it.
Don't even bother no one's gonna wanna do this with you and i was like i'll just try it
people showed up and it was amazing yeah so that's my prayer group is the called the marriott carpet walked by and i do we were hacked right away.
I'm with all the amazing creatives players dressing up just feeling really creative with that carpet powder,
cheers as we walked by were like an instant hit it was amazing it was really validating after people were like it was gonna get it in there anyone here like
like somebody cheering and the person next to them didn't know why that's so then they're friends like that the best yes the explain to somebody why people are going crazy for a car battery cuz its just lyrical for no reason what so ever.
So i have a parade group for the external members.

[42:18] I also have a pray group right next to that we march two next to each other and prayed for the miracle carpet and this year there is now i love this it's mutated
there is a sub group to this year for the first time we have marriott carpet cheerleaders there working on your god actual tears when they're gonna be bringing it in the parade.
So that's gonna be amazing um i just i can't where is hubble results can be awesome i cannot wait yet.
And just today this is the perfect day to report record this podcast just today i saw the cover up the progress report which is the mailing that goes out in july to everybody that i already purchased the dragon con membership have you seen the cover of the progress report
i have a know what's on the cover.

[43:08] Hru the call to go rock europe or how old are you a girl who covered okay.

[43:18] Parade started originally because it going to storm troopers like i heard just this is like
start a company started like walking down the street so really the star wars storm troopers kind of started dragging parade according to what i've heard so like same storm troopers a dragon god is a really dragon contact yes that works very big presence there so this amazingly creative talent vikas player decided
course to cover his storm trooper outfit in the marriott carpet pattern which is like the post dragon con castillo.
Add a card is the marriott carpet storm trooper it's amazing their storm troopers two you know like kinda do there own max like a weird al storm trooper like you can mix storm trooper with anything yellow
shout out to william towns member of the cult of mac carpet parade group because marriott carpet storm trooper is on the cover of the primary school
that is very cool john don't you have a little bit about how is it going to be taking a video with company concealed liam and maybe sandwich for his liking but i do have a framed.
Huh a frame square of the marriott the original marriott carpet.

[44:32] Yes but it is hanging in his will that its back on the top shelf on the app.
I'm looking at what you call a jet ski.
I think i am but the feeling of the storm troopers two in the order of the parade started is.
Ever changing as it is but i did know does lsu they want urdu get to go.

[44:59] Why ask and a prayer to pray to god ending technically dave the last few years ive had to clean up crew that follows behind them.
Umm but for most part when he started to see the ugly your storm troopers.
Umm marching in units in there that time to start standing up if you are watching the parade random movie because.
There's a crowd of people headed your way immediately after that so um yeah i just want to preserve that i have i have photos from.

[45:36] Uf years and years ago um logo of the parade and how very few people are actually in the parade end.
How many of you were watching how much space there is any look at it today it's just a it just to see if humanity it's ridiculous everything is mount.

[45:54] Play somebody that stop going to the parade because it got too popular like what's that line i don't go to that club anymore because nobody goes there with someone about something being too popular so you can't do it anymore
nobody goes there its too crowded um.

[46:09] The same kind of thing i feel like was kind of starting to happen with the parade a couple years ago it was you had to get up really early to get a good seat but no
we put it on DC tv and they also what coverage on the CW at least a half for the last couple years ago there gunna do that again so i noticed it hard to last year,
i'm that is what you do but will just stay tuned casual drink in news for that i notice last year as a march written the parade,
there see if you were people on the streets because they think more people want to watch it on tv which is the closed circuit
dragon con channel but night that you can get the host hotels but no you can also purchase a streaming memberships you in the drug store on line with paul later
more people might be watching it on TV or online when getting up early so what you stop going to the parade because it was too crowded now is the perfect time
not back yet because now its less crowded and worse,
yeah we can all watch panels are you to be going to drag can get panels are awesome in person and that's the same thing if you can if you can't pay their share watch a video if you can get out that's a better experience of you if you can be there.
And person also on wednesday night this will be the fourth are we doing this wednesday wednesdays and thursdays.

