50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 30 - Dragon(Con)Heart

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:34] Is there another to know if he is dragon con,
how can i suggest that your heart strings smh.
Join so always is the heartbreak or leave your sleep hygiene yo les is going great we are at twenty two days in county west.
This is not the terrifying but because that means in three days is garbage nineteen just under twenty and then who.
Yeah yeah there's no lots and lots and lots of things to do but we do have something we have to clean up right away there
so you don wanna play this app because i got a note about this from kevin one of a great podcast which is during the podcast talking about volunteer really jamakkan sweet it was just kinda like oh
i think it was hard to get
subs from subway but it sounded like it was that subway would close by the way has not close not at all.
Subway near dragon con is the one that also near the waffle house,
so if you're at the sheraton you can actually see it from the back and say hey i think i'm ugly the subway to the food court.

[1:53] Are you happy so that the food court i don't see a food court faraway but maybe summary of the idea was a there is no icenter atlanta restaurant i didn't see a subway,
i would like huggies girl on the same page.
No if i download the peachtree center or retail director just okay how is from two thousand sixteen i hope there is a subway inside peachtree center that we wanted.
What is the oh it's not there now so here is he there something like that those food but no.

[2:31] Will i need black where they were getting a sub from before which is why,
yeah play why they are saying it might be difficult to get to that i will say yes if you are still worry though you really wanna setup from subway there is one and it is down portland street but she would know if you.
Ever been to the sheraton and hilton and i know that way and there's a subway and waffle house.
When do the south and having a waffle house you need to go but it needs to be an occasional thing because waffle house is.
Well house is wonderfully tasty food but it's not is good for your health,
set it needs to be so it needs to be a special thing search jonny know what,
we should he said about the heart strings were really loving our charity this year and we are very very lucky,
as we talk about trying not to eat too much food we are very happy to have christian who is the executive director of the atlanta heart association in god,
who is the director of charity events for drake he dies hey are is.
Turn on heat to waffle house all the time no matter how tasty tasty it's cuz everything in moderation i eat everything in moderation yet so i'm.

[3:52] We want to talk about the reason for doing this is john and i'm kind of yourselves were actually broke the charity on all these atlanta charities and we really wanted to talk to preston and about.
Why are using that y fi atlanta heart association is the charity this year.
What will be going on with the phones that we all do and we donate to the charity sew,
jodi i was just curious how did you come about the american heart association,
i will that shit we had a director named tom who passed away last year before dragon con and he's gonna a director with us for a very long time
and um dragon con wanted to look for a charity is that i would speak to honoring him and we,
they came up with the american heart association and of course i would like to focus on them you know charities that are in our area that help our community crawl and and would like to get back to that so we came up
yeah atlanta area american heart association young that were part me webster,
that's great and that was tom trainer who died last year he was over the comics.
At work and so he had heart disease is what you died from you but i just want to ask christian what does the atlanta heart association do i need how are you all involved in.

[5:20] Helping at all have healthy heart so big picture.
The mission of the american heart association is to be a relentless for a world of longer healthier lives so at the end of the day were trying to allow and.
Give people more life to live their best lives every single day doing the things i enjoy with the people who break up the cool thing about.
You know here in atlanta.
We are backed by international organization and you know we found in billions of dollars in research research and medical advancement in technology advancement and you know.
She degree and really really pushing the mission on healthier lives but the exciting thing is that we also get to do this work here locally and what are we you know how are we impacting our local community to allow people right here in atlanta
did you just snap me know the dates the number of heart disease is number one killer worldwide stroke is number two that's seventeen million people a year,
so i'm really really focus on and physical health but also how does that play into our mental and emotional health as well.

[6:34] What is that really important both my father and my mother had a triple bypass because their help,
add determination that the webex thanks for thirty years do not smoke it's terrible for you.

[6:51] And so yeah hearing more about this and how to live cheap living and having your best life.
What is really important and i know that this is a charity that has gone several other heart strings,
which is great so what else what are some of the things just currently of education and other programs that the atlanta hard to stay straight up atlanta
heart association i can get that out is dealing right now through atlanta.