[47:33] What is today not a at eleven PM to midnight ish have the fourth annual wednesday night free photo op with the marriott,
that which is why i bring back the old carpet add new contact photo of the old carpet and that's gonna be all the lowest level of the marriott.
Add go to the lake
post bar at the marriott in the news all the way down the lowest level of free startup thing to do on wednesday because wednesday is when i say wednesday is the new thermostat thermostat
use to not be an official day so nothing officially happend so that was the day but people what kind of meet up and reconnect and hang out before things officially started.
And now that thursday is the official day where there is official parties and official things to do it
how much dust as far as a tourist so far mostly at night it's not like a full day and yet so so now wednesday is kind of the new thursday because that's the unofficial fan stuff you dont need to bad you don't need a membership for a wristband like nothing you can just
com and hang out and i love it is all john's fault but i will explain that later trust me we will talk about how all of thursday is john.
I probably accept whatever blame i get yeah yeah but yeah i'm working on wednesday no i'm working on wednesday.

[48:53] Stop it i need to have leave at the end of the year yeah i think the carpet is great and the parade is great it's just fine and if so can you do this for soundtrack and you like what are the events i joke trust me
any line work any track room before a panel and say hey what the hell is
going on with this order heck sorry what the heck is going on with this carpet thing and trust me you will start hearing about it and all the other.

[49:24] And inside jokes and with him probably a day you understand of somebody says you know where is trashy so.

[49:33] Trust me don't worry about not knowing inside joke yet
so its okay if this is your first you said yeah so trump trash was an online chat with little earlier facebook post like somebody made a facebook post about
because every year like people complained like i would get
online people complain all the guest list isn't as good it's not as good as it was last year whatever yo are that's true it's fun every year and still one year to like
make fun of people were complaining about stuff that
is it really worth complaining about they were doing it any way they made kind of a satire post about your content with the same can they remove this trash can then like concluded a picture of a perfectly innocent trash can support trash can
yeah no i bring back the marriott carpet and trash on wednesday night and i make like to pretend trash with
pretend carpet and everybody post with pictures and stuff is trashy and march in the parade and i see multiple people
multiple cars players dressed up as trash can so from the outside people are like is this the show i didn't watch netflix know who post the got really out of control and now it's a running joke that no one will like go and its tearing.

[50:46] So all this stuff you really didnt have to be there like somebody can explain it to you but your resources be like this is what were all joking about like god like i'm not joking there a whole lot of money
they're not there we go today because both gonna have some what is going on with you this year and bringing a virgin.

[51:08] Oh i'm so excited about this that's what yo on time than you idaho about it in school
select bring a first timer to the card this year which i'm done before but this year i am really excited because i'm bringing a friend that like
speaking of creation events we went to the last time she was at a convention it was like a creation of and that was.
Set the end of wins stargate SG one was caring what was yeah hoover and we did the tour and we got to walk
stargate atlantis on at the same time so we got to like see the start of wine and atlantis
that was really cool and that that's the last convention she's been too so all she knows is like convention with glitter one pair of room and i would a been
who are the players because
like always come back and do more these creation events and i was like but no the whole stargate cast comes to drinking every year so what u just come to dragon because yes i would love to do a convention every weekend but i also have bills to pay so
you know like it's not that i didn't want to keep going to conventions up north with her but i did i just type please tell me what you can get there yeah and so i'm sorry baby.
It's finally.

[52:28] I don't already made a rap but is it funny when somebody's gone to a con before antibiotics i would like to go to inner light in your creation card or what
more fandom gone from and i love go to all of enjoyment going to create a bug on the other hand of god and i love them they're wonderful
but the scale is very hard for people to get.
From x to dragon con it's just very different scale should eight.
Yeah ok i'm hoping little league game that does not prepare you for super bowl like
that's naughty girls playing in the roadway and it's important to appreciate them for what they are not a
yes the one in san diego last year for the first time who was travelers little early in the line talking people that drink i was in san diego like it was amazing like to order where so.
That's different things that ive been the star wars celebration and i could go on but so.

[53:40] I'm bringing the first time this year as a friend and so i've done that before that's actually how i started off on this podcast yeah eight years ago because i use to give people my contact information and be like if you're a first timer.
you're kinda looking for that last mile was no you know years later there's all these internet resources when does convert help people but back then there was so i was kind of like a one to 1 kind of mentor for first time is dragon con.

[54:11] How to get to do that again this year with somebody that i've known for a very long time and i'm really excited to see.
Try again can through her eyes and use voluntary with me i'm here.
Yeah many cups in a couple different departments in the store last year i got permission to mention on this podcast that they were gonna have in new.
What she try again for the dragon card store this year i don't know what the new is gonna be yet.
Yo on waiting yesterday if you hear anything please mention it you who is because i.
Love the drug more like to have the t-shirt in the land that i would like all the drag march so i love that.