[7:20] Yes sir albert that day on your hand into three different categories on your wine is what we're doing with our research and science and technology so here or in the state of georgia actually
finding about sixteen million dollars worth of research hands were all so focused on line changes and systems and policies that's wild you allow us to live healthier so right now i'm about a month ago
in the city of atlanta smoke free atlanta was passed the lounge clean air for everyone
and the last item and lastly is transforming community so you think about making the easy choice a healthy choise a really paying attention to use some of the problems and then atlanta
i'm looking at things like food access looking at things like access to healthcare in partnering with georgia farmers' market association right now for pop up farmers market in bringing healthy
producers to areas that don't have access because of
transfer t-shirt and your other things that on don't allow them to get to grocery stores like maybe you and i would be able to very easily do
what is a really big thing especially atlanta even though we do have a great.

[8:31] Yeah public transit with marta with the buses and the train the issue is still there are few desserts in atlanta and it is very difficult to go to the grocery store and it's difficult always sometimes make those,
choices to confirm so that we make good choices we can somebody on volunteer religion tweet said that sometimes,
yeah you know i got out i love you i love me some cheesy blue skies i need help i love these boots but hey i am honest if there is an apple there is also eating apple.
Search oyo little tiny bit of cheese and apple that i don't think that counts as a meal does it i just like his email but what's an apple.
I know that you're not with you that's that's common for us so that's great and i love you talk about add this was also just your mental health as well no,
we're all very concerned about my health its becoming more and more of an issue waiting to make sure.
People are healthy both physically and mentally big and go together.

[9:35] Add playing and when you talk about education and
i am hard orange it is a shared resource for anyone looking to learn more just about wellness in general and so far not so important you know we know alot about physical health i'm but the mental health
enjoy your overall wellness i'm there alot of things that the simple things that any of us can do every day so far,
taking stretch breaks in and taking a moment to yourself and being well so i just encourage everyone from the educational standpoint to check out there website.
Actually let it hard org john will have it up in the notes i get it for someone that.
Ya you already know what up jody actually wanted to ask you so what were to have your number again later on in the fifteen days but.
Where are just in general.

[10:32] What kind of things will kind of ways can people at dragon con easily
donate to the beacon shining get there and also if you want if you don't mind explain what happens with the money that everything i would you know yeah magical happens to it,
will that the first thing to know is that i am for every dollar that we raise a dragon con eso organization matches at
so every dollar that u gave gets turned into two and then the that gets
put directly to the american heart association and sore very excited about the commitment of dragon con as an organization to match everything that we raise.
So we have lots of different ways that we like to raise money and not only with money
ios one to raise awareness so there's lots of different things we're looking to do a thing guess i'm cpr classes so you can learn a little bit about us up rn hi can help somebody that is in trouble.

[11:32] I bet for fund raising we have things that are like we have a text to gms thing is real
program called give lively we have the ability to text to certain numbers
and i'll pass phrase over the weekend um of driving high on and during that timeframe anything that comes with
that through that number and passwords will get doubled by driving time so we have that as an avenue for anybody that wants to donate does it have
patch change to put in our traditional change buckets so we have the chains for change backyard colorful bucket swear anybody can not get rid of that change before the headed that airport
you know just wants to tune out here i have a few dollars i can put it for
are there other ways that we have this little events just all around dragon con in different tracks will do different things like we have a one track meets during the panel off we have some do
add charity movie so um.

[12:38] And other some some interesting ways that get donations for that you have things like i am,
the eight but bad in the road villain but this your house you know there's a lovely bad ribbons that everybody just wants to go crazy for those and she can't donate and receive yeah,
what are the events for the different balls and the party is at hugo yeah
i will not have extra than the extract director we talked about this i'm sorry we be extract director not leave the house or deactivate director did say what we're trying to do is actually have one of those really all cheesy back drops from the eighties
rom and would i cannot charge you to do it
i wish you were gonna have something there is this little book or two itll all go to charity so we don't we don't want to limit the congo to not being able to do something that.
But we definitely would like to say hey this is
when does the vents were looking for you to help donate to help us raise money we do have some interesting things that are going on like
i want to make sure that everybody's aware of that specially cause players we have a filter that is making a special charity quote
and she's gonna do that the.

[13:58] So she's asking me cause players of the have scraps of different parts of your your costums where can be collected nothing he can turn it into a big scrappy quilts she has one already in the process and it's gonna be in the auction this year.

[14:12] So how quick is the request.
Yes i know yeah that's what i want.
A quilt are not cheap.
No weird be prepared to put some money down in that option for that could you i'm getting better little by some great but not yet
which we have a lot of creativity you know within the drag and family as an volunteers to people that just come and this is an area that week and be creative and ahead and come.
I'm forward like i have a there's an artist called the happy little tired and i just place because plays bob ross
he doesn't know me as an equal and a painting any sets up and then i think the marriott and then
can you just cancel these lovely bob ross like picture painting and then normally sticks that little tarts is at them.
I'm gone i'm actually about those for my son last year but i'm gonna go and get what he's gonna be painting one,
then where can i have a silent bid daddy to me to put,
how many beds win the one that is actually doing from.
I know how it feels outside and i really like to be able to bring forth the create a remedy.

[15:29] What is exactly what i am christian but have you ever been to dragon con not trying to get just very good question i need to atlanta in december so this will be my first one
how are the products thursday we'll be at
hey how much is great your thursday is everybody's just getting everything started but you will see a lot of costumes in a lot of things going on so that would be awesome i can or the best first impression on thursday right
yeah usually because you're not too tired yet the stairs and sticky yet huh,
drop cokes and diet cokes all over the place of the thursday be great that is awesome.
I am has gotten this money that we're gonna come people every dollar is matched up to a hundred,
television by dragon show you give a dollar that's actually two dollars from u. at the atlanta heart association to do.
What are some of the projects that will be maybe this money will go to NAU thought about researching there any special things that you re looking at that this would be a real help for.

[16:44] Yeah i'm actually can i talk about two things that we have had going on here it that when is that one of them.
Reach is a high school girls that are interested in stem courier steam careers
yeah we'd we know that there is a big,
what's the number of girls when fingering interesting yours and you think about twenty thirty forty years down the road
that's gonna be a problem that sweet think about hold shift and i'm just the population shift as well.
So i'll be bringing together about sixty girls throughout the state of georgia and i basically do different breakout sessions all on the different science technology
engineering arts and math and it's really really powerful program on one of the story is that i lot of a teacher
you have been and are there prior came up to us this year inside.

[17:47] When is my students last year wasn't really sure what you wanna do she was you nothing really that excited about applying to colleges she came here and so excited,
and which is your guidance counselor what do i need to do that i want to go into engineering she ended up in falling and getting accepted to georgia tech,
she was and her first in her first semester and so that was a really cool story for us,
here is what happened and how this girl just.
Who is now pursuing a career and can change the world one day.

[18:27] Up everything good can you open it gets me no yes yes you know you late.
A really cool story to hear and i'm just no in bed so much was changed and she's gonna change the world one day.
I'm looking for a good time is so how we all have to do it and that is very poor.

[18:50] I absolutely another thing that all share that in business been
programs that have been feeling for over forty years in sr our kids heart challenge you to recognize jump for jump rope for heart in business is really educated you know there's elementary school kids
i'm in hell are you in in walnut send specifically in our health but now im kind of going back to you,
that mental health news it's really about the whole child and your kids these days.
Parents worry about their safety person for what is the worry about bullying and you know how to use to be number one it's kind of your not number one anymore i'm.
And so did really use this curriculum and working with the teachers working with the schools that of course we still want kids together sixty minutes of physical activity everyday but also
what is your good deeds you've done
no are you showing up and really just did the concept of a whole child in the programming guide isn't schools all throughout the state of georgia united states.

[19:59] Alexa tell you that is really i remember jump rope for heart my sister did it every year when she was in middle school up through high school.
Are they good at and it was great because i would there that would allow around our neighborhood and got money for john did you check where is that still going on for your kids,
i need sleep for our kids i was only in only a naam,
elementary school elementary yeah this is good people are still doing i love that kind of whole kid.
Focus that is that report right now if you absolutely un in regards to research i know dimensions,
the trains that will be happening i'm really learning stats ninety percent of people who have a car day after i don't survive.
Like i said that's pretty crazy testing great,
you need to get the education out there so people can assist when somebody is in that kinda distressed.
Yeah me in the bystander CPR can increase somebody's,
chance of living by three times and so it is critical that we trained as many people as possible
i'm so that you know about something that we're constantly working on your company's dinner supporters to the schools through partnerships like there's
i'm but it is far is research we actually just had something recently an
focus specifically on why do cardiac arrest happen.