[54:53] So that's what i'm excited for this year and i'm sure we could talk all night i'm sure other stuff as soon as we get done talking im good ab also the emails are calling a couple times if it.
Reply with your peers three yo are something i really want to share with you but i think weve covered you know what.
Hey pull up the basics so i can if you have any other questions for me great and then i can just give someone my general contact information your anyone contact me about anything well at night
you had just given us a lot of information and as always and always wonderful but i do wanna just say.
You know um driving on how to change who is just thinking the other day how much the internet has changed everything in the internet has changed,
use to always and any convention you enjoy your paper convention and your different color highlighter
you know all things like that and how you have an appt with you can different color different things and put more than one thing at a time it start but still
erase it's so much fun to see.
Call through new eyes john brought his family he talked about earlier for the first time a couple years ago and it's saying it through their eyes john and i've been there.

[56:14] What's yours whatever but.
Yes it's really different to see it and i love that your bringing up i can't wait to hear from her can i see you when your high it's going so that'll be great the next just let.
And tell you my tip about using the app
can i know what you please yes is brilliant okay cuz i like three extra batteries an chargers and definitely will do that but also because last year they stop and got the nearest so if we'd use the app
just playing
that's your phone battery is gonna die or you're not gonna be able to get signal because this is a very crowded event so that happens when you're done making your schedule okay gotcha black know how good a never dunn ever really done should i submit the last minute
When you get done with your first draft of the schedule take screenshots on your phone and that way if your phone dies you upload screenshots and see what you have planned.

[57:13] That isn't actually feel i liked that is a very very helpful especially especially of yo niggas wife in single is can be tough sometimes inside your the balance of my order.
What have you got that's the hardest thing about drugs is making the schedule cuz you can't do everything you can think we're gonna talk a lot about the schedule but it's always a work in progress and are they still gonna have the young.

[57:40] The daily dragon pronounce with all the schedule changes at the information booth everyday are they still has is finally understand yes that's gonna be there and of course they're also gonna have oh man if you just check it,
pretty much try to do that just wanted a they also update whatever changes are going on on the dragon con twitter.
Show that you can see if there are any updates and changes whatever like you just check it once in the morning while morning being weather at eight AM whenever you wake up.
Yeah yeah so where we get so sophia,
what's up before we started i had eggs and a randomly pick a number between one and twenty which correspond to one of my trivia says that you know that.
Free or three dollars or less trivia set to buy from,
from a TJ maxx and what not after christmas and she.
Her number came up with the two thousands tv trivia.
So we're gonna be asking i got ten questions here hand picked out if you can answer if you can answer that question with out.
The multiple choice lol multiple choice lol i'm gonna give it two points of needing multiple choice and answer quickly than one point and hugs and you want to go first.

[58:56] How come up until probably go for a this is the hardest part of a podcast with yesterday's are you real.
Who is walter white what show did bryan cranston star in.

[59:09] Malcolm in the middle it is correct that's two points for league alright your headed your yeah hey.
Okay this is for u in the tv series lost what is the name of the group that conduct scientific experiments on the island.

[59:28] How i know that i know that i'm dumb i can't believe i'm blanking on that i just rewa the want the multiple choice,
yeah yeah give me the most okay a drama and it should be the alliance source project lost.

[59:44] Hey you started initiative that yet
i couldn't remember what is dharma and that i always have to remind myself dark what is actually real either way yeah can we watch the lost like the year after you had the last lost panel op penalty should start those how far is los banos i make it stop so i can stop getting less gas
middleeastern six put stop
i just want to wake you awake the bodies dad is going on yet what is five reboot bot which.

[1:00:20] You know that's not ok anyway which was three which category angela.
Did the white kill and then offered to either stuff or berry in the office,
i have never seen the office i never watched it so i can play one and three yeah lol milky way or sprinkles.

[1:00:42] I like sprinkles sprinkles is correct.
That was a one in three chance folks hey what's news in which doctor came to film in the series the thick of it.

[1:00:57] Which doctor came to fame in the series the thick of it there natural looking for the actors name atlantic.

[1:01:07] I know do you want the multiple choice peter paul and tom baker or christopher colson so the doctor the doctor is in the doctor who.

[1:01:17] You start a series called the thick of it prior to.

[1:01:22] You gonna get speed that is correct.
That's a good one i had no reply to congratulation will leave you with paulie the first one or the last one.
Who is the best that you are the one before the current one know know what what was he has a beard which was okay okay.
Okay who wrote produced in starred in thirty rock along side alec baldwin who wrote produce enough that is correct.

[1:01:50] Yeah.