[21:26] You are something we can see that we can see the reason why but in many people
it's just unknown it's an electrical issue you know i have a friend of mine who is a survivor that's forty years old.
Very healthy man playing soccer and went down by still don't know why he's gonna to be actress together once again you know he had little is little implant,
i bought a pretty scary thing when you're forty two years old in the best shape of your life you don't know why and so you know part of it is what are we doing
educating on prevention,
educating people to be life savers i'm but then you know that some stuff that we just dont know and so you know is that
yes shipping and the dollar here already doing the texts to if i'm thirsty the types of things that you're feeling that michelle will be working heart association four.

[22:23] That is excellent that is so great any ideas where i did know that ninety percent oh my goodness yeah terribly hi number and as someone who is CPR certified it's not that hard people search ryan.
I am cpr and aed those up.
Arena see the film the latechurch yes i am very important since i was seventeen oh okay
so i'm gonna need a refresher every so,
yeah i heard that part and that can be done in five minutes there's actually exhausting the atlanta airport for anyone
why you need and let them know you are CPR on a man again with the touchscreen it gives you delete bio feedback saying that your depression start sleeping out there fast enough
but the other kinda can i hear you talk about people who were trained hands,
certified can get CPR yourself like it really should be a responsibility for all of us
can you make sure everyone around us knows and it's so easy now it's only
can confessions what's two things you call nine one one and the charger fast in the center of the chest so removing a barrier.
Yes some people are hesitant go get milk to melt a dance into another thing that.
The american heart association your donors field was the research showing that.

[23:51] The compression are more important there is enough oxygen that it will get better it will be fine until matt arrives just,
call nine one one and put it back.
Can you get i'm trying to figure remember i thought i was staying alive but there is this actually compress the tell me what training i can process
along without reloading it was just the right thing what if i was saying like who did it done done done that,
no say it out loud to really get it so that it's really any song between hundred and hundred twenty beats
just been staying alive but you can do it to you have a different kind we actually to playlist on our.
Is there a holiday are you to play less with all these different songs beyonce hello there yeah i'm in san na pandora pandora the yes a playlist as well.

[24:51] John is also in the background doing her shit but i will do it too
yeah you do when you really need to come to drink on the patio light to am in the morning are there anymore again turn the volume
yes and i don't like them by not being at eight am cruz on friday morning
what action actually probably needed coming saturday the understanding is the best and saturday night three eight hey so that's get an alarm,
show judy utah having a place where people can learn CPR where is gonna be a dragon well i think that still in flats at the moment
up on the app on the webpage you have skorts hey can ever believe you i make sure that like good asian or something
who are visiting the fan table for the american heart association set up there
they will have some interesting things that the table and you can learn more about it and i am sure that they will have the information as to where we can learn more
what's up.
And that is what i need to anger by there any pick up information is that every year when i meant dragon i'm going to run my hotels now who did that table to see.
What you're doing and together some information it's really good and you know not.

[26:18] I think weve all had family but somehow or close friends.
This is an issue for and then we have to why.

[26:27] And you say christians sometimes it just happens which is.

[26:32] Do you know even if you're doing everything you're supposed to do that that person it would've played soccer with getting many many more than sixty min of exercise or whatever so it'll terrifying so we need to.
Skip that no one had the education yesterday but no it's not
one thing that come about be by me being the director of the charity events is what we were announced what our charity was for this year and we had an outpouring of emails and personal contacts with different people that tell us how much it
means to them that we chose the american heart association and then they're really there other family heat trials and regulations that they had to go through overcome and it's really touching
set find all these connections umm and how much.
If this is something that connects lol and that we should be aware of,
that's yeah tell.
Ok suggest a show you would like us.
I'm so so just to clarify cuz i'm not sure i heard this christian the money that he is actually coming from dragon gone.
Add to the atlanta heart associates table that stays all within the area where.

[27:57] So it meant a lot of our programs are comprehensive programs that sp and nationally but the program so i talked about today because are are what are being fueled here in atlanta.
Next song we're clear what i would the black money comes.
Is that any new zealand so hey always good.

[28:22] Okay okay and i just want to clarify so hard but word is it like to go to.
Do you have all those great songs you can like figure out like the bully what you need to do for depression there is going to be a place to learn CPR and you heard about the work that your doing for steam.
Get dillon that and also the word a whole child and things of that nature that who's gonna be the projects this money helps and that is incorrect great thanks.

[28:53] Yeah we're just so grateful you know what the end of the day and everything that every dragon con mi and remember.

[29:03] Does the participate to learn something to teach something that you wanna share
family and friends when they leave you guys are saving lives during,
i'm just that parallel lives your super heroes were just so grateful for driving time being separate this year,
thank you and we are because remember if i say this every year every time we don't write GOD.
Dragon god sets you can even say what i driving card matches dollar for dollar on furniture
yes the first hundred thousand match yeah i'm more than one hundred thousand and no no other place goes to the atlanta social hey that's pretty play dollar for dollar and.

[29:45] That is i hate to say it this way but i really wanna stick it to them and what you bored what can i start badminton every penny out of them yes,
i feel really really like everybody i don't know all of the money that's right the plugs so that's naughty let's get it out of him and yet so many ways to that yet
who will help lighten your load i'm sorry yeah
yeah so i told my team that if we should hit the hundred thousand mark smh
then i will go get blood i'm absolutely terrified of needles so when is my personal you know hey if you want to stick it to me
yes that should a knew what happened
absolutely terrified but i don't know maybe it's because i promise if you need me to come over and i will ma'am i do that
add um that's great so now i'm gonna turn it over to jonathan again.

[30:52] Okay chris and we order new at the beginning there a piano there the end of the podcast we like to play a trivia game with our guests so actually i have is customize this one add.
To be heard need so i will be really late start a group.
Her theme and play this is who is christian getting up and questions about book the yellow the organ
heart to heart hug can i start by saying i have so much background chris has no medical background lol true true false of it
the heart pumps about two thousand gallons of blood everyday sounds about right it is he a,
that is correct yes i meant by the way speaking of getting played don't forget there is the blood drive yes we do and that this yeah.

[31:54] Repeat.
Lights out covers forty atlanta area hospitals i believe an a hundred and ten and the surrounding area next day supply alot of hospitals out there.
And also remember the other thing that we want to stick it to that west coast kinda always says where are the best in the but the brightness every year when we had a blow dryer we smash let's do it again what you do.
Ok now you did answer a question for next week how much did i spend this is for god you having good random horror lead insurance okay i am,
what multi what multicolored bears create a greeting card company offer with hearts under belize became merchandising phenomenon in the nineteen eighties.
I would get a caring nurse.

[32:46] That would be the how yes i hated that shirt right please leave you be answering questions about cory heart when i replied.
How are you okay courtyard.
What is his highest ranking song in the u. s. billboard us billboard charts as i still life is night.

[33:12] I was gonna say no and give me the three i didn't realize what he is for sure is that black cloud rain in your school.
Never surrender order sunglasses at night.

[33:26] Never surrender set up forgot hubid never surrender.

[33:31] I'm gonna have to go sunglasses at night.

[33:34] How are it is never surrender only because its it's not like the opening scene of this season from.
Stranger things is a yes is there is a whole lot of flashbacks,
hola remembering how big my hair was in that period.
Ok so you got what i meant but yes i'll tru tru.
Turn off all the hard work you continue beating even when it's disconnected from the body.

[34:13] Is it attached to a machine or anything like that disconnected from the body are it does not say u just the hurricane continue beating even when it's disconnected from the body.

[34:26] Hey show me hey yes.

[34:31] Yes that is true that is absolutely true i don't want her find i guess how is harmony yep.
Set yo think of indiana jones and the temple of doom is the louisiana fried series a.

[34:49] I love u i.

[34:55] Jody this is for u ok what was the name what was the name of the inn on new heart cloud goodness gracious.

[35:06] I
I don't know i just remember this my brother my brother and her number there my brother and i could not tell you what is it.

[35:19] Best record in stretching hundred and rs.
Okay umm wait for your husband nominated for multiple to know more how many heavy actually wine wine to three or four.