[1:01:52] Lead gets very lucky we are doing really well rn what is a is and what is the name of my wife.
Play by christina hendricks in fire fly episode are mrs reynolds go south bridge.

[1:02:08] What okay so she was yolanda and she was sad and then she was good she had multiple names can she was a con artist ummm.
So you gonna write new stuff for u. s. africa.
I'm sorry should get like two points did she get an extra point for that is your.
Exchange of points of three point one.
Yeah yeah yeah hi ali yes how much does a lucille blues believe banana costs
how much does lucille blue banana cost of course being said i know the address to development.
Can i have a few lady better for jason batemans but no cinnamon dark rum.

[1:02:53] Show yo on.
Show me who is a horrible horrible show me know if you'd a please stop leslie and i really like bad entertainment.
Should a bad guy yo on.

[1:03:23] I had no idea so what have the gas three dollars two dollars or ten dollars ten dollars.

[1:03:33] When will trump say who am sorry not mean a big political and are other than what drug was doctor house addicted to.

[1:03:44] Um erro na kaya three and two change color is it was some kinda pain killer.
He you are correct but i'm gonna give you a beer see xanax oxycodone world.

[1:04:01] Um
Can i see if i can make it a yeah that's exactly right i didn't know you needed them but i don't we just guessing that what i spend more common than oxid code at the time that show aired its applicability heard a box the back then
diageo how does andy explain his weight loss in parks and rec.

[1:04:23] Hey i actually know this because my son watches parks are right he gave up beer that isn't exactly correct and how late that the reason why they had to do that deer in london and the u. s. he'd get in shape for guardians of the galaxy.
So when i went to visit robin would like only in usually like probably seventy percent of the episodes that season,
because and guardians of galaxy told me when they had explained somehow how old is he refuses big hey yeah okay okay hey beer and then ben says to home
um um.
How much do you do not have much beer did you choose yo on that line get like that hysterically way to go get.
Oh right yeah i wasn't last question which show features the beloved segment star in a reasonably priced car.

[1:05:24] Yeah.

[1:05:28] Which kind understand what you're saying okay i'm sorry i don't know that's what i did the multiple choice hey my ride be top gear or see wheelers dealers.

[1:05:41] I'm gonna go with top care yes correct yo are your three five six.

[1:05:49] Three four five six seven zero and got seven and that's it.
Yo are you sure you're gonna wear because i was just saying so much that that's the one,
so was i so yeah it was good that is good and francois were making such a big deal of we winning it's not really that we will it send john use to really step deck.
Add new task whatever the person did you know i don't know maybe they were a computer developer ass computer development questions and i would have to try to pretend i knew what i was talking.

[1:06:28] Who do you think can save this one for.

[1:06:32] What is it video game news i am one for kevin what are the centers.
What are you insane that one for him as he will are they doing yoga wrap your gifts the links to the places that we talked about and then we'll do the ultra.

[1:06:51] Ok so i'm gonna update this website because i have some stuff on here but as we learned that schedule is always subject to update but my main website is
dragon con internal members dot com so its www dot dragon kinda turn on members dot com explore also there is a test and concert slots open terminal members
add that those links to groups and events and all the stuff i talk about in this podcast are there and i am also in a bunch of facebook groups so,
if you just serch for my name is like the official dragon con facebook group for the big on official wonder whatever,
my name is spelled ca and so likes and rhymes with fans and my last name is bowden.

[1:07:35] And it's too syllabus like with little girls wearing their hair and ed like we barely know my last name is BOW GIF and i make posts.
And the big facebook groups with links to this other stuff so that people can find events and come meet up with you.
Will not enforce can find those like some more over at the unique boutique dot com that's the fun que GEEK.
Lord god lol dumb as always you can reach us by a car or by calling eight one three three two one zero technology.
Let's add one three three two one zero eight eight four i can leave a voicemail there and we'll get to eventually.
Recommend me a list of the fifty days it's five zero DIY is the new nicki dot com.
Always good morning what is new with your questions if you are so silly that one strand interview.
New things like that and we will do our best to do that if you leave a voicemail.
What is the beginning by the way if you wanted to or not to care jimi on same thing with a view.
Don't want to derek wolfe what is done i make sure that we get up because technically what is playing at blind.

[1:08:49] Could a battery but john doesn't.
Who know sometimes that could be dangerous if he didn't you wait till the end of play something.
I would like so until next time for emily this is jon saying he's.

[1:09:12] Can my this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter.
That's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[1:09:37] Music.