[35:37] Ok let's go and give it to almost anybody that makes money in canada i'm gonna go with siri.
Incorrect he only has one one uh ok if i wouldn't that one i dont really watch that you know i love canada that is awesome but i do not watch the gino sorry.
Yes no.

[36:00] Kristin tour falls christmas day is the least common day of the year for a heart attack to house.

[36:11] That is correct it is most common day really yes i guess i just all the excitement ahead with it stop the stress,
oh yeah just a lot going on holidays real and that would it take to uk does gary even more read some statistics that say it monday mornings.

[36:33] What is the time during the week of so sorry what u anyway so yeah ok i have another one.
How many what was the president red okay,
what do you know when they go hey it's really sad that that that's true,
i really want to encourage everybody to you know know commutes to maybe do a little bit of meditating and out of some deep breathing yeah he's just realized that
you know we'll get through the week x forget to friday yes.
Yep know if that statistic just really shocked me and who i am.

[37:19] Your stressed really can't play a player we are in your your heart health and i'm gonna i'm not calling them something
what about stardust we do have coloring for charity who works there is a man out we have a ballroom that is set up with just tables and tables with that
creole is,
colored pencils thinking com and get a coloring page and set there and color,
n g compress i know its on friday night but everybody needs a little bit of compression time.
Could you please mother tractor doing some different color sometimes as well as she can not track,
and that's your doing it but if you were not doing coloring book sell,
i am very excited about that i am hell would he really relaxing
coloring is relaxing and we dont care if you stay in the lines around anymore haha me the anderson my first grade teacher know if there is any good.

[38:22] Stick it in france not telling you
hey wit set my mind at so much and drag co said i wouldn't care if you stay in the lines anymore picking no i think we want everyone yo are the color like that
hello there ion give me my embarrassing very hard to play.
Yeah yes i what iconic eighties film still hard pass up a chance to screen test four was the top gun,
the breakfast club say anything or back to the future.

[39:00] Deposit upon um what's his age i will go back to scott.

[39:12] Breakfast club is incorrect it was back to the future back to the future i can barley make slime.
Hey right okay so i guess i have three.

[39:24] Georgia to ahead we'll we'll see a blazer
are oh,
last question two or false laughing is good for your heart and reduce the stress and gives a boost your immune system.

[39:41] It's true everybody should visit a mud pool.
That's what everybody when you're listening to this podcast and you love it as we're happy you are the top part yes proyect,
let's what about you know anything with us right please let me know because i know that right.

[40:04] Our last question for jody who starred as alley in alameda.

[40:10] No you ask me such a hard question i know who she was married to.

[40:16] Yeah i was hoping it take to ship to indiana jones.
Read to prepare some for you if you dont have a real name right house schedule a time to love,
i just not not totally ND how to tell you the truth i know,
dos movies cause me to go get my on education archaeology which
what would you like to using as your user to bentley all the time there is a little arts education election,
ok i was my embarrassing query regarding points could a list of high what's the plot heart.

[41:02] Turn last quarter hard questions and never wednesday lol leah upset.
New brunswick nova scotia.

[41:18] New brunswick new brunswick is incorrect if i can get back back he okay.
Go back and correct yeah okay well i got zippo.
Yummy is final score is zero five sb.
Play for god and forward.
For kristin could a motivation for me tonight i heard how is everything like that one.

[41:52] Are so um remind everyone it's hard at work for all of the american heart association.

[42:01] Yes yes that is a chicken salad on instagram and twitter it's at atlanta heart and then you can find us on facebook.
Metro atlanta american heart association.
Please add metro what would the library work what should he was gonna it was at metro card.
Search for instagram and twitter the handle it in atlanta heart.
Are you create a group whenever facebook you would just search metro atlanta for american heart association.

[42:38] I gotta tell you i heard.
Your social media person was on top of that with instagram and twitter because to get that name that wasn't it yeah.
It really got me didn't have to add a bunch of numbers after that it.
I just followed me on twitter i wanna score harder.
Good a you are really nice thanks for joining the conversation with us no thank you.
I'd appreciate it thank you for you time so until next time for god christian emily this is jon saying peace.

[43:23] I think that this has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
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